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Dream of Washing Dishes – 48 Plots and Meanings

Dream of Washing Dishes – 48 Plots and Meanings

Updated on Sep 29, 2022 | Published on May 06, 2022

Reviewed by Dr. Nereida Gonzalez-Berrios, MD , Certified Psychiatrist

Dream of Washing Dishes - 48 Interesting Plots & Their Interpretations

Washing dishes is a regular activity that goes on in our daily lives. Hence, the dream of washing dishes is one of the most common dreams. 

It can signify that you are making a conscious effort to improve the state of your life.

It also means that you are looking to contemplate how everything is going on and what else can you do to improve your situation.

You feel as if your current efforts are not yielding the right results that you want to attain in life. Hence, a change in approach and hard work is necessary for fulfilling your basic responsibilities.

Dream of Washing Dishes - 48 Interesting Plots & Their Interpretations
Dream of Washing Dishes – 48 Interesting Plots & Their Interpretations

Dream of Washing Dishes – General Interpretations (Symbolic Meaning)

The dream of washing dishes points toward warmth along with your need for attaining a better sense of security. You must strike the right balance between your hard work and pleasure.

When dishes come up in a dream, it can refer to the circumstances within your family. Every little detail is important for you to consider. The kind of utensils you washed, the material of utensils, and their sizes.

There are times when washing dishes can symbolize a deception into which others deliberately lead you. 

These occur once in a blue moon, but generally, it marks your release from the burdens of the past and also material gain.

Let us now see what does this dream symbolism of washing dishes has in store for you in waking life-

1. Toiling Hard in Life

You dream of washing dishes when you are putting in hard work to carry out monotonous work day in and day out. The schedule is such that you are struggling to find sufficient time for yourself.

The irony is that, despite putting wholehearted effort into your work, you are unable to get your desired results. Hence, you are seeking a change sooner rather than later.

2. Focus on Your Responsibilities

There are several things in life, including washing dishes, which one may not like to do but are necessary. You cannot have your food on dirty dishes with the stains of food items on them.

Therefore, you can dream of washing dishes because your subconscious mind wants you to take care of situations arising as a result of your earlier actions. 

If you have committed any mistake, only you can deal with its present consequences.

3. Clean Up the Junk in Your Life

When you wash any dish, the use of water is a must. Therefore, the dream of washing dishes focuses on water that has a lot to do with clean-up and purification. 

This might be a healing process especially if you feel guilty about something. The dream also means that you are making a conscious effort to clean things up in your life. 

Most importantly, this clean-up is essential for you to get a clear picture of what you want to achieve in life.

4. Arrival of Guests in the Future

This dream acts as a portent for the visit of guests at your place. You could have been longing to meet them for quite some time and your wish will be fulfilled.

The event would make you enjoy and add excitement to your life. You can look back and relive fond memories. 

If your cousins were a part of them, your energy level would go up significantly.

5. Good Times in Your Life

You can dream about washing dishes when you are going through a favorable phase in your life. Events are happening exactly how you want them to transpire.

These happenings are making you feel good about yourself. You wish to utilize this period in the best possible manner and get the maximum benefit from it.

6. Sign of Hesitation

Washing dishes in a dream becomes a sign of hesitation you feel with the thought of making things clear through unfair means. 

Perhaps you have received a suggestion from someone regarding the same, but you are not sure whether to go by it.

It has left you in a problematic situation. On one hand, you wish to meet your purpose. On the other hand, your heart does not permit you to adopt an approach that makes you feel uncomfortable.

Washing Dishes Dream Meaning – 48 Scenarios and Interpretations

We have so far discussed the reasons which lead you towards seeing this dream of washing dishes. It is a sign that you are going to enter a new phase of life.

You are already undergoing a period where you see good things happening as per your wish. If we go deeper into this dream, it means you are trying to come out of your beliefs and traditions.

Let us now talk of the various scenarios of this dream and see what their interpretations have in store for your waking life-

1. Dream of Washing Dishes

This dream about washing dishes means that you should infuse a lot more thrill and excitement into your life. 

You carefully channel your emotions and become cautious in how you should express them.

It suggests a sense of fear working within your mind. You are unable to trust your instincts and act on them. 

You are so engrossed in fulfilling your responsibilities that you have no time to pay attention to your needs and feelings.

2. Dream of Washing Dirty Dishes

If you saw that you had washed dirty dishes, it is a sign of major hurdles and troubles. Whatever you want, will not come easily in your life.

You will need to put in the rigorous effort and persist with the same over some time. Time will test your resolve and determination.

3. Dream of Washing Dishes for Relative

This dream scenario of washing dishes represents that you need to go through different experiences in life to get rid of depression. You must embrace every moment of your life.

Whether good or bad, each experience helps you to learn in life and make you a better individual. 

When you come across similar circumstances either in your life or in someone else’s life, you will be in a good position to tackle those situations appropriately.

4. Dream of Washing Dishes After a Grand Celebration

The dream sequence of washing dishes after a grand feast denotes that you will come across those circumstances, which would cause irritation and make you upset.

The good thing is that with some effort, you will come out of tough situations and regain all your lost ground. 

Hence, you should always lead your life with utmost conviction and never doubt your abilities to turn things around.

5. Dream of Washing Broken Dishes

When you see yourself washing broken dishes in your subconscious mind, it shows that you have fear of getting hurt.

There is also a feeling to suggest that you might become emotional and commit yourself to that state. 

It predicts that lack of progress has put your relationship in serious trouble. You do not seem to find a way out of the rut.

6. Dream of Washing Dishes That Are Falling from Your Hand

You can see a scenario where you are washing dishes, but you are losing your grip and they are constantly falling from your hand. This dream signifies that you are very artistic by nature.

You focus on creativity and hence always look forward to innovation. There is no hesitation on your part to try out new things in life. 

This dream hints toward the fact that you will see great progress in your business.

7. Dream of Washing Dishes of Other People

If you see yourself washing other people’s dishes in a dream, it means that undesirable events are about to come up in your life.

The scenario comes up as a warning so that you can prepare yourself accordingly with the necessary measures.

Dream Meaning of Washing Dishes in Different Places

Dishwashing is an activity that takes place in every household. When people have their meals, cleaning up the dishes is a must. Hence, you can easily notice this act of washing dishes across different places.

There are even some instances when washing dishes at home does not seem to be a convenient option. Rather, they prefer doing the same in the river, or close to any water body.

Let us now go through some of those instances –

8. Dream about Washing Dishes of Someone Else in the House

When you come across this scenario in your dream, it symbolizes a situation in which you feel responsible for another individual. 

This is particularly applicable if, in this scenario, you did not have the chance to have any food.

It is a sign that you feel pain and suffering in this relationship. There is absolutely nothing that allows you to look forward to this relationship with hope and expectation.

9. Dream about Washing Dishes While the House is On Fire

This dream represents that you will feel comfortable staying at home. Your mind will be at peace. There will be happiness and satisfaction in your life.

You will not feel the need to go out to visit places or meet your friends and relatives. 

Your house is good enough for not only giving you the comfort you need but also enabling you to read your favorite novel, listen to music or even watch a movie.

10. Dream about Being Coerced to Wash Dishes in the House of Someone Else

You can see yourself getting forced to wash dishes in someone else’s house. It reflects your sense of indebtedness towards someone in real life.

Perhaps, he had helped you in your tough times. Hence, you feel that it is your moral obligation to replicate a similar favor at some point of time in your life.

11. Dream about Washing Dishes in a Strange House

The dream sequence denotes that you must be careful and not poke your nose into others’ matters. In other words, it is telling you to mind your own business.

It will help to keep things simple and not result in unnecessary complications. You will stay at peace and also allow other people to do the same.

12. Dream about Washing Dishes in an Unknown Kitchen

If you are washing dishes in an unknown kitchen in a dream, it represents ideas. In other words, it means that you will manage to disclose someone’s ideas. 

It can enable you to take a cue and think of similar ideas, which you could implement for executing work. You can also participate in resolving someone else’s problems and help him attain peace. 

Your assistance during the time of crisis will strengthen the relationship with the other individual.

13. Dream about Washing Dishes in a River

This dream sequence of washing dishes in a river in your dream is a very positive one. It shows that you are someone who loves spending time amid nature’s beauty. 

You would love to live under a tent and enjoy the beauty of the surrounding.

You may often go camping with your family. These outings help you to fill your life with spirituality. They help you discover a lot about yourself and thus allow you to focus on your strengths.

14. Dream about Washing Dishes in the Sink

When a whole lot of dirty dishes pile up in the sink, it creates a big hassle to clean them up. Do you know what this scenario means when it appears in your dream?

This indicates that you will struggle to find a way to make some people understand your viewpoint, who have so far understood you perfectly.

15. Dream about a Stranger Washing Dishes in the Sink

The dream of a stranger washing dishes in the sink is not an ideal scenario. It predicts that other individuals will interfere in your matters. They will offer their unsolicited advice.

This will cause a lot of irritation within you. Moreover, this interference will act as a hurdle in your attempt to tackle certain matters in your capacity. You would prefer it if people mind their own business.

16. Dream of Washing Dishes in the Sink Made from Priceless Materials

This dream sequence denotes that you will become rich from a spiritual point of view. You will get to know yourself better and that would allow you to focus on your strengths.

There will be an air of confidence within you to handle even the toughest of circumstances. Thus, you will come out of those situations with flying colors.

17. Dream of Washing Dishes in the Sink Having Different Objects

You can dream about different objects like shells, flowers, and bones present in the sink while washing the dishes. It signifies that life will not turn out according to plans.

Therefore, you should try to keep a backup for each plan. This would make sure that you do not find yourself in a precarious situation, with nothing to fall back on during an emergency.

18. Dream about Washing Dishes in an Isolated Place

A particular scenario can occur, where you see yourself washing dishes in a remote place. 

It shows that people will abandon you like the dedication towards your duties does not allow you to spend time with them.

Thus, others do not consider you as a part of the social circle. They tend to think that you do not have respect for others’ sentiments and only bother about fulfilling your needs.

Dream Meaning of Washing Dishes of Various Types

Dishes like plates, bowls, and cups are not only available in different sizes but also in different materials.

You can see yourself washing them in your dreams. They all carry some significance for your real life.

Let us check out the details below:

19. Dream of Washing Glass Dishes

This particular dream scenario suggests that you will experience happiness in your family. You will enjoy your time together, with good news coming from different quarters.

The understanding between each one of you will be great. It will enable you to share secrets with ease. 

This would also allow you to solve problems through discussion with your family members.

20. Dream of Washing Porcelain Dishes

If you are washing porcelain dishes in your dream, it refers to genuine friendship. You either have someone in your life, with whom you share a good rapport.

It is also possible that a person would enter your life, with whom you will develop a great bond and the friendship will be long-lasting. Both of you would be there for one another through thick and thin.

21. Dream of Washing Metal Dishes

When you are washing metallic dishes in your dream, it is a sign that you would accumulate a sufficient amount of wealth and enjoy stability in life.

You will not need to think too much about your future, but rather plan in the best possible manner how to improve your situation further.

22. Dream of Washing Aluminum Dishes

It is an excellent scenario to see yourself washing aluminum dishes. This plot indicates that others will favor you. 

The favor can be in terms of offering job opportunities or giving you promotions in your existing job.

This favor might be the result of the kind of personality you possess. You have a helpful attitude and do not leave any opportunity to extend your helping hand to others. 

Hence, the Universe is giving the same back to you.

23. Dream of Washing Clay Dishes

This dream points towards good health. It is an indication that you focus on eating healthy food, doing regular exercise, and having a sufficient amount of sleep.

24. Dream of Washing Enameled Dishes

The dream of washing enameled dishes points towards a massive turnaround in an aspect of your life. You will attain success in a business that seems hopeless at this point.

Your diligence and hard work will help reverse the fortune completely. They would make you enjoy profit and constant business growth.

25. Dream of Washing Plastic Dishes

When you dream about washing cutlery made of plastic, it denotes that something in your life will only last for a limited period.

Thus, you must treat every single event of your life with respect. The same applies to the possessions you have. You need to realize that everything in life is temporary.

26. Dream of Washing Clean Dishes

You can come across a scenario in which you see yourself washing clean dishes. It refers to your journey towards attaining spirituality.

Somehow, you are beginning to discover the hidden aspects of your personality. You have recognized your strengths and the power you possess. 

Now, you will focus your activities based on these two aspects.

27. Dream of Washing New Dishes

If you dream about washing new dishes, it predicts that there will be the addition of new members to your family. This can either happen if there is a birth in the family or due to marriage.

It also predicts good things, if you are doing a business. The scenario portends that you could have lucrative acquisitions, which might propel your business to the next level.

Dream Meaning of Different Conditions While Washing Dishes

You can come across different conditions that might arise while washing dishes in your subconscious mind.

There is a possibility that you might break dishes, you could get hurt, apart from pipe break and other various problems.

Let us see what all these dream instances have in store for you in real life-

28. Dream of Breaking a Dish While Washing It

It is quite a common occurrence in our daily lives to see someone breaking a dish while washing several dishes together. In reality, it is a sign of a good time that is all set to come in your life.

You can hope to receive an invitation to attend a ceremony. Probably, your friend might throw an engagement party or someone from your family might get married. Overall, it is an omen for happiness and pleasure.

29. Dream of Hurting Yourself While Washing Dishes

You can see yourself getting hurt when washing dishes. This scenario depicts that an individual will approach you for a suggestion. It can be your sibling, any friend, or a colleague.

30. Dream of Pipe Break at the Time of Washing Dishes

When you come across a specific sequence in which a pipe breaks while washing dishes, it augurs well for your real life. This means that you will start from scratch.

The new beginning will allow you to start a lot of things from scratch and set things straight. Hence, you can look forward to it with hope and optimism.

31. Dream of Washing Dishes in a Pool of Blood

This scenario denotes that your lover will hurt you and it will break your heart. You had lots of expectations from this relationship, but things won’t transpire according to how you want.

Probably, there will be some sort of misunderstanding, which would shake up the trust between the two of you. It will eventually result in a break-up.

32. Dream of a Quarrel Over Washing Dishes

Quarreling over washing dishes in a dream denotes that happiness and jubilation await you in your life. This phase can come from the occurrence of different events.

There can be a marriage ceremony in your family, the birth of a child, or someone might get a prestigious job abroad. Either of these happenings would help you to rejoice.

33. Dream of Singing While Washing Dishes

If you dream of singing or dancing while washing dishes in your dream, it reflects your positive outlook on life. This would promote positive development across different spheres of life.

You will see constant progress in your personal and professional spaces. A regular flow of income would allow you to make wide-scale plans for your future. 

Your confidence and ability will help you execute those plans to perfection.

Dream Meaning of Different People Washing Dishes

You can come across various people washing dishes in your dream. They can include your boyfriend, girlfriend, your boss, and other individuals.

Let us see what do these dreams mean for you in real life-

34. Dream of Boyfriend Washing Dishes

As a woman, when you see that your boyfriend is washing dishes in a dream, it signals peace of mind. You need to speak out the truth of a situation.

You must keep your energy level high. This scenario depicts a smooth passage through the circumstances in your life.

If you have been pursuing some work of late, it is now time to consider the risks associated with the same and decide whether you can continue to pursue it for a length of time.

35. Dream of Ex-Boyfriend Washing Dishes

If you dream about your ex-boyfriend washing dishes, it is a sign of warmth and devotion. You have someone in your life, towards whom you showcase an extreme level of dedication.

36. Dream of Someone Washing Dishes

When you see someone, who you may or may not know, washing dishes in your dream, it points toward love, romance, and sensuality. 

You feel complete from within. Despite this, you feel that it is necessary to develop your overall strength.

This scenario is an indication of your motivation, driving force, and creative energy. It is a way through which your subconscious mind enables you to pay attention to a critical aspect of the dream.

37. Dream of a Married Woman about Washing the Pile of Dirty Dishes

As a married woman, if you dream of washing the pile of dirty dishes kept in the sink, it reflects that your husband does not pay too much attention to you.

He could be busy with his work or tense about something. Whatever be the reason behind not paying attention, you feel neglected. It also makes you upset.

38. Dream of a Housemaid about Washing Dirty Dishes

If you are a housemaid and dream of washing dirty dishes, it means that she is feeling tired from carrying out your daily routine.

You could feel both mentally and physically tired after having undertaken daily tasks. There is a possibility that you are looking for some much-needed rest.

Miscellaneous Dream Meaning of Washing Dishes

There are various materials you can make use of for washing your dishes. They include towels, brushes, and soap

Apart from them, you can even see yourself doing the job with your child around.

It would be interesting to check out the dream interpretation of these scenarios and see what they have in store for your waking life.

39. Dream of Washing Dishes with a Towel

When you wash dishes with a towel in your dream, it means that you are putting your best foot forward and hence creating an impression among others.

Probably, you are actively participating to make arrangements for a family gathering. Everyone is pleased to see the kind of energy you showcase while executing all your plans to perfection.

40. Dream of Washing Dishes with Soap

The dream about washing dishes with soap suggests that you have to put in some effort to convert things into reality. Seeing dish soap indicates that you are a responsible person.

You will chase your dreams and work hard to fulfill them. Your level of confidence and the potential you have would enable you to turn all your wishes into reality.

41. Dream of Washing Dishes with Water

If you see yourself washing dishes with water in a dream, it points towards relaxation. You will devote some time to yourself after a long time.

Dreaming of dishwater goes to show that you will confront some useful innovations. Plus, all your desires will get accepted.

42. Dream of Washing Dishes in Cold Water

The dream about washing dishes in cold water denotes that you will soon face betrayal in your life. Someone, who you have always considered trustworthy will backstab you.

They will take undue advantage of you and then turn their back on you in your time of need. This will shatter all the trust you had in that individual.

43. Dream of Washing Dishes with Dirty Water

Did you see yourself washing dishes with dirty water in a dream? It is proof that you are not making any effort to improve your life’s situation.

You do not possess the intelligence and resources required to secure a good job. 

Life has come to a dead-end and you have not managed to realize the severe problems around you. Hence, you have not taken any concrete action.

44. Dream of Washing Dishes with a Brush

When you are washing dishes only with a brush in your dream, it indicates that you are trying to get yourself away from the act you had committed with impunity.

This type of dream denotes that you will need to pass on your experience and knowledge over to your child or children. 

It would help them maintain their quality of life during a time when they grow old and lack the energy to work.

45. Dream of Washing Dishes Wearing Gloves

You can dream of a situation in which you are washing dishes with your gloves on. It is a sign that you are not willing to focus on matters of great importance.

Somehow, you are taking things easy and not realizing how your negligence might cost you in the long run. Thus, this scenario comes up to warn you of the same, so that you are forced to act.

46. Dream of Washing Dishes Along with Your Child

This dream scenario indicates that you are concerned about the welfare of your family. You are willing to do anything and everything for your loved ones.

Nothing matters to you more than the happiness of your family members. If this dream event is portrayed as a joyful experience, then that means, your focus in life is at the right place.

47. Dream of Washing Dishes and Feeling Annoyed with Your Child

If you are feeling annoyed with your child, while washing dishes in your dream, it means that something in life has to change very soon.

It is because you are missing all the good things that life has on offer. 

Hence, you should first set up your mindset to modify your current state of life, and then take all the right steps for executing your plans.

48. Dream of Washing Dishes with Friends

The dream about washing dishes along with your friends denotes that you need to slow down and also calm things down in your life. Perhaps you are progressing too quickly for achieving your objectives.

There is always a chance of committing mistakes when you are in a hurry. Hence, you can just take things easy, slow down and gather yourself to move towards fulfilling your goals.

Dream of Washing Dishes – Biblical Meaning

When we try to interpret this dream of washing dishes from the biblical perspective, it points toward hypocrisy.

You had committed blatant wrongdoings earlier in your life, but now, you are trying to get rid of all those memories. 

It is also possible that you are trying to showcase in front of others as if nothing had happened in the past.

The Bible says that this dream indicates your life will be blessed with prosperity. You will become more aware of the happenings around you. It would make you act prudently and make fruitful decisions.

Spiritual Dream Meaning of Washing Dishes

The spiritual meaning of washing dishes in a dream indicates that you are trying your heart out to save a relationship.

Ironically, the relationship has worsened to such an extent that it does not make any sense to invest any time into it. The dream of washing all those dishes that are broken also carries a spiritual interpretation. 

It says that you are looking to repair a relationship with a family member, where there has been a lot of misunderstanding.

Psychological Interpretation of Washing Dishes in a Dream

When you dream of washing dishes from a psychological point of view, it talks of one major problem in your life.

This issue is that you have an obsession with the maintenance of proper harmony and order in your household. It denotes that you either lack confidence or certainty to move forward towards achieving your goals in life.

Washing dishes comes up as a symbol that you always try to keep things neat and clean in your house. You keep everything in proper order.

Dream of Washing Dishes – Islamic Perspective

When we take a look at this dream from an Islamic perspective, it suggests that you should carry out the responsibility of taking care of some hearts in your life.

These are all those people, who have encouraged you and supported you through thick and thin. For them, your happiness has been their primary motive.

Now, they find themselves in some trouble. You must put the requisite effort to make those individuals feel good once again in their lives.

Please go through the following video to get a better idea of this dream and how its interpretations impact your waking life.

Wrap Up

This particular dream has connections with different scenarios of your life. It can indicate that you are either entering into a new relationship or getting rid of an old one.

Other than this, the dream could also mean responsibilities are causing a burden in your life. If you have to make a tough decision in your life, you can come across different scenarios of this dream.

You can have different feelings during these dreams in your life. There could be a sense of satisfaction, excitement, determination, feelings of isolation, and pride.