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A One-Stop Guide to Dreaming of Feathers (55 Interpretations)

A One-Stop Guide to Dreaming of Feathers (55 Interpretations)

Updated on Feb 06, 2023 | Published on Oct 27, 2021

Reviewed by Katina Tarver, MA (Mental Health and Wellness Counseling) , Life Coach

Dreaming of Feathers - 55 Scenarios & its Meanings

Dreaming about feathers has myriad meanings and interpretations. The latter two, meaning and interpretation relies heavily on the context and the kind of dream you have had. 

Feathers are symbolic of trust, strength, wisdom, honor, and power. Further, it represents a connection between the Creator, the owner of the feather, and the bird that the feather was acquired from. This is a view shared by the Native Americans.

A One-Stop Guide to Dreaming of Feathers (55 Interpretations)
A One-Stop Guide to Dreaming of Feathers (55 Interpretations)

Feather Dream Meaning – General Interpretation

Dreaming about feathers represents and symbolizes inspiration, success, freedom and transcendental experience, commitment, and perseverance, hesitation, jealousy, or the feeling of being caged or restricted. 

However, be on the lookout for the type and color of the bird as it can have significant implications for the interpretations. 

To speak in general, dreaming about feathers can have the following meaning:

1. Inspiration

Dreaming about feathers can represent or be a symbolization of your inspiration, that is, how inspired you are with regard to various aspects such as personal or professional. Additionally, it can also be a symbolization of your potential and what you are capable of. 

You also are in awe of what someone else has achieved and are inspired to follow in their footsteps

2. Success

Dreaming about feathers can reflect on your ability to achieve something if you put your mind to it. At times, we all need a sign to work harder, a sign of reassurance, and a dream about feathers is just that. 

3. Freedom and Transcendence 

Dreaming about feathers can symbolize that you are thinking about freedom and being able to let loose. You want to fly away and not be chained down, just like the birds that to whom the feathers belong.

It can also represent your strive for transcendence or that you will have a transcendental experience. 

4. Perseverance 

A dream about feathers can be a good sign. It can mean that you need to be able to see through the tasks at hand as you have the ability to persevere through obstacles and your limitations. Your personal blocks and limitations are not what is holding you back.

It can mean that you have the ability to commit to things despite the amount of time and work you need to dedicate. 

5. Gratitude

Dreaming of feathers can be symbolic of embracing gratitude. It is a reminder to be more thankful for everything in your life. Sometimes, we can forget how privileged we are when we are living the same life for a while. 

Right from the basics of food, shelter, and water to having access to education and a career can be a privilege. We are all mere participants in the rat race. A dream of the feather is a reminder to slow down and be grateful for what you have now.

6. Levity 

In some cases, the next goal and checking all the boxes become our points of fixations beyond which we cannot function. We may be fleeting through our life with a lack of flair, in other words, why so serious?

A dream about feathers can be a sign to relax and take a step back, to enjoy the current moment, to live and dwell in it. If you carry on like this, before you know it, life, as you know, will be over and you would have reached the finish line. 

7. Reluctance 

Seeing a feather or feathers in your dream can also mean that you are anxious or apprehensive about self-expression. There may be some aspects of your personality that you are keeping hidden from your friends and family. 

It may also symbolize that there is a sense of hesitation in expressing a specific thought. You may fear what revealing such thoughts will invite in your life. 

8. Jealousy

A dream about feathers can signify that you are unleashing the green monster of jealousy. There may be someone in your personal or professional life, a friend, family, or co-worker who you think has it easier than you. You might also be envious of the freedom that they have.

9. Restricted

Dreaming about feathers can be a sign to tap into how you are feeling in terms of your relationship or your job. You may be feeling caged in; the permission to explore and pursue the avenues you want is not granted.

From this, we can see that in general, dreaming about feathers can mean multiple things and can be interpreted in numerous ways. 

However, when we dream, there may be some specifications that can distinguish the dream from a general dream of feather which can have its own meaning and interpretations. 

We can delve into these specifications based on birds and the color of the feathers in the following sub-headings: 

Dreaming of Feathers based on the Color – 55 Scenarios & its Meanings

1. Black Feather Dream Meaning

A black feather in your dream would represent that your nemesis fears you. A loved one or someone close to you may be at risk of an attack rather than directing it towards you due to fear, in case the nemesis or the enemy decides to strike. A warning has fared through your dream. 

Another warning that a black feather in your dream can denote is that of a disappointing and unhappy romantic affair/flirtation/courtship that you may want to get out of. If you are looking for your sign, this may be it. 

Additionally, we have all heard of the concept of the evil eye. A dream about black feather refers to the need for protection from some negative energy that you wish to stay away from. 

It can also be a symbol to be courageous and persistent if you have been trying to regain your freedom from someone who is curbing it or holding you back. 

Lastly, it can refer to a dip in finances or some bad mojo heading your way. To conclude, we know that the black feather gives you multiple warnings which can make one wary of possible misfortunes in the future. 

2. White Feather Dream Meaning

We all strive for some peace and contentment in our life. When you dream about white feathers it can be symbolic of just that; meaning, some peace and maybe good luck is coming your way. 

All of us seek reassurance that we are going in the right direction with our decisions and future. Dreaming about white feathers can be just the right kind of push we need as it can refer to you being optimistic about the future. 

It can also mean that your spiritual life needs some upliftment and improvement. This points towards your karma cashing in for some mistakes that were made in the past, with you seeking some help now. 

There comes a time in your life where you are falsely accused of something. A dream about white feathers symbolizes your innocence being proven in the face of such a false accusation with the whole debacle coming to an end. 

Finally, if you are looking for a sign from the Big Man upstairs, dreaming about white feathers symbolizes a message from His angels to hold on to your faith a little longer. 

3. Dreaming of Lots of white Feathers

When you dream about a lot of white feathers, it symbolizes that you are now in the front wheel of the direction you are heading in. 

Sometimes, we are functioning on auto-pilot, doing one thing after another in life, achieving one milestone after another, not being aware of the happiness and contentment it brings. But a dream about a lot of white feathers is a good sign that you know what you want and that you are inching closer to that goal. 

You have within you the drive and the necessary qualities to move towards this goal and to stay on track, to stay disciplined and dedicated. 

Further, a dream about a lot of white feathers can also be a warning in disguise. Specifically, a warning that you are currently going through a problem, no matter how small.

In this particular interpretation of dreaming about feathers, you are currently holding on to a relationship where you are unsatisfied or in a situation where you’re not completely satisfied with the results. 

However, this dream is a chance for you to get your act together, to come up with a strategy to deal with the issue with patience and calmness. 

4. Blue Feather Dream Meaning

Sometimes, we need the right kind of push to get us to start working on something, the motivation, and inspiration.

A dream about blue feathers represents the need to be ready to be struck with some of that positive inspiration that will get you up and about in the direction you want to move.  

In addition to that, dreaming about blue feathers symbolizes some kind of healing or recovery of sorts. This is particularly concerning you, your friends, family or a loved one previously struggling with a health issue is now getting better while your life is changing for the better too. 

A final possible interpretation is that you are receiving validation that everything will be alright when you have been feeling particularly low and solemn. We all need a little pick me up from time to time and a dream with blue feathers denotes just that. 

5. Red Feather Dream Meaning

Contrary to the dream about blue feathers, a dream about red feathers symbolizes or represents negative motivation or inspiration. Some of us are particularly driven by punishment or the loss of something we love. 

If you are someone driven by such factors, then get ready to start the grind because it is heading your way.

Sometimes, we are unaware of our true selves, particularly the negative aspects of our personality or our negative characteristics. A dream about red feathers can be a representation of your potential to be deceptive or angry. 

Seeing red feathers in your dream can also mean you need to buckle yourself for an enormous emotional change that is heading your way. This is specifically with respect to romantic relationships.

If you do not have a partner, then you might find yourself in the arms of a passionate romantic partner. If you already have a partner, hold on to your hats to create some more romantic memories with your partner that you will cherish later on.  

6. Pink Feather Dream Meaning

A dream about pink feathers would represent romance or it predicts the arrival of a romantic love you have been waiting for or longing for.

This might entail a sweet surprise gesture from a loved one, such as a nice gift or a much-needed romantic dinner or getaway. 

This might be a symbolization of how strongly you feel about one another.

Dreaming about pink feathers may also mean that you are due for a new partner in your life, a romantic one that is or it may be a sign to spice things up with your current partner to keep that romance alive. 

7. Purple Feather Dream Meaning

Holistic living is something that everyone is striving for nowadays. To have a better lifestyle, to improve one’s life in whatever capacity they can. 

Similarly, a dream about purple feathers symbolizes a profound positive change in the corner, helping one let go of a habit that is troubling them only to make their life better. This can be whatever you believe is your bad habit that you have been meaning to work on. 

8. Yellow Feather Dream Meaning

A dream about yellow feathers can explain some unsettling emotions you’ve been battling within the last couple of days. 

It can represent some negative feeling such as envy or jealousy that you have been experiencing, specifically because someone else possesses something that you desire. 

A positive side note is that you have the power within you, the self-awareness of the burden that comes with such negative emotions, and that you have the ability to process them or deal with them in a healthy way. 

This way of thinking will direct you towards a more constructive manner of life. 

9. Green Feather Dream Meaning

We currently live in a world where money plays a huge role in providing a sense of security and shelter. Just like the color of our currency, a dream about green feathers symbolizes financial security that you have been thriving for and the wealth you dream of.

Monetary prosperity is a guarantee with a dream about green feathers where the future is secure in terms of money.

However, there are other kinds of prosperity that we strive for as we grow older which is not assured with respect to a dream about this color of feathers. 

10. Orange Feather Dream Meaning

Sometimes, we may feel stuck in our routine life, with the same structure every day. If you have been looking for a change to come your way, a dream filled with orange feathers represents a multitude of things from new energy, change to opening the flow of the creative juices.

One of the things that come to mind when I think of the color orange is fire. Just that, like, orange feathers in your dream represent the firing up of your current life.

It can be viewed as an invitation for some major changes to burn as bright as you can if you don’t miss the window of opportunity.

11. Brown Feather Dream Meaning

 We can gain insight into the direction we need to head in with the help of a reality check, even if this reality check is needed rarely. A dream about brown feathers is a sign to be more practical, in both your personal and your professional life.

Here, pragmatism is the main virtue that is preached and supposedly to be practiced. However, this is not a sign to look for flaws and issues in places where we won’t find any.

It is a chance to make an effort to deal with your current problems in a more realistic manner, involving fewer complications. 

12. Grey or Silver Feather Dream Meaning

In some cases, we are rigid and may be inconsiderate of another person’s perspective. A dream about grey or silver feathers would represent the need to be a little more open and considerate about different perspectives. 

It can be a sign to develop the ability to shift your viewpoints to be more accommodating and empathetic even if you firmly believe that they are incorrect or from an uninformed standpoint. 

We often think in black and white as it is easier without taking the nuances into consideration. A dream about grey feathers is a sign that we need to embrace neutrality. There may be some context or information that we have not considered. 

13. Gold Feather Dream Meaning

When we think about the color gold, we often think about opulence or grandeur. Similarly, dreaming of gold feathers denotes the same along with a hint of prosperity in plethora. 

If you have struggled with financial security for most of your life, you will now get a chance to live a life where your worries about money have disintegrated and are non-existent. 

14. Multi-colored Feather Dream Meaning

Get ready to do well in a huge challenge that is coming your way. Dreaming about multicolored feathers means that you come face-to-face with a challenge like never before. 

You will surprise yourself and the people who presume to know you because of the difficulty of the challenge and your triumph. You are pushing your limits and moving beyond the boundaries you have set for yourself which will be a quick boost for your self-esteem. 

This is a chance for you to grow and move out of your comfort zone. 

Feather Dreams – Interpretations based on the Different Birds

Based on the type of bird feather you see in your dream, the meaning and interpretation will differ. This is to ensure that we are interpreting the dream based on the specifications and within the context in which it occurs. 

15. Dream of Chicken Feathers

Financial trouble or additional expenses in a month is always a hassle, especially when you are on a tight budget. So, if you see chicken feathers in your dream, fasten your seat belts for some additional financial expenses or a small hiccup relating to money coming your way. 

You might have to let go of some luxuries you treat yourself to or just make some changes to your plans. Therefore, a dream of chicken feathers symbolizes minor inconveniences.  

16. Dream of Eagle Feathers

According to the Native Americans, an eagle feather is considered to be esteemed. Further, an eagle itself symbolizes strength, bravery, and holiness. However, a dream about eagle feathers generally symbolizes that you are about to gain a shortcut, a quick road to fame and wealth. 

However, a warning has been fared along with this. You need to be equipped to handle the wealth and the fame. If not, there are chances that it will slip through and you will lose it. 

If you have been trying to figure out a direction or have been waiting for inspiration to strike, a dream about eagle feathers will help you realize your aspiration. You can pave your path once you realize the direction you want to move in.  

Dreaming about eagle feathers can also represent that you are going to achieve your goal and are moving in the direction of fulfillment of your dreams. You will get to where you aspire to reach. 

17. Dream of Crow Feathers

If and when you recognize crow feathers in your dreams, it is a blessing in disguise, that is it is a representation of a warning about misfortune or danger that is heading your way. It refers to a change of a kind. 

You need to be aware and cautious, particularly when you are in traffic or in the context of signing important documents. 

Birds like crows also represent death, as in a dream about crow feathers can be a message bearing from a loved one who passed away. 

18. Dream of Owl Feathers

When we think of owls, the adjective we use to describe them frequently is wise. Similarly, a dream about the feathers belonging to an owl can be a message to spread the knowledge that you have accumulated. It is a sign to share your wisdom with those around you. 

This can mean that you can take up the role of a teacher or scientist if you aren’t one already. If this is not the direction you are heading in, then you can share your wisdom with family, friends, and colleagues. 

If you spot the feather of a white polar owl in your dream, it is symbolic of the fact that writers’ block or your idea block will resolve. The stream of ideas will start pouring and flowing. 

If you dream of grey owl feathers specifically, someone close to you, family, friends, or colleagues is going to have an epiphany and inspiration. 

19. Dream of Peacock Feathers

A dream with peacock feathers can mean that you might have to go through an internal disruption. This disruption is one that is agreed upon and asked for by your soul. This internal disruption is yet to take place or has already taken place. 

In some cases, your dream about peacock feathers might entail finding it somewhere on the pavement or sidewalk. In such cases, it can refer to a chance that you will become famous or be in the spotlight without a great deal of difficulty. 

If the peacock feather is in your hand or palm in your dream, it symbolizes fortune and prosperity, that is, you will amass a great amount of wealth and fortune. 

Additionally, it also implies that you can get a raise and have massive progression professionally. This raise or new opportunity might be within the same organization which will entail more responsibilities and longer hours. 

This will leave you with less time for your friends and family and they will have their complaints about it. Therefore, brace yourself. 

Similarly, if a peacock feather was presented in the form of a gift then it means that your waking life is going to be occupied with major and huge financial breakthroughs. 

If you are surrounded by peacock feathers in your dream, it means that your life is going to be filled with happiness. 

On the contrary, if you spot yourself to be surrounded by dead peacock feathers scattered on the floor in your dream, then it means you are about to be robbed of happiness and virtue. This serves as a warning. 

In case you recognize a peacock feather on the street, then prepare for some good to come your way. This might be the sign you need to believe that life will get better.

Lastly, if your dream consists of you cutting down the feather from the tail of a peacock, then it might be a hint that you are going to be robbed of your success and beauty by someone else. 

Alternatively, it can also mean that you are envious of another person in the same context of success and beauty.  

20. Dream of Goose/Duck Feathers

Sometimes, you might have a dream of buying or selling goose or duck feathers. In such cases, it symbolizes that you are inviting the well-being of yourself in terms of health. You might also be in luck with getting some good fortune too. 

It can also denote that you are resourceful and might be able to manage your money carefully, not wasting it away on unnecessary items. 

21. Dream of Hawk Feathers 

In general, when we think about hawks, they are well known for being sharp and swift. However, if you spot hawk feathers in your dream it refers to a signal to be cautious.

You may be perceptive and shrewd but you may be susceptible to silly mistakes which could be avoided. 

22. Dream of Ostrich or other Ornamental Feathers 

If you recognize any ostrich feathers or just some ornamental feathers, it represents that you will be experiencing a social advancement. It is to be noted that this is also particularly in terms of women. 

23. Dream of Pigeon Feathers 

If you recognize the light feathers of pigeons in your dreams, then you are in luck. It means that you are about to receive some good news. If you have been crossing your finger for something good to happen in your life, then this is your sign. 

However, in contrast, if the feathers are dark, then it means that you are about to receive some bad news. Prepare yourself for some disappointment but you are strong enough to surpass this hurdle. 

24. Dream of Black Plumage of Raven

Normally, black is representative of negative connotations. Even in yin and yang, the black represents female energy, intuitiveness, darkness, and creativity.

Similarly, the spotting black plumage of a raven in your dream is a sign of respect and honor among your co-workers. 

This is not an alarming situation. 

25. Dream of Parrot Feathers

In your dream, if you spot that parrot feathers are coming at you from the sky, then an adventure is in your near vicinity. This is your time to let loose and have some fun. This is going to be some adrenaline-pumping adventure that is going to be heart throbbing and extreme. 

Similarly, if you spot a parrot feather in your pockets in the dream, then it would represent a surprise improvement and boost professionally. You will be climbing that career ladder. 

If you belong to the artistic and creative fields specifically, then you are about to cash in on success and fame. Be on the lookout as it is just around the corner. 

26. Dream of Swan Feathers

If your dream specifically had white swan feathers, then it is symbolic of honor and pureness. It also refers to innocence. If you have been struggling specifically with communicating, then this dream is a sign that it is going to improve, be more concise, and clear. 

Similarly, it is also a sign that you are going to have some luck with respect to romance and love if that department has been barren. 

27. Dream of Birds without Feathers

Sometimes you might have a dream about a bird without any feathers. This can be quite terrifying. However, it actually might signify some underlying morose feeling that you might have. 

We are sometimes a little afraid to show ourselves completely to the world. A dream of birds without feathers denotes exactly this. It signifies that there is a part of you that you are afraid to display to the world at large. 

Dreaming of birds without feathers also symbolizes that you just breeze through life without stressing too much or putting too much pressure on yourself. 

Lastly, such a dream can mean that you are letting your guard down. There may be a chance that your freedom, your ability to move through life freely can be impacted. This means that you will be restricted. 

Dreams about Feather as an Accessory

We will now look into what it means when you dream of wearing certain feather accessories. 

28. Dream about a Feather necklace

If you wake up to realize that you or someone you know was wearing a necklace made out of feathers or containing feathers, it symbolizes that it is a reminder to be grateful for everything you possess. 

This is a wake-up call to reduce the complaining and try to practice gratitude which will inevitably shift your focus and perspective to be more accommodating of happiness. 

If you have a roof over your head, three meals every day, and a family that loves you, then there is plenty to be grateful for

29. Dream about a Feather Bracelet

This kind of dream, particularly about a feather bracelet represents how superstitious you are as an individual. You have to be wary about it. Some common superstitions are walking past a black cat or walking under a ladder. 

It is common knowledge that at times, superstitions can get to us and make us act a little strange. However, you will be alright and unharmed as long as you respect the superstitions of different cultures.

30. Dreaming about Feather Earrings 

Here, you or someone you know might be wearing a feather earring in a dream. As it rightly points out, you need to concentrate on listening to the advice given to you.

You can be stubborn sometimes, but you need to know when to be open about asking for help and when you handle something by yourself. 

We all like to act tough and be heroic, coming across as someone who can handle our problems. However, you need to let go and give the loved ones in your life a chance to help you. 

31. Dreams about Feather on a Hat

Suppose you have a dream where you are wearing a hat with a feather on it or spot such a hat, it denotes that you will be in the company of someone with whom you will have an amazing time. However, this company might be in trouble as they may be exaggerating their stories. 

You will be aware of these schemes of lies but you will be blinded by the charm of your company. 

32. Dreams about Feather in the Hair

Sometimes, you may dream about a feather in your hair. Symbolically, this refers to fertility. 

Dreams about Feather – Other Meanings

There are other ambiguous dreams that one may have about feathers. We will explore those in this section. 

33. Dreams about Feathers Flying 

It may feel weird to have a dream about you flying. However, it seems quite serene to think about a dream with feathers flying everywhere. Similarly, such a  dream is said to signify happiness and delightedness. 

You surround yourself with people who motivate you and inspire you. This ensures that you feel good about yourself and commit 100% to whatever you are working on. 

Whatever you seek to achieve in life, you breeze through it with ease. Moreover, in order to give the people, you love a reason to be proud of you, you work hard and push your limits consistently. 

34. Dreams of Wearing Feathers 

If you spot you or someone you know is wearing feathers in your dream, it indicates that you are stealing someone’s hard work. You are being unjust by stealing the credit for their work. 

It can symbolize a person of authority commending you for the work that was done by someone else. As it is unethical, you will want to come forward and be honest. However, you will enjoy the spotlight and benefits that do not belong to you. 

35. Dreams about Buying Feathers

This dream of buying feathers refers to a sign that you are unhappy. Here, it particularly refers to you being materialistic in nature. You are lacking contentment in your life. 

This makes you feel empty, feeling like there is a void to fill. You fill it with materialistic things whereas what you require is spiritual commitment and growth. 

36. Dreaming about Selling Feathers 

Contrary to the previous one, if you have a dream that you are selling feathers, then it refers to you having a handle on your finances, signifying that you can take care of your money. 

You know how to utilize the items in your household and cupboard to ensure that they last long. You also meticulously allocate the budget for all the requirements and necessities and also accommodate all the small things that bring you joy. 

37. Dreams of Selling or Buying Feathers of Poultry 

If you have been looking for a sign to invest in a new venture or if you are looking for a sign to take a leap of faith, then this is it. A dream about selling or buying poultry feathers is symbolic of you thriving and prospering on the business front. 

If you want to invest and venture out into something a little risky and adventurous, then this is it. A dream about buying or selling poultry feathers ensures that it will work out, taking the direction you want to head in. 

38. Dreams of Feathers Falling from the Sky 

If you have been looking for a good sign all week, then this is it. Dreaming of feathers that fall from the sky is interpreted as a good thing. Something that you’ve been longing for a while has a chance of coming true. 

Alternatively, it can also mean that you are elated for your loved ones as they might have some good news.

However, you have to be cautious. The following period may be good to you but you are warned to enjoy the present and the good at the moment as it may be a fleeting one too. 

39. Dream of Collecting Feathers 

Sometimes, we do not currently have the capacity to undergo a change of sorts. If you have a dream of collecting feathers, it signifies exactly this. You personally believe that your destiny is already written and that you do not have much say or control over how your life unfolds. 

However, this is the thinking that is stopping you from unlocking your full potential, that is restricting you from pushing beyond the boundaries you have drawn for yourself.

You need to reflect on what you can work on and what you cannot in order to see some growth. 

40. Dreams about Other People Collecting Feathers

Sometimes, we may have a loved one who is struggling with their own issues and we may feel helpless. A dream about other people collecting feathers reflects this, in the sense, you want to help bring about change in a loved one who is struggling with their own issues. 

Nobody is perfect. Similarly, there may be something that is bugging you about your partner, an aspect of their personality that you attempt to change. However, they are too adamant and your efforts will be in vain. 

41. Dreams of Throwing Feathers Away

Such a dream can be a sign of exhaustion. It can be that you are tired and want to give up. However, here it is referring to you being prematurely exhausted because the task or project that is a new opportunity will require some extra effort from your end. 

This is a sign that you need to persevere based on your judgment of if this project or job is worth the effort or not. Depending on your call, you will take the next step. 

42. Dreams of Other People Throwing the Feathers Away

When you have such a dream, it is a sign that a loved one will make a major decision. This can be regarding their job or their academics, involving acts of quitting or dropping out. 

You might initially need a little to adjust to this and be surprised by it. This is caution but with time, you will come to terms and accept their decision. 

43. Dreams about Feather Tattoo

When you have a dream about a feather tattoo, it is symbolic of longing to be lighter. You might have been carrying some things that are extremely heavy and want to let go of the ideas and the thoughts that have been weighing you down. 

44. Dreams about Angel Feathers

As the name suggests, if you had a dream about angel feathers, it is a sign of higher calling and a change in your purpose which may now be devoted to the Big Man upstairs. It would represent goals, motivation, and the different aspirations you might have. 

45. Dream about Growing Feathers

We have all been at crossroads with how we feel about ourselves or how to deal with stress and emotions. A dream about growing feathers symbolizes that you are oblivious to some negative comments or negative energy that is directed at you. 

You may be having a difficult time regulating your emotions or maintaining a straight face exposing too much of yourself to the world. You might have had this dream as a reminder that you need to work on expressing yourself properly as that may be an issue. 

A dream about growing feathers is a reflection of a much-needed sabbatical for personal growth. It is a sign to take some time to practice inner healing. During this time of growth, there may be a sense of loneliness lingering which is fleeting and common during such times. 

46. Dreams about Plucking the Feathers

To dream of plucking feathers off of a bird can be quite terrifying and gory. Just like your feeling, it is a reflection of some possible anxious feelings you have towards how another individual conducts themselves in your presence. 

We all fear that someone else is living the life you dreamed of or is holding a mirror, displaying your fears. Therefore, a dream about plucking the feathers off of a bird can be symbolic of some jealousy towards another person’s performance in your waking life. 

At some point in our life, there will be certain things that bug us about our partners or those close to us. At such times, we succumb to nitpicking their flaws. This dream is a sign that you are indulging too much in such behavior.  

47. Dream about Receiving Feathers

A dream where one receives feathers is symbolic of a sign that you might need to pay attention to the outside sources as they may bring in inspiration and motivation.

This outside source will be of a great deal of help to gain a new perspective about the world that will help you move out of a rut you may be stuck in. Further, this perspective will help in improving the quality of your work. 

48. Dream about Three or Multiple Feathers

There are times when we all doubt ourselves. Our ability to perform well, to show up and be there, to stand up for what we believe in. There are numerous ways to question oneself. A dream about three or multiple feathers is a sign that you don’t have enough faith in yourself. 

At times like this, hard work will help you get better at a particular task. We need to persevere and put in the effort to improve our knowledge and skills. You are the one that can help yourself at such times. 

49. Dreams about Feather Duster

We all succumb to hoping that the mistakes we have committed magically disappear. Similarly, a dream about a feather duster is a sign that you have been longing for a fresh start, a start that will put all your worries to rest.

Practice makes a man perfect. Consequently, one needs to keep practicing to ensure that your knowledge and skills are refurbished. 

48. Dreams about Feather lying on the Ground

Sometimes, you may dream about a random feather lying on the surface. This symbolizes a secret of someone close to you that will be revealed. This person can also be your enemy.

However, this secret information will bear some good news for you as it will be in your favor. So stay tuned for an excellent day. 

50. Dream about Feather Flying in the Air and Disappearing

We all get distracted from our goals and aspirations. This distraction can be due to many reasons. A dream about a feather flying in the air and disappearing symbolizes that you need to buckle up and rethink your priorities. 

You need to pay attention to the things that will help you grow. Failing in this aspect, failing to prioritize effectively will result in financial and economic losses in your business. 

51. Dreams about a Quill (Pen made from a Feather)

We all want to leave a mark on the world at large or have an impact on the people around us. Similarly, a dream about a quill symbolizes that you have to fulfill your urge to create that impact. 

It would represent that you have been having some communication problems. These problems can be persisting towards your loved ones, colleagues, or those around you. Even though communication isn’t your strong suit, you have to try and let them know about how you feel. 

52. Dreams about Clean Feathers with Bright Colors

If you woke up on the wrong side of the bed in the morning but had a dream with clear feathers that have bright colors it is the indication that something good is going to enter your life. Things are going to turn around for you. 

On the contrary, if you see an ugly and dirty strand of hair in your dream, it can be a bad omen. This is a sign that things are about to go bad and therefore, you need to equip yourself to fight through the tough times. 

53. Dream about a Big or Small Feather

Self-confidence helps one achieve a great deal. If you see or dream of humongous or big feathers, it is symbolic of a higher level of self-confidence. 

On the other hand, if you see or dream of a small or tiny feather, then it is representative of some issue that needs some work. In this sense, there are problems that need to be resolved and you might be facing a sense of difficulty in overcoming them. 

54. Dreams about a Wet Feather

If you recognize or spot a wet feather in your dream, it means that the progress you have made may be lost. This is only a temporary situation and you need to believe that you will get out of this. 

55. Dream about Feathers in a Pillow 

If you spot feathers from your pillow when you’re changing the sheets in your dream, then you may need to be on the lookout for disruption or a fight with your partner. In this case, in the dream, you may have shaken the feathers from the pillow. 

However, if you attempt to put the feathers back into the pillow in the dream, then this fight or disruption can be evaded. This is a sign to ensure that you are regulating and processing your emotions and not sitting on them. 

What do your Dreams about the Feathers mean Spiritually? 

Based on the color of the feather, spiritually, a dream of feathers can be representative of a bad omen, associated with the Divine (Angeles), be conscious about your health, ground yourself, and as a reminder to reconnect with your inner self. 

Symbolic of spiritual growth and faith, their connection to the birds makes them a representation or symbol of communication from the higher realms.

Similar to the previous interpretations, spiritual interpretation of dreams about feathers too depends on the color. 

To speak in general, a feather is symbolic of spiritual growth and the faith that one has. It usually is representative of communication to the higher realms.  

One of the main suggestions given is to understand the symbolism of the feather in your dream spiritually to journal your dream and note the color and type of bird as it is of significance.

1. Black Feathers 

Spiritually, black fathers are symbolic of death and evil due to their association with the ravens and crows.

However, they also represent smartness, power, intelligence, magic, knowledge, and strength. They serve as protectors to ensure one is wary of the negative energy around them. 

2. White Feathers 

Similarly, white feathers are commonly associated with the Divine due to their association with the Angels. It can mean that angels are watching over you keeping you safe.

A white feather in your dream spiritually refers to your life being redefined by a higher calling or to fulfill a spiritual purpose. 

3. Green Feathers 

Simultaneously, green feathers, spiritually, are symbolic of a reminder to get your health checked out. While the general interpretation points towards monetary surprises, spiritually, it is a sign to keep your health in check. 

4. Purple Furthers 

Alternatively, purple feathers in your dream can be a sign for some up-gradation of your spiritual protection and growth where you learn the art of grounding yourself and the art of breathing to get in touch with your inner self. 

Simultaneously you are also improving your connection with the Universe which means you will attract some better opportunities your way. 

5. Blue Feathers  

Blue feathers, spiritually symbolize an encouragement to reconnect with your spiritual journey, a reminder to refurbish your connection. This will open up more psychic connections which will motivate the people around you. 

6. Cardinal Feathers 

A dream about the feathers of the cardinal bird means you are extremely spiritual in nature. If you do not possess a partner this is a good sign. Further, the cardinal as a bird is said to be a spiritual messenger, bearing a message from the other realms. 

They bear the message that you are on the right path and that your loved ones in the spirit realms are doing alright. 

7. Owl Feathers

Spiritually, a dream about an owl feather can have a negative connotation. This is specifically as the native Americans believe owls to be a symbol of death and bad luck. 

This is a sign to be ready for some unexpected changes that might come your way. It can get turbulent and this is a warning. 

8. Crow and Raven Feathers

In the spiritual world, these birds are known as omens of bad health, luck, and finally death. They possess powers that make them quite strong. 

In terms of the Raven specifically, they are the messengers of God deployed for us mortal. Therefore, they can also be associated with positive connotations such as prosperity, prominent changes, and the awakening of a reincarnated self.  

Cultural Interpretations of Dreams about Feathers

Different cultures have various interpretations of dreams about feathers. 


In Islam, a feather popping up in your dream has a negative connotation, that is it can have evil implications. However, it can also represent beauty, strength, and grandeur. 

In Islam, a dream about a feather can also imply that it is the house or home of someone who is pious and devout.  


In Christianity, there is a specific mention of Eagle, Peacock, Dove, and Ostrich feathers in Bible. 

The Ostrich and Peacock feathers were used to make the flagella fans that were waved over the consecrated body of Christ. 

A dream about feathers in Christianity refers to the ability of the human soul to transcend and move above mental limitations and boundaries. It can also be a sign to see things through a new perspective, a bigger one. It can also be used to direct someone to what actually matters to them.  

The scriptures specifically mention the eagle and the dove. Therefore, a dream about a dove and an eagle can refer to a sign that one needs to give up their earthly footprint

and surrender themselves completely to Christ, pointing towards conditions of peace and prosperity. 

Celtic Symbolism of Feathers in Dreams

According to the Celts, a feather in a dream can refer to 

  • Air
  • Ascension
  • Fertility
  • Lightness
  • Purification of evil
  • Abundance
  • Purity
  • Pride
  • Charity
  • Faith 
  • Strength 
  • Truth
  • Height
  • Spaciousness 
  • Flight to another realm 

According to the Celtic lore: 

  • White feathers can refer to seafoam, clouds, or cowardice. 
  • Dreams about black feathers have a negative tone in the sense they represent sleep, evil, and mourning. 
  • Ostrich feather dreams represent divergence or dissimilarity. 
  • If one is wearing a feathered helmet in their dream, then it can symbolize that there is a triumph around the corner. 

Native American

In the Native American culture, feathers are revered and are seen as the sign of highest honor. Dreaming about feathers can be symbolic of trust, honor, strength, wisdom, and freedom.

It can also mean that balance is about to be restored in your life. According to the Native Americans, when feathers appear in your dream, it is said to always have a purpose.  

In Chinese Culture-

With respect to the Chinese culture, the emphasis is on the birds and their feathers. The birds that you spot in the dream are said to have a different meaning.  

  • The rooster is an auspicious bird and even has a place on the Zodiac. Dreaming about the red rooster feathers is considered to bring luck or auspiciousness. 
  • Cranes and stocks are given the same name and a dream about their feathers represents longevity and wisdom. 
  • A dream of dove feathers is also associated with longevity and fidelity. 
  • A dream about duck feathers symbolizes loyalty. 

Dreaming about Feathers – a Psychological Perspective 

According to dream interpretation, when one sees feathers in their dreams it symbolizes agility and softness. It can also mean that you can take an easy way out or think of a relatively easy solution. 

In order to ensure that there is a sense of development, a dream about feathers symbolizes that you need to not succumb to violent measures. 

In terms of Depth Psychology, a dream about feathers represents vanity and false pride. It can also refer to your thoughts and hopes. Here, the priority is given to the color and the symbols that are present in the dream arc. 

In Psychoanalysis, Freud specified that dreams about feathers would represent a sense of urgency in completing the tasks of importance before one achieves peace. Even in psychoanalysis, it can symbolize air and wind and your spiritual life. 

To Conclude

Reaching the end of the article, you must now realize that a dream about a feather or feathers can have multiple connotations and understanding. 

Dreams are always viewed as a window to our subconscious and our unconscious. We now know that based on the color, the type, and based on the context in which the feather is placed in it can range from a good sign to a bad omen. 

Remember, when you see a feather in your dream, note down the important details in your dream journal to cross-refer what this dream could have meant, to understand your inner workings, and gain insight into the direction you are headed in.