Have you ever had a dream of a coffin? What exactly did you see? You inside a neatly decorated coffin, the casket moving without anyone touching it, or the resurrection of a dead person?

Regardless of the scenario, we bet dreams of such nature gave you a scare! The images evoke fear, we get it! But in many cases, the coffins bode well. Say unforeseen riches or the successful completion of a project that had been dragging for way too long, to mention a few examples. 

These are just the tip of the iceberg as the object has multiple meanings in the dream world. 

To make it easier for you, we have gathered everything related to dreams about coffins and if you stay till the end, we will give you a few tips on how to make your dream interpretation easier.

Dream Of Coffin - Plots & Their Meanings
Dream Of Coffin – Plots & Their Meanings

Dream of Coffin Meaning

A dream of a coffin usually symbolizes the end of a cycle. Sometimes it can indicate something positive such as getting over your traumatic experience. Or it can also signify accepting defeat and finally letting something or someone go. Such dreams also denote harmony, blissful times ahead, and unexpected wealth.

In a broad sense, a coffin in a dream stands for the completion of a cycle or a necessity to bury something that is of no use anymore. For example, ideas that had a huge impact once but are no longer effective. 

Coffins also emphasize the need to give up something as it is getting worse day after day with no hopes of going back to its original state, a failed relationship, to mention an example. There’s no point in being in a relationship if there’s no love or understanding between the two individuals. On the other hand, circumstances such as this can be interpreted as an acceptance of defeat.

Following this interpretation, coffins can stand for a major transformation which can be either positive or negative depending on how the coffin appeared in the dream.  

A lot of experts associate the image of a coffin in a dream with success, power, wealth, and fortune. Though it can come from any aspect of life, most of the time coffin dreams hint at an unexpected inheritance. 

Sometimes, coffins show up in dreams to warn the dreamer of an untimely death, which can be either the dreamer’s or a loved one’s. Talking about untimely death, many dreamers dream of a coffin when they are struggling with a serious illness without being aware of it. 

Dream Of Coffin: Dream Symbolism

In reality, coffins signify death, sorrow, and a period of mourning. However, the same is not applicable in the dream world. If you are a regular visitor of our blog, you might be aware that everything – literally everything is possible in the dream world. 

You can fly a car, turn into a monster one minute and take the form of an innocent baby the next second, so on and so forth. From this perspective, coffins can be a symbol of either positive or negative, some of which are listed below.

A need for change

One of the most common reasons behind coffin dreams is that you find yourself in a never-ending chain of ill luck. Speaking of which, your higher self may be advising you to change certain aspects of your life to get out of the circle. 

For example, you can start by shifting to a new area of residence. A change of workplace and work culture may also help. 

A sacrifice

Coffin dreams can indicate the need to sacrifice something to achieve another thing. 

For instance, you realize that you cannot keep on dating consistently if you want to be a hotshot businessman later in life. Then, you may choose to forgo dating life until you are able to realize your dream goals. 

Wealth and fortune

Coffin and riches do not go well but that’s what it is! Many times, coffin dreams have been found to be closely related to wealth

You are underestimated

Though they sing praises and applaud you when you are around, a coffin dream can mean your friends and acquaintances underestimate you and your capabilities. 

You blame someone unjustly

A coffin dream is likely to occur if you have intentionally put the blame on someone despite knowing he or she has nothing to do with it. If you find this relatable, you need to remember that bigger trouble is coming your way. 

You might have succeeded in putting the blame on that person for a particular mistake. However, your unjust actions will probably land you in a problem ten times bigger. 

A sorrowful period

Coffins can also show up in your dreams to warn you of the untimely death of a loved one. That brings us to our next point.

Health issues

Many times, the object hints at an underlying illness gradually developing inside your body. 

Dream about Coffin – Various Plots And Their Meanings

1. A dream of a coffin

A dream about a coffin has several interpretations. One such meaning is that you are adapting to the changes happening in your life after coming to terms with a loss. 

Dreams of such nature can also surface if you have a bad feeling about someone or something. 

A coffin in a dream is also closely related to habits and ideas that you can no longer benefit from. In case this resonates, the dream can be advising you to bury them just like you do a coffin. 

Don’t be surprised if you dream about a coffin when your life is turning for the worse. It doesn’t necessarily mean your end is near. Instead, the casket is a mere symbolism of your miserable circumstances. 

Usually, coffins tend to appear in the dreams of intuitive people, blessed with some sort of sixth sense. They help the dreamers prepare mentally and emotionally for what might possibly happen in the foreseeable future. 

2. A dream of many coffins

It is an ill omen to see multiple coffins in a dream. The upcoming days will be hard on you and you’ll receive more than your fair share of misfortunes. 

3. Dreaming about your coffin

Seeing your coffin in a dream is related to your thoughts, feelings, and concepts regarding death. Perhaps the dream is a reminder to enjoy life while you can since death is inevitable and must come for everybody. 

At other times, a dream about your coffin is a sign that you have buried the genuine ‘you’ deep within you. 

Negatively, a dream featuring your own coffin is an ill omen foretelling negativity and unpleasant changes that are about to take place in your life. This can be in the form of failures/ downfalls of projects, break ups or even the death of a loved one who plays a vital role in your life. 

4. A dream about a coffin with your name engraved on it

Having a dream about a coffin with your name engraved on it is a cautionary sign. If you encounter the dream, consider making changes in some areas of your life such as food habits, social circle, lifestyle, workplace, etc. 

According to the plot, you will never be able to achieve your dreams without some transformations here and there. 

5. A dream of seeing the coffin of someone you know

Having a dream about the coffin of someone you know means you no longer want that person in your life. Perhaps you have had a change of feeling and no longer love him or her as you do before. 

Another approach to the dream symbolizes the deteriorating health of a loved one and your fear of losing him or her to death. 

6. Dreaming about the coffin of someone who has already died

To dream about seeing the coffin of a dead person implies he or she continues to influence you long after his or her death. 

7. A dream about two coffins lying next to each other

Coffins in dreams do carry a negative connotation. But that is not to say every dream associated with coffins portends ill luck. Some give insight into a better life and a brighter future. 

Speaking of which, dreaming about two coffins lying next to each other symbolizes two closely related opportunities waiting to be unfolded by you. 

8. A dream about making a coffin

Dreaming about making a coffin denotes you are preparing to put an end to something. 

Positively, making or assembling a coffin can be interpreted as a harbinger of a promotion. Yet another meaning of the scenario is that you would be a part of a happy event that would take place soon.

9. Trying to close a coffin in a dream

As you can probably infer from the plot, it is a good dream. Most likely, it is a sign that you have decided to seal up and bury negative traits about yourself and make room for the positive. 

10. A dream about nailing a coffin lid 

According to the dream, you have finally accepted the fact that your unhealthy habits contribute nothing but harm to your life. 

Therefore, you have decided to detach yourself and lock them up for good. 

If the person nailing the lid was someone else, you would soon become the subject of gossip and unfounded rumors. 

11. Closing a coffin in a dream

A dream about closing a coffin denotes you have decided to move on from something. Chances are, you have invested a lot of time and effort into that something only to see it fail. 

The dream says you have finally realized that some things in life are not meant to happen however hard you try. Therefore, you have decided to move on from it and invest your energy into something else that will give you the reward you deserve.  

12. A closed coffin dream meaning

A closed coffin or casket indicates an unavoidable loss, something that will leave a void in you for the rest of your life. 

On the other hand, it can be a message from your higher self that a person dear to you has died or moved on. Perhaps your ex-lover has moved on in his or her life, though you still can’t bring yourself to accept the break-up. 

13. Dreaming about a half-open coffin

A half-open coffin symbolizes the achievement of your dream goals. Negatively, dreams of such nature can portend the death of a dear one. 

14. A dream about an open casket/coffin 

The scenario has several meanings. First, it is a sign of riches. An open casket or coffin in a dream is also associated with your control over your emotions. 

And at other times, it means you can finally understand the reason why someone did what they did to you. For instance, assume that your grandparents never talk about how sick they are even when they knew their days were numbered. 

After they passed away, you might have resented them for not sharing their pain. 

And let’s say, you are a parent now and dream of an open casket, all of a sudden. Chances are, the dream happened because you realize that whatever it is, you cannot bear to hurt your children. 

15. A dream about an open and empty coffin

If you see an open and empty casket in a dream, it’s crucial to talk to your loved ones about what’s happening in their lives. 

According to dream books, such types of scenarios show up only when a person close to the dreamer feels threatened. 

16. Dreaming about a dead person inside an open coffin

A dream scenario wherein you saw a dead person inside an open coffin is associated with problems. 

The plot must be taken as a warning, especially if you are on the verge of making changes in your personal or professional lives. Based on the plot, now is not an ideal time to proceed with your plan. Even if you do, you will not see any desired results. 

17. Dreaming about opening a coffin

To dream about opening a coffin symbolizes your adventurous spirit that yearns for anything but the ordinary. You absolutely have no patience for mundane and routine events. You are always on the move, looking for something challenging to excite your soul.

On the other hand, unbolting a coffin in a dream is also interpreted as a harbinger of a series of misfortunes making their way towards you.

18. Dreaming about opening a coffin and talking to the dead

The scenario has a negative connotation. Likely you will get yourself into deep trouble. 

19. Dreaming about a coffin with a body inside

The spectacle symbolizes a sorrowful event, which could be anything from a funeral, death anniversary, or something else that will take a toll on your mental state. 

20. A dream of corpse in coffin

A dream about seeing a corpse inside a coffin marks the end of a relationship. Nevertheless, who the body belongs to is also important to get the accurate meaning of the dream. 

If it was the body of a stranger, the plot is associated with concerns regarding unknown people. 

Other experts believe that the scenario is a sign of failure in your endeavors. 

Nonetheless, the overall vibe of the dream also plays a crucial role in the interpretation. In case it was dark and dreadful, the scenario hints at an exposure. Alternatively, if you see the corpse in a bright and colorful backdrop, you can expect wealth and fortune from an unexpected place or person. 

21. Dreams about a child in a casket/coffin

According to experts, the child in the dream stands for the onset of a disease. In case you are wondering, ‘Why a child, why not an adult?’, it is because the disease is still in the initial stages. 

Make sure you see your doctor and take all the necessary actions to nip the disease in the bud before it gets any worse. 

Nonetheless, how the child appears in the dream also plays a crucial role. If he or she was alive and happy, the meaning flips for the positive. Such a dream portends one of your wishes will come true. 

Alternatively, dreaming about a child lying inside a coffin can mean others will soon get to know your personal matters. 

22. A dream of someone alive in a coffin

To dream about a living person inside a coffin shows that your feelings for that person are still alive. 

Assume that you saw your ex-lover from 2 years back inside a coffin. Possibly the dream occurred because you still have feelings for that person. The relationship might have died or ended, as indicated by the coffin but not the feelings!

23. Dreaming about being inside a coffin

Have you ever dreamed of being inside a coffin? If so, how did you feel in the dream? Can you recall some of the emotions you felt within the plot? 

Naturally, the imagery will compel you to relate the dream with your death in the real world. And you are not to blame for letting your imagination run wild. Fortunately, the plot indicates nothing related to your end. Contrarily, it stands for the exact opposite i.e., longevity. 

However, it can mean other things too. Being inside a coffin may mean you feel trapped in the waking world. Perhaps you are at a dead end and see no future, no way out of your trouble, and no ray of hope. 

If you find this particular meaning relatable, the scenario advises you to let go of the toxic habits and thought patterns that are an impediment in your present life. 

Instead, adopt healthier habits and newer ways of thinking. Bury the old and make room for the new!

24. A dream about being inside a coffin with your partner

According to dream analysts, your relationship has failed to stand the test of time. The bond between the two of you is nothing but stagnant, lifeless, and of course, meaningless. From the looks of the dream, neither you nor your partner is happy.

That leads us to the question, Why are you forcing yourself into a relationship where you feel lifeless and unwanted?

25. Dreaming of someone putting you in a coffin

A dream about someone putting you inside a casket symbolizes your lack of freedom and independence. 

Perhaps you do not have enough courage, will, or authority to speak up at your workplace. Or it may even be associated with your relationships. 

Do you have little say in your relationship with your partner? Do you abide by your partner’s wishes most of the time on various matters instead of coming to a mutual understanding? 

26. Hiding inside a coffin

Such types of dream plots often happen prior to a merry event such as a wedding, engagement party, housewarming, etc. Whatever it turns out to be, you would be able to have a blast surrounded by people who mean the world to you. 

27. Seeing someone hiding inside a coffin

Do you have enemies or people you believed wish you ill in the waking world?

If yes, the dream warns you to be cautious of them. Watch each of their steps because they are up to no good!

28. Being trapped inside a coffin

Imagine getting trapped inside a coffin. Wouldn’t it be creepy, scary, and suffocating? 

Well, the dream interprets a meaning similar to the situation above. In short, the dream screams confinement. Likely, you believe you are in a similarly creepy situation with no way out. Perhaps you left your low-paying job for a new one only to realize that the new one is ten times worse than the old job.

Of course, this is just an example. You get the idea!

29. Dying inside a coffin

It is an ill omen to dream about dying inside a coffin. The scenario urges you to make an appointment with your doctor asap because there’s a possibility that a serious disease is slowly consuming you. 

Pay heed to your dream before it gets too late!

30. Seeing yourself dead in a coffin 

Dreams about seeing yourself dead lying inside a casket symbolize accomplishment of projects you believe are exceedingly important. 

31. You rising from a coffin

A dream about lying inside a coffin and resurrecting from it is a good sign. 

To begin with, the first image, i.e., lying inside the casket signifies a period wherein you temporarily lost yourself. And to rise from it means you are soon about to recover and restore your strengths and confidence. 

32. Digging up the earth to place a coffin

Having a dream about digging up the earth to place a coffin is symbolic of a few upcoming changes, especially those pertaining to romance and relationships. 

33. Lowering a coffin to the ground

Having dreams about lowering a coffin to the ground indicates that something is over!

Probably, your words or actions have brutally hurt someone and there’s no going back. That person may forgive you but your apology or repentance will never be able to undo the scars you gave him or her. And the relationship between the two of you will never go back to how it was once!

34. A coffin covered with soil

A coffin fully or partially covered with earth hints at a lingering health issue. 

35. A casket already buried 

The image of a casket already buried deep in the ground in a dream is closely related to health issues. 

36. Digging up a coffin

Here, the image of digging up the coffin alludes to bringing up the bygone past. Perhaps something from the past is drawing you back forcing you to dwell on it even though it happened ages ago. 

However, you need to know that the dream happened because you have to fight off the urges to dwell on it. Additionally, that can be one of the prime reasons why you can’t make any progress. So, all the more reason why you should stop digging. 

Alternatively, digging up a coffin is also related to the revelation of a secret. 

37. A coffin rising from the grave

Though the vision looks creepy and blood-curdling, the meaning will surely brighten you up! 

Generally, a coffin resurrecting from a grave signifies a blissful period, which can be the result of something you have looked forward to for quite a long time. 

38. Seeing someone you know inside a coffin

Having a dream about seeing someone you know inside a coffin is a sign that you will soon hear pleasant news about that particular person. 

39. Seeing a family member inside a coffin in a dream

According to experts, that person will have a long life. 

40. A dream about seeing your friends inside a coffin

Seeing your friend or acquaintance in a coffin predicts receiving good news about him or her soon.

41. Seeing a dead baby inside a coffin

If you see a dead baby inside a coffin in a dream, your hopes will crash as one of your projects will fail miserably. Through the dream your subconscious guides you to switch your path and invest in something more worthwhile. 

42. Seeing an undead such as a zombie or a vampire inside a coffin

It is an ill omen to see zombies or vampires inside a coffin. Just like zombies come to life again, your past will come back to haunt you. It can be in the form of a memory haunting you or it can also take the form of previous addictions and toxic habits hitting you again. 

43. Skeleton in coffin

To dream of seeing a skeleton inside a coffin is your subconscious urging you to take better care of your health. 

44. A corpse talking inside a coffin

To dream of a corpse talking inside a coffin signifies you will meet and catch up with an old friend. 

45. Putting a dead body inside a coffin

According to the dream, you will be able to acquire a fortune.

46. A dead person waking up in a coffin

Having a dream about a deceased resurrecting from a coffin denotes someone you have not met in a long while will show up. 

Another approach to the scenario is that an incident will compel you to take health care and hygiene more seriously. For instance, let’s say you fainted and were rushed to the ER. That might force you to reevaluate your lifestyle, diet, habits and make better choices. 

This dream should not be treated lightly as it will help determine how you carry on your future. 

47. A dead person getting out of a coffin

In reality, a dead person usually does not come back to life and gets out of a coffin. It might have happened in some corner of the world due to a mistake but let’s be honest, it’s not a daily affair. 

Considering that, a dream about a dead person arising and getting out of a coffin is a sign that one of your most unrealistic wishes will come true. 

Be that as it may, let us remind you that these are just a generic interpretation of the plots, the accurate meaning to your dream can be determined by you and no one else. 

48. An empty coffin

Experts have differing opinions about an empty coffin in a dream. While some relate it to longevity, others believe it is a sign of spiritual hardships and emptiness. 

An empty coffin also emphasizes the need to bury the past, habits, and addictions that are holding you back from making progress. 

A dream scenario about an empty coffin also stands for a terrible encounter with someone. Most likely, you will fail to see eye to eye with that person which will probably lead to the two of you verbally abusing each other and spewing out everything that comes to mind. 

At other times, the scenario indicates you are drifting away and distancing yourself from people you were once close to. 

Sometimes, an empty coffin in the dream world can be associated with real estate. Perhaps you are on the lookout for land and property. 

49. A coffin strewn with flowers

If you dream of a coffin strewn and decorated with flowers and wreaths, it is a harbinger of unpleasant situations coming your way. 

Most likely, they will be related to a person you recently met. 

Such a scenario also stands for extramarital affairs and an unsuccessful marriage. 

50. Scrutinizing a coffin covered with flowers

The spectacle warns you of the negative energies that are coming into your life. Usually, such scenarios herald a disastrous relationship or an ill-fated connection. 

51. A coffin being transported

Having dreams about a coffin being transported in a hearse from one place to another is a sign of negativity. It can be related to a period of poor health – either yours or a loved one’s. 

Or it can be in the form of misfortunes you will encounter while pursuing certain projects/tasks. The scenario can also stand for periods of animosity towards you from your loved ones.

Deciphering the dream from the romantic point of view, means you are unable to commit to the person you are presently involved with. 

52. Seeing a coffin in front of you

It is an ill omen to dream about seeing a coffin right in front of you. The scenario is symbolic of the bereavement you will soon experience due to the untimely death of a loved one. 

53. Looking at a coffin

Based on the theories of dream experts, looking at a coffin in a dream stands for roadblocks. 

And possibly the dream happened to advise you to persevere, stay determined and never lose hope. 

54. Standing beside a coffin

Standing beside a coffin while being a part of a funeral service in a dream is an extremely auspicious sign. The scenario is a symbol of success and fortune coming your way. 

If you are not in a good state presently, the scenario wants you to know that everything will be okay soon!

55. Standing near a coffin

Having a dream about standing near a coffin and inspecting it symbolizes the end of something. More often than not, the dream marks the end of your tough days and the beginning of happy ones. 

If you dream about standing near a coffin, you can also expect to hear wonderful news about something you have invested a lot of effort into. 

56. Standing above a coffin

Standing above a coffin in a dream symbolizes success. Regardless of where you are investing your time, effort, and money, the dream says you will be successful. 

57. Sitting beside a coffin

According to the plot, it’s likely that you have been struggling to resolve one of your problems for a very long time. You might have tried all possible ways but in vain. 

If that resonates, the dream brings a positive message for you. Just when you decide to give up, someone will come to your rescue and put an end to all your worries. 

58. Sitting on a coffin

Sitting atop a coffin in a dream hints at an underlying serious disease. 

The plot is also associated with disputes between you and your close ones. 

59. Laughing in front of a coffin

Having a dream about laughing in front of a coffin shows you want to seek revenge. Someone has hurt you in some way and the only thing you yearn for is to pay that person back in a similar manner. 

According to the dream scenario, you may succeed in seeking revenge but here’s a question. 

You will not be able to feel at peace even after seeking revenge. So, must you still do it? Instead, why not forget the issue and move on from it?

60. Crying in front of a coffin

If you dream of crying in front of a coffin, there’s a possibility that one of your lifelong wishes will come true. 

Another approach to the dream is that you will hear extremely pleasant news concerning a family member or a close friend. 

61. Sleeping inside a coffin

Here, the coffin stands for your comfort zone. Therefore, a dream about sleeping inside a coffin denotes escapism. According to the plot, you are running away from responsibilities by keeping yourself bottled up in your comfort zone. 

According to other experts, the dream heralds pleasant times ahead. Likely the dream promises good times with someone. Keep in mind that the interpretation may flip for those who are not in the best of health. If you are presently sick or are suffering from any lingering health problem, the dream portends complications while trying to recover from the illness. 

Negatively, sleeping inside a coffin in a dream symbolizes depression and loss of motivation. 

62. Praying in front of a coffin

According to the scenario, you give much importance to material possessions. In pursuit of worldly riches, you have been ignoring life and its essence. 

Through the dream, your subconscious advises you to live in the moment. Enjoy life for what it is, treasure human relationships, and learn to see the beauty of everyday happenings. 

63. Lifting a coffin

Let’s take a look at the scenario first! 

What does lifting a coffin mean, in other words? Isn’t it the same as lifting a dead person or the weight of a dead person? 

The plot implies a similar meaning. Having a dream about lifting a coffin implies you are bearing the weight of something dead, or the failure of someone else. 

Say, your boss has created a mess at work. As one of his subordinates, he or she might have to dump everything on you and you have no option but to accept and clean up the mess he created. 

Though you have nothing to do with it, you are left to bear the dead weight of his or her actions. 

64. Carrying a coffin

According to the Wanderer’s dream book, a coffin in the dream world symbolizes loss/ grief. 

From that perspective, a dream about being a pallbearer signifies some of your reckless behavior, attitude, actions, and decisions will bring sorrow to your near ones. 

Now that the dream happened, it might be a good idea to revisit and reevaluate your decisions and actions and make amends before it gets too late. 

Alternatively, dreaming about carrying a coffin either alone or as a part of a congregation signifies the success you will achieve by gaining the respect of those around you. 

Another interesting meaning behind such a dream is that you are slowly making progress towards a grim result. Day after day, your actions are contributing to a loss, which will someday amount to a massive loss. 

65. Carrying a coffin and dropping it

Having a dream about dropping a coffin while carrying it may seem like an ill omen. But it has a positive connotation. Based on the plot, you have the ability to come up with quick solutions when you are suddenly pushed to a dead end. 

66. Carrying the lid of a coffin

Having a dream about carrying a coffin lid is a symbol of despair, hopelessness, poverty, and health issues. 

67. Dropping a coffin

If you dream about dropping a coffin or at least hear it fall to the ground, it means you will successfully avoid negative events, situations, and energies that show up in your way. 

68. Watching someone carry a coffin

Watching someone carry a coffin in a dream heralds bad news. 

69. Someone else dropping a coffin

This particular dream may occur during the sleep state of those who are guiding or influencing other people in certain aspects of life. 

According to the dream, you certainly have a positive influence on your siblings, subordinates, colleagues – whoever fits into the shoes. In due time, your efforts will pay off and they will begin to see the results of your guidance.

70. Wherein a coffin falls to the floor and breaks

The plot signifies major changes that will shake your whole life up from various aspects. 

71. Carrying a coffin into your house

The plot is associated with your plans on how to generate more income for yourself and your family. 

72. Carrying a coffin away from your home

According to the scenario, a few friendships and partnerships will cost you financial loss and mental peace. Therefore, take the scenario as a warning and do not let just anyone get into your circle. 

73. A coffin inside your house

A coffin inside your house, either with a dead body or nothing at all is a sign of positivity. Soon, there will be a substantial improvement in your professional life – be it in terms of a salary hike or a promotion. 

74. A coffin in your room or any other room

The dream points to your recklessness that is bringing trouble and humiliation not only to you but to everyone associated with you. 

Also, recall where exactly you saw the coffin as the location plays a prime role.

75. A coffin under your bed

Having a dream of a coffin lying right under your bed shows that you are engaging in awful activities that literally bring you closer to your grave.

According to the plot, you must step back from whatever you have gotten entangled with before you get buried. 

76. Coffin in the backyard

From all perspectives, seeing a coffin in the backyard is an ill omen. Generally, such types of dreams occur to warn the dreamer of a tragedy that is about to befall his or her family. It can be anything from untimely death to bankruptcy to divorce, etc. 

77. A coffin in a hearse

To dream about a coffin in a hearse warns you against road accidents

78. A coffin in the middle of a church

A coffin covered with flowers placed in the middle of a church stands for an unsuccessful marriage. 

79. A coffin at a funeral service

While a coffin has a negative connotation, funerals in the dream world are generally associated with victory and blessings. 

Additionally, the ceremony is regarded as a process of tying loose ends so as to progress with a clean heart and mind. Since the scenario involves both coffin and funeral, the dream may be indicating a trying time from which you will come out victorious.

Yet, there are experts who believe a casket and a funeral service together in a dream portends unpleasant events. 

80. Seeing a coffin in the middle of a cemetery

To dream of seeing a coffin inside a cemetery denotes you will soon undergo a period of grief and mourning. 

81. A coffin blocking your way

This calls for a celebration as you will soon be victorious! Chances are, you had kept your adversaries at a pedestal. You were initially under the notion that they are invincible and would be impossible to defeat. 

But soon, time will reveal who the real hero is. The scenario further hints at your bright future ahead. 

82. Being surrounded by coffins

Here, the coffins represent people and situations that give you nothing but worry and ill consequences. They seem to be lurking around and you can’t help but feel overwhelmed. 

83. Selling a coffin

According to the dream, you would soon be able to get rid of unnecessary baggage. Perhaps you will be able to move past emotions and feelings that no longer serve you. 

Or the dream plot may simply be referring to decluttering and a mass cleaning.

84. Buying a coffin

Buying a coffin in the dream world is a harbinger of hard times, especially in terms of finance. In the coming days and months, you may find yourself in situations that would need you to empty your pockets. 

They may be the result of your recklessness or ill luck. Regardless, the dream reminds you to be frugal and set aside cash for the forthcoming difficult days, if you can. 

Here, let us remind you once again that dreams provide you with a lens to see what your conscious mind couldn’t. Therefore, paying heed to the scenarios and their meanings will save you trouble. 

In this case, if you let your conscious mind direct your actions and neglect the dream meanings altogether, the chances of you getting into debt are exceedingly high. 

On the other hand, buying a coffin in a dream signifies your fears, thoughts, and opinions of death.

85. Finding a coffin

To dream about finding a coffin indicates it’s time you literally put something or someone inside that coffin and send it off. 

Take the memories of your ex-lover, for instance. Since the two of you have ended the relationship, the time you spend together and the memories are as good as dead. There’s no point in keeping them alive and dragging them around in your present and future. 

Therefore, your dream wants you to pack the dead up and bury them deep inside. 

86. A coffin lid with a cross on it

The scenario is a wake-up call for you to incorporate several changes in your life. Possibly this is the last call. You might never get another chance again. 

87. A coffin filled with flowers

Seeing a coffin filled to the brim with flowers signifies a promotion at work. 

88. A coffin filled with water

The image alludes to the womb. According to the plot, you will soon experience the cycle of life either through rebirth or death.

89. A coffin floating on water

Having a dream about a coffin floating on water signifies you will stumble upon wealth pretty soon. 

90. Coffin and grave

The scenario warns you to be more careful with your words and actions. You have the tendency to hurt others unintentionally through your sharp words. 

Dreams About Coffin: Different Types

91. An old coffin

Having a dream about an old coffin is closely associated with a loss of money. Chances are, the people you hang out with day in and day out are to blame for this. 

Take this dream as an opportunity and analyze who’s worth keeping in your circle and who’s not. 

92. A new coffin

To dream about a new coffin is a sign that you will successfully eliminate your problems.

93. A stone coffin

It is a positive sign to see a stone coffin in a dream as the plot heralds power and financial security. 

94. Wooden coffin

At any point in time, if a wooden coffin appears in your dream, the scenario indicates you are a perfectionist. You strive for the best and refuse to move on to the next until you are 100% satisfied with your present dealings. 

But does your subconscious encourage that? 


Remember, your goal is PROGRESS, not PERFECTION! If you keep on lingering on something until you are absolutely happy with it, chances are, you will never reach your destination. 

Wooden coffins also mark an ending and a beginning of something new. 

95. Carrying a wooden coffin

Carrying a wooden coffin in a dream is a good sign. There’s a possibility that what you yearn to attain is what you are made to do in your life. 

96. A tin coffin

According to the scenario, your near and dear ones often offer advice, opinions, and suggestions with the best of intentions. 

However, you always draw a line and try your best not to let their opinions affect your decision. Then, what can be the meaning behind the dream? Nobody is perfect in this world. One person’s weakness can be another’s strength. 

What we are trying to hint at is the fact that someone may be able to resolve a problem that you believe is impossible to solve. Hence, the dream encourages you not to brush away others’ opinions and thoughts. At least, listen to them, let them sink in, and see if you can make any use of their advice. 

You never know!

97. A glass coffin

If you dream about a glass coffin, it is a sign that your personal matters will become transparent and see-through just like a glass. 

It’s only a matter of time before the personal becomes public, open for everyone to see.

98. A silver coffin

The dream indicates you will be able to reap a considerable amount of profits with little investment. 

99. A golden coffin

Generally, golden coffins in the dream world symbolize inheritance. It can also stand for some other types of fortune.

Seeing a coffin with golden detailing can also indicate positive happenings. Perhaps you will suddenly become successful. And there’s a probability that the success will take you by surprise because it will come from an event or resource you had underestimated. 

100. A coffin moving by itself

The imagery stands for the humiliation you would soon be subjected to. From the looks of it, you have no one to blame but yourself. You brought disgrace upon yourself through your immature actions and behaviors. 

101. A coffin covered with dust

The plot symbolizes the evil energy working around you. You must not take this dream lightly as the energies have the potential to crush your life and existence. 

102. A flying coffin

A flying coffin in a dream has to do with problems with your partner. There’s a strong possibility that they arise from a lack of communication and misunderstandings. 

The image is also related to the revelation of something important. 

103. A heavy coffin

A heavy coffin in a dream is usually a sign of success. Expect to hear good news if you have been investing your time into something, of late. 

On the other hand, the dream can stand for a harmonious relationship between you and your people. 

104. A gigantic coffin in a dream

The plot signifies harmony as well as success in your endeavors. 

105. A small coffin

While some experts relate the scenario to dangers and threats that you would find extremely difficult to shake off, others linked the dream to a need for a break and relaxation. 

106. Coffin for babies

The image stands for lost hopes and dreams. Circumstances will compel you to give up on something you have had high hopes for. 

Coffin Dream Meaning: Different Colors

107. A white coffin

Such a dream can have different interpretations. While it is often regarded as a loss of innocence, others believe that the dream happens because your soul is as pure as the color. 

On the other hand, it can be a sign that you are an optimist. Whatever life puts you through, you always look at it from the brighter side, thereby boosting not only your spirits but your near ones as well. If you find this particular meaning relatable, remember that many people look up to you for having such a mindset. 

108. A black coffin

Based on the plot, you believe people underestimate you and do not give you the respect you deserve.

Some dream books associate the scenario with missed opportunities.

109. A brown coffin

Generally, a brown coffin in a dream announces the coming of a person into your life. Likely this individual will present himself or herself in a good way and everyone except you will be immediately smitten with the charms of this person. 

Despite his or her attempts to befriend you, you will keep that person at a distance. 

Your subconscious encourages you to continue in the same manner and not change your opinion about that person. Because very soon, he or she will show his or her true colors which would be exactly the opposite of what he or she has shown so far. 

110. Red coffin

If you see a red coffin inside your house in a dream, it portends trying times and loss. 

Who you saw inside the coffin also plays a major role in the dream interpretation. 

If you see someone you are familiar with inside the casket, you will hear a piece of news about that individual. Regardless of who, note that a living person inside a coffin portends pleasant meet-ups and new friends. 

111. A pink coffin

Pink coffins symbolize the loss of innocent love. 

112. A blue coffin

Blue coffins in the dream world point to a loss of harmony in the domestic sphere. 

113. A coffin and black flowers

If you see a coffin in a dream accompanied by black flowers, it implies the unforeseen death of a person who plays a vital role in your life. Needless to say, the tragedy will take a toll on your life.

114. Yellow flowers and a coffin

Having a dream that features the above two elements symbolizes unexpected fortune.  

Coffin Dreams: Different Dreamers

115. Coffin in the dreams of young people

If a young person encounters a dream about a coffin, it is a sign of marriage. 

116. A girl dreaming about a red coffin lid

According to dream books, the girl will have an unsuccessful marriage. 

117. A married person dreaming about a coffin

In a broad sense, a coffin or coffins in the dreams of a married person is an ill omen. The scenario symbolizes either the end of your relationship due to a lack of mutual understanding or the death of one of the spouses to a terrible incident. 

118. A pregnant woman dreaming about a baby inside a coffin

The scenario is related to your fears regarding the delivery of your child. Though the dream does not necessarily mean anything bad, you must take utmost care of yourself and your baby to be on the safer side.

119. A pregnant woman dreaming about lifting a coffin

If a pregnant woman lifts a coffin in her dream, it portends a smooth delivery. 

120. A mother dreaming about her child in a coffin

A mother dreaming about seeing her child in a coffin symbolizes the health and long life of the child. 

In case the child is presently sick, the scenario signifies a quick recovery. 

However, Miller believes a dream wherein you see your child inside a coffin is an unfavorable sign. 

121. A dream about seeing your grown-up child inside a coffin

Seeing your grown-up child inside a coffin in a dream is a reflection of loneliness. 

122. Seeing someone else’s child inside a coffin in a dream

A dream about seeing someone else’s child inside a coffin is related to your inner child. 

On the other hand, the scenario connotes that whatever stands in your way presently will clear itself with little to no effort from your end.

123. Businesspeople dreaming about coffins

Coffins in the dreams of businesspeople portend profits. Nevertheless, you should note that this is just a generic meaning. The accurate interpretation of your dream depends on your dream details and real-life circumstances. 

124. Employees dreaming about coffins

In case coffins appear in the dreams of an employee, it shows he or she will be appreciated and even promoted. 

125. Elderly people see coffins in their dreams

This is one of the most heartbreaking dreams anyone can encounter in their life. The coffin signals that the dreamer’s life is about to come to an end. 

Coffin Dream Meaning: Dream Examples

A woman had recurring dreams of lying inside a coffin while listening to others talk about her life.

The woman in question was aged and because of her old age, death was constantly on her mind. 

A woman dreamed of building her own coffin.

In reality, one of her relationships was deteriorating and she felt like her attempts to restore it were failing. 

In this context, the coffin stands for her failed efforts to rebuild the relationship. 

A young woman dreamed of a broken coffin

As mentioned in the sections above, coffins are also related to emotions in the realm of dreams. In this case, the woman had feelings for a person who did not reciprocate in the same manner. In fact, the person in question kept on ignoring the woman. 

So, the broken coffin here symbolizes the heartbreak the woman went through. 

A man dreamed of being inside a coffin.

In waking life, the man lost his job. His circumstances pushed him to a dead end and he felt like there was no hope for him to get back on his feet again.

Here, the coffin symbolizes his acceptance of defeat.

In his dream, a man was asked by others to get inside a coffin.

Turns out the dreamer’s venture was on the verge of failing due to massive losses. The coffin, in this example, symbolizes the dreamer’s fear of accepting failure. 

Spiritual Meaning Of A Dream About Coffin

From the spiritual point of view, a coffin symbolizes rebirth after undergoing an awfully difficult phase of life.

For instance, a decision to finally end things off with your lover after repeatedly failing to bring back the spark. 

Biblical Meaning Of Dreaming Of A Coffin

From the Biblical perspective, a dream featuring a coffin or coffins denotes the end of something in your waking life. Perhaps you have decided to let your partner go after several failed attempts to restore the relationship. Or it can also be related to your business venture. 

If you find yourself in a similar situation, recall the saying ‘After the rain comes the rainbow’. Whatever you are going through may be preparing you for something grander. And chances are, the coffin appeared in your dream all of a sudden because you absolutely need to bury the old to make room for the new. 

Having said that, the Holy Bible also includes instances where the coffin has a negative connotation. When you face conflicting meanings to a particular dream interpretation, you need to analyze your life deeply. 

What dream experts give is a generic meaning to the dream. As for an accurate meaning, it comes down to your life, your emotions, your social circle, and what’s happening around you. 

Possible Reasons Why You Dream Of Coffins

Since coffins in the dream world can have either positive or negative connotations depending on the scenarios, there are thousands of reasons why you encountered the dream. Some of the most common ones are:

  1. You are an undertaker or have a profession directly or indirectly related to death. In that case, do not let the dream disturb your peace as it probably is nothing but a reflection of your daily life. 
  2. Coffin dreams may occur if you have decided to let go of something or someone. 
  3. However hard you try to escape, you believe you are trapped in a certain situation. 
  4. Such dreams may also mean you have buried your genuine personality in an attempt to fit into your environment. 
  5. A bygone event or a person from your past will come back to haunt you. 
  6. You will find yourself caught up in a series of problems. 
  7. Positively, coffins in the dream world also stand for the accomplishment of missions. 
  8. Interestingly, caskets are also associated with wealth and fortune, inheritance to be more precise. 
  9. You are gradually bringing yourself closer to misfortune.
  10. Something in your life has ended and will never be restored to its original place. 
  11. You or one of your loved ones needs to see the doctor at the earliest, for your own good!

A Few Questions To Help You Get Closer to Your Meaning

It won’t be easy deciphering coffin dreams considering the object has multiple meanings and can carry either positive or negative connotations. Though it is not possible for us to provide the exact meaning of your dream (none can do this except the dreamer), we can certainly help you get much closer to the accurate meaning of your dream. 

Start by asking yourself the flowing questions. Remember to note your answers as specific as possible, exactly as you remember what happened in the dream. Refer back to the article if you have to. Without a doubt, you would begin to see some patterns on how to proceed with the dream. 

  1. Whose coffin did you see in the dream? 
  2. Was it empty or was anything inside it? If anything was present, what was it – a living or a dead? Be very specific with the answer as one single point can influence the overall meaning of the dream. 
  3. Where was it placed or where did you see it? 
  4. What were you doing in the dream? 
  5. Note the emotions you felt in the dream. Were you scared out of your wits or were you indifferent even when it was right before your eyes?
  6. Also, take into account the state and condition of the coffin? Which color was it and how big or small was it? 
  7. Were flowers present in the dream? What about the coffin lid? Note down if you see a cross on the cover. 
  8. Have you finally decided to let something or someone go?
  9. Do you think your past still influences you strongly?
  10. What are your ideas and thoughts on death and mortality?
  11. Do you or any of your loved ones have health issues that keep coming back time and time again?
  12. Are you engaged in habits and routines you believe bring you nothing but harm?

Who Often Dreams Of Coffin?

These types of dreams can occur in the sleep state of literally anybody because life and death, endings, and beginnings are universal and not limited to some sections of people. 

However, they have been found to occur more frequently to those who are rather pessimistic about life, people who often dwell on suicidal thoughts, and life after death. In such instances, red colors also tend to appear abundantly in the plot.

Also, if a person believes he or she will fail in something even before actually working on it, coffins are likely to surface in his or her dreams.


Hopefully, we cleared your doubts and answered most of your questions on a dream of a coffin. Once again, let us remind you that coffin dreams do not necessarily amount to death. Instead, many such dreams happen to foretell you of pleasant events or the completion of a cycle. 

Remember to have an open mind while deciphering your dreams. Delve deep into your life, the past as well as the present, think of all the possibilities, and most importantly, be honest with yourself!