Dreams about aliens might indicate your self-neglect, feelings of isolation, unfamiliarity, cosmic origins, strange experiences, you’re avoiding something, feeling strange about life, you must explore your talents, and so on.

Dreams about Aliens - Various Types and Their Interpretations
Dreams about Aliens – Various Types and Their Interpretations

Alien Dream Meaning – General Interpretations

Dreams about aliens were always controversial because some people think it wasn’t a dream.

Perhaps, the aliens did really visit and erased everyone’s memories, but the process wasn’t effective for you. Since there’s no hard proof, let’s keep that story for later.

Rather, let’s focus if it was really a dream, then what was the probable meaning. So, let’s plunge through the possibilities here…

  • You want to avoid something
  • It signifies your strange experiences
  • You neglect yourself
  • You must explore your hidden self
  • You feel alienated or isolated in reality
  • You found an unfamiliar piece of yourself
  • It has a connection with your cosmic origin
  • You must deal with the painful memories
  • It asks you to wait until you fit in the right circle
  • Someone or something is invading your space

Types of Alien Dreams & their Meanings

Depending on what you saw in your dreams, your interpretations vary. So, if you remember more, no need to guess from the basic interpretations, and let’s get down to find your exclusive ones down here…

Being abducted by many aliens

This dream symbolizes you’re exhausted in your waking life. Your life is full of problems and you can’t take it anymore.

This portrays your desire to escape from your current life and start afresh in an unknown place with a new identity.

Alien attack

Alien attack dreams signify you’re resisting a change in your conscious life. You must be flexible as per the situation at hand. However, you’re unwilling to change for personal reasons.

Being an alien

Dreaming of being an alien yourself in the dream implies you feel like a stranger to the people around you in conscious hours. You can’t mingle at social events and desire to make friends.

Having alien babies

The sight of giving birth to or having alien babies in dreams illustrates your confusion about a few things in your real life. You’re unsure about something and searching for something unknown.

The alien babies resemble your inner voice and intuition. This dream has a spiritual message about following your guts to find this unknown.

Dream about transforming into an alien

In your dream, if you turned into an alien yourself, it’s symbolic of upcoming troubles in your real life. Some people around you might harass you.

Aliens raping you

This dream quite unsettling and worrisome. Further, it symbolizes your friends’ distress and will shock you to the core.

Seeing an alien in a spaceship

If you saw an alien spaceship or UFO, aliens inside a spaceship, or aliens from inside a spaceship coming to take you away or for any other purpose, it has a message about your work life.

Dreaming of aliens and feeling scared

Dreams about feeling scared after seeing aliens as if they were ugly or scary portray that your physical and mental resistance weakened.

It’s mainly due to climate changes and stress. You overstrain yourself physically which might lead to ailments.

Aggressive aliens

This is a warning about enemies in your waking life. Some people will stubbornly oppose you in your personal or professional life.

Aliens ending the world

This dream reflects your futile search for changes in your waking life. Despite how diligently you try to change the situation, nothing works out.

Aliens inside your house

The sight of aliens in your house in dreams portrays your desire to begin a new chapter in life privately.

Through the years, you learned the value of privacy and you’re not ready to compromise it anymore.

Aliens landing on Earth

Aliens landing on Earth dreams are symbolic of your acquired skills throughout the years. Possibly, you have many talents within yourself but you always thought they were impractical.

Dreaming of aliens during pregnancy

If you’re pregnant in waking life, your dreams about aliens depict your desire to enjoy life and relish sensual pleasure.

Types of Activities with Aliens in Dreams

Killing aliens: Dreams about killing aliens in any method signify your direct feelings in your waking life. Possibly, you feel estranged in your social or professional life. 

Running from aliens: This will signify your deep passionate flames. You’re driven and motivated towards your goals and take advantage of every opportunity life throws at you. 

Chasing aliens: Alien chasing dreams are all about love, friendship, and loyalty. You believe in perfection in every aspect of your life, so it’s the same for love, friendship, or loyalty.

Hiding from aliens: It resembles your desire for harmony, understanding, and spiritual balance.

Escaping from aliens: Your dreams of escaping aliens that captured you reflect the character you play in your waking life.

Aliens torturing you: It says you’ll face grave consequences for your rash decisions and actions in waking life.

Having sex with aliens: If you willingly had sex with the aliens in your dream, i.e., it wasn’t a rape, then it reflects you’re wild and curious in conscious life.

Speaking to aliens: The dream interpretations of speaking or interacting with aliens are solutions to a stubborn problem.

Spiritual Meaning of Alien in Your Dreams

The shamans’ spiritual meaning of an alien abducting you through dreams has a connection between your past life in a parallel universe with an entirely different origin and your current life.

Possibly, your past life has some advice for your current life so you must note all details in your dreams.

Closing Thoughts!

Only a handful of alien dreams hold positive interpretations. However, these dreams, even if negative, allow you to prepare yourself for battle and even warn you about major issues.

If you work on your issues honestly, your alien dreams can pull you out of the worst possible scenarios. In fact, it feels magical that a being you never saw, in reality, helps you in your waking life.

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