Buttocks dream meaning indicates that your sexuality is repressed and that you have body image issues. Sometimes it portends to the fact that you are messy and disorganized.

At other times, it alludes to the fact that you suffer from an inferiority complex. In order to find out what else it means, let’s dig in. 

What Is The Meaning of A Buttocks Dream?

A dream of buttocks indicates that you believe sex is taboo and impure. Or, that you are dissatisfied with the shape, size, and appearance of your body. C’mon, let’s know it all here!


This denotes that you are sexually repressed. This is possible because you have grown up in a conservative environment where sex was considered to be taboo.

You have internalized those notions, and now you try to suppress any desire you have. 

Rather than feeling pleasure, you feel ashamed and guilty after having any kind of sexual encounter. But there should be nothing shameful about sex

Body image

The dream portends that you have body image issues. You keep on comparing your body with those of other people, and you feel your body is flawed whether in size, shape, or something else. 

You resort to unhealthy means in order to change the way you look, like fasting and skipping meals. A negative body image can sometimes lead to eating disorders.

So, remember to love your body no matter what its shape or size is. 


It alludes that you feel humiliated and ashamed because someone published your past. Everyone around you is gossiping about you. 

Or, you have social anxiety and feel that everybody around is going to laugh at you. Remember to take pride in who you are, no matter how you are. 

Public speaking

This depicts your fear of speaking in public. You get all sweaty and nervous, you get jittery, and you feel like your nerves are on fire whenever you have to speak in public.

This is especially problematic since this is a necessary skill in most careers. Remember that in order to conquer fear, you need to face it.

So, take a deep breath, practice what you are going to say, and always speak your mind. 

Common Buttocks Dream Meaning with Scenarios 

In buttocks dreams, you might see a big or small one or a diseased or deformed one. And each of those has various unique messages. So, dive in to know it all!

Dream of diseased buttocks

This portrays that you have addictive tendencies. Whether it’s gambling, sex, alcohol, or drugs, you can never have enough of an adrenaline rush.

You tend to overdo it, even if the overdoing leads to accidents and negative outcomes. 

Remember, the process of getting out of addiction is messy, you tend to get two steps forward and then one step back. So, reach out for help, be kind to yourself, and have patience. 

Dream of big buttocks

You are a messy and disorganized person. You hate having guests over and can never find your things. Your bills are always due and you always miss your deadlines.

You often have arguments with your partner and coworkers for being this way. 

Small buttocks

This portends that you suffer from an inferiority complex. Even when you achieve success, you feel like you got there just because of sheer luck. 

Remember that this could be a symptom of something bigger like childhood abuse, trauma, neglect, and mental health conditions like depression and anxiety. So, remember to check in with a therapist. 

Deformed buttocks

Probably, someone is trying to hack into your personal accounts.

Your partner is trying to hack into your phone or a stranger is trying to get a hold of your personal information so that they can blackmail and rob you.  

Falling on your buttocks

This portends that you have lost control over someone or something in your waking life and you feel helpless. You have experienced a breakup, lost your direction in life, or know a close one will die of an illness. 

Naked buttocks

You are blessed with ample good luck. This is the best time to start working on new endeavors. You will be successful in everything!

Prostitute’s buttocks

This promiscuous sight means you will soon find the love of your life. 

Your own buttocks

You feel ashamed in reality.

Buttocks covered in scratches and blood

You will be financially disappointed in the near future. Someone may even try to harm your reputation. 

You revealing your bare buttocks

Watch out because your enemies are around you. They are pretending to be your friends. 

Dreams of your buttocks being hurt 

You are making a fool out of yourself. You need to stop ASAP.

Kick in the buttocks

Someone is tired of motivating you and they feel helpless. It’s high time you stop depending on them and start chasing your goals. 

Licking or kissing the buttocks

This warns you against the presence of an insincere person in the vicinity. They have malicious intentions towards you.

A man with shapely buttocks

This means that you are extremely confident in yourself. 

A woman with shapely buttocks

It is a good omen about your life being full of thrill in the upcoming days. 

Flat buttocks in your dream 

It means that in the upcoming future, you will deal with multiple problems, so be prepared. 

Clean buttocks

You have unfulfilled desires and many regrets. 

Dirty buttocks dream meaning

One of your secrets will be revealed. So, beware of who you confide in.

Having buttock tattoos

You will accept all responsibilities and carry them out properly. 

A word from ThePleasantDream

Dreams about buttocks convey messages revolving around your life. So, it’s time you face reality and work hard to improve your life circumstances. 

Remember, it will take time, and you will often fail on the way. But happiness isn’t that far away if you set your goals right!