If you dream of judgement day, some of the common feelings you might encounter are fear or even intimidation. 

However, it can indicate that you are still a child at heart or that things in your life have become a mess. 

Alternatively, it can also symbolize that you’re jealous of someone or that you feel mentally exhausted.

What Does A Dream of Judgement Day Say?

According to Christianity, Judaism, and Islam, Judgement Day is the final day of all living beings on earth.

This is when God or Allah will come down on earth and decide who deserves to go to heaven and who to hell.

It is believed that pure-hearted people go upwards to heaven while evil ones are sent down to burn in hell.

  • You are still childish

One of the most common dream interpretations of judgement day is that you are still a child at heart, no matter what your age is.

You want to relive your childhood moments because your current life is stressing you out.

  • Your life has become messy

Another meaning can also be that things in your life have taken a turn for the worse.

Perhaps it’s because you’re adjusting to something new, or there are ongoing problems in your personal or professional life. 

  • You are jealous of someone

In the negative sense, these dreams can symbolize jealousy or ill feelings toward someone.

Even though you know that it’s not right, you still feel jealous of a coworker or friend’s success.

  • You feel mentally drained

Another negative interpretation is that someone is draining your mental and emotional health. This may be someone in your family or friend circle, or somebody you recently met. 

  • You will make an important choice

Just like judgement day is about making choices, dreaming of it can signify that you will also have to choose between two important things in the near future. This decision will impact a lot in your life.

Dreaming of Judgement Day – Various Types and Interpretations

So come, let’s see the detailed dream description!

Dream of being sent to heaven on Judgement Day

This dream is a very good omen indeed.

If you see that God has decided for you to go to heaven on Judgement Day, then it means that your good work will be soon appreciated.

You help others and wish the best for them simply because you want them to succeed in life.

Dream of being sent to hell on Judgement Day

This, of course, foretells unfortunate events in the near future. 

It only indicates that you will go through some major problems in the near future. Maybe these problems will be caused by your own mistakes, which you will realize later.

Fortunately, your spiritual guide will be there to help you out and show you a solution to these problems.

Known person sent to heaven on Judgement Day

Depending on whom you see in your dreams, you can interpret this in different ways.

  • Family member or your spouse is being sent to heaven, then it means that they have kind intentions toward you.
  • Your friend is being sent to heaven, it indicates that this friend wishes to talk to you about something important and apologize to you.

Known person sent to hell on Judgement Day

On the other hand, this is definitely not a good omen.

It symbolizes that there is some kind of strain in your relationship.

Your subconscious mind is telling you to sort out problems between you both because life is too short to hold grudges.

Seeing God on Judgement Day

Even though nobody has actually seen God in flesh, if you dream that you saw a heavenly figure all draped in white or pure colors, it can evoke a strong sense of awe and fear in you.

This dream indicates that something great is going to happen to you in the coming few weeks or months.

Feeling scared on Judgement Day

It is a metaphor for your guilty conscience. Your subconscious mind is also feeling guilty about something in your past.

Feeling confident on Judgement Day

It signifies that you’re able to handle even the most difficult situations with ease.

Your mind is always alert and coming up with solutions, so you’re able to avoid a lot of problems simply by paying attention.

Judging someone on Judgement Day

Take it as a positive sign. Here, it indicates that you will be elevated to a position of power in your professional life.

Earth falling apart on Judgement Day

This dream means that you feel emotionally messed up due to recent events in your waking life.

Maybe you received shocking news or something bad happened to you and you can’t quite recover from that yet.

Seeing angels on Judgement Day

It means that you have true friends and people in your life. Whenever you get into trouble, these people will always be there to help you out.

Seeing demons on Judgement Day

It is not a good omen because it represents jealousy and other ill feelings.

Here, it means that you are secretly jealous of someone’s success even though you pretend to be happy. 

Not getting judged on Judgement Day

It symbolizes your tendency to miss out on good opportunities.

Psychological Interpretation 

According to psychology, the concepts of heaven and hell are very subjective.

So, dreaming of Judgement Day can indicate that you are afraid of being judged by society or others.

So instead of listening to your heart, you try to follow other people to please them. However, now it’s time to do what your heart wants.

A word from ThePleasantDream

Even though seeing something as serious as Judgement Day can make you feel nervous, don’t let it affect you too much.

Many times, the dream interpretations are far less serious. You only need to interpret the scenarios correctly and apply the lesson in your waking life!

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