Key Takeaways

  • A dream of seal usually symbolizes playfulness, fun, and jovial nature on one hand and power and authority on the other. 
  • The living creatures are also often a sign of you being backed up by a good support system.
  • Negatively, seals reflect feelings of being stuck and of life going haywire. 
  • Interestingly, seals are also associated with secrets. So, if you have anything big under wraps, your dream could be a sign that it’s about to be out.

Seals are fun creatures and good at entertaining us, humans. But is a dream about seals as amusing and welcoming as the creature? 

Additionally, you must understand that the word ‘seal’ can mean two completely different things. 

So, it’s crucial to remember the context of your dream first before getting to the next step. 

Dream about Seals – General Meaning

A dream of seals generally stands for fun, joviality, and good times. On the other hand, they also stand for power and authority. But watch out for the negative messages too!

Before you start decoding your dream you need to understand that there are two different types of seals – one, a living creature, and the other, a non-living.

While the creature is a symbol of playfulness and joviality, the other, often used for official purposes stands for power and authority. 

Apart from these obvious symbolisms, your dream featuring a seal or seals could stand for something entirely different – a piece of good news or your amazing support system, for instance. 

But does that mean dreams of seals carry no negative meaning? They do! For example, some dreams may reflect your fear of not making any progress or others may be a warning that something huge that has been kept in the dark for a long time is about to come out. 

A Dream Of Seal – Dream Symbols

These could be some of the possible reasons why the scenario showed up. 

1. Playfulness

Seals being one of the most playful creatures, your dream could be symbolic of your jovial disposition and a good sense of humor. 

2. Closure

Going back to the purpose of seals on letters and such, dreaming of a seal could mean you need to bring closure to something and ‘seal the deal’. 

Dreaming about Seals – 62 Scenarios and Their Interpretations

Going through the below specific plots will help you understand your dream better. At the very least, they will help you gain clarity about how to get started with your dream interpretation. 

1. A seal in dream

Seals are playful creatures, easy to train, and good entertainers. From that perspective, a dream featuring a seal generally implies you have a good sense of humor. Your personality helps you blend in well with others, even with a group of strangers.

Seals in the dream world are also symbolic of growth and prosperity, especially in the professional domain. 

2. To dream of seeing or spotting a seal

If you dream of seeing or spotting the pinniped, it shows that you are an optimistic person. You prefer focusing on the good things of life and hardly let negativities stress you more than what is necessary. 

3. To dream of a pack of seals

Many seals or a pack of seals symbolize endless support you would be receiving from loved ones in the foreseeable future. This could be emotional or financial, depending on what you are presently going through. 

If you can, try to recall a rough number of the seals present in your dream. Needless to say, the more the number of pinnipeds, the more abundant and better your support system would be. 

4. Dreaming about meeting a seal

Meeting a seal is a positive sign. In the upcoming days or weeks, you will come across someone who will help you achieve your professional goals. 

5. A dream about killing a seal

A dream about Killing a seal shows you are anxious about a close one’s health condition. Your dream also wants you to prepare for the worst if you believe it is critical. 

On the other hand, such a dream is a sign that your plans will fall apart. Nothing will work out the way you have planned. 

For business people, the plot is an ill omen signifying losses and failures. 

6. A dream of a dead seal

Dead seals are a sign that you are on the verge of breaking down. Lately, you have been pushing yourself too much more than your physical and mental health can cope with. Therefore, the dream says you are in dire need of a break.

From another perspective, the dream says you are greatly influenced by other people. Now, it is a good thing if people influenced you with good intentions. 

But here, there’s a probability that you are being swayed by toxic people. They may have no intentions to sabotage your life but according to the dream hanging out with them will prove to be detrimental for you in the long run.

Also, the dream symbolizes your disappointment on account of a missed opportunity

7. To dream of seeing seals in the water

The meaning of this plot entirely depends on the state of the water. 

Seals in crystal clear and calm water portend balance and harmony in your life. But for that to happen you may need to reflect on your past events, reevaluate present circumstances and reconsider crucial decisions. 

On the contrary, seals in dirty water show you have no clarity and purpose in your life. You often act on your whims and fancies without critical thinking – something that needs to be fixed asap if you want to stay out of trouble. 

8. To dream of seals in a swimming pool

Seals in a swimming pool denote you are quite pessimistic by nature. You allow the slightest of distractions to ruin your mood. According to the dream, you sometimes even let yourself feel depressed without any reason whatsoever. 

The dream happened because your higher self wants you to focus not on the ugly but on the beautiful sides of life. 

9. Dreaming of seals wriggling up on a beach

Generally, seals are an extremely good sign. So, to see the creature wriggling up on a beach from the water is the harbinger of a piece of pleasant news coming your way.

10. To dream of seeing seals on the beach in a threatening manner

Seals lying around on the beach in a threatening manner reflect your anxiousness about a problem in your waking life. 

11. To dream of seeing seals resting on a beach

Seals resting on a beach imply you need a change in your life. 

One aspect of your life is extremely toxic for you and the longer you hang in there, the worse your overall life will turn out to be. This could hint at your residential area, workplace, career, circle, or even a relationship. 

12. Dreaming of seals in a river

Seals in a river are an ill omen. Situations, matters, and events that take place in the foreseeable future will not make sense to you.

You wouldn’t understand how and why they happen.

And your dream says you shouldn’t even try to make head or tail of those events because your efforts would be in vain. Consider you are under a spell of bad luck and wait for it to pass by. You really have no other option. 

13. To dream of seeing a seal popping out of the water

Seals popping out of the water symbolize a career advancement. If you are an employee, expect a promotion or a raise, at the very least.

14. Dreaming of seals swimming

Seals swimming in dream shows you lack freedom and independence in your life. You might be caught in a system that confines you with no room for flexibility or creativity. 

Furthermore, the dream also denotes a craving on your end to break free from that routine. Mundane tasks, responsibilities, and chores no longer make you happy. Rather, you are getting depressed with your confinement with each passing day. 

And that is why your dream advises you to take the initiative and break free from those shackles. Because nobody is going to do it for you. 

15. A dream of swimming with seals

A new relationship is on the horizon if you dream of swimming with seals. 

As per the plot, the person you would get into a relationship with won’t be a completely new individual but someone who has been around you for quite some time. 

16. A dream of a seal sleeping 

A sleeping seal symbolizes stagnation. Despite your efforts, you feel you are not making any progress. 

Another approach to the dream shows you are investing much time, energy, and money on insignificant matters. 

17. A dream of feeding seals

You are probably in a leadership position if you dream of the above. The act of feeding seals shows you are leading others through advice or tasks.

What you need to remember at this point is that not everyone will take your advice well. 

While some may use your guidance to grow into better humans, others may take unfair advantage of your counsel and use it for evil purposes. Therefore, you need to differentiate between those two types of people from the get-go. 

18. Dreaming of a seal performance

Seal performance is not a good sign. You might be going through a tough time in your business life. 

It may also mean you will be tempted to try new strategies and work on improving your situation. 

You may do so but at the same time, your dream wants you not to overexert yourself because you are probably going through a wheel of fortune and you or your strategies may not be at fault. 

19. To see seals jumping in a dream

Seals jumping symbolizes a promotion. 

20. Dreaming about playing with seals

Playing with seals is a good sign implying wish fulfillment. 

21. Petting a seal in a dream

Petting a seal shows you have your guards up. You do not let negative people and unnecessary thoughts disturb your mental peace. 

22. To dream of kissing a seal

Dream of Kissing a seal indicates you want to be in full control of how your future takes shape. 

23. Dreams about seals chasing me (the dreamer)

If you dream of the creature chasing you, it is a cue from the universe to follow your dreams and not to let fear of failure hold you back. 

24. Dreams about seals attacking

A seal attacking you is not a very good sign. Chances are, you wouldn’t see much growth and profits in your venture around this time. 

25. A seal biting you in a dream

To start with, you may have a secret or two if the scenario surfaces in your dream. It could be about anything, literally. 

Regardless of who and what it is about, your dream wants you to spill the beans to those you trust. 

If you push it for later times, you might never get the opportunity to and that may compel your loved ones to take you for a liar when the secret is finally out. 

26. Dreaming of a seal eating people

Either you or someone close to you is in grave danger if you dream of the above. 

27. A dream about catching a seal

Catching a seal is often associated with your close ones helping you financially. 

28. Hunting seals in a dream

You may lose something dear to you if you hunt for seals. For some, it could be material possessions and for others, it may be relationships. 

Also, losing abstract things like happiness and honesty is commonplace if you experienced the scenario. 

29. Dreaming of a wounded seal

The scenario symbolizes nonalignment between two things, your present life, and your goals, maybe. 

30. To dream of seeing seal skin

Generally, seeing the skin of seals portends happiness, especially in your personal life. 

31. Eating seal meat in a dream

In the upcoming future, one of your close ones will treat you to good times. Most likely, you will go on a trip, have good food, and indulge in a variety of adventures, all at the expense of that person. 

32. Dreaming of a talking seal

A talking seal is symbolic of a balanced, harmonious, and loving relationship between you and your partner. 

33. To see a sick seal in a dream

A sick seal stands for your conscience, worries, and anxieties weighing you down. You need to figure out the core problems that are making you feel that way. Otherwise, you may get haunted by that sick seal night after night. 

34. A dream about baby seals

Baby seals are closely related to self-confidence. The time is auspicious to begin new business ventures as you would be able to reap profits – a lot more than you had imagined or expected. 

35. To dream of seeing giant seals

A giant seal may stand for your fear of losing control and direction in life. 

Due to several reasons, we often make decisions against our own will to fit into our circle and workplace to comply with the laid down rules and regulations. And the dream shows you feel like you are no longer in control of your decisions and actions. 

36. Dreaming of a monk seal

In the dream world, a monk seal stands for courage, adventure, enjoyment, and happiness.

37. To see an elephant seal in your dream

Oftentimes, an elephant seal is a reflection of your jovial nature and a good sense of humor.

38. Dreaming of a leopard seal

Dream of leopard seal is associated with disappointment. Most likely, you are not happy with the decisions you made in the past and how they have turned out to be.

39. To dream of a harbor seal

If you are an impulsive person, which the scenario says you are, your dream is a reminder to take time to make decisions, especially crucial ones.  

40. Dreaming of a white seal

White seals portend spending a good time with family and close friends. Some of you may even attend an engagement or wedding ceremony of a near relation. 

Another approach to the scenario shows your emotions would get much more stable. 

41. A black seal in a dream

If you dream of a black seal, it means your family and friends expect a lot from you. 

Negatively, your dream denotes something trivial is getting on your nerves. 

42. Seeing a gray seal in a dream

A gray seal is often your higher self reminding you to keep your integrity intact. 

43. Dreaming of a blue seal

A blue seal hints at the presence of fake well-wishers in your circle. If you are finding it difficult to figure out who’s what, your dream says you need not worry yourself as their actions and behavior will soon reveal their genuine self. 

44. Dreaming of seals and dolphins

Seals and dolphins in dream is an extremely good sign as both creatures symbolize positivity in a general sense. While seals stand for playfulness, optimism, and a good sense of humor, dolphins stand for good luck and success.

Negatively, seals and dolphins together in water warn you against losing control of your life. 

45. A dream of sharks eating seals

It is an ill omen to see sharks feeding on seals. Here, the pinnipeds represent you, and the shark stands for evil-minded people in your surroundings. 

As indicated in the scenario, evil eyes are on you. Many in your circle want to see you fail. The interpretation is especially true if you are doing well in your waking well. If you can think of one or a few people who are capable of committing vicious deeds, stay away from them at all costs. 

46. Dreaming of seals and whales

If you dream of whales and seals, the scenario shows you are looking forward to bringing forth some positive changes in your life. 

47. A woman dreaming of seal performance

If the above dreams show up, it means your creative juices are oozing and you are confident of the new ideas you come up with around this time. 

48. A pregnant woman dreaming of a seal

Seals are a good omen for pregnant women. In this instance, the pinniped implies a smooth delivery.

Some experts relate a seal in the dreams of a to-be parent with the birth of a baby boy.

49. A woman in love dreaming of a seal performance

You tend to allow external factors to affect your mental peace. 

50. A man in love dreaming of a seal performance

According to the plot, you always choose your words wisely for fear of hurting your significant other. 

51. A person in love dreaming of seals

If you dream of a seal while in love, it means your relationship is going on well with equal love and commitment from both sides. 

52. A student dreaming of a seal

For a student, seals denote passing an exam with flying colors. 

53. Seal performance in the dreams of a student

For a student, now is a good time to set goals related to study or career and follow through. Doing so will bring you promising results. 

54. Seals in the dreams of businesspeople

For business people, seals are a good sign indicating a smooth sailing venture and profits in abundance. 

55. Dreaming of a perfectly intact seal

The intact seal is a sign that you are being too cautious, far more than necessary. You have your guards up and you refrain from making yourself vulnerable to anyone or anything. 

56. To receive a letter with an unknown seal in a dream

Very soon you will come across a person and his or her existence, behavior, way of talking, etc. will be a puzzle to you. Despite your repeated failure to understand that person, you’ll find him or her extremely interesting and intriguing. 

57. To dream of breaking a seal

Have you started something recently, a project maybe? If so, your dream advises you to keep going without wasting time. 

To see yourself breaking a seal is also associated with learning someone’s secret. Then again, the dream could also mean you are breaking the trust someone has in you. 

58. Dreaming about sealing a surface 

Sealing something with varnish or any similar substance shows you want something to stay the way it is. 

For instance, if you patch up with your partner and are finally seeing eye to eye after constant bickering, your dream shows you want your relationship to remain that way. 

60. To dream of someone opening an object you sealed

If you dream of someone breaking a seal you made, it shows that you are worried about your secret coming out in the open.  

61. Dreaming of a big seal of pure wax

If you have anything coming up, your dream advises you to proceed calmly and with caution for a rewarding outcome. 

62. To dream of a small official seal of red wax

The dream foretells success, especially if you are into sports or a part of a professional team.

Seal Dreams – Dream Examples

You can go through the below dream examples to have an understanding of how to approach your dream.

A woman dreamed of a scary-looking seal.

Here, the seal stands for her perception of marriage. She was afraid to get married and have children for fear of having her career cut short. 

Biblical Meaning Of Seals In Dreams

From the Biblical perspective, seals are a symbol of security and even ownership. This may not apply if you dream of seals, the sea creature. 


Therefore, a dream about seals may mean anything under the sun – from playfulness to authority and reminiscing childhood memories. 

Like other themes, a few plots associated with seals may bring you unpleasant news. But don’t let that upset you. Instead, you can make use of those messages to fix the areas that need immediate attention. 

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