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Dream about Cabbage – 60 Types & Their Interpretations

Dream about Cabbage – 60 Types & Their Interpretations

Updated on Jan 12, 2023 | Published on Jul 26, 2022

Reviewed by Dr. Nereida Gonzalez-Berrios, MD , Certified Psychiatrist

Dream about Cabbage - 60 Types & Their Interpretations

Do you ever dream about cabbage?

Even if it’s not your favorite vegetable and still appears in your dreams, don’t worry it doesn’t ask you to eat more cabbage.

Instead, the dreams want to indicate something about your life.  So, if you feel curious about your cabbage dreams, dig right in!

Dream about Cabbage – General Interpretations

Cabbage dreams ask you to pay attention to serious life situations or your expenses. Additionally, it asks you to look after your health, control your expenses, and be careful of deception.

A vegetable like cabbage may not seem important in reality, but as per dream books, cabbage dreams can predict a lot about your life.

So before we dive deep into dream types, let’s first read about the general interpretations.

1. You keep focusing on your past

The cabbage dreams suggest that you’ve committed mistakes in the past and regret them immensely.

2. You should pay attention to life situations

These dreams suggest that certain challenging life situations demand your attention. Moreover, it asks you to think twice before making a decision.

3. A friend may deceive you

Another common interpretation behind this dream is that a friend is wearing a mask. They are present in your life to deceive you. So, be cautious about who you trust.

4. You must prioritize your health.

If you dream of cabbage, it is a sign that you are careless about your health. Don’t ignore any health issue symptoms and seek professional help without delay.

5. Check your expenses.

These dreams suggest that you may suffer from financial problems if you don’t limit your expenses and keep wasting money.

Dreaming about Cabbage – 60 Types & Their Interpretations

In dreams, buying cabbage means you need relaxation while eating them signifies testing times.

Now that you know how small details can change your interpretations, it’s imperative for you to explore more. So, let’s check out some of the most common dreams about cabbage and their interpretations.

1. Dream about buying cabbage

Dreaming about buying cabbage says that you must relax for a bit in your real life. Hang out with your friends and take a while off from your work.

2. Dream about peeling and washing cabbage

Dreaming about peeling cabbage shows that you will soon receive disturbing news. It may affect your or your close one’s life.

Additionally, washing cabbage dreams are a sign of fear. Moreover, they also indicate that you must cleanse your karma.

3. Dream about cutting cabbage

Cutting cabbage in a dream is a symbol that you will cut ties with something disturbing. If you cut the cabbage with a knife, you will make some difficult decisions for your betterment.

4. Dream about cooking cabbage

Dream about cooking cabbage may have multiple meanings. The first interpretation indicates that you must accept the changes in your life to be happy.

Alternatively, it suggests that this dream seems scary to a few people as it reflects the truth of life.

5. Dream about eating cabbages

Dreaming about eating cabbage indicates that you or a close one is experiencing a challenging time. It also portrays resentment towards someone’s behavior. 

6. Dream about rotten or stale cabbage

The dream shows that you have a flawed personality and outdated beliefs. It can also mean that you are unaware of the dangers on your path. 

Moreover, the dream also indicates that you recently made wrong decisions, which took away your happiness.

7. Dream about red cabbage

Some evil force strongly influences you and tries to hurt you. Your dreams also indicate that you have many hidden potentials which you will discover soon.

Red cabbage in dreams signifies unfulfilled desires.

8. Dream about unripe or green cabbage

Green cabbage in a dream stands for your frustration about delayed projects. It also asks you to think well before making any decisions.

9. Dream about white cabbage

The dream suggests you will feel powerless. Additionally, it says that you or a close one will receive bad news.

10. Dream about eating a cabbage stalk as a woman

Dreaming about eating a cabbage stalk as a woman reflects the challenges in your life. The dream books say that you must put in more effort to surpass the challenges.

11. Dream about cabbage as a man

If you dream about cabbage as a man, cherish the dream. You’ll soon receive a lot of unexpected profit.

12. Dream about tearing cabbage leaves

Tearing cabbage leaves in a dream indicates that your money will be wasted on unnecessary things.

13. Dream about harvesting cabbage

The dream hints to you that you must keep your expenses in check. If you don’t, you may soon face financial problems.

14. Dream about holding cabbage

This dream holds a positive meaning. It shows that you have strong family bonding.

15. Dream about cabbage as older people

Dreaming about cabbage as older people means that they are proud of their achievements. Even their grandchildren have immense respect for them.

16. Dream about chopping cabbage thin

The dream asks you to save money.

17. Dream about white cabbage grown in a pot

Dreaming about white cabbage grown in a pot means you will turn lucky. You may win a lottery or receive some money accidentally.

18. Dream about feeding your boss with cabbage salad

This dream suggests that you will ask for a salary hike.

19. Dream about sprouts of cabbage

This dream is a sign that you’re on the correct path. If you have set a goal, do not waste your time, and take action now.

20. Dream about cooking cabbage with potatoes

Dream about cooking cabbage with potatoes is asking you to patronize someone.

21. Dream about dividing cabbage into leaves

The dream indicates that you are confident and nobody can win against you.

22. Dream about chopping cabbage as a young woman

Dreaming about chopping cabbage as a young woman reflects that you will flirt with a young man and build a romantic relationship.

23. Dream about blue cabbage

Dreaming about blue cabbage reflects the economic crisis in real life.

24. Dream about stealing cabbage

This dream is a sign of guilt and regret. You cry over your past mistakes.

25. Dream about huge cabbage

You must expect visitors or relatives at home when you get this dream.

26. Dream about cabbage, beets, and carrots on one plate

Dreaming about cabbage, beets, and carrots on one plate symbolizes you will earn enough money with your hard work and honesty.

27. Dream about choosing cabbage on the market

Dreaming about choosing cabbage on the market at discounted prices indicates that you praised a person for the qualities they don’t possess.

28. Dream about buying a lot of cabbage

This dream asks you to be practical and plan your future.

29. Dream about chopping the head off a cabbage

Chopping the head off a cabbage in your dream warns you against wasting your time and money, or you’ll face a financial crisis.

30. Dream about growing cabbage

This dream is a sign of your work ethic. You know you can reap the benefits only if you work hard and be patient. But now you feel you have waited too long and deserve to be rewarded.

31. Dream about planting cabbage

Dreaming about planting cabbage in a dream shows that you tend to enjoy life and take it on a lighter note.

Your family is wealthy, so you don’t worry much about your future because you’ll inherit the family property.

But, you will not sit at home idle. Instead, you will try to achieve something as great as your parents.

32. Dream about pickling cabbage

You may end up arguing with your family. None of you are ready to compromise and fight for your rights. You know this approach is illogical, but you see no other alternative than this to protect your right.

33. Dream about eating fresh cabbage salad

Dreaming about eating fresh cabbage salad shows that your life will undergo a positive transformation. It may be related to your personal or professional life.

However, you will be satisfied as good things will happen. If you’re single, the dream means that you will soon find someone worth marrying.

34. Dream about eating pickled cabbage salad

The dream indicates that you will prioritize your health. You will change your daily routine to benefit your health. Probably you will eat healthily or exercise more to keep fit.

35. Dream about eating cooked cabbage

It means you exaggerate your problems. You are worried about a problem in your life. But you can only solve it if you change your perspective. Why don’t you seek advice from your loved ones? It will help you.

36. Dream about eating steamed pickled cabbage

Dreaming about eating steamed pickled cabbage denotes a flashback. You miss the happier and calmer times when you were carefree.

You probably came across an event that reminded you of your childhood days, so you got on the nostalgia train.

37. Dream about eating sautéed cabbage

The dream asks you to be alert. You will risk your everything for someone, but that person will deceive you.

You will try to help them out of difficult situations, but it will turn out to be a scam and you will feel disappointed.

38. Dream about eating sautéed pickled cabbage

If you dream about eating sautéed pickled cabbage, you will get into an argument with your near ones over old traditions. Put your point calmly before them instead of arguing.

39. Dream about eating cabbage pie

Eating a cabbage pie in a dream reflects that you’re hurt by a close one’s actions, but you try to suppress those emotions to preserve your bond.

If the person is very close to you, talk to them and sort the misunderstandings to avoid bitterness.

40. Dream about drinking cabbage juice

If you dream about drinking cabbage juice, you must look after your health. You are stressed and don’t follow a healthy regime.

You also have some disease symptoms, but continuously ignore them. Seek professional help instead of using home remedies.

41. Dream about putting cabbage packs

Dreaming about putting cabbage packs means you are naïve. Someone will influence you to do something completely irrational and wrong, and you will not even know about it.

42. Dream about selling cabbage

If you sell cabbage in a dream, it means you expected your progress to be better than now. You work very hard, but the results are not so great.

The dream asks you to be patient and persistent. With consistency and hard work, you will surely get the results.

43. Dream about others stealing cabbage

If you dream about others stealing cabbage, it means you will split with your friend. You know about their wrongdoings, and choose to abide by your principles.

44. Dream about throwing cabbage away

The dream implies that you will undergo a small loss. Probably one of the home appliances will need a repair. Alternatively, it can also be something you invested in but did not get the expected results.

45. Dream about fresh cabbage

Dreaming about fresh cabbage signals that a loved one will cheat you. Watch out for any red flags or negative signs, and don’t allow anyone to fool you.

46. Dream about cabbage topped with salt

Dreaming about cabbage topped with salt means unprecedented success. Whatever profession you opt for will only result in success and financial stability.

47. Dream about cabbage stew

A cabbage stew in a dream stands for misunderstandings. Such misunderstandings can also affect your personal life. Communicate and listen to your loved ones. If needed, compromise on certain aspects.

48. Dream about slicing cabbage

Dreaming about slicing cabbage means your child will add to your trouble. Talk to them and solve their anguish. Alternatively, the dream also represents problems in your family.

49. Dream about an aloof cabbage

An aloof cabbage in a dream asks you to focus on your health to avoid major disorders.

50. Dream about a field of cabbage

Dreaming about a field of cabbage asks you to put an end to doubts now. It is time you make a decision.

51. Dream about making a cabbage recipe

Making a cabbage recipe in a dream indicates you are a rough and ignorant person. You follow anything that gives you money, even if it doesn’t make sense.

52. Dream about boiling cabbage in the water

Dreaming about boiling cabbage in the water means your friends care for you and will try to keep you happy.

53. Dream about cabbage tasting bad

If the cabbage tastes bad in your dream, you will use the money for good purposes.

54. Dream about stuffed vine leaves with cabbage.

This dream indicates that people who dislike you will try creating problems in your life, but you will handle them well.

55. Dream about cooking green cabbage

It symbolizes wealth and abundance in the future.

56. Dream about cooking purple cabbage

This dream predicts that you will recover from an illness.

57. Dream about taking off the cabbage leaves as a man

This dreamscape indicates that the woman in your life is pregnant.

58. Dream about cabbage garden

Your dream depicts you wishing that personal relationships were simpler. But since it’s not, you’re ready to put in extra effort.

59. Dream about cabbage rolls

This dream suggests that you must stay hopeful since you want to make an impression on others.

60. Dream about seeing someone else putting cabbage packs

If you dream about someone else putting cabbage packs, you are worried about a close one.

You think they blindly follow a person who is a bad influence on them. You feel powerless and helpless because you cannot show them the truth.

Questions to ask yourself to interpret cabbage dreams correctly

Cabbage dreams come with a list of meanings. But which of them holds true for you? To know that, you must ask yourself these questions first.

1. What was the color of the cabbage?

2. What were you doing with the cabbage?

3. How did you feel in the dream?

4. Did your dream focus on any particular part of the cabbage?

5. Did you make anything out of cabbage?

A word from ThePleasantDream

So far, you can see cabbage dreams have many meanings. You might either get good or bad news from the message. But remember to never get emotional when you find the true meaning of your dream.

The reason? Both overconfidence from a positive announcement and devastation from a negative one takes you closer to your doom.

So, stay humble and work hard!