Dreaming of levitation does not happen to be one of the most common dreams. Still, it carries a favorable meaning for your waking life and is deeply connected to the spiritual side.

We will discuss the symbolic meaning of this dream and also check out various interpretations of different scenarios-

Dreaming of Levitation – Scenarios and Interpretations
Dreaming of Levitation – Scenarios and Interpretations

Dreaming of Levitation – General Interpretations

Dreaming of levitation refers to your need for embracing achievements, goals, and prospects, which would make your life better. It will help you grow as an individual.

Dreaming of levitation happens to be a very interesting one. They are mostly related to flying or finding yourself in the air, depicting the human tendency to break free just like birds.

Besides, they can occur as a result of sleep paralysis. Let us now check out the levitation dream symbolism–

  • High Level of Expectations – You probably see this dream because of having high expectations from your life. Besides, it allows you to spread your positivity to others. Hence, your colleagues and friends also think highly of their abilities. 
  • Alienation from the Environment – You are feeling disconnected from the happenings in your environment. You feel as if you do not belong here and are meant for doing something else. Thus, not allowing you to associate yourself with the way things are taking place in life.
  • Wish to Become Supportive – It is also possible that you could have the desire to help others and motivate them to do better. Unfortunately, you do not carry the requisite qualities to fulfill your ambition.
  • Gain Control Over Life – These dreams signify how much control you have over your life. It also refers to the way you have successfully established yourself and become popular among others.
  • Filled with Negative Emotions – When your life gets filled with all kinds of negative emotions, you are likely to come across dreams of levitation. These emotions appear out of fear and apprehensions regarding how things would transpire in life.
  • Determined to Achieve Your Goals – You could encounter this dream because you have your focus on attaining success. You are fully prepared both physically and psychologically to work hard and give something more for fulfilling your goals. 

What Is The Spiritual Meaning of Levitation Dream?

From the spiritual perspective, it shows that you are trying to get closer to God or you intend to know your inner-self better.

It also denotes that you are entering into a new phase of life and trying to become a better individual and also seeking answers. The dream has also got links with your apprehensions and redemption.

Various Levitation Dreams & their Interpretations

Let us now discuss the various scenarios of levitation or floating dreams and their interpretations for your waking life-

Levitating above the Ground Level

It is a good omen because the scenario refers to happiness, enjoying feelings of calm, peace, and new beginnings.

Besides, you might be experiencing changes, which have resulted at the end of some phase or the end of circumstances in your life. 

Levitating Higher Up in the Air

It refers to your attempts to go well beyond your restrictions. Perhaps you wish to try something that you have never done previously.

Alternatively, there is a chance that you would like to change your life completely, even though it could seem impossible to others.

Levitating in the Space

It is a very common dream for all those individuals who possess great ideas as well as ambitions for the future.

Alternatively, it refers to your potential and having the ability to succeed even in the toughest of circumstances.

Levitating Over a Water Body

Levitating over a place filled with water in a dream denotes that you will have some new experiences in your life. 

If the water happens to be calm, then the experiences will be quite satisfying. On the other hand, when it is powerful but not threatening, you will have excitement become a source of inspiration.

Levitating Over the Clouds

It happens to be the sign of an unhappy marriage where you are probably unable to gel with your partner or vice versa.

Interpretations of the following scenarios will help you get a fair idea about their implications for your real life-

Levitating Rapidly

You can have a dream in which you are levitating rapidly without any kind of fear. It is a good omen because the scenario indicates that you have succeeded in achieving the desired level of happiness in life.

Alternatively, it means that you will soon come across happy, blissful, and joyous moments for a long time. Also, this confirms that you are doing the right things in your life.

Levitating with Ease

Despite facing numerous temptations and trials, you are brave enough to keep moving forward.

Besides, the tough times have helped you in becoming wiser, and stronger and attain more maturity in handling difficult situations. 

Levitating with Wings

It is a sign that the reward for your hard work is just around the corner. You need to keep going without any loss of enthusiasm and purpose.

Even when things become tough now and then, just hold your thoughts together for a great future that awaits you. Never ever doubt yourself and have the confidence to attain your objectives.

Levitation and Flying

If you notice levitation and flying in a dream, it refers to an idea developing into something substantial. You are going through some major changes in your life.

Alternatively, this plot is a sign of your inner power, talent, and the ability to do creative things in life. Probably, you are raising questions about your plans.

Levitating and Feeling Fearful

It signifies that you are experiencing troubled times in your life. Someone is likely opposing your viewpoints and it is making things uncomfortable for you.

In certain situations, all these emotions might not have any relation to a particular event, but could just be the buildup of negativity that you have accumulated over some time.

Levitating with Someone

It happens to be a sign of getting into a new romantic relationship. Besides, the special person will make you cherish every moment you spend with them. 

Levitating with Other People

It means that you have some kind of power within your environment and you know how to lead the way for others.

Levitation While Running

It denotes that you are willing to do hard work, as it is the only way to get what you want in life.

Seeing Someone Else Levitating

It could reflect your intention to help others. Under certain circumstances, the scenario might disclose your respect for the person you see levitating in the dream.

Perhaps you wish to become someone like him. 

Objects Levitating

This refers to your attractive personality where things will start turning in your favor. You feel as if someone has taken a huge burden off your shoulders.

Alternatively, this scenario indicates that you will have a phase of hard work ahead in your life. 

Psychological Interpretation of Dreaming of Levitation

It tends to draw attention toward your innate feelings and emotions. Besides, this particular dream wants you to understand that your emotions play a very important role in shaping life.

Emotional stability is the foremost requirement for maintaining proper balance in all areas of your life. 

These dreams also point out important things about your personality, family, health, career, and relationships. It inspires you to do your best with the things you have at your disposal.

Closing Thoughts

Dreaming of levitation actually means that you have found the right balance between different avenues of your life.

However, identifying the inspiration behind your levitation dreams will not just allow you to interpret your dreams but will help you become accustomed to yourself, your wants, and your needs.