Dreaming about an attic asks you to set your right priorities. Moreover, it says you can achieve whatever you desire if you make good use of your potential.

Dream about an Attic – General Interpretations

We see attics in our everyday life. So, you may be tempted to brush them off when they appear in your dreams. Don’t do that. They carry some critical messages from your waking life.

So, here are a few general interpretations about your dream about an attic.

  • You feel confused
  • You keep going back to the past
  • You can achieve your goals
  • You will go on a spiritual journey
  • You ignore your feelings

Dreaming about an Attic – Various Types & Their Meanings

Attic dreams may have many types, and their meaning can differ based on what you see in the dream. So, if you remember your dream clearly, waste no time and read further to know its meaning.

Dream about being in an attic

It means you will soon achieve success in your life. You want to achieve all your worldly desires. 

However, the dream also signals that things may not always work as you desire. There will be obstacles in your way, and you can cause failure if you aren’t consistent.

Dream about hiding in an attic

This suggests that you are trying to hide from some future chaos. It may be related to your personal or work life.

It also represents that you’re trying to hide your emotions, dreams, and thoughts from others.

Dream about being trapped in an attic

This predicts that you will view your life with an intellectual approach. You are learning from your experiences and implementing them in your life.

Moreover, you have many creative ideas that help you do interesting things. You are now ready to take up challenges that seemed overwhelming earlier.  

Dream about fire in the attic

This signifies your close ones reveal some secret. However, you have been trying to ignore it for a long time. The secret greatly impacts your life and will raise many concerns.

Empty attic

An empty attic in your dream reflects your lack of experience. Therefore, you aren’t confident about taking up different tasks.

Challenges are on your way, which will make you question your worth. But you will still have to rise above them and give your best in every situation.

An attic office

It says that you will have to face a long period of struggle.

Too many barriers will be in your way, but you have to be persistent with your efforts. You will get your desired results if you work hard.

A haunted attic

This denotes your subconscious is confused about some aspects of your life. You feel suspicious about something. Some people in your life aren’t loyal to you and have plans to invite trouble for you.

Hidden attic

It implies that a higher spiritual person protects you from your problems. However, you do not know about it.

A scary dark attic

It signals that chaotic times await you. You will no longer be able to balance your desires and mind and spend time figuring out what you really want.

Attic covered in leaves

Dreaming about an attic covered in leaves represents prosperity and abundance. Some close relatives will leave their property for you.

After much thinking, you will plan to use it for investment and make good money from it.

Being trapped in the attic

This signifies you panic easily. You overthink a lot and invite problems for yourself. And even if others try to explain to you, you wouldn’t listen to them. This ultimately ruins your mental health.

Making love with a loved one in the attic

When you get this dream, it indicates you haven’t had sex since a long time and desire to have it.

If you have sex with your friend, it denotes your frustration. However, you aren’t ready to share it with others.

Making love with a stranger in the attic

It predicts a secret relationship. You and your partner want to keep it a secret, so you hide it from people.

Remodeling the attic

It signifies a fresh start in your personal or professional life. If you are single, you will soon meet your life partner. If you are looking for a job, you will land the desired one.

Demolishing the attic

Dreaming about demolishing the attic means you are trying to forget some memories. Someone has hurt you, and you want to forget it.

Probably you are trying to move on from your ex. Or, it can be some rough memories you have from the times when you had no money.

A large attic

It means you will recall your past memories and mistakes. The dream asks you to forgive yourself and focus on the future. Alternatively, it also asks you to explore your inner self.

Moving things to the attic

It says you are combining different ideas and making new plans.

Living in the attic

It represents your desire for freedom. This dream also suggests your urge to live your independent life now.

A word from ThePleasantDream

Remember, dreams are always a representation of what’s going on in your real life. Sometimes these dreams are also a message from your subconscious about what you should do next.

Remember, you know your real life the most, so you can remove a deeper meaning from this list. So, do that and act accordingly.  

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