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A Dream About Leeches : 79 Plots & Their Meanings

A Dream About Leeches : 79 Plots & Their Meanings

Updated on Aug 25, 2022 | Published on Mar 05, 2022

Reviewed by Katina Tarver, MA (Mental Health and Wellness Counseling) , Life Coach

Dream about Leeches - 79 Plots And Their Meanings

Key Takeaways

  • A dream about leeches represents people feeding on your wealth, energy, and resources.
  • Some highlight the need to reevaluate your relationships because some people are possibly not who you think they are.
  • Such dreams also hint at underlying illnesses and diseases.
  • In some cases, you are the leech living off others.
  • Though not common, a few dreams about leeches symbolizes success and prosperity.

A dream of leeches is not as scary as seeing a dead person rising up from the coffin but it’s not pleasant either. Such a dream can sometimes get disconcerting as the parasite is often associated with blood. 

Summing up, leeches in dreams bring the worst of messages from the universe – messages that you cannot afford to ignore. And messages that may ultimately cost your life if left unattended.

Dream About Leeches - 79 Plots And Their Meanings
Dream About Leeches – 79 Plots And Their Meanings

What Does It Mean To Dream About Leeches?

Generally, a dream about leeches has a negative connotation. The creatures tend to show up in your dream if others are taking utmost advantage of you – ripping you off until you have nothing more to offer. Depending on your real-life happenings, the despicable soul-sucking leech can also be a reflection of you mooching off others.

Generally, leeches in the dream world symbolize people, habits, problems, or emotions that are sucking the energy out of you. They might have approached you as a well-wisher and you might have fallen for that first impression. 

However, as the dream shows, all they want is to take advantage of you and suck up all your resources till you run dry. 

If you can relate to the above circumstances in any way, take your dream as a warning and cautiously eliminate all the people or habits that are sabotaging your life. 

These creatures are almost always connected to negative vibes in the dream world. One thing you must keep in mind if you see such a dream is not to take out a loan in the near future.

As you know, a leech is a parasite that strives on blood sucked from humans and other creatures. 

If you get involved with creditors after you see the dream, there’s a possibility that they will find one way or the other to suck you off till you wither.

They’ll burden you with interest and compounding interest and you’ll find yourself getting buried in debt. 

The slimy creature is also linked with empty promises. And in some worse case scenarios, a deceitful action by someone you love deeply. 

Leeches in dreams also hint at an illness that might befall you or a close one.

In a nutshell, a leech in a dream is an unfavorable sign. But then, do not let that dampen your spirit because if you look at the whole picture from the bright side, the dream shows up because it wants you to escape the worst. 

So, as the dreamer, it is your responsibility to decode the unique meaning of your dream and proceed as necessary. After all, it’s for your benefit!

Leeches Dream Meaning: Symbolism

The different dream symbols of leeches are-

1. Soul-sucking leeches left and right

More often than not, leeches show up in a dreamer’s sleep to warn him or her of the toxic people, habits, and matters that are draining his or her energy.

Unfortunately, these soul-sucking elements will not show up with labels announcing their genuine intentions. But they will come to you disguised as well-wishers when all they intend is to rob everything they can from you. 

Therefore, if your intuition finds any of your friends or acquaintances suspicious, the dream urges you not to make the slightest of mistakes and to keep a close eye on that person’s actions. 

2. Someone or something dangerous you want to get away from

Leeches in a dream are also symbolic of a person or a matter you want to get rid of. Possibly you are aware of the harm that person incurs of you. However, the moment you try to detach yourself from him or her you realize that you cannot do so. 

Chances are, that particular person has been living on you for way too long, striving on your earnings and resources.

So, naturally, when he or she notices you working against him or her, that person quickly responds by spreading lies and unpleasant information about you. 

3. Creditors who can suck you dry

If there’s one thing you should NEVER do after experiencing a leech dream, it is to borrow money. As indicated in the dream, now is the worst time to seek financial help from others.

Of course, the money the creditor(s) lends you may help resolve your immediate problem. But in due time you’ll regret associating with them.

Most likely, the leech in your dream shows that the creditor(s) will burden you with interest and compounding interest until the total sum amounts to a mountain, an amount you believe is impossible to repay. 

4. Problems and misfortunes

You could be at one of the lowest points of your life if you see leeches in your dream. Despite working hard and giving your best, you could be feeling as if you are going deeper into the pit. 

Instead of clearing your way, it might look like every effort from your end contributes to your downfall. 

If you find this relatable, you need to accept that humans have very little control over fate and destiny. Unquestionably, you are going through pathetic times because it’s written in the stars. 

Additionally, you need to keep reminding yourself that nothing is permanent in life. Life is nothing but a wheel of fortune.

You could be at rock bottom today but tomorrow might be your turn to shine. Stay optimistic and spread positivity! Who knows your bright days may already be on their way!

5. Health Issues

Dreams about leeches are also connected with the deterioration of health. 

6. Poor diet

Leeches in dreams can also signify a poor diet plan. Have you lately paid no attention to your eating habits? 

Perhaps you randomly munch on foods without caring a dime about what they will do to your body. 

If that resonates, the dream advises you to take better care of yourself otherwise you may end up ruining your health. 

Dream about Leeches: 79 Plots And Their Meanings

We have listed some of the most common scenarios experienced by dreamers around the world.

Even if your dream is not on the list, make sure you read through the plots mentioned as they will give you valuable insight on how to approach your dream interpretation. 

1. A dream about a leech

In the dream world, a leech stands for something that is sucking the life and energy out of you. It can be a habit, job, lifestyle, or even a person that’s making your life a living hell. 

What’s worse is that whoever or whatever it is – lives on your vitality. To put it in simple words, if you leave it as it is, it will continue to suck off you. Then, while it grows and multiplies you will shrink and become lifeless. 

Think of the reason why the slimy creature appeared in your dream in the first place! Yes! The key message behind the dream is to find out the leeches in your life and to stop them from feeding on you. 

2. A dream of many leeches

Are you aware that quantity or numbers have a crucial role in the dream world? 

Most dreamers will mistake a dream of leeches for a very generic ‘leech dream’. But there is an enormous difference between a lone leech and a slither of leeches. 

In this context, the number of leeches present in the dream symbolizes the number of people waiting to mooch off you. 

Another thing to note is you would not be able to tell the difference between true friends and the leeches easily as the toxic creatures will not show their true colors in the beginning. 

So, you need to be patient, observant, and be on your guard constantly! And do not jump to conclusions and accuse people as you might end up hurting those who genuinely wish you well. 

3. Dreaming about a leech infestation

To dream of a leech infestation implies a lot of people are destroying your life by sucking you up, literally till the last drop. 

They can be merciless bosses, colleagues, or even a partner whose only objective is to take advantage of you.

4. Dreaming that you failed to get rid of leeches crawling around

The scenario is a harbinger of a series of problems or misfortunes that might befall you shortly. You will have a hard time coping with them and needless to say, they will drain you of your energy. 

Nevertheless, the dream indicates that you will successfully overcome each of the problems. 

5. A dream about a leech in bed

The scenario hints at a need to revise your relationships with others, especially with those who influence how you talk, behave, spend time, who you hang out with, etc.

As humans, we want our partners to look good, behave well and excel in life. This is natural and happens to many of us.

But if your gut feeling tells you that your partner is exercising his or her influence much more than what you deem proper, you must not let it go on!

Don’t let other people invade your life and existence. You must at all costs stand up for yourself. 

6. Dreaming about a bloody leech in bed

Based on the plot, you have gotten for yourself quite a dangerous partner. It’s only a matter of time before he or she shows his or her true colors and betrays you unmercifully. 

Whatever it takes, do not give in to your partner if he or she wants to have a joint bank account or anything similar. 

7. A dream about leeches and worms crawling around

Having a dream about leeches and worms crawling around portends conflicts with coworkers and partners on the professional front. 

8. Dreaming about leeches swimming in a reservoir

According to the dream, you are having a hard time fighting off your temptation to do something. 

9. Dreaming of a leech nibbling at you

Though leech in dreams generally denotes negativity, not every scenario featuring a leech portends bad news or message. 

Take this scenario, for example. Having a dream of a leech nibbling at you foresees a blissful period ahead.

You would soon find yourself engrossed in activities that excite you. If you are lucky, you may even get an opportunity to travel to a distant country.

10. Dreaming about leeches crawling under your skin

We have to say this is one of the most creepy dreams anyone can encounter! 

Someone around you is playing games with your mind. Without being obvious, that person is trying to seek your attention or win your favor for something through wordplay and cunning tactics. 

Literally, he or she is getting under your skin indirectly pushing you to submit to something you never wanted in the first place. 

For example, let’s assume you want a colleague to lend you his sports car on your birthday. That person might decline your request, especially if the car is his or her prized possession. 

But if you keep buying him or her good food and helping him or her around without ever bringing up the ‘car’ again, your friend might begin to reconsider his or her decision. 

11. Dreaming of a leech on the body

As per the plot, you are going through situations that sabotage you mentally and emotionally. The situations need not be unpleasant ones necessarily. 

For example, you can suffer emotionally if you are head over heels in love with a person your parents and friends do not approve of. 

In which part of the body the leech was present also plays a crucial role in the interpretation. 

12. Dreaming about a leech at the top of your head

To dream about a leech on the top of your head is a sign that you feel manipulated in the waking world. 

13. Dreaming about leeches on your face

Having a dream about leeches on your face is a sign that you don’t have a clear perception of what’s going on around you! Perhaps the attitudes and behaviors of those around confuse you and you no longer know who to trust and who to not. 

The dream advises you to move with caution. 

The dream is also a reflection of what you have been through. Chances are, you have let someone dictate your life, actions, and decisions.

All this time, you have been nothing more than an echo of that person’s voice. 

Ultimately, you realize that you have created a blunder by handing over your power and authority to that individual. 

According to the dream, you are on your way to undo the mess you have created, but it won’t be anything easy. 

14. Leeches getting into your nose in a dream

To dream of a leech or leeches getting into your nose is a harbinger of an amazing business offer making its way towards you. 

Now is your chance to bring your skill sets to the table and let the world know what you are capable of. Don’t let the fear of failure stop you from taking up the opportunity.

15. Dreaming about leeches getting out of someone else’s nose

To begin with, the spectacle symbolizes a potential abortion. The person considering the act can be you or a near one. If it’s you or your partner, your subconscious wants you to think it through. 

If not, you must check into your dear ones. Abortion is not only illegal in some countries but risky too. Make sure you have an open conversation with the person concerned and try to bring that person to an understanding. 

16. A dream about leeches getting into your mouth

According to the plot, someone may insult you for some reason in the waking world. There’s a possibility that the matter would be related to your work and capabilities. 

17. Leech in your mouth in a dream

Your self-confidence will hit the lowest after someone insults you in a way you would never forget.

The incident will catch you off-guard and you won’t be able to say anything at that moment to defend your dignity. 

18. Removing leeches from mouth in a dream

If leeches in the mouth symbolize your self-confidence being insulted and under attack, what do you think removing it denotes?

Having a dream about removing or pulling out leeches from your mouth connotes you will work on getting rid of the negativities that have been belittling you and your confidence. 

Another approach to the dream is that some people discourage you from speaking up your mind and expressing your thoughts.

19. Dreaming about leeches getting into your ears

Having a dream about leeches getting into your ears heralds a piece of extremely good news, either regarding you or someone you care for. 

20. Leeches getting out of your eyes in a dream

The plot says you are a born overthinker. You often let your imagination run wild and make a mountain out of a molehill.

Furthermore, you lack the capability to stay calm and listen to the advice people offer to you when you are at a rough patch of life. 

21. A dream about a leech on your arm

Based on the plot, someone is taking all the credit for something you have done. 

22. Dreaming that your arm was covered with leeches

Someone you trust more than you do yourself will betray you ruthlessly. As it comes from a person you least expected, you would feel like the sky has fallen on you. 

Judging from the hurt that person incurred on you, the relationship between the two of you will never go back to how it was once. 

23. Leeches on hands in a dream

Leeches on hands in a dream signifies you have the power to do whatever you wish. 

Dreams of such nature can also happen when you are at a crossroads and need to make a critical decision on how to proceed. 

Sometimes, a leech on your hand can represent a person trying to get in your way, most probably someone you trust. 

Having said that, the interpretation may flip for better or worse depending on whether the creature bit you or not. If it did, someone around you would be jealous of your success.

On the other hand, if it did not, it means you are on your path to progression. 

24. Dreaming about leeches on your back

The dream warns you to be wary of your circle and to keep a close eye on your wealth. 

The moment you slip or commit a mistake, you will end up as a victim of a fraudulent transaction.

25. Dreaming about a leech on your chest/ belly

The scenario hints at an underlying health issue you must tend to at the earliest. 

26. Dreaming about seeing leeches all over your body

The above scenario has several interpretations, many of which are unpleasant. 

Often, the slimy creatures in the dream represent your friends, or if we are allowed to say, the soul-sucking leeches in your life.

And the bad news is, they will never show you their real intentions when they are no better than a wolf in sheep’s clothing. 

The circumstances around you demand you to be very observant. Do not have blind faith in anyone and be cautious of those who walk into your life. 

The dream can also be a wake-up call! For the most part of your life, you have put others before you.

Although we have nothing against that, you need to know when to prioritize yourself and when to not. However hard you try, you will never be able to please everyone around you. 

Sometimes, a dream vision of leeches all over your body implies you are not happy with your looks and outer appearance. 

From the monetary point of view, leeches all over your body denote you are deep in debt. Chances are, loan sharks are sucking you dry by forcing interest upon interest on you.

Every time you lose money, they gain heaps! You keep on paying them only to find yourself going deeper and deeper into debt. 

27. A dream about leeches on legs

The plot says you have the tendency to close your eyes and adamantly deny an issue even when it is right in front of your eyes 

For example, let’s say your child often gets picked on in his or her school. Even though your partner suggests a change of environment and school, you keep on saying ‘It’s alright!

Nothing will happen, even though you see your child come home with bruises and torn shirts every other day. 

28. Dreaming that you are with someone and saw your leg full of leeches

In this case, there is a correlation between the leeches and the person (or people) you are with in the dream plot. Since that person is used in relation to the leeches, he or she is most likely an impediment to your progress. 

You need to recall who exactly you saw in the dream. If it was someone you don’t recognize, you need to analyze your circle and see who fits best into the scenario.

29. A dream about leeches on feet

Having a dream about leeches on your feet denotes you feel restricted and unable to proceed further in your professional life. 

If this resonates, you first need to understand what’s binding you before you seek a solution. 

If it is an abusive boss, a change of workplace may help and if it is the type of work that’s sucking your energy, you know what to do!

30. Seeing many leeches on your feet in a dream

Several leeches clinging on your feet in a dream is a sign that you need to change various aspects of your life to make progress. 

31. Dreaming that leeches got stuck on you while you take a walk

Usually, the plot is associated with the envious feelings others have towards you. Out of jealousy and spite, they do everything they can to stop you from advancing. Most likely, these are people incapable of achieving success on their own. 

So, they make it a point to take advantage of your achievements to reach the top themselves. 

32. Dreaming about leeches getting stuck on your feet while walking in water

The scenario hints at a problem or matter that makes you doubt your potential. 

33. Dreaming about leeches sticking on you while swimming

Leeches sticking on you while swimming portends all sorts of problems that you will encounter in the near future. Your patience, perseverance, and willpower will be tested. 

34. Dreaming about shaking off leeches that cling on to you

Here, the leeches represent problems you will come across soon. But since you managed to shake them off in the dream, you will be able to avoid those real-life troubles. 

Contrarily, if you were unsuccessful in your attempt, you would need to be very careful, vigilant, and do careful planning because the forthcoming problems will not be easy to avoid. 

35. Dreaming about putting leeches on your body

If you dream of putting leeches on your body, you are likely to be cheated concerning a work-related matter. 

36. Leeches surrounding you in a dream

According to the scenario, you believe you are surrounded by people who do not love and appreciate you for who you are but who they think you are.

Additionally, the dream shows that you believe no one understands you because of which you trust none in your circle, family included. 

37. Dreaming that you were covered in leeches

Usually, dreams of such nature denote you are knee-deep in debt. But there are several other interpretations too. 

Having a dream about leeches swarming over your body can mean you feel sabotaged by your own thoughts or others’ criticism.

Chances are, you have said or done something you shouldn’t have, and now the guilt and embarrassment are eating you up. 

Other experts believe the scenario is a reflection of your discontentment with your looks and outer appearances. 

38. A dream about leeches on the body of an ill person

If you see leeches clinging on or crawling on the body of a critically ill person, it means one of your near ones, most likely a friend will fall sick shortly.

39. A dream of leech attack

You ought to be very careful of your steps if you have a dream of a leech or leeches attacking you!

Somebody will possibly come to you with the sole objective to rip you off your wealth, accomplishment, life, energy, you name it!

A slight mistake or carelessness at your end will appear as a green light to that person and from then onwards, there’s no telling how far he or she will go to make the most out of you.

Sometimes, the ‘leech’ can appear in the form of a habit, say gambling. 

40. Leeches biting you in a dream

This scenario too shows that your surroundings drain you of energy and make you feel lifeless. It can be people who expect too much from you, tiresome situations, or emotional baggage. 

Leeches biting you can also be interpreted as a warning dream. You will likely get involved in a problematic situation if you let your guards down. 

41. Leeches sucking your blood in a dream

Clearly, someone is taking you for granted. A person in your surrounding – family or friend always includes you in his or her problems.

Moreover, that individual often dumps his or her problems on you and expects you to come up with a solution. 

Dreaming about leeches sucking on your blood can also be a harbinger of unexpected trouble. 

42. Dreaming about leeches eating you

Based on the plot, negativities are devouring you and you are subtly aware of it. They can be people, habits, emotions, or energies. 

The dream is probably a warning urging you to stay away from whatever crushes you and your self-esteem. 

43. A dream of removing leeches

Dreaming about removing leeches from the body highlights the necessity to eliminate toxic people and energies from your life. 

While Sigmund Freud regards dreams as the royal road to the unconscious, Jung felt that “The dream is a little hidden door in the innermost and most secret recesses of the psyche.” That is to say, dreams know more about you and what’s happening in your surroundings than you do. 

If you happen to have a dream of removing leeches, we bet tens of people and problems are physically, mentally, and emotionally draining you. They can be family, friends, or acquaintances. 

Regardless, the dream is a sign that you start paying attention to yourself and refrain from getting involved in exhaustive matters.

44. Dreaming about crushing leeches

Having a dream about crushing leeches indicates people you love and care for will treat you badly regarding a matter. In the worst cases, they will betray you causing you immense pain. 

45. Dreaming about getting hurt and losing blood after a leech bite

The scenario has a lot to do with the toxic people taking advantage of you. Probably, you are not aware of their genuine intentions and have let them influence your life to a great degree. 

Now that you know what’s happening, take the dream as a warning and detach yourself from those people as soon as possible, the sooner the better!

If you can, recall how much you bleed from the bite. The more blood you lose in the dream, the more intense their influence on you is. 

46. A dream about getting infected from a leech bite

This is not a good dream. You will find yourself in a slump if you see the above spectacle in your dream. 

Let us ask you a question here! When do you get bitten by a leech? The simplest answer is after the slimy creature clings on a part of your body. 

Coming back to the point, you are aware of a toxic person draining you or mooching you off. But the moment you try to detach yourself from him or her, you get bitten.

Either he or she will make up nasty lies about you or put you in a complicated situation. 

Whatever it is, you will get hurt the moment you try to distance yourself from that leech. But the dream advises you to take the risk and remove it. Get bitten if you have to, but make sure you eliminate it.

47. A dream about throwing leeches

The scenario denotes you have been a leech mooching off others’ wealth and goodwill for most parts of your life.

But as shown in the dream, you have finally come back to your senses. Now that you realize what you have done you can’t help but feel disgusted with yourself.

To turn over a new leaf, you have decided to ‘throw away the leeches’ and instead live your life with dignity without depending on others for every single matter. 

48. A dream about catching leeches

Catching leeches in a dream is closely related to ambition. As per the plot, you are very clear about what you want to achieve and are willing to go miles to achieve them.

You do not let your emotions and personal relationships get in the way and do not care a dime about who you hurt.

Eventually, your mindset and attitude compel people to take you as a ruthless person. Possibly the dream occurred warning you of consequences you might have to face later. 

Being ambitious is good but what’s the point of becoming a hotshot if you would have no one to celebrate your wins with?

49. Dreaming of others catching leeches

The scenario of other people catching leeches in a dream warns you to be extremely cautious in your dealings.

Chances are, a person you are well acquainted with will approach you with malicious intent. Remember that it’s game over once you give in to that person. 

50. Dreaming about rearing leeches

If you dream about rearing leeches, you are an aspiration to many people. Your originality makes you stand out in the crowd and because of that quality, people wish to follow in your footsteps. 

51. A dream about using leeches as bait

The scenario shows that you are a loyal person. You genuinely love, care, and look out for your near ones and expect them to do the same for you. 

However, the moment you find out that they have deceived you, you do not hesitate to put up a wall regardless of how long your relationship goes back.

You are forgiving and always end up forgiving those who wronged you but you never forget. 

Because of this many people take you to be heartless when in reality, you are defending yourself from getting backstabbed again and again. 

52. Killing leeches in dream

Dreaming about killing a leech or leeches is a good sign. It shows that you have got over your doubts and have mustered enough courage to go against those who have been influencing your life negatively. 

Emotionally and mentally, you are prepared to fight off all the hurdles that stand in your way and now there’s nothing that can hold you back from achieving success. 

Contrarily, the scenario can be your subconscious encouraging you to take back the control others have taken from you. This can be the meaning of your dream if you feel vulnerable and helpless in the waking world. 

In the past, you might have handed over your authority to other people trusting them. You have been submissive for the most part of your life and have let them rule you literally. 

However, in due time, you might have realized that it was the most foolish decision you ever made after you see them encroach into your life more and more leaving no room for you to breathe. 

Yet another interpretation of the dream is that you have finally managed to come out of a traumatic experience. 

53. Others killing leeches in a dream

Having the dream denotes you would be supportive of a near one’s actions, behavior, and attitude in the near future.

This particular individual might come up with a few ideas to make considerable changes in his or her life and the dream indicates you will support him or her in every step.

54. Dead leeches in a dream

The scenario calls for a celebration because you have successfully uprooted and eliminated the negativities from your life. 

Alternatively, dead leeches in the dream world stand for empty or false promises. Chances are, someone promised you the moon and the stars.

But in due time, you realize that their words, behavior, and actions are not in sync with what he or she promised, causing you to drift away from that person. 

55. Eating leeches in a dream

To begin with, the scene showed up because you have been neglecting your diet and food habits. Chances are, you prioritize work while pushing diet and hygiene to the back seat. 

So, the dream might have occurred to let you know that success means nothing if your mind and body are not healthy as they should be. After all, health is the ultimate wealth! 

56. Others eating leeches in a dream

The scenario is a reflection of your worries and anxiety over a loved one’s failing health condition. 

57. Dreaming about buying a therapeutic leech at a pharmacy

To have a dream about buying a therapeutic leech stands for an enemy lurking around you waiting for an opportunity to crush you. 

58. Dreaming about using leeches for medicinal purposes

In a broad sense, leeches used for medicinal purposes in a dream are closely related to disease and ailments. 

59. A dream about putting leech on someone for medicinal purposes

Having a dream about putting leeches on someone for medicinal purposes implies that a close one has a few problems, which can be anything from health to finance. 

60. A dream about someone putting leeches on you for medicinal purposes

If you dream of someone putting leeches on you to cure or heal a wound or some sort of injury, it means either you or another member of your family will fall seriously ill. 

61. Dreaming about leeches in the water

Prepare yourself and your family physically, mentally, and emotionally because the near future will most likely be brutal. Everything you worked on will result in shambles and you will feel like the universe turned its back on you. 

That being said, your subconscious encourages you to self-motivate yourself. The whole world might have abandoned you but that doesn’t mean you should too.

You can take this opportunity to catch up with your family to strengthen your bond. 

Nothing lasts forever, neither the good nor the bad! So, take a break and have fun with your near ones while you wait for your luck to bounce back. 

62. Leeches inside an aquarium in a dream

Having a dream about seeing leeches inside an aquarium is a reflection of your overprotective nature. 

63. Dreaming about leeches floating in a pond

Leeches floating in a pond is a sign of utter despair you will soon have to face. 

64. Dreaming about seeing leeches in swampy areas

The dream warns you to be vigilant and move with caution as your enemies are waiting for an opportunity to sabotage you. 

65. Buying leeches in a dream

Dreaming about buying leeches symbolizes a conflict with a coworker or a business partner. 

Leeches Dream Meaning: Different Types

66. Dreaming about long leeches

From a romantic point of view, seeing long leeches in dreams is a negative sign. The dream hints at changes you would like to bring into your relationship, to make it better and more meaningful. 

But unfortunately, your partner will have differing opinions and the changes you hoped for will likely not happen.

67. Small leeches in a dream

The scenario points at problems, addictions, toxic habits, and vices that are still in the initial stages. Due to the sizes, they pose little threat to you and you also consider them as triviality. 

But if you leave them as they are, it’s only a matter of time before they grow enormous and start feeding on your blood.

From this perspective, your subconscious urges you to take those trivialities by the horn and crush them before they gain power over you. 

68. Dreaming about big leeches

Having a dream about enormous looking leeches points to material or financial losses. You should be wary of scammers and shady business transactions if you see these two creatures together in a dream. 

69. Dreaming about a leech fully pumped with blood

In a dream, if you see a fat leech on the verge of exploding, it hints at a health issue you may or may not be aware of.

Leeches Dream Meaning: Different Colors

70. Dreaming about black leeches

To begin with, the appearance of black leeches in a dream shows the presence of pessimistic and negative-minded people in and around your life. 

There’s a saying, “You are who you hang out with!”. If you constantly stay in their company, it’s only a matter of time before their mindset, vibe, and energy get passed on to you. 

Therefore, through the dream, your subconscious urges you to keep a distance from these people.

It would be hard on you at first, but remember, the universe and your higher self know what’s best for you more than your conscious mind does.

71. Dreaming about black leeches crawling in your home environment

A dream where you see black leeches crawling around at your home premises is a warning from your subconscious. The leeches are symbolic of the dark energies lingering in and around your home. 

If you have succeeded in your professional life, there’s a possibility that you are surrounded by hateful and jealous rivals. 

72. Seeing white leeches in a dream

The dream is associated with success. But to achieve that glory, you need to be patient with yourself and the world. 

Chances are, you often hope to see immediate results, or to be precise, immediate success. But the dream wants you to know that everything has its own time.

Also, do not ever think of quitting or giving up just because you don’t see instant results. 

All the glory you deserve will come to you, but at the right moment. And while you wait, keep trying your best in whatever you are up to. 

73. Green leech in a dream

Contrary to what we have discussed so far, a green leech in a dream is an auspicious sign indicating success, wealth, and prosperity. Finally, you will be able to reap the benefits of your hard work!

Leeches And Other Creatures In Dreams

74. Leeches and frogs in a dream

Leeches along with frogs in a dream is a favorable sign. Based on the plot, you have clarity about your purpose and are well on your way to development. 

Though the universe favors you, your dream denotes that you must not let your guard down just because things seem to be working your way.

Work as hard as you have so far, harder if you can and you will soon find yourself on the path to glory.

75. Dreaming about leeches and snakes

A dream that features both snakes and leeches is closely related to your emotions. You are torn between pursuing your goals for your happiness and making others happy. 

Dreams About Leeches: Different Dreamers

76. A woman dreaming about leeches

Broadly speaking, if a leech appears in the dreams of a woman, she will most likely lose money in the foreseeable future. 

77. Women seeing leech sucking blood in dreams

If a woman sees the above spectacle in her dream, it means it is an auspicious time to start a joint venture with someone. 

However, the universe warns the dreamer not to get into conflicts as she may end up incurring a loss. 

78. A leech clinging on the body of a married woman

The scenario points to pregnancy. Note that the interpretation applies only if the woman has been trying for a baby. 

According to the theories of Sigmund Freud, leeches in the dream world symbolize children. 

79. Leeches in the dreams of male dreamers

There’s a possibility that you will soon cross paths with an influential person. You may feel small and insignificant before him or her but the dream advises you not to back off. Instead, keep your head held high and be confident. 

Leeches Dream Meaning: Dream Examples

1. A man dreamed of attaching leeches to his leg while crossing a river.

Turns out his wife was not well in waking life. He was spending a considerable amount of money on medication, which he felt was sucking his earnings. 

Biblical Meaning Of Leeches In Dreams

From the Biblical perspective too, leeches are a representation of negativity and toxic people who live off others. 

Possible Reasons Why You Saw Leeches In Your Dream 

Considering the numerous dream symbols and the plots we have discussed in this web post, there can be thousands of reasons why the blood-sucking creature showed up in your dream. 

Since it doesn’t make sense to include every single possible reason we have narrowed down the possibilities, some of which are –

  1. The creature fascinates you and you are strangely drawn to it in the waking world. 
  2. You pursue a profession or a hobby that connects you directly or indirectly to the creature. 
  3. You believe that others are too dependent on you. 
  4. Leeches also appear if you smell something fishy about a friend or acquaintance. 
  5. You have not paid enough attention to your diet and lifestyle recently.
  6. Another possible reason is that you feel anxious about the health condition of a loved one. 
  7. You are engaged in unhealthy habits and routines. 
  8. It can also mean you are getting impatient about accomplishing your goals. 
  9. Someone you recently met makes you feel small.
  10. A person you trust with your life brutally deceived you. 
  11. A leech is taking credit for all the work you have done. 
  12. You need to reevaluate your relationships – professional as well as personal. 

Ask Yourself These Questions If You Dream About Leeches

Dream interpretation can get overwhelming especially when various symbols are involved. However, there are a few ways to make your interpretation much easier. 

Needless to say, recall your dreams as precisely as you can. Maintaining a journal and noting down the details the moment they flashback will make your task easier. Then, carry on by asking yourself these questions. 

  1. How do you perceive the creature in the waking world? Do you think it’s a good-for-nothing or do you believe it contributes to the ecosystem?
  2. Where did you see the leech in the dream? If you saw it on your body, then which part of your body?
  3. What did it do and how did you respond? Did it bite you or did it stay where it was without harming you?
  4. Which type of leech did you dream of and what was the color?
  5. How did you respond to the overall picture? Were you scared or indifferent?
  6. Do you believe you are surrounded by people whose only interest is to take advantage of you?
  7. Have you been striving on someone else’s earnings without chipping in?
  8. Are you considering borrowing money from someone or creditors?
  9. Are you presently facing a couple of trivial issues?
  10. Do you think someone is manipulating you?
  11. Does your intuition tell you that others are invading your life?
  12. Do you sometimes doubt if your partner is the right person for you? 


That wraps up our web post on a dream about leeches. As we mentioned, leeches have a negative connotation in the dream world and almost all scenarios associated with the parasite indicate negativity, with a few exceptions. 

However, negative or not, every dream has a purpose! And the objective of leech dreams is to warn you of the troubles you might have to face soon if you do not take immediate action and stay away from the people/ events that are taking you closer to your doom.