If you dream of smoking marijuana, it means that you will go through a positive spiritual experience in life. While some people believe that smoking marijuana in your dreams is a good omen, others say that it carries negative messages.

So, if you want to know what your subconscious mind is telling you, then let’s keep reading!

What is the Meaning of Smoking Marijuana Dreams?

Your dreams of smoking marijuana can be a message that you currently feel euphoric in your waking life. Alternatively, it can also mean that someone is influencing you negatively. So, let’s now look at the general interpretations!

Path of enlightenment

It states that you are ready to change your life and walk down a path of enlightenment.

People often smoke up to let go of the material world, and your spiritual guide is going to teach you a lot of new things.

Changing your life

This can also showcase that you are taking steps to improve your life.

You are tired of how life and everything is going on and you believe that you are meant to accomplish much greater things.

Being negatively influenced

In the negative sense, it indicates that you are going to be negatively influenced by someone soon.

Just like marijuana can cause addiction, this person will also be pretty hard to get rid of.

Feeling euphoric

This can mean that you feel euphoric in your waking life. Everything is working out just the way you want it to, right from your personal life to events in your professional life.

Not believing in yourself

Another negative dream interpretation is that you lack self-confidence. You feel that you don’t have what it takes to become successful in life but your spiritual guide will be there to support you.

Taking care of your health

If you have such recurring visions, then it is a sign from your body to take care of your health.

You are getting addicted to harmful substances like alcohol, cigarettes, or marijuana. If you wish, you can seek someone’s help to get rid of this.

Common Dreams of Smoking Marijuana

Dreaming of smoking marijuana alone signifies betrayal but if it’s with friends, it depicts good companions.

Depending on the various scenarios, you can decode them all. So come on, let’s get started!

Someone else smoking marijuana but not you

It indicates that this person will soon come to you for help. You may not feel like helping them out but eventually, you will do it out of your moral duty. 

This person probably hurt you somehow and you still had a grudge against them.

But you will understand that you don’t want to go against your ethics because of them.

Smoking marijuana with friends

On the other hand, this scenario is a positive omen. It means that you will soon be in the company of good people who will support you. You will feel relaxed and comforted.

Dreaming of smoking marijuana alone

Unfortunately, this is not a good dream omen because it foretells abandonment.

Someone you love very deeply is soon going to betray you in an unimaginable way. You will be left heartbroken.

However, the good part of this vision is that you can be cautious about it. If you are emotionally ready to face the traitor, you won’t feel as hurt!

Growing cannabis and smoking marijuana

It indicates that you will soon earn quite a bit of money. However, you won’t understand how to save all this money so you will end up spending a large amount.

Being caught while smoking marijuana by authoritative figures like police

Take it as a negative omen. You will become the subject of gossip in your workplace and people will spread rumors.

Catching someone else smoking marijuana and you are a police officer

This indicates that you need to stop and think before making any hasty decisions. You must think rationally and then go ahead.

Smoking marijuana at a party in dreams

Your dream scenario means that you desperately seek some excitement in life.

Even though your dreams are fun and colorful, your waking life is quite mundane. This makes you feel irritated and lonely.

Hiding from your family and smoking marijuana 

It means that you are hiding something from your family in real life. You believe that if you tell them the truth, they will be embarrassed and angry.

Being addicted to smoking marijuana

This dream actually carries a positive message. Here, marijuana is a metaphor for things that make you happy.

You want to focus on your mental peace and prioritize your happiness before moving on to other plans.

A word from ThePleasantDream

Smoking marijuana dreams carry both negative and positive meanings. But, it all depends on what exactly you see in your dream. So, don’t believe what anyone tells you, and unfurl your unique message by joining the dots on your own!

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