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Dream of Being Electrocuted – 39 Scenarios and Meanings

Dream of Being Electrocuted – 39 Scenarios and Meanings

Updated on Jan 23, 2023 | Published on May 25, 2022

Reviewed by Katina Tarver, MA (Mental Health and Wellness Counseling) , Life Coach

Dream of Being Electrocuted - 39 Interesting Scenarios and Interpretations

The dream of being electrocuted is not common. Even in real life, when you do happen to get electrocuted, it is considered a freak accident.

When you have dreams about electricity, they always reflect your inner strength and energy. Hence, this electrocution dream suggests the flow of your energy in the right direction.

Going forward we will discuss the reasons which might lead to you seeing this dream. Following this, we shall also look into the various scenarios of this dream and talk about their interpretations.

Dream of Being Electrocuted - 39 Interesting Scenarios and Interpretations
Dream of Being Electrocuted – 39 Interesting Scenarios and Interpretations

Dream of Being Electrocuted – Symbolic Interpretations

The dream of being electrocuted comes as a warning that you should focus on things that matter in life. You must carry out your responsibilities and face up to all kinds of situations that come your way.

When you come across the dream of being electrocuted, it usually denotes that you should pay more attention to your life. 

You should take more responsibilities to avoid getting adversely affected by the ups and downs of life.

The time has come for you to leave aside coincidences since it does not turn out to be the best option if you wish to attain all-around growth and development.

You must treat every single aspect of your life seriously. It is also necessary that you learn to take the necessary steps towards the achievement and realization of personal ambitions.

Let us discuss the dream of getting electrocuted symbolism –

1. Sign of Intense Passion

There are times when you come across a few things and they make you feel alive. You feel a sudden burst of energy running through your body.

When you see the dream of being electrocuted, it might symbolize the intense passion you feel towards a person, a pursuit, or an endeavor.

You need to connect with anything that increases your energy level and makes you feel passionate. You would get a whole new sense of fulfillment.

2. Sign of a Shock

When you get electrocuted in real life, it gives a shocking experience. It makes you tremble and its after-effects tend to haunt you for quite some time. 

Hence, you can come across this dream, if something has surprised or shocked you in your life.

No matter what circumstances result in this dream, there is no need to fear it. Accept this experience if you start feeling positive about the same.

Hold on to your vibration and understand that you can turn any unwanted event into blessings for your life.

3. Sign of Getting Surprised

If you have got surprised due to some event in your life, then you can come across this dream of being electrocuted. 

You can look at it as a positive experience, even if it appears as an unexpected event.

Remember that things can always change for the better. It all depends on how you choose to see a particular situation and react. 

So, always take this power in your hands and see how it manages to uplift you positively.

4. Sign of Transformation

The dream of being electrocuted can crop up to signify the changes that are either taking place or about to occur within you. 

Ensure that these changes are something you can look forward to by foreseeing the desired results that you could achieve for them.

It would be possible as long as you manage to focus all your energies on the favorable outcomes. You should always have faith in your abilities to make them happen in your life.

5. Sign of a Major Event

Did you find yourself amid a life-changing event in real life? 

The dream about being electrocuted appears to make you realize something significant or powerful that had recently transpired in your life.

Use this situation to make constant progress in your life. This would ensure that you fulfill the objectives, which you had earlier set out to achieve.

6. Signs of Extreme Anxiety

If you are anxious or panicky about something, then you are likely to have this dream of being electrocuted. 

You must make sure that you are not putting too much stress on yourself. Ideally, if you can manage, just try and get rid of your tension.

Understand that none of your feelings are so important that you can spend time on them and lose your peace. Hence, you should just relax

It is more important that you are happy and enjoying yourself. Take pride in the fact that you are holding on to your beliefs even when the going gets tough.

7. Sign of a Powerful Person Affecting You

When you see that you are getting electrocuted in a dream, someone powerful may be having a great influence on your life. 

It could be your manipulative boss or an elderly person in your family, who is always there to offer his advice.

Take full advantage of this chance to use the power you possess. Try and learn from this individual, who is creating a lot of energy inside you. 

He is allowing you to gain confidence and courageously face everything that life throws at you.

8. Sign of Going Through an Unexpected Experience

Do you feel that you might have overestimated or underestimated the potential of an individual? Has this person behaved in such a way that it has taken you by surprise?

The fact you have dreamed of being electrocuted means that you found yourself in the middle of a situation you had least expected. 

It could be that the person’s performance had taken you by surprise.

Dream of Being Electrocuted – 39 Plots and Interpretations

There are people around the world of dreams who assure that the dream of being electrocuted occurs primarily in those individuals who do not treat their lives with importance. They always tend to leave everything to chance.

Due to this reason, this dream originates as your subconscious mind gives you indications so that you learn to become cautious. 

Once you become cautious, you would start giving importance to everything around you.

You might come across a scenario in which you dream about someone getting electrocuted and they have no way to help themselves. 

It means that you will face problems in a love relationship with your partner.

There are numerous other dream scenarios that you can come across from time to time. Let us now get down to the dream analysis of each scenario-

1. Dream of Being Electrocuted

When you see yourself getting electrocuted in a dream, it signifies healing and spiritual renewal. 

You are not disclosing certain things in life. You are bottling up an aspect of your emotions.

It predicts your resistance to change and transformation. You always wish to keep going on the same path and keep a close watch over things.

2. Dream of Being Electrocuted Due to the Carelessness of Another Person

If you dream about getting electrocuted because of another person’s carelessness, it is not a good sign. This plot states that you will have to pay for others’ sins.

You will be penalized for something which you would not commit yourself. Someone close to you will take advantage of your innocent nature and truthfulness.

3. Dream of Being Electrocuted and Burned Due to Fire

Have you dreamed of getting electrocuted and suffering burns due to fire? It means that you should keep your temper under control.

If you become angry beyond a certain point, it will destroy everything. You cannot take back the words spoken in anger. It would make you repent later for your deeds.

4. Dream of Being Electrocuted to Death

The dream in which you see yourself being electrocuted to death suggests that you have always ignored an aspect of your personality. 

That ignorance is now coming back to haunt you. Right now, you are unable to go beyond a certain stage.

It tells you to acknowledge and express these sentiments. You should bother, even if it seems quite shameful. 

This plot reflects your thoughts and feelings arising out of the less developed parts of the subconscious mind.

5. Dream of Someone Electrocuted

If you see some other person getting electrocuted in a dream, it acts as a portent for good fortune and success. 

It tells you to gain more confidence and become self-assured.

You must clean up your thoughts. The dream reflects how you are going about your life. This scenario also portrays exactly how you stack up against others. 

You are undergoing a phase of healing in this life.

6. Dream of Someone Being Electrocuted to Death

Have you dreamed of someone getting electrocuted to death? It refers to the support system in your life. 

Try and develop the habit of questioning everything you come across during life.

You are considering a relationship as an ideal one. This plot truly signifies your level of endurance and the willpower you possess. 

You have built a ground for yourself and are standing firm on it.

7. Dream of Being Electrocuted and Person Next to You Not Offering Help

When you dream of getting electrocuted and the person next to you not helping out, it means that an individual would harm you in the future.

Another interpretation of this scenario suggests that your subconscious mind is telling you to take good care of that person. He or she might well be your friend or someone you know.

8. Dream of Being Electrocuted and Suffering an Accident

This dream sequence of suffering an accident refers to those problems that had occurred earlier in your life but were not solved. There is a chance for the recurrence of all those problems in the future.

They might come up to destroy your peace of mind. Hence, you must watch out for the bad that could soon come your way.

9. Dream of Being Electrocuted While Seated Between Two People

You can even dream about getting electrocuted while remaining seated in-between two people. It is a scenario, which predicts that a disagreement will soon break out in your family.

Some feelings that had remained suppressed for quite some time, will suddenly come up. 

You must ensure that this disagreement does not turn out to be extremely damaging to your reputation.

Dream Meaning of Different Means of Getting Electrocuted

In real life, there are a whole lot of ways through which you can get electrocuted. 

It can happen through current passing through water and at that moment if you happen to touch a wire by chance. You can even get electrocuted through lightning.

Apart from these, several other ways could easily get you electrocuted. You might have all these instances in your dreams as well.

Following are the dream scenarios and their interpretations for a better understanding of their implications in your real life.

10. Dream of Being Electrocuted by Lightning

You can see that lightning is getting you electrocuted in your dream. It is a good omen for your real life. It shows that you will unlock a great level of fortune by gaining experience.

Try to remain hopeful and expect positive things to happen in your life. This approach would soon manifest all your hopes in the material world as well.

11. Dream of Being Electrocuted from a Live Wire

Live wire is always dangerous to come across in real life. It has the capability of causing you a lot of harm. Now, you can dream about being electrocuted by it.

It is an indication that someone or something around you has the potential to adversely affect your life. Hence, you should remain watchful and not let anyone take you for a ride.

12. Dream of Being Electrocuted Through a Household Appliance

When you dream of a situation in which a household appliance electrocutes you, it tells you that you can avoid the occurrence of a lot of problems, if you can simply focus on what you need to do.

You need to make sure that you have your sights set on the most important things in life. There is no way through which anything can distract you or make you lose focus.

For you, nothing can measure up to the price of your happiness. You will always stay aligned towards your goal, even if anyone forces you to do the opposite.

13. Dream of Getting Electrocuted by a Plug in the House

If you are getting electrocuted by a plug at your house in the dream, it means that you are going through some problems in your family.

They could be related to health, property, marriage, or the career of youngsters. 

Under all these situations, it is extremely important to have a good understanding of what might turn out to be prudent decisions to get everything back under control.

Decide and act accordingly. Try to take your family members into confidence and take the necessary steps.

14. Dream of Being Electrocuted by Power Lines

Did you dream of being electrocuted by power lines, through a cable or wire? It shows that your connections with people are quite happening in nature. 

In other words, they give you electric shocks and surprises from time to time.

You can easily develop an intense connection with whichever person you come across in your life. 

There is always a feeling to suggest that you have known one another for a long time which creates an intense level of understanding. It is even when you have met for the first time.

This means that you have finally found someone special in your life, who shares the same kind of passion and energy as yours. 

Thus, you must go ahead and explore this relationship. You can help it develop into something nice and beautiful.

15. Dream of Being Electrocuted in Water

You can have a dream in which you see yourself touching water and getting electrocuted. 

It signifies that you need to be careful. There is a possibility that in real life, you have an instinct that makes you develop feelings towards some people or things.

As much as possible, you should always try to follow your gut feelings. Never doubt the same. Sooner, rather than later, you will get to know the truth.

The more you trust your instincts, it will further allow you to sharpen up your instinctive skills. These skills will come to great use in the future.

16. Dream of Being Electrocuted in a Bathtub

When you see the dream of being electrocuted in a bathtub, it is an indication of growth and new beginnings. You always wish to positively remember someone who has passed away.

Probably, you are adopting a new perspective, and hence looking at things from different angles. 

This plot also suggests that you worry about the execution of troublesome tasks.

You must act cautiously by considering all the advantages and disadvantages before making an important decision.

17. Dream of Being Electrocuted from a Kitchen Appliance

If you dream about kitchen appliances and getting electrocuted because of them refers to all those problems that are yet to be resolved in your life. 

Your conscience will not let you do certain things, but you will do them as per the demand of the situation.

The unwillingness to perform some actions will lead to disturbance and agitation within your mind. You will soon go through a tough phase in your life.

18. Dream of Being Electrocuted Through a Person’s Touch

Did you see yourself getting electrocuted from a person’s touch in your dream? It simply means that you feel passionate whenever he or she is close to you. 

He or she makes you develop other strong feelings of desire.

The opposite might also happen. That person could infuse negativity into your life, not only causing you depression but also making you feel angry towards them.

19. Dream of Being Electrocuted by a Tree

If you dream that you are getting electrocuted by a tree, it means you are getting a reminder of something related to your origins. It might also have to do with a fundamental element of your life.

Perhaps you are looking for answers to your queries. You feel as if you have to get right to the bottom of something for the right results.

20. Dream of Being Electrocuted by an Electric Shock

When you dream of getting electrocuted by an electric shock, it is a bad omen. This scenario states that you will need to reject the work you have planned for a long time.

It also denotes that in case you wish to continue pursuing the work, there could be a delay because of some difficulties. 

Once you get rid of those difficulties, you can push your limits to bring forth substantial improvement in your life.

21. Dream of Being Electrocuted Due to Bad Conscience

This dream scenario denotes that you are feeling a great level of inner pain, which is not letting you lead your life in peace. 

Your negative conscience arising from how you had acted is disturbing your mind and letting it suffer.

You are trying to consider mending all your issues and expose those blunders that are torturing you from the inside.

22. Dream of Being Electrocuted Because of Unsolved Issues

It shows that there were some latent issues, which had cropped up earlier in your life. Those problems had remained unsolved all this while. Due to this reason, those problems might once again crop up.

You should look to get rid of the root cause. Only then, you can ensure that all your troubles will be gone forever. They will never come back again to haunt you.

23. Dream of Being Electrocuted Due to Short Circuit

When you dream of a short circuit electrocuting you, it means you are undergoing a phase of emotional turmoil. It is happening due to a piece of unpleasant news.

You would get disappointed because of the unexpected events that will take place in your life. Hence, you will look for ways to change your mood and become happy.

24. Dream of Being Electrocuted from an Electric Chair

You can see a dream where you are sitting in an electric chair and getting electrocuted from it. This dream proves that you have to face consequences for all your actions.

Chair in this dream could also mean that you are being forced to change. It is because you are held against your wish and hence, cannot do things as per your liking.

25. Dream of Being Electrocuted from an Electric Light

If an electric light electrocutes you in a dream, it comes as a warning for your real life. It tries telling you that you must act carefully in the future.

Otherwise, a fatal danger is waiting to take place, which would cause a lot of harm in your personal and professional lives. 

Perhaps, you should not look down upon others as this habit can come back to haunt you in the future.

Moreover, you should start respecting your seniors and abide by their advice, while acknowledging subordinates for their efforts.

26. Dream of Being Electrocuted in a Power Plant

When you dream of working in a power plant and getting an electric shock or being electrocuted, it is not a bad omen. 

The scenario states that you can look forward to working with a great amount of responsibility in waking life.

You would not refrain from accepting challenges. Rather, you will possess the conviction to confidently deal with any situation.

27. Dream of Being Electrocuted from Static Electricity

Coming across a dream about getting electrocuted from static electricity depicts the pain and discomfort in your body. 

You tend to find yourself in a confusing state of mind, not knowing how to react in some situations.

This comes up out of an increased level of stress. It finally results in major physiological changes. These changes can severely impact the way you lead your life.

28. Dream of Being Electrocuted from the Electric Fence

The dream interpretation of this plot suggests that you are desperately looking to receive some kind of reward or an acknowledgment for having done something. 

Perhaps you had helped someone in your family get a job or bailed them out of trouble.

Unfortunately, you have not received even a vote of thanks from their end. Somewhere down the line, their behavior has hurt you.

You did not ever expect anything like this from him or her.

Dream Meaning of Different People Getting Electrocuted

You meet different types of people in your journey in life. They include your parents, siblings, spouse, friends, boss, colleagues, etc.

There are dreams in which you can see all or some of these individuals getting electrocuted. 

Seeing your loved ones or known people suffering electric shocks can send shivers down your spine, even in dreams.

The fact of the matter is that they appear to give you some advice for making your life smoother and hence prevent the occurrence of any problem.

Following interpretations will give you a better perspective of these dreams-

29. Dream of Your Child Getting Electrocuted

When you see that your child is getting electrocuted in your dream, it refers to the warning for issues of power and feelings of either dependence or independence, particularly in a relationship.

You feel as if you cannot take any step. There is a need for you to cut down on your level of stress. This scenario refers to how you are caught up in several other things.

A child suffering electrocution is also a sign of hypocrisy. You are trying to portray yourself as someone who you are not. Perhaps you are looking to make things work by duping others.

30. Dream of Your Relative Being Electrocuted

If you happen to see a dream wherein your relative gets electrocuted, it reflects the concern you possess for prolonging the lives of your loved ones.

You are prepared to take all possible measures to make sure that the people you love stay healthy, fit, and have a long life.

31. Dream of Your Mother Being Electrocuted

In a family, the mother happens to be the figure of power and authority. Now, keeping this in mind, it would be interesting to see what it means to dream of your mother getting electrocuted.

This scenario suggests that she had got a piece of news that she had never expected to receive in her lifetime. 

The effect of that bad news had become similar to how a person feels when a bolt of electricity hits an individual.

Dream Meaning of Being Electrocuted Under Various Circumstances

You can come across dreams in which you are getting electrocuted under different circumstances in your life. They can happen while playing a sport, watching a movie, and various other instances.

Let us take a look at the following scenarios and their interpretations-

32. Dream about Being Electrocuted at the Time of an Adventure Sport

Are you interested in adventure sports? You might also see a dream of being electrocuted while playing the sport. This scenario hints at your ignorance of the tasks that are left to be completed.

It also denotes that you will suffer in your professional life if you do not make the right decisions at the right moment. You need to be proactive in your approach and not wait for things to happen.

33. Dream about Being Electrocuted While You Are Swimming

Swimming is a healthy activity that keeps you fit and free from several health problems. Unfortunately, you can even dream of swimming and getting electrocuted.

It denotes that you should take necessary precautions at the time of having fun. You should stay within your limits to prevent the occurrence of problems in your life.

34. Dream about Being Electrocuted While Playing an Electric Guitar

When you dream of getting electrocuted at the time of playing an electric guitar, it acts as a reminder that you should recognize your internal power and strength of your youth and passion.

It tells you the need to practice caution while expressing your feelings to others. If you say something without any prior consideration of its repercussions, it can cause problems in life.

Miscellaneous Dream Meaning of Being Electrocuted

Apart from the dream scenarios discussed so far, there are several other instances that you can come across, which happen to be either directly or indirectly related to electrocution.

Let us briefly discuss those scenarios below:

35. Dream about Spraying of Electric Sparks and Facing Electrocution

If you find yourself in the middle of electric sparks and suffering electrocution, it means that you would have the chance the experienced arousal of wild sexual feelings.

Perhaps you have developed feelings towards an individual and want to indulge in a sexual encounter. 

Over here, electrocution is related to the spark your heart feels while thinking of that possible experience.

36. Dream about Touching a Lightning Bolt

You can have a dream in which it might seem that you can control electricity and lightning to such an extent that it makes you feel as if you are holding or touching a lightning bolt.

It means you are a very powerful person. You carry the power to influence and cause a great impact on the lives of others. 

Try to understand the extent of power you possess and use it constructively.

37. Dream about an Electrocution Causing Fire

Fire is a symbol of unrelenting passion and power. When this dream arises in which you see electrocution leading to fire, it reminds you of the power you can have if you remain true to what you love.

Staying genuine about your feelings and taking the necessary steps to liven up your wishes. 

It would make you feel alive, inspired, and empowered more than anything else in this world. So, remain focused, and never let it go irrespective of what others tell you.

38. Dream about a Dog Getting Electrocuted

When you see the dream of a dog getting electrocuted, it shows that you will face obstacles during this period of life. Hence, you must look to ensure safety while traveling.

It includes safe driving, wearing seat belts, and maintaining traffic rules. These are some of the key things that you should follow. If you do not abide by these norms, you can invariably invite disaster into your life.

39. Dream about Being Paralyzed from Electrocution

If you get an electric shock in real life, it can always turn out to be quite physically paralyzing. 

When you see yourself getting paralyzed from electrocution in a dream, it could be that something is putting restrictions on your free-flowing nature.

It might also be that life will come up with such a stunt that would paralyze you either, emotionally, physically, or financially.

Probably, you are making an entry into an area of life, which is taboo. The electric shock is looking to prevent you from getting into that zone.

Psychological Interpretation of Electrocution Dreams

It is now time to look at this dream of being electrocuted from a psychological point of view. Electricity relates to your energies and inner forces.

If you use electricity in your dream or come across a power plant, it shows that your subconscious mind leads you to gain some knowledge. It also introduces you to new powers.

These two elements can help you overcome some of your difficulties in real life. 

As per the psychoanalysts, if you stem the supply of power in a dream with the use of switches, it shows that you have a high level of self-control along with a well-developed self-perception.

There is a rush of energy build-up inside your system.

Dream of Being Electrocuted – Spiritual Perspective

As per the spiritual perspective of this dream of being electrocuted, electricity always happens to be the dream symbol of divine power.

That power is there for you at every step of your life. It either guides you towards the right path or issues prior warning to prevent you from going in the wrong direction.

Hence, it tends to amplify all the positive spiritual energies in your life. As far as the negative energies are concerned, the Almighty takes you away from them and puts you in a safer place.

Islamic Meaning of Dream of Being Electrocuted

The Islamic interpretation of this dream indicates that you are suffering from a high level of frustration in life. This frustration can come out of issues related to personal or professional lives.

Perhaps you want your children to pursue a career of your choice, but somehow that is not happening. 

It is also possible that you have been trying your level best to get your desired promotion, but you are not getting the success.

Please go through the following video to better understand electrocution dreams and their interpretations.

Closing Comments

As a dreamer, it is quite clear that no matter under what circumstances you dream of being electrocuted, your emotions will impact you to a great extent.

This dream signifies surprise and shock. It means that you will soon hear something that would be hard to believe. The scenarios refer to fear, curiosity and anxiety.

When these three come together, they can make you restless and disturb your mental peace. Hence, you must indulge in regular meditation.

Therefore, the dream of being electrocuted is all about careless attitude, warning, and awakening.

Try to stay alert and never take anything for granted in your life.