Dreaming about feathers has myriad meanings and interpretations. The latter two, meaning and interpretation relies heavily on the context and the kind of dream you have had. 

Feathers are symbolic of trust, strength, wisdom, honor, and power. Further, it represents a connection between the Creator, the owner of the feather, and the bird that the feather was acquired from.

A One-Stop Guide to Dreaming of Feathers (55 Interpretations)
A One-Stop Guide to Dreaming of Feathers and Its Interpretations

Feather Dream Meaning and It’s General Interpretation

Dreaming about feathers represents and symbolizes inspiration, success, freedom and transcendental experience, commitment, and perseverance, hesitation, jealousy, or the feeling of being caged or restricted. 

However, be on the lookout for the type and color of the bird as it can have significant implications for the interpretations. 

To speak in general, dreaming about feathers can have the following meaning:


It can represent or be a symbolization of your inspiration, that is, how inspired you are with regard to various aspects such as personal or professional.


It can reflect on your ability to achieve something if you put your mind to it. At times, we all need a sign to work harder, a sign of reassurance, and a dream about feathers is just that. 

Freedom and Transcendence 

This can symbolize that you are thinking about freedom and being able to let loose. You want to fly away and not be chained down, just like the birds that to whom the feathers belong.


It can be a good sign. It can mean that you need to be able to see through the tasks at hand as you have the ability to persevere through obstacles and your limitations.


This can be symbolic of embracing gratitude. It is a reminder to be more thankful for everything in your life. Sometimes, we can forget how privileged we are when we are living the same life for a while. 

What do your Dreams about the Feathers mean Spiritually? 

Spiritually, a dream of feathers can be representative of a bad omen, associated with the Divine (Angeles), be conscious about your health, ground yourself, and as a reminder to reconnect with your inner self. 

A feather is symbolic of spiritual growth and the faith that one has. It usually is representative of communication to the higher realms.  

A Psychological Perspective of Dreaming about Feathers

In terms of Depth Psychology, a dream about feathers represents vanity and false pride. It can also refer to your thoughts and hopes. Here, the priority is given to the color and the symbols that are present in the dream arc. 

In Psychoanalysis, Freud specified that dreams about feathers would represent a sense of urgency in completing the tasks of importance before one achieves peace. Even in psychoanalysis, it can symbolize air and wind and your spiritual life.

Dreaming of Feathers Based on the Color

Black Feather Dream Meaning

It represent that your nemesis fears you. A loved one or someone close to you may be at risk of an attack rather than directing it towards you due to fear, in case the nemesis or the enemy decides to strike. A warning has fared through your dream.  

White Feather Dream Meaning

It can be symbolic of just that; meaning, some peace and maybe good luck is coming your way. All of us seek reassurance that we are going in the right direction with our decisions and future.

Dreaming of Lots of white Feathers

It symbolizes that you are now in the front wheel of the direction you are heading in. It is a good sign that you know what you want and that you are inching closer to that goal. 

Blue Feather Dream Meaning

It represents the need to be ready to be struck with some of that positive inspiration that will get you up and about in the direction you want to move.  

In addition to that, It symbolizes some kind of healing or recovery of sorts. This is particularly concerning you, your friends, family or a loved one previously struggling with a health issue is now getting better while your life is changing for the better too. 

Red Feather Dream Meaning

This symbolizes or represents negative motivation or inspiration. Some of us are particularly driven by punishment or the loss of something we love

If you are someone driven by such factors, then get ready to start the grind because it is heading your way.  

Pink Feather Dream Meaning

It means that you are due for a new partner in your life, a romantic one that is or it may be a sign to spice things up with your current partner to keep that romance alive. 

Purple Feather Dream Meaning

It symbolizes a profound positive change in the corner, helping one let go of a habit that is troubling them only to make their life better. This can be whatever you believe is your bad habit that you have been meaning to work on. 

Yellow Feather Dream Meaning

This can explain some unsettling emotions you’ve been battling within the last couple of days. 

It can represent some negative feeling such as envy or jealousy that you have been experiencing, specifically because someone else possesses something that you desire.  

Green Feather

It symbolizes financial security that you have been thriving for and the wealth you dream of. Monetary prosperity is a guarantee with a dream about green feathers where the future is secure in terms of money.

Orange Feather

It represents a multitude of things from new energy, change to opening the flow of the creative juices. Just that, like, orange feathers in your dream represent the firing up of your current life.

Brown Feather

It is a sign to be more practical, in both your personal and your professional life.

Here, pragmatism is the main virtue that is preached and supposedly to be practiced. However, this is not a sign to look for flaws and issues in places where we won’t find any.

Grey or Silver Feather

It would represent the need to be a little more open and considerate about different perspectives. 

It can be a sign to develop the ability to shift your viewpoints to be more accommodating and empathetic even if you firmly believe that they are incorrect or from an uninformed standpoint. 

Gold Feather

It denotes the same along with a hint of prosperity in plethora. 

If you have struggled with financial security for most of your life, you will now get a chance to live a life where your worries about money have disintegrated and are non-existent. 

Multi-colored Feather

It means that you come face-to-face with a challenge like never before. You will surprise yourself and the people who presume to know you because of the difficulty of the challenge and your triumph.

You are pushing your limits and moving beyond the boundaries you have set for yourself which will be a quick boost for your self-esteem. 

Feather Dreams – Interpretations Based on the Different Birds

Based on the type of bird feather you see in your dream, the meaning and interpretation will differ.

Chicken Feathers

If you see chicken feathers in your dream, fasten your seat belts for some additional financial expenses or a small hiccup relating to money coming your way. 

You might have to let go of some luxuries you treat yourself to or just make some changes to your plans. Therefore, It symbolizes minor inconveniences.  

Eagle Feathers

It generally symbolizes that you are about to gain a shortcut, a quick road to fame and wealth. You need to be equipped to handle the wealth and the fame. If not, there are chances that it will slip through and you will lose it. 

Crow Feathers

It is a blessing in disguise, that is it is a representation of a warning about misfortune or danger that is heading your way. It refers to a change of a kind. 

You need to be aware and cautious, particularly when you are in traffic or in the context of signing important documents. 

Owl Feathers

It belonging to an owl can be a message to spread the knowledge that you have accumulated. It is a sign to share your wisdom with those around you. 

Peacock Feathers

It can mean that you might have to go through an internal disruption. This disruption is one that is agreed upon and asked for by your soul. This internal disruption is yet to take place or has already taken place. 

Goose/Duck Feathers

It symbolizes that you are inviting the well-being of yourself in terms of health. You might also be in luck with getting some good fortune too. 

Hawk Feathers 

It refers to a signal to be cautious. You may be perceptive and shrewd but you may be susceptible to silly mistakes which could be avoided. 

Ostrich or other Ornamental Feathers 

If you recognize any ostrich feathers or just some ornamental feathers, it represents that you will be experiencing a social advancement. It is to be noted that this is also particularly in terms of women. 

Pigeon Feathers 

It means that you are about to receive some good news. If you have been crossing your finger for something good to happen in your life, then this is your sign. 

Black Plumage of Raven

The black represents female energy, intuitiveness, darkness, and creativity. Similarly, the spotting black plumage of a raven in your dream is a sign of respect and honor among your co-workers. 

Parrot Feathers

If you spot a parrot feather in your pockets in the dream, then it would represent a surprise improvement and boost professionally. You will be climbing that career ladder. 

Swan Feathers

It is symbolic of honor and pureness. It also refers to innocence. If you have been struggling specifically with communicating, then this dream is a sign that it is going to improve, be more concise, and clear. 

Birds without Feathers

This can be quite terrifying. However, it actually might signify some underlying morose feeling that you might have. 

Dreaming of birds without feathers also symbolizes that you just breeze through life without stressing too much or putting too much pressure on yourself. 

Dreams about Feather as an Accessory

We will now look into what it means when you dream of wearing certain feather accessories. 

A Feather necklace

If you wake up to realize that you or someone you know was wearing a necklace made out of feathers or containing feathers, it symbolizes that it is a reminder to be grateful for everything you possess. 

A Feather Bracelet

It represents how superstitious you are as an individual. You have to be wary about it. Some common superstitions are walking past a black cat or walking under a ladder. 

Feather Earrings 

As it rightly points out, you need to concentrate on listening to the advice given to you. You can be stubborn sometimes, but you need to know when to be open about asking for help and when you handle something by yourself. 

Feather on a Hat

It denotes that you will be in the company of someone with whom you will have an amazing time. You will be aware of these schemes of lies but you will be blinded by the charm of your company. 

Feather in the Hair

Sometimes, you may dream about a feather in your hair. Symbolically, this refers to fertility. 

Dreams about Feather – Other Meanings

There are other ambiguous dreams that one may have about feathers. We will explore those in this section. 

Feathers Flying 

It seems quite serene to think about a dream with feathers flying everywhere. Similarly, such a  dream is said to signify happiness and delightedness. 

You surround yourself with people who motivate you and inspire you. This ensures that you feel good about yourself and commit 100% to whatever you are working on. 

Wearing Feathers 

It indicates that you are stealing someone’s hard work. You are being unjust by stealing the credit for their work. 

It can symbolize a person of authority commending you for the work that was done by someone else.

Feathers Falling from the Sky 

If you have been looking for a good sign all week, then this is it. Dreaming of feathers that fall from the sky is interpreted as a good thing. Something that you’ve been longing for a while has a chance of coming true. 

Throwing Feathers Away

This is a sign that you need to persevere based on your judgment of if this project or job is worth the effort or not. Depending on your call, you will take the next step. 

Feather Tattoo

It is symbolic of longing to be lighter. You might have been carrying some things that are extremely heavy and want to let go of the ideas and the thoughts that have been weighing you down. 

Angel Feathers

It is a sign of higher calling and a change in your purpose which may now be devoted to the Big Man upstairs. It would represent goals, motivation, and the different aspirations you might have. 

Plucking the Feathers

To dream of plucking feathers off of a bird can be quite terrifying and gory. Just like your feeling, it is a reflection of some possible anxious feelings you have towards how another individual conducts themselves in your presence. 

Three or Multiple Feathers

It is a sign that you don’t have enough faith in yourself. There are times when we all doubt ourselves. Our ability to perform well, to show up and be there, to stand up for what we believe in.

A Big or Small Feather

It is representative of some issue that needs some work. In this sense, there are problems that need to be resolved and you might be facing a sense of difficulty in overcoming them. 

Feathers in a Pillow

If you spot feathers from your pillow when you’re changing the sheets in your dream, then you may need to be on the lookout for disruption or a fight with your partner. In this case, in the dream, you may have shaken the feathers from the pillow.  

A word from ThePleasantDream

Dreams are always viewed as a window to our subconscious and our unconscious. We now know that based on the color, the type, and based on the context in which the feather is placed in it can range from a good sign to a bad omen. 

Remember, when you see a feather in your dream, note down the important details in your dream journal to cross-refer what this dream could have meant, to understand your inner workings, and gain insight into the direction you are headed in.