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A Dream About Meteor : 45 Scenarios With Interpretations

A Dream About Meteor : 45 Scenarios With Interpretations

Updated on Feb 15, 2023 | Published on Feb 06, 2023

Reviewed by Dr. Nereida Gonzalez-Berrios, MD , Certified Psychiatrist

A Dream About Meteor 45 Scenarios With Interpretations

Meteors falling on the Earth’s surface isn’t an everyday occurrence. But you can dream about meteor at any point in your life depending on what you are going through in the real world. 

Some scenarios convey the best of messages such as wish fulfillment and some the worst. If you want to figure out which category your dream falls into, check out the following sections where we walk you through the most common scenarios related to meteors. 

What Does A Dream About Meteor Signify?

A dream about meteor symbolizes short-term success and fleeting happiness. On the other hand, such dreams show you are ready to move on from the past and embark on a new journey. 

A dream about meteor stands for a potential problem that can persist and devastate plans, goals, sense of stability, relationships, and even your whole life. 

On a positive note, meteors symbolize good luck, leaving past conflicts behind, success, and a bright future. 

From another point of view, such a dream reflects your feelings about unexpected massive changes that do not concern you directly. 

Meteors are also associated with short-term success and happiness. 

Meteor Dreams : Several Dream Types With Meanings

Meteors can convey positive or negative messages depending on the context and your real-life circumstances. For sure, no expert can help you decode your dream as accurately as you, the dreamer, as dreams are personal. 

But the scenarios listed below will help you start your dream interpretation on a strong footing. 

1. To see a meteor in the sky

A meteor up in the sky shows you are being delusional about something. Perhaps you think you are in a loving relationship when in truth, it is one-sided. 

2. Dreaming of a meteor streaming across the sky

The dream refers to one of your successful accomplishments. As enchanting as the meteor in the sky is, the sweet taste of your success will make you feel on top of the world. 

But remember, it’s not there to stay. You won’t be able to relish the fruits of your labor for long. 

3. To dream of a meteor passing by and staying put in the air without falling

The dream narrative is closely related to changes you will soon have to face whether you like it or not. 

So, the dream urges you to prepare yourself mentally and emotionally for what’s to come. 

4. Dreaming of a meteor shower

A meteor shower in a dream symbolizes bad news, destruction, and chaos. Alternatively, a meteor shower represents your quest for peace and spiritual awakening.

5. Meteor rain in a dream

A meteor rain shows for some time, your entire focus has been on your love and relationships. 

This can be romantic love, love for your family/ friends, or even self-love. 

Chances are, you have been a workaholic in the past. But all of a sudden, you went through a spiritual awakening and decided that your relationships are more important to you. 

6. To dream of a meteor falling

After a secret comes to light, you will feel embarrassed realizing how wrongly you have judged someone. 

In reality, meteors falling is a rare occurrence. From that perspective, the dream signifies opportunities that do not come often. 

On the other hand, dream imagery of falling meteors is a sign that you have allowed others to influence you heavily. 

7. To dream of a fiery meteor falling from the sky

The dream shows you have a tendency of going against rules and regulations. 

On the other hand, if you have the habit of letting others take care of your affairs, the dream conveys the message that you need to be more proactive. At least regarding matters that concern you directly. 

Another interpretation projects your disappointment because you think your loved ones are pushing you away. And since that can’t be farther from the truth, the scenario insists you stop overthinking and worrying over nothing. 

8. A meteor hitting the ground in a dream

You need to sort out your priorities if a meteor hit the ground in a dream. 

Alternatively, the dream urges you to move on from the past and not let the present get affected by what happened earlier. 

9. Dreaming of a meteor falling on a car

A meteor falling on a car is an ill omen foretelling a fall of your social status. 

10. Dreaming of a meteor falling into the sea

The dream shows you need help and support desperately. 

But you are being stubborn and not talking about it to anyone. Instead, the dream shows you want other people to put themselves in your shoes and come to you offering you their assistance. 

Since that is not likely to happen, the dream insists you forget your ego for the time being and let others know where and how you need their assistance. 

11. Meteors falling and exploding in a dream

The dream portends financial complications and even bankruptcy, in some instances. 

Try to recall if the meteors hit the ground or not. If they didn’t, that shows you will manage to get out of the crisis, by some means. 

12. Trying to stop a meteor from hitting the planet in a dream

According to the dream, you are keeping your love and affection for someone bottled in for fear of rejection. 

If that does ring a bell, the dream urges you to let that person know how you feel. 

Trying and failing is always better than not trying at all. And if you don’t, you’ll hate yourself someday for not taking action when there is still time. 

13. Dreaming of a meteor shower hitting the Earth

The dream is the premonition of a calamitous event. On the other hand, it shows you aren’t thinking straight and your rational mind has been blurred for some reason. 

14. Dreaming about a meteor turning into a shooting star

The dream is a good sign implying your wishes will soon come true. 

15. Watching a meteor intently in a dream

You long for peace, harmony, and happiness. 

16. To dream of watching a meteor shower together with your beloved

Expect positive changes in your personal relationships. 

17. To dream of watching a meteor shower from a window and making a wish

Soon, fresh new ideas will strike your mind and you will come up with solutions to your ongoing problems. 

18. Dreaming of being at the epicenter of a meteor shower

Unpleasant news is on the horizon if you were at a meteor shower epicenter. 

19. Dreaming that you got frightened by a meteor shower

It is considered to be an ill omen if a meteor shower terrifies you. The dream signifies disappointments and sorrow in one or more aspects of your life. 

Life circumstances might even compel you to part from a closed one. 

20. To dream of a meteor disappearing suddenly

If a meteor disappears, all of a sudden, the dream conveys the message that you need to take better care of your body. 

21. A dream of taking pictures of a meteor falling

The dream portends pleasant good times you will spend in the company of your loved ones. 

On the other hand, the dream shows you’ll soon be invited to a happy event. 

22. A dream of recording a meteor fall

Luck will be on your side if you successfully recorded a meteor fall. 

Everything will fall into place and you will be able to fulfill your life-long wishes, without much difficulty. 

23. Observing the movement of meteors with radar in a dream

You are at a point in your life where you find everyone suspicious and untrustworthy. 

Likely, your mind is playing games with you. But if you have reasons to support your views, ask yourself who has what against you. 

24. Dreaming of other people observing meteors with radar

Unfortunately, this dream indicates you will talk ill about one friend with another friend. Chances are, his or her recent behavior and actions will be the key points of the gossip

As that will make you a hypocrite and a disloyal friend, the dream suggests you talk about the matter with the concerned person and not with a third party. 

25. Dreaming of warning others of a meteor hitting the Earth

The dream projects your fear that your importance will decline in the eyes of others and you won’t be taken seriously. 

Most likely, the dream arises because you believe you never receive the due recognition despite doing your best. 

26. Dreaming of another person warning you of a meteor hitting the earth

The dream is a harbinger of a shocking piece of news you will hear about soon. 

27. Dreaming about collecting meteor remains

The dream shows you are still living in the past denying yourself the opportunities of the present. 

28. To dream of seeing other people collecting meteor remains 

If you dream of the above, you will try your best to help a close one get out of a challenging situation. 

29. A meteor falling under your feet in a dream

One of your long-cherished plans will soon be implemented if a meteor falls under your feet in a dream. 

30. To see a meteor falling on or hitting a close one

You will be able to witness a close one’s transformation as he or she goes through a spiritual awakening. 

31. To dream of a meteor destroying your house

According to the dream, your relationships with family and friends have not been the best for quite a while. 

And the dream implies the communication gap between you and them is to blame. Keep your pride and ego aside and try to fix the relationships as soon as possible. Else, the existing gaps might become too wide to mend.

32. A meteor destroying your city in a dream

This dream shows you are a people pleaser. You always worry about how others see you and what they think of you. 

To you, your goals and your life purposes are not as important as people loving, praising, and respecting you. 

That being the case, the dream urges you to look at the matter from the other perspective. 

Instead of dancing to others’ tunes for the sake of acknowledgment, work hard and make a name for yourself. Then, the fame and respect you wish to receive will follow ultimately. 

33. To dream of a meteor shower destroying houses and killing people

The dream foretells a chance encounter with a person who will gradually come to play a crucial role in your life. 

34. Dreaming of a meteor destroying a planet

If you see a meteor destroying one of the planets, you are frustrated and starting to lose hope about a particular real-life situation. 

In that regard, the dream conveys the message that a lot of things that happen during our lifetime are not in our control.

So, if you aren’t seeing any good results despite giving your best, consider giving it up and start focusing on areas that are in your control. 

35. To dream of meteors and an apocalypse

The end of the world isn’t pleasant to dream of. But if you see it together with meteors, you need to understand that it is an auspicious dream. 

All your hard work will start paying off one after the other. You’ll soon leave the pain and suffering behind and move into a better phase of your life. 

Above all, you’ll have the freedom and independence to live life the way you want to. And the journey will certainly open you up to new perspectives on matters, people, and life in general. 

From the romance point of view, meteors and the apocalypse stand for one of your loving, warm relationships. 

36. Rescuing victims after a meteor strikes the planet in a dream

In the upcoming days or weeks, you will hear about a stranger’s sad life journey. And you will do all in your power to give that person a better life, going forward. 

37. Dreaming of counting the number of victims after a meteor hits 

Life circumstances or someone, in particular, will compel you to take up a job or a hustle that does not interest you a bit. 

But despite your contempt for that particular thing, you won’t be able to turn it down as your survival or even your family’s depend on it. 

38. Dreaming of rebuilding a city after meteor damage

You have a long way to go to accomplish one of your projects or goals. Unquestionably, you will need to invest time, effort, and money into it. 

But the most crucial thing you cannot do without, to turn your goals into reality is determination, tenacity, and self-motivation. 

39. Dreaming of studying the remains of meteors

According to the dream, you are a creative and curious person. But that side of you seems to be wasting away as you are stuck on the wrong career path.  

40. To see other people studying the remains of meteors in a dream

You are going through a phase of life where you will be able to make the utmost use of learning and acquiring new skills. 

41. Searching for meteors in a dream

The dream shows your successes will vanish as quickly as they happened. 

42. A dream about finding a meteor and selling it off

The dream warns you not to get too greedy and selfish. 

43. Dreaming of a shining meteor

A shining meteor in a dream is indeed a good sign. There’s a good chance that you will soon realize your lifelong wishes and dreams. 

But only if you keep the dream to yourself. Don’t go about sharing how you dream of a shining meteor. Else the good luck the Universe blessed you with will disappear. 

44. A small meteor in a dream

The dream conveys the message not to go after jobs that promise overnight success such as get-rich-quick schemes. 

Not only will they disappoint you, but they will impact your life and mindset negatively to a certain extent. 

45. Dreaming of a giant meteor

If you are currently amidst a crisis and are refusing to address it or procrastinating, the dream urges you to deal with it as soon as possible. 

According to the scenario, you might not yet be aware that your problems are indirectly affecting other areas of your life. And unless you solve them, you might not be able to proceed further. 

A giant meteor, on the other hand, warns you of minor health issues that can gradually turn serious. 

Sigmund Freud’s Interpretation Of Seeing Meteor in Dreams

According to the dream theory of Freud, a scenario associated with a meteor or a meteor shower, to be precise, symbolizes misunderstandings and problems in your intimate relationships. 

Spiritual Meaning Of A Meteor/ Meteors In A Dream

From a spiritual point of view, a dream of meteors symbolizes opportunities, ideas, possibilities, transformation, renewal, and new beginnings. 

Biblical Meaning Of A Dream About Meteor

According to the Bible, meteors in dreams signify chaos, destruction, and death. 

Psychological Meaning Of Meteor Dreams

Psychologically, a meteor in a dream symbolizes an idea, plan, or even a person that can wreak havoc on your life and relationships. 


Wrapping up, it’s fair to say a dream about meteor is associated more with the negative than the positive. 

But as it is your real-life circumstances and the unique dream details that determine the ultimate message, remind yourself to be open to all sorts of meaning while interpreting the dream. 

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