Dreaming of homosexuality or a homosexual person, even if you’re not one yourself, is quite common. 

Dream interpreters believe that engaging in sexual acts with the same sex is a sign of the masculine or feminine power within you. But there are so many more ways to interpret dreams of homosexuality!

If your mind is curious for more answers, then this think piece is here to help you out!

Dreaming of Homosexuality Meaning – General Interpretations

Dreaming of homosexuality can indicate that you want your parents to shower you with more love, or that some integral part of your life is missing. Alternatively, it can also symbolize that you want to be more dominant, or you are exploring new aspects of your life.

Dreaming of homosexuality, even though you might not identify as one, isn’t really uncommon.

The important thing here is to acknowledge the dream that you had and not feel embarrassed or ashamed. So, let’s check out the general Interpretations before diving further!

1. You want more love from your parents

Even though this might not be very evident, dreaming of homosexuality can strongly indicate that you want your parents to love you more.

They’re probably too busy to notice that you crave love and affection from them. You feel upset and lonely because of this.

2. Something important is missing in your life

Another dream interpretation of homosexuality is that something integral is missing from your life.

It might be an object or a person, but you feel incomplete and disturbed without it. It can also mean that psychologically or spiritually you need to find your life’s purpose.

3. You wish to be more dominant

Just like a person can either show their dominant or submissive side during sex, dreaming of homosexuality can mean that there is a dominant part of you that you’re probably not aware of.

It’s now time to explore yourself and bring out that dominant side of yours.

4. You are exploring new things

One positive dream interpretation of homosexuality is that you are open to new things. Your mind wishes to explore more and do daring activities.

You want to go to new places, meet new people, and do fun things. You are tired of being stuck in the same routine.

5. Your love life will change

This might not be a very common dream meaning but homosexuality also points toward a possible change in your love life.

This change may or may not be for the best but you will learn some valuable lessons from it. Alternatively, it can also indicate your fear of loving someone.

Dreaming of homosexuality – 30 Types and Interpretations

Dreaming of lesbians having sex indicates your need for warmth in your life, while dreaming of gays having sex shows that you want to take charge of a situation.

These tiny dream details can give you a lot of information about your waking life. So, without further delay, let’s continue!

1. Dream of feeling uncomfortable seeing homosexual people having sex

If you are uncomfortable with homosexuality in your dreams, it doesn’t mean that you’re homophobic.

In fact, this dream indicates that you feel insecure about your masculinity (if you are a male) or your femininity (if you are a female).

2. Dream of two homosexual men having sex

This is probably the most common homosexual dream that most people experience. It indicates that you have a fair amount of curiosity about the things going on in your life.

Not just your sexual orientation, you are experimenting with a lot of things in life.

3. Dream of homosexuals having exhibitionist sex

Exhibitionist sex is basically when the people indulging in the act wish to be seen by others. Sounds weird, but it does happen quite often.

If you dream about homosexual exhibitionist sex, it means that you have an internal dark desire of your own.

4. Dream of a person you dislike being homosexual

If a person that you dislike in your waking life suddenly appears in your dreams and reveals to you that they are homosexual, it indicates that this person will get under your skin soon.

They will try all possible ways to annoy you to the fullest.

5. Dream of a person you like being homosexual

On the other hand, a person you like revealing themselves to be a homosexual in your dreams is a good sign.

It symbolizes that they will soon share some happy news with you and both of you shall be overjoyed for each other’s successes.

6. Dream of homosexual women having sex

If you see two women having sex with each other, it reflects the warmth and love that is present in your life currently.

You are happy with what you have and everyone around you is committed to keeping you safe and loved.

7. Dream of having sex with someone you know of the same gender

Seeing yourself having sex with a known person in your life who is of the same gender as yours is an important dream.

Your subconscious mind is pointing toward the special bond that you both share and is reminding you to cherish that bond.

8. Dream of being homosexual

Despite the general taboo in society, there’s nothing wrong with being a homosexual.

Even if you’re straight and you see that you are one in your dreams, it probably indicates that you have recently discovered a side of yourself you never knew existed.

9. Dream of hating homosexuality

Unfortunately, there are many people in our society who are strongly homophobic even today.

If you see that you are homophobic in your dreams, it reflects your dislike for a particular aspect of your personality. You feel insecure and low.

10. Dream of sadistic homosexual sex

If you dream of homosexuals indulging in BDSM, it represents your aggressive side. You don’t necessarily like to be aggressive but when the situation demands, you know how to assert your opinions and be strong.

11. Dream of romantic homosexual sex

This dream is quite similar to the previous dream interpretation because it reflects your soft and vulnerable side.

You are a hardcore romantic at heart who believes in true love, irrespective of your partner’s gender or sexual orientation.

12. Dream of being attracted to someone of the same gender

If you dream that you are strongly attracted in a romantic or sexual way towards someone of the same gender, it can reflect your ability to control others or have power over them.

Alternatively, it can also mean that this person has some sort of power over you.

13. Dream of having homosexual sex with your boss

If your boss or superior is of the same gender as yours and you dream of both of you having sex, it indicates that you are becoming increasingly aware of your capabilities and power.

Here, your boss represents a figure of authority in the dream.

14. Dream of having homosexual sex with your coworker

A colleague in your dreams symbolizes your hidden talents and dreams.

So, if you see that you are having sex with a coworker of the same gender, it means that you are exploring hidden things about yourself and discovering your talents.

15. Dream of a homosexual clinging on to your partner

Seeing a guy clinging on to your boyfriend or a girl being overly friendly with your girlfriend can feel uncomfortable.

But if you have this dream, it indicates that your partner may actually be cheating on you in your waking life.

16. Dream of a homosexual kissing

Seeing a gay or a lesbian kissing their partner in your dreams is not a favorable omen. It indicates that you will be deceived by someone very close to you.

Your mind probably already knows this fact, so you just have to accept it now.

17. Dream of your husband being homosexual

Dreaming of your husband being a homosexual foretells that there will be trouble in your marriage soon.

You both will fight frequently and the problems between you will keep increasing. So, it’s best to be cautious for now.

18. Dream of your wife being homosexual

On the other hand, dreaming of your wife being a lesbian indicates that you both will go through some misunderstandings.

Perhaps there is someone in your social circle who wants to break you both apart for their pleasure.

19. Dream of your child being homosexual

Dreaming of your child coming out of the closet and revealing to you that they are homosexual is not a good sign.

It symbolizes that your family will receive some unexpected good news but that will be overshadowed by terrible news later on.

20. Dream of beating up a homosexual

In your dreams, if you beat up a gay or a lesbian, it indicates that you will be able to get rid of your problems in your waking life, but you’ll also have to fight very hard for that.

Your inner spirit is asking you to be strong and have hope.

21. Dream of your sibling being homosexual

If your sibling tells you that they are gay, it reflects disappointments and sadness.

Maybe your parents had high expectations from both of you but you could not live up to those expectations. This dream also indicates remorse.

22. Dream of supporting homosexuals

If you dreamed that you supported homosexuality in your dreams, it foretells that you are someone who is mentally very strong. No matter how severe a problem is, you know how to handle it carefully and not let it affect you.

23. Dream of two homosexuals getting married

If you dream that two homosexual individuals are getting married to each other, it signifies a threat in your own marriage. In your waking life, you are not paying attention to your marital problems which are causing further strain.

24. Dream of marrying someone of the same sex

Dreaming of marrying someone of the same sex is a sign of an upcoming problem in your love life. Even if your partner in real life is of the opposite gender, you both will face some communication problems sooner or later.

25. Dream of your crush being homosexual

If your long-time crush appears to be a homosexual in your dreams, it indicates sad news.

This person will not like you anymore in your waking life and might try to stay away from you because you tend to be overly flirty or romantic with them.

26. Dream of a homosexual flirting with you

Dreaming of a homosexual man or woman flirting with you shows the qualities that you want your partner to acquire.

Even if you’re single in real life, you want your future husband or wife to be the person of your dreams.

27. Dream of having homosexual sex with a stranger

Seeing yourself having sex with a stranger of the same gender as yours shows that there is a lot of hidden energy within you.

All you have to do is understand your potential and put it to good use. You are not realizing your own power.

28. Dream of being raped by a homosexual

Being raped or molested in your dreams can feel extremely disturbing.

However, if you have a dream where a homosexual person is raping you, it signifies that you are powerless over something or someone in your waking life.

29. Dream of cheating on your partner with a homosexual

If you dream that you were cheating on your partner with someone of the same sex as yours, it symbolizes that you are guilty of something.

Maybe you did something wrong many months or years back but it still haunts you.

30. Dream of having homosexual sex with a celebrity

This dream is quite easy to interpret because it reflects your hunger for power and fame.

However, it doesn’t necessarily mean a bad thing. You are simply eager to become a celebrity yourself.

Spiritual Interpretation of dreaming of homosexuality

Spiritually, a homosexual person in your dreams is a message from your spirit guide to be more daring and to explore more.

Just like a brave person dares to explore their sexual orientation, you should also take risks in life.

Biblical Interpretation of dream about homosexuality

Even though many people still feel that homosexuality is a crime, seeing homosexual people having sex is more of a spiritual experience than a physical one.

The imagery of the sex should not be taken literally as it can have various meanings.

Psychological interpretation of dreaming of homosexuality

The famous psychologist Carl Jung said that every person, irrespective of their gender, has a male and a female energy within themselves.

So, dreaming of homosexuality can mean manifesting that energy and becoming more powerful.

Questions to ask yourself to interpret dreams of homosexuality correctly

The dream interpretation of any dream is dependent on the little details that you see, and this dream type is no different. However, if you feel that you can’t recall the details, here are some questions to jog your memory.

1. How often do you dream of homosexuality?

2. What are your feelings while dreaming of homosexuals?

3. Did you dream of seeing homosexuals having sex?

4. Did you dream of having sex with a homosexual?

5. Did you dream of having homosexual sex with a celebrity or a stranger?

6. Did you dream of your family member being a homosexual?

7. Do you dream of being a homosexual yourself?

8. Did you dream of a homosexual person sexually abusing you?

9. How do you interact with the homosexual person in your dreams?

10. Did you dream of your friend or colleague being a homosexual?

A word from ThePleasantDream

Fortunately, today we live in a world where a dream about homosexuals is not unusual. So, remember that being a homosexual is completely fine and your dreams are just your mind’s way of telling you important things.