Dreaming of a handkerchief can mean that you need to bid farewell to someone special, or that you will have to face unpleasant things in the near future.

Alternatively, these dreams can also mean that a risky venture will end on a good note or that you wish to flirt with someone.

Dream Meaning of Handkerchief – General Interpretations

A handkerchief has been used by men and women alike for centuries. We use them to wipe tears, sweat, or almost anything else.

Just like handkerchiefs are a major part of our attire, dreaming of handkerchiefs can point toward your dressing sense too!

Now let’s see some of the general dream interpretations first to know more.

  • You have to say goodbye to someone
  • You will face unfortunate things soon
  • You will successfully complete a risky venture
  • You want to flirt with someone
  • You are stressed out

Dream of a Handkerchief – Various Types and Interpretations

Did you know that dreaming of a red handkerchief means that you are passionate, while a pink handkerchief suggests that you are in a blooming relationship?

Every dream detail has its own charm, so let’s see some of the common dream scenarios!

Dream of picking up a handkerchief

If you dream that you are picking up a handkerchief from somewhere, it indicates that you observe people around you every day.

You like to understand people and their psychology and you’re also willing to help out someone in need.

Dream of finding a handkerchief

A dream where you suddenly find a handkerchief somewhere shows that your luck will soon turn around.

You might have been experiencing terrible times recently, but all that will change now. Your loved ones will again begin to trust you.

Dream of washing a handkerchief

Just like washing or cleaning something makes it look better, a dream where you are washing your handkerchief implies that your interpersonal relations will improve.

You will once again become close to your friends and family.

Buying a handkerchief

On the other hand, dreaming of buying a handkerchief at a store is not a good sign.

It indicates that your interpersonal relationships with others will start to decline. People who once loved you will now treat you like a stranger.

Forgetting a handkerchief

It shows that your forgetfulness in your waking life will affect the lives of those around you. These people might get annoyed with this habit of yours.

Throwing away a handkerchief

It foretells that you will be betrayed by someone very close to you.

It can also indicate that you will face problems while dealing with people around you and they will try to alienate you.

A silk handkerchief

It suggests that you will have a harmonious relationship with a loved one.

Alternatively, this dream can also indicate that you will soon indulge in luxury and fancy things that will make you feel rich.

A clean handkerchief

Anything clean in your dreams is a good sign and when it comes to a clean handkerchief, the dream interpretation is especially good.

This suggests that your balanced decisions will bring you good luck in your projects.

A dirty handkerchief

It foretells all kinds of negative things like upcoming troubles or disappointments. You will face financial losses in your work due to bad investments.

A torn handkerchief

A torn handkerchief is a representation of a tear in your marriage or romantic life. You will frequently fight with your husband or wife and the quarrels will just keep on increasing.

A colorful handkerchief

Dream of a colorful handkerchief can signify either good or bad things, depending on your perspective.

A linen handkerchief

A linen handkerchief might feel comfortable in your waking life but in the dream realm, it foretells trouble and deception.

Dream of Handkerchief Based on Different Colors

A red handkerchief – Red in the dream dictionary is the color of love and passion. So, a red handkerchief naturally indicates that you are a passionate person.

A pink handkerchief – On the other hand, a pink handkerchief suggests the feelings of young love.

A green handkerchief – Even though many people associate green with jealousy, a green handkerchief actually indicates that you are mentally very calm and stable.

A yellow handkerchief – A yellow handkerchief suggests that you will encounter good luck soon, both in your personal and professional lives.

A blue handkerchief – The blue handkerchief represents the relationship that you have with those around you.

A black handkerchief – Black is known as the color of death in the dream realm, so a black handkerchief represents your separation from someone through death.

A white handkerchief – It means that your social circle truly respects you because everyone thinks that you are pure and truthful.

Spiritual Interpretation of Dream of Handkerchief

Spiritually, dreaming of handkerchiefs shows that there is some blockage in your spiritual connection with your spirit guide.

You need to sit and rethink all your decisions so that you can finally be spiritually free and more energetic.

A word from ThePleasantDream

Since every dream has a special meaning, you can safely conclude that your handkerchief dreams also mean something important.

Your mind is hinting at something in your waking life but it’s your job to decipher the meaning and understand it carefully. 

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