A plane crash dream will likely keep the dreamer on edge about what may happen the next second – a real crash, a horrifying accident, death and decay, and so on!

But the messages behind these scenarios might turn out to be something totally unexpected.  

Plane Crash Dream: What Do The Scenarios Say About Waking Life
Plane Crash Dream: What Do The Scenarios Say About Waking Life

Plane Crash Dream Meaning

A plane crash dream does not foretell the dreamer or a close one getting into a similar accident in reality. Instead, it has more to do with shattered hopes, suicidal feelings, or even a secret admirer.

First, let’s be clear about one thing. A plane crash dream rarely foretells a similar misfortune befalling the dreamer or his/ her loved ones in the foreseeable future.

For a pessimist, it is a revelation of his/ her personality and overall outlook on life. Some crashes happen due to a lack of expertise of the pilot and others involved. 

But these are just the tip of the iceberg. Let’s look at some more meanings associated with airplane crashes. 

  • Unrealistic Goals – A plane crash shows the dreamer has unrealistic goals. If he/ she has a life goal that seems too far-fetched, these dreams are likely to occur. In certain instances, it also indicates a lack of confidence and qualities to achieve his/ her goals. It could even imply that it isn’t the goal that is flawed, but the dreamer’s approaches and strategies that are not working out. 
  • Lack of Control – Dreams of plane crashes are likely if one has little control over his/ her life. Instead of letting his/ her decisions decide his/ her actions and future, the dreamer might have been too submissive to people. 
  • Danger – Plane crashes may sometimes foretell danger. It could also mean his/ her anxieties are getting too intense to such an extent that it’s taking a toll on his/ her relationships and life in general.
  • Changes and Uncertainties – It also suggests changes the dreamer had not anticipated at all. Sometimes, these changes may crop up all of a sudden and leave him/ her unsure of how to go forward. They stand for endings and hence beginnings. 
  • Freedom and Liberation – Plane crashes could also mean liberation from life situations that have been pulling him/ her down. 
  • Anticipation of Failure – In life, we face circumstances that compel us to take any action even when we have the least confidence in its success. These types of scenarios usually occur when the dreamer is anticipating a failure. 
  • Existential Crises – One of the worst messages a plane crash stands for is existential crises. Perhaps his/ her struggles are too big and heavy. The future may seem dull and blurry with no way out. 
  • Catastrophe – Sigmund Freud connects an airplane with the desire of a man to be in a satisfying relationship. On the other hand, other dream analysts relate it to striving for the better and the higher in life. Lastly, these dreams may symbolize success and if a plane crashes in the dream scenario, it could mean utter failure.
  • Jealousy – In some cases, these dreams also indicate envious feelings the dreamer has over others’ success and achievements. This interpretation is especially true if he/ she does not possess the capabilities to do well as others. 

Different Scenarios Of Plane Crash Dream Decoded

Let’s look at some of the most common scenarios related to plane crashes.

Dreaming about dying in a plane crash 

The scenario highlights a foolish decision the dreamer made in the past, which could be compelling him/ her to face repercussions. 

It may also mean the projects and ventures he/ she has been investing time and effort in will be unsuccessful.

According to the plot, the reason behind the failure is careless planning. Further, it indicates that he/ she could have easily prevented them from failing had he/ she been more thorough and meticulous.

Be open to other interpretations because some experts relate dying in a plane crash to the dreamer’s long life. 

An airplane crashes into a water body 

Though it looks negative on the surface, an airplane crashing into the water is nothing bad. Since water in dreams symbolizes introspection, it indicates that the dreamer must look deep within himself/ herself to gain insights regarding some matters to be at peace. 

Such scenarios also represent his/ her repentance over something he/ she did or didn’t do earlier. 

A plane takes off only to crash the next minute

If an airplane takes off to meet its doom, the next minute, the scenario is a sign of encouragement. 

It also shows the dreamer takes others’ wishes and ideas more seriously than his/ her own. 

If the plane was moving upwards and not horizontally as it crashed, he/ she will be free from all worries and anxieties soon. 

A plane crashes and exploding

It could mean the dreamer’s plans are at risk. 

From another point of view, it shows something is not proceeding as he/ she had planned, and that could be discouraging him /her from going ahead. 

The plot indicates the issue will not be anything huge. However, it will heavily impact the his/ her mental state

A plane with the dreamer inside crashes onto something

Likely, he/ she will not be able to achieve his/ her goals.

Trapped inside a crashed plane 

The scenario indicates the dreamer’s wishes to get out of a complicated situation – a toxic relationship, a work-related problem, or anything in between.  

A plane crashes into another plane

The scenario stands for disagreements between the dreamer and a closed one. 

The plane with the dreamer’s parents inside crashed

Here, the dream signifies his/ her fear of losing them. 

An airplane crashed with flames burning around

The scenario stands for negative emotions the dreamer has been repressing for a long time. 

It conveys the message that he/ she should provide an outlet as they have gotten too intense.  

A plane crashes on landing

The scenario is a sign that he/ she has set unrealistic goals. And he/ she will be unable to fulfill them, however hard he/ she works. 

Witnessing a plane crash from the airport track

It hints at work-related issues. According to dream interpreters, these problems arose due to the dreamer’s carelessness during the planning phase.

Dreaming that the dreamer’s lover is in a plane crash

It reflects the dreamer’s fear of losing him or her to someone else. 

Seeing a plane crashing and falling off the next minute 

It represents the dreamer’s fears. Perhaps he/ she has been harboring fearful feelings of someone he/ she knows getting into trouble. 

A near one is in a plane crash in a dream

Chances are the dreamer lost someone recently to a similar incident. It can also mean the dreamer has a deep affection for the person in the dream and is afraid to lose him/her. 

Surviving a plane crash

The scenario implies he/ she will resolve a complex situation by himself/ herself. This period could also bring forth a person who will change the dreamer’s life for the better. 

It also hints at the success and fortune he/ she might receive in the coming years. 

Dreaming of a plane crashing into buildings

The plot indicates the dreamer’s good hold on life – the decisions and actions that help not just him/ her but loved ones get ahead in life. 

A loved one falling from a crashing plane

The scenario, though unpleasant, portends good news is on its way.

An airplane crashes at the airport premises in a dream

The scenario portends a metamorphosis. What is interesting about this transformation is that he/ she will have several choices to choose from.

Other people might offer to help make those life-changing decisions if the particular airport is bustling with people. 

An airplane crashes onto land and houses in a dream

The scenario conveys the message that the dreamer has to work harder to achieve his/ her goals. On the other hand, it means he/ she is disappointed with someone.

To be inside an airplane as it crashes during takeoff

According to the dream, the dreamer yearns for freedom. 

Recurring dreams of plane crashes

To have recurring dreams of airplane crashes symbolizes one’s anxieties.  

Closing Thoughts

As mentioned, a plane crash dream is not always bad despite the dreadful scenes. Sometimes it could even signify the accomplishment of goals.

Dream interpretations vary as context and details differ from one another. Before getting too excited or depressed, recall the exact scenario and each detail. 

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