Cats are powerful symbols of creativity and intuition. This domestic animal defines your powerful, strong, and emotional nature. Sometimes, dreaming of cats also signify bad luck, misfortune, cheating, and deceit either by others or by you yourself.

Dreaming of Cats – Does It Mean To Dispel the Illusions of Waking Life?
Dreaming of Cats – Various Types and Interpretations

The General Meaning Of Dreams about Cats

If cats are skittering around and playing hide and seek in dreams, it represents messages from your inner self. It means intuitive understanding, and wisdom that defines who you are. 

Cats in dreams symbolize a part of you that is independent, strong, and powerful to fight all odds in life.Cats also denote feminine energy, grace, elegance, and protection. 

  • Independence and free will – it reminds you to stay strong and powerful from within; to embark on a journey with free will and independent thoughts.
  • Affection – These popular pets symbolize the importance of love, care, and affection in one’s life. 
  • Feminine energy – Cats depict feminine qualities of softness, humility, and creativity.
  • Abuse and inner healing –  It means the trauma-ridden part of yourself that calls for emotional healing. 
  • Second chance and survival – It tells you to trust your intuitions and inner power.
  • Cheating and deceit – There may be dishonest people in your life who are trying to harm you. 
  • Good luck – Little risk taking and venturing out in doing novel things can bring success.
  • Flexibility – It means that you will fit yourself in any circumstance; even if it is not favorable.

Spiritual Meaning of Dreaming of Cats

When a woman dreams about cats, it symbolizes creativity, sexuality, and intuition. Contrary, when a man dreams of cats, it represents his attitude and behavior towards women. 

Spiritually, cats in dreams are symbols of:

  • Longevity and re-birth – feeling of being born again
  • Reflection of ego – independent and free mindset. 
  • Cats in dreams represent feminine power, sexuality, and strength of character.
  • Cats are symbolically connected to the world of spirits.

Biblical Interpretation of Dreaming of Cats

The cat in dreams did not signify a positive meaning. It symbolized a remnant of a devil, an evil force that inflicts negative and evil energy. Thus, the biblical meaning of cats means misfortune, harm, danger, and a host of problems coming your way.

These felines are symbols of destruction, domination, independence, and authority. Dreaming of aggressive cats means your inner wrath and anger. It indicates false beliefs, the savage and wild part of yourself that affects your waking life. 

Different Dream Scenarios of Cats

Dreaming of cats is common and represents powerful feminine energy, coupled with intuition and inner strength. Here, we are going to discuss the different types of dreams about cats and their symbolic relation to your waking life.

Dreaming of cat attacking 

It could mean your fears and apprehensions about something or someone in waking life. It occurs commonly with people going through disagreements with their loved ones. 

If you see that you win over the cat, it means you have successfully overcome the problem. But if the cat wins, it represents that fear and worries are overriding you and you are not able to tackle the situation.

Cat biting 

This dream scenario means that there are villains in your waking life who are framing new conspiracies against you. You need to be careful and cautious.

It also symbolizes the presence of powerful and cunning people who may pose a threat to your well-being. They may defeat you anytime.


If you dream of cuddling a fluffy kitten, it signifies your innocent and child-like self.

It reminds you of your comfort zone where you feel safe and secure. Kittens are baby cats; so dreaming about them also means that you need to choose your own path in life. 

Dream of kittens also represents your inner child that seeks protection and refuge. 

Cats and kittens together

A dream symbolism of this type means impending troubles from known people in your life. This dream holds a negative meaning as it indicates betrayal, cheating, and deceit by friends, family, or any close acquaintance. 

Here, if cats and kittens fight, it symbolizes negative energy around you that is holding you back from realizing your goals. 

A cat dying

Seeing a dead cat can mean a variety of things. If you have killed the cat because it attacked you, it means you have successfully overcome the unresolved issues of your waking life. You have managed to let go of the fear that was disturbing you. 

But if you see a dead cat whom you have not killed, it may mean loss of personal freedom, independence, and lack of self-confidence. 

Cats in house

A dream symbolism of this type represents illusion. It means lack of clarity in understanding essential elements of your waking life.

You are living in a haze with lack of proper direction of what to do next. The cats in the house represent obscurity in your inner world.

Dream of cat jumping 

It resembles a hostile or angry cat and it represents that the dreamer is struggling to save an aspect of his/her own life. Perhaps it shows the vulnerable and weak nature of the dreamer. 

It represents incapability to connect with one’s intuition to arrive at a good decision in life. This also denotes lack of sexuality and creative potential that makes the dreamer feel insecure and vulnerable in real life situations.

Playful cats

It symbolizes your light-hearted and not so serious attitude. Cats playing in dreams tells you not to be too serious about everything in life. 

These dreams remind you to stay happy and playful always, not to become overly serious and turn your negatives in positive ways.

Dreaming of multiple cats

This scenario represents that there is something wrong going on in your waking life. It signifies future harm and impending danger coming your way but you are unable to pinpoint it. 

A stray cat

A typical stray cat denotes your lonely self. It means that you are in a state of pity, where you need to find your well-being. It means you are alone and there is not enough support around.

An  aggressive cat 

When you see an aggressive or annoyed cat in dreams, it means real life annoyance and anger. Maybe some people in waking life are trying to take advantage of you. 

Fighting cats

This holds a positive meaning because it represents your victory. The struggles of waking life were handled successfully and you came out of a troublesome situation as a winner. 

Screaming cats in dreams

A screaming cat in a dream is a symbol of deceit or harm from a friend or known person. This dream tells you to remain careful in your waking life. Somebody might harm you with their wicked tricks. 

Dreaming of cat chasing a mouse

This dream denotes an unruly and chaotic family life. Maybe your waking life has a lot of family issues to be resolved and it’s getting manifested in dreams.

There is always confusion and disagreements at the home front that never settles down well and you always chase things to settle it out correctly but all in vain.

An Injured cat 

It means that you are suffering from within. Certain aspects of yourself need healing. It also dream means lack of security and stability in real life.

Seeing sleeping cats 

It means peace and tranquility in your waking life. You have more time to contemplate on things that matter the most. This also represents a calm mind and free spirit. 

Cat chasing after something

It represents a part of you seeking something in real life; or trying to follow your goals. It resembles your real life issues and represents your chase in achieving something good and great.

Being surrounded by cats

This dream symbolism is a bad omen as it means deceit and betrayal. There are negative forces around you who may harm you if you are not careful of their intentions. People are not liking you but you are unaware of that. 

Killing a cat

When you dream of killing a cat, it means the evil motives and wicked plans of others in your waking life that you have discovered and nullified. You have defeated them and never allowed them to harm you.

Dream of cat meowing

Dreaming about cat meowing or calling you or someone in a dream indicates dishonesty and lack of trust amongst your circle of influence. 

 A wild cat 

The wild cats in dream means that you are committed to finishing your resolution. It symbolizes your commitment, strength, and conviction to make things happen in life. The dream theme symbolizes admiration for self and others. 

Different Colors of Cats and Their Symbolic Meaning

The dreamer may visualize scenes where cats have different colors. These dreams also carry significant symbolism as mentioned beneath.

  • White cats – It means possible confusion and doubt that can cause loss of wealth or misfortune in waking life.
  • Black cats – It indicates that you have a hidden sense of intuition that helps  in rational and wise decisions. 
  • Gray cat – The gray cat is a symbol of calmness and serenity. 
  • Orange and golden cat – It signifies new passion, or a new hobby, to start a new career, or even a new relationship
  • Dark brown cats – Symbolize good news coming your way shortly. You may receive good fortune coming ahead.
  • Blue cat –  It symbolizes illusions and lack of clarity in real life. It represents haze and unclear issues of waking life. 

Summing Up from ‘ThePleasantDream’ 

By now, you must have gathered little knowledge about these wise little felines. Right? You can even start interpreting what they are trying to convey you in dreams. 

As cats can represent a wide variety of things, it’s important to connect with your inner self to perceive the real meaning.

If you get dreams about cats then check their detailed spiritual meanings here.