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Dream of Car Brakes Not Working – 20 Types & Their Interpretations

Dream of Car Brakes Not Working – 20 Types & Their Interpretations

Updated on Feb 21, 2023 | Published on Feb 21, 2023

Reviewed by Dr. Nereida Gonzalez-Berrios, MD , Certified Psychiatrist

Dream of Car Brakes Not Working – 20 Types & Their Interpretations

A dream of car brakes not working can be very scary indeed. But did you know that dream interpreters believe this dream is associated with your conscience? If you’re confused about what your dreams are trying to tell you, then come on, let’s get started!

Dream of Car Brakes Not Working – General Interpretations

Dreaming of car brakes malfunctioning can indicate that you need to control your desires or that you feel guilty about something you have done. Alternatively, it can also mean that you have the power to change your life or that you will soon guide someone.

The brakes of a car are one of its most important parts. Without functional brakes, you won’t be able to stop the car or drive as you please.

So maybe, when you dream of the brakes getting jammed, it might mean that something in your mind is bothering you! Now, let’s check out the general interpretations.

1. You should control your desires

The most common dream interpretation of your car brakes not working is that you need to brake, or put a stop to your uncontrollable desires.

These might be sexual desires toward someone who isn’t interested in you or desires to hurt someone who hasn’t done you any wrong. You need to practice self-control.

2. You feel guilty

Another negative interpretation of this dream is that you feel guilty about something that you did many years back.

Even though you committed the mistake accidentally, you haven’t been able to forgive yourself after all this time. Your spiritual guide is telling you that you must move on and forgive yourself now.

3. You have the power to change your life

In the positive sense, dreaming of malfunctioning car brakes can indicate that you have the potential to change your life and make it a better one.

You might feel hopeless and alone right now but very soon, you will gain back your confidence and realize that you can do anything that you dream of.

4. You will be someone’s guide

Dreaming of car brakes not working is also a sign that someone will soon come to you to help them in some way.

In the beginning, you’ll feel that you won’t be able to help them in any way but later, you will actually become that person’s guardian angel and savior. You both will form a lifelong bond.

5. Your job is stressing you out

Just like a car will stop working properly the moment its brakes get damaged, your mind has also stopped functioning properly.

The constant stress of your current job is worsening your mental and emotional health. Your subconscious mind is telling you that it’s time to look for another job or seek help.

Dream of Car Brakes Not Working – 20 Types and Interpretations

If you dream that your car brakes are not working, it means you will soon go through financial problems. But if you see that another person’s car brakes aren’t working, then it indicates that you both will help each other out in the future.

If you want to uncover more such dream meanings, then let’s check out the detailed interpretations!

1. Dream of your car brakes not working

If you dream that the brakes in your car have stopped working, it indicates that you are responsible for the decisions you make. You might feel that your decisions don’t have an impact on anyone but that isn’t true.

What you decide, affects not only you but your close friends and family too. So the next time you do something, you should think about all the consequences of that action.

2. Dream of your friend’s car brakes not working

On the other hand, if a friend’s car brakes are not working, it is a symbol of deception and treachery.

This friend has only pretended to be with you for so long to get what they want. In reality, they don’t value the bond between you both.

You need to talk to this person and let them know that they can’t manipulate you anymore because you have become much stronger and wiser.

3. Dream of your parent’s car brakes not working

A dream where you get inside your parent’s car and the brakes stop working is a sign that you need to spend more time with them.

Here, the brakes are a representation of putting a brake on your job or other work and to go visit them.

Even if you live in the same house, you hardly have time to ask them how they are or to do a fun activity with them. Your parents miss you very much, so you shouldn’t keep ignoring their needs.

4. Dream of damaging the car brakes yourself

If you destroy the car brakes purposely so that they stop working, it symbolizes your tendency to ruin beautiful things by being negative-minded.

No matter how great an opportunity is, you always see it as a trap for something else. Your negative viewpoints have made everyone tired.

You always feel that there’s no point in doing anything fruitful in life because we all have to die someday.

5. Dream of a stranger damaging your car brakes

If you dream that a stranger has somehow broken into your car and is damaging the brakes, it foretells upcoming danger in your professional life.

If the stranger was a man, it indicates that one of your close coworkers will try to bring you down out of jealousy and spite. But if the stranger in your dreams was a woman, then it means that a new coworker will try to tarnish your reputation.

6. Dream of a known person damaging your car brakes

A dream where you see a known person damaging your car brakes, so they stop working is actually a good omen.

If you see a family member doing it, it indicates that they are looking out for you during your time of crisis. But if you saw a friend damaging the brakes, then it means that this person secretly wishes to talk to you about something important.

Seeing a coworker symbolizes a new relationship blossoming between you both.

7. Dream of damaging someone else’s car brakes

Dreaming of damaging another person’s car brakes shows that you are secretly jealous of them.

Even though you don’t show it openly, you hate the fact that they managed to outdo you in all aspects. But feeling jealous or embarrassed about your failure isn’t going to make things better.

So instead of harboring ill feelings, you should take inspiration from this person and work on yourself.

8. Dream of car brakes not working while driving

If you’re driving a car and at first the brakes seemed to work fine but then suddenly, they stopped working, take it as a warning sign.

It means that you are currently working on a project that might look favorable but will land you in a lot of problems in the future.

So, your spiritual guide is telling you to abandon this project and start working on a new one to save both money and time.

9. Dream of a small car’s brakes not working

A small car’s brakes malfunctioning in your dreams indicates that you will soon find yourself in a small financial problem. Maybe you lost in a betting game, or you invested some money in an unfavorable place.

Fortunately, the money lost will be a small amount, but even then, you’ll keep blaming yourself for your irresponsible actions. You will be able to recover the money within time.

10. Dream of a big car’s brakes not working

On the other hand, seeing a big car’s brakes not working is a worrying sign because it points toward your deteriorating health.

You’re suffering from some health issues for a long time but you probably didn’t notice the symptoms. But now, your subconscious mind is sending you frequent messages to take care of yourself before it’s too late.

You need to visit the doctor and return to a healthy lifestyle.

11. Dream of panicking when car brakes are not working

If the car brakes stop working in your dreams and you start to panic, it signifies panic in your waking life. You feel like you have no control over your life and that everything is crumbling around you.

So, you’re overwhelmed with a lot of negative emotions like hopelessness and stress. But don’t worry because your spiritual guide is soon going to show you the right path. You will then become much more relaxed.

12. Dream of being calm when car brakes are not working

However, a dream where you manage to remain calm even after realizing that your car brakes aren’t working is actually a negative omen.

This dream indicates that you are too casual about your life and you don’t take anything seriously. This not only causes concern to your family members but also stresses them out. You need to handle life like an adult and think in a more mature way.

13. Dream of being angry when car brakes are not working

Feeling angry or stressed is a common thing if your car brakes stop working suddenly. In the dream realm, this signifies that you’re unable to handle pressure properly, especially if it’s something related to your professional life.

You tend to overthink situations, and this causes you even more stress. It’s now time for you to take a short break from your work life and calm yourself mentally.

14. Dream of fixing car brakes that are not working

If you’re fixing the car brakes after realizing that they aren’t working, it means that you will soon get an opportunity to do something great in the near future.

Maybe this will be your one chance to show your skills to others, so you should take this opportunity very seriously. If you put in your best efforts, you will be able to outshine everyone else and stand out among the crowd.

15. Dream of being a passenger when the car brakes are not working

A dream where you’re sitting in a car and someone else is driving when you suddenly see that the brakes are malfunctioning is an indication that you have to take charge of your life.

Your role as a passenger is a representation that you don’t often make decisions for yourself. You always let others control your life because you’re too scared or timid to say something for yourself.

16. Dream of car brakes not working due to bad weather

This dream symbolizes that very soon, you’ll have to let go of a great opportunity for reasons beyond your control. For example, you might have received the chance to go to a great vacation spot for a business trip, but at the last minute, you fell severely ill.

This will make you feel demotivated and low, but ultimately, you will have many other opportunities to prove your talents.

17. Dream of car brakes not working in an old car

If you’re in an old car in your dreams and the brakes stop working, it symbolizes that you haven’t forgotten an old incident or memory. This incident has been imprinted on your mind for many years and haunts you every day since then.

Perhaps it’s the day when you had a messy breakup or someone you loved passed away. However, it’s time to let go of the past and look forward to the future.

18. Dream of car brakes not working in a new car

Even though a new car should have proper brakes, you can have a dream where the brakes stop working. According to the dream realm, this indicates that you will soon achieve everything that your heart wants but for that, you’ll have to go through some hurdles.

But since you’re mentally and emotionally very strong, you will face these hurdles with a smile and a brave heart.

19. Dream of car brakes not working and causing an accident

A dream where the malfunctioning brakes caused an accident in your dreams is a sign that you need to exercise more self-control in your waking life. This is most probably related to your harsh actions and words.

Even if you’re in control of your thoughts and feelings, you often express yourself in a rough way, which offends others. You need to make sure you don’t hurt the people around you.

20. Dream of car brakes not working by not releasing properly

If you’re not able to release the car brakes properly, it can signify that there are too many responsibilities being placed on your shoulder, both in your personal and professional lives. You feel that since you’re a good worker, everyone expects you to do a perfect job.

Your subconscious mind is telling you to slow down and first process these tasks properly. Then, make the correct decisions.

Biblical Interpretation of dream of car brakes not working

Biblically speaking, cars did not exist at that time, but the meaning of the dream is still significant. Here, the car is a metaphor for your mind, and the brakes symbolize your mental health. You feel stressed and upset all the time.

Spiritual Interpretation of dream of car brakes not working

In the spiritual realm, a dream of a car represents worldly issues, and the brakes not working is a sign that you are being manipulated by someone.

You might already know this deep down but you’re unable to do anything. However, if you change your thought process, you can stand up against that person.

Psychological Interpretation of dream of car brakes not working

According to psychology, a dream where car brakes aren’t working is a sign that someone has put you to the test by pushing you toward a difficult situation. You feel confused and upset.

However, you need to gather your thoughts properly and proceed with the test because this will determine a lot of things in the future.

Questions to ask yourself to interpret dreams about car brakes not working correctly

No matter how vivid your dreams were, you can forget the details right after you wake up. But worry not because these questions will help you to jog your memory!

1. How often do you dream of car brakes not working?

2. How do you feel when you dream that your car brakes are not working?

3. What is the size of the car that you see in your dreams?

4. Have you dreamt that someone else was destroying your car brakes?

5. Have you dreamt that you were destroying another person’s car brakes?

6. Is the car in your dreams an old one or a brand-new car?

7. Did you ever dream of fixing the brakes that were not working?

8. Have you ever dreamt that someone was fixing your car brakes for you?

9. Did you ever dream that the car brakes were not working due to bad weather?

10. What did you do in your dreams when you saw that the car brakes were not working?

A word from ThePleasantDream

Even though dreaming of car brakes not working can make you feel very scared and anxious, the actual dream interpretations are far milder. All you need to do is carefully analyze your dream details and see the message that it portrays!