A dream about dark water portends that you feel unsafe and helpless. Sometimes it means that you are dealing with depression or you put yourself down a lot.

Often, it also shows that you don’t let your emotions take the better of you. In order to find out what else it means, let’s dig in. 

General Interpretations of Dreams about Dark Water

A dream about dark water alludes to depression and your fear of failure. It might also show that you are afraid of drowning. Let’s know more here!


This dream indicates you feel unsafe in your current environment and circumstances. You feel like something or somebody in your environment is putting you down. 

It can be real, like an abusive relationship. Or something perceived, where you think you are in danger as a result of your past trauma. You need to reach out to people who love you and confide in them.

Trust issues

It showcases your trust issues which make you expect the worst of people, even if they have proven their trustworthiness. You’re always suspicious of others’ intentions towards you. 


This is a sign that you are afraid of failure. You avoid experiences that have the potential of having an unfavorable outcome.

You feel like you don’t have the skills or the knowledge to attain your goals. 


You feel unending sadness, and it affects how you think, act, and feel. You’ve lost interest in hobbies that you once enjoyed doing. It also lowers your sense of self-worth. 


Sometimes, this shows that drowning is one of your biggest fears. You tend to stay away from pools of water, whether it be the ocean or a bathtub.

Remember that the key to getting over your fear is to face it in small doses. 

Spiritual Meaning of Dark Water in Dreams

Seeing dark water in dreams spiritually shows that you are worried about having a wrong stance in life.

Or, you want to escape a particular unsettling situation in reality. It has a connection to feelings of anxieties and worries in reality.

Common Scenarios of Dreams about Dark Water & Interpretations

Dreaming of dark water indicates you may swim or dive in it or just see the dark water running from the tap. Each of these has a unique message.

So, find out everything there is to know about it!

Swimming in dark water

This indicates that you have been indulging in negative self-talk. Your inner critic keeps on bombarding you with messages of fear, blame, doubt, and judgment.

You attribute your successes to luck, and you think that your failures define who you are. 

Your inner dialogue limits your ability to believe in yourself. Challenge your negative self-talk, and remember that your worth is more than you think it is. 

Dark water running from a tap

This vision portends that you have your emotions under your control. You have accepted and then washed away all your negative emotions. 

You have released all your sorrows and made peace with all your regrets. Further, you are in a state of inner peace and calm. 

Drowning in dark water

It is a metaphor for your helpless feelings. You feel there is nothing you can do to make your situation better. 

Remember that even if you can’t change a past event, you can always choose what you are going to do in the present. You can always choose to become a survivor. 

Dream of diving into dark water

It is a cue for you to move out of your comfort zone. You take the path of least resistance, and you always play it safe. You rarely indulge in things that you are afraid of, be it public speaking or driving a car

Remember that you’ll only get to know about your capabilities once you get out of your comfort zone. 

Drinking dark water

This shows that you are aware of what is going on in the world. You read the news every day, and you keep track of what is currently happening, both nationally and internationally.

Be it politics or sports, you are someone who is curious about everything. 

Seeing dark bloody water 

This indicates something bad may happen in the near future, like the loss of a loved one. However, it also tells that you are anxious and afraid about something.

Sometimes, it also shows that something bad has happened already, and it’s a message to calm yourself.

A word from ThePleasantDream

Dreams of dark water show your deepest longings and darkest fears. It also shares ways to overcome your current troubles and attain a more fulfilling life.

So, don’t take these visions for granted and interpret them skillfully. Jog your mind, recollect all details and get started. However, if you still get recurring dreams, seek an expert right away!