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Dreaming Of A Raven: 49 Scenarios And Their Meanings

Dreaming Of A Raven: 49 Scenarios And Their Meanings

Updated on Feb 07, 2023 | Published on Feb 06, 2023

Reviewed by Dr. Nereida Gonzalez-Berrios, MD , Certified Psychiatrist

Dreaming Of A Raven 49 Scenarios And Their Meanings

You’re wrong if you associate dreaming of a raven with only the bad and the ugly. In fact, the bird is considered to be an epitome of wisdom, the protector of secrets, and a valued messenger in some cultures. 

Then, what possibly can your dream imply? Let’s find out!

What Does Dreaming Of A Raven Mean?

Dreaming of a raven symbolizes betrayal, misfortune, death, and sorrow. However, a dream featuring the bird can also portend good news, rebirth, changes, and new journeys. 

Almost always, a raven is considered to be a harbinger of betrayal, misfortune, and tragedic events. 

However, you need to understand that ravens are also revered as the protector of secrets. 

For a more accurate meaning, you must consider your cultural associations with the bird. 

While the Native Americans relate the bird with changes, other ancient tales perceived the bird as a trickster. 

So, just to be on the safe side, look out for deception and fraudulence if the bird appears in your dream, especially if you have recurrent dreams of a raven. 

Raven In Dreams : Several Scenarios With Interpretations

In the dream world, the bird may symbolize either good or bad. Its analysis and interpretation entirely depend on the dream details and how you relate your current situations with it.

1. Seeing lots of ravens together in one place in a dream

The scenario symbolizes financial complications, bankruptcy, poverty, and lack of basic necessities in your real life. 

2. To dream of a raven following you

If a raven follows you around, there’s a possibility that someone at your workplace is monitoring you – not for good reasons. 

Likely, he or she is up to no good. Since that person could be seeking an opportunity to find fault with you, you need to be on your guard, at all times possible. 

Furthermore, it’s likely that he or she is keeping a watch on you to make sure you make no advancement in your work and career. 

3. Dreaming that you were afraid of a raven

The dream indicates bad as well as good news at the same time. According to the scenario, someone is trying to rip you off. 

However, the good thing is you’ll get to know that it’s a scam before it’s too late. 

4. To dream of a raven looking into your eyes

If a raven looks into your eyes, you will have a conceited and deceptive partner for a wife or a husband. 

The interpretation is especially true if you are a young woman. 

5. A dream about talking to a raven

Overall, talking to a raven is a good sign. There’s a possibility that you’ll soon hear good news one of these days. 

Also, if you or a family member is not doing well health-wise, the dream shows the situation will get better soon. 

6. To dream of seeing another person talking to a raven

As per the plot, you’ll soon hear a piece of surprising news about a close one. 

Whatever that is, understand that there is a story behind it. So, avoid talking about it to other people, especially if you don’t know what led to it. 

7. A dream about hearing ravens

If you dream that you heard ravens, the scenario signifies disappointment, misfortune, or even failure in some areas of your life. 

Depending on what you are presently going through, the scenario can also be a sign that someone is dead against you. 

Alternatively, the dream shows you will fight for your goals courageously. 

8. Dreaming about looking at a raven perched high on a tree

You are about to experience several pitfalls that will test your grit, patience, perseverance, and tenacity. 

The dream further wants you to know that whether you make it through the obstacles successfully or not depends on how much you can take. 

9. A raven inside your house in a dream

Seeing a raven inside your house is a negative message. 

Someone who dislikes you will make a move to disrupt your domestic peace and relationships with your close ones. 

Try not to listen to third parties’ comments and opinions, especially when they speak against your loved ones. Also, inform your partner and family members of what to do and not to do for peace’s sake. 

10. To dream about seeing a raven on the rooftop

Dream books interpret a raven on the rooftop as you being the only person your family members rely on – be it regarding finance or emotional and moral support. 

11. Seeing a raven leave its nest in a dream

Likely, you will be coerced to give up on something you would rather choose not to if you see a raven leaving its nest. 

12. A raven flying in a dream

According to dream books, a raven in flight is an auspicious sign. 

On the contrary, a flying raven can also be a sign that you are going through a difficult phase in the waking world. 

13. Dreaming of ravens flying over your house

Ravens flying over your house augurs unpleasant tidings. Most likely, you will soon receive news of a close one’s passing. 

14. A dream of a raven flying or hovering over your head

More often than not, a raven flying over your head is the higher self encouraging you to pursue goals, hobbies, and activities that make you genuinely happy. 

15. To dream of seeing a raven with wings spread out wide

A raven with its wings spread out portends an injury, an accident, or emotional damage caused by a conflict you will not be able to avoid. 

16. Dreaming about a raven spreading its wings over you

If a raven spreads its wings over you, that is a warning from the subconscious alerting you of the inevitable troubles and misfortunes coming your way. 

17. A raven sitting on your shoulder in a dream

If a raven perches on your shoulder, you will have extremely bad luck in the upcoming days and weeks. 

18. A black raven perches on your body in a dream

According to the dream, you will overcome your fears and emerge victorious. 

19. Dreaming about holding a raven with your hands

According to the dream, you’ll soon deal with someone you dislike or someone you believe is not worth your time. 

To make matters worse, the dream foretells that you will spend much of your time in the near future in the company of that person. Needless to say, you’ll have a hard time tolerating his or her annoying behavior.

20. Taming a raven in a dream

Above all the qualities a raven is attributed with, the bird is also associated with intelligence. 

Therefore, taming the bird in a dream symbolizes your wisdom, knowledge, and intelligence. 

21. To dream of befriending a raven

The dream shows you will see right through someone’s deception and fraudulent behaviors. He or she will easily sway other people with his or her charms. But the same won’t happen to you. 

And you’ll use your sixth sense to alert others who are about to get conned by that particular person. 

22. A raven biting or attacking you in a dream

Through the scenario, the higher self warns you to be watchful of people who have the ability to do you any harm. 

23. To dream of seeing a raven flying toward another person

The dream indicates someone around you is about to encounter unpleasant situations. This can be anything from getting involved in a conflict to an untimely demise. 

The interpretation is especially true if the bird swoops toward someone you are familiar with in a predatory manner. 

On the other hand, if the person is a complete stranger that means you will witness a stranger’s tragic moment. 

24. Dreaming about a raven carrying a snake

One of your wishes will soon come true. But the downside of this is that, whatever that wish could be, it won’t keep you happy for long. 

Instead, you’ll look back to the times when you were without it. Because you’ll realize that it’s not worth the trouble and pain that comes along with it. 

25. To dream of a raven dropping something

Generally, such a scenario is associated with unexpected wealth and fortune. 

26. To dream of seeing a flock of ravens

From the work and career point of view, a flock of ravens stands for progress and advancement. 

Do not be surprised if your superior offers you a promotion out of the blue. 

That said, a flock of ravens can also symbolize a chaotic situation based on what you exactly dreamed of and how you responded to the scenario. 

27. Dreaming about a raven cawing

If you dream of or hear a raven cawing, the scenario is an ill omen foreshadowing death and sorrow. 

28. To dream of hunting ravens

Likely, you are not much loved and favored by others around this time if you hunt ravens. 

Perhaps they are showing their contempt as they don’t appreciate something you have done or are doing. 

29. Dreaming about catching a raven with bare hands

The scenario reflects your tendency to get involved in debates and arguments with others.

On that note, the dream warns you to be cautious as your penchant to create unnecessary trouble could push your close ones away from you.

30. To dream of feeding a raven

The scenario is a sign of transformation, hope, energy, and power. 

Alternatively, the dream hints at something from your past that will prove to be extremely crucial for your future. 

31. Plucking a raven’s feathers in a dream

Plucking the feathers of either a dead or a living raven signifies the possibility of you falling head over heels in love with someone who’s entirely different from you. He or she may belong to a different country, or culture and may speak a different language. 

The action of plucking feathers signifies connecting with that person at a deeper level despite socio-cultural differences. 

Regardless of whether you guys end up together or not, the connection would be a journey of enlightenment for both of you.

32. Shooting a raven in a dream

The dream symbolizes your loss of faith in your partner. 

Most likely, he or she has done something despicable behind your back. The incident has made you realize that your partner is not worth your trust and loyalty. 

33. To dream of seeing a wounded raven

According to the dream, your ignorance and inability to differentiate good from evil will get you in trouble. 

In the foreseeable future, someone will try to sweet-talk you into something, and you’ll completely fall for the trick. 

34. A dream about killing a raven

According to the scenario, you are literally killing something by not paying enough attention to it. 

For instance, your negligence toward the welfare of your family might be gradually distancing you away from them.

Sometimes, the dream points to your bottled-up feelings and emotions. 

Positively, the dream shows you are well on your path toward your life’s goals though you still have a long way to go. 

Killing a raven is also associated with flourishing relationships, friendships, love, balance, and harmony. 

35. Dreaming of a dying raven

A dying raven stands for progress and development in your waking life. 

36. A dead raven in a dream

If someone has wronged you either recently or sometime in the past, the dead raven shows the truth will come to light, and you will be cleared of all the accusations. 

A dead raven is also a sign from the universe that you will successfully overcome each obstacle. 

37. Seeing many dead ravens in a dream

Several dead ravens symbolize deception and betrayal. Possibly someone you love and trust with all your heart will stab you in the back. 

38. To see ravens surrounding a dead raven in a dream

Through the dream, the higher self urges you to tackle your problems one after the other. If you approach all of your issues at the same time, chances are good that you will mess up all. 

39. Dreaming about riding a raven 

The scenario shows you are finally on your path toward your goals after getting over the hurdles. 

On the contrary, if you are presently not doing well, the dream encourages you not to give up but to persist and persevere for what your heart yearns for. 

40. To see yourself as a raven in a dream

Being a raven shows you are disconnected from reality. Perhaps you feel withdrawn and out of place even while being with your family and friends. 

On the contrary, the same scenario can show up if others have ousted you for some reason. 

41. To dream of seeing raven feathers

Raven feathers symbolize your suspicions about someone in particular. 

Chances are you have shared everything there is to share about you and your life with that particular person. However, his or her recent behavior is making you question if you did the right thing opening up to him or her. 

42. A big raven in a dream

Often, a larger-than-life raven symbolizes losses. 

43. To dream of an old raven

If you dream of a raven that looks weak and inactive due to old age, the scenario portends a significant change is about to take place in your life. 

A transformation, so huge that it will affect almost every aspect of your life. 

Possibilities include job loss, moving to another country, getting married, becoming a parent, etc. 

44. A baby raven in a dream

A baby raven is a clear sign that you wish you could be more open and emotionally receptive.

Alternatively, the dream suggests you be more mature and learn to be in better control of your life, actions, and decisions. 

Baby ravens can also symbolize growth and expansion. 

45. Seeing two ravens in a dream

Two ravens are an ill omen symbolizing potential betrayal from your partner. 

46. Dreaming of a three-eyed raven

If you dream of a three-eyed raven while being at a crossroads regarding an important matter in your life, the dream urges you to seek help. 

Talk to a trusted one and avoid making a decision on your own. Because according to the dream, you still lack much of the wisdom and experience to make wise life decisions. 

47. A white raven in a dream

If a white raven shows up in your dream, that is a sign that you need to make some changes in your life, behavior, and attitude. 

It can also mean you have finally put an end to old habits and patterns. 

48. To dream of a blue raven

The dream reflects your desire to learn more about yourself, your life, inspirations, purposes, etc. 

In some instances, blue raven emphasizes the need to strike a perfect balance between the different aspects of your life.

49. A young woman in a committed relationship dreams of an old raven

According to the dream, the differences between you and your partner might create a rift between the two of you ultimately resulting in a breakup. 

Sigmund Freud’s Dream Interpretation Of Raven 

According to Freud, the bird symbolizes wisdom and knowledge. 

Spiritual Meaning Of Raven Dreams

On a spiritual level, ravens are associated with mystery, keepers of secrets, and the dark side of life. 

Raven In Dreams: A Biblical Meaning

According to the Bible, the blackbird in dreams denotes uncleanliness, bad luck, and unpleasant happenings. 

Dreaming Of Raven: A Psychological Meaning

From a psychological perspective, a raven shows you are now fully equipped mentally and emotionally to leave parts of yourself behind and embark on a new journey. 


Therefore, dreaming of a raven could mean good or bad depending on your dream details, your cultural associations with the bird, and reality.