Dreaming of levitation does not happen to be one of the most common dreams. Still, it carries a favorable meaning for your waking life and is deeply connected to the spiritual side.

We will discuss the symbolic meaning of this dream and also check out various interpretations of different scenarios –

Dreaming of Levitation – 48 Scenarios and Interpretations
Dreaming of Levitation – 48 Scenarios and Interpretations

Dreaming of Levitation – General Interpretations

Dreaming of levitation refers to your need for embracing achievements, goals, and prospects, which would make your life better. It will help you grow as an individual.

Dreaming of levitation happens to be a very interesting one. They are mostly related to flying or finding yourself in the air, depicting the human tendency to break free just like birds.

These levitation dreams reveal your intent to get closer to God for reaching greater heights and gaining more importance than you receive. They can occur as a result of sleep paralysis.

Let us now check out the levitation dream symbolism–

1. High Level of Expectations

You probably see this dream because of having high expectations from your life. Your positive approach allows you to do every activity and expect a great result.

It allows you to spread your positivity to others. Hence, your colleagues and friends also think highly of their abilities. They start entertaining thoughts of achieving big things in life.

2. Alienation from the Environment

There is another reason why you might be dreaming of levitation. It is because you are feeling disconnected from the happenings in your environment.

You are feeling as if you do not belong here and are meant for doing something else. It is not allowing you to associate yourself with the way things are taking place in life.

3. Wish to Become Supportive

It is also possible that you could have the desire to help others and motivate them to do better. Unfortunately, you do not carry the requisite qualities to fulfill your ambition.

You might be taking inspiration from others to go and help people in their need. As you have a strong intention to assist others, hence you are taking little steps to support them in whatever way possible.

4. Gain Control Over Life

These dreams signify how much control you have over your life. It also refers to the way you have successfully established yourself and become popular among others.

Things have started to work in your favor right from career, relationships, emotions, spirituality, and other aspects of life. You love the feeling of being able to explore different avenues with utmost confidence.

5. Filled with Negative Emotions

When your life gets filled with all kinds of negative emotions, you are likely to come across dreams of levitation.

These emotions appear out of fear and apprehensions regarding how things would transpire in life.

Your present situation is not giving you positive vibes about things turning out in your favor anytime soon.

6. Work as Per Your Requirement

There are occasions when you could be dreaming of levitation as you have your focus on attaining success. You are ready to do whatever is required for achieving the same.

You are fully prepared both physically and psychologically to work hard and give something more for fulfilling your goals.

This kind of attitude will always help you become successful in life.

Levitation Dreams – 48 Scenarios and Interpretations

The dreams of levitation or dreams about flying refer to good luck. These are common lucid dreams. People tend to see it quite often in their lives from time to time.

Let us now discuss the various scenarios of levitation or floating dreams and their interpretations for your waking life-

1. Dream of Levitating above the Ground Level

When you dream about levitation above the ground surface, it is a good omen. The scenario refers to happiness, enjoying feelings of calm, peace, and new beginnings.

You might be experiencing changes, which have resulted at the end of some phase or the end of circumstances in your life.

Now, you are enjoying the freedom and feeling happy for this reason.

2. Dream of Levitating Close to the Ground

This dream sequence refers to the need for self-awareness. You know your roots and are also aware of your destination. Think deep, if you are in constant touch with your strengths and weaknesses.

Do you have any idea about what you can do to take maximum advantage out of them? It is good that you are aware of the hurdles you have on your path.

The signal is that you are already halfway through the battle. The rest of the time is for you to act positively and transform your life.

3. Dream of Levitating Higher Up in the Air

If you see yourself levitating higher up in the air, it refers to your attempts to go well beyond your restrictions. Perhaps you wish to try something that you have never done previously.

Possibly you feel as if you have not made full use of your potential. Therefore, you want to give your best shot to try and attain your full potential. 

There is a chance that you would like to change your life completely, even though it could seem impossible to others.

4. Dream of Levitating in the Space

You could be dreaming of levitation in space. It is a very common dream for all those individuals who possess great ideas as well as ambitions for the future.

Dreams of levitating in space refer to your potential and having the ability to succeed even in the toughest of circumstances.

It points toward your capacity for overcoming difficult situations and reaching your goals.

5. Dream of Levitating Over a Water Body

Levitating over a place filled with water in a dream denotes that you will have some new experiences in your life. 

The details related to water will further specify if those experiences are going to be good or bad.

If the water happens to be calm, then the experiences will be quite satisfying. On the other hand, when it is powerful but not threatening, you will have excitement become a source of inspiration.

6. Dream of Levitating Over Calm Water

Levitating over water bodies that look calm in your dream refers to how you managed to take wilder aspects of all your sentiments and emotions.

The scenario states that you will soon experience a sense of calmness in your life.

You have already made adjustments to your emotions. It is now allowing you to pay attention to all other critical aspects of your life.

7. Dream of Levitating Over Waves

You can dream about levitating over waves or rough water. It reminds you that success is the result of your hard work.

As a result of this, there must be a sense of determination to confront the challenges that act as obstacles on your way to fulfilling your ambitions. No problem must be big enough to deter your zeal and level of confidence.

8. Dream of Levitating Over the Roads in a City

When you are dreaming of levitating over the roads in a city, it means that you are happy with what you have in your life. You are going through a phase in which you have full confidence.

You can associate this scenario with terms like trust, success, and freedom. Life gives you the freedom to follow your instincts and do what you feel is right for attaining success.

9. Dream of Levitating Over People

If you see the dream of levitating over people, it refers to suffering from a serious illness. The scenario is telling you to take good care of your health by improving your daily habits.

In this respect, you should try and have a balanced diet, with a mix of protein, vitamins, and carbohydrates. Apart from this, you must do regular exercises and have a sufficient amount of sleep.

10. Dream of Levitating Over the Clouds

Seeing yourself levitating above the clouds in a dream happens to be the sign of an unhappy marriage. You are probably unable to gel with your partner or vice versa.

The demands of one another are not getting fulfilled, hence resulting in arguments and other problems. You live under the constant urge to try and meet the expectations of your partner.

11. Dream of Levitating Over the Forest

When you are levitating above the forest in your dream, it symbolizes financial problems. You will struggle to meet some of your important obligations in life.

Your unplanned manner of spending puts all your savings at stake. This is creating a major problem concerning the fulfillment of your personal and professional goals.

12. Dream of Levitating Over the Mountains

If you are levitating over the mountains in a dream, it denotes that you will soon overcome your obstacles and start leading a peaceful life.

You would use your strength of character and knowledge to deal with the hurdles in the best possible manner. Your self-belief and confidence will allow you to reach your desired goals.

13. Dream of Levitating Above the Grass

This sequence of levitating above the grass in a dream states that you would experience a period of shame temporarily. Still, it should not be a cause for concern.

Fame and prosperity await you in your future. People will recognize your talent, and hard work and make you reach a whole new level of popularity.

14. Dream of Levitating Around the House

If you are flying or levitating around your house in a dream, it is not a good sign. The scenario denotes that you are either in the middle of a family scandal or are about to have one soon.

When there is an ongoing family scandal, you must try and find ways through which you can resolve the problem.

On the other hand, you should look to create an environment that can prevent the scandal from taking place.

15. Dream of Levitating Over a Beautiful Place

What does it signify, when you are levitating over a beautiful place in your dream? It is a clear indication that happiness and moments of excitement are on their way.

The good thing is that they are approaching your life faster than you could ever expect. You should remain watchful and look to enjoy every moment of your life.

16. Dream of Levitating in the Downward Direction

When you are levitating downward in your dream, it refers to all the negative thoughts and emotions in your waking life. You might feel that the weight of the whole world is on your shoulders.

Your current situation is making things impossible for you to feel happy and enlightened. This scenario is a sign of worries, anxieties, stress, and depression.

Try and get out of all these negativities for attaining peace in your life.

17. Dream of Levitating with Darkness All Over

If you happen to come across this dream, it can have multiple interpretations. The scenario can mean that you have to suffer extreme disappointment. It can also refer to your fear of failure.

Probably you feel as if you do not have any control over your life. You tend to question yourself regarding what makes you feel that you are not controlling things.

You can have a range of emotions and come across different people concerning levitation in dreams. They can have some impact on your emotions as well.

Interpretations of the following scenarios will help you get a fair idea about their implications for your real life-

18. Dream of Levitating Rapidly

You can have a dream in which you are levitating rapidly without any kind of fear. It is a good omen. The scenario indicates that you have succeeded in achieving the desired level of happiness in life.

It means that you will soon come across happy, blissful, and joyous moments for a long time. This confirms that you are doing the right things in your life.

19. Dream of Levitating and Facing Problems

This sequence suggests that you have started to doubt your abilities. The doubt could be coming through because of your present environment, which does not believe you, hence leading to non-acceptance.

Due to this reason, you could think of changing your environment, when the right time comes along the way. Till then, you need to stay put and keep looking for better options.

20. Dream of Levitating with Ease

The dream of levitating effortlessly states that your forthcoming problems and challenges do not pose any threat to you.

Despite facing numerous temptations and trials, you are brave enough to keep moving forward.

The tough times have helped you in becoming wiser, and stronger and attain more maturity in handling difficult situations. Your conscious effort and good attitude will not go to waste.

21. Dream of Levitating with Wings

Dreaming of levitation with the help of wings is a sign that the reward for your hard work is just around the corner. You need to keep going without any loss of enthusiasm and purpose.

Even when things become tough now and then, just hold your thoughts together for a great future that awaits you. Never ever doubt yourself and have the confidence to attain your objectives.

22. Dream of Levitating with Broken Wings

If you happen to dream of levitating with broken wings, it is not a favorable sign. The scenario denotes that you are running out of luck in no time.

Your actions and behavioral patterns are not allowing positive energy to come your way.

You do not receive any sort of new inspiration as you have blocked the good things from coming your way. Still, there is no reason to feel disheartened. Luck has favored you previously and it can greet you once again.

23. Dream of Levitating with Nothing Under Your Feet

When you dream of levitation but nothing is under your feet, it means that you will face numerous problems in your love life. More precisely, the problems will occur more if you are married.

You may not have a good level of understanding with your partner. Probably, you will fail to connect with them on both mental and physical levels. Hence, your sex life will also get hampered.

24. Dream of Levitating and Remaining Still

You can have a dream that you are keeping yourself still while levitating, and in fact, your feet are also partially touching the ground. It denotes that you will recover from a health problem.

You will regain your fitness level but would still look to maintain a strict regime. It includes having a balanced diet, doing exercises regularly, and getting sufficient sleep.

25. Dream of Levitation and Flying

If you notice levitation and flying in a dream, it refers to an idea developing into something substantial. You are going through some major changes in your life.

You are saying and doing things as per others’ expectations. This plot is a sign of your inner power, talent, and the ability to do creative things in life. Probably, you are raising questions about your plans.

26. Dream of Levitating and Not Going Too Far

When you come across this dream, it means that you are aware of your capabilities and the obstacles you encounter. This realization is a very good sign.

It only shows that you will attain your goals because, not only you are aware of what you want from life, but also know how to get them. Nothing will be able to stop you from achieving your goals.

27. Dream of Levitating at the Time of Danger

You can have a dream in which you are levitating in a dangerous situation. It is a good sign. This scenario states that you will experience a great amount of joy and pleasure in your life.

Your personal and professional lives will go on as per the plans. You will attain respect and recognition from others for the work you do. 

The harmonious relationships with all the family members will make things easier for you to handle problems in your life.

28. Dream of Levitating and Feeling Fearful

If you come across discomfort and fear while levitating in a dream, it signifies that you are experiencing troubled times in your life. 

Someone is likely opposing your viewpoints and it is making things uncomfortable for you.

In certain situations, all these emotions might not have any relation to a particular event, but could just be the buildup of negativity that you have accumulated over some time.

29. Dream of Levitating with Someone

When you dream about levitating with someone, it happens to be a sign of getting into a new romantic relationship. 

You would get in touch with someone, who will win your heart and make you understand the real meaning of love.

The special person will make you cherish every moment you spend with them. This new dimension will not only make your life meaningful but also beautiful.

30. Dream of Levitating with Other People

Have you been dreaming of levitation with others? It means that you have some kind of power within your environment. You know how to lead the way for others.

It might be the case that people are accepting all of your great suggestions. They are quite willing to follow them in their lives.

31. Dream of Levitation While Running

You could be levitating while running hard in a dream to stay afloat. It denotes that you are willing to do hard work, as it is the only way to get what you want in life.

You are fully aware of what you want to get from life. This has helped you unlock your true potential. It is making you work perfectly to achieve your success.

32. Dream of Levitation with Legs Crossed

If there is a dream of levitation with crossed legs, it refers to all those situations and feelings that defy all your normal expectations.

You are feeling stable with a great amount of comfort even in an extremely unusual situation.

Even when you encounter highly unwanted behavior, it does not bother you much. You give out a feeling as if there is no reason for your interference even when you see something wrong taking place.

33. Dream of Levitation Taking the Position of Lotus

When you come across this dream plot, it refers to the fulfillment of all your wishes in life. Your years of hard work will finally pay off. It would make you feel great and give a good sense of relief and satisfaction.

You can entertain hopes of making your life better in different ways. It will also enable your family members to enjoy their time. This would lead to love, peace and harmony within the family.

34. Dream of Seeing Someone Else Levitating

If you have seen someone else levitate in your dream, it could reflect your intention to help others. Under certain circumstances, the scenario might disclose your respect for the person you see levitating in the dream.

Perhaps you wish to become someone like him. You look to imitate his style, mannerisms and follow whatever he does in his life.

35. Dream of Seeing a Known Person Levitating

Seeing someone you know levitating in your dream suggests that a friend will come forward to assist you financially. It will be of immense help to you at a critical juncture in your life.

You can make use of the money to meet some urgent expenses. It will help you get your life back on track to some extent.

36. Dream of Making Someone Else or Something Levitate

When you see yourself making a person or some object levitate in the dream, it signifies that you have a supportive and helpful nature.

You always have the intention of helping others and offering support in all their endeavors.

There are instances when this scenario reflects your effort to balance a lot of things in your life. At times, it might well be a sign of not being able to decide about something.

37. Dream of Objects Levitating

Dreaming about levitating objects refers to your attractive personality. Things will start turning in your favor. You feel as if someone has taken a huge burden off your shoulders.

This scenario indicates that you will have a phase of hard work ahead in your life. You must take a closer look at your actions and ambitions. It will enable you to judge if things require reshuffling.

38. Dream of Levitating Things

When you dream about levitating things, it means that you are experiencing sudden instability and disturbances in your life. You are looking for an able companion.

Right now, you are leading your life by staying in the past and holding onto the memories. 

This sequence refers to your emotions and your potential to have control over your emotional energies. You are willing to set yourself free from an unhealthy relationship.

39. Dream of Someone Levitating You

If you dream about getting levitated or someone levitating you, it points toward your inability to pass on a certain message. You must become a lot more conscious about your environment.

You must consciously make some necessary adjustments. The scenario is drawing your attention toward the vacation period. It also means that you are not disclosing a part of your personality.

40. Dream of Levitating at Will

When you dream about levitating at will indicates that you are a spirited individual. You can feel free to travel the whole world.

It means that you want to explore, gain knowledge and information, and hence become a better person. You intend to guide others and make life easier for them.

41. Dream of Having a Blurred Vision While Levitating

This plot states that your life has taken you back to all kinds of constraints, which you had faced earlier. Now, you wish to get rid of these obstacles and lead a life filled with peace and happiness.

Nothing will deter you from achieving things as per your expectations in this life. You have the zeal and determination to make things work out in your favor.

42. Dream of Levitation Inside a Buddhist Temple

If you are dreaming of levitation inside a Buddhist Temple, you will realize the reminder from a friend. He had told you to check the electricity supply of your house.

Perhaps, he had noticed a wiring issue or some other problem, which could be quite harmful in time to come. Hence, your friend had intervened in this matter.

43. Dream of Levitation Inside a Hindu Temple

This scenario states that you are seeking appropriate advice to go away from some of your friends, who have plans for starting illegal businesses. 

You should only indulge in doing things that are good for you and your family.

Refrain from doing something that does not offer any kind of rationality and protection. Stay cool and have complete clarity in your decision-making to make the right choices in your life.

44. Dream of a Man about a Sitting Person Levitating with Legs Crossed

As a man, when you see a sitting individual levitating with legs crossed, it represents facing an unusual situation in your waking life. You had left your old business to start a new one.

It gave you a feeling as if life was supporting you in this transition. Now, it is up to you to fully utilize this opportunity and make something big. You must not leave any chance for repentance.

45. Dream of a Man Levitating Toward the Ceiling

When you come across this plot, it denotes that in real life, he was facing problems with bill payments. 

The act of levitating in this dream might refer to his feelings about his ability to pay despite having problems that defy all kinds of expectations.

It is also a sign of how particular you are in terms of meeting your commitments. No matter how difficult a time comes by in your life, you will never run away from responsibilities.

46. Dream of a Woman about a Girl Levitating Inside a Bedroom

This scenario means that the girl is worried about returning back to God. Unfortunately, her addiction to drugs was not allowing her to do so.

The dream also reflects her disappointing awareness about drug addiction. She had portrayed herself as a sober girl but forgot to understand that it is not enough to defend her drug abuse.

It needs concrete steps on her part to completely get rid of this menace from her life.

Dream Meaning of Levitation at Different Times of the Day

Levitating at different times of the day in your dream carries different meanings for your real life. It would be interesting to see the impact they have on you as well.

47. Dream of Levitating in the Daytime

If you dream of levitation during the day, it signifies a new awakening in your life. You have finally realized that you can attain new levels of growth and progress if you work toward it.

The scenario gives you hope for leading a better life. It is telling you that you need not settle for a life less than what you deserve. Always remember that you are meant for achieving greater things in life.

48. Dream of Levitating on a Dark Night

This plot depicts that all the negative sentiments are taking a heavy toll on your life. The adverse aspects like anger, jealousy, and hatred are creating a lot of problems.

The time has come for you to take complete control over your life. You deserve to be happy and get all the good things that life has on offer.

Levitation Dream – Spiritual Meaning

When you take a look at this dream of levitation from the spiritual perspective, it shows that you are trying to get closer to God. You intend to know your inner-self better.

It also denotes that you are entering into a new phase of life. You are trying to become a better individual and also seeking answers.

The dream has also got links with your apprehensions and redemption.

Dreaming of Levitation – Psychological Interpretation

The psychological interpretation of dreaming of levitation tends to draw attention toward your innate feelings and emotions. 

This particular dream wants you to understand that your emotions play a very important role in shaping life.

Emotional stability is the foremost requirement for maintaining proper balance in all areas of your life. 

These dreams also point out important things about your personality, family, health, career, and relationships. It inspires you to do your best with the things you have at your disposal.

The following video will help you get a better a idea about levitation dreams and their interpretations.

Closing Thoughts

You can easily understand the reason behind dreaming of levitation by taking a look at the emotions and feelings in your dreams. 

Normally, the actual meaning of this dream is that you have found the right balance between different avenues of your life.

Moreover, dreams of levitating happen to be reflections from the side of the dreamer as well as other parts of his life. 

Identifying the inspiration behind your levitation dreams will not just allow you to interpret your dreams.

It will also help you become accustomed to yourself, your wants, and your needs.