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Dream about Broken Television – 40 Scenarios and Interpretations 

Dream about Broken Television – 40 Scenarios and Interpretations 

Updated on Mar 09, 2023 | Published on Feb 07, 2023

Reviewed by Dr. Nereida Gonzalez-Berrios, MD , Certified Psychiatrist

Dream about Broken Television - 40 Scenarios and Interpretations 

So you might have seen a TV set sitting in your living room umpteen times and most probably have never wondered about its symbolism. But what if it is a dream and the TV is broken? Well, a dream about broken television represents your current feelings in your waking life. 

Often it tells about an unexpected situation or your perspective towards yourself. Or, it can be something about a real broken TV in your waking life. 

So, what does it tell you? Let’s find out –

Dream about Broken Television - 40 Scenarios and Interpretations
Dream about Broken Television – 40 Scenarios and Interpretations

Dream about Broken Television – General Interpretations

A dream about a broken television symbolizes problems, unresolved feelings, financial loss, disruption, self-doubts, feelings of self-destruction, getting out of your comfort zone, transformations, and a new perspective.

A TV doesn’t play an equally important role in everyone’s life. Some have already abandoned it for a smartphone. Others are still glued to it. This is why such dreams carry a different message for every dreamer. 

Many dreams have been analyzed by different people. Some of the general interpretations are given below.

1. This dream expresses your current emotional and mental state.

2. You are viewing your thoughts and emotions in an objective perspective. 

3. There are some unresolved situations from your past that are affecting your present.

4. You are not content and satisfied with the decisions you have made in life. 

5. This dream is a sign of disloyalty and dishonest behavior from someone you trusted. 

6. You will have a connected and emotional relationship with your family.

7. You are undergoing an inner spiritual transformation. 

Now, let’s dig into the details –

Dreams of Broken Television – 40 Scenarios and Interpretations 

Dreams about broken television often carry an emotional message for the dreamers. They are a sign of emotional and spiritual transformation. Read on to find out what your dream of broken television could mean –

1. Dream about Seeing a Broken Television

These dreams are a reflection of your current state in life. It depicts how you are handling your emotions and feelings.

For some, it may denote a troublesome period in their lives. While for others, it may be a sign of distress and sadness.

Sometimes it indicates that you are not being able to express your emotions that well. You feel like there is no one who will listen to what you have to say. Though it can also be a sign of your need for a break. 

2. Dreaming about Broken Television Screen

This dream scenario represents the betrayal of your feelings or expectations embedded in your subconscious mind. You are experiencing new things in life. This denotes a significant change in one’s perspective and lifestyle.

Besides, it signifies that you are open to suggestions and new experiences every now and then.

Your lifestyle is draining the energy out of you. Often it tells you to see things from a new perspective.

3. Seeing a Broken Television at Home in a Dream

Often this represents negligence, conflicts, indifference, and problems at your home. Besides, such dreams often suggest an inner transformation. You are being emotionally and spiritually transformed. 

Also, maybe you are having such dreams because they symbolize sensuality and your individuality. Or, you are feeling overlooked by everyone. 

4. To Dream about Broken Television at School

It might indicate some troubles or confusion related to your career or self-growth. So, you are working hard to fulfill your dreams and desires.

And your goals are important for you in your waking life. But maybe, you are not dealing well with your troubles.

Besides, it suggests that you are being rewarded well for all your efforts and dedication towards your work. But you are burdening yourself and overworking. So you need a balance. 

5. Dreaming about Broken Television Antenna 

In general, this might show that you are physically and emotionally drained. You do not have the energy to do things that are important to you. Besides, it suggests a communication gap and trouble in self-expression. 

So you might need to take it as a sign that you are ready to shirk your responsibilities and take a much-needed break.

Indeed, you need to relax and rebuild your energy reserves for the future.

6. Dream about Repairing Broken Television

This dream is a sign of your self-confident nature. So you are opening up and confiding in someone you love and trust. In other words, it tells you to give things a second chance and to try your best. 

Besides, it might indicate your efforts or desire to hold onto the past. Or, you are trying to control your desires and urges in real life. Something from your past is going to appear again and create chaos. 

7. Seeing a Broken Black and White Television in a Dream

This dream is a sign that you will soon realize your past mistakes. So maybe you will be filled with great regret about how you have hurt someone. 

Your poor decisions and actions will have a negative effect on your life. This might bring chaos and trouble into your present world.

Often it indicates nostalgia, memories, moving on from the past, and letting things go. 

8. Dream about a Broken Television with Fuzzy Image

Having such dreams often suggests that you have an unclear future. You have not finalized your plans for your future self. Or, maybe there is chaos shadowing your vision now. 

Hence, you are generally very confused about what you want to do with your life. There are some things that need your attention. So take a deep breath and reflect. 

9. Dreaming about a Broken Plasma Television

This dream scenario is a message for your present self. This indicates an unexpected obstacle in a seemingly good situation. 

Usually, it says that you will come across many people who will praise you and appreciate you in real life.

But you should not be blinded by these flatteries. They might be trying to manipulate you by being on your good side. 

10. To Dream about a Beautiful Broken Television

Generally, this dream plot represents a pleasant meeting with an old friend. They could be from your college, school, or even a childhood friend you lost touch with. 

Besides, maybe you will get a new opportunity to rekindle old friendships or relationships. You can get to know them better after a long break. 

Often it denotes loss, getting hurt, or a setback. You need to have patience. 

11. Dream about Large Broken Television

Usually, this dream portends healing and recovery. Often it signifies a hurt ego or self-realization. 

Spiritually, it suggests reflection, self-discovery, and growth. Maybe you are struggling with some inner turmoil.

Besides, it tells that maybe you are holding something back from your loved ones. You want to live a fast life. You dislike a boring and routine lifestyle. 

12. Dreaming about Broken Television Set with Other Gadgets 

People around you are jealous of you. Their feelings of jealousy and envy are stopping you from realizing your professional skills and ambitions. 

This dream suggests that you should divulge your secrets to everyone. Only your trusted friends and family can be made aware of your future plans. 

13. Seeing a Broken Color Television in Dream

You are going to experience a nice and enjoyable time with family and friends. Your upcoming period in life will be filled with joy and happiness.

There will be many occasions to celebrate and share your happiness with others. You will feel content. 

14. Dream about News on Broken Television

This dream is a sign that you focus your attention on materialistic things. You have assigned a lot of importance to artificial things in life.

Besides, your priorities are changing. You have started devaluing your bond with your friends, family, and close relations.

15. Seeing Movies on Broken Television in Dream

Maybe you are going to hear some good news. Someone you love and trust will come to you bearing some information that will make you very happy. 

Besides, it says that you need to control your emotions and not let them overwhelm you. You need to be strong and responsible in life. 

16. Dream about Calling a Technician to Fix Broken Television

A person who is very reputed and influential is watching over you. You have found a good guide and mentor in them.

Besides, you should always try to do your best to create a good impression on your observers and admirers. This can have a positive impact on your future and career goals. 

17. Dreaming about Buying Broken Television

Usually, this scenario means that your happiness will be very short-lived. 

Something very grave might take place in your life that can affect you negatively. You might have to make drastic changes to cope with the events. 

18. To Dream about Selling Broken Television

This dream is a sign of decreased excitement and energy. You are very lethargic and lazy in your waking life. 

Maybe you are generally very dissatisfied with your current situation in life. Hence, you don’t like the way things are happening but you have no way to change things around.

19. Dream about Getting Broken Television

Often it is a reflection of your subconscious mind. 

Maybe, you are very competitive in nature. You always hold a desire to win in life, whether it is a small or big win. And you might have got the lower end of a deal. 

20. Dream about Many Broken Televisions

Often, it tells that you have invested a lot of time and effort in insignificant things in your life. Your work and dedication have not created fruitful results.

You are struggling to make ends meet. Things are going haywire and you are living right in the middle of a chaotic life. 

21. Dreaming about Throwing Broken Television

This dream is often associated with discarding the negatives of your life. Besides, maybe you should break off with those who do not wish the best for you.

The negativity in your life will just keep pulling you down till you give up. You need to find internal motivation to do what is right. 

22. Dream about Stealing Broken Television from a Store

Maybe you wish to start a new life. Something tragic has taken place in your life and you want to leave behind all memories associated with it.

It is possible that you might return back to old habits. They might make your situation worse for you. You need to be very strong right now. 

23. Dream about Gifting Broken Television

It means that you are being very negligent towards your close ones.

Besides, you don’t feel nurturing and caring for the people in your life. You are letting your relationships wither and die. 

24. Dream about Stealing Broken Television from Someone’s House 

This dream is a warning for its dreamers. You need to keep a watch on what you are saying to others.

Besides, you might unknowingly share some sensitive information with those who are listening. And they might try to use that against you. 

25. Dreaming of Abandoning a Broken Television

Often they are projections of your subconscious mind. They refer to your feelings of escape and starting a new life to forget the past. This is often considered a sign of emotional and spiritual transformations

You need to control your emotions as they can be overwhelming sometimes.

26. To Dream of Watching a Broken TV

Often it represents reflections on one’s flaws and troubles. Besides, it tells you to face your past mistakes and to work on them.

27. Dream of a Broken Television Turned Off

Usually, it is taken as a sign of a bad situation, discomfort, and getting used to the situation.

28. Dreaming of a Television Falling and Breaking

This is a sign that you need to be more careful in life.

29. Watching Your Favorite Program on a Broken Television in Dream

Often, it indicates that you are fully focused on your goals in life. Besides, you tend to focus on good things instead of worrying about what’s wrong. 

30. Dream of Seeing Yourself on a Broken Television

You are too self critical and have a biased perspective.

31. Dreaming of Replacing Broken Television with New One

It represents transformations and growth. 

32. Dream of Burned Out Broken Television

You need to rely upon your logic and gut feeling for your business.

33. Dream of Broken Television Disembelled into Parts

This is a sign of introspection and self-reflection. You need to revisit your past mistakes and decisions.

34. Television Breaking by an Accident in a Dream

Your relationship with someone close to you might change. Besides, this denotes a mistake.

35. Dream of Broken Television in an Arson

Often it suggests an emotional outburst or loss. Things might seem to get worse.

36. Smashing Television and Breaking It in a Dream

This denotes hopelessness and loss in life. Often it is a sign of frustration and wrong decisions.

37. Dream of Someone Pointing at Your Broken Television

In general, it indicates facing your flaws and mistakes. Besides, someone might try to hurt you.

38. Dreaming of a Slightly Broken Television

This is often a sign of a little inconvenience or a bit of imperfection in your waking life. Besides, this tells you to be more careful about your decisions and actions.

39. Seeing a Completely Broken Television in a Dream

Often it symbolizes the feeling of loss and a sense of doom. You might be feeling overwhelmed amidst the chaos. Take is a sign to have patience.

40. Dream of Crying over a Broken Television

You might be feeling deeply hurt over a little loss or such. Besides, this indicates that you need to let go of the past. 

Spiritual Meaning of a Dream about Broken Television

Spiritually, often it symbolizes a need to change your perspective, to reflect, and to heal.

Psychological Meaning of a Dream about Broken Television

It represents your loss, inner turmoil, overwhelm, healing, and a need to change your perspective. 

Closing Thoughts

Dreams about broken television can carry different messages for every dreamer. But one thing common is – it gives you a chance. This dream tells you to make the most out of your present situation. 

So, you need to embrace the present and let go of the past that is affecting you. Let things get broken. Let them go. You are stronger than you think. 

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