Dreams are nocturnal visions that tell us valuable things about the unconscious mind. Sometimes, a clear understanding of these messages unfolds several truths about our inner world. Have you ever tried to decipher the dreaming of cats’ meaning and symbolism? Can you connect with this feline creature anyway? This household pet of the feline family often represents intuition, wisdom, inner strength, and aspects of femininity.

The symbolic representations of these dreams mean understanding our ‘gut feeling’, of knowing and understanding something much before it happens.

In this article, we will discuss the various interpretations of this favorite pet and how it relates to your waking life.

Dreaming of Cats – Does It Mean To Dispel the Illusions of Waking Life?
Dreaming of Cats – Various Types and Interpretations

Dreaming of Cats – General Meaning

Cats are powerful symbols of creativity and intuition. This domestic animal defines your powerful, strong, and emotional nature. Sometimes, cats in dreams also signify bad luck, misfortune, cheating, and deceit either by others or by you yourself.

Have you ever observed how the nightly fantasies host mundane elements about the things that you have never thought about in your waking life? If cats are skittering around and playing hide and seek in dreams, it represents messages from your inner self. It means intuitive understanding, and wisdom that defines who you are. 

Cats in dreams symbolize a part of you that is independent, strong, and powerful to fight all odds in life. Lauri Loewenberg. Eminent dream analysts considered that the condition, behavior, and interaction of the cat with you in waking life helps in dream analysis. She also suggested that dreaming about cats also represents sexual energy, passion, and intimacy.

If you frequently see cats in dreams, it could mean that there is something in your sex life that is not moving in a right way.

Cats also denote feminine energy, grace, elegance, and protection. It is essential to observe the way you feel, after having seen the cat dreams; because it helps to learn more about your internal state of being. Dream interpretation is pretty difficult and complicated, lest it considers the current issues, past happenings, mood states, emotions, and a plethora of thousand possible situations of waking life that’s showing up in dreams.

Another meaning of cat dreams highlights the presence of fake and cheated people around you. This feline cautions you, and reminds you to stay away from dishonest people and frauds in waking life. There are people surrounding you who are hiding their real face in the name of friendship. 

It signifies danger and harm. In this regard, dreaming about cats means bad luck. Even seeing many cats in dreams signifies unfaithful friends and false people surrounding you.

It is a wake-up call to look into the unstable condition of your life and take needful action to alter life and living.

Symbolically, cats in dreams are epitome of self-reliance and belief in one’s ability and intuition. It also tells you to remain cautious of malicious people in waking life. Moreover, it represents free will, affection, femininity, flexibility, and good luck.

By now, you must have understood that your association with cats may not be a chance occurrence. It could symbolize the various aspects of your waking life that need closer attention. The cat dream symbols may help you gain better insight into the meaning of your dreams.

1. Independence and free will

As already mentioned, cats are independent in nature and when you dream about cats, it reminds you to stay strong and powerful from within; to embark on a journey with free will and independent thoughts.

When your thoughts are not influenced by the whims and wishes of others, you become a good decision maker. You become more capable of accepting your life as it is.

2. Affection

Cats are popular pets and symbolize the importance of love, care, and affection in one’s life. These feline creatures remind you to share the golden moments of life with your loved ones. You are reminded to grow your social network and develop your social skills, communication, and interaction with your fellow beings.

3. Feminine energy

Cats symbolize feminine energy in dreams. It tells you to develop your power to create and nurture innate talents and intuitive wisdom. A man dreaming of cats can explore his feminine qualities of softness, humility, and creativity. If a woman dreams of cats, it reminds her to tap her creative talents and pursue her life goals.

4. Abuse and inner healing

Dreaming of an abused or neglected cat means the trauma-ridden part of yourself that calls for emotional healing. This cat dream typically represents abuse that you might have suffered in real life.

5. Second chance and survival

In dreams, cats signify a second chance to win over a situation or survive a particular difficulty. When you dream of cats, it tells you to trust your intuitions and inner power. You will always get a second chance to overcome your difficulties and live a fulfilled life.

6. Ignoring intuition

Cats are intuitive animals that remind you to accept your intuitive sayings. It tells you not to ignore them and accept and imbibe its teachings in your life. You need to pay attention to your inner call that usually guides you towards a right path.

7. Cheating and deceit

Cat symbolism in dreams can also have a negative meaning. There may be dishonest people in your life who are trying to harm you. So, these dreams are a wake-up call to remain focused and cautious about your interaction with others. You are reminded of an impending harm and deceit that can get into your life anytime.

8. Good luck

In certain dream themes, cats are symbolic of good luck and fortune. The dream tells you to try out new things in life, as you are bound to get lucky. With time, your hard work will be paid off. Little risk taking and venturing out in doing novel things can bring success and help in accomplishing goals.

9. Curiosity

Sometimes, dreaming about cats represents your desire to know what’s going on in waking life. Seeing cats can be a reminder to be aware of the life situation you are in. It helps you to interpret the dream meaning, as the current happenings will get manifested in the dream state.

10. Flexibility

Cats are highly flexible and adaptive animals. When you dream about cats, it means that you will fit yourself in any circumstance; even if it is not favorable. With your patience and perseverance, you can feel comfortable and make desirable changes in your life.

Biblical Meaning of Dreaming of Cats

In the Bible, the cat in dreams did not signify positive meaning. It symbolized a remnant of a devil, an evil force that inflicts negative and evil energy. Thus, the biblical meaning of cats means misfortune, harm, danger, and a host of problems coming your way.

Dreaming of a cat is a representation of evil things in nature because this animal belongs to a group of animals who are known to be predators like tiger, lion, cheetah etc.; who are known to harm other animals in the forest.

Thus, biblically cats in dreams are symbols of destruction, domination, independence, and authority. Though dreaming about cats predominantly holds negative symbolism in the Bible, the correct dream interpretation depends upon your waking life issues, personality, and inner energy.

In ancient cultures, cats are represented in a positive way. The good side of cats in dreams is their strength and boldness. Domesticated cats are worshipped in Egypt because it symbolizes feminine power, sexuality, creativity, and nurturance. It also represents the power of intuition, curiosity, and knowledge.

Dreaming of aggressive cats means your inner wrath and anger. It indicates false beliefs, the savage and wild part of yourself that affects your waking life. You can become your greatest foe, if you do not control your negative emotions.

In the bible, the black cat represents your ruthless, cruel, and jealous nature. When you see cats in dreams, it is a reminder to forgo these character traits in waking life. The Bible says that cats can mean both positive and negative meanings in dreams depending upon the type of cat seen and what they were doing in dreams.

Spiritual Meaning of Dreaming of Cats

Spiritually, dreaming of cats symbolizes intuition and wisdom. It represents an independent mindset, power to excel difficulties, vulnerability, bad luck, falsehood, and malicious intent of the people around you.

In dreams, if you see that you cannot find your pet cat, it means that someone is trying to take away your mental power. Your independent spirit and free will is lost. You are being held back and may feel stuck and confined. Then again saving the cat or getting back the lost cat signifies independence and regaining of lost power. 

When a woman dreams about cats, it symbolizes creativity, sexuality, and intuition. Contrary, when a man dreams of cats, it represents his attitude and behavior towards women. The intriguing cat dreams suggest rejection in love life and broken relationships.

Spiritually, cats in dreams are symbols of:

  • Longevity and re-birth – feeling of being born again
  • Reflection of ego – cats symbolize your independent and free mindset. You are powerful to deal with all obstacles in life
  • Cats in dreams represent feminine power, sexuality, and strength of character
  • Communication – cats are symbolically connected to the world of spirits

In Egypt, people believed that cats are the messengers of the deceased souls. When cats frequently visit you in dreams, it reminds them to listen to your intuition and live by it. Maybe, some deceased soul known to you is trying to connect with you. 

Like in Egypt, cats are related to Bastet, the cat faced by a lunar goddess with a lion’s body. She is the symbol of protection and safety. People also held the view that cats can bring prosperity and protection to the house from all evil forces. It removes negative energy by purging the household by its spiritual presence.

Cats do carry an aura of mystery because they love to be aloof and live a secretive life. They love their independence and never want to give it away with it. Dreaming of cats reminds you to remain free, never seek validation for one’s worth. 

It symbolizes sensitivity, confidence, and adaptation to change. As these felines are keen observers, their heightened vision speaks about self-awareness. It also tells you to change your old routine and accept the new changes; to become more flexible and adaptable with changing circumstances in life.

Common Themes of Cats in Dreams and Its Relation to Jungian Psychology

The correct dream interpretation of cats is usually based on the relationship of cats with the life events of the dreamer. Some people are attracted to cats and others get repulsed. Thus, symbolically, cats in dreams can represent both positive and negative meanings.

The concepts in Jungian psychology that relates to dream analysis of cats are as follows:

  1. The self – Carl Jung believed that cats represent the ‘self’ in dreams. ‘The self’ represents all the parts of the human psyche that are established by his/her interaction with the outside world. Dreams are a window to the unconscious that contains the elements of the ‘self’.
  2. The shadow – The shadow is the dark side of self and is made up of those parts that are ignored, repressed, and kept under cover. These elements of self are secret stuff that are kept in the unconscious and you hardly wish to encounter it. Facing this shadow self can bring emotional pain and suffering. You may pretend that this part does not even exist. As symbols of the unconscious, cats in dreams means your shadow self. It reveals those hidden secrets in the subconscious from time to time.
  3. Anima – According to Carl Jung, anima represents the feminine nature of the male psyche. Whenever a man dreams about cats, it symbolizes how well he relates with the woman in his life. It also depicts his soft and humble nature. Cats are related to representation of feminine traits like vulnerability, insecurity, and a plethora of soft and tender emotions in both men and women.

Thus, in a nutshell, cats in a dream symbolize the following dream themes.

  • Intuition
  • Vulnerability and fears
  • Spirit animals from the deceased
  • Attraction towards opposite sex
  • Creativity and innate power
  • Hidden talents
  • Self-reliance and confidence
  • Misfortune and evil symbolism

37 Types of Dreaming of Cats and Their Interpretations

Dreaming of cats is common and represents powerful feminine energy, coupled with intuition and inner strength. Here, we are going to discuss the different types of dreams about cats and their symbolic relation to your waking life.

1. Dreaming of kittens

If you dream of cuddling a fluffy kitten, it signifies your innocent and child-like self. It reminds you of your comfort zone where you feel safe and secure. Kittens are baby cats; so dreaming about them also means that you need to choose your own path in life. It’s time to take chances and explore new things. The dream tells you to come out of your cozy shell and focus on new beginnings. 

Dream of kittens also represents your inner child that seeks protection and refuge. So, this dream is a sign to challenge yourself and try doing new and innovative things. Miniature kittens symbolize positive emotions, love, kindness, and innocence. Dreaming of a newborn kitten symbolizes purity and growth.

2. Dreaming of cats and kittens

A dream symbolism of this type means impending troubles from known people in your life. This dream holds a negative meaning as it indicates betrayal, cheating, and deceit by friends, family, or any close acquaintance.

Here, if cats and kittens fight, it symbolizes negative energy around you that is holding you back from realizing your goals. You are stuck in one place and feeling restless and agitated in your waking life. The emotional turmoil is just getting reflected in dreams. To dream of a black and white kitten fighting means family conflicts that are hard to resolve.

3. Dreaming of cat attacking me

When you dream of a cat attacking you, it could mean your fears and apprehensions about something or someone in waking life. It occurs commonly with people going through disagreements with their loved ones.

If you see that you win over the cat, it means you have successfully overcome the problem. But if the cat wins, it represents that fear and worries are overriding on you and you are not able to tackle the situation. Your inner peace and balanced mental health is at stake.

4. Dreaming of cat biting me

Dream of cats biting you means that there are villains in your waking life who are framing new conspiracies against you. You need to be careful and cautious. It also symbolizes the presence of powerful and cunning people who may pose a threat to your well-being. They may defeat you anytime.

5. Dreaming of cat dying

When you dream of a dead cat, it means a variety of things. If you have killed the cat because it attacked you, it means you have successfully overcome the unresolved issues of your waking life. You have managed to let go of the fear that was disturbing you.

But if you see a dead cat whom you have not killed, it may mean loss of personal freedom, independence, and lack of self-confidence. If the cat has drowned and died, it means innate suffocation, feeling of confinement, and anguish. It also represents the conflicts of waking life that were difficult to face and deal with.

6. Dream about cats in house

A dream symbolism of this type represents illusion. It means lack of clarity in understanding essential elements of your waking life. You are living in a haze with lack of proper direction of what to do next. The cats in the house represent obscurity in your inner world.

Maybe you are living in a fantasy world, totally reluctant to acknowledge the objective happenings of life. You are a pleasure seeker and thus finding it difficult to come out of your comfort zone and live life objectively.

7. Dream of cat jumping on me

When you dream of a cat jumping on you, it resembles a hostile or angry cat and it represents that the dreamer is struggling to save an aspect of his/her own life. Perhaps it shows the vulnerable and weak nature of the dreamer.

It represents incapability to connect with one’s intuition to arrive at a good decision in life. This dream also denotes lack of sexuality and creative potentials that makes the dreamer feel insecure and vulnerable in real life situations.

8. Cats drinking water or milk

When you dream about a cat drinking water or milk in dreams, it means your own emotions trying to overwhelm you. As you already know, water symbolizes feelings and the flow of negative emotions carry a negative weight.

This dream represents that there are toxic forces in your waking life, maybe in terms of relationships who are trying to play with your feelings. This dream suggests you to revive your emotional health by removing toxic forces from your real life. It tells you to focus on life goals and remain cautious of malicious people and their toxic intent. Do not allow them to harm you emotionally.

9. Playful cat

Playful cats symbolize your light-heart and not so serious attitude. Cats playing in dreams tells you not to be too serious about everything in life. You should enjoy every moment of your life.

When you live in the moments, you remain aware and conscious of your surroundings and your inner world as well. These dreams remind you to stay happy and playful always, not to become overly serious and turn your negatives in positive ways.

10. Multiple cats

Multiple cats may represent that there is something wrong going on in your waking life. It signifies future harm and impending danger coming your way but you are unable to pinpoint it. You can sense it but couldn’t identify it. Maybe you are trying to gather some intuition and wisdom to comprehend it in real life and as such seeing this dream.

11. Stray cat

A typical stray cat denotes your lonely self. It means that you are in a state of pity, where you need to find your well-being. It means you are alone and there is not enough support around.

If you feed the cat it means problems and chaos in intimate relationships. It also means you are carrying an emotional baggage of past bitterness in your present life. If you dream that the stray cat lives in your house, it means you are habituated with your loneliness and solitude. 

If you are attacked by a stray cat, it means lack of financial security. The symbolic meaning of this dream is that you are not taken care of and supported by others. The stray cat appears in dreams to help you tap your intuitions and make wise decisions in life; to look for solutions rather than hitting on the problems.

12. An aggressive cat 

Cats are dream symbols of independence, love for freedom, and intuitive understanding. When you see an aggressive or annoyed cat in dreams, it means real life annoyance and anger.

Maybe some people in waking life are trying to take advantage of you. You may feel trapped and confined, thus resentments are building up slowly and manifested in dreams. This dream tells you to forgive and let go of negative feelings. You are reminded to work hard, take care of your mental health and emotional wellness.

13. Stolen cats

When you dream of cats being stolen, it is quite disturbing because we never wish to part away from things we liked and loved. Things that are dear to us makes us feel secure. Thus, when stolen cats appear in the subconscious mind, it denotes fear and insecurity, lack of safety in real life situations. There is some loss in waking life that is rendering much emotional pain.

14. Fighting cats

This dream holds a positive meaning because it represents your victory. The struggles of waking life were handled successfully and you came out of a troublesome situation as a winner. Failure was not an option for you; you have put in your best efforts to work out on things that appeared problematic.

15. Cat eyes

This dream symbolizes intuition, focus, and self-confidence. A prominent cat’s eyes in dreams mean you will get through a difficult time easily with hard work and focus. Eyes represent vision and intuition. So, it reminds you to develop your intuitive wisdom while dealing with tough life situations.

16. Cats giving birth

This dream signifies change in personal life, a transition or unexpected changes happening in waking life. Such changes may include divorce or marriage, change of job, starting a new career goal etc. this dream also means creativity and nurturance, as giving birth to kittens.

17. Beating a cat

If you dream of beating a cat, it means that you can never be fooled by others. People cannot deceit you in unfaithful ways, as you may catch the fraud easily. This dream tells you to remain cautious of distrustful people around in waking life.

It tells you to remain tolerant and avoid disputes in real life. Beating a cat also means you have dumped and knocked out the conspiracies framed against you by the known people in your life. You hit them hard.

18. Selling a cat

This dream symbolizes a negative meaning. It means loss of money, wealth, property due to bad deals and judgments. You are not careful with your investments and wealth. This dream is a caution to stay alert and double check before deciding on money matters.

19. Screaming cats

A screaming cat in a dream is a symbol of deceit or harm from a friend or known person. This dream tells you to remain careful in your waking life. Somebody might harm you with their wicked tricks. If an expectant mother dreams of screaming cats, it is a bad sign.

It represents an alert of a secret harm or accident. This dream also signifies hidden issues in your love life that are not coming to the surface. Maybe your partner is hiding something important that you should be knowing. Screaming cats also symbolize bad omen for some, if not many.

20. Cat chasing a mouse

This dream denotes an unruly and chaotic family life. Maybe your waking life has a lot of family issues to be resolved and it’s getting manifested in dreams. There is always confusion and disagreements at the home front that never settles down well and you always chase things to settle it out correctly but all in vain.

21. An Injured cat 

As already discussed, cats represent power and independence. Thus, dreaming of an injured cat means that you are suffering from within. Certain aspects of yourself need healing.

Some issues of waking life that can surface this dream theme is being trapped in a toxic relationship, or mundane and routine job etc. This dream means lack of security and stability in real life. It represents anxiousness and loss of inner peace.

22. Seeing sleeping cats

If you dream of a sleeping cat, it means peace and tranquility in your waking life. You have more time to contemplate on things that matter the most. This dream also represents a calm mind and free spirit.

When your spirit is free, you are not tied up and may feel free to think objectively using your wise mind. Sleeping cats also symbolize pause for the time being; not to rush with things and find more time for yourself.

23. Healthy and sick cats

Dreams of healthy and sick cats represent intuition and intellect. You can ascertain this by checking the health of the cat in dreams. If you dream of a healthy cat, it indicates your intuitive nature. You listen to this inner call, whenever in distress.

You have the ability to decide from a wise mind. Contrary to this, sick cat denotes an imbalance between the two. This means that the dreamer operates from a space of risk and struggle to remain focused and grounded in his/her daily life.

24. Cat chasing after something

When you dream of a cat chasing after something, it represents a part of you seeking something in real life; or trying to follow your goals. It resembles your real life issues and represents your chase in achieving something good and great. It also represents successful endeavors in waking life by removing obstacles and problems.

25. Saving cats

If you dream of saving a cat, it means that you have regained your lost power and independence. You have become more competent and able than ever before. Saving a cat symbolizes inner strength, power, and protection that you can always give to yourself.

26. Being surrounded by cats

This dream symbolism is a bad omen as it means deceit and betrayal. There are negative forces around you who may harm you if you are not careful of their intentions. People are not liking you but you are unaware of that. Maybe they are holding grudges and resentments against you but you are not aware of it. This dream is all about caution and tells you to be careful of their malicious intentions.cat

27. Being scared of a cat

When you get afraid of a cat in dreams, it is symbolic of some false fears and unnecessary apprehensions about something in your waking life. You may feel hopeless and bizarre. There are worries surrounding you in tight grip and you are unable to come out of it. Maybe you do not have enough reasons to be fearful but still feeling emotionally uncomfortable.

28. Killing a cat

When you dream of killing a cat, it means the evil motives and wicked plans of others in your waking life that you have discovered and nullified. You have defeated them and never allowed them to harm you. Killing a cat has a positive meaning and so it holds a good omen in dreams. It represents success and goal accomplishment.

29. Cat meowing

Dreaming about cat meowing or calling you or someone in dream indicates dishonesty and lack of trust amongst your circle of influence. People around you can cause misfortune in the coming days. Somebody’s careless behavior and malicious acts can harm you in the long term.

30. Wild cat

The wild cats in dream means that you are committed to finish your resolution. It symbolizes your commitment, strength, and conviction to make things happen in life. The dream theme symbolizes admiration for self and others.

A wild cat represents your savage self; denoting pride and anger as well. Dreaming of wild cats also means ferociousness, sexual instincts, and survival strategies of your waking life.

31. Cat scratching you

This dream holds a negative meaning and indicates unresolved issues in your relationships. Your waking life relationships are full of problems. People are back-biting and plotting against you and you are not aware of it.

Different Colors of Cats and Their Symbolic Meaning

32. White cats

White cats in dreams are a bad omen. It means possible confusion and doubt that can cause loss of wealth or misfortune in waking life. It mainly represents financial troubles coming up due to poor decision making.

White cats also represent unusual problems for a long time and you are reminded to act forcibly to overcome the difficulties. You are told to work at full potential to realize your goals.

33. Black cats

Dream of a black cat is considered a symbol of good luck in many cultures. It indicates that you have a hidden sense of intuition that helps you to take rational and wise decisions. In some cultural depictions, black cats also represent your imbalanced and fearful nature. It means you are insecure and do not want to take chances because you might fail in your endeavors. You are afraid of the unknown things. 

You may hold fantasies that are unrealistic. If you see a black cat regularly in dreams, it could mean loss of intuitive power. The dream reminds you to confront difficult situations and use your psychic abilities to solve the issue. Sometimes, a black cat also means a bad sign; like an enemy in real life who might harm you and cause stress in near future. 

34. Grey cat 

The grey cat is a symbol of calmness and serenity. This dream reminds you to stay focused and use your intuitive powers to overcome difficult life situations. Sometimes, grey cats show doubts about close relationships.

You may doubt the intentions of your loved ones; as they tend to show signs of cheating and betrayal. The dream theme tells you to remain cautious and keep your eyes open to sense the negativities lurking around you.

35. An orange or golden cat 

An orange cat or golden cat is a positive sign and represents good luck. It signifies new passion, or a new hobby, to start a new career, or even a new relationship. Thus, it symbolizes a new beginning and a fresh start in life. Orange is a vibrant color so it means positive vibes, hope, healthy feelings towards someone special in your waking life.

36. A dark brown cat 

A dark brown cat or cats with brown shades symbolize good news coming your way shortly. You may receive good fortune coming from some unexpected source. To see a tabby brown cat indicates good times ahead.

It means that your life’s path will be smooth with wider vision and greater clarity. A brown cat also tells you to let go of old habits, accept new changes in life to make life meaningful and worthy. In this way, it denotes optimism and fresh start.

37. A blue cat 

Blue cats symbolize illusions and lack of clarity in real life. It represents haze and unclear issues of waking life. You might believe in something that is actually untrue; or you are unsure of whether it really exists. Example: your views on afterlife; but realistically you may not be sure of its existence.

Dreaming of Cats and Its Meaning in Different Cultures

Dreaming of cats holds special significance in various folklore cultures of the world. It symbolizes mystery, guardianship, resurrection, and evil intentions as well.

In BIble and Christianity

Cats are known to be associated with wickedness and mystery. Thus when you dream of cats, it symbolizes the malicious intentions of someone in your waking life. It signifies underlying harm coming soon in your life.

In Celtic Culture

The dreams of cats symbolizes fear, and anxiety of the unknown future. It is considered a bad sign of misfortune and evil forces.

In Egyptian Culture

Cats are considered sacred creatures and are usually kept as a house pet. So the dreams of cats are symbolic of good luck and auspicious beginnings.

In Islamic culture

Cats in dreams represent good luck, honor, and pride.

In Chinese and Japanese culture

Dreaming of cats are symbols of protection from evil forces. Thus they are usually kept as pets to ward off harmful influences from the household. In Japan, cats in dreams are symbols of joy and prosperous living.

What to Ask Yourself When You Dream about Cats?

Though dreaming of cats can be freaky and weird at times; especially when you are not a pet lover, it is a super common dream theme that helps to dig the deep holes of the unconscious where secret wishes and desires, unresolved conflicts, pain and sufferings live like an unwanted tenant forever. 

Your inner may be signaling something and you are getting informed through the fantasy-ridden subconscious mind. You can ask yourself a few questions before analyzing these lucid dreams in a rational way.

  • How often do you dream about cats?
  • What was the cat doing in the dream?
  • What is your present life situation like? Can you relate this to your waking life?
  • Are the cats trying to inform you about your shadow self?
  • Was the cat trying to harm you?
  • Were you scared of the cat in dreams?
  • Do you love cats and even wish to keep it as a pet?
  • Did you see a big cat or small kittens?
  • What was the color of the cat in dreams?
  • Have you ever got a dream of cats with other animals?
  • How would you like to analyze your dream?

Wrap Up

By now, you must have gathered little knowledge about these wise little felines. Right? You can even start interpreting what they are trying to convey you in dreams. As cats can represent a wide variety of things, it’s important to connect with your inner self to perceive the real meaning.

Sometimes you need to dispel the illusions of waking life to unfold the real truth behind the scene. Thus, dig deeper and stay tuned with your intuitions that always say the genuine and authentic stuff.

If you get dreams about cats then check their detailed spiritual meanings here.