Dream of flood may leave you wondering why did you saw such a nightmare after all? Was your subconscious mind trying to tell you something scary and dreadful? 

When you see plenty of water all around you, you may feel overwhelmed and sad. Usually it indicates a negative energy surrounding you in waking life. 

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Dream of Flood - 60 Common Dream Scenarios & their Symbolic Meanings
Dream of Flood – Common Dream Scenarios & their Symbolic Meanings

What Does It Mean to Dream about Flood?

Dream of flood signifies a radical life change. It is a symbol of devastation and flood implies losses and situations going out of control.

When you dream of floods, it is usually considered as a bad omen. It means the overwhelming and uncontrolled emotional surge of the dreamer. The dreamer is engulfed, overloaded, and submerged in negative thoughts and feelings beyond a check. 

The dream of flood symbolizes a challenging situation, a crisis that is difficult to overcome and impossible to heal. 

In dreams, flood symbolizes the following:

  • Overwhelming emotions – Flood in dreams are symbols of overflowing emotions and negative feelings.
  • Start of a fresh beginning – It symbolizes a fresh beginning in life.
  • Fear and anxieties – Flood symbolizes fear of the unknown, uncertainty, insecurity.
  • Upcoming disaster in life – Dreams about flood are symbols of hurdles related to work, family life, love and relationships etc. 
  • Losing your wise mind – It symbolizes being carried away or swayed by emotions.
  • Immense loss – It represented a big irrecoverable loss in waking life. 

Spiritual Meaning of Dreams about Flood

Spiritually, flooding in dreams signifies positive changes in life. The dream tells you to revive your lost ‘self’ and find a new ‘you’; who is bold and courageous to face all odds in life. 

Dreaming about floods means to have faith upon your morals and ethical judgements. This dream tells you to let go of Earthly temptations and live life with honesty and faith. 

Biblical Interpretation

These dreams mean big troubles coming into your life. It means the satanic forces that can harm you with full strength.

The dream symbolizes pessimism, attack, threat, danger along with inner turbulence and negativity. The flood in dream simply means attack by enemies in waking life. 

Different Scenarios of Dreaming about Flood 

Most dreams about flood carry a negative meaning; so you should not avoid it, rather listen to the warnings and act accordingly.

In this section we will discuss the most common dreams of flood and how you can relate it to your real life.

Dream of house flooding

This symbolizes your concern about your family life. Maybe, you are feeling confined and stuck in your relationships with family members. The overflowing water symbolizes your deep-seated emotions that are overwhelming and you are feeling helpless and powerless.

A house in a dream is a closed space of comfort and wellness; so seeing it getting flooded means lack of emotional wellness in a private space that is all yours. 

This also means that there are evil forces around you who may invade your personal space of comfort and can make you feel powerless.

Flood water outside house

Dream of flood water outside the house means negative changes are occurring around you in your waking life. The changes are threatening, violent, aggressive and scary and you are clueless of how to handle them peacefully. 

Such a dream means unhappiness and pessimism as well. A dream of flood outside the house indicates the problems of waking life that will knock your door unexpectedly. 

Dirty flood water or murky waters

This means negative changes coming ahead in your waking life. Such a dream symbolizes certain strange things happening around you that are causing an emotional surge of negative emotions.

You may be fearful of what is lying ahead of you. The dream means uncomfortable and filthy life situations that can put you in deep agony and suffering. 

Dream of flood water in a room

A room is a private space to rest and unwind. This space symbolizes a space of relaxation, poise, and comfort. When you dream of flood water getting inside a room, it indicates turbulence in your private space. 

The dream represents unknown problems in waking life that are making you feel restless and overwhelmed. 

Dream about Escaping a flood

The dream of escaping a flood means a good sign. The dream is suggesting a move away from emotional problems of waking life.

It tells you to ignore, avoid, and let go of past hurts and trauma; to heal those wounds by forgetting and forgiving those people who had harmed you, sin against you.

Dream of Clear flood water

It represents understanding your emotional surge with clarity and awareness. You know why you are feeling in such a way. 

The dream symbolizes your inner power to stop feeling helpless; as such you will resolve the issues going forward.

Flood covering towns and cities

The flood water gets inside towns and cities, it represents your momentary restlessness and feeling out of control. It symbolizes a difficult situation or serious issue that is disturbing and painful; yet you know that you can handle it.

Flood water dangerously rising

If you dream of flood water continuously rising and crossing the danger mark, it means misfortune in waking life. It symbolizes encountering many problems that are swallowing you mentally and emotionally. 

Flood covering land mass

Flooded roads or a landscape with overflowing water, symbolizes an aftermath of a catastrophe. It represents trying times ahead of you. You are feeling devastated for all the new changes that you will have to adjust with. 

Being carried away by flood

This means that you are being carried away by your negative emotions. You have lost your rationality and all the decisions that you are taking in your waking life are based on emotions.

Drowning in flood water

If you dream about drowning in flood, it symbolizes getting submerged in pain and suffering. Maybe, you are sick in waking life and are feeling mentally exhausted and ill. 

Flood with heavy rainfall

When floods and heavy rains go on together in a dream scene, it means a positive sign. The dream means you are trying to survive the hard times. The rainfall signifies your effort to fight adversities and come out of it. 

Flood in schools

This means problems in your social life. The dream symbolizes change in social relationships and connections. It means you are not that popular amongst friends and family.

A broken bridge due to flood

A bridge symbolizes hope and fresh beginnings. It means an aid or rescue in turbulent times. When you dream of a broken bridge, it indicates your failure and fall in real-life.

Dying in flood

It means rebirth and renewal. It means that you have survived the hard times and now you have a new beginning.

Here, death symbolizes the end of something bad and starting a new phase of life that is full of fresh opportunities and positive changes.

Dream of Flooding cars

Seeing cars flooding means you are submerged in troubles. Maybe, you are trying to escape or ignore reality, but slowly getting trapped in more troubles and hardships.

Jumping into the flood water

When you see yourself jumping into flood water, it means you are brave and motivated to face the odd battles of your life. You will be able to move through adversities with a positive feeling.

Flood in dreams during pregnancy

When you are pregnant, and dream of floods it is a bad omen. Perhaps you are too emotional about your child’s birth. You are finding the process overwhelming and start to feel insecure and fearful. 

Psychological Interpretation

When you dream of flood, it means overflowing emotions and feeling of being overpowered by negative thoughts and feelings. It represents agony, suffering, grief, and trauma as well. The unresolved issues, hidden desires just show up in dreams. 

It also means your perceptions, lack of clarity, and clouding of thoughts. You are unable to see the real picture of an issue and thus feeling overwhelmed. 

Summing Up From ‘ThePleasantDream’ 

Dreams about flooding signify a major turning point in life that you were not expecting until it happened in reality. Though the change was hard to achieve, it helped you to rediscover yourself in a new way.

The dream was a guiding force to enlighten your heart with wisdom and positivity.

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