The dream of being electrocuted is not common. Even in real life, when you do happen to get electrocuted, it is considered a freak accident. 

If the accident is so scary in real life, would it be same for the dreamscape too? Does it demonstrate some negative vibes?

Let’s find out!

Dream of Being Electrocuted - Some Unwanted News On Its Way?
Dream of Being Electrocuted – Some Unwanted News On Its Way?

Why Do You Dream of Being Electrocuted?

The dream of being electrocuted comes as a warning that you should focus on things that matter in life. You must carry out your responsibilities and face up to all kinds of situations that come your way.

Besides, it also denotes that you should pay more attention to your life. 

Let us now discuss the symbolic meaning of this dream –

  • Sign of Intense Passion

There are times when you come across a few things and they make you feel alive. You feel a sudden burst of energy running through your body.

It might symbolize the intense passion you feel towards a person, a pursuit, or an endeavor. You need to connect with anything that increases your energy level and makes you feel passionate. 

  • Sign of a Shock

When you get electrocuted in real life, it gives a shocking experience. It makes you tremble and its after-effects tend to haunt you for quite some time. 

Hence, you can come across these scenarios when something has surprised or shocked you in your life. No matter what, you must accept this experience if you start feeling positive about the same.

  • Sign of Getting Surprised

You have got surprised due to some event in your life. Consider it as a positive experience, even if the same appears as an unexpected event.

It tells you to remember that things can always change for the better. Everything depends on how you choose to see a particular situation and react. 

  • Sign of Transformation

It crops up to signify the changes that are either taking place or about to occur within you. You must mold your actions accordingly for achieving favorable outcomes across different spheres of life. 

  • Sign of a Major Event

Did you find yourself amid a life-changing event in real life? 

This scenario appears to make you realize something significant or powerful that has recently transpired in your life. Use the same to make constant progress in your life. 

  • Signs of Extreme Anxiety

You must make sure that you are not putting too much stress on yourself. Ideally, you should get rid of your tension.

Understand that none of your feelings are so important that you can spend time on them and lose your peace. Hence, you should just relax and enjoy life.

Spiritual Perspective of Getting Electrocuted in a Dream

Electricity always happens to be the subconscious symbol of divine power.

That power is there for you at every step of your life. It either guides you towards the right path or issues prior warning to prevent you from going in the wrong direction.

Hence, it tends to amplify all the positive spiritual energies in your life. As far as the negative energies are concerned, the Almighty takes you away from them and puts you in a safer place.

Dream about Being Electrocuted – Check Out Its Scenarios and Their Implications

There are numerous scenarios that you can come across from time to time. Let us now get down to the dream analysis of each of them –

Dream of Being Electrocuted Due to the Carelessness of Another Person

This sequence is not a good sign. It states that you will have to pay for others’ sins.

You will be penalized for something which you would not commit yourself. Someone close to you will take advantage of your innocent nature and truthfulness.

Electrocuted and Burned Due to Fire

The scenario suggests that you should keep your temper under control.

If you become angry beyond a certain point, it will destroy everything because you cannot take back the words spoken in anger. Alongside this, it would make you repent later for your deeds.

Someone Getting Electrocuted

This plot acts as a portent for good fortune and success. It tells you to gain more confidence and become self-assured.

You must clean up your thoughts. It reflects how you are going about your life and also portrays exactly how you stack up against others. 

Relative Being Electrocuted

When you come across this scenario in your subconscious mind, it reflects the concern you possess for prolonging the lives of your loved ones.

You are prepared to take all possible measures to make sure that the people you love stay healthy, fit, and have a long life.

Getting Electrocuted and Suffering an Accident

The sequence refers to those problems that had occurred earlier in your life but were not solved. There is a chance for the recurrence of all those problems in the future.

They might come up to destroy your peace of mind. Hence, you must watch out for the bad that could soon come your way.

Different Means of Getting Electrocuted in Dreams

There are various ways through which you can see yourself getting electrocuted. Following are the scenarios and their interpretations for a better understanding.

Electrocuted by Lightning

It is a good omen for your real life. It shows that you will unlock a great level of fortune by gaining experience.

Electrocuted from a Live Wire

It is an indication that someone or something around you has the potential to adversely affect your life. Hence, you should remain watchful and not let anyone take you for a ride.

Electrocuted Through a Household Appliance

The plot tells you that you can avoid the occurrence of a lot of problems, if you can simply focus on what you need to do.

Getting Electrocuted in Water

It signifies that you need to be careful. There is a possibility that in real life, you have an instinct that makes you develop feelings towards some people or things.

Getting Electrocuted from a Household Appliance

The plot refers to all those problems that are yet to be resolved in your life. Your conscience will not let you do certain things, but act as per the demand of the situation.

Electrocuted by a Tree

You are getting a reminder of something related to your origins. It might also have to do with a fundamental element of your life. Perhaps you are looking for answers to your queries.

Electrocuted by an Electric Spark

This scenario is a bad omen, which makes you understand the need to reject the work you have planned for a long time.

Electrocuted from an Electric Chair

This plot proves that you have to face consequences for all your actions. It could also mean that you are being forced to change.

Electrocuted Due to Bad Conscience

This scenario denotes that you are feeling a great level of inner pain, which is not letting you lead your life in peace.

Your negative conscience arising from how you had acted is disturbing your mind and letting it suffer.

Electrocuted Because of Unsolved Issues

It shows that there were some latent issues, which had cropped up earlier in your life. Those problems had remained unsolved all this while. 

Hence, the plot tells you to get rid of the root cause. 

Electrocuted at the Time of an Adventure Sport

This scenario hints at your ignorance of the tasks that are left to be completed.

It also denotes that you will suffer in your professional life if you do not make the right decisions at the right moment.

Electrocuted While You Are Swimming

It denotes that you should take necessary precautions at the time of having fun. You should stay within your limits to prevent the occurrence of problems in your life.

Psychological Interpretation of Dream of Being Electrocuted

If you get electrocuted, it shows that your subconscious mind leads you to gain some knowledge. It also introduces you to new powers.

These two elements can help you overcome some of your difficulties in real life. 

You have a high level of self-control along with a well-developed self-perception. There is a rush of energy build-up inside your system.


As a dreamer, it is quite clear that no matter under what circumstances you dream of being electrocuted, your emotions will impact you to a great extent.

It means that you will soon hear something that would be hard to believe. The scenarios refer to fear, curiosity and anxiety.

When these three come together, they can make you restless and disturb your mental peace.