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Dream about Lips – 34 Sequences and Meanings

Dream about Lips – 34 Sequences and Meanings

Updated on Jan 18, 2023 | Published on Aug 26, 2022

Reviewed by Dr. Nereida Gonzalez-Berrios, MD , Certified Psychiatrist

Dreaming about Lips – 34 Sequences and Meanings

Lips happen to be the ideal symbol of communication. The dream about lips refers to temptation or invitation. This dream also refers to sensuality, sex, love, and romance.

We will talk about the symbolic meaning of this dream and also discuss various scenarios along with their meanings for your waking life.

Dream about Lips – General Interpretations

The dream about lips is a sign of communication, love, sex, and tolerance. It can also mean that you are on your way to recovering from an illness. You might try to make a jealous friend act as per your directives.

When you dream about lips, it becomes a symbol of toleration, love, and understanding. It also refers to judgment. You tend to judge others on the basis of how they look and their actions.

The interpretations will vary as per different scenarios, but before we get down to discussing those, we will quickly take a look at what these lips’ dreams symbolize.

They are as follows-

1. Enter a phase of happiness in your life.

2. Face problems in convincing a person.

3. Receive appreciation from others for your tolerance and understanding.

4. You desire to have sex with your partner or someone special.

5. There is a different level of attraction you feel toward a person.

6. Looking for happiness in a love life.

7. It is a sign of making hasty decisions leading to trouble.

Dreaming about Lips – 34 Sequences and Meanings

When you are dreaming about lips, it relates to two kinds of activities. The first one is that it allows you to convey your thoughts and ideas through words. Now, the second activity talks about your ability to express your feelings through physical intimacy.

Let us now look closer into the various scenarios and see what their interpretations mean for your waking life –

1. Dream about Big Fleshy Lips

If you see big fleshy lips in your dream, it denotes that people take your words seriously and accordingly act on them as per the needs of the situation. You are soon going to enter a phase filled with happiness.

The scenario symbolizes that you will soon gain strength. Your power of authority will also increase to a great extent. You will be the go-to person for most individuals, whenever they require any credible advice.

2. Dream about Thin Lips

Thin lips appearing in your subconscious mind point toward a small aspect in a bigger picture. You are beginning to compromise your principles and beliefs for something insignificant.

Your intention is to try and put your best foot forward. In the process, it will enable you to make the best out of any situation.

The scenario tells you to accept who you are as an individual, and not try to be someone else.

3. Dream about Swollen Lips

Have you dreamed of lips that are swollen? This is a sign of possible health issues, which you can suffer from in time to come.

It could indicate that you are taking something in an aggressive manner and hence affecting your personal life.

There is something or someone, making you feel uncomfortable. Probably, you feel as if you are at a loss for words. You are unable to express your feelings clearly.

4. Dream about Swollen Bottom Lip

You can view a swollen bottom lip in your dream. It refers to the childlike joy you tend to experience from time to time in your life.

This plot also states that you should develop an understanding for moving forward in life.

You are facing some health problems. The dream reflects your intention to move away from taking up different kinds of responsibilities.

You must show patience, have the ability to control your emotions, and act with precision to successfully attain your goals.

Dream Meaning of Different Conditions of Lips

You can find lips appearing in your subconscious mind in different conditions. Every condition has some significance in your real life. Looking forward to knowing their details?

Let’s find out what the interpretations of the following dreams signify –

5. Dream of Chapped Lips

When you come across the plot of chapped lips, it denotes that you should keep a close watch on the negative things impacting your life.

Probably, you are spending too much time talking or looking to take care of a venture.

When investing your time in these activities, you tend to forget to take care of your welfare. It is important that you try to give a good amount of rest to your mind before starting off with any other activity.

6. Dream of Sore Numb Lips

Sore numb lips cropping up in your subconscious mind states that you consider the actions of the opposite gender quite close to your heart. 

You take good care of anything you do or say. It makes sure that you can impress the other person and not offend them in any manner.

The plot also reminds you that you might be getting tired of keeping up with this practice. Hence, you need to be careful not to do or say something to someone, which might hurt them.

7. Dream of Dry Lips

If you happen to see the sequence of dry lips, it is a clear indication that you are almost on the verge of succumbing to emotional stress. You need to engage yourself in doing some activities that can help refresh your mind.

Take precautions about not saying stuff that you do not actually mean, just because you are under stress. It can have a detrimental effect on your relationship with that person. You will have to give sufficient time for it to heal.

8. Dream of Sealed Lips

When you see sealed lips, it reflects your ability to keep truths and secrets with you.

You will prefer not to speak up about whatever is going on in your mind. It also ensures that you easily gain the trust of others without any problem.

Hence, it allows people to share their secrets without any hindrance. They need not have second thoughts about whether they should reveal certain information to you.

9. Dream of Glossy Lips

Did you dream of lipsticks or glossy lips? It suggests that you do not disclose complete facts about some events. You always wish to organize your thoughts and put them in words in a particular manner.

There is a tendency on your part to give people a good impression regarding your looks, sex appeal, and speech. You would love to attract others’ attention and won’t mind if they call you sexy or seductive.

10. Dream of Split Lips

Split lips represent that you will soon hit the jackpot and transform your life. You will manage to receive an amount of money, which would come as a big surprise for you and your family.

Dream Meaning of Various Actions on Lips

Lips involve carrying out various kinds of actions in day-to-day life. Some are desirable ones, while others are not so and hence would always prefer avoiding them at all costs.

Following are the scenarios and their interpretations –

11. Dream about Bleeding Lips

When you come across an undesirable scenario of bleeding lips, it refers to a phase of lost love. 

You are not managing to convey your message of love to other people in an effective manner. Take necessary precautions and avoid broken hearts from misinterpreting messages of love and affection.

12. Dream about Kissing on Lips

You can kiss someone on the lips. It predicts that you maintain close and personal communication with other people. You are gradually forming a bond across intellectual and spiritual levels.

13. Dream about Someone Kissing Your Lips

The dream interpretation of this sequence reflects your desire to agree and fit into the scheme of things.

You are a disciplined individual and feel completely secure in your life. There is a whole lot of compassion that exists in your personality.

14. Dream about Lip Lock

This sequence points toward wealth, compassion, and a brighter outlook. You can expect all the good things that life has to offer, within your grasp.

The dream also indicates that you are ruthless in dealing with different challenges of life.

15. Dream about Peeling Lips

Have you dreamed of peeling lips? It arises to warn you that you would leave open some kind of vulnerability in your words and the way you communicate with them.

Probably, you have said something but you mean something different.

16. Dream about Burning Lips

When you see a plot in which you are burning your lips while having a hot cup of tea, it portends that someone’s hot temper will burn you. 

You will try to get feedback from people on how you look or communicate. The feedback might become a little too much for you to handle.

17. Dream about Diseased Lips

Seeing this dream plot is not a favorable sign. It denotes that you will undergo emotional suffering because of the rejection of a proposal by the opposite sex.

18. Dream about Biting Lips

If you see that someone is biting your lips in a subconscious mind, it means that people will appreciate you for your level of tolerance toward someone or something.

You possess the tenacity to handle the toughest of circumstances or persons without any fuss.

19. Dream about Biting Lower Lip

This sequence denotes that you need to keep a record of something in your life. Probably you feel as if others are not paying attention to what you are trying to convey. They are simply bypassing your viewpoints.

20. Dream about Snake Biting Lip

Did you ever see the dreadful scenario of a snake biting your lip in a dream? Sounds scary, right? Fortunately, the plot happens to be a good omen for your waking life.

It refers to freedom from all your restrictions. You are in a state of contentment.

21. Dream about Piercing of Lips

The scenario of lip piercing refers to someone’s intellect and smartness. You are holding back your emotions.

A subconscious material is trying to make itself known in front of others. It also refers to your spiritual connection.

22. Dream about Having Your Lips Pierced

When you happen to undergo the process of your lips getting pierced, it signifies that you will make a major transformation in your personal life. 

You are feeling a burst of energy. It also denotes that a brand-new idea is about to take shape and bring fruitful results.

23. Dream about Cutting Lips

Did you see yourself cutting your lips while being asleep? It comes as a prior warning that someone will not accept your proposal. You would soon confront a number of unpleasant face-offs.

24. Dream about Receiving Lip Injections

Receiving lips injections in your dream refers to childhood memories. You are looking back at your past and traversing different possibilities. The creative side of your personality is at work.

25. Dream about Telling Someone That Their Lips are Seductive

This is not a favorable dream sequence. It means that you have no relations with your relatives. You should try to focus on your close people in real life and take care of their needs and demands.

Dream Meaning of Different Colors of Lips

There are various dream scenarios, which you can come across, where lips might appear in different colors.

Each color has its own significance and it would be interesting to check out their interpretations for your waking life.

26. Dream of Red Lips

If you dream of red lips, it predicts that you will soon get a lover coming into your life. It will make your stale romance flourish once again.

27. Dream of Black Lips

Black lips in your dream mean that you are opting to stay silent. You refuse to express your opinions regarding a specific situation.

28. Dream of Pink Lips

How about seeing pink lips in your subconscious mind? This sequence points toward sensuousness and sexual attraction.

You have the desire to have sex with your partner or someone else, who has managed to flatter you with their looks and behavior.

29. Dream of Blue Lips

Blue lips in your subconscious mind warn about the problems you could face regarding your blood circulation. You must treat this scenario seriously.

Consider going for a thorough check-up of your veins and arteries for any blood-related problem.

30. Dream of White Lips

When you dream about white lips, it refers to unpleasant family relationships and loss. Be aware of the issues that can result in a cold war among family members.

31. Dream of Purple Lips

Seeing purple lips denotes that you will face problems in convincing someone. You might require to spend some money or give some kind of bribes to have things going your way.

32. Dream of Green Lips

If you see lips of green color in your dream, it predicts that you could mess things up with someone over something of your interest.

There is every possibility that you will resort to telling lies to get what you want.

33. Dream of Orange Lips

Have you come across lips of orange color in your dream? It is representative of temptation and getting an invitation from someone. You might soon start doing something interesting and keep yourself occupied in it.

34. Dream of Yellow Lips

Yellow lips represent that someone will tempt you into doing something. Once you get lured into it, you will fall prey to deception.

Dream about Lips – Psychological Meaning

The psychological perspective of this dream refers to female genitals. It also signifies that you have unfulfilled sexual fantasies.

You need to ensure that you are open to discussing your needs and requirements with your partner. Leave nothing to chance and avoid the possibility of suffering disappointments.

Dreaming about Lips – Spiritual Interpretation

When you take a look at this dream about lips from the spiritual point of view, it refers to love, connection, passion, and experiencing happiness in life.

You are looking to express feelings of love and affection toward your partner and develop a passionate bond. This bond would enable you to strengthen the relationship.

Check out the following video to know more about the scenarios of lips dream and their meanings –

Final Words

We have discussed a number of scenarios regarding dreams about lips and focused on what their interpretations mean for your waking life.

They tend to focus on expressing love and affection between lovers, which becomes the basis of their strong relationship. It gains further strength from their sensuous physical intimacy.

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