A dream of copper is a common occurrence for people who deal with the metal regularly in the waking world. 

But if you neither have anything to do with it nor encounter it any time lately, the dream most probably carries a special message for you. 

What Does It Mean To Dream Of Copper?

A dream of copper shows you are optimistic and capable of tackling problems with ease. On the other hand, such a dream portends a fortune coming into your possession. Negatively, the scenario may hint at a person green with envy of your accomplishments. 

Usually, a dream of copper shows you are confident and optimistic. Furthermore, you have the ability to overcome problems with little or no difficulty.

From a financial point of view, copper in dreams hints at a huge sum of money coming to you. Whether you are filthy rich or dirt poor, there’s a good chance that you will stumble onto a fortune.  

Negatively, your scenario might be warning you of a jealous person looking for an opportunity to hurt you. 

Copper is also associated with rumors. Think of whether someone is trustworthy or not before confiding your secrets in him or her. 

According to the dream books of Miller, copper symbolizes a swift advancement in your career. But despite the success, you will be mentally tormented about the security of your job/ profession because you believe anything that comes easily goes easily. 

Dream Of Copper – 40 Scenarios & Their Meanings

For an accurate dream interpretation, you must go beyond the general meaning as the interpretation may vary depending on the exact details. 

For instance, selling copper is interpreted differently from eating copper coins. 

Therefore, for your convenience, we have listed some of the most common scenarios featuring copper. You can use them for reference. 

1. Seeing a piece of copper in a dream

Seeing a piece of copper without any additional details promises profit and sustenance. 

Alternatively, the scenario might be warning you to avoid buying unnecessary stuff. 

2. Selling copper in a dream

The scenario reminds you to be on your guard as someone is out to deceive you. This can happen in any form in any area of your life. 

So, avoid doing something you don’t usually do, at least for a brief period. Putting it off for a while will save you from getting into trouble. 

From the romance point of view, selling copper shows you have mixed feelings for the person you like. Though you like him or her too much, you are still unable to process your feelings for him or her regarding a few matters. 

3. Receiving copper as a gift in a dream

If someone gifted you a piece of copper, the scenario hints at a jealous person in your surroundings. It can be a close friend, relative, or even an immediate family member.

That person will not be able to make peace with the fact that you are more successful than him or her. Consumed by jealousy he or she might even try to harm you in some way or the other. 

Having said that, the interpretation also differs depending on the identity of that person. 

4. To dream of copper coins

Copper coins can have either positive or negative meanings depending on your reality. 

For some, it can represent spiritual healing and for others, it can indicate a financial loss. 

From another approach, copper coins or money stands for unrequited love. On that note, ask yourself a few questions.

Do you have feelings for, or are pursuing someone who shows no interest in you whatsoever? 

Then, it might be time you call it quits and move on from that person. Because most likely, he or she will never reciprocate your feelings. 

Negatively, copper coins show someone is mooching you off without letting you know what’s happening. 

5. Dreaming about finding copper coins

An unexpected event or news, most probably something good, is in the offing if you experienced the above scenario. 

Alternatively, you might be appreciated or rewarded for something you believe was not done right. 

Contrarily, finding copper coins is also associated with a potential dispute. 

6. Dreaming that you are surrounded by a lot of copper

Most likely, you are arrogant and have a displeasing personality if you are surrounded by a lot of copper in your dream. 

Note that the copper can be in any form. 

7. To dream of polishing dirty copper

In this context, the scenario reminds you that not all of us are lucky enough to have a comfortable lifestyle without even lifting a finger. We need to work hard and get our hands dirty with dirt and sweat for a brighter tomorrow. 

8. Polishing copper until it shines in a dream

Be on your best behavior and try not to be arrogant as that may cost you friendships and relationships. 

9. To dream of mistaking copper for gold

Generally, such a dream symbolizes disappointment as something will turn out to be quite the opposite of your expectations. 

10. To dream about losing an object made of copper

Through the scenario, the subconscious warns you to be careful as you might lose something in the waking world. 

11. To dream of buying copper

Buying copper in a dream implies betrayal by a close friend. The incident will leave you devastated, and you will have a hard time coping with your emotions. 

Alternatively, you might decide to change your career, job, or residential area. 

12. To dream of receiving copper from someone you know

The scenario portends a piece of news that will gladden you. 

13. Receiving copper from an unknown person in a dream

You might have a chance encounter with an influential person. If you find this relatable, remind yourself to be on your best behavior as he or she has the authority to take you to places if he or she wants. 

14. Stealing copper in a dream

Probably, others might make fun of you, or you may humiliate yourself by saying something ridiculous. 

If that does happen, let the incident serve as a reminder not to preach about something if you don’t have much knowledge about it. 

15. To see others stealing copper in a dream

If you see someone or a group of people stealing copper, you might come across an injustice in the foreseeable future. 

Despite your wishes, you wouldn’t be able to do anything for the person who you believe is being taken advantage of. 

16. To dream of excavating copper

Most of the time, excavating copper shows you have just gotten over a crisis in the real world. 

17. To see someone else working in a mine and excavating copper in a dream

In all likelihood, you are hiding something from others if you see another person working in a mine and excavating copper. 

You refuse to let others know about it because either you fear being perceived as incapable of solving your own problems or you don’t want to worry them unnecessarily. 

18. A dream of minting copper

You might be going through a testing period, without yourself being aware of it. Most likely, your superiors at your workplace are observing your skills and capabilities. 

19. A copper plate in a dream

Chances are, you will soon organize an event for friends and family. 

Also, you might invest money and labor for the benefit of others and not yourself.

20. Eating on a copper plate in a dream vision

If you have given your best to something in the waking world, it’s time to step back and wait for it to play out. 

Additionally, the dream advises you not to worry unnecessarily as you will be rewarded depending on how well you did. 

21. Selling copper plates in a dream

You might be compelled to sell your possessions to save yourself from going bankrupt according to the plot. 

22. Melting copper metal and shaping it into a plate

The scenario signifies good things happening, especially in your professional life. 

23. To dream of receiving copper coins

According to the scenario, you have a lot of burdens on your shoulders, and the plot hints at your desire to escape them. 

Receiving copper coins is also associated with dissatisfaction in your love life. 

24. Eating copper coins in a dream vision

The scenario symbolizes leadership, authority, and influence. 

25. Dreaming about burying copper money or coins

Most probably, you feel insecure and live your life in constant fear lest others find out your secret. 

26. Throwing copper coins on the street away from your house

As per the scenario, you will let go of everything that brings you pain. 

27. Copper wire in a dream

Expect unforeseen expenses to burn a hole in your pocket soon. Needless to say, the times look challenging for you from a financial point of view.

However, with a proper strategy, you might be able to get through the rough patch pretty well. 

28. Seeing copper levers in a dream

If copper levers appear in your dream, it might be because you are still allowing something from the past to disrupt your present and ruin your chance for growth and development. 

29. Seeing copper foil in a dream

You are at a point in your life where you can no longer decide if you are on the correct life path or not. 

You do believe you are doing the right thing, but repeated interruptions from others have led you to question yourself.

And the scenario shows you need guidance and someone to reassure you that you are doing well. 

30. Dreaming of a copper chain

A copper chain in the dream world is a symbol of sensuality. 

31. A dream of copper cookware

Copper cookware portends minor disputes in your household which has the potential to evolve into a huge fight if anybody involved shows impatience and arrogance. 

32. Dreaming about having copper in your wallet

A piece of copper in your wallet indicates you are surrounded by frenemies on all sides. 

According to the scenario, these people won’t hesitate to provoke you even in public. Use that to your advantage and maintain a distance from those people. 

33. A dream of stealing cable and copper wire

Stealing cable and copper wire in a dream signifies financial loss. 

34. To see yourself binding copper

Generally, the act of binding copper symbolizes hard work. Analyze your current real-life situation and see where the interpretations fit most.

For instance, if you are struggling to make yourself noticeable at your workplace, you might need to go the extra mile and work extra hard to receive recognition. 

35. A dream of seeing coppersmith

A coppersmith in a dream shows you will become business partners with a hard-working individual.

The scenario might also reflect your discontentment after receiving a meager reward in exchange for hard labor and time. 

36. An object made from yellow copper in a dream

Anything made from yellow copper symbolizes advancement in your career. Furthermore, the scenario shows you will be afraid of committing a slight mistake and letting others down from that point onward. 

37. A single person dreaming of stealing cable and copper wire

From the love and romance point of view, you are going through one of the luckiest phases in your life. 

You will attract much attention, and many will want to woo you. Just make sure you pick the right one who deserves your love and loyalty. 

38. A businessperson dreaming of stealing cable and copper wire

According to the dream, this is an auspicious period, when it comes to business, transactions, and collaborations. 

Also, your friends and acquaintances will be supportive of you around this time. 

39. Workers dreaming of stealing cable and copper wire

The scenario is a negative sign for workers/ employees. Expect a project you are in charge of to go wrong halfway, to your surprise. 

40. A student dreaming of buying copper

For a student, buying copper symbolizes he or she will try to change his or her career realizing the current one is not as respectable or promising as he or she had expected. 

Spiritual Meaning Of A Dream Of Copper

Unlike other metals like gold and silver, copper is undervalued by people. But that doesn’t mean it is any less valuable than the others. 

The metal is valuable and serves its purpose in its unique way.

Considering that, the dream shows you must not let others’ opinions into thinking you are inferior to them. Believe in yourself and trust your process. 

Copper In Dreams: A Biblical Meaning

Copper is often related to human nature and behavior in the Bible. 

Psychological Meaning Of Copper

Psychologically, copper in a dream hints at the need to let go of worries, stress, and anxiety. 

If anything from the past still bugs you time and time again, the dream encourages you to release them. Flush out everything that hinders your growth and do what you can to restore balance back into your life.


Wrapping up, a dream of copper can be interpreted in different ways depending on the context and what exactly you are going through in reality. 

For some, copper might foretell massive fortune. But the metal may bring a piece of unpleasant news for others. Regardless, understand that dreams happen for a reason – be they positive or negative. 

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