Dream of heaven is a particularly good dream as it means that you may be feeling so joyous that you imagine yourself being in heaven. Heaven is a representation of the best form of the afterlife. 

Besides, such dreams indicate a time of happiness in the dreamer’s life. These dreams also symbolize obstructions in the way of feeling that kind of happiness. 

Dream Of Heaven - Exploring Various Scenarios & Meanings
Dream Of Heaven – Exploring Various Scenarios & Meanings

What Does It Means To Dream of Heaven? 

Dream of heaven is a pleasant dream. Heaven is always understood as a place where we go after death when we are being rewarded for our good deeds. It is considered a very happy and peaceful place. 

However, most dreams of heaven do leave the dreamer with a positive feeling. Thus, dreams about heaven symbolize the following. 

  • Happiness

Dreaming of heaven means experiencing extreme happiness. This may sound scary to some people since extreme emotions are more difficult to digest, even if, they are positive. 

Additionally, you may be feeling so good about your current life that you imagine yourself to be in the best place possible; i.e., heaven. 

  • Sign of fulfillment

Dreams of heaven represent a feeling of fulfillment; a feeling of having achieved what you set out to do or desired.

Dreamers truly believe that they are at a point where they deserve this highest form of happiness. 

  • Symbol of hope 

Some dreams about heaven particularly represent feelings of hope.

This could be true for those who have recently lost someone. They may need the security that their loved one who has left them is in a beautiful place away from earth.

Sometimes, it could also be hope for their own self especially if the dreamer believes they have made terrible mistakes. 

  • Eternal life 

Dreams of heaven represent a happy eternal life. For those dreamers who have recently lost someone close to them, these dreams are a source of comfort. They feel that their loved one is enjoying an eternal life that is blessed and happy. 

It also means a state of enlightenment. The dreamers may feel that they have been so spiritually enlightened that they can spend the rest of their life in peace.

  • God’s message 

Whether or not a person believes in God, this dream is an indication that they believe in some kind of higher power. Therefore, these dreams could thus represent the communication we want to establish with this higher power.

Similarly, some dreams can be warning signs to be aware of our actions. They could be a message to do good things and be morally right to experience the joy of being in heaven. 

  • Symbol of change 

We all strive for success in some ways. While not all of us can be hugely successful, one of the biggest motivators to continue on any journey is the promise that the results will be better and life-changing.

The dream of heaven is one such symbol. Dreamers may feel better about working hard and hoping for success if they can see their world change in their dreams.

  • Connection

Dreams of heaven are a symbol of establishing a connection. This connection could be with people you have lost or people you miss in your life. Seeing them in heaven gives you a sense of still being around them. 

These dreams also mean establishing a deeper connection with people like role models, who play a great role in your journey to success and happiness.

Dream Of Heaven – Various Scenarios and Their Meanings 

Dreams about heaven can refer to different scenarios a person may see in their dreams. Most of them are very positive, very few can be interpreted as warning signs. Read on to understand further. 

Dream about going to heaven 

Dreams about going to heaven signify wish or goal fulfillment. It is possible that you may have achieved a significant milestone in your life. The dream is a sign from your guardian angels that you have made it.

It also means that you have a lot to celebrate now – could be a career move or a personal achievement like buying your dream home. 

These dreams have a sense of fulfillment within them because they mean that what you have achieved is big enough for your mental state to experience peace. 

Dreaming about an invitation to heaven 

This dream is similar to the previous one; it means crossing a big milestone or achieving a big feat.

This shows that you are very optimistic about some big moves. It could also be a relationship at a point where you expect your partner to make a hugely positive move. 

In addition, it could also be stress that makes you dream of an invitation to heaven. This is a sign that you are putting all your strengths to experience fulfillment one day. 

Being stopped from entering heaven 

This dream represents negative emotions. This dream means that you may be being stopped from achieving your goals. 

Often, it is also possible that you may be feeling jealous due to a relationship that means a lot to you but you still don’t entirely trust your partner. Someone may be holding you back from that. 

Sometimes nervousness can be represented through a dream of being blocked from going to heaven. 

Dreams about heaven gates 

These gates are also associated with hope or a waiting period. Seeing them means that you may be expecting some fantastic news. Pregnant women might see this dream when they are eagerly awaiting their newborn baby. 

Sometimes, these dreams also indicate redemption. Perhaps you have done something that is wrong or not exactly right. In such scenarios, these gates give the hope that there might be some redemption for you. 

These could at the same time be a warning sign. These gates are a reminder that if you compromise your morals, you won’t get the joy and happiness of heaven.

In some other scenarios, these gates in dreams symbolize unexpected luck or blessings. You may be on the verge of something especially beautiful and you may not even know what is in store for you in the future. 

Going back to heaven in your dreams

The dream means you have visited once and you are now visiting a second time. This represents the good graces that got you to heaven in the first place. 

However, it also means that something went wrong and hence you were away from that blissful state. This shows that you may need to work on that before you can go back to a positive and happy state of mind. 

Dream of heaven with loved ones

It is very widely believed that when people die, they either go to heaven or hell. A dream of a loved one in heaven, thus, is common if you have lost someone you really cared about. 

This dream is a sign that you are processing their loss by imagining them in the best afterlife possible. This dream could also be caused by a lack of closure. If you and the person you lost didn’t get a goodbye, you may see them in your dreams.

Saint Peter in heaven 

In the dream world, this represents a higher authority that has control over your future. 

Furthermore, it also means that you are in negotiations with someone or hoping that someone clears the path to your success.

Additionally, Saint Peter in your dream can also represent a role model in your life. This person could have a very lasting impact on you and you model your behavior based on what you think they would approve or disapprove of.

God speaks to you in heaven 

Dreams about praying, or talking to God, are common. However, dreams of heaven where God speaks to you can be uncommon.

This dream could thus represent your need to control your emotions. It means that you may be getting stressed out or worked up about something when being calm will be more beneficial to you. 

Seeing yourself in heaven

This is a very good dream, as it shows a perfect world, full of happiness and away from suffering. This is a sign that you are seeking a perfect world in your real life as well. 

Additionally, seeing yourself exploring heaven, is more related to loss; the dreamer may have lost someone and is looking for closure by looking for them in their dream of heaven.

Walking in heaven 

This dream represents clarity and a clear conscience. This means that you are true to your word in real life and will do as you said you would. 

In heaven with angels 

This is a positive dream wherein angels are related to guardian angels in the dream world, but it also means you feel positively guided by someone in real life. 

This could be a person who spiritually guides you or who looks out for you. This person makes you feel so secure that you reflect that feeling in your dream of angels in heaven.  

Being thrown out of heaven 

It represents feeling lost in the world, feeling like you don’t know your purpose and hence don’t know what to do to feel fulfilled.

It is a negative dream in a way because it makes the dreamer question his own role in finding his happiness. 

This may even make you behave erratically and hence; this interpretation can be your warning sign to be more present and conscious of your actions. 

White light in heaven

This dream symbolizes the spiritual connection you build in your life which is pure. Furthermore, this connection will help you succeed, progress, and aim for happy and positive energy all around you. 

Leaving heaven 

It is a sign to rethink your current behavior. Additionally, it indicates that your time in heaven made you aware of something.

This knowledge is important enough that you want to return to life so you can make the necessary changes in your life as well as your attitude. 

Fountain in heaven 

Dreams about a fountain in heaven signify abundance. It means that you may soon see a large influx of funds. It could also signify abundance in other areas of your life.

Biblical Meaning Of Heaven Dreams 

Biblically, dreams of heaven mean a happy and positive state. Similar to the general meaning of dreams of heaven, this indicates that the dreamer is feeling good, optimistic, and very happy in real life.

This dream paints the picture of perfect bliss that we all strive for. It suggests that all the hard work will be worth it in the end, and things will always work out.

Alternatively, these dreams also suggest that the dreamer may be becoming too preoccupied with a perfect world.

People who have followed religion very sincerely may also have these dreams as warning signs, and the religious teachings state that all our behavior gets judged based on morals.

Good behavior is rewarded in heaven and bad is punished in hell


Dreams of heaven represent happiness, fulfillment, hope, and redemption. They are positive dreams which reflect the dreamer’s positive feelings and emotions. Sometimes they reflect the need to connect with those we have lost. 

These dreams don’t automatically mean all your goals will be fulfilled and you will be in heaven. Rather, they mean that you feel happy enough that your world around you feels perfect.