Dreaming of handicapped person is quite rare and you may be left terrified and apprehensive about what’s to happen, especially if the handicapped in the vision is you.

Since a handicapped has certain limitations and disadvantages compared to fully-abled bodies, the dream may hint at negativities and ill omens.

However, that is not to say every dream featuring a handicapped denotes inconvenience. Instead, it could be a harbinger of what you have been waiting for.

Dreaming Of Handicapped Person – General Interpretation

Dreaming of handicapped person often portends deterioration of health, trouble, and misfortune. Depending on the details, it can also stand for riches, success, and gradual improvement of your living standards. 

Generally, a handicapped person in a dream is indicative of troubles and misfortune heading toward you.

A handicapped person also tends to show up in a dream prior to a dispute between you and a loved one. Most probably, the reason for the argument would be something really trivial. 

Such a dream may also serve as a wake-up call. Trying to draw your attention to your body and wellbeing. 

Positively, your dream suggests you are heading towards a new path in life. 

From the relationship point of view, a handicapped person in a vision can be translated as your commitment and loyalty to your partner. 

Handicapped Person Dream Meaning – 47 Types and Their Interpretations

We have listed some of the most common dream scenarios about a handicapped person to help you understand your dream better.

1. To dream of seeing a handicapped person in a wheelchair

Contrary to general perception, seeing a handicapped person in a wheelchair is a harbinger of the upcoming good times. 

2. To dream of seeing a handicapped person with a mutilated person in a wheelchair laughing heartily

Something you have been hoping and longing for will come true but not through the means you had expected. 

3. To dream of seeing a handicapped person on crutches

A handicapped person in crutches is your higher self trying to draw your attention to underlying health issues you must no longer ignore.

Make it a point to see your doctor at the earliest if the vision showed up in your sleep. 

4. Dreaming about a handicapped person without hands

If you have been planning a launch of some type with regards to your work, your dream suggests a delay as now is an ominous period to start anything new. 

If the handicapped person was a young fellow, you can expect the unfortunate period to pass soon. 

On the contrary, if it was an aged person, the dream implies you would need to be really patient. 

5. To see a handicapped person without ears in a dream

If you hear others talking ill about you behind your back, the invalid without the ears signifies you must turn a deaf ear to whatever is talked about you. 

6. To see a deaf-mute person listening to music in a dream

The dream foretells sorrowful days are on the horizon. 

7. Dreaming of a blind person

Because of your failure to notice the selfishness of a ‘fake’ friend in time, you will be taken advantage of and left disappointed. 

8. To see yourself talking to a handicapped person

Such dreams often happen prior to you getting involved in a serious disagreement with someone. It’s best if you can hold back your words because there’s a strong possibility that you’ll regret what you spoke in the heat of the matter. 

For some, the dream is a warning or even an eye opener not to trust people too easily. 

Nonetheless, the interpretation may take on other directions depending on who that person was. 

If you saw yourself talking to a handicapped loved one, the scenario implies you would need to sacrifice something for that person. 

9. A dream of helping a handicapped person/ people

Generally, helping a handicapped person, in reality, reflects your real-life generosity and benevolence towards others. 

Negatively, the scenario may be a harbinger of unfortunate events that will befall you sometime in the future. Chances are, everybody will turn their backs on you and you wouldn’t have a shoulder to lean on during your desperate times. 

Yet another interpretation reveals guilt and regret weighing heavy on your conscience. You may have done something terrible in the past.

And now, although you are ready to do anything to right the wrongs you realize that there’s nothing you can do about what has already happened. 

10. To dream of a handicapped woman

A handicapped woman reveals you have been restricting yourself too much in the waking world. However, this need not necessarily be the case. The dream can also happen if someone or something makes you feel confined.

Either way, your dream indicates you need more fun and adventure in your life. 

Dreaming of a handicapped woman may also stand for romance, beauty, sensuality, and lust. 

11. To dream of a handicapped man

Often, a handicapped man in a dream is associated with some of your wonderful ideas.  

12. Seeing a handicapped man without legs in a dream

According to the dream books of Miller, a man without legs shows you would need help from others very soon.

13. To dream of seeing a handicapped person with a disfigured face

Chances are, one of your closest people will utterly disappoint you. 

14. To dream of seeing a handicapped child

A handicapped child portends minor troubles you will likely encounter in the foreseeable future. 

15. To dream of seeing a handicapped child in a wheelchair

A handicapped child in a wheelchair is often associated with problems on the domestic front. 

16. Dreaming about a handicapped child walking with a cane

A handicapped child walking with a cane and limping is your higher self warning you to be careful with your finances and expenses. 

Avoid spending on unnecessary stuff else you’ll encounter an imbalance in your life in terms of finances. 

17. Dreaming about a handicapped girl

A handicapped girl is a reflection of your real-life emotions and sensuality. 

From another perspective, the dream is a symbol of your loyalty and transparency, especially in personal relationships. 

Negatively, a handicapped girl who can’t move without help may also be a harbinger of an extremely unpleasant surprise coming your way soon. 

18. To dream of a handicapped boy

Prepare for unforeseen trouble to turn your household upside down if you dream of a handicapped boy. 

19. To dream of seeing yourself in a center for handicapped children

The dream vision is an ill omen. If you have been working on one or a few things consider putting them on halt for the time being as nothing is likely to work out in your favor around this time. 

The handicapped children in this instance symbolize trouble. And since you saw yourself in a center amid such children, there’s a possibility that the present period is one abundant with problems. 

20. Dreaming of a handicapped beggar

According to the dream, you must not get financially involved with your new friends and acquaintances.

Most probably, they are unreliable individuals and would not hesitate to betray you to save themselves.

21. Dreaming that your loved one is a handicapped person

The dream hints at the sacrifices you will make for those you care for. 

22. Dreaming that your partner is handicapped

Chances are, your present partner will run into many problems if you dream of the above. 

However, the good news is that you would stay loyal and stick with him or her despite the difficulties. 

23. Dreaming that your friend was handicapped

Often, the dream highlights a personality trait or something you really admire in a person around you.

If you dream of your friend being handicapped, it can also stand for unforeseen problems and situations slowing down your success and achievements. 

Another approach is that your dream is trying to draw your attention toward something important you have overlooked in your life. 

24. Dreaming about a handicapped person walking

You are likely to dream of a handicapped person walking if you feel content and at peace with your life despite the many roles and responsibilities on your shoulders. 

On the other hand, the dream may also happen if you feel intrigued about someone in your near circle. 

Negatively, a handicapped person walking well implies you are suspicious about someone. 

25. To dream of helping a handicapped person climb the stairs

According to the scenario, your ways of living will significantly improve soon. 

26. Helping a handicapped person walk down the stairs in a dream

The dream signifies one of your problems will get resolved sooner than you expect. 

27. Seeing a child helping a handicapped elderly man in a dream

If you dream about a little child helping a handicapped elderly man, the dream suggests someone around you needs assistance. 

28. To dream of looking after a handicapped person 

Looking after a handicapped person in a dream usually stands for failed hopes, dreams, and aspirations.

29. Dreaming about treating or tending to a handicapped person

The dream says you must never hesitate to help those you reach out to you for assistance, especially if that will cost you literally nothing. 

At the end of the day, what goes around comes around.

You may not receive instant gratification for helping out that person but your generosity will definitely come back to you someday in ways unexpected. 

30. Dreaming about giving alms to a handicapped person with a baby

This is a testing period for you. Basically, you will reap what you sow. If you do good it will come back to you tenfold. 

Likewise, if you try to harm someone, evil and misfortune will come for you eventually. 

31. Dreaming about feeling sorry for a handicapped person

The dream implies you should not turn your back on someone who asked for your help, regardless of whether you know that person or not. 

32. Dreaming about a handicapped person helping you

Usually, handicapped people are the ones receiving help not the other way around. 

From that perspective, if you dream of such a person helping you in some way or the other, it means you will soon encounter a person whose thinking and beliefs are far from what you are used to. 

Interacting and spending time with that person will make you realize how blinded your perspectives have been by stereotypes.  

Needless to say, that person will be an eye opener for you and you will never go back to your old ways of thinking. 

33. Kissing a handicapped person in a dream

Someone may have accused you of being fake or greedy in the waking world. If you can relate to that, the dream is nothing but reflections of you trying to convince yourself how wrong he or she is about you. 

34. Dreaming about marrying a handicapped person

Marrying a handicapped person is a harbinger of problems at your workplace.

35. Running away from a handicapped person in a dream

You are supposed to be the director of your life. That is to say, you are accountable for your success, achievements, and failures as well.

Each of your life circumstances is nothing but a result of the decisions you once took. 

So, your dream wants you to know that it’s wrong of you to accuse people of how you and your life have turned out.

36. To dream of insulting a handicapped person

This could be your higher self warning you of the doom you will bring upon yourself. 

On the other hand, if you believe you have sinned someone or something in the waking world, the dream could be suggesting you reflect and repent your actions. 

37. A dream about arguing with a handicapped person

To dream of arguing with a handicapped person implies you are trying to conceal your lack of confidence and self-esteem by behaving arrogantly. 

Contrary to your thinking, putting up such types of behavior will not earn you respect but instead will drive people away from your side. 

38. Seeing another person arguing with a handicapped person in a dream

Here, the dream advises you to look out for competitors and rivals. 

Chances are, they are way too far ahead of you and you would need to put in extra effort strategically to defeat them. 

39. Killing a handicapped person in a dream

According to the plot you are being too hard on yourself by setting gigantic goals and hoping and even working to accomplish them in a relatively short period of time. 

40. Seeing someone else kill a handicapped person in a dream

Possibly the dream foretells problems that will compel you to brainstorm ways how to get out of them. 

Additionally, the dream says you might be tempted to take selfish and evil measures.

Of course, they will help you escape your present predicaments but your dream reminds you of the price those evil practices will cost you sometime in the future. 

41. Dreaming about being a handicapped person

Dreaming about being a handicapped person shows your determination to tackle the various issues that have been bugging you for quite a long time. 

Negatively, the dream may have happened if you were recently diagnosed with a health issue out of the blue. 

On the other hand, seeing yourself as handicapped may also mean your previous failures are making you self-conscious.

42. Dreaming that you became a handicapped person 

You need to be wary of your colleagues and superiors at work, particularly at this time. Chances are, some of them are plotting to ruin your name. 

43. To dream about seeing yourself as a handicapped person in a wheelchair

The dream reflects your earnest desire to lead a quiet life without stress and chaos. 

44. To dream of seeing yourself with crutches

The scenario is your higher self warning you about an underlying health problem. 

Furthermore, if you experience any pain due to your disability, it means your health problem will take quite a long time to recover. 

45. Dreaming that you became handicapped after getting into an accident

Here, your dream warns you to be extremely cautious of your moves as the possibility of you getting into trouble is exceptionally high. 

46. Dreaming about becoming handicapped after breaking your foot

The dream says you would need to overcome various obstacles to arrive at your final destination. 

47. A girl dreaming of a handicapped person

Handicapped people in the dreams of a girl or young lady symbolize treacherous suitors who would take unfair advantage of her innocence. 

So, the dream suggests she stay away from love and relationships altogether for a period after the dream occurred. 

Psychological Meaning Of A Dream About A Handicapped Person

Your dream signifies your subconscious mind is psychologically preparing you for a new role. 


That sums up our article on dreaming of handicapped person. Overall, the theme has a negative connotation. But don’t let that dishearten you. 

Instead, dig deeper into the dream interpretation and try to figure out what your dream is trying to tell or warn you of. 

If you look hard enough, you might be able to come up with a solution to resolve those forthcoming problems before they actually occur.