Seals are fun creatures and good at entertaining us humans. But is a dream about seals as amusing and welcoming as the creature? 

It generally stands for fun, joviality, and good times. On the other hand, they also stand for power and authority. But watch out for the negative messages too!

What Does It Means To Dream about Seals?

Before you start decoding your dream you need to understand that there are two different types of seals – one, a living creature, and the other, a non-living.

While the creature is a symbol of playfulness and joviality, the other, often used for official purposes stands for power and authority. 

Following are some symbolism of the dream and also some of the possible reasons why the scenario showed up.

  • Expect piece of news

Apart from these obvious symbolisms, your dream featuring a seal or seals could stand for – a piece of good news or your amazing support system.  

  • Playfulness

Seals being one of the most playful creatures, your dream could be symbolic of your jovial disposition and a good sense of humor. 

  • Closure

Going back to the purpose of seals on letters and such, this dream could mean you need to bring closure to something and ‘seal the deal.’ 

Dreaming about Seals –  Scenarios and Their Interpretations

Going through the below specific plots will help you understand your dream better. 

Seeing or spotting a seal in the dream

It shows that you are an optimistic person. You prefer focusing on the good things of life and hardly let negativities stress you more than what is necessary. 

Dream of killing a seal

It shows you are anxious about a close one’s health condition. Your dream also wants you to prepare for the worst if you believe it is critical. 

On the other hand, it is a sign that your plans will fall apart. Nothing will work out the way you have planned. 

For business people, the plot is an ill omen signifying losses and failures. 

Seeing seals in the water

The meaning of this plot entirely depends on the state of the water. 

Seals in crystal clear and calm water portend balance and harmony in your life. 

But for that to happen you may need to reflect on your past events, reevaluate present circumstances and reconsider crucial decisions. 

On the contrary, seals in dirty water show you have no clarity and purpose in your life. You often act on your whims and fancies without critical thinking. 

Seals in a swimming pool

This denotes you are quite pessimistic by nature. You allow the slightest of distractions to ruin your mood. 

Also, you sometimes let yourself feel depressed without any reason whatsoever. 

Seeing seals resting on a beach

Seals resting on a beach imply you need a change in your life. 

One aspect of your life is extremely toxic for you and the longer you hang in there, the worse your overall life will turn out to be. 

Swimming with seals

A new relationship is on the horizon if you have this vision. 

As per the plot, the person you would get into a relationship with won’t be a completely new individual but someone who has been around you for quite some time. 

A seal sleeping 

This dream symbolizes stagnation. Despite your efforts, you feel you are not making any progress. 

Another approach shows you are investing much time, energy, and money on insignificant matters. 

A seal performance

This is not a good sign. You might be going through a tough time in your business life. 

It may also mean you will be tempted to try new strategies and work on improving your situation. 

Additionally, your dream wants you not to overexert yourself because you are probably going through a wheel of fortune and you or your strategies may not be at fault. 

To see seals jumping 

Seals jumping symbolizes a promotion. 

Playing with seals

This is a good sign implying wish fulfillment. 

Petting a seal 

It shows you have your guards up. You do not let negative people and unnecessary thoughts disturb your mental peace. 

Kissing a seal

This indicates you want to be in full control of how your future takes shape. 

Seals chasing me (the dreamer)

It is a cue from the universe to follow your dreams and not to let fear of failure hold you back. 

Hunting seals 

You may lose something dear to you if you hunt for seals. For some, it could be material possessions and for others, it may be relationships. 

Also, losing abstract things like happiness and honesty is commonplace if you experienced the scenario. 

Seals and dolphins

This is an extremely good sign as both creatures symbolize positivity in a general sense. 

While seals stand for playfulness, optimism, and a good sense of humor, dolphins stand for good luck and success.

Negatively, it warns you against losing control of your life. 

Different Types of Seals Appearing in Dreams

  • A wounded seal – The scenario symbolizes nonalignment between two things, your present life, and your goals, maybe. 
  • Baby seals – This is closely related to self-confidence. The time is auspicious to begin new business ventures as you would be able to reap profits – a lot more than you had imagined or expected. 
  • A monk seal – In the dream world, this stands for courage, adventure, enjoyment, and happiness.
  • A leopard seal – The scenario is associated with disappointment. Most likely, you are not happy with the decisions you made in the past and how they have turned out to be. 
  • A white seal – It portends spending a good time with family and close friends. Some of you may even attend an engagement or wedding ceremony of a near relation. Another approach to the scenario shows your emotions would get much more stable. 
  • Seeing a gray seal – It is often your higher self reminding you to keep your integrity intact. 

Biblical Meaning

From the Biblical perspective, seals are a symbol of security and even ownership. This may not apply if you dream of seals, the sea creature. 


Therefore, a dream about seals may mean anything under the sun – from playfulness to authority and reminiscing childhood memories. 

Like other themes, a few plots associated with seals may bring you unpleasant news. But don’t let that upset you.

Instead, you can make use of those messages to fix the areas that need immediate attention.

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