A dream of orangutan alludes that you have lost all hope in life. Sometimes it means that you feel emotionally neglected in your relationship. At other times it indicates that you are reassessing your choices in life. 

C’mon, let’s find out what else it means here!

What is the General Meaning of the Dream of Orangutan?

Dreams of an orangutan show that you feel helpless, need to hone better communication skills, or that you haven’t forgiven someone. Read on to understand better!


This depicts you’re too stressed and overwhelmed and you can’t figure out how to make things better. You feel that you don’t have what it takes to succeed. 

Remember that your thoughts don’t always coincide with reality. Try to believe that there is still hope.  

Communication skill

This is a cue for you to improve your communication skills. You have never communicated much and now talking is your job! You’re suffering from social anxiety but you must overcome this and succeed in your career. 

You can’t get over this fear in one day, but remember to speak assertively, listen actively and pay attention to your body language. 


It indicates that you don’t want to be in your relationship any longer. You have fallen out of love or noticed toxic tendencies in your partner.

But you can’t break up out of fear of confrontation. 


This portends to your habit of holding grudges, even when the concerned person apologises wholeheartedly.

You find it hard to forgive people, no matter how many years have passed. Once your trust has been broken, it is impossible for the other person to mend the relationship. 

Bear in mind that grudges can only lead to increased feelings of resentment. So, acknowledge the fact that they have hurt you, but then try and forgive them. 

Common Scenarios of Orangutan Dreams & Meanings

The fine scenarios of your dream about an orangutan have a lot to share. So, if you remember more about your dreams, comb through the list now!

Dream of killing an orangutan

This indicates that you need to start finding your purpose in life. You can’t go on without a fixed goal in your mind.

For this, you need to introspect on your values and find a job that aligns with them.

Running from an orangutan

It means that your personal and professional life has been filled with hardships, and you are now looking for reasons to survive. Bear in mind that one day or the other, you will get out of this. 

Fighting with an orangutan

This alludes to the fact that you are losing control of your life. You feel stressed out by the pressures of keeping your life together, trying to maintain your job as well as your relationship.

You feel so overwhelmed that both your mental and physical health has taken a hit. 

Rather than trying to change the things that you can’t, shift your focus to things you can control.

Giant orangutan dream meaning

It portends that you feel emotionally neglected and invalidated in your relationship. The bond lacks intimacy.

Since they have no understanding of your emotions, they often end up hurting you. 

Dream of baby orangutan

This indicates that you are reevaluating your choices in life. You might have taken a lot of missteps in your career, or you have hurt someone.  

You can’t go back and change the past, as it won’t help you in any way. So, learn from your mistakes, try to redeem some of them, and then move on. 

Dead orangutan in dreams 

You are depressed and have lost all interest in your passions. You often suffer from feelings of emptiness.

Remember that you are surrounded by people who love you, so don’t hesitate to reach out. 

Orangutan eating food

You are happy and satisfied with your life, relationship, and job. You are grateful for the things that you have, and you seldom have any regrets. 

Orangutan jumping from one branch to another

It is a cue for you to start a new hobby. You must explore your talents and focus on them.

So, join any workshop you have in mind. You never know, you might end up making profits from it. 

Dream of saving an orangutan

This implies that you hold yourself in too high regard. You believe that your opinions should be the only ones that matter.

You think that you are better than others. Bear in mind that you can learn a lot from the people who are around you, so don’t miss out on that chance. 

Injured orangutan

You have to take responsibilities that are not yours. A coworker or a partner is making you do their part.

Remember that it’s okay to help people, but don’t let them take advantage of you.

Orangutan in a cage

It expresses that your worries are justified. The things you’re losing sleep over, like losing your job or being cheated on, will come true in no time.

Bear in mind that whatever setbacks you face, you have it in you to get back up on your feet. 

Being surrounded by a group of orangutans

Your workplace environment is highly competitive. Everyone is constantly trying to go one step forward, and it does not matter if they are hurting someone in the process.

Too much competition can affect your mental health. So, work at your own pace. 

Red orangutan

You are going to get into a fight with your mother. It will start as a petty argument, but then it will turn into a massive fight.

Both of you are going to get hurt in the process. Remember that you can only end a fight through open and honest communication. 

Yellow orangutan

This symbolizes your insatiable desire for material wealth. No matter how much you earn, you are never satisfied.

You end up losing people in your quest for profit. Remember that material wealth can come and go, but people are constant. 

Blue orangutan

You are going to be rewarded for your hard work. Remember to be proud of yourself. 

White orangutan

It symbolizes the fact that you are wise and humble. You self-reflect and remain calm under pressure.

People respect you and seek you for advice. You always help people when they need it. 

A word from ThePleasantDream

Dreams about orangutans show your most vulnerable sides and current troubles. However, it doesn’t always show negative messages. So, always find out your exact dream meaning before assuming anything. 

Work on your life according to any advice conveyed by the higher realms. Or, seek trustworthy people to figure out a solution. 

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