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What is the End of the World Dream? [15+ Types and Interpretations]

What is the End of the World Dream? [15+ Types and Interpretations]

Updated on Dec 03, 2022 | Published on May 09, 2021

Reviewed by Dr. Nereida Gonzalez-Berrios, MD , Certified Psychiatrist

What is the end of the world Dream [15+ Types and Interpretations]

End of the world dreams are definitely not a positive experience. They can often leave you stressed, confused, scared, and desperate looking for answers.

“Why am I having such dreams? I haven’t ever experienced an end of the world dream?”

“Why did the dream seem so real?”

“What is the hidden meaning to this end of the world dreams?”

In this article, we have all the answers to your confusions and queries related to this weird dream. End of the world dreams convey change, transition, chaos, and fear.

Depending on the events of your waking life, it has several other hidden meanings that will be discussed in the article.

End of the World Dreams - 15 Scenarios & Their Interpretation
End of the World Dreams – 15 Scenarios & Their Interpretation

End of the World Dreams Meaning – General Interpretations

End of the world dreams can signify a lot of things like a transition or unpreparedness. Sometimes, it also represents an emotional turmoil that you have been experiencing or a spiritual awakening that’s awaiting you. 

Unlike popular belief, end of the world dreams aren’t prophetic declarations. Your dream doesn’t mean the world is going to end in real life anytime soon. Instead, such dreams conceal many hidden meanings that have to do with your mental state and events of your waking life.

Our dreams are the way our unconscious mind processes the daily events of our life. It’s the representation of our deepest fears and hidden feelings. It depicts the course of your life or what the future has in store for you.

Millions of people dream about the end of the world every day. Depending on the type of their dreams, there are several interpretations and hidden meanings. Have a look at the most general interpretations of an end of the world dream.

1. Transition or Change

Let us start with the most common interpretation of end of the world dreams – it is a period of change or transformation in your life.

The person who experiences such dreams is on the verge of witnessing some drastic change in their life that can affect them in multiple ways. It can be moving to a different city, resigning a job and joining somewhere else, getting married or divorced, etc.

These dreams are a message to buckle up for the new phase.

2. Not ready

The scary feeling of unpreparedness is one of the other prominent interpretations of these dreams. A person who witnesses such a dream has to show up for a future event and they are not prepared.

It can be starting a new business and having unsure ideas about its success. It can be giving a presentation and not being prepared.

As a result, anxiety sneaks in and makes the situation worse. Your dream is a reflection of your troubled self who is struggling with an insecure future and anxiety.

3. Emotional Stress

It’s common to have a dream about an end of the world when your life is throwing multiple problems at you and you are unable to dodge.

Multiple situations are changing for the worse in your life. All of these situations are igniting emotional parts of you which you rather like to keep buried deep inside your heart.

When you are going through an emotional turmoil, it’s likely to feel that the world is going to be destroyed. Your subconscious catches this feeling and shows it to you in your dreams.

4. Spiritual Awakening

An end of the world brings new secrets and never known knowledge about the world. It makes one experience things they have never experienced before and face the mysteries they never knew once existed.

Having a dream about an end of the world suggests you are undergoing a brilliant moment of spiritual awakening. The process has made you form a deep connection between your body, mind, and soul.

Now, you are able to witness the world with a conscience that goes far beyond normal human experience.

5. Holding onto Past

Letting go of the past is one of the hardest things to do. People attach so many emotions and memories to the past that transitioning to a better present and future becomes difficult.

There is confusion. There is pain. And it feels like the end of the world. Such dreams signify your harmful wish to hold onto the past and not moving forward.

It’s a message that what’s in the past should be left there only. You should come out of your comfort zone to live the life you truly deserve.

6. Fearful of Mysteries

The feeling of uncertainty is another major reason behind having the end of the world dreams.

You are not sure about what’s going to unleash next in your waking life. You are unsure of the circumstances. At the same time, you are also very scared thinking what if the new changes are negative and destructive.

Such dreams indicate you are extremely scared of the future and its events. Hence, your unconscious mind takes these feelings and forms mental images in the forms of dreams. 

7. Thinking a lot about end of the world 

The mainstream media is full of destructive news about the dangerous global warming, war, political agendas, increase in crimes, and degradation of natural resources. Such dreams are enough to make one stressed.

If you are constantly consuming such data and getting affected by them, it’s natural for you to have an end of the world dream. After all, we dream about our deepest fears and what we think about the most.

It’s advised to take a one-week break from consuming any news and updates from social media to take care of your mental health.

End of the world Dreams – 16 Types & its Meaning

Dreams about the end of the world or apocalypse dreams can have many different meanings. The hidden meanings depend on several factors. These include the dream type, the events in the waking life of the person, and their dominant as well as deep-rooted secret thoughts.

Here we have discussed 16 different types of dream situations and meanings that can answer your curious question – “Why did I dream of an apocalypse?”

1. Dream of end of the world by Zombie attack

Zombies only exist in movies… right? But what if they start appearing in your dream? That’s an absolute nightmare.

But the meaning of this dream is not calming either. It means you are not happy with the way people are treating you in waking life. It seems they try to hurt you in every way they can.

You think the people around you have lost their humanity. They are worn out human bodies with no soul. This is the reason you see an apocalyptic dream where zombies are trying to end everything.

2. Dream of end of the world by Fire

Fire is the symbol of passion and anger. Having a dream where the world ends due to fire suggests two things.

Firstly, it means your passion is taking over you but sadly it’s more on the destructive side. The obsession can cause severe damages to your personal life.

Secondly, it suggests you have a lot of anger trapped within yourself. But life can give you a new chance to rebuild everything with peace and love.

3. Dream about end of the world by flood

Dreams about the end of the world caused by floods and tsunami are representative of deep pain and sorrow. The water in your dream also represents tears. It suggests you are shedding a lot of tears in your waking life.

The meaning of this dream is hidden in the events of your daily life. An aching loss of a loved one or financial issues has left you hopeless.

The raging sadness makes you feel like it’s the end of the world. But what you don’t see is that after an end of the world there is a peaceful new beginning.

4. Dream of Ice Age world ending

Such dreams symbolize you are cold and inattentive to the people in your life. You maintain the same attitude with your loved ones and peers. Obviously, they are not happy with your uncaring nature.

If you dream that the world is ending due to the Ice Age or Snow Apocalypse and you see a tiny space covered with grass, it means your higher self is trying to give you the message that there is still hope left for a brighter future.

5. Dream of end of the world by Alien attack

To find the meaning of this dream, you have to recall the emotions you were feeling during this dream.

Possibly, the possible emotions were feeling helplessness because some foreign forces were taking over and destroying your life and livelihood.

Such dreams are inclined towards feeling helpless in real life because of the entry of an outsider. The outsider can be a new boss, new firm, or a new love interest of your partner who is destroying your professional and personal life.

6. Dream of Robot world ending

To dream about the end of the world due to robots means there is a big aspect of your life that is controlled by a ruthless and unkind entity.

The person who has this dream feels like they are losing their voice in waking life.

It can be your boss or manager at work who is unsupportive and unkind to the team members. These people impose their harsh orders on you without giving it a good thought which is making you feel like a mere puppet.

7. Dream of end of the world by Nuclear War 

Nuclear wars are carried out by governments. According to the dream dictionary, the government is the symbol of authority. If you see a dream where the world is ending due to nuclear war, it means you are struggling with an authority figure in your real life.

You are having several confrontations with this authority figure and these confrontations have proved to be more destructive than constructive.

It seems to you that the situation is out of hand now and it can only end by posing intense harm on you.

8. Dream of Mutant Apocalypse

A dream where a mutant apocalypse is clearing away all the human existence is the representation of your fear of not belonging to the present generation.

You feel like the world around you is changing and going through evolution way too fast… you are unable to keep up with the changes that seem weird to you.

Depending on the events of your waking life, the dream also means that the people around you aren’t the same anymore. You can sense an apparent change in their behavior which is changing the dynamics of your relationship.

9. Dream about Doomsday Approaching

This dream suggests that you have a belief in powers that are above you. You believe that a higher power is taking care of you and the world.

The higher power is the one who is responsible for all the blessings and who will take away all the miseries from your life.

Your belief in the higher power also denotes that your love for the supreme one makes you a kind person who cares about every living being. You are a genuine person who is always eager to help people who are in need of support.

10. Dreams of end of the world by Religious unrest

The religious apocalypse takes place due to the struggle between the good and the bad. Dreams about religious apocalypse are the representation of your inner struggles.

We all have a positive and negative voice in our minds. In this case, which voice wins can be determined by the result of the battle.

Who won the battle? Who were you supporting during the battle? The answer to these questions whether you are going in the right direction or not.

11. Dream about Post end of the World

The dream about the post-apocalyptic world has several meanings depending on the type of your dream.

If you simply find yourself in a post-apocalyptic world where everything is destroyed and only you are alive, it means danger is on your way and you need to take better care of yourself.

On the other side, surviving the end of the world also means you are a fighter who doesn’t give up easily. You are going to defeat all of the problems life throws in your way.

12. Dreams about Surviving after end of the world

Surviving an end of the world in a dream suggests your inner strength and indestructible willpower. It means you are a strong person who fights with their problems instead of simply giving up.

The dream suggests you may go through a constant series of struggles but you will always emerge victoriously.

The dream is a positive omen for those who are going through a difficult phase of their life. It states that all your struggles are coming to an end.

13. Dreams about Biblical Apocalypse

The hidden meaning of dreams about the biblical apocalypse is positive. It means some very relevant knowledge is going to be disclosed to you.

The dream signifies you are on the verge of discovering higher knowledge about the world and your spirituality. It also means that the almighty is guiding your way.

The dream is also a reflection of God’s final judgment. It makes you aware that your actions are in accordance with God’s teachings.

14. Dream of being killed in an end of the world 

This dream is a common occurrence to people who are afraid of things coming to an end. For instance, if you think your job is in danger and you are afraid of it, you may dream of an end of the world where you are injured or even killed.

It also reflects your confusion with the future and your desire to be in control of the situation. The probability of change is making you afraid which is being manifested in your subconscious mind.

This can be in relation to anything – career, relationships, or even health.

15. Dreams of saving the world from certain destructions

Dreams where you are the hero and you save the world from being destroyed signifies your buried desire to be recognized.

This dream symbolizes that you must take action with certain aspects of your life. However, it also depends on what happens after – that is, if you are able to successfully save the world – it means you are confident in your ability and will be able to take control of a crisis when it arrives,

However, if you fail in your attempt, it may mean that you are over-expecting from yourself. Your desire to save the world is a mammoth task – you need to understand that you can’t do everything on your own and consider teamwork in real life.

16. Dream of leaving Planet

So many people discuss having dreams where they are leaving the planet Earth to live somewhere else.

If you also experienced this weird dream, it means that you wish to escape some sort of situation in your life. It can be anything – a need for a vacation, a change in relationship, or even a shift in your career.

Further, if you dream of asteroids destroying the earth, it represents your loss of control in real life. You are either facing conflicts caused by people or need a change in your environment.

What is the Hidden Meaning of End of the World Dreams?

The hidden meaning of end of the world dreams changes from person to person. Every person is unique in their own way and everyone faces different life situations in their waking life. The unique characteristics and different events of a person created unique hidden meanings of dreams for each one of them.

Two different people can have the same dream but their hidden meanings can be different depending on the events of their waking life. Each person has their own scary way in which the world is metaphorically ending for them. The most common feeling in all these common dreams is that extreme change is on your way and you should be optimistic to face them.

What does it mean when you have Recurring end of the world dreams?

Having recurring dreams about the end of the world means your behavior with others is very insincere and harsh. Yet, you are not even aware of it.

You are even a subject of ridicule and hate in your co-workers and partners. You are also failing at your job by doing the things you shouldn’t but your careless approach denies you any self-reflection.

The dream also means that your indifferent and often rude and selfish attitude hurts your loved ones. They remain getting hurt in silence while you have no idea about what you are doing. The recurring dreams are a warning that you should take an impartial check on your attitude in your professional and personal life.

What is the Spiritual Meaning of the End of the World Dreams?

Spirituality changes the meanings of your end of the world dreams. In spiritual terms, an end of the world is a symbol of “revelation of divine mysteries’ ‘ and a messenger that a spiritual awakening is heading your way. In simple words, you are at your best and you should grab each and every opportunity that comes your way.

The dream also means that your trapped and hidden emotions are seeking their way out of the capture. As a result, you may feel stressed and out of control. It is advised to have an optimistic approach to these situations, have mental strength, and deal with the situations positively.

What is the Biblical Meaning of End of the world Dreams?

The biblical meaning of a dream is determined to present you the hidden secrets of the world by the almighty. These dreams constitute a very important message that God wants to convey to you.

The biblical meaning of a dream is always inclined towards the betterment of human life. It conceals knowledge and revelation that can help a person heal by knowing more about their spirituality and the almighty. This dream also contains insights about your fate on the final day of God’s judgment. Both good and evil forces are present inside you and your journey is described by whom you choose.

Do you need to be worried if you have End of the world Dreams?

If you are worried about the meanings of the apocalyptic dreams, it means you are scared of the circumstances and fearful of what life can throw negatively on you.

The answer to this question is to not be worried about the apocalyptic dreams because the more worried and scared you are, the more the fear will increase its boundaries and trouble you.

Instead, take the dreams as a blessing as they give you an insight into what’s going wrong in your life. Take a cue and work towards mending anything that can cause you distress. Also, apocalyptic dreams don’t mean the world is going to end for real.

What can you do if you have an end of the world dream? 

If you are having dreams about the end of the world, the best thing to do is take some time to reflect on your life. Once you are sure about the areas that need change, work towards mending them, take the back seat for a while before you have total control over the situations.

If you are having these dreams almost every night, then it surely means something is not going fine in your life. Something is bothering you or there is something that you are doing wrong. With the help of this article, find the meanings behind your dreams, locate the weak points and start working on them.

Questions to ask yourself if you have the end of the world Dreams?

Ask yourself these questions if you are having apocalyptic dreams which are leaving you confused, scared, stressed, and looking for answers. You are definitely going to find your hidden dream meanings by answering these questions –

  • What caused the end of the world?
  • Were you able to survive the end of the world?
  • If you were able to survive the end of the world, was there any other survivor with you or were you alone?
  • How were you feeling during the dream? Were you scared and confused? Were you elated and happy? Were you numb and indifferent to the events?
  • What was the dominant feeling after waking up from the dream?
  • Is there any specific thing, person, situation, or other entity in your life which makes you feel the same feelings that the dream made you feel?

Final Words!

I know it’s scary to dream of the whole world coming to an end.

But don’t panic. This is not what it means!

It is, instead, saying something about you. Keep your ears open and refer to this article – I am sure you will find your answer!

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