You’re wrong if you associate dreaming of a raven with only the bad and the ugly. In fact, the bird is considered to be an epitome of wisdom, the protector of secrets, and a valued messenger.

In fact, the dream symbolizes betrayal, misfortune, death, and sorrow. However, a dream featuring the bird can also portend good news, rebirth, changes, and new journeys.

What Does Dreaming Of A Raven Mean?

Almost always, a raven is considered to be a harbinger of betrayal, misfortune, and tragedic events. However, you need to understand that ravens are also revered as the protector of secrets. 

For a more accurate meaning, you must consider your cultural associations with the bird. While the Native Americans relate the bird with changes, other ancient tales perceived the bird as a trickster. 

So, just to be on the safe side, look out for deception and fraudulence if the bird appears in your dream, especially if you have recurrent dreams of a raven. 

Spiritual Meaning Of Raven Dreams

On a spiritual level, ravens are associated with mystery, keepers of secrets, and the dark side of life. 

Raven In Dreams: Several Scenarios With Interpretations

In the dream world, the bird may symbolize either good or bad. Its analysis and interpretation entirely depend on the dream details and how you relate your current situations with it.

Seeing lots of ravens together in one place in a dream

The scenario symbolizes financial complications, bankruptcy, poverty, and lack of basic necessities in your real life. 

To dream of a raven following you

There’s a possibility that someone at your workplace is monitoring you – not for good reasons. 

Likely, he or she is up to no good. Since that person could be seeking an opportunity to find fault with you, you need to be on your guard, at all times possible. 

Holding a raven with your hands

According to the dream, you’ll soon deal with someone you dislike or someone you believe is not worth your time. 

To make matters worse, the dream foretells that you will spend much of your time in the near future in the company of that person.

Needless to say, you’ll have a hard time tolerating his or her annoying behavior.

You were afraid of a raven

The dream indicates bad as well as good news at the same time.

According to the scenario, someone is trying to rip you off. However, the good thing is you’ll get to know that it’s a scam before it’s too late. 

Talking to a raven

Overall, it is a good sign. There’s a possibility that you’ll soon hear good news one of these days. 

Also, if you or a family member is not doing well health-wise, the dream shows the situation will get better soon. 

Hearing ravens

The scenario signifies disappointment, misfortune, or even failure in some areas of your life. 

Depending on what you are presently going through, the scenario can also be a sign that someone is dead against you.

Alternatively, the dream shows you will fight for your goals courageously. 

Killing a raven

According to the scenario, you are literally killing something by not paying enough attention to it. Sometimes, the dream points to your bottled-up feelings and emotions. 

Positively, the dream shows you are well on your path toward your life’s goals though you still have a long way to go. Lastly, it is also associated with flourishing relationships, friendships, love, balance, and harmony. 

A dead raven

If someone has wronged you either recently or sometime in the past, the dead raven shows the truth will come to light, and you will be cleared of all the accusations. 

It is also a sign from the universe that you will successfully overcome each obstacle. 

A raven inside your house

It is a negative message. Someone who dislikes you will make a move to disrupt your domestic peace and relationships with your close ones. 

Seeing a raven on the rooftop

It is interpreted as you being the only person your family members rely on – be it regarding finance or emotional and moral support. 

A raven flying

It is an auspicious sign. On the contrary, a flying raven can also be a sign that you are going through a difficult phase in the waking world. 

Ravens flying over your house

The dream augurs unpleasant tidings. Most likely, you will soon receive news of a close one’s passing. 

A raven flying or hovering over your head

It is the higher self encouraging you to pursue goals, hobbies, and activities that make you genuinely happy

A raven sitting on your shoulder

If a raven perches on your shoulder, you will have extremely bad luck in the upcoming days and weeks. 

Taming a raven

Above all the qualities a raven is attributed with, the bird is also associated with intelligence. Therefore, the dream symbolizes your wisdom, knowledge, and intelligence. 

A raven biting or attacking you

Through the scenario, the higher self warns you to be watchful of people who have the ability to do you any harm. 

Seeing a flock of ravens

From the work and career point of view, it stands for progress and advancement. It can also symbolize a chaotic situation based on what you exactly dreamed of and how you responded to the scenario. 

Raven cawing

The scenario is an ill omen foreshadowing death and sorrow. 

Seeing a wounded raven

According to the dream, your ignorance and inability to differentiate good from evil will get you in trouble. 

In the foreseeable future, someone will try to sweet-talk you into something, and you’ll completely fall for the trick. 

Seeing raven feathers

It symbolizes your suspicions about someone in particular. 

A three-eyed raven

If you dream of a three-eyed raven while being at a crossroads regarding an important matter in your life, the dream urges you to seek help.  

A white raven

It is a sign that you need to make some changes in your life, behavior, and attitude. It can also mean you have finally put an end to old habits and patterns. 

Psychological Meaning of Raven

From a psychological perspective, a raven shows you are now fully equipped mentally and emotionally to leave parts of yourself behind and embark on a new journey.

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