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Dreaming of Shooting Stars – 40 Types & Their Interpretations

Dreaming of Shooting Stars – 40 Types & Their Interpretations

Updated on Feb 06, 2023 | Published on Jun 28, 2022

Reviewed by Dr. Nereida Gonzalez-Berrios, MD , Certified Psychiatrist

Dreaming of Shooting Stars – 40 Types & Their Interpretations

After or while dreaming of shooting stars, what thought hits your mind first? For me, it’s “Can we pretend that airplanes in the night sky are like shootin’ stars…”

Well, jokes aside, gazing at a shooting star on a starry night is such a beautiful phenomenon.

Seeing shooting stars in real life can be such a rare occurrence, so when you see one in your dreams, you know it has a special kind of significance. 

Each shooting star dream carries a unique meaning, so how to interpret each dream? Well, if you’re confused, not for long! This informative think-piece is here to help you spill all the beans.

Excited? Then let’s get shooting!

Dreaming of Shooting Stars – 40 Types & Their Interpretations
Dreaming of Shooting Stars – 40 Types & Their Interpretations

Shooting Star Dream Meaning – General Interpretations

In general, dreams of shooting stars may symbolize good luck, financial stability, meeting your lover, or a rare incident. Sometimes, it even suggests showcasing your talents.

For someone who loves looking at the night sky, these dreams can hold a special place in their hearts. If you don’t believe in them, you might completely ignore them.

However, these dreams have much to disclose to you. So, bring your ears closer and know what the falling stars mean when you slumber…

1. It is a symbol of good luck

This is, of course, the most common general interpretation of seeing a shooting star.

Whether you see it falling in your waking life or when you’re sleeping, the significance is a positive one either way. You will be blessed with good luck and achieve all your goals and dreams. 

2. It shows financial success

Another great thing about dreaming of a shooting star is that you will experience financial success. Perhaps you’ll get a raise in your office or even win the lottery!

Or perhaps, a coworker will gift something grand to you as a sign of appreciation. Some kind of financial reward awaits you just round the corner.

3. It symbolizes the arrival of a lover

If you’re currently experiencing troubles in your love life but suddenly dream of a meteor shower, be happy.

Because this signifies the arrival of someone very special in your life. You were probably waiting for this moment for months or years so this lover will bring luck and passion into your life. 

4. It symbolizes a rare occurrence

Witnessing a rare occurrence can be such a pleasant surprise. This is why dreaming of falling stars can show that you’re experiencing a very exciting and fun phase in your life.

Just like shooting stars are rare to come by, seeing them in your dreams can also mean that you will see a rare but pleasant phenomenon sometime soon.

5. It’s a message to share your talents with the world

Whenever you get an opportunity, share your talents with the world. Or else this chance will pass you by and you’ll regret it later.

Even if you missed an opportunity previously, don’t fret. If you wish for that chance again with all your heart, it’ll come true and you’ll show your skills to everyone.

Dreaming of Shooting Stars – 40 Types & Their Interpretations

In your dream of shooting stars, if you made a wish, it predicts you’ll soon fulfill your long-awaited desires. If you don’t make a wish, you don’t have enough goals or can’t reach them in conscious hours.

Your action and the presence of other things in your dream have a huge impact on your dream interpretation. So, if you’re ready to find yours, let’s step on the gas…

1. Dreaming of a shooting star and making a wish

So many of us believe that if we wish upon a shooting star, it will come true. Similarly, when you dream of the same plot, it is most likely to come true.

You’re probably wishing for something for a long time. Now, your spiritual self tells you that you’ll get it soon.

2. Dream of seeing a lot of meteor showers

Seeing a large number of meteor showers together is truly a sight, isn’t it?

But how you feel after seeing this in your dream is the real deal. If you feel impressed, it signifies that you’ll get some fortunes soon. But if you feel anxious or overwhelmed, it’s a sign to focus on a specific desire.

3. Dream to see a shooting star during fireworks

Fireworks and shooting stars are quite similar. So seeing them together in your dream is a sort of divine intervention.

You are focused on a bigger goal in life and wish to accomplish it. Your mind tells you ways to reach that goal and how to be successful.

4. Dream of seeing shooting stars and UFOs

Since UFOs are considered to be mysterious and unknown, seeing them with a shooting star can imply you have hidden talents that even you’re not aware of.

It’s time to explore yourself, even if others feel shocked or surprised by your change. Use your talents and see how far you can go.

5. Dream of many shooting stars

If you dream of a lot of shooting stars together, it signifies that you have many unfulfilled desires and you wish to achieve.

Though others you are greedy, you know that you’re energetic and focused. But always think of what you wish to accomplish before doing the job.

6. Dream of shooting stars slowly progressing

This dream signifies that you can only fulfill your wish thrice before the shooting star slowly passes by you. Perhaps you want to get out of a tough situation in life.

This dream tells you that you have the strength and mindset to do so.

7. Dream of exploding shooting star

This is a bad omen in the dream realm. It implies that your mind is plagued with negativity and fear.

You might not wish to admit it but you know deep inside that you won’t be able to achieve your goal completely. If a woman has this dream, it might indicate pregnancy.

8. Dream of falling shooting stars

When a shooting star falls in your dream, it means that you must keep your guard up. Something unexpected and even unpleasant will happen, so you must stay prepared.

Even if things are going really well currently, they might change in the long run. 

9. Dream of seeing a shooting star with a favorite person

Ah, seeing the beautiful shooting stars with your favorite person seems so romantic, right? Even in your dreams, this symbolizes that you are a very passionate and romantic person.

Unfortunately, this also symbolizes that your love may be temporary since shooting stars fly by quickly and are temporary themselves.

10. Dream of lovers and meteor showers

This dream is also a romantic one but again, it does not imply anything pleasant.

It is an omen that something very unhappy will happen to your relationships like a hasty separation or a betrayal from your lover. The more meteor showers you see, the greater your shock will be, so be careful.

11. Dream of shooting star flows through the starry sky

A starry sky can heal even the most wounded hearts. Such a sky in your dreams signifies hope and longing.

It is a positive interpretation where a higher power tells you that if you work hard, you will achieve your dreams. However, this dream can also mean that trouble is just around the corner.

12. Dream of shooting stars falls and burns

Again, this dream means that you will encounter some unexpected problems in your life. These can be in the form of a natural disaster or some other kind of trouble.

However, you might also witness a life-changing event, such as winning the jackpot or having good fortunes at home.

13. Dream to see the aurora and shooting stars

The aurora is a breathtaking sight but you can’t see it unless you’re in a specific place and at a specific time. So dreaming of the aurora along with the shooting stars is a good indication that your dreams will come true.

This dream also suggests that if you longed for a baby you will receive joyful news.

14. Dream of a red shooting star

Even though red is the color of love, a red shooting star isn’t happy news. It symbolizes that you and your partner will have problems in your love life. In the worst case, you might even be forced to break up.

If you are a woman, control your emotions. If you’re a man, stay cautious of casual comments.

15. Shooting stars in your first dream

Seeing a bright shooting star in your very first dream can signify happy news but not always.

Many times, it indicates that your wishes might not come true but stay hopeful for the upcoming year. Even if you don’t remember the dream, work hard and good luck will follow you.

16. Dream to catch a shooting star

A dream where you catch a shooting star is a message to make the most of your efforts. If you work hard towards your goals, keep it up. Don’t be alarmed if you have this dream frequently; it is a good sign.

17. Dream that shooting star does not disappear

Shooting stars generally disappear quickly but if you see one that does not, it is a warning. It means that bad luck will stay by your side for some time.

Maybe you’ll struggle for a while until things settle in place. Try to be calm and intelligent to bring back your fortune.

18. Dream that a shooting star disappears

A dream where a shooting star disappears suddenly indicates that you missed out on a golden opportunity in waking life. This can either be related to your work or your romantic life.

Perhaps you missed the chance of meeting someone wonderful. You can’t bring back the past but be more aware and alert next time.

19. Dream of shooting star in the blue sky as daytime

Dreaming of a shooting star in the blue sky is a positive message that means you will soon get lucky. You might receive a promotion or raise at work or date someone your long-time crush.

Since you’ll get lucky, it’s advisable to take a different approach rather than trying out the same old things.

20. Dream of not making a wish on a shooting star

We all love wishing when we see a shooting star fly by, but if you’re one of the rare ones who doesn’t do that even in dreams, it signifies that you don’t have enough goals or ambitions in life.

This makes it difficult for you to achieve your desires. Maybe your ambitions are too high or complicated, which makes things tougher.

21. Dream of shooting stars as a chaos

Chaotic shooting stars can be a little uncommon in dreams but when you see them, they indicate unfortunate obstacles in your path.

It is a warning to stay alert and keep a close watch on your surroundings. Try to not get involved in the chaos and avoid chaotic people.

22. Dream of shooting stars in the area you live

This can be interpreted as a dream-come-true incident where celebrations and good news will flood your house. There can either be a wedding of a family member or any other happy occasion.

The good part is that you will play an important role in the event. This dream can also indicate a personal milestone you’ll reach.

23. Dream of shooting stars in the unfamiliar area

If you can’t recognize the area where the star is falling, it symbolizes that you will soon face success in your business and work life.

Unknown areas serve as a metaphor for exciting challenges that will shape your career. But take some time to know your new environment to perform even better.

24. Dream of shooting stars in the winter

Shooting stars during winter represent new opportunities and circumstances in your life. You will embark on a new adventure. It’ll help you become more learned and mature. If you’ll start a new job or business, things will turn for the better.

25. Dream of multi-colored shooting stars

Multi-colored shooting stars represent the many goals that you want to achieve. If you are unsure of yourself, your mind reassures you that these goals are doable.

Even if you experience setbacks or hurdles along the way, don’t give up.

26. Dream of a shooting star flowing across the sky

When you dream of a shooting star flowing from one end of the visible sky to the other, it represents patience. This is a great virtue as it will come to you when you expect a major change in life.

If you want to secure funds for a project or want a baby, this dream is an indication to be patient.

27. Dream of making love under shooting stars

In your dream, if you’re physically intimate with your partner under shooting stars, it is not a good sign.

It foretells that you will discover a shocking secret about them, perhaps a betrayal. After having this dream, talk to them honestly and sort out any underlying issues.

28. Dream of running from a shooting star

Even though this isn’t possible in real life, you can run from a shooting star in your dreams.

It symbolizes that you will face some problems in life which will force you to pause your plans for the moment. Act fast because the longer you procrastinate, the worse things will get.

29. Recurring shooting star dreams

This can be a good omen because it tells you that your goals and dreams can be achieved with enough hard work.

The persistence of this dream indicates that you will receive the support of your colleagues or friends while working on something important.

30. Dream of a steady shooting star

A steady shooting star is something out of place. So in your dreams too, this signifies that you allowed people who will bring ill luck into your life.

They have been filled with negativity themselves and they hope the same for you. To avoid this, prevent everyone from knowing your secrets and ambitions.

31. Dream of seeing a shooting star during daytime

This dream symbolizes your exceptional qualities. It shows that you are an important pillar of your office and others can rely on you for their work.

When you have such amazing gifts, you must use them wisely for others’ benefit.

32. Dream of seeing a shooting star by the beach

Just like we go to the beach to relax and refresh ourselves, this dream too, advises you to relax and let go. Breathe amid nature and forget about your work for a while.

It can also suggest you be more grounded and enjoy the simple pleasures of life.

33. Dream of riding a shooting star

Riding a shooting star in your dream is a very good omen because it implies to you that there’s no limit to how high you can fly.

Your dreams and ambitions will all come true, so keep faith in yourself. With a bit of hard work, you’ll see that anything is possible for you.

34. Dream of seeing a shooting star from another planet

This dream is spiritually very significant because it tells you that there are higher powers that are acting in your life.

If you see yourself being more perceptive and powerful lately, it means that these powers have urged you to look within yourself. So let yourself feel these energies and respond to them.

35. Dream of a shooting star on a clear night

Shooting stars on a clear night symbolize harmony, peace, and happiness in your love life.

If you’re single right now, it indicates that you shall meet someone very unique soon and you both will spend a lovely time together.

Tell yourself to live this moment with intensity because this is the time to strengthen your bond with others.

36. Dream of a shooting star on a dark night

Just like shooting stars light up the sky even on the darkest of nights, seeing this scenario in your dreams indicates that you always highlight the brighter side of a situation.

Even during troubling times, you don’t give up and stay hopeful. As a result, this skill lets you solve problems faster.

37. Dream of a shooting star in a cloudy sky

This dream too shows that you can overcome any obstacles that may come your way. So if you’re going through a rough phase, don’t lose hope.

Things will soon turn better. Try to adopt a more cheerful approach to life to solve problems easily.

38. Dream of chasing a shooting star

Chasing or catching a shooting star is a good sign because it indicates that you are on the right path.

This symbolizes that you chase the right goals and you’ll achieve them sooner or later. So keep pushing forward and working hard; success is imminent.

39. Dream of shooting star falling and hitting the earth

Unfortunately, this is a bad omen. It represents that you unknowingly invited toxic and negative people into your life. Be cautious and stay alert to avoid being affected by them.

Use your intuition to judge who truly your friend is and who isn’t. Even if walking away from a toxic person can seem heartbreaking, it is necessary.

40. Dream of shooting star appearing and disappearing

This dream represents that major changes and transformations will take place in your life.

These can be good or bad, depending on your current situation but every opportunity can teach you a valuable lesson. So welcome these transformations with open arms.

Biblical meaning of shooting stars in dreams

In the Biblical sense, shooting stars are messengers of luck and good fortune. They are often considered to represent truth, hope, and comfort during hard times.

The Bible mentions “stars” several times, so shooting stars play a major role in spirituality and religion. They are also compared to saints of the Old Testament, angels, or other similar protective figures.

Dreaming of shooting stars, thus, signifies that you will experience major changes in life that will transform you into a new person.

Questions to ask yourself to interpret shooting star dreams correctly

Whenever you dream of falling or shooting stars, you may or may not remember most of the dream right after waking up… after all, it’s really hard to witness shooting stars in reality.

But even if you remember a small portion, it can mean a lot of things. So, let’s make sure you don’t miss out on the important deets here…

1.  What color was the shooting star?

2. Did the star fly by quickly or take a long time to move from one end to the other?

3. How did you feel after seeing the stars?

4. Whom did you see the shooting stars with? Or did you view them alone?

5. Where did the phenomenon of shooting stars take place? In a known locality or an unknown one?

6. Are you ever able to catch such a star in your dreams?

7. Did you ever chase a shooting star in your dreams?

8. Have you ever dreamed of multiple stars or do you mostly see a single one?

9. Is there anything else in addition to the star, such as a UFO or rain?

10. How often are these dreams occurring to you?

A word from ThePleasantDream

Shooting stars have been romanticized forever. But, all such dreams don’t bring positive news. So, never judge such dreams at their face value.

Furthermore, whether you see a shooting star in reality or in dreams, don’t bet your future on these raging balls of flame. You’ll succeed in your life only if you stay true to yourself and your journey.

So, whether you receive a positive or negative oracle from your dreams, don’t forget that you have the power to make or break your life. 

Don’t stop fighting for more till the end of time and never forget to enjoy this beautiful journey.

…because YOU are far more beautiful than any shooting star!