Have you been dreaming of ostrich lately? Well then, your mind is trying to send you a message that you need to decode.

In the dream books, there are several general interpretations of this bird’s dreams, including…

Dreaming of Ostrich – General Interpretations

Dreams of ostrich predict that your problems will be solved soon. Alternatively, they ask you to be very careful of your surroundings as anyone can take advantage of your kindness. 

Ostrich is a rare found bird and when you dream about it, the interpretations may seem confusing. However, to give you a context, here are a few meanings…

1. It symbolizes fantasies

The ostrich dreams predict you love seeing fantasies. Probably that’s why you are often daydreaming in your real life.

You keep fantasizing about your dreams instead of taking action towards them.

2. Luck is by your side

This dream says that luck is by your side, and you will receive many blessings.

3. It shows uniqueness

Ostrich is not found easily because it’s a unique bird. Hence, the dream predicts you have something unique about you or your life.

4. You are talented

The dream says you are a talented individual and add value wherever you go because of your skills. The dream asks you to reflect within yourself and find your skills.

5. It represents your strength

The dream says you are a strong individual and you are unaware of your strength.

6. It symbolizes agility

Dreams of the ostrich say you are agile and quickly adjust from one place to another.

7. You’ll have a smooth flow

It means your life will be easy-going and run in a smooth flow. Things will naturally come to you.

8. It highlights support

The ostrich dreams also mean that someone will come to help you in your difficult times.

9. It represents freedom

It means you will soon live a free life as you’ve always desired.

10. It is a warning sign

The dreams of the ostrich are also a warning sign as it predicts others will take advantage of you to fulfill their selfish desires. So, the dream asks you to be very careful.

Dreams about Ostrich – 50 Types & Their Interpretations

Ostrich dreams, like most other dreams, try to give you a hint about your future life but it all depends on what you saw in the dream.

For example, if you dream of feeding an ostrich, it means that you’re not honest in your waking life while if you dream of other people feeding an ostrich, it indicates that your crush may soon propose to you.

Now let’s not waste time and dig into the types.

1. Dreaming of running away from an ostrich

Running away from an ostrich symbolizes that you will make someone angry. It may be your boss or a family member who is unable to tolerate your drama.

They will warn you to behave maturely and be careful about your words.

2. Dream of feeding an ostrich

If you are feeding an ostrich in your dream, it means you aren’t truthful with yourself. You are still in the hope that things will work out with someone you like. You are clearly ignoring all the red flags.

3. Dream of other people feeding an ostrich

This dream predicts someone you like will reciprocate the admiration. This person’s opinion matters to you a lot because you believe they only speak the truth.

However, be careful that their opinion doesn’t make you arrogant. Don’t let ego cloud your judgment.  

4. Dream of other people running away from an ostrich

If you see other people running away from an ostrich in your dream, it means you will be happy when something wrong happens to someone.

This person is in a higher position than you and is extremely cocky about it. But now that they have failed, you feel better and happy about their defeat.

5. Dream of running beside an ostrich

The dream of running beside an ostrich signifies that you are an ambitious person. You dream high, and your dreams look like fantasies.

However, you want to change it into reality no matter how much time and effort it requires. You will invest in yourself completely and sacrifice a lot to fulfill your dreams.

But be careful while talking with others. Chances are you hurt someone who can help you get ahead in life.  

6. Dream of catching ostrich

Catching an ostrich in the dreams means you will go on a trip. It can be a short trip to your dream destination with your close ones.

Wherever you go, it will be an adventurous trip. You will keep talking about it for years to come.

The trip will keep your mind relaxed and improve your bond with your near ones.

7. Dream of other people hunting ostriches

Other people hunting ostriches in your dream means you are feeling stressed. You are jealous of everyone who has free time in their lives. If possible, you also want to swap your lives with them and relax for a while.

The dream indicates you take a break and rest. No damage will occur if you spend some time on yourself.

8. Dream of an ostrich flying

If you see the ostrich flying in the dream, it indicates big success. The things you have desired for a long time will finally be yours.

Additionally, the dream also predicts someone you recently met will help you achieve your dreams.

9. Dream of a baby ostrich

When you see a baby ostrich in your dream, it asks you to spend more time with your close ones. You often get arrogant with them and keep coming back at them for their past mistakes.

You have to understand human beings make mistakes, but you have to be more affectionate while asking them to mend their habits.

It will make them understand you are only telling them things out of concern.

10. Dream of an ostrich attacking you

Seeing an ostrich attacking you in your dream means that you must be alert while talking with others. Some reactions or suggestions may hurt others’ feelings.

So, ensure you don’t argue with your boss but put up your ideas in a better format.

11. Dream of a flock of ostriches

Dreaming of a flock of ostriches means you are in a dilemma about your life situation. Moreover, some relations are building stress for you.

You think there’s a series of problems on your way and you cannot understand which one to solve first.

In such cases, please make a priority list and see what matters to you the most. If you try to solve everything together, it will only drain your energy and result in failure.

12. Dream of wounding an ostrich

Wounding an ostrich in your dream says you cannot completely solve your problems. At one point, you may think your problems are over, but they will reappear again.

However, don’t panic and try to find a permanent solution to your problem.

13. Dream of a wounded ostrich

A wounded ostrich in a dream suggests someone uses you for their benefit. This person will not show gratitude towards you but will keep asking for more help.

Later, you will realize that it’s the wrong person you are helping and will eventually detach from them.

14. Dream of killing an ostrich

The dream of killing an ostrich means you are a lazy individual. This personality trait prevents you from achieving success.

You keep making excuses and blaming others but if you realize your success starts with you, things will change.

The dream asks you to stop lazing around and finally take some action.

15. Dream of a dead ostrich

This dream has two interpretations. It implies loss of energy in real life or the fact that you’re waiting for something to happen for a very long time. Now, you are running out of patience and strength.

However, the dream books say your problems will themselves go out of your way.

16. Dream of eating ostrich meat

If you see yourself eating ostrich meat, it gives you hope for a better future. And because of the stress, your mental health is unstable.

But now you are recovering gradually and trying to stay positive. Maintain this optimistic nature and do not quit.

17. Dream of other people eating ostrich meat

When other people eat ostrich meat in your dream, it means you are ever-ready to help others.

Someone from your close ones is going through an emotional or family issue, and you are giving your best to comfort them.

18. Dream of an ostrich’s egg

Dream of an ostrich’s egg symbolizes your success. You had an idea in your mind for a long time, but now you are ready to implement it.

Once you do it, the results will shock you as they will be better than you imagined.

19. Dream of eating an ostrich’s egg

The dream of eating an ostrich’s egg suggests joy and happiness. It may be because you wish to add a new member to your family.

Alternatively, the dream also says your beloved will face some health problems.

20. Dream of other people eating ostrich eggs

Seeing other people eating an ostrich’s egg in your dream represents your pride for someone near you.

They will achieve success, and you will tell every person you know about it. Probably you will also throw a party to celebrate their success.

21. Dream of an ostrich’s feather

The ostrich feather dream comes with a negative dream interpretation. It means you will deal with the wrong people, and they will try to manipulate you with their lies.

They have evil intentions and are only trying to take advantage. Be mindful of such people.

22. Dream of a white ostrich

Seeing a white ostrich in the dream represents pleasurable moments. You will receive an invitation to a celebration or occasion and enjoy yourself there.

People who are close to you will also be a part of this occasion, and you will have a memorable time with them.

23. Dream of a black ostrich

Dreaming of a black ostrich means you will soon go on a trip. This trip can also be work-related. If you have a wish to go on a trip for a long time, your dream will finally be fulfilled.

24. Dream of an ostrich running.

It means you make very quick decisions even in scary and terrifying situations. Moreover, the dream also says something belonging to you will get stolen. But it will also return back to you with little damage only.

25. Dream of an ostrich with a head in the sand

The dream says you are unable to accept the truth. You want to turn a blind eye towards the truth as you don’t want to feel hurt. It is your way of protecting yourself.

26. Dream of ostrich right in one’s face

Dreaming of an ostrich right in one’s face means you will successfully achieve your goals and dreams.

27. Dream of being an ostrich

It means you fear being around your lover and their family because you think they’ll judge you. You are not bold enough to face the situation.

28. Dream of finding loose ostrich feathers.

Dream of finding loose ostrich feathers means you will fight for your beloved. Some people may also turn against them.

Here, the dream asks you to be open-minded while understanding your partner.

29. Dream of pulling an ostrich’s feather

The dream of pulling an ostrich’s feather is trying to tell you that you must make an effort to accomplish your dreams.

30. Dream of ostrich’s egg as a woman

If you are a woman seeing an ostrich’s egg in your dream, it means your desire to have a baby will be fulfilled now. You can hear the news of your pregnancy anytime.

31. Dream of hearing the cry of an ostrich

This dream predicts an unexpected event will occur with you and your loved one. You can expect it to happen anytime soon.

32. Dream of a small ostrich

A small ostrich in your dream is a symbol of family troubles. Be very cautious about not arguing with anyone in the family.

If other members argue, please intervene and calm the situation.

33. Dream of a large ostrich

A large ostrich trying to fly in your dream signifies success. It shows you will finally meet a person you have wanted to see for a long time. Alternatively, it also indicates your desires will not be fulfilled.

34. Dream of seeing two or three ostriches

Seeing two, three or more ostriches in your dream means your life is filled with distractions. However, you must decide what’s important for you before losing everything you own.

35. Dream of ostrich without feathers

The dream of an ostrich without a feather signifies diseases. However, there’s nothing to panic about as it wouldn’t be a serious disease.

36. Dream of hurting ostrich

Hurting an ostrich in dreams represents you will have to face some unpleasant events.

37. Dream of an ostrich with white feathers as a woman

If a woman dreams of an ostrich with white feathers, it means she will soon find out her soulmate and get married.

38. Dream of dead ostrich

A dead ostrich in a dream says your problems will soon be resolved.

However, it also indicates you are going through some emotional problems which cause you stress.

39. Dream of catching an ostrich

The dream of catching an ostrich predicts a pleasant and friendly journey.

40. Dream of ostrich biting you

The dream asks you to be alert while communicating with others. You must be very careful about your words to avoid trouble.

41. Dream of seeing ostrich eat

Dream of seeing ostrich eat means your financial condition will improve. You will gain unexpected finances and keep growing.

42. Dream of ostrich flapping its wings

This dream suggests you will gain enough name and reputation in society. You’ll soon be famous.

43. Dream of ostrich chasing you

The dream has a positive interpretation if you see an ostrich chasing you. It means you can use your wisdom and win against your enemy.

44. Dream of shooting an ostrich

Shooting an ostrich in the dream means you are handling problems very rudely. But doing this will only harm you and invite losses. It is better to treat every matter with logic and affection.

45. Dream of ostrich falling

Dream of an ostrich falling means something wrong will happen to you.

46. Dream of cracked ostrich egg

This dream has a positive meaning for you as it says you are finally ready to accept your past and let go of it. Now is the time to move on and focus on your future.

Moreover, the dream also suggests many opportunities coming your way which will change your life for the good.

In short, the dream is a sign of healing from everything that broke you once in your life.

47. Dream of hatching ostrich egg

If you are a female, this dream signifies you are pregnant. Go and get your pregnancy test done or consult a doctor.

But if you are a male, the dream says someone from your family or friends will soon give you news of them having a baby.

You can also have this dream if you plan to have children with your spouse.

48. Dream of riding an ostrich

Riding an ostrich in your dream represents your freedom from things holding you for long.

You can have such dreams while moving out of your parent’s house or taking your first job. It can occur any time when you feel you are becoming independent.

49. Dream of giant ostrich

This dream reflects your bad habits. You do not think enough before making a decision. You directly believe in taking action. This poor decision-making skill is a reason why you face so much damage.

You want everything fast as you lack patience. And because of speeding up the process, you don’t do things properly, so they do not last long.

50. Dream of someone trying to kill an ostrich

Dreaming of someone trying to kill an ostrich means you will attend a grand celebration. You will socialize in ways that you have never done before.

Questions to ask yourself to interpret your ostrich dreams correctly

Whenever we are in doubt in real life, we ask questions. It is equally important to do so while understanding the meanings of your dreams.

Remember, dreams always carry an important message. So, you cannot take the risk of misunderstanding them.

To avoid any misinterpretations, ask yourself these questions.

1. What was the color of the ostrich?

2. Did it have feathers?

3. Where did you see the ostrich?

4. What was the ostrich doing in the dream?

5. How did you feel in the dream?

A word from ThePleasantDream

There’s no one meaning attached to the ostrich dreams. They have both positive and negative interpretations associated with it.

So, it is always a good practice to write down your dream, so you do not skip any important detail while searching for its meaning.

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