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Dream of Flood – 60 Types and Illustrations

Dream of Flood – 60 Types and Illustrations

Updated on Jan 17, 2023 | Published on May 10, 2021

Reviewed by Katina Tarver, MA (Mental Health and Wellness Counseling) , Life Coach

Dream of Flood - 60 Common Dream Scenarios & their Symbolic Meanings

Sometimes you may wake up from a bizarre dream that leaves you wondering why did you see such a nightmare after all? Was your subconscious mind trying to tell you something scary and dreadful? One such is the dream of flood that can scare you, confuse you in many different ways.

When you see plenty of water all around you, you may feel overwhelmed and sad. Usually it indicates a negative energy surrounding you in waking life.

You are stuck and confined in obstacles and difficulties and these external forces are slowly swallowing your happiness and inner peace. Maybe a kind of reminder that trying times will soon be there.

Read on to know more about such a common dream theme that can make anyone feel overpowered.

Dream of Flood - 60 Common Dream Scenarios & their Symbolic Meanings
Dream of Flood – 60 Common Dream Scenarios & their Symbolic Meanings

Flood Dream Meaning – General Interpretations

Dream of flood symbolizes emotions that can either be good or bad. It signifies a radical life change, a paradigm shift in your usual way of thinking and behaving. Being a symbol of devastation, flood implies losses and situations going out of control. It also means worry, anxiety, apprehensions and feeling of being taken over by bad things in life.

Generally, floods are natural calamities that are destructive and ruinous in nature. It is caused when the winter snow melts or due to excessive rainfall occurring for days and weeks. Thus, floods mean overflowing water all around towns and cities.

Symbolically, a flood is a nature’s fury that happens due to water level going much higher than normal. So it is a symbol of chaos, struggles, obstruction, devastation, and fatality as well.

When you dream of floods, it is usually considered as a bad omen. It means the overwhelming and uncontrolled emotional surge of the dreamer.

Since, it was repressed for a long time, now it’s spilling over without a control. The dreamer is engulfed, overloaded, and submerged in negative thoughts and feelings beyond a check. 

Dreams about flood means that you will face many odds in your waking life that will overpower you slowly. As known, water symbolizes ‘affect’ meaning emotions.

The correct decoding of this type of dreams depends upon the details of the dream and your emotional responses towards it.

The dream of flood symbolizes a challenging situation, a crisis that is difficult to overcome and impossible to heal. Flood dreams are usually disturbing and leave a negative impact on you. You may feel drowned or submerged in grief and despair.

The uncontrolled situations of your waking life may create havoc, causing concern that needs immediate attention; otherwise you may feel like being washed away in pain and suffering. 

In dreams, flood symbolizes the following:

1. Overwhelming emotions

Flood in dreams are symbols of overflowing emotions and negative feelings that makes you feel trapped and confined. The negative feelings building up slowly over time may overwhelm and get out of hand. The dream symbol shows the unrestrained emotions that are difficult to be kept in one place. 

It also means suppressed feelings that you are ignoring, avoiding, or hiding from yourself or from others. Dreams about flood means an emotional outburst, grief, and suffering that may submerge you in hopelessness and you may lose your true purpose in life.

Such a dream signifies entrapment in pain that is beyond recovery and healing. The negative energy surrounding you feels like a deluge that can lead to failure, anxiety, jealousy, and resentments. You may feel devastated and helpless.

2. Start of a fresh beginning

Though flood in dreams holds a negative meaning, yet it symbolizes a fresh beginning in life. Maybe, after such a trying time, you will gain enough strength to overcome the issues of your waking life and start things in an absolutely new way.

The dream reminds you that there is always a second chance to look for. You should stop feeling helpless and work hard to achieve goals, despite hardships. The dreams about floods are a warning sign for you to take a call and solve the problems at the right time, before things go out of control.

After every deluge comes a time of new beginning. Tough times of life are not everlasting and you will soon start a new phase of your life.

3. Fear and anxieties

The flood in dreams is a bad sign of negativity and suffering. After such a nightmare, you will feel stressed out and anxious of how to take things in your stride.

Flood symbolizes fear of the unknown, uncertainty, insecurity about the various negative influences of waking life. Dreams about flood indicate drowning, getting submerged in fear and despair.

4. Upcoming disaster in life

Dreams about floods are symbols of impending danger that can come into your life at any moment. It indicates problems and hurdles related to work, family life, love, and relationships, etc. The situation will cause a lot of fear as you may feel trapped in agony and difficulties. 

The situation of your waking life may pose a serious threat to your mental well-being. The dream represents excess of something that feels painful and worse. You may feel heavy and do not know how to stand tall amidst such a tough time.

5. Losing your wise mind

Flood in dreams symbolizes being carried away or swayed by emotions. As the floodwater causes devastation and carries away everything that comes in its way; this dream means being overtaken by your own emotions.

You may be thinking more with your emotional mind rather than your wise mind that also incorporates your rational mind. In other words, the decisions you make throughout the day are based more on your emotions than your reasoning.

As such negative emotions may overpower you and make your days difficult or impossible.

6. Immense loss

Dreams about flood represented a big irrecoverable loss in waking life. Just as the flood water wipes everything clean and clear; the dream means that possibly you will lose something very important in your waking life.

Symbolically such a scary dream means loss of job or career, loss in business, failure in relationships, losing a game of life that was of utmost importance to you.

Whatever you have created will go down and you may lose it forever. The dream tells you to trust your abilities and try to rebuild your life and change it for the better.

Dream of Flood – 60 Scenarios & its Meanings

Most of the dreams about flood carry a negative meaning; so you should not avoid it, rather listen to the warnings and act accordingly. In this section we will discuss the most common dreams of flood and how you can relate it to your real life.

1. Dream of house flooding

When you dream of a house full of flooded water, it symbolizes your concern about your family life. Maybe, you are feeling confined and stuck in your relationships with family members. The overflowing water symbolizes your deep-seated emotions that are overwhelming and you are feeling helpless and powerless.

You are overburdened with family issues that are hard to resolve and you fear being carried away by it. Your emotions are not contained in one place; rather influencing each and every aspect of your waking life.

A house in dream is a closed space of comfort and wellness; so seeing it getting flooded means lack of emotional wellness in a private space that is all yours. The dream also means that there are evil forces around you who may invade your personal space of comfort and can make you feel powerless.

2. Dream about flooding water

If you dream about flooding water only without anything specific related to it, then this dream symbolizes feeling restless, helpless, and out of control.

The various situations of your waking life makes you an insecure and vulnerable being. You have become weak and have lost your inner strength. Several negative emotions have overpowered you, leading to devastation in family life and career pursuits.

In dreams, flooding water is a symbol of inner turbulence and lack of inner peace. Your mind is agitated and your heart is paining in grief and suffering. You are standing on a threshold for more and more of something bad coming to you soon.

3. Dream of flood outside house

Dream of flood water outside the house means negative changes are occurring around you in your waking life. The changes are threatening, violent, aggressive and scary and you are clueless of how to handle them peacefully.

Such a dream means unhappiness and pessimism as well. A dream of flood outside the house indicates the problems of waking life that will knock your door unexpectedly. 

It signifies exaggeration of feelings and your powerless attitude. Your level of anxiety is quite high as you do not know how to cope with the outside circumstances that is harming your inner peace.

4. Dreaming of dirty water flooding

Dirty flood water in your dream means negative changes coming ahead in your waking life. Such a dream symbolizes certain strange things happening around you that is causing an emotional surge of negative emotions.

You may be fearful of what is lying ahead of you. The dream means uncomfortable and filthy life situations that can put you in deep agony and suffering.

Dirty water in dreams is symbolic of uncertainty, anxiety, grief, resentments, frustrations, and disappointments. It is not a good sign as you will be put to a lot of worries in real-life.

5. Dreaming of flood water in a room

A room is a private space to rest and unwind. This space symbolizes a space of relaxation, poise, and comfort.

When you dream of flood water getting inside a room, it indicates turbulence in your private space. The dream represents unknown problems in waking life that are making you feel restless and overwhelmed. You are feeling gloomy and helpless.

The dream symbolizes health problems, financial troubles, and bad luck. It indicates deteriorating physical health that you are unable to manage in real-life.

6. Dream about escaping a flood

If you dream of escaping a flood, it means a good sign. The dream is suggesting a move away from emotional problems of waking life.

It tells you to ignore, avoid, and let go of past hurts and trauma; to heal those wounds by forgetting and forgiving those people who had harmed you, sin against you.

You have the power to rise above the negative emotional surge and revive your lost power. This dream also represents starting a new phase of life by leaving aside past issues. It means freedom from daily struggles and escaping danger in reality.

7. Dream about end of the world flood

When you dream about a flood that can end the world can be scary and dreadful. But sometimes such a dream symbolizes positive growth towards fresh beginning, renewal, and transformation. The dream represents that the broken part of ‘you’ is no more.

You have risen above adversities and stopped being helpless and vulnerable. It represents that you have renewed your old vigor and inner strength to stand tall again. The lost hope is back and you have something refreshing to look forward to.

The dream is a good sin that you have overcome the grief and the negative life events do bother you much in reality. The end of the world flood also means optimism and power. It means the life struggles have taken a backseat and you have embarked on a journey of growth and revival.

8. Dream of clear flood water

When you dream of flood water that is clear, it means a positive dream. The dream represents understanding your emotional surge with clarity and awareness.

You know why you are feeling in such a way. The flood water represents your worries but it also reminds you of your coping skills. Probably, you know your tears and smiles better than anybody else.

The dream symbolizes your inner power to stop feeling helpless; as such you will resolve the issues going forward.

9. Dream of flood covering towns and cities

When you dream of flood water getting inside towns and cities, it represents your momentary restlessness and feeling out of control. It symbolizes a difficult situation or serious issue that is disturbing and painful; yet you know that you can handle it.

10. Dream of flood water dangerously rising

If you dream of flood water continuously rising and crossing the danger mark, it means misfortune in waking life. The dream symbolizes encountering many problems that are swallowing you mentally and emotionally. 

It foretells illness, loss of job, losing relationships and many more grave situations that can cause only fear and stress. Flood water rising above also means your negative emotions are engulfing you; leaving you exhausted and tired.

11.  Dreams of being saved from the flood

If you dream of being saved from a flood situation, it means you have successfully overcome a big problem in your waking life. The dream represents your right choice and efforts that helped you realize your goals.

It represents the right decision made at the right time to save oneself from an impending danger in real life.

12. Dream of an impressive flood

Your experience of the flood also influences the interpretation of the same. If the flood was not that catastrophic and was not carrying much debris and destruction, then it symbolizes that you are ready to make a new beginning after the aftermath.

Contrary to this, if the flood is quite rough and destruction all around is immense, then it means a lot of troubles in waking life that you are trying to overcome.

An impressive flood means an empty and calm scenery after the flood. It means you are ready to take up new challenges; to reconstruct your life and remove the damage as much as possible.

13. Seeing flood water all over the place

When you dream of being surrounded by flood water that is destructive, it’s a representation of your suppressed emotions; that is overwhelming and is taking away your peace of mind. You have become a captive to your emotions and frequently experiencing anger, anxiety, and resentments in waking life.

These emotions are destructive and you are feeling overtaken by it. Seeing water all around you means overflow of emotional responses; something that is unrestricted and cannot be contained in real-life. You are still carrying the residues of past pains and feeling lost about it.

14. Dream of flood in land

When you dream of flooded roads or a landscape with overflowing water, it symbolizes an aftermath of a catastrophe. The dream represents trying times ahead of you. You are feeling devastated for all the new changes that you will have to adjust with. 

This dream tells you to stand tall amidst adversities and fight back with courage. You should never lose heart and keep trying to move through bad times. The dream also means that you have the ability to tackle the hurdles. It symbolizes hope and assurance.

15. Dream of being carried away by flood

This dream means that you are being carried away by your negative emotions. You have lost your rationality and all the decisions that you are taking in your waking life are based on emotions. Your wise mind is overtaken by tension and negativity.

The dream represents intense emotions that are haunting you day and night. It is a warning sign for you to take time out of your busy schedule and plan for self-care and relaxation. You are reminded to calm down your emotions as much as possible.

16. Dream of drowning in flood water

If you dream about drowning in flood, it symbolizes getting submerged in pain and suffering. Maybe, you are sick in waking life and are feeling mentally exhausted and ill.

To drown in a flood can make you feel restless, agitated, and suffer from uncontrolled outbursts of negative emotions. You are in trouble and it’s getting relayed in the subconscious mind.

17. Dream of flood with heavy rainfall

When you dream of floods and heavy rains going on together, it means a positive sign. The dream means you are trying to survive the hard times. The rainfall signifies your effort to fight adversities and come out of it.

It means washing away your troubles and removing them from your life forever. The dream reminds you to pay attention to your intuitions and be hopeful for a better change in future.

18. Dream of flood with submerged houses

The dream symbolizes the aftermath of the flood. It means peace all around. You are at peace with yourself because you have learned to accept the emotional changes taking place within you. The dream symbol indicates calm feelings and better control of your emotions. Dreaming about your house being flooded and floating on water represents anxiety and lack of emotional control.

19. Dream of flood with floating debris

Floating debris means rumor spreading about you like an uncontrolled fire. If people are talking about you in waking life, it means feeling frustrated and tense about the situation.

Large amounts of debris also reminds you to let people know more about you. You are to change the way you think and feel about the situations in real-life. Your perspectives matter the most in such cases.

20. Dream of flood in schools

When you dream of flooding in school, it means problems in your social life. The dream symbolizes change in social relationships and connections. It means you are not that popular amongst friends and family.

People do not like you as they should. Such a dream also represents overflowing emotions such as grief and disappointment in public life. You may feel worried about lack of social acceptance and recognition in waking life.

21. Dream of a broken bridge due to flood

A bridge symbolizes hope and fresh beginnings. It means an aid or rescue in turbulent times. When you dream of a broken bridge, it indicates your failure and fall in real-life. It means wrong schedule, inadequate planning leading to failure.

The dream represents negative life scenarios that held you a captive and restricted you to move forward.

22. Dream of flood by Tsunami

If you dream about floods that are caused by a tsunami, it means extreme devastation and loss. The dream represents turbulent life forces around you. You may suffer from restlessness, anxiety, and bad luck in the coming days.

Tsunami is a very powerful natural phenomenon. It represents a damage and catastrophe beyond control. In dreams, a flood of this intensity means big and unwanted changes that may either bring good luck or loom you down to extreme hopelessness.

23. Dream of swimming in the flood

When you see yourself adding and trying to swim in flood water, it means you are trying to survive the hardships and move ahead in real-life. It means that you are facing difficult situations with a lot of courage and hope.

A dream symbol of this type usually means endurance, perseverance to keep trying until done. If you’re successfully swimming in flood water, it means you are following the right path towards success.

24. Dream of dying in flood

In dream symbolism, dying in flood water means rebirth and renewal. It means that you have survived the hard times and now you have a new beginning.

Here, death symbolizes the end of something bad and starting a new phase of life that is full of fresh opportunities and positive changes. Usually this dream is a good sign of hope and a fresh start towards something great.

25. Dream of flooding cars

If you dream of flooding a car, it means you are submerged in troubles. Maybe, you are trying to escape or ignore reality, but slowly getting trapped in more troubles and hardships. The flooded car symbolizes ‘you’; confined in problems with no rescue around. 

Such a dream is a bad sign resembling pessimism and anxiety. It represents your fear and insecurity to confront the issues. On the flip side, if you see the car being washed away by the flood waters, it means you are mentally tired; as if swept away by negativity and hopelessness.

26. Dream of dying with partner in flood

When you dream that you are dying in flood water and your partner is with you, it means certain dramatic changes are coming up in your relationship. It could mean a marriage, pregnancy, or childbirth.

Negatively, it means separation, breakup, and even divorce. This dream symbolizes change and transition for either good or bad in waking life.

27. Dream of walking in flood waters

When you see such a dream, it represents calmness and inner peace. It means you are capable of remaining tranquil and composed during turbulence and an emotional upsurge. You can stay cool and peaceful and prefer to focus on finding solutions to your problems; rather getting swayed by emotions.

The dream symbolizes clarity, and less confusion in trying times. The dream symbolizes your ability to fight odds peacefully.

28. Dream of flood and riding on a boat

If you dream of flood but see yourself in a boat, it means that you can easily overcome the crisis you are in. you can get through the trouble without much hassle.

A boat symbolizes safety and protection. You are protected from emotional upheavals. It gives you courage and resilience to fight back at the right time and in the right way.

29. Dream of escaping flood in a bicycle

Dreaming of escaping the flood situation in a bicycle means that you are slowly trying to overcome the real-life issues that were bothering you for a long time. The dream represents a slow and steady progress towards safety and goal accomplishment. 

A cycle represents a safety tool but it is fragile. So the dream reminds you to stay safe and note each and every minute things of your waking life before deciding on something.

30. Dream of escaping flood in a car

When you dream of escaping a flood by using a car, it means you are willing to change in waking life. The Dream represents that you are confident to rise above hardships and accept reality as it is. The dream symbol means hope, new beginning, change, and emotional mastery.

31. Dream of watching the flood

If you are dreaming about observing the flood, it means you are a keen observer and an insightful person in your waking life. The actual dream meaning depends on from where you observe the flood. 

If you see the flood from an elevated point, it means you are just a bystander for the looming troubles around you. You cannot help yourself and thereby feel helpless.

If you watch the flood water being on the streets, it means you are in big trouble that can be eliminated, only if you wish to help yourself. You can get rid of the trouble only by facing it.

32. Dream of helping someone else from the flood

This dream symbolizes real-life incidents of helping others in need. Your subconscious mind is just reminding you to open your arms, be kind, and help people move through hardships of their life smoothly.

The dream tells you not to pretend help; but to offer it selflessly, otherwise you may regret someday for being unkind.

33. Dream of jumping into the flood water

When you see yourself jumping into flood water, it means you are brave and motivated to face the odd battles of your life. You will be able to move through adversities with a positive feeling. It means optimism, courage, and endurance to sustain hardships with a smile on your face.

34. Dreaming about a river flood with breaking of a river embankment

Water in a dream symbolizes overflowing emotions such as grief, fear, anger, etc. The negative emotions have broken you from within. It made you restless and impatient. You are disappointed that you lack the courage to help yourself. 

When you dream about a river flooding, it is a good sign. The dream symbolizes the flow of life and tells you to change and adapt yourself with changing circumstances. A river flood is a symbol of fresh beginnings as well after the destruction is over. 

35. Dream of immersed shoes in flood

If you dream of shoes getting immersed and soaked in flood water, it means loss of social status and recognition. It means loss of good relations with friends and family, fights with friends, or disagreements with colleagues.

It also symbolizes loss of credibility because the mistakes you did were irreversible and that led to loss of social status. As the washed shoes can get dried up; likewise you can even mend the broken bonds and win back your social status if you work hard to build up authentic connections in your social life.

36. Dream of flood and panic all around

When you dream a lot of hue and cry, panic, and hurry during flood, it symbolizes your helpless ‘self’. You are feeling shaken and broken from inside. There is no more strength left to fight back the odds.

If the problems of waking life are hard to endure, you may feel anxious and depressed. Your inner panic is showing up in the dream theme.

37. Dream of a flood threatening you

This type of dream symbolizes a bad omen. It means emotional suffering and pain in waking life. Your inner peace and emotional health is getting overwhelmed due to a lot of negative things happening around you.

Flood in dreams is itself scary because it means danger, evil force, destruction, and devastation.

38. Dream of a possible flood

Sometimes it may happen that you have heard of a possible flood over media reports and your subconscious is relaying the same thing while you sleep. In such a case the dream means health problems, impending dangers, and troubles and difficulties coming to you in future.

On a positive note, if a business person sees such a dream, it means success and financial growth.

39. Dream of flood blocking your path

When you dream of flood blocking your way while walking or driving a car, it means that you will suffer a lot of emotional issues in waking life. It will restrict your future progress. You may feel inhibited and trapped in negativity and despair. Your feelings are going out of control and it is stopping you from reaching your goals.

40. Dream of flood with storms

If you dream of flooding with a tropical storm or hurricane, it means that you will face big problems in your waking life but will be able to calm it down successfully. Things will settle down slowly and you will feel happy about it. Storms and floods together symbolize turbulence, instability, and unrest in your real-life.

41. Dream of flood warnings

This dream symbolizes a new beginning and foretells something new coming your way very soon. If you see people are getting evacuated due to flood warnings, it symbolizes caution. You need to be prepared for a future disaster. 

If you see flood in dreams destroying everything at night, it means hidden emotions and suppressed wishes of your waking life. Seeing a torch light during flood, hearing sirens are all symbols of impending danger coming ahead.

42. Dream of a flash flood

A flash flood in dreams means a sudden emotional surge that can cause danger. People should be careful of your sudden outbursts. This dream represents poor emotional mastery. You are impulsive and angry prone.

43. Dream of flooding water up to the knees

Flood water up to your knees means you have problems in waking life that are hindering or restricting your progress. The problems are usually minor and will not cause a big harm. This dream symbolizes caution and tells you to be aware of the problems and nip it in the bud.

44. Dream of flood approaching fast

If you see a lot of water approaching fast towards you, it means some drastic changes coming soon in reality.

The changes will bring overwhelming emotional responses that might overpower you and you may not deal with it easily. The failure can bring struggles and hurdles, too much to be handled.

45. Dream of flood carrying people

The dream symbolizes that someone you know might be in danger. He/she is not doing fine emotionally. The person is suffering and you wish to help him/her. You know that the person is in a different situation and is fighting an odd battle. It represents restriction and opposition in waking life.

46. Dream of saving an animal during flood

Saving an animal during a flood means that you have enemies in waking life who are trying to harm you in different ways. But the good news is, you will defeat your enemy easily and will never allow them to be successful.

47. Dream about a raging flood

A raging flood is extremely powerful accompanied with strong winds and continuous rainfall. It’s nature’s wrath that can destroy everything on its way.

So, it’s obvious that when you see a raging flood, it means your repressed emotions that you wish to refuse and avoid in real-life. This dream is a sign of worries from the past that you need to release in order to move ahead in life. 

48. Dream of flood and earthquake

If you dream of an earthquake and flood happening together, it means you are feeling unsafe and insecure. Your sense of protection is gone because some important aspect of your life is shaken and lost.

You have suffered a big damage and are feeling threatened in waking life. You are in a dread of how to come out of the turmoil situation.

49. Dream of flooded bathroom

This dream denotes a significant problem that hampered personal relationships. Something too bad has flooded your private life with unwanted tension and anxiety. Your intimate love life is under threat. You might feel helpless and grief stricken as you do not know how to feel protected and safe.

50. Dream of flooded house basement

The dream symbolizes unresolved issues of your waking life that need to be addressed soon otherwise it will engulf you in sadness and despair. Your ego is blocked and your mind is clouded with negative thoughts.

Maybe, you do not know how to deal with such problems. You may harbor a lot of negative emotions and can impact each and every aspect of your waking life.

51. Seeing flood in dreams during pregnancy

When you are pregnant, and dream of floods it is a bad omen. Perhaps you are too emotional about your child’s birth.

You are finding the process overwhelming and start to feel insecure and fearful. There is a fear of taking the responsibility of the new changes and as such it is getting manifested in dreams. 

52. Dream of flooded kitchen

This dream means that your willingness to nurture, help, support, and nourish other people will backfire.

You may be pushed back emotionally and others will never support your helpful endeavors. The dream forewarns not to do much for others and be cautious of your move in each and every step.

53. Dream of a flooded church

When you dream of a flooded church, it means that your faith is under threat. You are feeling insecure and vulnerable in your waking life; unsure of whether things you are doing are actually right or wrong.

There is apprehension and insecurity in your beliefs and attitudes about certain things in life.

54. Dream of a flooded cemetery

This dream forewarns that your values, morals, and ethical principles are under threat and attack. Others might consider you too rigid and inflexible and may trample your conservative outlook. You may feel emotional about how others think of you in reality.

55. Dream of a flooded elevator

When you dream of a flooded elevator, it means you are feeling wet and swamped from within. Your crying heart is seeking help and support but unable to get so. In such a situation, you may feel overwhelmed and restless.

For example: sudden demotion from a job, pay cuts, loss of social recognition etc. 

56. Dream of flood causing a massive wreckage

When you dream of a flood carrying a wreckage or disaster all around, it means you are suffering a lot in your waking life.

People are spreading false rumors against you and damaging your reputation. The problems of waking life are big and not easy to handle. You are feeling threatened and your emotional well-being is completely lost.

57. Dream of flood water from the ocean

Dreaming of water that comes from the ocean and causes a flood signifies an emotional surge beyond control. It denotes an inner turbulence that is harsh and hard to subside.

Ocean water is powerful; thus seeing it in dreams means that you are under immense mental pressure and nothing can help you at this moment. You are submerged in negativity and grief.

58. Dream of flooded swimming pool

This dream about flood is a good sign for self-growth. It indicates that you have the power to change yourself and become a better person. If the water in the pool is muddy and dirty, the dream symbolizes feeling overwhelmed about your failure and success may not come soon.

59. Dream of a spring flood

When you dream about a spring flood, it is a sign of good luck and fortune. It signifies favorable life changes that can improve your life in many ways. You will achieve success in career, business, relationships and many more personal endeavors in your waking life.

60. Dream of flooded streets and electrical wires

This dream symbol is a warning sign for you. It means a major disaster in your waking life that is hard to overcome. The dream represents distress, pain, and suffering. You may find yourself in a pool of tears and cries; with no immediate rescue seen around.

The dream also denotes your helpless and pessimistic ‘self’ as if you have given up on solving the issue before giving it a must-try.

Biblical meaning of flooding water in your dreams

In the Bible, flood in dreams mean big troubles coming into your life. It means the satanic forces that can harm you with full strength. The dream symbolizes pessimism, attack, threat, danger along with inner turbulence and negativity.

The flood in dream simply means attack by enemies in waking life. Hopefully you all have heard about the great deluge in the Bible scriptures that was all about destruction. In the Bible story of Genesis, when man forbid God’s will, the great deluge struck the Earth as God wished to destroy creation and reconstruct it again. 

Thus, he instructed Noah, the noble man to build an arc and save his family and every species of other animals from the deluge. From this mythological story, dreams about flood are always about destruction, demolition, and danger; thereby creating a new world devoid of fallacy and evil.

According to the Bible, flooding is a symbol of great change that can cleanse old habits and beliefs and give way to new and fresh ones.

Biblically, floods symbolize anxiety, agony, trauma, unsettled emotions, and sufferings that mankind has to go through to wash away his sins. The dreams also mean renewal, rebirth, and transformation.

Spiritual meaning of dreams about flood

Spiritually, flooding in dreams signifies positive changes in life. The dream tells you to revive your lost ‘self’ and find a new ‘you’; who is bold and courageous to face all odds in life. The dreams also symbolize mercy of the almighty who will purify your soul and transcend it towards awakening.

Dreaming about floods means to have faith upon your morals and ethical judgements. The dream tells you to let go of Earthly temptations and live life with honesty and faith. 

Spiritually, the dream reminds you to forgive others who sin against you; then only you will be blessed with inner peace and your soul would feel abundant and happy.

Negatively, flood dreams also mean that something very important might be taken away from you; if you do not inhabit a pure and righteous living. It tells you about pure living devoid of sin and maliciousness.

The dream is a Lord’s message to be grateful for everything you have in your waking life. Be thankful for all the lovely things and never repent for those that are not there. Then only your spiritual path and its journey will be bestowed with heavenly blessings and grace.

Psychological meaning of dream of flood

When you dream of flood, it means overflowing emotions and feeling of being overpowered by negative thoughts and feelings. It represents agony, suffering, grief, and trauma as well. The unresolved issues, hidden desires just show up in dreams. 

Flood in dreams also means your perceptions, lack of clarity, and clouding of thoughts. You are unable to see the real picture of an issue and thus feeling overwhelmed.

The dream reminds you of your inner strength to resolve the repressed insecurities of waking life; to have faith in your abilities to rise above hurdles and deal with trying times easily.

You may not always have good life experiences but you should always make the best use of whatever opportunity you get; then only you can create a life of your choice; full of joy and serenity.

Islamic meaning of dreams about flood

According to Islam, when one sees a flood in dream, it means enemies all around you. An indispensable harm, destruction, sickness, and even death can strike you at any moment. 

It also signifies lies and deceit, hypocrisy and bad past deeds that can bring bad luck in your present life. Such a dream is a bad omen in Islam, signifying roadblocks and obstacles all around you.

The dreams represent destruction and wrath of the Almighty; signifying emotional upheavals, fear, disappointments, and resentments in waking life.

Flood dream meaning in Hinduism

In Hinduism, floods are dream symbols of destruction, danger, and catastrophe that can cause irrecoverable harm to the dreamer. It represents the presence of harmful and toxic forces in your life that can bring emotional pain and suffering along with bad luck and failure. 

Such dream symbolism represents God’s action to balance out the evil forces in the Universe. When everything in this world goes out of order, natural calamities happen to remind us of our bad deeds.

Thus, floods mean impure living, negative life forces surrounding you in waking life. The dream reminds you to let go of past resentments and embark upon pure living.

You are to follow intuition, wisdom, and righteous living to deal with issues of waking life. Then only, you can live a happy and peaceful life.

What does flooding mean in a dream? (The good and the ugly)

Whenever you dream of flood, it carries both positive and negative meanings. The good side of such dreams are:

  • Fresh beginning
  • Renewal and rebirth
  • Clarity and awareness of self
  • Emotional awareness
  • Personal growth
  • To rise above adversities
  • Courage and inner strength

The downside of flood dreams are:

  • Fear
  • Hopelessness
  • Frequent emotional outbursts
  • Intolerance
  • Depression
  • Mental trauma
  • Difficulty in accomplishing life goals
  • Agonies beyond recovery
  • Mental restlessness
  • Anger and agitation

Questions to ask yourself when you dream about floods

The actual dream interpretation of flood in dreams depends upon the dream details, the actual context and your emotions associated with the theme after waking up. You can ask yourself certain questions to gain clarity about the symbolic meaning of such dreams in your waking life.

  • How often do you dream of flood?
  • Do you think that the dream theme relates to your waking life?
  • Are you emotionally overwhelmed? Do you know the reasons for it?
  • Are you anticipating any kind of danger or threat in your waking life?
  • Do you see the same location of flood every time you dream about it?
  • Have you ever saved someone from a flood in dreams?
  • Describe your feelings after you wake up?
  • Are you comfortable to see such a nightmare or wish to stop it right away?

The video link given below shows the symbolic meaning of dream about flood.

Wrap Up

Dreams about flooding signify a major turning point in life that you were not expecting until it happened in reality. Though the change was hard to achieve but it helped you to rediscover yourself in a new way.

The powerful flow of water in the dream helped you to realize your emotional shortcomings and overcome them completely.

Now, you have learned to adjust and adapt yourself with new and uncertain situations. Rather, you have stopped feeling hopeless and always wish to live life with renewed energy and optimism. 

The dream was a guiding force to enlighten your heart with wisdom and positivity.

Till then, Over to you…

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