Did you just dream about getting shot? Did you wake up from the dream drenched in sweat because you don’t want to die? Are you trying to contemplate its meaning? Are you feeling insecure and looking around the room to ensure your safety?

But first let me tell you, a dream about dying may not mean you’re going to die. It might instead have a symbolic meaning.

This means, if you’re going through a rough time in your waking life, you might get disturbing dreams because of their manifestation in your dreams. So, relax! It’s not what you are thinking.

39 Types of Dream About Getting Shot & Their Interpretations
39 Types of Dream About Getting Shot & Their Interpretations

What does it mean when you dream about getting shot?

Dreams about getting shot are very common but don’t necessarily mean death. It represents fear, guilt, survival and sometimes also acts as a warning against approaching danger.

Dreams about getting shot are among one of the most common dreams. It can appear because you saw someone being shot on TV, or you just heard a story where someone got shot.

If something or someone is terrifying you in your real life, even then you can experience these dreams. Here are some possible meanings of getting shot in your dreams.

1. Fear

Nobody likes to live with constant fear. Fear can get heavy on your mind and play with your inner peace. If you’re always under fear that someone is going to attack you or assault you, these dreams can be a consequence of that.

Further, it is not necessary that these fears should be physical. Your mental or emotional fears can also be a reason for this.

For instance, if somebody is blackmailing you or troubling you, you can experience dreams about dying. If you have made some mistake, and you fear your parents won’t accept it, you will again be a victim of violent dreams.

So, dig deep in your waking life, evaluate the concerns and face your fears.

2. Illness

A dream about getting shot can also represent an appearing illness. In such cases, you should take such dreams seriously. It is a message from your subconscious mind that your body is unhealthy and can fall prey to an illness.

Pay attention to your diet or health. Have you been prone to daily headaches? Did your foot hit somewhere and you ignored it? Do you have a burning sensation or rashes anywhere? If yes, don’t ignore them.

Your conscious mind might compel you to think it’s irrelevant but your subconscious mind knows the impact it is creating in your body.

3. Guilt

We all commit mistakes. Some bring us shame and some bring us learning.

But, make sure these guilty moments don’t mess with your sanity. This can be one of the reasons why you can dream about being shot. It is because you did something in the past that you’re ashamed of. It is also a possibility that you’re doing something currently that you think is incorrect.

At this point, understand that every human commits mistakes. Don’t let your past spoil your present. Let things go. Forgive yourself and move on with life.

4. Warning

If you dream about being shot by an arrow instead of a gun, then take this as a warning from your subconscious. A warning that symbolizes somebody has played or is playing with your emotions and feelings. A warning that represents you have been manipulated into doing something.

It might be anything that you recently started or someone you recently met, and your intuition or gut feeling doesn’t approve of it.  

If you’re getting such dreams right after any such activity, take it as a warning from your subconscious. Your mind is signaling you to break all ties with that specific person or activity as it can be harmful to you in the future.

5. Emotional Turmoil

In your dream, if you find a violent crime happening to you and you do nothing to help yourself but just stand there helplessly – it has something to do with your past wounds. You have ignored some past occurrences and tried to move on, but your subconscious is still dealing with it.

Take it as a sign from your subconscious that you need to think over those past incidents, no matter how painful. Work on your feelings and face the turmoil to make your mind feel lighter and get rid of such dreams.

6. End to a Struggle

Nobody’s life is a bed of roses. We all have our own set of struggles whether we reveal them or not. If you have been fighting against any such struggle for a long time now, such dreams mean that the end of the struggle is near.

So, in this case, the dream about getting shot doesn’t mean that your life will end. It means that the painful part of your life or struggle is about to end. It indicates that the situation is going to be clear soon. Until then, the best thing for you to do is just ‘go with the flow’.

7. Survival

The crisis and struggles come free with our lives. To survive this is inevitable. This crisis can be political, financial, professional, or within the family too. Something might be bothering you that can damage your career or relationship with somebody important to you.

Under such situations, you might be doing your best to survive through the crisis. But sadly, it may not be enough. To come out of this, you should observe the entire situation carefully.

Seek help from your near ones if you’re unable to bring an end to it. If you do this successfully, you will be able to make your escape route from these dreams too.

8. Afraid of being attacked

We hear attacks taking place in some public places like schools, temples, malls, etc. almost every month. Such news leaves a deep psychological impact in our minds and when this news is fresh, the fear is even more.

The next time you move out in any such public place, your mind is alert and looking for escape routes in case an attack takes place.

You might also feel in your waking life that someone has put the gun on your shoulder and is all set to pull the trigger. These are mere fears caused by the recent stories you heard. It’s better to overcome these fears than to pay heed to them.

Now that you know all the possible interpretations, let’s dig deep to explore all the possible types and it’s meaning

39 Types of Dream About Getting Shot

Every dream has a psychological meaning. It is linked to your own emotions and situations in your waking life. While you dream about being shot, there are so many types to it that may differ in their interpretations.

Each of these dreams might not hold the same meaning i.e., death. To make it easy for you to understand, we have noted down a few of the most common dreams about getting shot. The meanings of each can be reflected back to our real life.

1. Dreams of getting shot with one arrow

This type of dream is linked to your love life. This reflects back to your emotions and romantic compatibility with your partner. This means that you need to spend more time with your partner to save your relationship.

It’s time to pay more attention to the feelings and needs of your partner. Over time, you might be overloaded with work, which resulted in stress in the relationship. Before anything falls apart and situations get worse, talk to them and sort it out.

2. Dream of being shot with multiple arrows

Well, here the number of arrows signifies the number of emotions you have.  If you’re dreaming that you’re shot with multiple arrows, it means you are undergoing multiple emotions.

It is not necessary that all these emotions are for the same person or of the same kind. It can be both, happy or sad emotions.

Further, it reflects your emotional struggle. You should invest more time to understand your emotions. It refers to jealousy and words that have hurt you in the past. It’s time to speak up and release yourself from the burden.

3. Dreams of the person who shot you

There can be a dream where you see yourself being shot and you also see the face of the person that shot you. While this can be scary for you, it holds a meaning.

In reality, this person who shot you in the dream can be jealous of you. The person can also be trying to put you down in someone’s eyes or planning to harm you in any way.  This person that you see can also be a known person from your professional or personal life.

4. Dream of being shot with a gun

This type of dream has different meanings. One meaning can be that you’re struggling to survive a situation. It shows that you are trying to achieve your goals and overcoming difficult situations.

It can also represent that someone in your real life is trying to cause harm to you. And you might have a hard time escaping it. It might reflect weak self-confidence.

One approach also suggests that you’re going through some argument in your life. But you are unable to find its solution.

5. Dreams of several gun shooters

If you are seeing a dream where several people are shooting you, it indicates that you’re feeling weaker than them. It symbolizes you are burdened with too many responsibilities which you’re finding difficult to fulfill.

It means you are in a dangerous situation and your problem needs to be solved as quickly as possible. Further, it suggests you are overworked in your waking life. You should consider taking some burden off your shoulder to live a peaceful life.

6. Dream of getting shot in war

This dream is linked to your past. If you had a dream and were shot in it during a war, it means there are some experiences from your past that you’re trying to fight. However, you have been unsuccessful which is why they keep returning to you time and again.

The war in your dream is a symbolic way of your mind to tell you that you’re still in war or fight with these experiences. It shows you’re going through a traumatizing situation in reality.

7. Dream of being shot in the neck

If you dream about being shot in the neck, it means that you’re in some dilemma. You might be stuck in a situation where you have to make a decision. However, your mind and heart do not reach a common destination. You might have a gut feeling that something might go wrong.

We can also consider it as a negative feeling that makes your life stressed. Or maybe, the person shooting you is the reason behind the stress in your life.

8. Dream of being shot in the back

Such dreams are a metaphor that someone is going to betray you in your near future. Hence, being shot in the back dreams are a warning bell for you to stay alert. In such cases, it is advisable to not trust anyone and share your secrets.

You don’t know who among your friends will turn into your foe. Think about it deeply and don’t blabber everything in front of people you don’t trust. Trust your intuitions.

9. Dream of getting shot in the heart

When you dream about being shot in the heart, it means your life is filled with sadness. You find a depressing environment everywhere you go. These emotions are triggered because somebody has done something to you and now you find yourself helpless.

In such instances, it is better to talk to someone and try to get over it. Talking to somebody might throw light on a solution you never thought of. Finding the root of the problem will also help in such situations. If nothing helps, you need to give yourself some time to heal.

10. Dream of being shot at home

The home is considered the safest place on the planet. And if you dream about being shot at your home, it expresses your inner vulnerability. It means you don’t even feel safe anywhere.

It can be because you faced some violent or physical crime and now your heart is unable to forget it. You don’t feel safe anymore because the incident has left a major impression on your mind.

You feel dangerous and victimized. It can be because of somebody you’re afraid of in your near surroundings. Try to avoid such people as much as possible.

11. Dream of getting shot from a distance

When you have such dreams, it is because you lack confidence. You might be oppressed by irrational fears. You might be tense that things might go wrong even if you have worked very hard for it. If this is the case, don’t panic. Things will fall right in place and your efforts will give you its true results.

Another expression of such a dream can be that something unexpected took place and you are unable to accept it. When things don’t go as planned, such dreams occur.

12. Dream of being shot from above

When you dream about being shot from above, it shows that you’re going to meet somebody new in your life. This new person is going to be tricky for you. It can be a person in your workplace or a new friend. But whoever it is, will bring only negativity in your life.

Distance yourself immediately from any such person when you find the initial red flags. Don’t wait for things to settle before taking action. Avoid unproductive relationships and friendships.

13. Dream of getting shot by your partner

The dreams where you see yourself being shot by your partner are highly disappointing. You expect your partner to be the most secure person. But when a dream like this takes your mind, it shows the stress in your relationship.

It can be because you found your partner with someone else. Or maybe your partner broke your trust. Another possibility is that you think your partner is hiding something from you. Such dreams are an occurrence of that.

It will always be worth it to not make assumptions and talk to your partner about how you feel.

14. Dream of getting shot by a friend

Such dreams clearly state the negative energy present between you and your friend. It might be due to a misunderstanding. Maybe something had happened in the past and you have not been able to forgive your friend completely or vice versa. This can act as a disturbing element to your mind.

Friends are our support system. And if this person is somebody you trust and love, it is recommended that you talk to this person and resolve the issues. Don’t lose a genuine friend over some ego.

15. Dream of being shot by a stranger

The dream, when you’re being shot by a stranger, is a bad omen. It showcases that your surroundings are filled with enemies. People out there are willing to harm you intentionally or pull down your reputation. You might be your boss’s favorite which is making your colleagues jealous.

Hence, take this dream as a warning and remain cautious. Don’t boast about yourself and try to keep your life private. Not everyone is happy to see your progress. People are waiting for an opportunity to splash dirt on your name!

16. Dream of getting shot and dying

If you have been shot in your dream and you died because of it, you might have woken up terrified at that very moment. However negative this might seem; it holds a positive meaning. It says that your struggles are nearing an end now and your hard work is going to reap results.

If you are facing tension in any relationship, there are high chances that you will be able to resolve them now. The events you planned will finish on time and get you success. It only indicates that the problems within you are now dying.

17. Dream of being shot in the head

The body part in which you are shot has a deeper meaning. The shot on the head means you’re not in the correct profession. Some other work or company can give you more success. You need to change your aspects for a better life. To put it simply, your mind is not making correct decisions.

It indicates your mental block and that you have been unable to solve your problems rationally. These dreams appear realistic and threaten you more compared to others.

18. Dream of being shot in the chest

Dream of being shot in the chest is symbolic in nature. It represents that you’re feeling lonely in your waking life and need support. There are many emotions linked to it.

The important thing to consider here is that the problems you are facing are due to people you already know. It is because of people you meet in your regular life like your friends, colleagues, and family.

These dreams can also appear because someone very close to you has disappointed you in unexpected ways or betrayed you.

19. Dream of being shot in the stomach

It emphasizes your inner qualities and capabilities. When you get shot in the stomach in your dream, it’s time to sit with your inner self and observe your life carefully. It’s time to know if you’re wasting your life or are you walking on the correct path.

What more is needed to do in order to achieve your goals? Is your relationship with your partner and family going well? These are a few questions that require your thought process.

20. Dream of getting shot multiple times

This dream can worry you more because you have not only been shot once but multiple times. So, the level of horror increases.

This means that you have been avoiding multiple signals already from your subconscious. There are things that you have to pay absolute attention to but you have been ignoring them time and again. It asks you to take charge of your life and change certain things that are not working well for you.

Being shot multiple times signifies your own anxieties and worries. So, it’s time to make conscious efforts to treat them well.

21. Dream about getting shot and not dying

You have been shot in your dream but you’re still alive. This dream symbolizes some danger or harm in your waking life. Your security is being violated when you’re awake. For this, you have to work on your own thoughts and reflect back on your inner self. Change the way you deal with your problems.

Focus on the current situations of your life. Focus on the energy it is providing you. You did not die in your dream which means you’re undergoing a lot of pain but you are still not dying. For this, pay attention to your true feelings and try to resolve the confusion.

22. Dream of mass shooting and you getting shot

This dream can mean that you’re going through something very difficult in your real life. It can be something that you’re no longer able to tolerate. Hence, you want to kill many things at once.

It resembles the negativity hidden inside you. It’s basically the urge to find solutions to all your problems at once.

Mass shooting also shows that something unpredictable is going to happen with your life soon. You should keep a check on your closest people.

23. Dreaming of a bullet

When you dream of a bullet, it can have various meanings. It indicates your focus in life. Dreaming of a bullet means you feel you’re being attacked. This means you’re becoming the victim of something or are hurt in your life.

When you see a bullet but don’t die because of it, it urges you to take a proper decision in life. If you see that you’re trying to pull the bullet out of your skin, it means the problems in your life are serious.

24. Dream of getting shot in a shootout

When you dream of being shot in a shootout, it implies that there are challenges ahead of you. Your life is going to take a turn and you might have to face attacks by others.

Something important is going to happen in life that will become a burden on you. You don’t need to be terrified about it. Keep working hard. Your efforts will certainly overcome the challenges and negativities.

If you see some guys shooting you in your dream, it reveals you’re going to be threatened by others in life.

25. Dream of getting shot and being wounded

If you get wounded in your dream after getting shot, it means you’re becoming prey to injustice. If you die in the dream, you can be even more vulnerable.

It implies that your feelings are hurt and you’re helpless about it. If you stop fighting for your justice, there will be deeper regrets in your future.

A section of people also says that it can mean that your partner is cheating on you. And it is one of such situations where you’re helpless in preventing their affair.

26. Dream of being shot by tanks and bombs

When you see bombs and tanks in your dream, it implies that you’re going through some problem with people in power. It can be some political party or authority or the government.

You might feel victimized by government organizations or feel that they’re restricting you in some way. It can also be some policy laid by the government that has been oppressing you for a while now.

If you shoot back in the dream, it implies that you’re ready to fight back the power.

27. Dream of being shot from up close

When you have dreams of being shot from up close, it reflects the negativity and problems in your real life. It denotes that things are too complex to solve. You need to be very alert while dealing with problems.

No matter how terrifying it seems, it shows that to get out of your real-life problems, someone will support and guide you. Talk your heart out to anyone who comes to offer a helping hand and see them doing wonders for you.

The dream of someone being shot up close in a dream resembles conflict.

28. Dream of starting a shooting and getting shot

This dream implies your business tension. It shows you’re undergoing some stressful relationships at your workplace. It can be your boss or your colleagues. When you dream of starting shooting and get shot instead, it reflects back on your professional conflicts.

If you’re facing any of this at your workplace, it is advisable to talk to the people who you think can harm you. Sort the matter with them through heartfelt talks and your horrifying dreams will go away.

29. Dreams about bullets piercing your body

When bullets pierce your body, it is a very disclosing dream. You will find it very strange and it will keep appearing.  You become more tense and vulnerable because it is your entire body that is suffering. It might be a dream but it will affect you like it’s real.

It indicates all the burdens in your real life that need to be quickly fixed. Only then, your mind will be at peace. It metaphorically shows that the problems in your real life are not only affecting your mind but taking a toll on your physical health too.

30. Dreams of shot fired in the air

When you dream of shots fired in the air, it asks you to boost your confidence. This is a very specific and common dream. It occurs when you’re starting with some new project or phase in your life.

You might be putting some ideas into implementation. You know you want to do this, but fear has overshadowed your confidence.

To get out of this, believe in yourself and trust the process. Your plan and efforts will give you the best results.

31. Dream of shooting yourself

When you dream about shooting yourself, it is a clear indication that you aren’t happy with your present life. You want to revive.

You want to pull yourself out of all the clutches and bondages that have been restricting you for a long time now. It shows that you want to become a better human, a confident and dedicated version of yourself.

It means you’re ready to face any challenges that come your way. At any cost, you’re aiming for individual success and personal growth.

32.  Dream of being shot and blood

Dreams about being shot and blood are linked to your friend circle or peers. The blood indicates poor relationships with people in your real life. And this is something that has been haunting you. You must fix this as soon as possible.

At the workplace, choose other colleagues and make them your friends. If needed, hang out with strangers and find new people to chill with.

A study also says that this type of dream denotes being deceived by somebody at the workplace.

33. Dreams of being shot in a car

This is a very common dream. Here, you’ll find yourself driving a car and suddenly being shot. It reveals that you’re trying to escape some unpleasant situation in your life.

This is why you’re driving a car (helping you to escape). It can also be escaping from a person who makes you feel unworthy and dejected.

In the dream, if you managed to escape, it means you can make your escape route in waking life too and vice versa.

34. Dreams of being shot in a natural environment

It reflects familiarity with your real-life situations. Like every other dream, it also means that you’re undergoing a situation of conflict. The only thing here is that this conflict is with someone you are pretty close to. This is the same person who knows things about you and can easily harm you with the words.

It reflects that you are self-aware of your helplessness too. You’re only keeping quiet because the person traumatizing you is very close to you. It can be because of unsolved problems, tensions, or misunderstandings.

35. Dream of being shot at but not hit

In your dream, if you see the shot has not hit you, take it as a good omen. It means you have been saved from some misfortune in your real life. It gives you the power that you’re capable of escaping threats in your real life too.

On the other hand, if you see someone else being hit, it’s a good sign for you at least. You can feel the survivor’s guilt. While you and others might be going through a similar problem, you got only traumatized but the others suffered some ill fate. For instance, they were infected with some disease but you did not.

36. Dream of being robbed and shot

Dream of being robbed and shot is going to leave you devastated. The reason behind this is when you’re robbed; you’ll try to hand over everything you possess to the robber, to prevent a shooting. If you’re still shot at, you feel defeated.

This can be linked to your present life situation too. You can be involved with somebody who is totally unreasonable. No matter how much you do to please them in order to save your relationship, nothing is ever going to work. Learn to stand up for yourself.

37. Dream of being shot in the leg

This dream has a totally different meaning than the rest. When you’re shot at the leg in your dream, it means you are selfless and overconfident. People take advantage of you time and again to fulfill their needs. Your kind nature is never valued but you don’t mind working for others.

You are very quick to analyze things and people. You talk a lot. And you are also successful professionally. It also expresses you are independent and focused. You are excellent at tricking your opponents.

38. Dreams of being shot in the cheek

When you’re shot in the cheek, it indicates you want guidance from a higher power or authority. You might be feeling tense and nervous. It expresses that you’re carrying too many emotional and physical burdens in your real life. Plus, it is giving you a sign to make changes in your life.

It also shows that even in the toughest times, you’re heading in the correct direction. You can express your emotions in a positive way. To remain focused, follow a healthy diet.

39. Dream of hearing gunfire

If you hear gunfire in your dream, then it’s time for you to get cautious. You are about to hear some absolutely unpredictable things happening in your near future. This news will blast your head as gunfire.

It is not necessary that the news will be good. It can be something that can cause depression too. Whatever it is, you have to be mentally prepared for situations you didn’t expect to arrive at this stage of your life.

Spiritual Meaning of being Shot in a dream

Spiritual meaning can alternately be called religious or devotional meanings. When you’re being shot in a dream, it can hold multiple references.

For instance, it can mean that you’re struggling for your survival. You might be going through some tough times emotionally. It can relate to a lot of stress and conflicts in your real life.

You can also have such dreams if you feel victimized to someone or something. Not necessarily, such dreams have a negative meaning. When you’re dying of a shot in the dream, it represents a positive meaning that your painful days are about to end.

Biblical meaning of being shot in a dream

The biblical meaning of being shot in a dream indicates that something is destroyed, paused or ceased to exist. It shows that your current life is going to undergo a drastic change. This change can or cannot be decided by you.

It can be done by someone else who is close to you and you have to deal with the modification. These changes can be against your will too.

It refers to the destruction of your fears and believing in yourself. Boosting your self-confidence is the only way to overcome any challenges. Keeping your mind alert will prevent you from some unwanted situations.

Questions to Ask Yourself to interpret “getting shot at” dreams correctly

Dreams are wonderful but to see yourself ‘getting shot at’ in the dreams can probably rob your sleep for days. You might be curious to know what it actually means and if it has something to do with your real life.

Well, if you’re looking for that, we have decoded it for you. There are certain questions that you need to answer yourself, including:

  • Where were you shot?
  • Is the face of the person shooting you familiar?
  • Where were you when you got shot?
  • How many times did you get shot?
  • Did you die after the shot or you survived?
  • What impact did this dream leave on your real life?

Over to you…

Dreams about getting shot can have different meanings. Take it as a warning or a life-changing decision. It gives you all the signals about someone who is doing wrong with you or something wrong that has to happen with you. Therefore, such dreams are directly linked with the problems you face in your real life.

It not only indicates physical danger, but it signals you of emotional violations too. While you can be safe physically while dreaming, the mind is still going through traumas. If you know your problem, fix them first to get rid of such terrific dreams.

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