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Rainbow Dream Meaning – Deciphering 53 Plots

Rainbow Dream Meaning – Deciphering 53 Plots

Updated on Jan 17, 2023 | Published on Apr 01, 2022

Reviewed by Katina Tarver, MA (Mental Health and Wellness Counseling) , Life Coach

Rainbow Dream Meaning - 53 Intriguing Plots With Their Interpretations

Do you want to find the rainbow dream meaning and get a detailed picture of its scenarios? Then, you are at the right place.

Dreaming of a rainbow refers to positive effects as they normally appear after the rain. It would always be of great help if you find yourself at the right spot at the right time to watch rainbows in waking life.

Similarly, when you dream about rainbows, it denotes your need to be at the exact place, at an appropriate time in your life. It would always help you achieve your desired results.

We will first check out the symbolic meaning behind this dream. Following this, we would discuss various dream scenarios, their interpretations, and how they impact your daily life.

Rainbow Dream Meaning - 53 Intriguing Plots With Their Interpretations
Rainbow Dream Meaning – 53 Intriguing Plots With Their Interpretations

Rainbow Dream Meaning – Symbolic Interpretations

The rainbow dream meaning is all about the fulfillment of your wishes and experiencing good fortune in life. It also means that you are set for a fresh beginning, where you will see a positive turn of events.

When you see a rainbow in your dreams, it presents you with a feeling of refreshment and happiness. This dream is an ideal sign because rainbows normally come up after rain along with the Sun.

The rainbow symbol tells that inclement weather has passed and bright sunshine is on its way. 

Hence, dreaming of rainbows means you have survived the tough times and now, you are all set to enjoy peace, tranquility, and happiness in your life.

Let us now discuss what does this dream symbolize and understand their implications –

1. New Beginning

In your real life, you may be undergoing a phase of extreme difficulties. You have exhausted all your options in your quest for solving these issues.

Under these circumstances, when you dream of a rainbow, it symbolizes that you will soon get rid of all those problems. 

The positive phase of your life will put you on the right path. You would soon go through several turning points in life.

2. Seek Accomplishment

There are a whole lot of creative ideas brimming inside your mind in this phase. Now, if you can put those ideas in a proper place, it could result in profitability.

Hence, dreaming of rainbows denotes that there is a connection between your physical being and the spiritual world. 

You are on your way to doing something new in this life and that would also help you attain spiritual enlightenment.

3. Connect with People

Seeing dreams act as a reminder of all your connections with others and the kind of attachments you share with them. 

Perhaps, as of now, you are unable to keep any contact with your friends and relatives.

This dream of a rainbow gives a reminder that you must reach out to them and renew your relationships. You need them during times of distress for moral support and advice.

4. Forthcoming Difficult Phase

A rainbow has seven colors in it. The color you see in your dream can sometimes refer to a difficult phase you will soon face in your life.

This dream comes as a warning so that you are fully prepared to handle the challenges and overcome them in the best possible manner.

5. Reveals Personality

Dreaming about a rainbow can even symbolize the kind of personality you possess.

If you have a caring personality and are cheerful, it might denote the amount of happiness that your personality will let you enjoy.

On the other hand, if you have a subdued personality and do not care about others’ welfare, then the scenario will be different. You will struggle to enjoy your life and be happy.

Rainbow Dream Meaning – 53 Plots and Interpretations

When you see a rainbow in your dream, it suggests that you are moving in the right direction. 

If you are a kind-hearted and honest person who always attempts to act right and help out people, all your wishes will get fulfilled.

This dream of a rainbow might look mysterious to some individuals.

Everything depends on how you manage to interpret all these elements that appear in your dreams and they relate to everyday activities.

The exceptional natural element shows up after rain. Generally, this dream conveys a happy meaning because you see a rainbow during the day after heavy showers.

Let us now discuss various plots and interpretations of dreams about rainbows. You can get a fair idea about their impact on your life –

1. Dream about Seeing a Rainbow

When you see a rainbow in your dream, it shows that you are on the right path. This is irrespective of the type of dream. Your conduct in life will have a lot of say on how the future shapes up.

If you have the right kind of attitude and are always willing to offer your helping hand to others, you can rest assured that all your wishes will come true. 

Rainbow also has its links with your truth and your path of spirituality.

This dream tells you to keep believing and fighting for your most significant goals. Even when your life is not going the way you want, you should not give up but continue to fight.

2. Dream about Double Rainbow

The dream of double rainbow points toward serendipity and rainbow. You might have finally found peace of mind in your life.

Now you know where you should put your full focus and the importance of working on it wholeheartedly to get the desired result.

3. Dream about Three Rainbows

When the main rainbow appears, it generates a triple rainbow or three rainbows out of the reflection of light. 

Dreaming about a triple rainbow denotes that good things happening in your life are also positively affecting all those people who are close to you.

For instance, an organization might soon give you a good job offer and let you handle an important project. You can even refer your siblings to some posts in your organization as per their qualifications.

4. Dream about Quadruple Rainbow

You can even see a quadruple rainbow or four rainbows at a time in your dream. These rainbows represent that all the good things in your life would come in fours.

It is quite similar to dreams of quadruplets. It denotes that due to the upcoming transformation in your life, the good news is just around the corner.

5. Dream about Rainbow with Incomplete Colors

When you dream about the incomplete colors of the rainbow, it denotes that you will not have harmonious interpersonal relationships.

You may have differences of opinions with others, resulting in conflict.

It is better that you keep an individual, who often disagrees with your viewpoints but never indulges in any kind of argument. 

This type of person can help you learn a few things and hence make you grow as a person.

6. Dream about Rainbow with Seven Colors

Dreaming of a rainbow with seven complete colors denotes that everything will go as per plan. You might finally express your feelings towards someone you love. They might even accept your proposal.

It will be a scenario of great pleasure and happiness. You could decide the future course of action with your partner and move ahead with the relationship accordingly.

7. Dream about Lots of Rainbows

If you see a lot of rainbows in your dream, it means that you will find luck and prosperity in your love life. 

You can understand this particular dream much better if you think of the fact that there are two scenarios with contrasting feelings.

When you see a rainbow in your dream, it reflects your feelings. While dreaming about lots of rainbows denotes your current mental condition. Apart from this, it also refers to the feeling of the one you love.

8. Dream about a Half Rainbow

You can even see a half rainbow in your dream. It denotes that something bad is about to happen in your life.

Perhaps, you are working on a plan at the moment, but for some reason, you will leave it halfway.

A thought can arise, which might give you the impression that the current plan will not lead you to the desired result.

Hence, you could look for chalking out another plan and start working on it.

9. Dream of a Fading Rainbow

Have you dreamed of a rainbow that is fading away, or slowly starting to disappear? It is not a favorable sign. This scenario states that your wishes and fantasies will not get fulfilled at this point.

There shouldn’t be any reason for you to feel disheartened. It only means that there is enough hope that in some time, your dreams will come true. 

You just need to invest more time and effort into your work.

Simultaneously, this dream also reminds you of the fact that as life is short, hence all the pleasures you come across in your life would also remain for a short period. 

Hence, you must make the most out of the good times.

10. Dream about Finding a Gold Pot Below the Rainbow

When you dream of a pot of gold below the rainbow, it predicts the good luck you will invite in life through your efforts. 

Good fortune normally refers to enjoying financial gains, which do not happen often in one’s life. It can include winning the lottery or you can even hit the jackpot while playing at the casino

Pots of gold under the rainbow might even foretell that an investment that was not turning out to be a complete loss, might suddenly take a massive turn and enable you to enjoy the profit.

11. Dream of a Golden Rainbow

When you see a golden rainbow in your dream, it is a sign of stability and security. They have come through your efforts and achievements. 

You might have a feeling of vulnerability and are in desperate need of comfort.

You are on the lookout to develop a new understanding of your personality. This sequence also points towards your emotional intimacy. You may be about to start working on a new project.

A golden rainbow is a sign of spiritual awakening, ideas, visions, hope, and enlightenment. 

Seeing this in your dream also states that you have left your past behind and are ready to move forward and concentrate on making new relationships.

12. Dream of a Black Rainbow

This is a very strange kind of rainbow dream because the rainbow always consists of seven different colors, including violet, indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange, and red. 

Black is not even part of the seven colors, but you see a black rainbow in your dream.

It is not a good sign. The scenario indicates that if you blindly trust others’ sugar-coated words, you will get hurt in the end. 

Hence, you need to pay close attention to all those who seem to be too sweet for comfort.

You must rest assured that they are up to something in their mind. They will just need an opportunity to take undue advantage of you. 

Therefore, this rainbow dream meaning makes you realize that it is better you become fully aware of these people and ideally stay away from them.

Dream Meaning of Contexts with Rainbows

You can come across several contexts related to rainbows in your dream. Each context has a say about your life’s prospects. 

It can either guide you to a different path or encourage you to keep going in the current pattern of your life.

Let us look at the interpretations of these dreams in detail:

13. Dream about Rainbow and Rain

If you dream of a rainbow after the heavy rain, it denotes that your problems are almost on the verge of getting over. All your issues will give rise to goodwill. You just need to keep going in this life.

Rain or storm can be quite depressing, while a rainbow gives you a feeling of change, positivity, and happiness. 

Therefore, when you see them together in your dream, it is a sign that you must cheer yourself up in the present troublesome situation.

14. Dream of a Rainbow in the Night

A Rainbow is a natural phenomenon that you come across during the daytime after a storm. 

So, if you dream of a rainbow at night, it denotes divine interventions. It gives you a semblance of hope during a time of distress.

When everything is alright in your life, this sequence can refer to the best possible ending that you have always wanted to experience.

15. Dream of a Rainbow in the Water

When you dream of a rainbow in the water, it offers a picture of hope, with the help of which you can lead your life.

The reflection of the rainbow in water showcases all the faith you have in your future.

It indicates that your wishes are still intact. You have the same kind of urge to meet your goals as it was earlier. Hence everything will work to your advantage.

16. Dream of a Rainbow in the Sky

The sky tends to portray a sense of peace and calm. When you see a rainbow in the air, it is a symbol of your personality and beauty. 

This sequence also suggests that you are fully capable of doing a lot of things. Even when things are not in your favor, you can keep calm and come out of difficulties.

It also means that you maintain a harmonious relationship with all those genuine and honest individuals around you.

17. Dream of a Rainbow in the Dark Sky

The dream about seeing a rainbow in the dark and gloomy sky denotes you will undergo a period of struggle. The difficulties you will face might be related to your personal or professional life.

You will struggle to predict what could happen, but this scenario comes with a warning sign. Ensure that you prepare yourself well for handling the upcoming disaster. 

Try and think of some ways through which you can improve your situation.

18. Dream of a Rainbow Along with Stars

Staring at the stars provides a great reflection of your inner self. Hence, when you dream of a rainbow and stars together, this sequence indicates that you need to pay attention to your feelings inside.

Probably, you have been paying more attention to others’ needs and neglecting your requirements. 

Hence, this dream will push you to work on your needs and requirements, thus enabling you to make your whole life better.

19. Dream of a Rainbow Along with a Moon

Seeing the moon and rainbow at a time in your dream indicates good luck and success. It means that your life will go ahead as per your plans. You just need to give some time and keep putting in the effort.

Eventually, you will become successful and have an enjoyable life. It would help you lead your life in peace and maintain good health. 

Rainbow and moon together in your dream would offer great encouragement to put the best foot forward in your life.

20. Dream of a Rainbow in the Sea

If you see a dream in which a rainbow appears in the sea, it denotes that you are right on track to attain prosperity. This is a scenario of the future that would depend solely on your strengths and efforts.

When the sea is vast and has a lot of depth, it becomes impossible to see what is inside it. Still, it does not mean that your future will have uncertainty. 

There is always light at the end of the tunnel.

You do not need to care and think about the extent to which you can navigate yourself to find a solution. Just focus on your job and favorable results will follow.

21. Dream of a Rainbow on Top of a Mountain

Dreaming about a rainbow visible on top of a mountain suggests that you will make tremendous progress in your study or at work.

You would gain recognition and accolades from your teacher or boss.

As a bright student, your teacher might ask you to help out all those friends who are not managing to make an impression. 

On the other hand, as an employee, your boss might give you a promotion and make you tackle additional responsibilities.

Whatever stage you are currently in, you will have a very promising future. You will excel in your field of work and keep scaling new heights.

22. Dream about an Object of Rainbow Color

When you see rainbow-colored objects in your dream, it tries to tell you of the need to adopt an optimistic approach to life. This kind of approach will also enable you to become happy.

No situation in life can have only negative implications. There has to be something positive under all circumstances. 

Dreaming of a rainbow-colored object tells us that you just need to change the way you see and interpret things.

If you start doing this, it will help you a long way towards fulfilling your ambitions. You can also get the best out of every opportunity.

23. Dream about the Hair of Rainbow Color

If you saw yourself having rainbow-colored hair in your dream, it points toward your kind-hearted personality. 

The meaning of this rainbow dream also suggests that you are compassionate and feel for others when you see them in some kind of trouble.

Due to this nature, you earn the respect of others. Other than this, everyone loves being in your company. 

People know that having you around them would always call for harmony and resurrection.

24. Dream about a Rainbow on Top of a River

When you dream of the reflection of a rainbow falling on top of a river, it indicates that you could go on a long trip very soon in the future.

It will not only give you reasons to rejoice but would also help you attain success. You might come across a favorable job opportunity at your place of a visit or get an idea to start a business.

25. Dream about a Rainbow of White Color

The white-colored rainbow indicates carrying pure thoughts and having a strong sense of spirituality. You can attain spiritual enlightenment and hence understand your true purpose in life.

It is also a symbol of peace and could indicate you will soon experience a phase of serenity and rest. Finally, things will start happening in life without any need to put a lot of effort on your end.

26. Dream about Sitting on a Rainbow

If you saw yourself sitting on a rainbow in a dream, it indicates that God is offering His full support, and there are loads of blessings in store for you in this life. This particular sequence is a good sign.

It refers to experiencing joy, pleasure, and happiness very soon in your life. All these would enable you to get the best of your life’s offerings and keep misfortune and bad luck away.

27. Dream about a Rainbow Bridge

Rainbow Bridge in a dream refers to new connections between two valuable areas in your life. 

You have now gained access to stability, connection, transitions, and progress, which were once blocked off completely.

When you see a bridge in your dream, it allows you to cross over to the other side and develop a spiritual connection. 

It will help you look deep within yourself and find your purpose.

28. Dream about a Rainbow Inside the House

When you see a rainbow inside your house in a dream, it is representative of change and growth. You have recently found both these aspects in your life. 

This rainbow dream meaning urges you to make good use of these developments and put your life’s path in a new direction.

Generally, if houses come up in dreams, they often connect you to the mind or inner self. It helps you get a better understanding of what you truly want in life.

29. Dream of a Rainbow Upside Down

If you get to see an upside-down rainbow in your dream, it might denote a complete transformation in life. This change will be a massive one, which will make your life bigger and better.

You might attain a higher position in your professional life. It will enable you to handle important projects and close deals. This would automatically lead to your financial growth.

30. Dream of a Rainbow Above Your Head

The dream about seeing a rainbow above your head denotes that you will attain the inner peace you are desperately looking for in your life.

You can lead your life with a cool head, without any burden on your shoulders. It will also help you attain happiness.

31. Dream of a Rainbow Appearing on the Right-Hand Side

Did you see a rainbow showing on the right-hand side in your dream? It means that you will attain great benefits in different spheres of your life.

This rainbow dream meaning also signifies that you would attain good health. Probably, you would follow a healthy diet, do regular exercise and stay free from all kinds of stress and tension in your life.

32. Dream of a Rainbow Appearing on the Left-Hand Side

When you come across a rainbow dream in which you see the rainbow appearing on the left-hand side, it gives out a good prediction. 

The scenario states that your loved ones will find relief from health problems.

They will abide by the medical practitioner or doctor’s advice and that would help them recover a lot faster from their problems. 

It shows you have the resolve and determination to change your course of life.

33. Dream of a Rainbow Over a Field

You can even see a rainbow hanging over a field in your dream. Lovers generally come across this scenario, which means you have a mutual love for one another and would get married soon.

Both the families will share a good bond with love and respect. Overall, the relationship will blossom further by being in the company of their parents and in-laws.

34. Dream of a Rainbow Over a Forest

When you dream of a rainbow on top of a forest, it is a good omen. It means that you will soon experience good luck in your life. You might come across someone who could help you financially.

It also predicts that several opportunities will come into your life. If you can make good use of them, you are sure to attain success.

One can never have any control over their dreams. They can come up in any form and make you see things, which you will not otherwise think of in real life.

In the case of dreaming about a rainbow, you can see yourself indulging in different kinds of activities. Each activity carries its significance for your real life.

Let us now discuss each of these dream scenarios and understand their impact better –

35. Dream of Finding the Base of a Rainbow

The dream about finding the end of a rainbow could be quite interesting. It could depend on whether you have managed to locate it at the end, what it was all about, and other aspects.

This rainbow dream meaning reflects the level of your determination and dedication towards getting hold of something in your real life. 

It could also help you decide if the search and the struggle associated with it are worth it or not.

You should trust your gut feeling after seeing this dream. If you cannot find the rainbow’s base even after searching for it, you need to change your course of life in reality.

On the contrary, if you manage to find it in your dream, and you get hold of a treasure or something you like, it predicts your hard work and dedication will pay rich dividends.

36. Dream of Walking on a Rainbow

You can see a very rare rainbow dream in which you see yourself walking on it. This sequence carries a very specific and positive meaning. It must give you a very encouraging and inspiring experience.

The dream reflects your romantic, dreamy, and adventurous personality. You possess the capacity to carry out vivid imagination with the help of your tremendous level of optimism and energy.

37. Dream of Flying to the Rainbow

The scenario in which you see yourself flying to the rainbow in your dream symbolizes ill luck. 

You might be working on a particular project for a duration of time, but it is unlikely that you will succeed. It might result in anxiety and the emergence of negative feelings in your life. 

Some people had depended on you and even raised their expectations to get an excellent result. Your failure will make them feel highly disappointed.

At this moment, success is well beyond your reach.  The fact that you are in no position to do anything to improve your current situation is making matters worse. You are starting to feel helpless.

Ideally, rather than feeling helpless, you should take it as an opportunity to learn new stuff and work on your current set of skills.

38. Dream of Painting a Rainbow

It is quite common among children to do rainbow paintings. 

Hence, when you dream about painting a rainbow, it reminds you of all the happiness and innocence you must place during certain times of life.

You will experience several episodes with the simplicity of a child. Therefore, you would have a higher chance of attaining success in the segments of life and love. 

Another interpretation of this rainbow dream meaning says a lot about your strong faith. The faith in turning all your aspirations into reality.

39. Dream of Crossing the Rainbow

When you see the dream sequence of crossing the rainbow, it means that you will compete against a strong contender both at your workplace and in a love relationship. 

You need not get perturbed by the turn of events. Rather, you just need to keep your spirits up and carefully cope with these situations. 

If you try to behave aggressively and get an upper hand over them, it would lead to adverse results. You might lose both wealth and love.

Hence, taking one step at a time and moving ahead with utmost caution is the best approach to take in this situation.

Dream Meaning of Rainbow to Different People

Life presents us with various kinds of people we come across from time to time. Every person has got a different perspective and it applies to this dream of a rainbow as well.

When different people view this dream, the interpretations and meanings for your real-life become different. Let us check out the details below:

40. Dream of a Married Woman about a Rainbow

Are you a married woman and have seen a rainbow in your dream? It is not a favorable sign.

This sequence indicates that she might have to stay away from her husband for some time and spend her life in isolation.

It can happen because your husband might go over to some other place, as part of handling a new project for his company. There is also a possibility that he might go on a business trip.

Under these circumstances, you have to think realistically and take it as part of life. Simply, feel good thinking that you can have good times back after he returns from his work.

41. Dream of a Pregnant Woman about a Rainbow

As a pregnant woman, when you dream about a rainbow, it happens to be an auspicious sign. This scenario signifies that your cute and pretty baby girl will grow up to become a beautiful woman.

42. Dream of an Unmarried Woman about a Rainbow

When, as a young unmarried woman, you dream of a rainbow, it signifies that you will have a loving and caring husband. 

This rainbow dream meaning suggests that he is going to have a bright future. In his professional life, he will attain great heights and grow financially.

His work progress will rub off on your personal life as well. He might pamper you with special gifts from time to time. These gifts to go with his love and care will make your life truly fulfilling.

43. Dream of a Married Man about a Rainbow

If you are a married man and see a rainbow in your dream, it is an indication that your family and your overall life will be happy. Fortunately, you will not have to face major problems.

There will be complete harmony and good understanding among family members. You will enjoy each other’s success and lift your spirits during times of distress.

44. Dream of an Unmarried Young Man about a Rainbow

Are you an unmarried man and see a rainbow in your dream? This sequence indicates that you will get married soon. 

It could happen with the love of your life or with someone with whom you have come in contact recently.

You need to make up your mindset for the new stage of life and also develop a good understanding with your partner. 

Understanding will be important only if you do not marry your girlfriend.

It is expected that you would know each other’s likes, dislikes and adjust yourself under marital status quite well. 

This will not be the case when you have an arranged marriage, you need to create a good rapport and then gradually build the relationship through love and care.

45. Dream of Lovers about a Rainbow

When people in love dream about a rainbow, it denotes that you will have a cozy and sweet relationship. 

You will enjoy being in the company of one another and would even entertain thoughts of settling down at some point of time in your life.

The transition from lovers to being a married couple would be extremely smooth. It will happen because you already know one another’s personality and their likes and dislikes.

46. Dream of People Away from Home about a Rainbow

What happens when people who are away from home dream of a rainbow? This sequence means that they would soon come back home and reunite with their family members.

You will reignite old connections and enjoy looking back at fond memories that you have made together.

47. Dream of a Sick Person about a Rainbow

If you are sick and you dream of a rainbow, it augurs well for your health. The scenario suggests that your body would get relief from all kinds of discomfort and once again become healthy.

This rainbow dream meaning also tells you to maintain a healthy regime as far as your daily life is concerned. 

Right from eating fresh fruits and vegetables to doing regular exercises, everything has to be in proper order, if you wish to recover from your sickness.

48. Dream of a Prisoner about a Rainbow

As a prisoner, did you see a rainbow in your dream? If it is so, then this means that you will lose weight and your health will get affected badly.

Your weakness will be at its peak and you will struggle to lead your life inside a prison. You might even start feeling that death is much better than leading this kind of life.

49. Dream of a Farmer about a Rainbow

When you are a farmer and you see a rainbow in your dream, it proves that you will experience a good harvesting season.

Harvest can only be good if there is a sufficient amount of rainfall. So, it is quite evident that rainfall will be quite substantial. 

It would make sure that you have sufficient resources to feed yourself and your whole family.

50. Dream of a Soldier about a Rainbow

As a soldier, you always put your life in the firing line while fighting to protect your motherland. Now, what is the implication, when he sees a rainbow in his dream?

It denotes that you will engage in a severe fight on the front line. You would need to stay prepared with your arms and ammunition. 

Moreover, you should always put all kinds of war tactics to use. Then you can win the battle and come out of it with flying colors.

51. Dream of a Businessman about a Rainbow

If you are a businessman and dream of a rainbow, it is a bad omen. This plot means that you will suffer losses in your business. You might not get the desired return on your investments.

On top of that, your sale proceeds will not be sufficient enough to exceed your expenses. The dream comes as a warning sign for you. It tells you to remain prepared for this phase.

You need to act prudently while making investment decisions and also try to cut down on your cost of manufacturing goods to improve the margin.

52. Dream of a Refugee about a Rainbow

As a refugee, when you see a rainbow in your dream, it denotes that you will not be away from your loved ones for too long. You will return to your homeland very soon.

It indicates that you are staying abroad and desperately wish to come back home and gel with all your friends and family members.

53. Dream of a Traveler about a Rainbow

When you are a traveler and you dream of a rainbow, it suggests that you will accomplish your goals. 

Probably, you have been working on a project and trying very hard to achieve success for a long time.

Now, very soon the time will come when you get all the success that you have been wishing for some time. It will transform your life.

Biblical Meaning of Rainbow in Dream

It is always interesting to check out the meaning of dreams from a Biblical point of view. The same applies to this particular rainbow dream meaning. 

In the Holy Book, Bible, the Almighty had used rainbows to get rid of corruption from humanity.

The biblical meaning of coming across rainbows in your dreams has a connection with a rebirth. In other words, it refers to the renewal of memories and making the present times flourish.

It also represents glory to the Almighty. Biblically, this dream is a signal of the promise and covenant of God. 

The first rainbow shows up in the Bible after the flood. Jesus was talking to Noah and assuring her of promises and hopes.

The covenant also shows that God never uses the flood to destroy humanity and Earth. This dream represents the mercy that Jesus shows on man and the whole Universe.

According to the biblical perspective of this dream, the seven rays denote the energy which God’s radiating light carries with it and gets refracted into seven rays of the rainbow. 

It also means that you must keep your hopes alive, as good times in life are not far away.

Dream of Rainbow – Spiritual Interpretation

Rainbow carries a different dream interpretation from the spiritual perspective. The rainbow appears like an arc in the sky, creating a bridge that connects two points of the Earth.

It symbolizes that in your path to spiritual development, you can similarly move from one stage of life to another.

Seeing rainbows in a dream also refers to a new beginning. This is a good omen especially when you are dealing with a crisis in your life. 

It comes as a spiritual sign that suggests you should move away from your current path and start afresh.

Divine beings make you see the rainbow and give you the much-needed hope and encouragement to change things around. 

It tells you to trust your instincts and get into the unknown territory for experiencing better situations in life. You get the confidence to follow your plans and achieve desired results.

Treat this rainbow dream meaning as a message from the realm of spirituality that the whole Universe is there for you. 

It also tells you never to lose hope even during the worst times of your life, as change is always possible.

Finally, when you see a rainbow in your dream, it becomes a sign of spiritual awakening from the inside. The whole process projects towards the enrichment of knowledge and realizing the facts of life.

Dream of Rainbow – Psychological Perspective

The dream of a rainbow from a psychological perspective suggests that you must look into the positive sides of life and shun all kinds of negativity. 

It helps to reveal significant truths about yourself, including some of the causes of depression or things that you fear the most.

This dream helps you move forward in life by bringing a sea change in your thought patterns. 

It enables you to gain confidence in looking for better opportunities in your life by removing the mental block that the present situation is the best.

The scenario helps you understand that there are better things on the horizon. You should explore your options for gaining access to those things. 

This rainbow dream meaning also becomes a symbol of recognition and creativity entering your life.

You are all set to experience joy and an enhanced level of productivity. If you have been suffering from a mental block concerning your creativity, you could well undergo a period of reawakening.

Islamic Dream Meaning of Rainbow

The Islamic view of rainbow dream meaning and interpretation talks of developing an insight into the relationship you maintain with your friends.

The Holy Book, Quran says that all those people who carry adverse relationships with their friends would frequently dream about a rainbow.

It means that you need to bring forth a change in your attitude and overall relationship with your friends. 

This dream would help you convert your negative mindset into a positive one. In due course of time, you will start maintaining harmonious relations with all your friends.

Please go through the following video to better understand various scenarios and interpretations of this dream about the rainbow.

Closing Thoughts

It is quite common for you to come across a rainbow in your dreams. You get to see it often in your real life, after experiencing a heavy downpour. We have discussed several interpretations related to the rainbow dream meaning.

These dreams usually give a positive effect and bring significant change to your life. 

As they appear after a spell of rain, it indicates that no matter how tough your situation gets, there will always be light at the end of the tunnel. 

Things will get back into shape over some time. A rainbow needs the right conditions and elements to manifest itself. 

Similarly, you also need to do the right things, in the right manner and at the right time for ensuring that a rainbow, in the form of luck and fortune in your life as well.