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Are You Dreaming of Kittens These Days? (55 Dream Scenarios to Reckon)

Are You Dreaming of Kittens These Days? (55 Dream Scenarios to Reckon)

Updated on Nov 05, 2022 | Published on Jun 27, 2021

Reviewed by Katina Tarver, MA (Mental Health and Wellness Counseling) , Life Coach

Dreaming of kittens – 55 Dream Scenarios Explained

Were you dreaming of kittens by any chance? Are you wondering what these cute, fluffy, and tiny felines are doing in your dreams?

Dreaming about these baby cats may carry both positive and negative meanings as far as dream symbolism is concerned. Kittens represent innocence, purity, sanctity, inner peace, and new possibilities in life.

Read on to know more about the interesting facts about dreaming of juvenile cats and their symbolic connection to your waking life.

Dreaming of Kittens – 55 Dream Scenarios Explained
Dreaming of Kittens – 55 Dream Scenarios Explained

Kitten Dream Meaning – General interpretation

Dreaming of kittens symbolizes pure living, along with sanctity and innocence. It means change, openness to learning, embracing new opportunities, and a fresh beginning in life. The dream also means simplicity, gentleness, curiosity. Negatively it could signify malicious and deceitful intentions of someone in waking life.

An adorable and fluffy kitten looks awesome and lovable. Right? Many of you may have kept a kitten at home as a pet to play with.

These miniature felines are actually sociable and love to be cuddled and cared for. When you dream about kittens, it means a wide variety of interpretations depending upon your association with the animal.

Kittens are tiny and thus they are stubborn and manipulative by nature. Many people do not even like them because they are not obedient, loyal, and friendly as the dog.

Sometimes, seeing kittens in dreams reflect positive emotions of joy, purity, and tenderness. Contrary they also signify your insecure and vulnerable ‘inner self’.

Since these fluffy cuties are soft and fragile, they symbolize your weak, timid, shy, and tender nature.

Dreaming of kittens represents femininity and women’s power in your waking life. It also signifies a new beginning, a journey towards self-realization and growth. 

In certain dream themes, dreaming of a kitten is considered a bad omen because it signifies the malicious intentions of someone in your real life.

It denotes the presence of toxic people and negative forces in waking life who may harm you in many different ways.

The dream acts as a warning sign; making you aware and cautious of the impending danger coming soon in reality.

Kittens in dreams symbolize independent thoughts and power to decide well for yourself. Kittens are tenacious, swift, agile, and are great learners.

Though they are tiny and fearful at times, they represent an active and agile lifestyle.

When these tiny animals appear in dreams they remind you to develop your mind powers, to stay fit and alert. You need to use your wit and cunningness to save yourself from any harm coming your way in waking life.

Symbolically dreaming of kittens mean the following:

1. Sign of femininity

Just like cats in dream, kittens also symbolize femininity and the presence of strong women in your waking life. It could be the mother, a female friend, girlfriend, wife, or even a lady boss present in the dreamer’s waking life. 

The dream reminds you to take care of these women in real life because they are going to play a significant role in your personal growth and success.

In certain dream contexts, dreams about kittens represent your soft, tender, and feminine side.

It symbolizes the womanly traits of intuition, affection, care, and forgiveness.

2. Innocence and simplicity

Dreams about kittens symbolize the child-like and innocent nature of the dreamer. It means you are a simple being who prefers to celebrate the tiny joys of life. The dream represents your soft and tender nature. 

You are a positive-minded person who is capable of facing any odds in life. Kittens are innocent, fun loving and agile animals.

The dream reminds you to remain simple yet agile and energetic. It tells you to live life with modesty, yet with a definite purpose. 

A kitten showing up in dreams shows your fulfilled living. You are relaxed and satisfied with whatever you have. Nothing can agonize your peaceful heart and make you feel dirty from within. You know how to keep yourself clean, pure, and positive.

3. Minor hurdles in life

In certain dream themes, kittens represent a phase of life that is full of minor issues or problems that you are facing now. The dream tells you to be aware of such issues and nip it in the bud; before it gets worse. 

Seeing a kitten in dreams may mean that someone in your waking life is making false promises and intends to cheat and deceive you. 

If you see many small kittens hovering around you in dreams, it means that you will have greater troubles coming your way.

It implies the malicious intentions of others around you in waking life. It reminds you to stay away from such unreliable people otherwise you may have to regret later on.

4. Vulnerability and insecurity

Kittens are a symbol of softness and tenderness. In dreams they represent your insecure and vulnerable inner ‘self’. It symbolizes inner weakness, lack of confidence, feelings of being stuck and confined in unfavorable life situations from where exit seems difficult. 

Sometimes, dreams about kittens also mean that you have undertaken a brand new venture that is unstable and poorly grounded. 

It may fail any moment and you are feeling highly insecure about it. Thus, the dream tells you to take care and pay attention to every minute detail of the ongoing project so as to prevent it from failing. 

The dream symbolizes your subtle inadequacies and imperfections that can prevent you from moving towards growth.

5. Listen to your intuition

Just like cats, kittens symbolize deeper instinct and intuition. Dreaming of kittens reminds you to listen to your inner call before deciding on anything significant in your waking life.

Your gut feeling always speaks the truth and guides you towards the right direction.

6. Sign of betrayal and deceit

Is there anything catty or malicious going on in your waking life? Are you feeling threatened and unsafe because of some impending danger coming soon in reality? Then maybe this is the reason that kittens are showing up frequently in dreams.

Kittens symbolize the deceitful actions of others in waking life. It is possible that people will take advantage of your good nature and try to humiliate and cheat you in certain ways. 

You are reminded to control whoever you meet and connect with. Avoid the company of unknown people. They may harm you and you will not even realize unless the harm done was immense.

7. Relationship issues

Dreaming of kittens symbolizes relationship issues, lack of love and trust between partners. The dream may also warn you of some illegal affairs going on in your partner’s life. In this context, kittens represent cheating, unhappy sex life, and even infidelity.

8. Energy and vitality

As already discussed, kittens are extremely active, energetic, and agile animals. They represent vitality and liveliness. Thus, when these tiny creatures appear in dreams, it reminds you to boost your energy levels. 

You should be more proactive and find interest in several new things in life. The dream also tells you to accept new opportunities coming your way and prove your worth by accomplishing your goals in reality.

9. Need for independence and self-sufficiency

You need help and support otherwise it may feel anxious and vulnerable. As a dream symbol, a kitten represents your need for independence and self-sufficiency. 

The dream tells you to trust your abilities and stop feeling helpless. The dream tells you to trust your abilities and stop feeling helpless. It symbolizes your yearning for power and independence. 

Maybe you are over dependent on someone in your waking life and you need to stop as early as possible. It reminds you to stay strong and stand on your feet, since you have the power to take charge of your life.

Dreaming of kittens – 55 dream scenarios explained

In this section we will discuss the common types of dreams about kittens. Each dream scenario holds a different meaning depending upon the types and actions of the kitten and your emotions associated with the dream after waking up.

1. Dreaming of newborn kittens

When you dream of newborn kittens, it means that you are feeling unsafe, insecure, and vulnerable from within. You are seeking protection and security from others in waking life.

Such a dream denotes your weak state of mind. Just as the newborn kitten is fragile and helpless, the dream theme denotes your weak and vulnerable ‘psyche’. 

Maybe you are feeling insecure about your present life status and its getting manifested through dreams.

It also means that you should go through a purging process to heal the wounds and scars that are making you fearful and helpless and restricting your personal growth.

2. Dreaming of dead kittens

A dead kitten in dreams is a bad sign. It symbolizes that you are feeling insecure and fearful about a new project in your waking life.

Maybe you have ventured on something that is not going well. You fear that it’s going to fail. The dream implies your lack of control over the situation.

A dead kitten symbolizes failure, loss. And disappointments. It denotes that you are pessimistic about certain endeavors in real life.

If you see many dead kittens in the dream, it indicates fear of the future. The fear involved in the dream theme tells you to handle real life issues carefully and avoid being hasty and indecisive.

3. Dreaming of litter of kittens

If you are dreaming of a litter of kittens, it signifies your need for independence and freedom in waking life. The dream symbolizes your inherent desire to free yourself from worries and live a peaceful life.

In certain dream themes, the dream holds a negative meaning and signifies troubles coming soon into your life. It warns you of some obstacles that you should remove so as to feel confident and independent about yourself.

4. Dream of cat giving birth to kittens

When you dream of a cat giving birth to kittens, it means a new beginning. There will be many new opportunities coming your way that will help in personal growth. Moreover, you will have to fulfill more responsibilities in future.

The dream symbolizes a new aspect of life that will be nurtured by you. You are ready to start afresh, irrespective of the problems that you might be facing.

5. Black kitten dream meaning

In dream symbolism, black cats and kittens represent hesitance and uncertainty. The dream symbolizes your lack of confidence about certain things in waking life. 

Maybe you are nervous because you do not know the ideal way of moving through trying times. You have never expected the outcome of your actions in such a way and thus you are clueless of how to deal with it.

Seeing black kittens also signify grief, sadness, disappointments, regrets arising out of failure in life.

The dream means that you are a superstitious being and channelize your energy in wrong ways in attaining unnecessary things in real-life.

6. Gray kitten dream meaning

The gray color kitten in dreams symbolizes minor problems and hurdles that may come in future and rob your inner content and tranquility.

Such a dream also indicates psychological pain and agony. You are under a lot of stress about certain events in real life.

The dream reminds you to let go of past issues and forgive those who had made you suffer a lot. It also tells you to be more organized and systematic. 

You need to plan ahead in a proper way to remove the obstacles and realize life goals easily.

Moreover if you plan well ahead before executing it, then your anxiety and stress will be low. You will not feel overwhelmed and things will be under control.

7. Dreaming of wild kittens

When you dream of wild kittens, it means you are inhibited and cannot express your feelings easily. Thus others may misunderstand you and may hold you responsible for problems and mistakes that you have not done. 

They will hold misconceptions and as such your social relationships will get hampered.

The dream tells you to open up and express yourself freely without hesitance, inhibitions, and worries. Be who you are and let others know your priorities clearly.

8. Dream of a kitten drinking milk

This dream symbol is a good sign indicating friendship, social connections, and fulfilling relationships. It implies a new bonding, maybe a friendship or love relationship where your partner will be loving and caring towards you.

They will help you grow and evolve your social skills as well. The dream reminds you to protect and nurture such loving bonds to feel happy and fulfilled in waking life.

9. Dreaming of abandoned kittens

When you are dreaming of abandoned kittens, it represents fear of being left alone, loneliness, etc. You may be feeling abandoned and isolated in real life and it’s just getting reflected through dreams. It signifies fears and anxiety of being left out.

You may feel neglected and ignored by others in waking life. Sometimes an abandoned kitten tells you to be free and independent. You need to be self-sufficient and self-supporting by nature.

10. Dreaming of meowing kittens

Dreaming of meowing kittens means you are very ambitious and goal-oriented in waking life. You are hardworking and are able and competent to follow your goals. The dream symbolizes authority, power, and leadership qualities of the dreamer. 

If you dream of a kitten meowing at the door, it means that opportunity will knock soon and you will accept it to realize your life goals. When a kitten meows for food, it indicates prosperity and stability in waking life.

11. Dreaming of screaming kittens

Dreams about screaming kittens symbolize that you will have to change your perspectives and attitude about other people in waking life.

Such a dream indicates your aggressive attitude and reminds you to become humble, kind, sympathetic, and caring towards others in real life.

12. An aggressive kitten in dreams

When you dream about your aggressive kitten, it symbolizes new possibilities coming your way and tells you to follow your life goals aggressively.

You need to be passionate about your goals and then only you can achieve them easily. If the kitten tries to harm you it means that you are feeling stuck and suffocated in a toxic relationship. 

You are trying your best to come out of it but unable to do so in reality. When you dream of kittens biting you, it means difficult times coming in reality.

It warns you of some impending dangers and problems that will be unavoidable. So you need to keep your guards ready to save and protect yourself. 

13. Dreams about kittens fighting 

This dream symbolism indicates hidden enemies in real-life. It means that malicious people in waking life will try to harm you and will sabotage your goodwill and reputation.

The dream means material losses, financial difficulties, and big problems coming ahead. The dream tells you to remain cautious and vigilant about them and not to trust unknown people blindly.

14. Dreaming of fluffy and cute kittens

Dreaming of fluffy and cute kittens represents joy and fun in waking life. The dream indicates that you are able to maintain a right balance of play in reality.

You never compromise on things you really like doing. The dream denotes hard work and passion to explore new avenues and fresh opportunities for personal growth and development.

15. Dreams about white kittens

A white kitten in a dream symbolizes purity, innocence, love and affection, kindness, and humility. The white color indicates abundant energy that is positive and can bring personal growth and development in the dreamer’s waking life.

Your life is blessed with serenity and you are in a peaceful state of mind. Dreaming about white kittens is a good sign for growth, prosperity, and success.

16. Dreaming of ginger kittens

If you dream about ginger kittens, it means good news and prosperity. It means that the circumstances of real life will work in your favor and you will feel happy and blessed.

Ginger kittens signify prosperity. It means that whatever you have embarked upon will be successful and shall be beneficial for you.

17. Dreaming of kittens and cats together

If you dream of kittens and cats together it means two opposite things. The kitten represents your weak, fearful, fragile, and innocent ‘self’. Contrary, cats symbolize independence and strength. It denotes self-sufficiency. 

Seeing both together means that you need to leave aside your weaker self and start a journey towards freedom and independence.

You need to do things on your own to gain self-confidence. As such your worth will improve and you will feel happy about it.

18. Dreams about saving kittens

If you dream about saving kittens, it means you are trying to become free and independent. Maybe you are slowly moving towards self-reliance. You do not wish to depend on others for satisfaction of your needs, rather you are self-sufficient to take care of yourself. 

This dream symbol signifies optimism and new learning. Saving a kitten also means that you will get back what you have lost. You will soon get back your lost power, self-respect, and confidence.

19. Dreams about multi colored kittens

Dreaming of multi-colored kittens means many new opportunities coming your way in waking life. It means you will have much more than what you have expected.

This dream symbol shows hope and fulfilled living. It signifies high social regard, appreciation at the workplace, job promotion etc. Thus the dream suggests good luck and prosperous living.

20. Dreaming of kittens and puppies

When you dream about kittens and puppies together, it symbolizes your immature nature. The dream foretells various new problems coming your way because you are timid, shy, and incapable to handle the issues of waking life.

Such a dream symbolizes your fearful, scared, and weak ‘self’. The dream represents your inhibited and submissive nature.

21. Dreams about an injured kitten

If you dream about an injured kitten, it means your inner child is hurt and pain-stricken. Maybe you are still carrying the burden of childhood trauma and it’s bothering you a lot in adult life as well. An injured kitten is a bad omen in dream symbolism.

It represents your innate fears and sadness. Probably your waking life is plagued with relationship issues, or conflicts at the workplace and you are unable to resolve them in reality.

22. Dreaming about tabby cat kittens

A tabby cat is usually brown in color with dots or swirls all over its body. If you dream about a tabby cat kitten, it means change and transformation for something better and bigger in waking life. 

Such a dream symbolizes good fortune and personal growth but it reminds you to be cautious and approach your task gently, to avoid mistakes, and review your work periodically to achieve the best results.

The change would be good but you will have to approach the work in the right way and make things happen.

23. Dreams about dirty kittens

When you dream of dirty kittens with fleas, worms, insects, and parasites in the body, it means that you will have many issues and problems coming your way in waking life. The dream implies unpredictable problems and negativity.

24. Dreaming of being bitten or scratched by kitten 

When you dream of being bitten and scratched by a kitten, it means you may have some problems related to some female in your real life.

The dream theme may indicate your mother, a female friend, or spouse etc. who may either support you or will create new problems in your waking life. 

If you dream of a bad bite, it means that these females will try to cheat you in some way. Maybe the harm caused to you will be irrecoverable and you may fall in a pit without a respite in place.

25. Dreaming of being attacked by a kitten

If you dream of being attacked by kittens, it symbolizes problems in your present relationship. You should try to resolve the issue as early as possible or else it may end up in a breakup or divorce.

The dream represents fights and squabbling between partners. It denotes lack of love, mutual respect, and understanding that is needed to develop a healthy bonding.

26. Dream about chasing kittens

This dream symbolizes your passion to realize your life goals; as if you are chasing your goals and wish to accomplish them in reality. Chasing kittens are dream symbols of hard work and passion. You have immense talent that can help and guide you to achieve success.

27. Dreaming of a kitten running

If you dream about a kitten running, it means you are having an independent mindset. You are not dependent on others for fulfilling your personal needs. This dream symbol shows you are adequate, worthy, and self-sufficient on your own.

In certain dream themes, a running kitten also means that you are trying to escape from a troublesome situation in real life.

28. Dreaming about black and white kitten

This dream scenario is a bad omen as it represents emotional pain and suffering in waking life. The dream shows two alternative situations in life that are demanding your attention.

You are in a confused state of mind of how to resolve the issue. The dream symbolizes big failures, disappointments, and emotional turmoil coming soon in waking life.

29. Dreaming of running after a kitten

When you dream of running after a kitten who is trying to elope, it means you are trying to get hold of something in waking life that is soon escaping away from your hands.

Often it represents chasing a goal or a project that is showing some red flags in it and you are trying to resolve the issue. 

You are just trying to make sure that everything is working in a desired manner. As you could to find out the best solution to the problems that you might be facing in real life.

30. Dreaming of a kittens fight

When you dream about kittens fighting amongst themselves it means you have many enemies in waking life. They are conspiring against you and can harm you in reality. The dream tells you to be aware and cautious of what’s happening around you.

Such a dream indicates bad luck. You will be in an uncomfortable position in real life and may even lose your social recognition, goodwill, and reputation.

31. Dreams of kittens with their mothers

When you see kittens surrounding their cat mother, it is a good sign. It symbolizes wealth, happiness, and prosperous living.

The dream represents abundance and healthy bonding with loving people in your life. This dream signifies a sense of being protected, nurtured, loved, and cared for by the near and dear ones in real life.

32. Dreaming of a kitten without a tail

When you dream about a kitten without a tail, it implies that you are defenseless and may get into grave troubles in reality.

The dream symbolizes helplessness, insecurity, vulnerability, and fearfulness. It denotes lack of inner strength and confidence. You are feeling powerless and as such may fail in all your personal and professional endeavors.

33. Dreams about a brown kitten

If you dream of a brown kitten, it is a good sign. The dream means wealth, good fortune, success, and goal accomplishment. It also means that you will make immense progress in career and job related endeavors that will be fulfilling and can change your life forever.

34. Dreaming of kitten drowning in water

When you dream about a kitten drowning in water, it means that your sense of independence and personal freedom is at stake. You are feeling emotionally uncomfortable because of someone or something in waking life and that is getting reflected in dreams.

The drowning of the kitten indicates you are deeply sucked in negativity and hopelessness and you are trying hard to sail through adverse times.

35. Dreams of holding kitten in your arms

This dream symbol is a good sign. It means wish fulfillment, success, and goal accomplishment in real life.

The dream means that you will have a fulfilling life because you are happy and satisfied about whatever you are doing in your waking life. This dream also means you have successfully overcome the long time struggles that you were facing in reality.

36. Dreams about undernourished kittens

When you dream about an undernourished kitten, it is considered a bad sign. It means a person or group of people, though will appear trustworthy at the first impression, will eventually cheat and harm you.

They will prove to be dishonest and unkind. The dream foretells emotional suffering that may leave you broken from within.

37. A playful kitten in dreams

A playful kitten symbolizes joy, happiness, and pleasure. It means that you are happy and satisfied in your real life. Sometimes, this dream also holds a negative meaning, indicating betrayal and deceit by someone in waking life.

There are hypocrites around you who may play tricks with you and may harm your good will and social reputation.

38. Dreaming of a kitten with red fur

Dreaming of a kitten with red fur is not a positive dream. It means that in future you will come across opponents who would try to belittle you in every possible way.

You may feel weak and powerless in front of them. This dream symbolizes fear of failure, loss, and disappointments.

39. Dreaming of a scared kitten

A scared kitten in dreams symbolizes that you have been cornered by your opponent, or enemies in waking life. The dream indicates a feeling of being powerless, weak, and fragile, as if you have lost your inner strength.

You will have lots of troubles to deal with in real life along with more suffering coming your way soon. A scared kitten indicates your insecure and vulnerable ‘self’ also.

40. Dreams about looking for kittens

If you hear kittens meowing somewhere near you and you are trying to find it out, then such a scenario means your desire to attain independence and personal freedom.

If you are looking for kittens and cannot find them, it means you are feeling emotionally and physically dependent on others in real life. You are unable to find your freedom that may harness your soul towards a rightful living.

41. Dreams about killing kittens

Dreams about killing kittens are a negative sign. The theme indicates that you are trying to kill your innocence and child-like qualities because you are under immense pressure that is leading to such an undesirable change in your nature. Such a dream symbolizes transformation that you have never expected.

42. Dreams about buying kittens

Buying kittens is a dream symbol of minor annoyances and petty problems of waking life. It means you are inviting little problems to creep inside your real life and rob you of inner peace. The dream indicates minor relationship issues, problems with work-life balance etc.

43. Dream of kitten as a pet 

A pet kitten in dreams shows your kind and loyal side. It signifies that you are a helpful, compassionate, and loving person in reality.

Seeing a kitten as a pet means you are capable of nurturing a loving relationship with people around you. It means social recognition as people love you because of your polite and humble nature.

44. Dream of finding a kitten on the street

This dream shows your conflicts and disagreements with someone in waking life. The dream holds a negative meaning. It means that you are secretly harboring resentments and hatred for someone in reality. 

The dream reminds you to let go of such negative feelings as it makes you arrogant and less forgiving. It is a sign of inner weakness.

You should keep your intentions clean and forgive those who have hurt you in some way or the other, so as to live peacefully.

45. Dream of adopting a gray kitten

Adopting a gray kitten in dreams means bad luck and disappointments. It also symbolizes grief and sadness related to certain incidents of waking life. Maybe you are overburdened with more work than you can actually handle.

The dream reminds you to relax and unwind; otherwise the feelings of being overpowered with emotions will stay for long.

46. Dreaming of many kittens hovering all around you

A dream imagery where you see lots of kittens around you, it means many small problems will surround you in reality.

There will be unfavorable circumstances and negative events happening every now and then in waking life. You may feel helpless and anxious about what to do next or how to resolve the issues in reality.

47. Dreaming of caressing a kitten

This dream symbol means that those whom you helped and supported in real life did not repay your kindness; rather they had been ungrateful and used you to fulfill their vested interests. The dream means lack of gratitude from significant people in waking life.

48. Dreaming of a sleeping kitten

When you dream about a sleeping kitten, it means you are in a harmonious state of mind in waking life. You were successful in unburdening yourself from your everyday problems and obstacles. Now you are at peace with yourself and are satisfied with your present state of existence in real life.

The dream implies good friends and happy family bonding. It means success at work, career growth, pay hike, and prosperous living.

49. A Persian kitten dream meaning

This dream symbolizes that there is one person in your life who depends on you fully. You can make him/her feel secure and protected. This particular breed of kitten signifies nurturance, care, protection etc.

50. Siamese kitten dream meaning

Seeing Siamese kittens in dreams means that there is one person in your real life who always appreciates you and inspires you to become your best ‘self’. It could be a caring parent, or a loving partner, or even a doting friend. 

This dream symbolizes trust, compassion, and dependence. It also shows your gratefulness and humility for those people in your waking life who are always one step ahead to help you fulfill your life goals.

51. Dreaming of yellow kitten

A yellow kitten in dreams is not a good sign. It indicates jealousy and resentments of some people in your waking life.

Maybe there is someone close to you who is jealous of your success. Thus, they may try to harm you in the worst ways. It could be a friend, partner, colleague etc.

52. Dreaming of feeding a kitten

If you dream about feeding kittens, it means you are a caring and helpful person. You are a kind and compassionate person and can realize the needs of other people. You always remain ready to help others who are in need. The dream means a happy, peaceful and satisfied life.

53. Dreaming of kitten hunting a mouse

When you dream about a kitten hunting a mouse, it is a good dream symbol. The dream represents that you will always persevere through trying times and shall have faith in yourself; even if people around you are losing their trust in you.

This dream symbol implies that you will soon get some great success that you have been waiting for a long time. Your hard work, dedication, and sincerity will reap fruits for you.

54. Dreaming of many cats around your leg

Dreaming of many kittens hovering around your legs symbolizes that there are many people in real life seeking an opportunity to use you, or manipulate and harm you in certain ways.

The dream tells you to stay cautious about the whereabouts of such people. It represents minor problems always bothering you in waking life.

55. Dreaming of beating a kitten

This dream symbolizes success and victory of virtue over vice. It implies that you will surely defeat your enemies or competitors in waking life. The dream means overcoming obstacles in life. It means you will be successful in acquiring things that belong to you.

Biblical Meaning of Kittens in a Dream

In the Bible, kittens are dream symbols of femininity, sexuality, and passion. Sometimes it also represents a new beginning, curiosity, power, and openness to learning.

Kittens in dreams are considered a good sign. The Bible regards these tiny felines as a symbol of woman power and authority. It symbolizes the typical feminine qualities such as tenderness, compassion, empathy, and gratitude. 

In certain dream scenarios, kittens symbolize your need for independence and reclaim your lost power. The dream reminds you to become self-sufficient and rely on your abilities. The Bible also interprets kitten dreams negatively. 

It considers the presence of this animal as unlucky in waking life. Maybe you will fall prey to deceitful activities; someone may be disloyal towards you and can harm you in many different ways.

The dream acts as a warning sign to remain aware of your immediate surroundings and stay away from deceitful and false people.

Dreaming of kittens – Spiritual meaning

Spiritually, dreaming of kittens can either be good or bad. It symbolizes integrity, righteous living, intuition, and wisdom. On the contrary, it also indicates feelings of inadequacy, helplessness, and insecurity. Your inner weakness can restrict your spiritual growth.

When you dream about kittens, you are reminded to remain unrestricted and free because you are being tied and trapped in uncertainty, frailty, and self-doubt.

You are advised to let go of your vulnerable ‘self’ and embark upon a journey of self-empowerment and growth. 

Dreams about kittens also denotes inner peace, purity, and happy living. If you dream about a scared cat, it could mean that you are in a dilemma about something in waking life.

You are not able to decide wisely. Thus, these dreams mean indecisiveness and lack of self-confidence.

The dream signifies playfulness, innocence, satisfaction, positive mindset, and no worries at all. You are to let go of your emotional burden and start living a fulfilled life for a greater good of yourself.

The dream symbolizes dangers, marital problems, failures, real life threats in accomplishing life goals.

It denotes the presence of traitors in waking life who are hiding their real identity in the mask of friendship. Thus kittens in dreams are a symbol of poor fate and bad luck.

Dreams about kittens – Psychological meaning 

Dreams about kittens signifies either feeling vulnerable or relaxed; it denotes the dreamer’s need for harmony amidst crisis and turmoil. It also means feeling protected, pampered, loved, and cared for in waking life.

Dreaming of kittens implies different things and it is related to the details of the dream scenario and the emotions attached with it. When you dream about an aggressive kitten, it means your waking life will be full of obstacles.

It symbolizes disappointments, failure, new troubles coming your way. The dream reminds you to become more organized and systematic in your real life.

Seeing a calm kitten represents poise and tranquility in the dreamer’s waking life. If you dream of a miniature kitten, it symbolizes your needy inner child that is feeling insecure and seeking protection and care.

Sometimes a screaming kitten symbolizes that you are feeling disheartened and hurt. Somebody had hurt you in reality and the feeling just gets relayed in the subconscious mind.

Psychologically a running kitten symbolizes that you are trying to get hold of something that you have lost. Maybe you have lost a good opportunity and are now trying your best to revive it.

Questions to ask yourself if you are dreaming of kittens

The dream interpretation of kittens depends upon the actions of the kitten, the details of the dream theme and your emotional experiences related with it after waking up. You may ask yourself certain valid questions to analyze the meaning in a better way.

  • How often do you dream about kittens?
  • What was the kitten doing in the dream?
  • Can you remember the color of the kitten in the dream?
  • Did the kitten try to harm or bite you?
  • Describe your feelings associated with the dream scenario?
  • Can you relate the dream theme with the issues of waking life?
  • Were you scared to see a lot of kittens in your dreams?

Cultural and religious symbolism of dreams about kittens

Dreams about kittens hold special significance in various folklore cultures across the globe. This tiny feline is a symbol of innocence, simplicity, purity of thoughts and actions, and curiosity in many cultures across the globe.

However, Kittens also symbolize evil intentions, maliciousness of someone around you in reality.

In Bible and Christianity

Kittens in dreams are symbolic of new beginnings and fresh opportunities. It symbolizes the naïve and pure nature of the dreamer.

In the Bible, these little felines are known as agile and active animals who always prefer to work hard and attain independence, power, and honor on their own.

Kittens do not depend on their adult mother for sustenance. Thus dreaming of kittens tells you to be self-sufficient and self-reliant in every possible way.

In Celtic culture

Dreams about kittens are symbolic of cheating, deceit, and falsehood in the dreamer’s waking life. It signifies lies and maliciousness that can make the dreamer feel insecure and anxious about any danger coming on its way into their lives.

In Islamic Culture

Kittens in dreams are symbols of innocence, good fortune, wealth, pride, honor, and dignity. The dream signifies your positive mindset and a hard working attitude.

In Asian Nations

In countries like Japan and China, kittens are considered an inauspicious sign. Kittens in dreams are symbols of a need for protection and nurturance.

The kitten manifests the vulnerable, weak, and fragile nature of the dreamer. It signifies simple living based on ethics and hard work.

Dreams about kittens – The Good and the Ugly

From all the above discussion done so far, it is evident that dreams about kittens hold both positive and negative meanings.

The good side of such dreams are:

  • Purity
  • Innocence
  • Pride
  • Energetic and agile
  • Gentleness
  • Sanctity
  • Curiosity
  • Openness to learning
  • Change and transformation
  •  New beginning
  • Femininity
  • Peace and relaxation
  • Simplicity

The downside of such dreams indicate the following:

  • Fear and anxiety
  • Insecure mindset
  • Need for protection
  • Fragile and weak
  • Petty problems coming your way every now and then
  • Cheating and malicious intentions

The video link given below shows the symbolic meaning of dreams about kittens in a detailed manner. Do check out.

The bottom line

Dreaming of kittens is usually considered a good omen in dream symbolism. It signifies positive energy that brings hope and success in real life. The dream tells you to fly high and not to get trapped and tied down in obstacles and hurdles. 

You are to follow your goals, be ambitious, and let nothing hold you back in pessimism and negativity. You need to trust your gut feeling and keep moving in trying times as well. 

After all, some nasty things will always happen in life but it should not restrict and captivate you in despair. Each and every life experience is a learning in itself.

Just enjoy the fruits of your hard work and let go of the unhealthy burdens to live life in your own beautiful way.

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