The dream of my dead mother meaning reflects the kind of love and bond you share with your mother. It is a sign that tells you to appreciate her presence and contribution.

Going forward in this article, we will talk of several scenarios and their interpretations, but before that, let us first discuss why it appears in people’s subconscious state.

Dream of my Dead Mother Meaning - Plots & Their Interpretations
Dream of my Dead Mother Meaning – Plots & Their Interpretations

What Does It Mean to Dream of My Dead Mother?

Dead mother’s dream is a tough pill to swallow but it often looks to communicate some sort of guidance for your life.

It could also come if you are still under the grief of having lost your mother in real life. There is more to it than what meets the eye.

Let’s get started with the hidden meanings below –

  • Need for Comfort

It means that you wish to have someone who can offer their support and pacify your thoughts. Attaining comfort is your prime motive at the moment.

Hence, you are in search of a person with whom you can share your thoughts and release all kinds of tensions from your mind. 

  • An Intense Level of Grief

There is always a possibility that some tragic event might have taken place in your life like an accident or lost a relative of yours.

It has led to the recurrence of pain that you had undergone when your mother passed away. That is the reason why you are seeing this painful dream.

  • Accept That Your Mother is No More

One goes through several stages before finally accepting the reality of death. They include rebuttal, annoyance, negotiation, sorrow, and adoption. 

It denotes that you have already passed the first four stages. Right now, you are in the final stage, where you do not have any choice but to accept the truth.

  • You Are Worried

There is a chance that you are facing financial difficulties, apprehensive of how you will take care of your children or constantly thinking of your deteriorating health.

All these reasons disturb your peace of mind. You can see it as a reminder of the steps you need to adopt for resolving these issues.

  • Miss Her Presence in Your Life

It appears because you miss her a lot. You could be thinking of all the good and bad times that you had spent together. 

This scenario can make you yearn for reliving those memories. There is also a possibility that you wish to meet her once again.

Dream Meaning of My Dead Mother – Instances and Their Inferences

It is linked with the requirement of spiritual cleansing. Several scenarios can appear in various forms and each form can have multiple meanings. Let us discuss them along with their interpretations for your waking life –

Dream of Seeing the Death of Your Mother

It is an indication that the point of change is approaching in your life. Therefore, if you are unwell, then this scenario denotes that your health will improve.

Another interpretation of this scenario foretells material losses. It calls for better planning about your financial budget.

Dead Mother Being Alive in Real Life

This plot denotes that you are concerned about your future. You find it extremely tough to accept the realities of life.

It also portrays that you are not happy with the present situation of your life as you have an overwhelming feeling about it.

Hence, you should make sure to find better alternatives and enhance your life’s quality.

Dead Mother Who Is Also Dead in Waking Life

It means that you are fully overloaded with different responsibilities.

There is also a chance that you had undergone a traumatic phase earlier, which still impacts your life in different ways.

This scenario also points towards the possibility of suffering material loss. Hence, you need to look closely at your spending pattern.

Dead Mother Being Sick

This scenario states that the subconscious mind has not yet come to terms with your mother’s death. There is another perspective of the same as well.

As your mother plays an important role in your life, hence, if she falls sick, it would severely hamper your personal life and relationships.

Hence, you must be cautious and re-evaluate all those choices you have made so far. 

Dead Mother Inside a Coffin

This plot indicates that you require to pay close attention to something and acknowledge the same. You tend to keep things within yourself.

It is sufficient proof of your change in fortune. You are looking up to a relationship and wish for the same in your life.

Dead Mother’s Funeral

It is surprisingly a good omen. This predicts that your mother will have good health and live longer. It would give her a chance to meet her various expectations.

Dead Mother Being Happy

The scenario reflects that you are finding it tough to accept your mother’s loss even after so many years, but realize the importance of doing so for making progress in life. 

Hence, when you are beginning to accept your mother’s loss, it proves that you are mentally strong and one must appreciate you for that approach.

Dead Mother Crying

This plot reflects sadness because you sense that your mother is not happy. It is reflective of the sorrow you are going through from having suffered the loss of your mother. 

Dead Mother Not Remembering You

You feel that your relationship with your mother has changed after her death. It is better that you accept the reality that your mother is no longer alive and must move on with her memories.

Different Activities of My Dead Mother

Are you wondering, what would the activities of your dead mother signify, if you happen to see them in your dream? Do not look any further because we will have you covered on this.

Hugging a Dead Mother Who Is Crying

When you hug your crying dead mother, it tends to reassure that the love and bonding will remain even afterlife.

However, this may not apply to those who do not believe that the soul of a dead person carries feelings. You have to understand exactly how your mother, who is now dead, loved you in real life.

Dead Mother Cooking Food

The scenario means that you are accepting the quality from your mother about judging others’ feelings and taking appropriate actions accordingly.

Alternatively, it also denotes that your life is becoming far more spiritual and you are slowly attaining enlightenment on several unknown aspects of life. 

Dead Mother Calling Your Name

This sequence talks of the intuition you carry to portray diplomacy and fairness in tackling a critical situation. You suffer from emotional vulnerability.

Otherwise, you are enjoying your life. It refers to peace, harmony, tranquility, innocence, and affection. You do not wish to face your reality.

Dead Mother Killing You

It refers to certain emotional issues linked with your mother that you need to solve. These problems have lingered on as your mother is no more.

Mother Rising from the Dead

This sequence states that you find it difficult to tackle the adverse events in your life. 

It tells you to focus on all the good things that life offers. Therefore, you must try and rethink the attitude with which you spend your life.

Dead Mother Warning You

This plot points toward the wise and nurturing adult lying inside you. It also means that the spirit of your dead mother is giving you an alert of some impending danger. 

Dead Mother Talking to You

The scenario denotes that your subconscious mind has seen something that has not yet come up on the surface.

It gives out a warning for you to stay away from an individual. He or she might have cruel intentions that they might try to exercise against you.

Arguing with Your Dead Mother

It refers to your hidden motives. You wish to become adventurous and emotionally a lot more daring. There is enough appreciation in your mind for the simple things in life. 

Besides, it is a sign of playfulness, happiness, and good luck. You are lifting others’ spirits with your positive approach and cheerful nature.

Dead Mother Smiling

Seeing this plot means you are fully devoted to your partner or spouse. Probably, you are expressing your intention to remain committed to a relationship.

There is also a chance that you are living in regret for having said something to someone. It tells you to think before speaking out.

Kissing Dead Mother

The sequence acts as a metaphor for tranquility and happiness in your home. Your life is filled with a whole lot of negativity. You are feeling relaxed in a relationship.

It is also a sign of childishness. You are undergoing some kind of transformation to inject positivity into your life.

Deceased Mother Giving Money

It is a sign of good things that will happen in your life. You are guaranteed to receive happiness, attain prosperity and keep yourself healthy.

This plot tells you to make the most of these positive things to fulfill your objectives in life. 

Dream of My Dead Mother – Psychological Perspective

It refers to the emotions linked with external grief. You cannot think of leading your life without her presence.

Due to this reason, your mind is once again trying to make you feel as if she is around you. 

Therefore, when you notice your dead mother and see any activity related to her in a dream, it means that the subconscious mind wants to comfort you. 

It attempts to do so by creating her presence once again.


The meaning of the dream of my dead mother can be quite painful. It is because of the love and attachment that a mother figure develops with her child throughout her life.

The subconscious mind brings forth the image of your dead mother as a way to showcase a sense of security and comfort in life.