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Plane Crash Dream: 50 Dream Scenarios & their Meanings

Plane Crash Dream: 50 Dream Scenarios & their Meanings

Updated on Aug 23, 2022 | Published on Mar 30, 2021

Reviewed by Dr. Nereida Gonzalez-Berrios, MD , Certified Psychiatrist

Plane Crash Dream - 50 Dream Scenarios & their Meanings

Have you ever woken up suddenly after dreaming of a horrifying plane crash? Bet you were too afraid to resume your sleep after hearing screeching cries and howls of people bloody and dying.

A plane crash dream can affect the emotional and mental state of your waking hours. 

It may even keep you pondering on what may happen the next second. However, the messages behind plane crashes in your dreams may turn out to be something unexpected.

Plane Crash Dream - 50 Dream Scenarios & their Meanings
Plane Crash Dream – 50 Dream Scenarios & their Meanings

Plane Crash Dream Meaning

A plane crash dream has diverse interpretations- good as well as bad. But one thing that must be noted is that a plane crash in dreams does not foretell you or a near one getting into a similar accident in reality. Interpretations range from discovering a secret admirer to you having suicidal feelings.

The first thing to note is that a plane crash dream is not a harbinger of a similar accident in reality. Generally, people who have had an accident or have witnessed one encounter these disturbing dreams.

But these plots are not limited to people who have anything to do with accidents in real life. There are various other reasons why such scenarios surface in your subconscious state. 

Plane crashes are terrifying to think of, let alone be a part of one. People who survived these accidents refrain from boarding a plane for the rest of their lives.

Moreover, it is also likely for them to develop aerophobia or aviophobia, or flight phobia.

In most cases, people who often dream of plane crashes have these phobias. Perhaps you suffer panic attacks every once in a while because of a trauma you once underwent.

Maybe memories of a past accident still haunt you. If you can relate to these instances, dreams about plane crashes bring a powerful message.

They are to make you aware of the need to fix your weaknesses and fears. Otherwise, they will linger on for months and even years to make sleep hell for you.

It is also common for people who have no history of any accidents to have such dreams.

Often, dreams reflect reality, or at the least, they convey messages that may help you tackle real-life problems, which is why it is vital to pay heed to them.  

People with anxiety disorder often anticipate the worst scenarios and encounter dreams of plane crashes.

If you are a pessimist and often look at events and situations from the darker side, a plane crash dream is a revelation of your personality and your overall outlook on life. 

Some crashes happen due to a lack of expertise of the pilot and others involved. Likewise, you may have plane crash dreams when you start doing something alien to you.

Those dreams indicate that you do not trust your capabilities to pull off the work successfully. An airplane crash in dreams also suggests that you are running after a goal just to appease others.

If you relate to the stated case, ask yourself a question- which is more important- to chase your dream goal or to run after those others love? 

Sometimes, dreams of crashes could also mean you have escaped a similar incident or have prevented the revealing of something unwanted in reality.  

Like any other dream, airplane crash dreams may have different interpretations depending on the plots. This is why it is crucial to recall each detail of the dream scenario for the analysis to be on point.

Plane Crash Dream: Symbolism

1. Unrealistic Goals

If you have a life goal that seems too far-fetched, dreams relating to plane crashes are likely to occur.

For example, if your life goal is to be a doctor, a police officer, and an award-winning actor, all at once, the dream indicates that you will fail to accomplish them.

The dream plot surfacing at this point is to remind you to revise your plans and make changes accordingly. 

In certain instances, it also indicates a lack of confidence and qualities to achieve your goals. You might have spent months and years working on something only to see it fail again and again.

It could even imply that it isn’t your goal that is flawed, but your approaches and strategies, which are acting as stumbling blocks on your path.

2. Lack of Control

Dreams of plane crashes are likely if you have little control over your life. Instead of letting your decisions decide your actions and future, you might have been too submissive to people. But remember, not everyone who smiles at you wishes the best for you.

Letting others take control of you and your life means giving people ample opportunities to sabotage your life.

Before it gets too late, muster up the courage and take back the authority you had thrown away.

3. Danger

Plane crash dreams may sometimes foretell danger. It could be in the form of anything. Chances are high of nobody coming forward to help you. 

In such cases, the dream aware you to plan and prepare lest such a situation crops up.

It could also mean your worries and anxieties getting too intense and becoming a huge factor to ruin your relationships and life in general.

4. Changes and Uncertainties

Plane crash dreams also suggest changes that you had not anticipated at all. Sometimes, these changes may crop up all of a sudden and leave you unsure of how to go forward.

They stand for endings and hence beginnings. It may be for the better or for worse, depending on the dream plot. 

5. Freedom and Liberation

Dreams of plane crashes could also mean liberation from the situations in life that have been pulling you down.

You could finally be able to come up with solutions for the problems you have been carrying for a while now. If you are in a toxic relationship, you will get opportunities to come out of it.

6. Anticipation of Failure

In life, we face circumstances that compel us to take any action even when we have the least confidence in its success. These types of dream scenarios usually occur when you are anticipating a foil of plans. 

7. Existential Crises

One of the worst messages a plane crash stands for is existential crises. Perhaps your struggles are too big and heavy.

Your future may seem dull and blurry with no way out. And you might be wondering if taking your own life will bring you relief.

8. Catastrophe

Sigmund Freud connects an airplane with the desires of a man to be in a satisfying relationship. On the other hand, other dream analysts relate it to striving for the better and the higher in life.

According to this group of analysts,  a plane crash dream indicates that your plans to go ahead and do better in life will end in futility. A plane symbolizes success in dreams. Logically, if a plane crashes in the dream scenario, it could mean utter failure.

9. Jealousy

In some rare cases, these dreams also indicate envious feelings you have over others’ success and achievements. This interpretation is especially true if you do not possess the capabilities to do well as others. 

Plane Crash Dreams: 48 Scenarios and Their Meanings

Let’s have a look at some of the most usual dream scenarios related to plane crashes.

1. What does it indicate if you were the reason behind a plane crash in your dream scenario?

If you were the root cause of a plane crash in your dream, you are soon to hear some good news. There is a high chance of it having to do with your love life. Perhaps someone is going to confess his or her feelings for you.

2. What does it mean if the plane you were in, in your dream, crashes onto something?

Dreams of a plane, with you inside, crashing onto something indicates that you will fail to achieve your goals.

3. Dream of trapping inside a crashed plane

Have you ever been inside a crashed plane in waking life? What was the thing you prayed for while being inside it? Of course, the answer would be to get out of it at the earliest or wait for death to come to you.

The same scenario in a dream points to your wishes to get out of a situation in reality. It could also mean you desire to get away from a toxic relationship or a problem.

4. Dream of a plane crashing into another plane

To dream of a plane crashing into another stand for disagreements between you and someone close to you. Getting involved in arguments with others takes a toll on your mental health, especially if the other person involved is close to you.

But there is light at the end of every tunnel. The dream further suggests that the difficulty you are going through will not last long. Try to talk the problem out with the person concerned to come to an understanding. 

5. What does it mean to wake up to consciousness right before a plane crash in your dream?

In your dream, if a plane crash were about to take place and you suddenly wake up right before the horrific happening, it indicates a failure already in your life. You could also encounter this dream when you are anticipating a catastrophe.

These dreams carry messages that shouldn’t be ignored at all costs. According to dream interpreters, the plot implies that your life is in danger or will be in an unpleasant situation in the coming days.

6. Dream of your parents in a plane crash

To dream of your parents in a plane crash stands for your fear of losing them. You love your parents and have unbound affection for them.

7. What does dying in a plane crash in dreams stand for?

The dream could be highlighting a foolish decision you made in the past, which could be compelling you to face repercussions. 

The dream scene further advises you not to make decisions that could land you in trouble, such as investing in shady ventures. 

It may also mean the projects and ventures you have been investing time and effort in will be unsuccessful.

According to the dream plot, the reason behind the failure is careless and unfounded planning. Further, it indicates that you could have easily prevented them from failing had you been more thorough and meticulous in your work.

Be open to other interpretations because some experts relate dying in a dream to your long life. Before settling on one, ensure that it fits well into your real-life circumstances.

8. What does it mean if a woman dreams about plane crashes?

If a woman has dreams about a plane crash, it is an indication that luck favors her around that time. 

9. Dream of watching plane crash scenes on TV inside a plane

Watching plane crash scenes on TV or laptop inside a plane is a good sign. Luck and opportunity favor you, and you will soon get a chance to turn your life around for the better. 

10. What does it indicate to expect a plane crash in dreams?

If you were expecting a plane crash in your dream plot, it points to real-life danger and problems. It could be concerning your personal or professional matters.

The dream occurred to prepare your mind and body beforehand and not to escape the upcoming difficulties.

11. What does it mean to fly an airplane yourself and crash it afterward in your dreams?

If you dream that you were the pilot and the one who caused the crash, it represents your fear of failure. Looking at the dream scenario from another perspective, it is an implication that you may acquire wealth shortly.

12. Dream of a plane crash causes damage to vegetation

In your dream, if a plane crashed onto a vegetation patch and caused severe damage, you are probably disappointed and depressed on account of your life goals that are nowhere close to achieving.

In the first place, your goals may probably be too bombastic and not in alignment with your potential. 

13. Dream of being involved in a plane crash

Airplanes transport people from place to place, from one destination to another. In your dream, if the plane you were in suddenly lost control and crashed, it symbolizes a failure.

An event you have been planning in your real life is likely to take a wrong turn.

The dream plot says it will end up different from how you had envisioned. Perhaps you are encountering a few situations in life that are beyond your control. Maybe you wish to do something about it but feel helpless.

The dream represents your misery about not being able to do anything to overcome the matter.

Experts have opposing interpretations of this dream. While some relate it to losing control and stability in some areas of your life, others say the dream reflects your longevity. You would lead a long and healthy life, especially if you died in the dream plot.

14. Dream of hearing a plane crash

To have dreams of hearing a plane crash means whatever you have been working on will come to fruition. 

15. Dream of an airplane crash with flames around

The dream scenario of an airplane crash with burning flames in the vicinity stands for emotions you have been repressing for a long time.

Emotions, possibly negative ones, might have been building up within you for months and even years.

The dream brings the message that you should provide an outlet as they have gotten too big and intense. Seek professional help or try having a conversation with those people who are behind your hidden emotions.

16. Dream of a plane crashing on landing

Dreams of a plane crash on landing brings powerful messages. The goals you have set to achieve in life are not realistic, and you will be unable to fulfill them however hard you work.

If you are adamant and persistent in pursuing your life goals, think of why the dream scenario showed up.

Instead of working on something that will be futile, you might want to revise your unrealistic missions into something you can pull off successfully.

17. What does it mean to witness a plane crash from the airport track in your dream?

To witness a plane crash from the track of an airport is generally a negative message. It hints at work-related issues.

According to dream interpreters, these problems arose due to your carelessness during the planning phase.

18. What does it mean if your boyfriend/girlfriend was in a plane crash in your dream?

In your dream, if your boyfriend or girlfriend was in a plane crash, it hints at your fearful feelings. In real life, you may fear losing him or her to someone else, though you don’t admit it.

19. Dream about plane crashes right before undertaking a journey

If you dream of a plane crash right before undertaking a journey to another land, do not let it dampen your mood. Dreams have a close connection with reality, but they do not predict real-life incidents.

If you find the dream plot distressing, you could pray to God and seek his blessings to guide you throughout your journey.

20. Dream of a plane crashing and falling the next minute

To have dreams of a plane crashing and falling represents your fears. Perhaps you have been harboring fearful feelings of someone you know meeting unfortunate happenings. 

21. What does it mean to be helpless while witnessing a plane crash in dream?

In your dreams, if you were helpless while a plane crashes in front of you, it reflects a part of your negative personality.

The dream plot implies you often prepare yourself for defeat, even when things are running smoothly. 

22. Dream of an airplane crashes at the airport premises

If you witnessed an airplane crash at the airport premises in your dream, you would likely go through a metamorphosis.

What is interesting about this transformation is that you will have several choices at your disposal.

Others might come up to help make those transformations and life-changing decisions if the particular airport in your dream was bustling with people. 

23. What does it mean to see the aftermath of a plane crash in your dream?

In your dream, if you encounter the aftermath of a plane crash, it is a warning. Do not have blind faith in people regardless of your relationship. And do not, by any means, rely on them to come up with solutions for your problem.

Not everyone around you has good intentions towards you. People with angelic voices are capable of performing treachery.

They will listen to your woes, find out your weak spots and backstab you. They may also intentionally offer solutions to damage you further.

24. What does it mean to witness a plane crash in dreams?

Witnessing a plane crash in dreams is not a good sign. Usually, this dream plot stands for unrealistic dreams and life goals.

You might have started working and investing in your mission, just to realize later that they are too far-fetched.

Here, the dream scenario reflects the feelings of certainties and doubts you must be harboring about your life goals. Perhaps you fear that you will soon have to call them quits due to their unfoundedness. 

However, the situation may not be as bad as it seems. Take a broader look and find out the reasons why they seem unrealistic.

The problem could be not with your goals but with you. Maybe you are not working as hard as you should! Or perhaps you dream big but put in no actual work. 

The dream scenario of witnessing a plane crash could also indicate that a few aspects of your life are in danger.

Another interpretation of this dream plot is that you should be wary of people you deal with daily. The dream indicates that they posed threats to you and may put you in trouble. 

25. Dream of a plane takes off only to crash the next minute

If an airplane takes off to meet its doom, the next minute, the dream scenario is a sign of encouragement. Have you been yearning to free yourself from the shackles that bind you?

Do your parents still consider you as a kid and take care of every small matter for you? Perhaps you wish you can have a little freedom in your life.

If you have been feeling this way in reality, the time is perfect. Talk to your parents, make them understand that you are no longer a kid. Ask them to give you some space and independence because there cannot be a better time for you to become a free bird.

It could also indicate that you are passive. The dream plot says you take others’ wishes and ideas more seriously than yours.

Try to be more confident and have faith in yourself. It is good to be empathetic and listen to the views of others. But don’t let them take away the control you have over your life.

If the plane was moving upwards and not horizontally as it crashed, you will be free from all worries and anxieties soon. 

26. Dream of plane flies too high only to crash and tumble down

In your dream, if a plane flies too high and crashes down, it means that you need to lower the standards of your life goals.

27. Recurring dreams of plane crashes

It is horrifying to imagine a plane crash. It could even be one of the worst accidents that could happen to anyone. To have dreams of such occasionally sends chills down the spine.

But to have recurring plane crash dreams disrupt sleep night after night is indeed terrible. If you analyze it carefully, you will realize that they happen for a reason.

According to experts, recurring dreams are symbolic and to have recurring dreams of airplane crashes symbolizes your anxieties. 

Your anxieties, in turn, affect your temperament and become a factor that often lands you up in arguments and disputes with others.

28. Dream of airplane crashing onto land and houses

If an airplane crashes onto houses and land, it means you have to work harder to achieve your goals.

On the other hand, airplanes in dreams also say a lot about your present emotions. According to the plot, you are disappointed and angry with someone.

29. What does it mean if a near one was in a plane crash in a dream?

To have dreams where a near one gets into a plane crash has two different interpretations. In the first case, it may be because you have lost someone close to you in a similar incident.

It might have left you traumatic and unable to forget the incident. Or you may be finding it difficult to accept the reality. 

Another interpretation is that you have deep affections for the person in your dream and are afraid to lose him/her. 

30. Debris and remains of a plane crash in dreams

If you saw the remains of a plane crash in your dream, you need to start being independent and stand on your own feet.

Seeking and receiving help from others is one of the easiest and shortest ways to reach your goals, but your life will be meaningful only when you start doing things for yourself.

Only after you start reaping the benefits of your efforts will you be able to see the essence of living. In some cases, depending on others for every small matter will cause you problems, often later in life.

31. What does it mean to see victims of a plane crash bathing in blood in dreams?

A plane crash scene is definitely not a pleasant sight. With blood-tainted bodies here and there, the mere spectacle is enough to haunt you for months and even years. 

If you see such a horrendous picture in your dream, it represents past problems you have possibly buried or have tried too far beneath your conscious state. Perhaps you think that would be the best for everyone.

However, their appearance in your dreams denotes they still impact you, and every inch of your body feels the chill whenever you recall them.  Before it gets any worse, talk to your near ones or seek professional help.

32. Dream of surviving a plane crash

If you survived a plane crash in your dream, it implies that you will resolve a complex situation all by yourself. And if you are having difficulties during this phase of life, be it personal, professional, or financial, they will not persist for long.

This period could also bring forth a person who will change your life, altogether, for the better.

It also hints at the success and fortune that you might receive in the coming years. In short, you are going through a lucky phase of life. 

33. Dream of a plane crashing into an urban environment

Dreams of a plane crashing into an urban environment usually stand for progress and advancement.

You might receive a promotional offer in the coming days or months. It could also indicate improvement in the domestic front, such as buying a house, car, or anything that is of value.

Just because the dream interpretation says so, you shouldn’t slack off your duties and responsibilities. Keep on investing hard work into your goals, and success will be yours.

34. Dream of a plane crashing into buildings

If you dream of a plane crashing into buildings, it indicates your good hold on life. Often, your choices and opinions help you and your near ones get ahead in life.

The dream suggests that you can do much better than how you are doing at the moment if you have a more compassionate personality. 

If you have been planning to make investments for future benefits, now is the right time to make it happen.

35. Dream of plane not damaged even after a severe crash

The chance of a plane coming out undamaged after a crash is low. If you encounter a similar scenario in your dream, it is a good sign.

You will be able to accomplish your life goals. But the great thing is that you will manage to overcome the struggles all alone without relying on anyone for help.

You have bountiful luck and fortune during this phase of life. If you want to fix anything, such as a habit, you can go ahead. The time is perfect for investments too. In a nutshell, whatever you work on during this time will be successful.

36.Dream of a loved one falling from a crashing plane

If you dream of a loved one falling from a crashing plane, a piece of good news is on the way. It could be for yourself or any of your near ones.

Do you aim to achieve some goals together with them?

Have you gotten into a partnership with some people to accomplish mutual projects? The dream indicates that luck is favoring your goals, especially the common ones.

37. Dream of a plane crashing into a crowd of people

Plane crashes generally stand for transformation. Dreams of a plane crashing into a crowd of people point to health-related issues.

If you have not been feeling your best, in terms of health, the dream says there will be an improvement.

In some cases, the meaning may go beyond your health. It could also mean the quality of your life will improve.

If the plane crashes into someone you know in waking life, that person is also likely to see improvements in his or her life, especially concerning health and lifestyle.

38. Dream of crashing of a plane on TV

To have dreams where you watch a plane crash on TV symbolizes complex family matters.

It is distressing, nerve-racking, and mentally draining to conflict with others, especially family members. Before situations get out of hand, try to talk it out with the people involved.

39. What does a plane crash in dreams signify for a pilot?

Experienced pilots who have flown hundreds of airplanes in their life also harbor fearful and skeptical feelings in some circumstances.

Sometimes when the weather is unfavorable and detrimental, pilots tend to feel less confident than before.

If you are a pilot and have dreams of a plane crash, it doesn’t indicate anything inauspicious.

The dream scenario is nothing more than the fear you feel once in a while. The same dream plot surfacing in the dreams of flight attendants has the same interpretation. 

40. Watching a plane crash in dream

Dreaming of being a mere spectator of a plane crash forewarns you of upcoming troubles and failures.

Maybe the mission you have been working on for a long time will crash into pieces. Perhaps you will break up with your partner you initially believe to be the one. 

You must be cautious, especially on the professional front. It is natural for colleagues to compete with each other.

Many will prefer you to go under than get ahead of them. In some cases, some people might even make attempts to sabotage your life and career. 

The dream suggests that you should be wary of people with whom you work together. If possible, try to maintain a healthy distance between you and them.

It is vital to recall the emotions you feel within the dream scene. If you wanted to help but didn’t know how to, the dream reflects your lack of confidence concerning some matters.

Perhaps you never believe in your potential wholeheartedly, even while chasing your dream goals. 

Positively, some analysts relate such dreams with the arrival of good news or fortunate events that may happen in any area of your life.

41. What does it mean to experience a plane crash in your dreams?

You are going through tough times in real life. To be a victim of a plane crash in dreams stands for your desire to take your own life.

You have hit rock bottom and are dejected. But before you do anything horrendous, think of why you had this dream?

Perhaps it points to a solution. Talk to your friends and family and look for ways to ace your problems together.

Remember, good days exist because of the bad days. There is a solution to every problem. But you have to look for it in the right place.

42. What does it mean to be agitated and worried that a plane crash will occur?

It is considered an omen if you were worried and fearful that a plane crash will take place. You might get into an accident in the coming days or months.

This accident, if it does happen, will put you in an ugly situation.

It could also be an event that will have a detrimental impact on your emotional well-being. It may not harm only you but your near ones as well. Be cautious in all your plans and dealings with others and avoid potential danger. 

This dream scenario has another different interpretation. It might stand for relationship problems between you and some other person. However ugly the situation gets, do not insult and offend the other person.

Words once spoken cannot be taken back, and they will possibly remember it as long as they live. If the problem concerning your relationship with that person stems from you and your mistakes, admit it and apologize before it gets more heated.

It could also refer to upcoming problems and obstacles in your professional life. 

43. Dream of a plane crashing and exploding

Dreams of a plane crash that include an explosion have two possible interpretations. In the first instance, it could suggest that your plans are at risk. The other meaning is related to your feelings.

Something may not be proceeding as you had planned, and it may be discouraging you from going ahead. The dream plot indicates that the issue will not be anything huge. However, it will heavily impact your feelings.

Dreams of Plane Crashes: Plane Types

44. Warplane crash in dreams

If you have dreams where you witnessed a warplane meet its doom, it implies that your family will face some issues and will not be in a good state in the coming days and months.

45. Dream of a fighter plane crashing

As the name implies, if you dream of a fighter plane crashing in your dreams, it means there are going to be disputes or arguments anytime soon.

Pay heed to the dream plot, and take notice of your behavior and your way of talking. If you rub someone the wrong way, it might evolve into a huge argument.

46. Jet plane crashes in your dreams

A person or a genius, for that matter, does not have the potential to be knowledgeable in every possible field. He may be a genius in some aspects of life, but he will be a novice in the rest.

This points to the fact that you cannot and will not have the best advice for each situation. Instead of persisting that you are always right, try to listen to others’ viewpoints too.

Possibly, there will be times when their opinions prove to be much better than yours.

47. Dream of an aircraft with propellers crashing

In your dream, if an aircraft with propellers crashes, it symbolizes the natural death of a relationship. 

48. Dream of a commercial airplane crashing into a water body

Commercial airplanes are symbolic of successful life paths. This dream scenario is symbolic and reflects your perception of life. The dream plot brings the message that your life is yours.

It is good to be considerate and care of how and what others think of you, but the focus shouldn’t be there.

For example, if your gut feeling tells you that you should pursue your passion, you must go ahead and do it instead of listening to others who try to discourage you.

49. What does it mean to be inside an airplane as it crashes during takeoff?

According to the dream, you yearn for freedom. If you are an adult, capable of thinking on your own, freedom is a fundamental right. And if you are denied it, for some reason, your higher self encourages you to fight for it.

50. What does it mean if an airplane crashes into a water body in a dream?

Though it looks negative on the surface, a dream of an airplane crashing into the water is nothing bad.

Since water in dreams symbolizes introspection, it is an indication that you must look deep within yourself to gain insights regarding some matters to be at peace. 

Such scenarios also represent your repentance over something you did or didn’t do earlier.

A Few Questions to Ask Yourself Before Seeking an Interpretation of your Dreams associated with a Plane Crash?

  1. Do you have a fear of heights or traveling in an airplane?
  2. Have you been in a crash before?
  3. Have any of your family members or friends fallen victim to a plane crash?
  4. How did your dream wrap up? Did it end on an ugly note, or was the situation hopeful, regardless of the blood-curdling crash? These are details you must take not for an in-depth analysis. If it ends with a negative note, it indicates that you push back your own desires and goals to please others around you. 

Closing Thoughts:

As mentioned and justified above, do not always assume that you will encounter unpleasant situations because you dream of a plane crash. And do not even try to put off your travel plans for fear of getting into a plane crash.

Despite the dreadful bloody scenes, your dream may have optimistic overtones. But as mentioned clearly in the article, dream interpretations vary as context and details differ from one another.

Before you get too excited or too depressed, recall your plane crash dream and the details in the backdrop before you or someone else gives meaning to your dream.

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