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Dream of Jellyfish: 35 Scenarios & Its Interpretations

Dream of Jellyfish: 35 Scenarios & Its Interpretations

Updated on Jul 22, 2022 | Published on Mar 02, 2022

Reviewed by Katina Tarver, MA (Mental Health and Wellness Counseling) , Life Coach

Dream of Jellyfish - 35 Scenarios and Its Interpretations

Dreaming of jellyfish foreshadows a nice journey ahead. It symbolizes concealed animosity or lovely settings that are overwhelmed by a terrible reality.

A jellyfish in your dream suggests sad memories from your past. In a relationship or sexual scenario, there could be covert anger or aggressiveness.

A jellyfish dream might also represent emotions of inadequacy, insecurity, low self-esteem, or a desire to make money.

Dream of Jellyfish - 35 Scenarios and Its Interpretations
Dream of Jellyfish – 35 Scenarios and Its Interpretations

Jellyfish Dream Meaning – Symbolism & General Interpretations

Dreaming about jellyfish foreshadows personal fulfillment and delight in your life. You are itching for a new adventure. It is no surprise that you have a strong feeling of spirituality and are in touch with a higher realm. 

It is important that you cleanse your mind, emotions and body. Influence, power, and riches will provide you with almost unlimited access to whatever you choose.

It is a sign of good fortune and luck. Developing an idea takes time and patience is a virtue you need to adopt.

The basic meaning of this dream is a specific requirement. This creature, in particular, is urging you to be kind to yourself. It also wants you to grow into the person you want to be. It wants you to shine, just like its brilliant appearance. 

If jellyfish manifest in our dreams, we can see that the organism wants us to be transparent. This spirit animal recognises the significance of being cloaked and veiled-free. If our lives aren’t hidden, no one can speculate about us. 

We will never be afraid to face a person. We can vouch for the fact that we are without flaws. If they exist, we don’t deny them. Like the jellyfish, we should not strive for perfection.

Instead, we should learn more about acceptance and how it may help someone grow.

Dreaming about jellyfish is a sign for us to be more transparent in incorporating some important traits in our life. Some of these are explained in detail below.

1. Composure

The jellyfish dream motif underlines the need of being able to flourish in difficult situations. Even if our difficulties are serious and large, we should be able to deal with them calmly. 

As you can see, the jellyfish are unconcerned. It continues to move as if it was floating in mid-air. And that is one among the lovely traits we should take away from this spirit animal, when it appears in our dreams.

Being gracious in the middle of chaos is also a great effort. It demonstrates your mental and spiritual toughness. It elevates you to the level of being pursued and followed.

2. Romance

Many of those who have witnessed this dream have been fortunate enough to do so. It’s a ray of hope that someone will come along to make your life more enjoyable and meaningful.

You should have faith that this symbolism will bring you to your current romantic pleasure.

Given the creature’s long existence, it’s important to note that the context of love here in your dream isn’t just for intimacy.

You can connect it to the concept of survival in particular. When people are with their partners, they live longer. 

This kind of joy guards against despair, tension and other problems that come with living in this world. Take advantage of the opportunity when this spirit animal indicates that you are ready to enter into a committed relationship.

3. Trust Yourself

When you see a jellyfish in your dream and feel a connection to it, it’s a sign that you should trust your intuition more.

Specifically, you should never disregard what your instinct tells you. Take nothing for granted, even if it appears unreasonable. 

This is a skill that not everyone possesses. It’s an extra sensation that comes from your spiritual connection rather than your physical senses.

It’s better if you consider it all the time, especially if you’re dealing with major decisions or life-and-death situations. You can always trust your gut instinct if you’re in a tense scenario.

4. Pain

A jellyfish’s tentacles pack a powerful blow. However, keep in mind that the jellyfish’s unique nature can be linked to your own existence through these dreams.

In certain circumstances, seeing a jellyfish in a dream indicates that terrible events are resurfacing in your life.

You want to forget about them as much as possible. External triggers, on the other hand, cause you to recall them again.

5. Simplicity

Jellyfish are really simple creatures. When the jellyfish spirit animal appears in your dream, it may be urging you to simplify your life and let go of things and people that are no longer beneficial to your personal progress. 

Release anything that has slowed your progress toward being a better person.

6. Balance

This spirit animal’s message could also be about the necessity to find harmony in your life. When this creature emerged in your dreams, you were most likely startled and out of sorts.

To regain your equilibrium, you should get rid of the things, situations, and people who disturb you and focus on the things and people that matter, enjoying them more.

7. Hard work

Jellyfish appear in your dream to urge you to work hard in order to realize your goals. Perhaps it indicates that you will soon be able to enjoy the results of your labor and share them with loved ones.

8. Flexibility

Jellyfish are adaptable creatures. They are allowing life to guide them. As jellyfish, we should let things happen naturally rather than imposing hard rules on how they should unfold. 

Nature, on the other hand, always arranges things in the nicest possible way. Accept and adapt to changes. You’ll quickly see that they appeared for the right cause.

Dream of Jellyfish – 35 Different Scenarios & Interpretations

Jellyfish in a dream symbolizes concealed animosity or lovely settings that are overwhelmed by a terrible reality. When you approach too close to jellyfish, it represents situations that have allure but give you a lot of grief.

Given below are some ways these fierce yet gentle creatures may manifest in your dreams and what significance they hold in your waking life.

1. Dreaming of big jellyfish 

Dreaming about big jellyfish is a sign of personal growth and development. A pun on something you should include into your life.

It is time to start over. This dream indicates a warning for your analytical mind and methodical thinking. 

You must recognise your flaws and face the challenges that lie ahead. The dream of a large jellyfish is a sign that you are discovering your inner self and emotions. Maybe you are feeling disconnected from the people around you. 

The dream also means that you are receptive to fresh ideas. The dream foreshadows purity and innocence. Fortune will find you in the most unlikely of places.

2. Dream about seeing a Jellyfish 

A dream about seeing a jellyfish foreshadows hope, pleasure, and happiness. Something in your life has progressed to a new level.

Now is the time to take a chance. This dream represents happiness and joy in your life. 

You have a higher feeling of self-worth and self-esteem than most people. Dreaming of a jellyfish is a sign of spirituality and vitality.

Your intelligence and knowledge will propel you towards a path of money and success. 

Presently, you are attempting to attract attention. Your competency, integrity, strengths, and faults are all mentioned in the dream. You are holding something back that you don’t want the world to know about.

3. Dreaming about picking up jellyfish

Picking up jellyfish in a dream implies that your journey will be enjoyable and that joy will continue to emerge.

This is a call for you to reach out and seize what you want without hesitation. The most successful people on the planet are risk takers. They can also be the world’s least successful people.

4. Dream of jellyfish in sky

Dreaming of jellyfish in the sky indicates that you understand how to stand out. You are impressive and wonderful, and you are always up for a flirtation. You have an egotistical streak that wants to satisfy your conquests. 

With your attitude, you conquer your partner. Seeing jellyfish in the sky in your dreams also signifies that you enjoy being wooed to your full potential.

You want to make a positive first impression by sharing your tale or demonstrating your knowledge.

5. Dream of killing a jellyfish

If you have a dream about killing a jellyfish, it means you will take dramatic measures to resolve any potential disagreements or problems inside your firm.

You will fight to get rid of traitors and put down insurgents.

6. Dream of baby jellyfish

The presence of a baby jellyfish in your dream means that you are the one who must adapt. Make alterations to your life.

Be adaptable in a variety of situations so that you can seize the correct opportunities as they present themselves.

7. Dreaming of pet jellyfish

Dreaming of having pet jellyfish in your aquarium is a sign that the group or place you are entering may not accept you right away.

Be patient and follow the rules. Keep folks at a safe distance for a while until they truly accept you.

8. Dream about flying jellyfish 

Education and learning are two things that come to mind when we think of flying jellyfish. You are far too demanding and yet, unfortunately, you are allowing others to decide where you go and what your ambitions are. 

This dream represents your resourcefulness and hands-on approach to a variety of problems. You are attempting to communicate your feelings.

Dreaming of flying jellyfish indicates that you are in a sticky situation. 

Some elements must be incorporated into your own self. If you behave and follow the rules, you will be rewarded. Your dream foreshadows a significant change in your life. Perhaps you have been conned or deceived.

9. Dream of fear of jellyfish

Dreaming of being fearful of jellyfish is a sign of impending doom. A person or event you don’t consider a competitor or a problem can cause you a lot of problems. You will be approached by an omen of awful things to come. 

When it comes to defining boundaries and expectations, be cautious. When the jellyfish makes you really afraid in your dream, it becomes a significant message that has surfaced from the depths of your unconsciousness into your conscious awareness. 

They inspire the dreamer to delve deeper into what is beneath the layers of feelings that others in society experience.

10. Dreaming of catching jellyfish

Control is symbolized by catching a jellyfish in a dream. Other people are being forced to think or act in a certain manner against their will. 

Maybe you are creating a mental prison to control how and what other people feel. Others will react to your advances with veiled animosity or hatred.

11. Dream about being a jellyfish 

Dreaming of being a jellyfish represents your own personal change and fire. You have a sense of being confined in some way. You must begin to consider things for yourself. 

The dream represents repressed emotional impulses as well as your physical and mental cravings for love. Maybe you are wallowing in your own misery.

Being a jellyfish in a dream represents internal problems or arguments in which you must find a middle ground. 

You are attempting to conquer an emotional problem. Before taking any action, you should think things thoroughly. This dream represents your self-esteem and self-worth. You are taking chances you shouldn’t be taking.

12. Dream about stung by jellyfish 

Dreaming of being stung by jellyfish is a metaphor for fundamental nourishment and the urge to be cared for and nurtured. You are erecting a barrier or shield between yourself and other people. 

It is foreseen that you will soon get ownership of a property that represents your actual personality. You are worried that people will see right through your covert agenda. 

The dream of being stung by jellyfish reflects your own obstinacy. You must become more organized and productive.

It is probably in your awareness that you have a proclivity for not allowing your emotions to influence your actions. 

The dream demonstrates your capacity to eliminate items or people from your life. You must think about and face material from your subconscious.

13. Dream about stepping on jellyfish 

Dreaming about stepping on jellyfish represents your genuine state of mind and life’s illogical events. In your life, there is a void. You are attempting to do too much at once. 

Unfortunately, your dream represents a forewarning for your overpowering anxieties of losing your virility. You simply want to spend some time alone with your own thoughts or ideas. 

Dreaming about stepping on jellyfish is an omen for a poorly thought-out enterprise or strategy. It is necessary for you to express your rage. You could feel that you can’t fully express yourself in a given setting. 

Your fears about death and aging are reflected in this dream. You have a proclivity for being subjective and allowing your emotions to guide you in your decision-making.

14. Dream about glowing jellyfish 

Dreaming about glowing jellyfish stings is a sign of your simplicity and earthiness. You are keeping a steady pace. You are having misgivings about yourself. The occult forces are symbolized in the dream. 

Perhaps you are hesitant to share your opinions with others. A dream about glowing jellyfish indicates a call to self-discovery and mental expansion. Some long-buried emotions are surfacing from your mind or history. 

Someone in your immediate vicinity has a hidden objective. The dream is something you should lay to rest or retire. In a circumstance, you must pay close attention to the specifics.

15. Dream of dead jellyfish 

Dreaming of a dead jellyfish represents feelings of being wronged or treated unfairly. Things don’t always look to be what they seem. Your activities will have an unfavorable outcome. 

This dream depicts traits or attributes you can learn or adopt from your forefathers and mothers. Little things might pile up to become a significant problem if they are not handled right away. 

A dream about a dead jellyfish is a warning sign for someone who is terminally ill or for your own anxieties of death. You are not taking responsibility for your actions. It is possible that you have an issue for which you are looking for a solution. 

Your dream is a warning about little problems you are having in your life. Unfortunately in this present condition, you have no control over the direction your life is taking.

16. Dream about swimming with jellyfish 

Dreaming about swimming with jellyfish denotes sadness or depression. You need to resurrect a connection or situation that you previously dismissed as dead or forgotten.

You may have failed to meet a personal goal that you established for yourself. 

This alludes to a part of yourself that you have forgotten or ignored. You are not ready to let go of the past.

Swimming with jellyfish in a dream represents your readiness to give up control in order to keep peace in your home or personal connection. 

It is time to stop shaming yourself and relax for a moment. Your rage is out of hand. The dream indicates proof of a lapse of judgment or a blunder you have made. It is possible that you are maybe being overly protective.

17. Dream about escaping from jellyfish 

Dreaming of escaping from jellyfish symbolizes a sticky situation or the need to stand up for yourself and your ideas.

You might be striving to change your methods and rethink your relationships and attitudes. 

Something or someone is attempting to stifle your progress. Unfortunately, the dream is a warning indication that you aren’t fully committed to a relationship. It is possible that you are overly attached. 

Such a dream implies poverty, immobility or misunderstanding. You are rushing into things and approaching them in a sloppy or rushed manner. Someone has been insulted by something you have said. 

Unfortunately, the dream emphasizes your need to be rescued or swept off your feet. You have a lot on your plate right now.

18. Dreaming of jellyfish bite 

Dreaming about a jellyfish bite represents your idealized version of someone you know. You or someone else is being monotonous or teasing you. You are unable to meet or maintain your demands. 

The dream is a sign that your conscious and subconscious minds aren’t communicating. It is possible that you are not expressing yourself clearly to others. 

The dream of a jellyfish bite represents your challenges, sad experiences, and bad feelings that have never fully healed and are still there in your thoughts. You are attempting to separate yourself from your feelings. 

You might be unsure how to take advantage of these possibilities or how to move a relationship further.

Unfortunately, this dream represents protection from a negative or evil energy. Perhaps these qualities are absent in your relationship.

19. Dreaming of eating a jellyfish

Dreaming of eating a jellyfish denotes a desire to be powerful. The dream also suggests that you want to stand out from the crowd and be more appealing than others.

Following proper ethics will help you reach your goal.

20. Dreaming of getting trapped by jellyfish in a pool 

A dream in which you are surrounded or trapped in a pool by jellyfish is a warning sign. It signifies that a lot of people are envious of you.

This is the moment to be more assertive and astute. You will have to learn how to deal with your foes.

21. Dream of drinking or eating raw jellyfish

In a dream, eating or drinking raw jellyfish represents a desire to be powerful. You will attract notice and defeat any adversary. However, if you are ingesting poison pills through associating with bad individuals, be cautious.

22. Dreaming of playing with jellyfish

In a dream, playing with jellyfish represents someone who is spineless and boneless and can cause you a lot of pain.

If you are starting a new relationship or going through a divorce with an ex-spouse, be cautious. If you are not careful, they will sting and injure you.

23. Dream of two jellyfish

Dreaming of a couple of jellyfish indicates that someone is attempting to rule you. You may be put under pressure by a handful of your coworkers or colleagues.

The most crucial task is to figure out how to beat your opponents.

24. Dream of a bunch of jellyfish 

Being engulfed or caught in a sea of jellyfish in a dream foreshadows peril with no way out. It implies that a large number of individuals are envious of you. They’re waiting for you to make a mistake so they can consume you. 

Now is the time to be braver and more determined. Keep a close eye on your surroundings and avoid falling into other people’s traps.

25. Dream in which a jellyfish stabs someone else

If you have a dream about sticking a jellyfish into someone else, it means you are in a relationship with someone who you cannot trust.

26. Dream about jellyfish on a beach

A dream about jellyfish on a seashore represents failed relationships. If you’re still looking for a companion, this dream could imply that you’re having trouble finding one.

If you’re married, you could notice a lack of passion in your relationship.

27. Dream about the sea full of jellyfish

A dream about a jellyfish-infested sea suggests poor sexual encounters and angry attitudes. This dream could signify an emotional crisis in your life that forces you to confront your emotions. 

Perhaps you’re harboring unresolved resentment or envy. If you encounter this dream on a regular basis, it could be a sign of negative sexual experiences.

28. Dream of a jellyfish speaking

This dream can provide you with a fantastic sense of freedom. It’s quite possible that it’s the most liberating dream. In this dream, your unconscious crafted a scenario that reveals a lot about you. 

As a result, the notion of speaking jellyfish is very plausible. Dream interpretation can reveal a lot about you and the issues you’re dealing with in your daily life. Dreams of speaking jellyfish are idealistic and guarded. 

Speaking jellyfish in your dreams is a deceitful deed that symbolizes your wish to get rid of reality. You’re dealing with a destabilizing issue and don’t know what to do. You don’t want to irritate the individuals involved. 

29. Dream of crawling jellyfish

Dreaming of crawling jellyfish is a strong indicator that your current situation will not last permanently. If you have a dream about crawling jellyfish, it means you are idealistic, cautious and patient. 

You are constantly willing to assist others and strive to act in their best interests. You have the ability to adjust and be considerate of others.

Dreaming of crawling jellyfish indicates that you are inherently confident and good-looking, making you a prime target for flatterers. 

You have a positive attitude and a willingness to help those in need. Dreaming of crawling jellyfish foreshadows your vulnerability to others.

Dream of Jellyfish – According to Color

30. Dream about White Jellyfish 

A dream involving white jellyfish is a metaphor for your interpersonal connections and relationships. Perhaps you should adopt a better way of life.

You are restricted or censored at work, in a relationship or in a position in your life. 

Your dream is a reflection of your belief system. It seems evident that you are insecure in some way, whether physically or mentally.

A white jellyfish dream indicates a desire for power, vengeance, superiority or control. 

It is essential that you stand out from the crowd. In your dream, you have made a decision or are dealing with a bothersome problem from your real life. 

Your desire for a much-needed vacation or getaway might occasionally manifest itself as a dream. How do you feel about your school and your classmates?

31. Dream about Black Jellyfish 

A dream about black jellyfish is a warning sign that you are going to make a hasty decision. Your identity is being taken away from you. Someone is trying to tell you something you don’t want to hear in a non-intrusive manner. 

It is all about your slacker mentality. You are isolating yourself from the rest of the world. The dream of a black jellyfish suggests repetitive thinking and an old method of doing things.

You are overcoming your limitations and overcoming challenges. 

It also represents a loss of authority and apprehension about reaching your objectives. The dream foreshadows a strange disturbance in your psyche. Emotionally or physically, you or someone you know is suffering.

32. Dreaming of Blue Jellyfish

In a dream, a blue jellyfish represents unpleasant memories from your past. They give you greater knowledge as well as more pain.

33. Orange Jellyfish Dream Meaning

It is time to let your inner glow show, according to the orange jellyfish in your dream. Allow passion and fun to enter your heart. Enjoy life by going with the flow.

34. Dream about pink jellyfish 

Pink jellyfish in your dream is a symbol for bottled-up rage and aggressiveness, especially in your personal connection. Perhaps you believe that people have taken advantage of you. 

In some aspects of your life, you are experiencing inhibitions and powerlessness. Unfortunately, this dream is a warning sign that you need to unwind and let go, or that you need to calm down a little. You are being watched. 

The dream of a pink jellyfish is unfortunately a warning for feelings of uncertainty, greed, shame, unworthiness and envy. Your emotions are well-known and you must break free from your current situation. 

The pressure to excel or risk being left behind is symbolized in the dream. You can be looking for a scapegoat because you are not taking responsibility for your actions.

35. Colorful Jellyfish Dream Meaning

Rainbow jellyfish in your dream represent your need for more attention. You want to make yourself more appealing to others.

To do so, you must improve your manner and first impressions. You, on the other hand, don’t want others to get too close to you.

What do dreams about jellyfish imply?

For most of us, the jellyfish dream symbolism is a revelation. This spirit animal suggests that we must be determined to overcome our difficulties. We will not be able to fight our demons if we simply flee from them. 

It is essential that we stay kind while remaining tenacious. We must be steady and committed in our belief that you can conquer them.

In order to rise and flourish from your current situations, you must deep dive and focus on what these dreams might be pointing towards.

If these dreams are highlighting the problematic areas in your life, it is better to watch your back and be careful of your surroundings. Below are some of the things that your dreams want you to pay attention to.

1. New Opportunities

Many people have the ability to hurt you in an unpleasant way. But why are you having jellyfish dreams if they are harmful animals? 

This type of dream means that you are on the right track, that you are a valuable member of society and that you spend enough time at work. It’s possible that you’ll see an increase in the near future. 

Such a dream may presage the fact that you will soon be working with new people, but you will be able to easily integrate into the seemingly foreign team and earn new coworkers’ respect.

2. Close people

Try to recall the setting in your dream. If you’ve come into contact with a variety of aquatic life, including jellyfish, you should consider your family’s safety and well-being. 

Is it safe for children to go to kindergarten or school? Is your husband or wife at work more tired than usual? Do your parents appear agitated or depressed?

In such a dream, a jellyfish represents your willingness to give your family great independence, that you are not opposed to taking a step back and allowing your loved ones to pursue their own lives, to stop being financially or spiritually dependent on you.

Simultaneously, you unintentionally communicate with potential enemies of your closest friends, jeopardizing their emotional (and possibly mental) well-being. 

If you’re concerned about what jellyfish dreams mean, pay close attention to the mental health of the children, parents and the other half.

Is a stranger a threat to their enjoyment and happiness? Have you ever made contact with someone shady on your own?

3. Pregnancy

A more specific question about why a female dreams of jellyfish arises from time to time. A vision like this frequently foreshadows upcoming pregnancy. 

Of course, blindly embracing such an interpretation is not worth it, but a jellyfish becomes a symbol of hope for many women who desire to have a child.

4. Be a part of society

It’s quite easy to drift away from the hustle and bustle of today’s world, to retreat into your own imaginary world, and to stop responding appropriately to other people. 

If you’re curious about what jellyfish dreams are about, keep in mind that these translucent marine critters only exist in their native habitat. 

This is a subliminal message: you can’t be too far apart from civilization since only in society can a person remain human, develop endlessly, and have a harmonious personality, rather than being simply another beast from a diverse fauna. 

You are being warned about the psychological hazards of being cut off from the rest of the world, and how you’re becoming insufficient in the face of civilization. It’s not uncommon for people to have these dreams due to this.

Consider the following question as soon as possible: Is everything going smoothly in your life? Are there any people you know? When was the last time you hosted a get-together or paid a visit to relatives or friends?

5. Financial life

Learn to consider things through before acting when it comes to investing your money. Many people have suffered significant losses as a result of acting only on instinct and emotions.

Spiritual meaning of jellyfish dreams

In dreams, jellyfish signify your life’s natural flow and movement. Because certain jellyfish are technically immortal, they imply immorality or endless life spiritually.

Spiritually, when jellyfish appear in your dreams, it is possible that ancient memories of traumatic events in your life will reappear.

These are emotions you have buried because they’re too painful to face, but they’re surfacing now when you are ready to confront them. 

It is a moment to forgive and let go of all bitterness and negative emotions. Unless you cleanse your heart of previous suffering, living with hidden animosity and hostility will continue to eat away at you.

Is there someone you need to forgive? Is it necessary for you to forgive yourself? Accept what you can’t change and go on. 

Allow yourself to let go of all old bad feelings so that you can go forward with strength and sensitivity. Have trust that if you simplify your life, you will be able to overcome any obstacle.

Jellyfish can also show up when you are lacking in confidence or feeling insecure. Determine why you are feeling this way and get through it.

What person makes you feel inadequate? What is the source of your lack of self-assurance? Regain your self-assurance.

Biblical meaning of jellyfish

Jellyfish are not mentioned in the Bible, however it is known to have stung Solomon. In the Bible, jellyfish represent faith, dedication, and favor, as well as a breakthrough.

Psychological meaning of jellyfish dreams

On a psychological level, dreaming of flying jellyfish indicates that love is closely linked to reputation for you. You must be pleased with your companion.

Love should most crucially reassure and comfort you, as you are quite receptive to flattery. 

Dreaming of flying jellyfish indicates that you prefer to meet and seduce your target by taking the first step. You enjoy putting things together, but you also know how to be courteous. 

Because you are highly sensitive, you are willing to give yourself away with passion in order for your lover to feel comfortable with you. If you have a dream about flying jellyfish, it means you are easily envious and greedy. 

You will not tolerate rivalry or deceit, both of which you regard as serious assaults on your honor. You are a lot of fun to be around, and you enjoy provoking conflict, as well as being dramatic and fiery.

Islamic dream interpretation about jellyfish

Jellyfish in dreams only appear in proportion to the dreamer’s own selfishness. The significance of the dream about jellyfish reveals whether or not the dreamer is self-centered.

According to Miller’s Dream Book

If you have a dream in which you see a large number of gigantic jellyfish and are afraid they may sting you, Miller says it will lead to the most horrific events that will occur as a result of your adventure and frivolity. 

This image foreshadows an acquaintance who will appear dull at first but will play a vital role in your life if you enjoyed watching these critters softly rock on the waves.


Jellyfish dreams might indicate that you need to advocate for yourself and your rights. When it comes to jellyfish, these creatures are both beautiful and terrifying. Their physical structure is lovely, inviting, and beautiful.

The jellyfish dream often symbolizes the aggressive personality of a person. Jellyfish may appear in dreams of people who have a habit of pushing their will on others. 

A dream about being beaten by a jellyfish could indicate that you have poor self-esteem. Discover what’s bothering you and keeping you from expressing yourself.