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What Does Dream Of Breastfeeding a Baby Means? Know Here…

What Does Dream Of Breastfeeding a Baby Means? Know Here…

Updated on Jun 16, 2022 | Published on Feb 04, 2022

Reviewed by Katina Tarver, MA (Mental Health and Wellness Counseling) , Life Coach

Dream of Breastfeeding a Baby - 30 Scenarios and Its Meanings

Most of our dreams are a surreal combination of fantasy and reality. One such dream that appears difficult to track down is the dream of breastfeeding a baby. This dream may come to you to help you uncover the secrets of the unconscious. 

Maybe you have buried some untold stories beneath the surface that need to be revealed. Sometimes this dream may appear as a night vision along with the dream of being pregnant, or a dream of a baby boy or a girl.

Let us explore the significance of this dream in your waking life.

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Dream of Breastfeeding a Baby - 30 Scenarios and Its Meanings
Dream of Breastfeeding a Baby – 30 Scenarios and Its Meanings

Dream of breastfeeding a baby – General meaning

The dream of breastfeeding a baby symbolizes love and affection. It could hint that someone or something in your waking life needs nurturance and protection.

The personal message in the dream tells you to take care of or attend to your relationships, love life, and creative endeavors. You have the power to aspire, aim, and start a new beginning in life.

When you dream of breastfeeding a baby, it means someone in your waking life needs your love, care, and attention. It could be anyone with whom you have a deep emotional bonding. 

In some dream scenarios, this dream represents your own emotional need to be loved and cared for. Sometimes this dream is common in pregnant women who are already nurturing a baby inside them.

This dream can appear as a night vision to just anyone. If a non-pregnant lady or a man gets this night vision, it signifies nurturing the hidden talents.

The dream symbolizes taking care of creative pursuits, attending and manifesting your hidden talents to achieve whatever you have wished for.

Dream of breastfeeding a baby symbolizes the power to nourish and nurture. It means your unconscious wishes to cultivate your creative ideas and make a new beginning in life.

The dream represents your need to nurture relationships that are dear to you. You want to be loved and cared for. Thus, nourishing close relationships will allow you to feel emotionally safe and protected.

A woman’s breast is a symbol of deep care and nurturance. It also symbolizes a close mother-child bond.

The dream may tell you to take care of the people around you. You should support your family members, be with your friends in times of need.

Dreaming about breastfeeding also symbolizes motherly affection. It represents a give-and-take relationship full of tenderness, compassion, love, and mutual care.

The dream symbolizes emotional support and your deepest desire to take care of people who are close to you. 

Sometimes the dream signifies satisfying the primal needs of protection and shelter. You are advised to nourish and nurture, love, and give comfort to others who are in need.

Dream of breastfeeding symbolizes that life is beautiful and all the good things will come to you. Just like babies in dreams, this dream also speaks about a fresh start in life.

It tells you to let go of old habits and embark on a new journey of sustenance and nurturance. The dream may hint towards motherhood. It also symbolizes harmony, prosperity, growth, and new beginnings.

The symbolic meaning of dreaming about breastfeeding a baby could mean many things. Some of them are as follows:

1. Feelings of dependency

Dreaming of breastfeeding a baby symbolizes dependency and clinging to someone or something dear to you. It represents a sense of belongingness that you cannot live without.

The dream represents a deep attachment that is hard to let go of. A small baby is dependent on his/her mother for nourishment and protection.

Thus, this dream represents your longing to be with someone on whom you can depend fully.

You cannot let that person go away from your life. The dream symbolizes emotional dependency and feelings of seeking support from loved ones.

Maybe deep down you have feelings of helplessness and insecurity. You need someone to protect you, guide you properly along life’s journey. 

There is an unconscious desire to depend on someone who can take decisions on your behalf. Sometimes the dream tells you to become self-reliant and let go of your dependency. 

If you’re too dependent on others, you may live life as a parasite. You may never be able to decide for yourself.

2. A special bonding of love and affection

Dream of breastfeeding a baby symbolizes love and affection. It is a symbol of trust and deep care.

Just as the mother shares a deep bonding of love and cares for her child, the dream reminds you of someone in waking life who is very dear to you.

Maybe you share a special bond with that person and it is not possible to part ways with them. The dream reminds you to nurture the relationship and take care of it properly.

Your intense feelings of love, trust, mutual friendship are manifested through the dream. Dream of breastfeeding symbolizes passion and affection. 

It represents your closeness with loved ones. Thus the dream hints towards nurturance and taking care of your loved ones. You are advised to keep the thread of love and friendship intact.

3. Deepest fears of letting go of old habits

Dream of breastfeeding a baby also means fear of letting go. It shows your discomfort of not being able to shed off old habits. 

You are clinging to something or someone for emotional support. It is not easy to let go or separate from that source of nurturance. The dream suggests that you are holding onto past habits that are no longer in use.

But you‘re in love with those habits and it is restricting your path of growth. The dream symbolizes fear of separation. It also denotes your inability to leave your space of comfort and emotional well-being.

You just need to remember that as you grow older, you will have to give space for new things in life. Letting go helps in removing your deepest fears and grievances.

The dream tells you to focus on growth and shed off old habits in life.

4. Poor self-esteem

This dream symbolizes your low levels of confidence and self-esteem. It denotes that you are not comfortable in your own skin.

The feelings of dependency on others usually stem from feelings of insecurity. You are not happy being ‘you.’ There is a need for validation from outside sources. 

The dream of breastfeeding shows your dependency needs and separation anxiety. With it comes poor self-esteem. 

You are suffering from poor self-worth and the dream reminds you to stay positive. It gives you a personal message to feel good enough about yourself.

You have the power to change, alter, and live life the way you want. Just focus on the positives that you possess. Learn to challenge your negative beliefs and faulty thoughts.

The dream tells you to feel good about yourself, and then you’ll become a confident being who is capable of fighting all odds in life.

5. A blessed sign

Dream of breastfeeding a baby symbolizes a sign of goodness and positivity. It represents parenthood, new beginnings, self-growth, and fulfilling your life goals. 

It denotes favorable changes that will come into your life. Thus, the dream signifies hope and good cheer. 

If you dream of breastfeeding quite often, you will soon receive good news. It may be the news of pregnancy or building up a new relationship with someone, etc.

This dream foretells pleasant things coming your way in the near future. All your problems will clear up soon and you’ll achieve everything good and great.

6. Symbolic of pregnancy and parenthood

The dream of breastfeeding a baby symbolizes that you are about to start a new family soon. It signifies childbirth and the start of parenthood.

This dream is common among women who want to embrace motherhood. The dream might alert you of a possible pregnancy. For pregnant women, the dream indicates their concern for the unborn child.

The dream encourages you to accept the new changes and take the next step towards success. Having this dream is an indication of good luck, spiritual bliss, financial stability, and marital happiness as well.

7. Symbolic of change and transformation

When you dream of breastfeeding, be sure that you’ll soon have new changes in your waking life. You may start a new job, or begin a new relationship in real life.

The dream symbol carries the message of positive changes. Your life will get better and a positive transformation will make its way soon.

You may find yourself getting into new projects in waking life. Maybe several new changes will occur that will be immensely fulfilling. 

The dream represents your desire to come out of your comfort zone and embrace all the changes happening around you.

Dream of Breastfeeding a Baby – 30 Scenarios and Its Meanings

The symbolic meaning of the dreams of breastfeeding may change according to the specific dream scenarios. 

Each dream theme may have a different meaning depending upon your current situation in waking life.

As we know, dreams are a manifestation of real-life events, it may reflect your real-life worries and concerns, happiness and hope.

In this section, we will discuss the various dream scenarios about breastfeeding and see how the hidden dream message relates to your waking life. Some of the common types of dreams are as follows:

1. Dreaming of breastfeeding a baby while pregnant

If you are pregnant in a waking life and dream of breastfeeding, it could mean motherly love and affection. Your maternal instincts are getting manifested through dreams.

The dream theme may indicate your concern about the unborn baby. It also depicts care, nurturance, and unconditional love that you’ll shower on your baby.

This dream is a positive sign as well. It indicates prosperity and a fresh start in life. You will soon receive the good news that will transform your life for the better.

Sometimes dreams of this type may prepare you for the new journey of motherhood. It might reflect good vibes, harmony, and a fulfilling relationship with your baby in waking life.

2. Dreams about breastfeeding when not pregnant

When you are not married or pregnant in real-life but still see this dream, it means you are nurturing a creative idea in your waking life. 

The dream reminds you that you are about to give shape to a new project or pursue a creative endeavor of your choice. You are on a path of self-growth.

Sometimes, this dream may also manifest the hidden desire of becoming a mother in waking life.

Maybe you’re planning for marriage or parenthood and the dream is just showing your subconscious thoughts of waking life.

3. Dreaming of breastfeeding a baby boy

When you dream of breastfeeding a baby boy, it means you are ready for new experiences in waking life.

The dream reminds you to look into yourself and find out areas that need to be improved.

A baby boy symbolizes masculine qualities like courage, confidence, and empowerment. It denotes your ability to improve your finances, achieve success in professional life also.

4. Dreaming of breastfeeding a baby girl

Dreaming of breastfeeding a baby girl symbolizes peace and harmony. It means that all your real-life problems will soon get solved.

The dream indicates self-growth. Soon you will enter a flourishing phase in your waking life that will be immensely satisfying.

5. Dream of breastfeeding twins

Seeing breastfeeding babies in dreams is a good omen. When you dream about feeding twins, it indicates success and accomplishment of life goals. Sometimes the dream may indicate dual success in waking life.

Maybe you were working on two individual projects in real life and both of them achieved huge success.

Twins also symbolize more power and empowerment. It denotes your ability to handle two things simultaneously.

6. Dream of watching someone else breastfeeding

When you dream of someone else breastfeeding, it may symbolize an act of emotional bonding. The dream symbolizes love, trust, and friendship with someone in waking life. 

This dream indicates that there is someone in your waking life on whom you depend a lot. Maybe you cannot live without that person and the dream shows your emotional dependency.

In some other connotations, this dream signifies good news knocking on your door soon. The dream symbol focuses on happiness, joy, and prosperity. 

Another way to interpret this dream is by understanding the hidden meanings. When you watch someone else breastfeeding it may also mean that there is someone in waking life who needs your help and support.

Maybe you have a friend or family member who is in trouble and seeks your help.

7. Dream of breastfeeding when you’re a man

 A breastfeeding dream by a man indicates financial success, professional growth, and pursuing one’s own talent. Sometimes this dream also holds a negative meaning.

It means that he is lonely and craves love and affection. Maybe he longs for a deep emotional bonding in waking life. The dream manifests his hidden wish to relate to someone at a deeper level.

Some dream books also say that when a man experiences breastfeeding in the dream, it indicates their desire to help their wives or contribute to household work.

The dream indicates their desire and ability to connect with daily life.

8. Dream about breastfeeding someone else’s baby

When you dream about breastfeeding someone else’s baby, it means that there is someone in waking life who needs your care and nurturance. 

You need to give them emotional support and protection. This dream symbol speaks about your concern about the well-being of people who are close to you.

9. Dream of breastfeeding after abortion

A miscarriage in a dream is a painful one just as it will be in real-life. It indicates loss, emotional suffering, and failure. It indicates setbacks and a phase of suffering and crisis.

But if you dream of breastfeeding a baby after an abortion, it indicates emotional healing. The dream tells you to come out of your grief and suffering, to heal the cuts and wounds slowly.

It also tells you to let go of past hurts and sufferings.

After an abortion, the woman experiences a lot of grief and emotional trauma. Thus seeing this dream may indicate that good things will soon make their way into waking life.

They may again embrace the motherhood journey and come out of the setback that they have suffered in waking life.

10. Dream about being breastfed

This dream symbol usually reveals attachment and emotional bonding with one’s own mother. It means you are too close with your mother and feels a strong level of emotional dependency on her.

Another interpretation of this dream is that you are stuck in a phase of your life. You are unable to grow. Maybe you are feeling too dependent on someone for everything you do. 

This dream symbolizes immaturity, your fears of taking responsibility. Maybe you are not comfortable taking up adult responsibilities. 

You are insecure and fearful and may regress to a timeline in your life when your mother supported you in all possible ways.

11. Dream of breastfeeding your baby in public

A breastfeeding dream in public symbolizes a bad omen. It means that your hidden secrets will get revealed in public. The dream foretells new problems coming your way in waking life.

The dream tells you to be cautious about whom you share your deepest secrets with. It reminds you not to trust people in real-life blindly. 

You need to be aware of who you trust and how much information about your private life can be shared with others.

12. Dream of breastfeeding an abandoned baby

An abandoned baby is symbolic of loneliness. If you dream of breastfeeding an abandoned baby, it means you are feeling aloof and alienated from others. You are in need of care and protection.

Maybe you need to attend to yourself. The dream reminds you to do some self-care in waking life. You need to look into yourself and overcome the lonely feelings in real life.

13. Dream of breastfeeding a crying baby

This dream symbolizes emotional sensitivity and grief in waking life. Maybe you have been hurt by someone’s behavior and the dream reminds you to stay safe next time.

Breastfeeding a crying baby means you are in need of emotional support. You are looking for someone who can heal your wounds and help you feel better.

This dream can signify dissatisfaction and unhappiness in your waking life. Maybe you are feeling unloved and not cared for by close people around you.

14. Dream of breastfeeding blood

If you dream of breastfeeding blood to a baby instead of milk, it represents your unhealed wounds and past hurts that need to be cleaned. 

Maybe past hurts are bothering you in waking life for some time now and it’s getting manifested through disturbing dreams.

The dream hints towards emotional healing and purification. It reminds you to let go of certain things in life that may hold you back. 

You are to leave old patterns of behavior and look for something new. It also tells you to gather courage and work towards healing and catharsis.

15. Dream of arguing with a breastfeeding mother

A dream of arguing with a breastfeeding mother means that there is some older adult in your waking life who is accusing you of some misdeeds.

Maybe they have misunderstood you and are behaving differently with you.

The dream is showing your insecurity and fear. Maybe you are scared of losing the attention of the elder in real life. It indicates broken bondings and failed relationships.

16. Dream of breastfeeding a smiling and chubby baby

This dream symbolizes good news that is going to come to you soon. It represents the successful accomplishment of life goals. 

A smiling baby symbolizes happiness and good cheer. It also suggests that your creative pursuits will soon take a concrete shape in real life.

17. Dream of forgetting to breastfeed a baby

If you forget to breastfeed a baby, it symbolizes guilt and shame. Maybe you are feeling hopeless from within. 

Certain negative events such as losing a job, or failed relationships in waking life may make their undue appearance in dreams.

The dream might also indicate setbacks in your career or some past hurts that you have never accepted well. It still bothers you, making you feel more guilty and anxious.

18. Dream of breastfeeding a big baby

When you dream of breastfeeding a big baby, it means a series of positive events happening in your waking life. 

You are on the way to self-growth. The dream may remind you to relax and take things easy. It tells you to realize your potential and fulfill your big dreams.

19. Dream of breastfeeding a sick baby

Dreaming of nursing a sick baby or infant means you are in a grip of bad habits. Several unhealthy lifestyle habits are damaging your physical health. 

The bad habits are causing harm and making your life a miserable one. This dream is a bad sign of suffering and pain. 

It also means disappointments and setbacks. Maybe your waking life is full of troubles and you are unable to cope with them.

20. Dream of breastfeeding animals

If you dream of breastfeeding a cat, it means you are in touch with your intuitions. The dream indicates inner peace and harmony. 

It also symbolizes flourishing your creative talents. You will soon get some good news pertaining to career opportunities or financial growth.

Breastfeeding a dog symbolizes spiritual growth. It indicates the regeneration of new ideas. You have reached greater heights of success in waking life.

21. Dream of feeding several babies at a time

This dream represents the positive attitude of the dreamer. It also represents the good physical health of the dreamer in waking life.

If you are sick in real life and dream of feeding many babies, it means that you’ll soon overcome your sickness.

22. Dream about breastfeeding by a married woman

If you are married and dream about breastfeeding, it symbolizes love, peace, and harmony in married life. You are happy with your partner in waking life.

This dream also signifies new beginnings, prosperity, and your desire to start parenthood.

Feelings of love and care prevail in your personal life and you are happy to be on a new journey of fulfillment with your partner.

Dreams of this type symbolize successful family life. There will be absolute bliss around you.

23. Dream about breastfeeding by an unmarried woman

People who are in a serious relationship may often come across such a dream. This dream symbolizes the dreamer’s hidden wish to settle down and start a family life. 

The unfulfilled wishes and desires make their way into dreams. Sometimes this dream theme indicates strong emotional bonding with your partner and the motherly affection that you already have.

24. Dream of not being able to breastfeed your baby

This dream theme may appear weird and unnatural.  But may carry hidden meaning for the dreamer’s waking life.

If you see that you’re unable to feed your baby, it means that something very important is missing in your waking life.

It indicates loss of money or wealth, failure in relationships, poor growth in career, etc. Sometimes this dream is an indication of emotional pain and suffering in waking life. 

It may also show a lack of support from your own mother, maybe your relationship with her is passing through a storm and it is not something that you have expected in your life.

25. Dreaming of someone else nursing your baby

If you dream of someone else nursing your baby, it is a bad sign. This dream symbol indicates jealousy and betrayal. The dream symbolizes a warning for you. You need to know the people around you.

Someone in your waking life may try to harm you in some way. There could be people conspiring against you.

Thus, the dream denotes a word of caution. You are advised to remain careful and not to trust others blindly.

26. Dream of fighting a breastfeeding mother

If you have dreamt of fighting with a breastfeeding mother, it indicates that you will come across an opponent in waking life who is equally competent and able. 

You are scared of being put out of the competition. It could also mean undue troubles coming your way in reality. Someone might challenge you and you may feel insecure from within.

The dream shows the weak nature of the dreamer. Maybe fear and insecurities may stop you from facing the odds and challenges in waking life. 

27. A breastfeeding mother is being kissed by someone in a dream

When you see a breastfeeding mother being kissed in the dream, it indicates the sexual fantasies and pleasures of the dreamer.

The dreamer wants to be loved physically and desires to bond with their partner in reality.

28. Breastfeeding mother laughing in dreams

If you dream of a breastfeeding mother who is laughing, be sure that you will soon receive good news in your waking life.

Everything in your life will move according to plans. You will taste success in whatever you do.

This dream foretells hope and reminds you that you have already overcome the hassles in life. Now, it is time to be happy and reap the benefits of your hard work.

29. Dreaming of a breastfeeding mother crying

This dream theme indicates that someone in your waking life may seek your support and help. This dream also shows your helpful nature.

You will be glad to extend your support to others in real life.

30. Seeing an unknown woman breastfeeding her baby in your house

This dream symbolizes good news. It may indicate that someone in your family is about to get married or has become pregnant recently. Everything going on around you will be fulfilling.

Spiritual meaning of breastfeeding a baby in a dream 

Spiritually, breastfeeding a baby in dreams symbolizes eternal love. It represents maternal care, nourishment that helps in the growth of the baby. This dream symbolizes purity, virtue, righteousness, and good health.

Breastfeeding is a symbol of love and care. It represents a pure and deep bonding between the mother and her child. Thus, the dream meaning carries the message of protection, care, unconditional love, and support.

It is a gift that allows the mother to deeply connect with her child. If you’re pregnant and dream about breastfeeding, it symbolizes your concern and worries about the unborn baby.

You are concerned about the well-being of the baby.

Spiritually, this dream gives the message of a beautiful journey of life that you and your partner will have together. Thus, it also indicates a close emotional tie with your partner.

As babies represent purity and innocence, the Universe hints towards something that will prove to be too good for you. 

Maybe, you’ll soon receive some good news that may be fulfilling. It can be related to monetary gain, career growth, or accomplishing a difficult goal in life.

Through this dream, the Universe sends you a message of love, hope, happiness, and laughter. The veil of sorrows and sufferings will move away from your life and you’ll walk along a journey of self-development.

Biblical meaning of breastfeeding a baby in a dream

The Bible says that a woman’s body is a symbol of holiness. It is the epitome of love, care, and nurturance. Breastfeeding in dreams is a positive omen. It symbolizes true love, no pain, no hatred, no jealousy, just purity, and intimacy.

Breastfeeding is a pure feeling that symbolizes warmth and tenderness. It is the symbol of women’s power and pride. 

As a dream symbol, breastfeeding symbolizes fear of separation. You do not wish to let go of your sense of security in waking life.

Maybe you are dependent on someone in real-life and never want to part ways with them. 

In certain dream scenarios, the dream of breastfeeding also means preparing the dreamer for motherhood and childbirth. This type of dream is a good sign for those who want to start a family in reality.

If you are emotionally dissatisfied in your waking life, this dream reflects your innate desire to be loved and cared for. You wish someone could support you emotionally and protect you from all evil influences.

Biblically, dreams about breastfeeding symbolize an act of love. It tells you to nurture personal relationships. You are advised to take care of the people who are dear to you.

If you are dreaming of feeding a baby quite often, it may mean that someone around you might need your help. It could be your parents, spouse, or children as well.

In the Bible, this dream theme reflects kindness, compassion, nurturance, and deep-seated emotional connections with your loved ones.

Dream of breastfeeding a baby – a psychological perspective

If you dream of breastfeeding a baby, it could imply your need to be nurtured and cared for. It reveals your deepest insecurities.

Maybe there is a broken and vulnerable side of ‘you’ that needs to be taken care of. You want someone to take care of your emotional needs.

Psychologically, the dream of breastfeeding a baby also means the ability of the dreamer to create and nurture new ideas. 

It represents creation and manifestation. You are about to start a fresh start in life where creativity and self-development can happen hand in hand.

Sometimes this dream speaks a lot about your expression to bond with a special person in your waking life.

Thus, people who are planning for marriage or about to start a family can dream about breastfeeding.

The religious significance of the dream of breastfeeding a baby

The symbolic interpretation of breastfeeding a baby in dreams also varies according to cultural and religious beliefs. 

The various religious interpretations are as follows:


In Islam, the dream of breastfeeding a baby is symbolic of feeding and suckling. It represents a mother-child bonding filled with love and care. 

However, if the woman dreams that she is feeding a man, it could mean emotional imprisonment. It depicts a poor relationship with a lot of pain and suffering in waking life.


Breastfeeding a baby in dreams symbolizes warmth and affection. In Hinduism, this dream reflects the caring nature of the dreamer. Maybe they always play a supportive role in waking life.

This dream also speaks about the humble, kind-hearted, and open nature of the dreamer. They are always keen to help and guide others in trying times.


According to Christian religious beliefs, the dream of breastfeeding a baby symbolizes the purity and innocence of the dreamer.

It reveals that they are warm and tender and remain open to nurturing and protecting people who are dear to them in waking life.

Dream of breastfeeding a baby – The Good and the Ugly

Thus, from the above discussion, it became clear that the dream narratives of breastfeeding a baby imply both positive and negative meanings.

Let us summarize both the good and bad sides of these dreams:

The various positive meanings of this dream are as follows:

  • Warmth and affection
  • Emotional bonding
  • Care
  • Nurturance
  • Sense of protection
  • Love and empathy
  • Self-growth
  • Change and transformation
  • New relationships
  • Pregnancy and parenthood

The Ugly side of this dream could indicate the following meanings:

  • Separation anxiety
  • Emotional dependency
  • Feelings of insecurity
  • Deepest fears
  • Lack of self-esteem
  • Fear of letting go of old beliefs and habits

Questions to ask yourself when you dream of breastfeeding a baby

If you dream about breastfeeding a baby quite often, you need to ask yourself certain questions to understand the hidden meanings of such dreams.

The dream interpretation of these dreams depends upon the specific dream scenarios and your associated feelings and life situations in reality.

The meaning of your dream will surely change according to the circumstances of waking life.

  • How often do you see the dream of breastfeeding a baby?
  • What are your feelings after you wake up from such a dream?
  • Are you carrying a baby in your waking life?
  • Have you ever seen feeding an animal?
  • Do you have dependency feelings on someone in waking life?
  • How are your relationships with your spouse or partner?
  • What are your deepest fears?
  • Do you think you are holding onto some past hurts and wounds that need to be let go of as early as possible?
  • What will be your self-interpretation of this dream?

The video link shared below shows the symbolic meaning of breastfeeding a baby. Do check out.

Wrap Up

To end on a positive note, it’s good to say that breastfeeding dreams symbolize the close affinity of a baby with his/her mother. 

The dreams reflect the unconscious wishes of the dreamer to nurture and create something beautiful.

It denotes the power and glory associated with motherhood and childbirth as well. When you know the hidden message of this dream, you’ll be able to create a reality for yourself.

The dream foretells growth and success. It manifests deep emotional understanding and bonding with people close to you.

Sometimes this dream may simply mean your need to be taken care of in waking life. Whatever the meaning may be, these dreams are filled with love and belongingness.

You may be filled with positive vibes and hope to manifest your unconscious wishes in reality.