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Dream about an Attic – 40 Types & Their Interpretations

Dream about an Attic – 40 Types & Their Interpretations

Updated on Feb 07, 2023 | Published on Oct 19, 2022

Reviewed by Katina Tarver, MA (Mental Health and Wellness Counseling) , Life Coach

Dream about an Attic – 40 Types & their Interpretations

Are you wondering what a dream about an attic means? Then, you have landed in the right place. This think-piece will give you an insight into general interpretations of your attic dreams, followed by the types and their meanings.

So, let’s dig in to know the general interpretations first.

Dream about an Attic – General Interpretations

Dreaming about an attic asks you to set your right priorities. Moreover, it says you can achieve whatever you desire if you make good use of your potential.

We see attics in our everyday life. So, you may be tempted to brush them off when they appear in your dreams. Don’t do that. They carry some critical messages from your waking life.

So, here are a few general interpretations about your dream about an attic.

1. You feel confused

A lot is going on in your present life, and you feel confused about what to deal with first. Everything feels cluttered. So, the dream asks you to set your priorities right and then take them one by one.

2. You keep going back to the past

Attic dreams implies that you keep revisiting your good and bad memories. You must keep some bad memories in the past only to proceed in your new life.

3. You can achieve your goals

The dream says you can achieve all goals that you set for yourself. But you are only setting boundaries for yourself. Stop doing that, and you will be able to move ahead in life.

4. You will go on a spiritual journey

The dream says you will soon set yourself on a spiritual journey and try to discover your inner self.

5. You ignore your feelings

The dream about attics indicates you are ignoring your feelings and are not ready to face reality. Instead, you must face these feelings.

Dreaming about an Attic – 40 Types & Their Meanings

Attic dreams may have many types, and their meaning can differ based on what you see in the dream. So, if you remember your dream clearly, waste no time and read further to know its meaning.

1. Dream about being in an attic

Dreaming about being in an attic means you will soon achieve success in your life. You want to achieve all your worldly desires. 

However, the dream also signals that things may not always work as you desire. There will be obstacles on your way and can cause failure if you aren’t consistent.

You may work hard, but fortune may not be on your side.

2. Dream about hiding in an attic

This dream suggests that you are trying to hide from some future chaos. It may be related to your personal or work life.

It also represents that you’re trying to hide your emotions, dreams, and thoughts from others.

Alternatively, the dream also says you will soon walk on a spiritual journey.

3. Dream about being trapped in an attic

This dream predicts that you will view your life with an intellectual approach. You are learning from your experiences and implementing them in your life.

Moreover, you have many creative ideas that help you do interesting things. You are now ready to take up challenges that seemed overwhelming earlier.  

4. Dream about fire in the attic

When you dream about fire in the attic, your close ones reveal some secret. However, you have been trying to ignore it for a long time.

The secret has a major impact on your life and will raise many concerns.

5. Dream about an empty attic

An empty attic in your dream reflects your lack of experience. Therefore, you aren’t confident about taking up different tasks.

Challenges are on your way, which will make you question your worth. But you will still have to rise above them and give your best in every situation.

6. Dream about a cluttered attic

What do you do when your attic gets cluttered? You clean it and organize it, right? This dream also has a similar meaning. You have too many emotions and thoughts from the past that you must organize before moving ahead.

Revisit your past incidents and apply the lessons learned in the coming life. You cannot succeed because you have still held on to these incidents.

7. Dream about an attic office

You may not be very happy to know this dream interpretation. It says that you will have to face a long period of struggle.

Too many barriers will be in your way, but you have to be persistent with your efforts. You will get your desired results if you work hard.

8. Dream about a full attic

Dreaming about a full attic represents you living your desired life and enjoying it to its maximum potential.

9. Dream about jumping over the attic

This dream has a negative interpretation. It says you will be disappointed in your life and make wrong decisions out of frustration. So, the dream asks you to think rationally before making decisions.

Moreover, you will also face problems in your romantic relationship. Your aggressive behavior can also end your bond with your partner. So, deal with every situation with patience. 

10. Dream about staying in the attic

Dreaming about staying in the attic predicts you are a patient person who will never decide in a hurry. You will use all your wisdom and intelligence before concluding. And this behavior will only help you resolve your problems.

Further, the dream also represents that you have a clear vision. You have already decided your goals and know which path you should take.

11. Dream about a haunted attic

A haunted attic in a dream denotes your subconscious is confused about some aspects of your life. You feel suspicious about something. Some people in your life aren’t loyal to you and have plans to invite trouble for you.

12. Dream about hidden attic

Dreaming about a hidden attic implies that a higher spiritual person is protecting you from your problems. However, you do not know about it.

13. Dream about furniture stored in the attic room

This dream is related to all the relationships you have in your life. Please focus on the furniture’s condition here, as it may highlight your hidden thoughts and emotions towards your family.

14. Dream about scary dark attic

When you get scared by seeing an attic in the dream, it signals that chaotic times await you. You will no longer be able to balance your desires and mind and spend time figuring out what you really want.

Moreover, you will look for more spiritual power.

15. Dream about going to the attic

When you dream about going to the attic, it suggests you will succeed in whatever you do.

Many people may say you made a wrong decision during the journey towards your goals. But you will not let that negatively impact you and keep moving forward to prove them wrong.

16. Dream about looking for something in the attic

You may find unexpected hitches on your way if you experience this dream. You may run out of resources soon. Your expenses will be more than your gains. Hence, you cannot afford some things.

But, if you accept reality, things may not be so difficult for you.

17. Dream about cleaning the attic

If you are cleaning the attic in your dream, it suggests you will make attempts to cleanse your waking life. You will eliminate all toxic people from your life and replace them with your well-wishers. 

Moreover, you will also replace your bad habits with good ones. This process will demand a lot of patience and discipline. But if you do it, the results will be shocking.

18. Dream about attic covered in leaves

Dreaming about an attic covered in leaves represents prosperity and abundance. Some close relatives will leave their property for you.

After a lot of thinking, you will plan to use it for investment and will make good money from it.

19. Dream about going down from the attic

When you get this dream, it suggests you will abandon someone’s company or something in your waking life.

You realize that you have to walk alone on your path as nobody is ready to help you. Everyone is good at giving fake promises, but nobody stands with you when it’s time to fulfill them.

20. Dream about being trapped in the attic

This dream signifies you panic easily. You overthink a lot and invite problems for yourself. And even if others try to explain to you, you wouldn’t listen to them. This ultimately ruins your mental health.

21. Dream about locking someone else in the attic

Locking someone else in the attic in your dream denotes your insecurities. You want your close ones to be always available for you.

You also want them to consider your wishes as priorities. And when that doesn’t happen, you get mad at them.

The dream also asks you to draw a line between possessiveness and insecurity.

22. Dream about hiding someone in the attic

Hiding someone else in the attic in your dream means you are trying to protect this person in your waking life.

A loved one will make a stupid mistake and will have to face harsh criticism publicly. But you will not do that. You will let them know about their mistake privately and ask them to learn from it.

23. Dream about sleeping in the attic

The dream portrays your desire for peace. You may have gone through many stressful phases in your life recently, and you are tired of it now. 

Even getting a small break at present seems a luxury to you. Try spending some time for yourself from your normal routine to give your mind some rest.

Indulge in your hobby or go for a walk.

24. Dream about eating in the attic

To see yourself eating in the attic suggests changing your diet to stay healthy. However, you lack willpower to do this. 

You can try quitting one ingredient at a time.

25. Dream about making love with a loved one in the attic

When you get this dream, it indicates you haven’t had sex since a long time and desire to have it.

If you have sex with your friend, it denotes your frustration. However, you aren’t ready to share it with others.

26. Dream about making love with a stranger in the attic

Making love to a stranger in the attic in your dream predicts a secret relationship. You and your partner want to keep it a secret, so you are hiding it from people.

27. Dream about remodeling the attic

Remodeling the attic in dreams signifies a fresh start in your personal or professional life. If you are single, you will soon meet your life partner. If you are looking for a job, you will land the desired one.

28. Dream about demolishing the attic

Dreaming about demolishing the attic means you are trying to forget some memories. Someone has hurt you, and you want to forget it.

Probably you are trying to move on from your ex. Or, it can be some rough memories you have from the times when you had no money.

29. Dream about other people demolishing the attic

When other people demolish your attic in the dream, it means a friend will reveal a secret. It may come to you as a shock, but soon you will connect the dots. 

30. Dream about setting an attic on fire

The dream signals destruction. You are failing in your personal and professional lives, which has led to frustration. You now think you can never achieve success but that’s not true.

Your negative emotions will stop you from taking the right turns. So, always focus on positivity and leave the past behind.

31. Dream about other people setting an attic on fire

If other people set the attic on fire in your dream, it means you will meet someone important whom you haven’t met for long. It will remind you of good and bad memories.

32. Dream about the attic leaking

The dream asks you to stop escaping from problems and face them.

33. Dream about repairing the attic

You will soon admit your mistakes and accept the reality. You will no longer live in a false zone and ensure you learn from your experiences.

34. Dream about a bright and beautiful attic

The dream predicts you will act as a mediator and calm someone down. However, you may not like doing it.

35. Dream about an attic filled with old things

The dream about an attic filled with old things predicts victory. Even if you buy a lottery ticket, you will win it.

36. Dream about an existing attic

Dreaming about an existing attic means someone is talking about you behind your back. So, you should be careful about who you keep in your surroundings.

37. Dream about a large attic

It means you will recall your past memories and mistakes. The dream asks you to forgive yourself and focus on the future. Alternatively, it also asks you to explore your inner self.

38. Dream about moving things to the attic

The dream says you are combining different ideas and making new plans.

39. Dream about climbing to the attic

Climbing to the attic in your dream says you will have problems in your waking life. You may run out of finances soon.

40. Dream about living in the attic

If you find yourself living in the attic in your dream, it represents your desire for freedom. This dream also suggests your urge to live your independent life now.

Questions to ask yourself to understand your attic dreams correctly

People have different dreams about the attic. Amidst all these scenarios, how will you identify that you have interpreted your own dream correctly? Well, I can help you.

Ask yourself these questions, and the answers will guide you to the right place.

1. What was there in the attic?

2. What were you doing in the attic?

3. What was the size of the attic?

4. Was there anyone with you in the attic?

5. How did you feel in the dream?

A word from ThePleasantDream

Remember, dreams are always a representation of what’s going on in your real life. Sometimes these dreams are also a message from your subconscious about what you should do next.

So, why would you not want to know what’s about to happen in your waking life and how you should deal with it?

Remember, you know your real life the most, so you can take out a deeper meaning from this list. So, do that and act accordingly.  

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