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Dream about Aliens – 50 Types & Their Interpretations

Dream about Aliens – 50 Types & Their Interpretations

Updated on Jan 17, 2023 | Published on May 04, 2022

Reviewed by Dr. Nereida Gonzalez-Berrios, MD , Certified Psychiatrist

Dreams about Aliens - 50 Types and Their Interpretations

Lately, did you dream about aliens? Does the recurring presence of the green extra-terrestrial worry you? Or, do you feel nice about the dream? Worried about your feelings and occurrences in the dream?

Well, if you saw an alien in dreams multiple times, something is definitely up. It might be either good or bad depending on what you dreamed of. However, most alien dreams don’t carry a good meaning.

I’m so sorry if that magnified your worries but I want the best for you. So, don’t worry, I’ll tell you exactly what’s up in your dreams and what you must do for each situation.

Dreams about Aliens - 50 Types and Their Interpretations
Dreams about Aliens – 50 Types and Their Interpretations

Alien Dream Meaning – General Interpretations

Dreams about aliens might indicate your self-neglect, feelings of isolation, unfamiliarity, cosmic origins, strange experiences, you’re avoiding something, feeling strange about life, you must explore your talents, and so on.

Dreams about aliens were always controversial because some people think it wasn’t a dream.

Perhaps, the aliens did really visit and erased everyone’s memories, but the process wasn’t effective for you. Since there’s no hard proof, let’s keep that story for later.

Rather, let’s focus if it was really a dream, then what was the probable meaning. So, let’s plunge through the possibilities here…

1. You want to avoid something

You may have alien dreams when you want to avoid something by any possible means. It has a connection with your spiritual perception.

Your dream asks you to stop running away from your situation and confront it with your might. In fact, this is the perfect time for confronting the things you always avoided in the past.

Your dream is a message from your subconscious mind. It requests you to remember your true aim, desires, and concealed conflicts.

Perhaps, until the moment you work on this situation, you’ll keep having alien dreams.

2. It signifies your strange experiences

In your waking life, you experience something strange or beyond your understanding, then you might get dreams about aliens. The strange occurrences may or may not be about paranormal happenings.

It might be any situation that shocks you too hard. Perhaps you can’t process the pain and hurtful emotions too fast so you’re just shell-shocked and stiff.

You can’t understand whether the situation is even real or someone might wake you up and it will all become a bad dream. Your dream asks you to slowly process the pain in your own time and feel the pain.

3. You neglect yourself

Dreams about aliens may also be the result of neglecting yourself, like your mental, physical, or even emotional health. You put yourself last on your priority list and hence you feel alienated from your own self.

You don’t know what the best for your health is and ignore yourself as if it won’t bite you back in the long run.

Your dream is a message from the subconscious world to nourish yourself if you want to take care of others.

If others depend on you, your health matters. Otherwise, your loved ones will suffer if you fall sick.

4. You must explore your hidden self

Everyone has great talents and characteristics. However, you can’t find out if you don’t explore yourself. Sometimes you might have dreams of aliens when you have some hidden useful traits.

Possibly, in waking life you feel frustrated or defeated because of difficulties. Your dream has just the answer for your situation. You’ll overcome your problems only if you address your concealed traits.

You have the perfect skills you need to handle the life situation. Be more perceptive, look inwards, and dare to explore yourself.

You might feel this isn’t the right time for this. But if you don’t, the right time will never come.

5. You feel alienated or isolated in reality

You might see aliens in your dreams when you move out of someplace like a neighborhood, school, or job, to another. It expresses that you feel alienated or are afraid of feeling it.

You might hate the idea of putting efforts from scratch to build new connections. Or, you hate how others don’t naturally interact with you because you’re new in the place.

You can’t really change others’ or your feelings about the change in a day. But with time, it will get better so don’t feel low and work hard in making your life beautiful.

Whether you’re a student, office goer, or a stay-at-home parent, you’re perfect your way and the world will soon learn to appreciate you.

6. You found an unfamiliar piece of yourself

Sometimes you may have alien dreams when you find something about yourself and hate it. You want to get rid of that part of you and think your life will be so much better without it.

Your alien dreams return to you time and again because you refuse to accept yourself entirely. Accept yourself because you’re beautiful. Even if the world says that something is off with you… nothing is wrong.

Have faith in yourself and support yourself to nourish and grow that part. Surely, that part will return you loads of joy and liberty.

7. It has a connection with your cosmic origin

You might have dreams of aliens if you have any cosmic origin. This dream might share some insight into your past life across the cosmos.

This means that you probably led a past life in a parallel universe or on another planet. This dream connects your past life with your present life.

Your ancestors or predecessors might try to connect with you across the cosmos and result in a connection through your dreams.

If the dream recurs, notice the elements in your dream and figure out if there’s any link with your present life.  

8. You must deal with the painful memories

People may get dreams of aliens when they have suppressed painful memories. Such dreams might be a hint from your subconscious which resurfaces the old wounds.

This dream is a message that forgetting the pain deliberately won’t help you. It’s still there and you’ll never truly feel better unless you work on it.

You delayed the process for too long but not anymore. This is blocking your personal development and worsening your situation. It also attracts new issues in your life.

It’s a sign to work out the past trauma even if you must consult a therapist for that.

9. It asks you to wait until you fit in the right circle

Some alien dreams imply you have a different personality. You are withdrawn from everyone and block your path to enjoying time with friends and family.

You don’t feel comfortable spending time with others but deep inside you crave it. You know you’re different from everyone and find it challenging to lead your daily life.

However, your dream says that there’s nothing wrong. You just haven’t found your kind of friends to hang out with yet.

But never ignore your family completely because they’re different… unless they hurt your ethics or you.

10. Someone or something is invading your space

An alien dream might also be a sign of a situation or person that bothers your space. If you’re worried about a situation all the time, this dream comes as a sign of stress in your dream world.

It might also be a person that disturbs you mentally or even physically. Your brain under the pressure projected the image of aliens in your dreams.

It might also be your partner who hardly allows you space and you feel smothered in the relationship. Or, it might be an elder that always comes in between your choices and you.

Dreams about Aliens – 50 Types and Their Interpretations

If the aliens in your dreams were friendly, it implies you’ll meet someone that will help you change your life positively.

If you felt happy to meet the aliens, you have paranormal abilities. Depending on what you saw in your dreams, your interpretations vary.

So, if you remember more, no need to guess from the basic interpretations, and let’s get down to find your exclusive ones down here…

1. Dream about being abducted by many aliens

Dreams of being abducted by many aliens symbolize you’re exhausted in your waking life. Your life is full of problems and you can’t take it anymore.

The dream portrays your desire to escape from your current life and start afresh in an unknown place with a new identity.

Probably, a family member tries to impose their wishes and desires on you. You feel unheard and that your opinions don’t matter. This person may manipulate you for their personal benefit.

You’re afraid of being taken advantage of. Your dream asks you to identify that person and cut them off from your life.

2. Dream about an alien attack

Alien attack dreams signify you’re resisting a change in your conscious life. You must be flexible as per the situation at hand. However, you’re unwilling to change for personal reasons.

Possibly, the change in some way attacks your everyday life. You might have an unresolved issue that may aggravate the change and you’re worried about it. Or, someone in your life hurts you with crude words.

It may also depict your lack of confidence in your professional life.

The dream always signifies misfortune. However, if earth won against the aliens, it’s a positive omen. If you notice the aliens attacked planet Earth, the dream interpretations remain unchanged.

3. Dream about alien nightmares

Having alien nightmares or waking up drenched and afraid after alien dreams reflects the crisis in real life and finding no resolution. It might be a personal or professional crisis.

This dream is a message from your subconscious to analyze the occurrences in your waking life and identify the issue at hand. Then, identify the root cause of your crisis and figure out a solution.

It’s a sign that your crisis is resolvable even if you can’t find the solution instantly. Take others’ help if you can’t manage it alone.

4. Dream about being an alien

Dreaming of being an alien yourself in the dream implies you feel like a stranger to the people around you in conscious hours. You can’t mingle at social events and desire to make friends.

If you didn’t identify as any particular gender in your dream, it shows your need for growth in waking life. You might feel uneasy and agitated about others alienating you.

Possibly, you want to mingle with others and even try to approach them. However, they don’t respond to your advances well. This leads you to uncertain feelings.

The dream asks you to get rid of the uncertainty and continue your attempts.

5. Dream about alien probes

Dreams of small alien probes or light beams denote you’re close to fresh starts in your waking hours. Your dream is a portent of a joyful time.

You experienced many difficulties until recently.  The dream signifies you’re close to the end of bad times. The good times are around the corner and you’ll finally enjoy a much-needed relaxation time.

Some people also get this dream when they’re sexually satisfied or crave sexual satisfaction. This dream interpretation depends a lot on your personal life, so connect the dots wisely.

6. Dream about having alien babies

The sight of giving birth to or having alien babies in dreams illustrates your confusion about a few things in your real life. You’re unsure about something and searching for something unknown.

The alien babies resemble your inner voice and intuition. This dream has a spiritual message about following your guts to find this unknown.

You already began your journey to seek the unknown so don’t leave the search unfinished.

Since you didn’t find a clue yet, you’re frustrated in your conscious hours. The dream is a positive message to be patient and continue.

7. Dream about alien zombies chasing you

If you see alien zombies chasing you in dreams, it implies you’re running from your responsibilities in waking life. This dream tells you to face them head-on.

Possibly, you took your life too easy and didn’t have any idea about how reality works. Your dream says it’s time to snap out of the fantasy world and work on yourself before it’s too late.

However, if the alien zombies were sick in the same dream, it’s a harbinger you’ll suffer from a minor ailment soon.

Moreover, if the zombie aliens multiplied, then your near ones will help you through your circumstances.

8. Dream about being examined by aliens

The view of an alien examining you in the dream signifies disappointment in your waking life. Possibly, you had high hopes about a person, situation, or project.

However, even after putting in lots of effort, it lets you down. You probably feel too numb to begin from scratch.

Further, if the aliens torture or hurt you in some way, it shows your capability to face difficult situations amidst many letdowns.

The dream may also be a sign to not give up even during the toughest times.

9. Dream about transforming into an alien

In your dream, if you turned into an alien yourself, it’s symbolic of upcoming troubles in your real life. Some people around you might harass you.

Your dream doesn’t give any clue about your harasser but makes sure you build strong friendships before this becomes a reality. If you have allies, your harassers can’t corner you.

Make sure you make meaningful friendships and don’t hurry the process. If you befriend someone without judging them properly, they might turn out to be your harasser.

10. Dream about aliens beheading you

The dream of aliens beheading you after they abducted you predicts a small failure in your waking life. Possibly, you’re working on a business, project, deal, or even trying to build or mend relationships.

The dream is an indication of a minor setback only. The keyword here is “minor”. Even if it’s something very important and at the time you feel everything is ruined… that’s actually not the case.

Your dream is a reassurance message that this is not the end. Keep looking for a way out and you’ll definitely find something to turn the tables and return on track.

11. Dream about aliens raping you

Dreams of aliens raping you after abduction are quite unsettling and worrisome. This dream symbolizes your friends’ distress and will shock you to the core.

So, it may not always be a direct problem in your life. Since you love your friend deeply, you’ll be as affected. However, clear your mind to help your friend out.

However, old dream books say when young women have this dream, they’ll face difficulties in their romance. Further, if the alien rapists get arrested, that’s a sign of hope… a silver lining to the dark clouds.

12. Dream about seeing an alien in a spaceship

If you saw an alien spaceship or UFO, aliens inside a spaceship, or aliens from inside a spaceship coming to take you away or for any other purpose, it has a message about your work life.

Perhaps, you’re leading a team in your workplace and are in charge of an important project. You want the best outcome of the project. So, you express your concerns and give feedback openly to each.

However, your way of approaching them is wrong. Handle the situation with a bit more sensitivity and encouragement and you’ll have better results. If you offend your team, they might not show their best performance.

13. Dream about seeing friendly aliens

Dreams about seeing one or more friendly aliens suggest you’ll attend numerous social gatherings soon. In this dream, the friendly alien also depicts a helpful person in your conscious life.

This person will help you to grab onto important and life-changing opportunities. They’ll show you the ropes and also advise you about your development. Overall this dream is full of positivity and hope.

If the alien’s features appeared quite clear in your dream, this signifies you’ll socialize a lot in the future and it’ll feel relaxing. Socializing will also help you land good opportunities.

14. Dreaming of alien invasion repeatedly

If you have recurring dreams of alien invasion, it hints at observing your circumstances better. Probably, you experienced a conflict and tried to overcome them or are still searching for ways for it.

When others are involved, your dream asks you to be subjective. This way you’ll easily progress in life. Focus more on the practical side of every issue. Don’t let your emotions take the better of you.

This will help you understand the complications in-depth and find the best solution to face them. In this dream, if the aliens take away others, a long-awaited happening might be canceled.

15. Dream about speaking to aliens

The dream interpretations of speaking or interacting with aliens are solutions to a stubborn problem. Probably, you can’t handle an issue yourself. You might need an experienced person’s guidance in this matter.

Alternately, this dream might also signify that you put in lots of effort and are now enjoying the benefits of your hard work. You love your current life situation as you are fixated on your victory.

However, it’s time to move on from the afterglow of the last win. Your dream hints at picking up a new project and getting back to work.

16. Dream about fighting aliens

Dreaming about fighting aliens may predict small misfortune. It’s never a positive omen to see this dream. If you fight multiple aliens in this dream, the dream portrays your control.

Something or someone in your waking life negatively impacts your subconscious mind. If the point of concern in your life isn’t obvious yet, then try identifying it.

You feel unsure about certain decisions and your dream asks you to halt in your tracks. Make sure about what you want and only then must you make further decisions.

Perhaps, you really don’t need to invest too much. Or, maybe withdrawing from your circle isn’t your best choice.

17. Dream about an alien environment

If you didn’t see an alien structure or being in your dreams, but an unfamiliar alien environment, it’s a positive harbinger. Perhaps, you wanted to begin a new journey in your life but felt unsure.

Your dream tells you this is the perfect time to begin your journey. If you lose this chance now, you might never get it again. Put your thoughts into action and take steps to build your perfect life.

If you stay diligent and honest, this path will lead you to the growth and development you always desired.

18. Dream about seeing an alien

Dreams of only seeing an alien with no other specifics in your dream is an ill omen. It illustrates you’re handling something new and strange to you.

Since you don’t have any experience with such situations, you naturally face hardships adjusting to them.

However, it might also be a person who might cause trouble and you will face a hard time dealing with them. They might spread rumors about you and isolate you from your surroundings.

Your dream allows you to prepare yourself before you face the situation. Make friends with people who won’t leave you during hardships.

19. Dream about alien invasion once

An alien invasion dream is indicative of the fact that someone nearby aims to invade your privacy. However, such dreams may also resemble your feelings about escaping your present life circumstances.

This dream is linked with some form of extreme changes in your waking life. You want to compromise with your situation but you’re struggling hard.

You might also have this dream if you’re on the verge of bankruptcy and will lose your shelter too. This dream symbolizes your destitute emotions.

Try to find solutions to your situation or stand back up after this defeat. Don’t take the wrong steps out of desperation.

20. Dream about being abducted by one alien

If you see one alien abducting you in your dreams, it symbolizes your fears about your conscious life.

Probably, you’ll begin a new chapter of your life and are afraid of being unable to adjust to the new surroundings.

If you’re moving into a new place, this might be your fear of leaving behind your family and home. You don’t want to part from your loved ones.

This dream may also signify the possibility of your loved ones abandoning you. You’re willing to do anything so they don’t abandon you. However, someone might take advantage of your weakness towards them.

21. Dream about aliens chasing you

If the alien chases you in your dreams, it expresses that you must take your responsibilities seriously. Probably, you’re avoiding your responsibilities and leading a carefree life.

The dream says that you must leave your comfort zone and work on building your life. The dream is a reflection of the guilt feelings of your subconscious mind.

If you have already begun working to take care of your responsibilities, that’s great. However, your dream suggests giving more effort as this isn’t enough. In case you’re unsure, speak to a mentor or elder to make things work.

22. Dreaming of aliens and feeling scared

Dreams about feeling scared after seeing aliens as if they were ugly or scary portray that your physical and mental resistance weakened. It’s mainly due to climate changes and stress.

You overstrain yourself physically which might lead to ailments.

However, if you’re a woman in your 20s or 30s and the alien carries a child-like system, then you might already have gynecological issues.

Whenever you’re scared after seeing a dream of aliens, you must always get a checkup. Something might be off in your body. However, if you diagnose it on time, you can resist the worst.

23. Dream about descending aliens from a spaceship

The dream of aliens descending from a spaceship or UFO shows that you’re disappointed in your life situation.

It also suggests you’ll interact with people with strong personalities. You’ll meet this type of person frequently in the future but you won’t understand them easily.

They might intrigue you intellectually as you have never met someone like that before.

This person will show you an entirely new perspective on the world. Make sure you try to learn something from everyone you meet. You never know how you might find a solution to your problems.

24. Dream about being killed by aliens

Dreams of being killed by aliens leave you sweaty and anxious about your safety. However, it unexpectedly carries a positive omen.

Probably, you’re anxious about something in your waking life. Your dream is a message from your subconscious mind that you must continue seeking the end of your troubles.

You mustn’t abandon or flee from your situation even if you feel it will engulf you completely. Possibly, you will feel the situation will consume you… but you’ll come out victorious if you stay persistent.

Here, the alien symbolizes the unknown problems and the killing signifies the feeling of being overwhelmed by them.

25. Dream about aliens invading your home

Dreaming about aliens invading your home resembles your fears about changing your old ways. With time, everything changes, where some are optional and others mandatory.

It shows that you’re opposing a mandatory change in your life. You don’t want your surroundings to change because you’re comfortable with that.

However, if you don’t change things with the new age, you might be at a loss. Talk to a trusted person about your situation. Don’t resist the change and be optimistic about it.

The dream lore has good news for you once you allow the situation to change.

26. Dream about having sex with aliens

If you willingly had sex with the aliens in your dream, i.e., it wasn’t a rape, then it reflects you’re wild and curious in conscious life. You want to take some risks in something entirely new.

It might be a sudden financial or emotional investment without much thought. You might enter a new phase of your life. For instance, you’re anxious about having sex for the first time.

You might feel your partner won’t accept you or find you sexually undesirable. You want to step into this new life phase but also fear being misunderstood.

Communicate about your uncertainties before stepping forward in relationships.

27. Dream about aliens abducting others

The dream of aliens abducting one or more people but not you is a positive message. The other people in your dreams resemble your worries, whether it’s a situation or a person.

Your future awaits with happy moments with your loved ones. You’ll attend joyful events like a birthday party, anniversary, someone’s marriage, or even get good news about someone’s pregnancy.

This dream holds numerous optimistic possibilities so look forward to the good news. The events will either help you distract yourself from your worries or completely get rid of them.

28. Dream about aliens torturing you

The sight of aliens torturing you in the dreams holds negative implications. It says you’ll face grave consequences for your rash decisions and actions in waking life.

This might be a result of multiple situations. Maybe, you failed to fulfill your responsibilities or refused to do them. Or, you made bad decisions during the heat of the moment.

Perhaps, you hurt your finances due to your actions. Or, you hurt someone else because you weren’t careful. Even if it was an unintentional mistake, you’ll face the consequences regardless.

29. Dream about observing aliens fighting one another

If the aliens fought one another in your dreams, it portrays the small hurdles on your path to success. Possibly, you’re on a new project, began a new business, or turned a new page in your life.

Your subconscious mind warns you about the impending danger in your new life. The problem might not seem as huge initially, so you might want to leave it for later.

However, it suggests you not take the danger lightly and tend to it ASAP. This issue might grow with time if you’re not mindful of it.

30. Dream about being happy to meet aliens

Dreaming of meeting aliens and feeling overjoyed, then as per the dream book, you have more paranormal capabilities than anyone else.

It’s a distinct feature and your subconscious mind highlights it. However, you deny your abilities, don’t want to recognize them, or want others to know about them.

You’re possibly afraid that if the word spreads, you might face many difficulties. But, the dream lore asks you to accept your strengths and use them to your advantage.

Your strength isn’t something to be afraid of or feel ashamed about.

31. Dream about aliens coming to you for women

Being a woman, a dream about aliens coming to you in dreams signifies the beginning of an adventurous romance. Your partner will be an influential person.

You’ll find the relationship quite pleasant, but certain risks surround your romance story. You both will be loyal to one another, so there’s no risk in that.

Some possible risks are your parents or loved ones not accepting your partner or their parents not accepting you.

Or, you might have a long-distance relationship, get fed up with the challenges, and want to give up soon.

32. Dream about aliens coming to you for young adults

If you’re a young adult and saw aliens coming to you from far away in your dreams, it represents that you might soon get married in the future.

If you already have a partner, it’s great news. If you’re single, this might be a shock to you. Perhaps, your loved ones are seeking matches for you and want to get you hitched soon.

For the career-oriented ones, a sudden arranged marriage might not be happy news. You may refuse it directly or make a plan to avoid getting married if you don’t want it but your family won’t budge.

33. Dream about aliens taking you far from home

Dreams about aliens taking you far from home remind you about your family’s security. Life and finances both are unpredictable. If you have parents, a spouse, and/or children, you better start investing from now.

This dream doesn’t imply anything negative but reminds you about the negative possibilities. To secure your family, research proper investment plans, and consult a financial advisor so you don’t regret anything later.

If you are concerned about the right time to secure your family’s future, this is the right time so don’t delay any longer.

34. Dream about aggressive aliens

Dreaming about aggressive aliens is a warning about enemies in your waking life. Some people will stubbornly oppose you in your personal or professional life.

In your workplace, someone might oppose your project ideas, try to find faults in your presentation, or try to get your ideas rejected. This person might have a good bonding with your senior to affect you so much.

If it turns out to be a personal life issue, this person might spread nasty rumors about you to your loved ones and try to corner you. They want you to take a wrong step and they’ll take further advantage of it.

35. Dream about kind aliens

Dreaming about kind aliens refers to your closest friends in your waking life. This dream sends a message that even if you lose everything in life, your close friends will always support you.

They may not be able to always share the same kind of help. Someone might be too short on time and only send you financial support. Another friend might only support you emotionally.

Some friends might show up without even knowing your situation. Share with them your issues and they might come up with unexpected and positive ideas. The dream also asks you to be open to uninvited guests.

36. Dreaming of aliens ending the world

Dreams of aliens along with the end of the world reflect your futile search for changes in your waking life. Despite how diligently you try to change the situation, nothing works out.

Naturally, you feel insecure about your life situation. Try to seek other ideas and take shelter from the probable issues meanwhile.

Your dream also says that modifying the goal instead of looking for so many routes non-stop is a better choice. You might flee from this critical situation if you shift your endpoint slightly.

If you can’t change your goals anyhow, then seek experts to find a full-proof solution.

37. Dreaming of aliens inside your house

The sight of aliens in your house in dreams portrays your desire to begin a new chapter in life privately. Through the years, you learned the value of privacy and you’re not ready to compromise it anymore.

You’re utterly disgusted about how others involve themselves in your life without permission. You only wish to live a life far away from the prying eyes.

Alternatively, this dream also predicts bad news from a family member. Don’t panic, it may not be anything fatal. Stay strong and take proper decisions with a cool head.

38. Dreaming of aliens landing on Earth

Aliens landing on Earth dreams are symbolic of your acquired skills throughout the years. Possibly, you have many talents within yourself but you always thought they were impractical.

It’s either because you never found a position to use your skills or others convinced you they’re not for any good. However, the right time to show your skills is near.

You’ll find the perfect opportunity to show off your skills and protect yourself and your loved ones. Don’t listen to anyone that makes fun of your capabilities because you’re unique.

39. Dreaming of aliens and fire

In your dreams, if you saw both aliens and fire, it’s a harbinger of a positive omen. You will soon receive some good news in your personal life. It may also signify that someone in your family will bring this good news to your life.

But, if this fire in your dream, neither hurts nor burns you, then it’s no longer a good sign.

It might be a symbolism of making the wrong decisions in your personal life. So, it becomes an indication of upcoming conflicts within your family.

So, notice carefully whether the fire in your dream affected you or not.

40. Dreaming of an alien planet or world

Dreaming about alien planets or an alien world represents your hardships while you adjust and adapt to new changes in your surroundings.  

Probably, you’ll have a shift in an environment like a job, school, or neighborhood change. Things will be unfamiliar and will seem a little intimidating initially.

Probably, you also can’t sleep well in the new place, so naturally, your feelings manifest in your dreams in the form of an alien planet.

You can’t particularly change your situation. With time, you’ll soon get over your unease.

41. Dreaming of riding in an alien spaceship

If you rode in an alien spaceship in your dreams, it denotes your wish to escape your monotonous lifestyle. You crave adventurous days and want to experience a splash of thrill in your life.

However, if you only noticed the alien aircraft ascending from land, then it’s quite similar to the dream symbol of airplane take-offs.

The dream might also signal you must broaden your horizon and think out of the box to fulfill your goals faster.

42. Dream about an alien from a foreign country

A dream about meeting an alien from a foreign country, the dream interpretation depends on your connection with that country’s quality.

For instance, you have Korean origins but have Canadian citizenship. If the alien seemed Korean, then your dream points out your connection with Korea.

Perhaps, you miss your family back in the nation or simply miss Korean food.

If the alien’s land was not any country you lived, went to, or had any relatives in, then you probably wish to visit that country in waking life.

43. Dream about an alien that speaks a foreign language

Dreams of an alien speaking a foreign language instantly trigger frustration because you can’t understand what the alien said. As per the dream book, this signifies your troubles in conscious life communicating.

No, it’s not because you don’t know someone’s language. You probably suffer from poor communication skills which usually lead to many issues in your family, romantic, and platonic relationships.

Whether you’re aware or not, this is your cue to work on your communication skills. Your life won’t be as frustrating if you work hard to make small progress.

44. Dream about killing aliens

Dreams about killing aliens in any method signify your direct feelings in your waking life. Possibly, you feel estranged in your social or professional life.

Some person is the cause behind your estrangement with everyone and you want to avoid the “someone” badly. However, you don’t hold any ill feelings against that person.

Moreover, that person doesn’t like that you’re ignoring them and makes the situation tough for you. You can’t be rude to them because you don’t resent them in any way.

The aliens you killed in your dreams symbolize the feelings that bar you from being rude to them.

45. Dream of running from aliens

Your dreams about running from aliens signify your deep passionate flames. You’re driven and motivated towards your goals and take advantage of every opportunity life throws at you.

However, you have some deep unresolved issues and your dream asks you to take a break. Take time to learn from your life conflicts. Apply the same formula to your unresolved conflicts.

This dream may also hint at being more expressive about your feelings. Probably, you lost a loved one or a parent to untimely death and want a similar figure in your life.

46. Dreaming about chasing aliens

Alien chasing dreams are all about love, friendship, and loyalty. You believe in perfection in every aspect of your life, so it’s the same for love, friendship, or loyalty.

Your dream asks you to stay true to your values forever. Always fulfill what you promise others.

This dream may also symbolize you crave peace and tranquility in waking life. You’re deserted with multiple unresolved conflicts but you never share them with anyone.

The dream asks you to speak to someone you trust and address the issues directly. If not, it’s hard to bring back the peace of your mind.

47. Dreaming about hiding from aliens

In your dreams, if you hide from the aliens so they don’t catch you, it resembles your desire for harmony, understanding, and spiritual balance. Someone else already attained these three and you also want the same.

However, you already attained harmony and spiritual balance. The dream signifies you foolishly feel jealous over another’s possession and completely ignore yours.

Since you’re a little ignorant, your subconscious mind asks you to pay more attention to yourself rather than others. Don’t just hear others, listen attentively. Don’t just see, observe deeply.

48. Dreaming of escaping from aliens

Your dreams of escaping aliens that captured you reflect the character you play in your waking life. The subconscious mind suggests you psychologically and emotionally purify yourself.

Possibly, you have certain doubts about your character and this dream answers your questions. It asks you to choose one of the two sides you pondered upon.

This dream also signifies that you caught feelings for a close friend. You’re unsure about your friend’s feelings. The dream asks you to ask your mutual friends to ask out this person.

You want to confess your feelings differently. However, don’t overdo anything else it might backfire.

49. Dreaming of aliens during pregnancy

If you’re pregnant in waking life, your dreams about aliens depict your desire to enjoy life and relish sensual pleasure.

During pregnancy, you can’t really have wild fun like partying, drinking, or having sex and you always need to stay alert. You might feel frustrated with it and crave fun badly.

Your frustrations might lead you into a love triangle, but you must halt in your tracks. Think carefully from a third-person perspective, won’t this harm your emotional stability and your baby’s growth?

If you feel betrayed by your partner as they refused to touch you during this phase… Do you really think they did anything wrong?

50. Dreaming of space and aliens

Dreams of both space and aliens hint at your vast imagination and strong creative energy. Through your energy, you feel more connected and intimate with someone else that shares similar passions.

This dream shows that you’re slowly progressing towards deepening your relationship. You have all the authority to make this relationship work for your advantage and begin something new.

It might either be a new business relationship or a romantic relationship. If you stay true to yourself, you’ll definitely succeed.

This dream reveals you’re intensely invested and passionate about this relationship and feel positive about the union.

Spiritual meaning of alien in your dreams

Spiritually, shamans interpret alien dreams as a message from your past life in a parallel universe to this life. They believe that nobody is born in the same universe twice but everyone is reborn. As per Däniken’s 1968 book, aliens visited Earth to share knowledge of technology.

As per the shamans of old times, each one of us is born more than once.  They believed that no person was born in the same universe twice.

They connect the trauma of taking birth in different places and learning different habits with the parallel universe.

The shamans’ spiritual meaning of an alien abducting you through dreams has a connection between your past life in a parallel universe with an entirely different origin and your current life.

Possibly, your past life has some advice for your current life so you must note all details in your dreams.

Further, as per Erich von Däniken’s the Chariots of the Gods (1968), aliens came to Earth to preach about our technological advances and how they impacted religions.

Psychological meaning of alien in your dreams

Psychologically, alien dreams may imply your hostility towards your unfamiliar psyche, the isolation you experience in your new workplace, or your feelings about emotionally not belonging to your current place.

Psychologically, alien dreams refer to the unfamiliar part of your psyche. You feel it’s hostile or harmful to your life. So, you neglect this unforeseen part or try to bury it.

However, your process is unhealthy and that part you dislike isn’t even harmful. You’re scared of it only because it’s new and different.

It might also be an unfamiliar situation like a change in job where you feel like an alien or outsider. Or, that you feel you don’t emotionally belong where you stay physically.

Questions to ask yourself to interpret Alien Dreams correctly

If you can’t figure out your dreams about aliens, then let’s do a quick recap to remember the small details in your dreams.

If you answer most of these, then check all the interpretations here to find your unique one. So, get ready with a pen and paper…

1. Did you see the alien close by clearly? Or, was it far away or in a spaceship?

2. Were the aliens friendly or angry?

3. Did they try to invade or attack any place? Was it Earth or your house?

4. Did they try to take you away forcibly? Or, did you board their ship willingly?

5. Did one alien abduct you or more than one?

6. Did you feel happy or scared during the dream?

7. Did any sexual intercourse occur in the dream? Was it consensual or non consensual?

8. Did you give birth to any alien child? Or, are you pregnant in your waking life?

9. Did they try to experiment on you or try to chase or kill you? Or, did you chase or kill the alien?

10. Did you fight the aliens? Or, did the aliens fight among themselves?

A word from ThePleasantDream

Only a handful of alien dreams hold positive interpretations. However, these dreams, even if negative, allow you to prepare yourself for battle and even warn you about major issues.

If you work on your issues honestly, your alien dreams can pull you out of the worst possible scenarios. In fact, it feels magical that a being you never saw, in reality, helps you in your waking life.

So, alien dreams are a blessing in disguise even if they bring you bad news. Be grateful for receiving such messages from the higher powers because not everyone is as lucky.

Make sure to work hard on the right path with confidence and everything will fall in its rightful place.

If you get dreams robots then check its meaning here.