A dream about taxi is remarkably common due to the role of cabs and other means of public transportation in this day and age. 

Well, this dream symbolizes changes, new beginnings, and progression. However, depending on the context it may also stand for missed opportunities and the revelation of a secret. 

What Does It Mean to Dream Of a Taxi?

Usually, such dreams signify changes in one or several areas of your life, often for the better. The vehicle is also closely related to money and profits in the dream world.

You can expect numerous opportunities to help you grow financially if a cab shows up in your dream. 

Also, it’s possible that the vehicle is trying to draw your attention to untapped skills and talents that will open up a sea of opportunities for you. 

A lot of dreamers who wish to drive or become professional chauffeurs have also had such dreams. 

From the relationship point of view, cabs symbolize abrupt endings such as a divorce or a breakup. Something that would seem unpleasant at first but would turn out to be for the better in the long run. 

Most Common Dreams About Taxi & Their Meanings

Cab dream interpretations would vary depending on the specific activity. Note that the meaning will also vary depending on the color, condition, and speed at which the cab travels. 

To see a taxi under a bridge in the dream

Life comprises both negative and positive. In fact, these are inevitable. 

So, this is your subconscious warning you to be aware of both the good and the bad in your life. 

Seeing a taxi on the highway in dream

It promises good times in the foreseeable future. 

A taxi with open doors

This symbolizes new opportunities. 

A burning taxi

It shows you feel anxious about your future because you believe your present is getting out of hand. 

Waiting for a cab 

Likely, someone will give you a piece of advice soon. At first, it may sound unrealistic or far-fetched.

However, your dream says you must be patient and confident enough to follow through with the guidance. Because it sure will pay off!

Sleeping in a taxi

Dreaming of sleeping in a taxi is feel like you have too much on your plate causing you to be burned out day in and day out. 

Missing a taxi

The dream portends separation from a close one. It could be a breakup, a divorce, etc.  

Riding in a cab alone

The dream says you would be able to secure a stable future for yourself without seeking help from others. 

Sharing a cab with someone else 

This most likely a stranger is a sign of infidelity in the waking world. 

Traveling in a taxi with others after nightfall

Either yours or someone else’s dark secret will soon be revealed. 

Alternatively, your dream may be warning you of a scandal you may soon get involved in if the person happens to be of the opposite sex

Getting off a taxi 

This could be a sign that you are very much near the end of your journey. 

A taxi running over you

Chances are, you are on your way to uproot problems that make you worry constantly. 

Using an online taxi service

It shows you have realized that you will possibly not be able to reach your desired destination or goal without a little help from others.

In other instances, calling a taxi hint at an upcoming trip.

To see a broken-down taxi 

Whatever you do and whatever you say, people will always have something to comment on.

So, your higher self wants you to stay firm with your decisions, provided they are right, and not pay any attention to white noise and gossip people spread about you.

Driving a taxi

According to the dream, you will soon have to make some major decisions regarding matters that are exceptionally important to you. 

On the other hand, it implies you are in complete control of your life. 

A taxi driver

The dream is ill-omen foreshadowing trouble in more than one area of your life. 

Various Types of Taxi Appearing in Dreams

  • A white taxi – As long as you stay flexible and open to changes, a white taxi signifies positivity. If not, you can expect a series of disappointments and wishes falling apart. 
  • A black taxi – The dream often emphasizes a need to change. 
  • A yellow taxi – This is a sign of positive changes. But the path won’t be easy and you’ll come across several pitfalls. 
  • An old taxi – The interpretations depend on the state of the taxi. It means you are on the right path if the taxi is in good shape. Otherwise, it shows you need guidance to go in the right direction. 

Psychological Meaning Of A Dream About A Taxi

Taxi being a public means of transport, the drivers are often people unknown to us. Yet, we trust our intuition that he or she will take us to the place we wish to go to. 

Similarly, such dreams could be asking you to trust yourself and your intuition. 

If your gut feeling tells you that it’s okay to trust the process, your subconscious encourages you to do so and see how it goes. 


Though a dream about a taxi usually denotes positive movement, you still need to pay close attention to the dream details as some could be your higher self warning you of something. 

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