The spiritual meaning of stealing money in a dream is related to power and wealth but also to a lack of values. As you might already have figured out, it hardly ever conveys a positive sign.

But there’s more to know, so keep reading!

What is the Spiritual Meaning of Stealing Money in Dreams?

Dreaming of stealing money, in the spiritual sense, indicates that you are jealous of someone or that you feel guilty about stealing something in your waking life. 

However, it may still have a few positive dream meanings. So come on, let’s see what they are!

1. Jealousy

It denotes that you are actually jealous of the person you steal from. In your waking life.

You’re always trying to compete with them over trivial things, even when they have assured you that you both are equally talented.

2. Real-life guilt 

Sometimes, it portrays that you had stolen something from someone close to you many years ago. Now you feel so guilty that you want to turn back time. 

Perhaps this person has started suspecting you of the theft or your conscience is warning you to not repeat this.

3. Receiving money

This might sound surprising, but the vision of stealing a lot of money predicts that you will soon receive a lot of money in reality. 

Maybe you’ll get a good raise or suddenly inherit a large fortune. However, you also have to save up this money and spend it wisely.

4. Losing something important

Seeing yourself stealing a large sum of money often indicates that you will lose an important aspect of your life or personality. 

It might not be something materialistic but even then, you will feel a gaping hole in your life.

You’ll try to figure out ways to regain that particular treasure but it will take time.

5. Being taken for granted

If you see someone stealing money from you in your sleep, it is a metaphor for people taking advantage of your kindness. 

You feel you are too timid to actually speak up, which is why these people can get away with their wrong deeds. It’s now time for you to stand firm on your beliefs.

6. Job dissatisfaction

It highlights your dissatisfaction in waking hours. People only steal when they aren’t happy with their financial conditions, and this manifests itself in dreams.

So it probably means that you’re not happy with your job salary or other conditions.

7. Being needy 

If you see yourself stealing money from your partner, it’s not a good sign. This depicts that you are often very needy in your romantic relationships. 

Most of your exes have broken up with you because you were not self-independent. You always hold on to others too strongly. 

8. Success 

In the positive sense, stealing money can indicate that you will soon face success in your career. 

Even though you will take more time than your coworkers, people will appreciate you greatly.

Your superiors will be very pleased with your performance and your salary might increase too.

9. Defeating an enemy

In your dreams, if someone stole money from you but you caught up to them, it is a good sign about defeating an old enemy soon. 

You might have already defeated them earlier but now they are back with vengeance on their mind.

However, they will soon realize how powerful you are and back off.

10. Demanding respect

Stealing money from a bank, according to spirituality, represents your wish to earn respect from others. 

You feel that nobody really takes you seriously because of your easygoing attitude. You’re tired of the way people underestimate your strengths.

11. Treading cautiously

Seeing yourself stealing money from the poor is a sign from your spiritual guide. It asks you to tread cautiously in the coming few weeks or months. 

Someone very close to you is planning to betray you in a horrible way. You must be alert and find out who this person is.

12. Privacy 

If you subconsciously see that you stole money from a cash register at a mall or a store, it indicates your need for privacy

You feel that whatever you do becomes a topic for gossip among your social circle and this embarrasses you.

You want to cut off connections with these people and lead a peaceful life alone.

13. Spiritual weakness

If you somehow find out that someone has stolen all your money in these sights, it denotes that you feel spiritually weak and restless.

You want to contact your spiritual guide but somehow, the connection between you both is lost.

14. Neglecting your parents

If you see yourself stealing money from your parents, it shows that you have been neglecting them for a long time. 

Even though you might support them financially, you haven’t talked to them properly or done any chores in the house.

Be kinder and more generous to them.

15. Too extravagant

If you witness someone stealing money from another person in dreams, it highlights your extravagance. 

You spend excessively on unnecessary things and then regret your decisions. Instead of going on shopping sprees, you must save up this money and use it wisely.

A word from ThePleasantDream

The spiritual meaning of stealing money is related to various aspects of your life but mostly regarding how you handle difficulties. So it’s important to understand what each dream is telling you.

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