Dreaming of homosexuality can indicate that you want your parents to shower you with more love, or that some integral part of your life is missing.

Alternatively, it can also symbolize that you want to be more dominant, or you are exploring new aspects of your life.

Dreaming of Homosexuality Meaning – General Interpretations

Dreaming of homosexuality, even though you might not identify as one, isn’t really uncommon.

The important thing here is to acknowledge the dream that you had and not feel embarrassed or ashamed. So, let’s check out the general Interpretations before diving further!

  • You want more love from your parents
  • Something important is missing in your life
  • You wish to be more dominant
  • You are exploring new things
  • Your love life will change

Dreaming of homosexuality – Various Types and Interpretations

Dreaming of lesbians having sex indicates your need for warmth in your life, while dreaming of gays having sex shows that you want to take charge of a situation.

These tiny dream details can give you a lot of information about your waking life. So, without further delay, let’s continue!

Dream of feeling uncomfortable seeing homosexual people having sex

If you are uncomfortable with homosexuality in your dreams, it doesn’t mean that you’re homophobic.

In fact, this dream indicates that you feel insecure about your masculinity (if you are a male) or your femininity (if you are a female).

Dream of two homosexual men having sex

This is probably the most common homosexual dream that most people experience. It indicates that you have a fair amount of curiosity about the things going on in your life.

Not just your sexual orientation, you are experimenting with a lot of things in life.

Dream of homosexuals having exhibitionist sex

Exhibitionist sex is basically when the people indulging in the act wish to be seen by others. Sounds weird, but it does happen quite often.

If you dream about homosexual exhibitionist sex, it means that you have an internal dark desire of your own.

A person you dislike being homosexual

If a person that you dislike in your waking life suddenly appears in your dreams and reveals to you that they are homosexual, it indicates that this person will get under your skin soon.

A person you like being homosexual

It symbolizes that they will soon share some happy news with you and both of you shall be overjoyed for each other’s successes.

Homosexual women having sex

If you see two women having sex with each other, it reflects the warmth and love that is present in your life currently.

Being homosexual

It probably indicates that you have recently discovered a side of yourself you never knew existed.

Hating homosexuality

Unfortunately, there are many people in our society who are strongly homophobic even today.

If you see that you are homophobic in your dreams, it reflects your dislike for a particular aspect of your personality. You feel insecure and low.

Sadistic homosexual sex

If you dream of homosexuals indulging in BDSM, it represents your aggressive side. You don’t necessarily like to be aggressive but when the situation demands, you know how to assert your opinions and be strong.

Romantic homosexual sex

This is quite similar to the previous dream interpretation because it reflects your soft and vulnerable side.

Having homosexual sex with your boss

It indicates that you are becoming increasingly aware of your capabilities and power. Here, your boss represents a figure of authority in the dream.

Having homosexual sex with your coworker

If you see that you are having sex with a coworker of the same gender, it means that you are exploring hidden things about yourself and discovering your talents.

A homosexual clinging on to your partner

It indicates that your partner may actually be cheating on you in your waking life.

A homosexual kissing

Seeing a gay or a lesbian kissing their partner in your dreams is not a favorable omen. It indicates that you will be deceived by someone very close to you.

Your crush being homosexual

If your long-time crush appears to be a homosexual in your dreams, it indicates sad news.

Spiritual Interpretation of Dreaming of Homosexuality

Spiritually, a homosexual person in your dreams is a message from your spirit guide to be more daring and to explore more.

Just like a brave person dares to explore their sexual orientation, you should also take risks in life.

A word from ThePleasantDream

Fortunately, today we live in a world where a dream about homosexuals is not unusual. So, remember that being a homosexual is completely fine and your dreams are just your mind’s way of telling you important things.