A dream about leeches is not as scary but it’s not pleasant either. Such a dream can sometimes get disconcerting as the parasite is often associated with blood. 

These dreams bring the worst of messages from the universe – messages that you cannot afford to ignore. And messages that may ultimately cost your life if left unattended.

Dream About Leeches - Plots And Their Meanings
Dream About Leeches – Plots And Their Meanings

What Does It Mean To Dream About Leeches?

The creatures tend to show up in your dream if others are taking utmost advantage of you – ripping you off until you have nothing more to offer. Depending on your real-life happenings, they can also be a reflection of you mooching off others.

Generally, leeches in the dream world symbolize people, habits, problems, or emotions that are sucking the energy out of you.

They might have approached you as a well-wisher and you might have fallen for that first impression. 

Soul-sucking leeches left and right

More often than not, leeches show up in a dreamer’s sleep to warn him or her of the toxic people, habits, and matters that are draining his or her energy.

They will come to you disguised as well-wishers when all they intend is to rob everything they can from you. 

Someone or something dangerous you want to get away from

They are also symbolic of a person or a matter you want to get rid of. Possibly you are aware of the harm that person incurs of you.

However, the moment you try to detach yourself from him or her you realize that you cannot do so. 

Creditors who can suck you dry

If there’s one thing you should NEVER do after experiencing a leech dream, it is to borrow money.

Most likely, the dream shows that the creditor(s) will burden you with interest and compounding interest which will be impossible to repay. 

Problems and misfortunes

Despite working hard and giving your best, you could be feeling as if you are going deeper into the pit.

Instead of clearing your way, it might look like every effort from your end contributes to your downfall. 

Health Issues

They are also connected with the deterioration of health. 

Poor diet

They can also signify a poor diet plan. The dream advises you to take better care of yourself otherwise you may end up ruining your health. 

Various Dream about Leeches & Their Meanings

We have listed some of the most common scenarios experienced by dreamers around the world.

A dream about a leech in bed

The scenario hints at a need to revise your relationships with others, especially with those who influence how you talk, behave, spend time, who you hang out with, etc.

Leeches biting you

This scenario too shows that your surroundings drain you of energy and make you feel lifeless. 

It can also be interpreted as a warning dream. You will likely get involved in a problematic situation if you let your guards down. 

Leeches sucking your blood

Clearly, someone is taking you for granted. A person in your surrounding – family or friend always includes you in his or her problems.

Alternatively, it can also be a harbinger of unexpected trouble. 

Removing leeches

It highlights the necessity to eliminate toxic people and energies from your life.

Also, it implies that tens of people and problems are physically, mentally, and emotionally draining you. 

Regardless, the dream is a sign that you start paying attention to yourself and refrain from getting involved in exhaustive matters.

Killing leeches

It is a good sign and shows that you have got over your doubts and have mustered enough courage to go against those who have been influencing your life negatively. 

Contrarily, the scenario can be your subconscious encouraging you to take back the control others have taken from you.

Yet another interpretation of the dream is that you have finally managed to come out of a traumatic experience. 

Dead leeches

The scenario calls for a celebration because you have successfully uprooted and eliminated the negativities from your life. 

Alternatively, they stand for empty or false promises. Chances are, someone promised you the moon and the stars.

But in due time, you realize that their words, behavior, and actions are not in sync with what he or she promised, causing you to drift away from that person. 

Eating leeches

To begin with, the scene showed up because you have been neglecting your diet and food habits.

Chances are, you prioritize work while pushing diet and hygiene to the back seat. 

A leech infestation

It implies a lot of people are destroying your life by sucking you up, literally till the last drop. 

Leeches and frogs

It is a favorable sign. Based on the plot, you have clarity about your purpose and are well on your way to development. 

Though the universe favors you, your dream denotes that you must not let your guard down just because things seem to be working your way.

Leeches and worms crawling around

It portends conflicts with coworkers and partners on the professional front. 

Leeches swimming in a reservoir

According to the dream, you are having a hard time fighting off your temptation to do something. 

Leeches on Different Parts of Body

All over your body

The above scenario has several interpretations, many of which are unpleasant. 

  • Often, the scenario represents your friends, or the soul-sucking leeches in your life.
  • The dream can also be a wake-up call! For the most part of your life, you have put others before you. 
  • Sometimes, a dream vision implies you are not happy with your looks and outer appearance. 
  • From the monetary point of view, it denotes you are deep in debt. Chances are, loan sharks are sucking you dry by forcing interest upon interest on you.

Crawling under your skin

We have to say this is one of the most creepy dreams anyone can encounter! 

Someone around you is playing games with your mind.

Without being obvious, that person is trying to seek your attention or win your favor for something through wordplay and cunning tactics. 

On your face

It is a sign that you don’t have a clear perception of what’s going on around you! So, the dream advises you to move with caution.

Also, the dream is a reflection of what you have been through. 

Lastly, according to the dream, you are on your way to undo the mess you have created, but it won’t be anything easy. 

On hands

It signifies you have the power to do whatever you wish. Dreams of such nature can also happen when you are at a crossroads and need to make a critical decision on how to proceed. 

Sometimes, it can represent a person trying to get in your way, most probably someone you trust. 

Besides, if the creature bit you, someone around you would be jealous of your success. On the other hand, if it did not, it means you are on your path to progression. 

On legs

The plot says you have the tendency to close your eyes and adamantly deny an issue even when it is right in front of your eyes 

Different Types of Leeches

Big leeches

It points to material or financial losses. You should be wary of scammers and shady business transactions. 

Black leeches

To begin with, the appearance of black leeches in a dream shows the presence of pessimistic and negative-minded people in and around your life. 

Therefore, through the dream, your subconscious urges you to keep a distance from these people.

Seeing white leeches

The dream is associated with success. But to achieve that glory, you need to be patient with yourself and the world. 

Using leeches for medicinal purposes

In a broad sense, the dream is closely related to disease and ailments. 


Leeches have a negative connotation in the dream world and almost all scenarios associated with the parasite indicate negativity, with a few exceptions. 

However, negative or not, every dream has a purpose! And the objective of leech dreams is to warn you of the troubles you might have to face if you do not take immediate action.  

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