Dreaming of handicapped person often portends deterioration of health, trouble, and misfortune. Depending on the details, it can also stand for riches, success, and gradual improvement of your living standards. 

Dreaming Of Handicapped Person – General Interpretation

Generally, a handicapped person in a dream is indicative of troubles and misfortune heading toward you.

A handicapped person also tends to show up in a dream prior to a dispute between you and a loved one. Most probably, the reason for the argument would be something really trivial. 

Such a dream may also serve as a wake-up call. Trying to draw your attention to your body and wellbeing. 

Positively, your dream suggests you are heading towards a new path in life. 

From the relationship point of view, a handicapped person in a vision can be translated as your commitment and loyalty to your partner. 

Handicapped Person Dream Meaning – Various Types and Their Interpretations

We have listed some of the most common dream scenarios about a handicapped person to help you understand your dream better.

Dream of seeing a handicapped person in a wheelchair

Contrary to general perception, seeing a handicapped person in a wheelchair is a harbinger of the upcoming good times. 

Dream of seeing a handicapped person on crutches

A handicapped person in crutches is your higher self trying to draw your attention to underlying health issues you must no longer ignore.

Dreaming about a handicapped person without hands

It suggests a delay as now is an ominous period to start anything new. If the handicapped person was a young fellow, you can expect the unfortunate period to pass soon. 

To see a handicapped person without ears

If you hear others talking ill about you behind your back, the invalid without the ears signifies you must turn a deaf ear to whatever is talked about you. 

To see a deaf-mute person listening to music

The dream foretells sorrowful days are on the horizon. 

A blind person

Because of your failure to notice the selfishness of a ‘fake’ friend in time, you will be taken advantage of and left disappointed. 

To see yourself talking to a handicapped person

It is a warning or even an eye opener not to trust people too easily. 

Nonetheless, the interpretation may take on other directions depending on who that person was. 

A handicapped woman

A handicapped woman reveals you have been restricting yourself too much in the waking world. However, this need not necessarily be the case.

Dreaming of a handicapped woman may also stand for romance, beauty, sensuality, and lust. 

A handicapped man

Often, a handicapped man in a dream is associated with some of your wonderful ideas.  

Dream of seeing a handicapped child

A handicapped child portends minor troubles you will likely encounter in the foreseeable future. 

Dream of seeing a handicapped child in a wheelchair

A handicapped child in a wheelchair is often associated with problems on the domestic front. 

A handicapped child walking with a cane

A handicapped child walking with a cane and limping is your higher self warning you to be careful with your finances and expenses. 

A handicapped girl

It is a symbol of your loyalty and transparency, especially in personal relationships

A handicapped boy

Prepare for unforeseen trouble to turn your household upside down if you dream of a handicapped boy

Seeing yourself in a center for handicapped children

The handicapped children in this instance symbolize trouble. And since you saw yourself in a center amid such children, there’s a possibility that the present period is one abundant with problems. 

Kissing a handicapped person

Someone may have accused you of being fake or greedy in the waking world. If you can relate to that, the dream is nothing but reflections of you trying to convince yourself how wrong he or she is about you. 

Marrying a handicapped person

Marrying a handicapped person is a harbinger of problems at your workplace.

A word from ThePleasantDream

That sums up our article on dreaming of handicapped person. Overall, the theme has a negative connotation. But don’t let that dishearten you. 

Instead, dig deeper into the dream interpretation and try to figure out what your dream is trying to tell or warn you of. 

If you look hard enough, you might be able to come up with a solution to resolve those forthcoming problems before they actually occur.