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Aardvark Dream Meaning : 37 Types And Their Meanings

Aardvark Dream Meaning : 37 Types And Their Meanings

Updated on Dec 29, 2022 | Published on Dec 20, 2022

Reviewed by Katina Tarver, MA (Mental Health and Wellness Counseling) , Life Coach

Aardvark Dream Meaning 37 Types And Their Meanings

A mystic charm made from the several organs of an aardvark can help you pass through walls and close doors, according to ancient folklore. Then, what do you think the aardvark dream meaning

Does it imply the need to seek a sorcerer who can help you make such a charm to possess such supernatural qualities? Let’s find out!

Aardvark Dream Meaning - 37 Types And Their Meanings
Aardvark Dream Meaning – 37 Types And Their Meanings

What Does The Aardvark Dream Meaning Stand For?

Generally, the aardvark dream meaning insists you stick through and not give up when the going gets tough. The dream could also be encouraging you to trust your instinct and let it guide you through. At other times, the animal could be your subconscious’s way of telling you not to bury your emotions. 

Owing to ancient folklore, the aardvark dream meaning is often considered negative. But let’s not forget the fact that several characteristics of the African mammal are worth noting. 

To begin with, its thick skin allows it to endure the fiery bites of fire ants. So, this can be interpreted as the need to stand your ground and resist any criticism or verbal attacks from ill-wishers, especially if you will benefit nothing from talking back. 

Aardvarks have a sticky tongue and a strong sense of smell that can easily prey on termites and ants during the dead of the night. Considering that, the dream shows you have the ability to see through people even when they put on disguises. 

Before anyone else does, your sixth sense allows you to see if someone is being genuine or not. Having said that, the subconscious advises you to allow your instincts to guide you at all times. 

Aardvarks are also associated with changes, especially in your personal life. 

Don’t be surprised if someone suddenly shows up in your life out of nowhere and makes you see things, people, and the whole at large from an entirely new perspective. 

If you dream of the animal while undertaking a project you believe is not benefiting you, the animal might be urging you to give that up. And instead, focus on something that will reap you profits. 

From another point of the view, the animal might have shown up insisting you not deny, ignore or suppress your emotions – good or bad, but to be courageous enough to face them head-on. 

On the downside, the aardvark is associated with nosiness and lethargy as it walks at a slow pace and spends most of its time sleeping.

The appearance of the animal can also be a sign that you are trying to make up for your past mistakes. 

Aardvark Dream Meaning : Various Scenarios And Their Dream Interpretation

Let’s take a look at some of the most common aardvark dream scenarios for a better understanding of your dream. 

1. To dream about seeing yourself as an aardvark

For this particular scenario, you need to study the characteristics of the animal in more depth and figure out if any similarities exist between its habits and pattern and yours.

For instance, seeing yourself as an example might mean you are a curious person. This stems from the fact that the animal’s curiosity urges it to come up to humans and other animals encroaching on its territory. 

Or you might have been repressing your emotions and keeping secrets, because the aardvark, as you might be aware, lives in burrows. 

2. Dreaming about killing an aardvark

Killing an aardvark might reflect your desire to put an end to something. 

Aardvarks are timid and harmless creatures. Considering that a dream about killing the animal might mean you have repressed negative emotions such as anger, animosity, and hatred towards someone. 

Alternatively, it can also symbolize your guilt over having done or accepted something you know is morally and ethically wrong. 

3. To dream about being followed or chased by an aardvark

Someone or something could have overpowered you making you feel overwhelmed if you were followed or chased by the animal in a dream. 

From another perspective, you can interpret the scenario as the need to pay more attention to your health and wellness. 

There’s also a good chance that you have put others’ wants and needs before yours. 

Also, you might dream about being followed or chased by the animal if you are carrying emotional baggage or have taken up more responsibilities than you can cope with.

4. To dream about seeing an aardvark in hiding

An aardvark in hiding brings you an important message, something you need to pay close attention to. 

According to the dream, you might be putting yourself into a dangerous process, intentionally or unintentionally. Sometimes, even putting your life on the line. 

For instance, you could be partying away and drinking despite being warned by your doctor to keep alcohol at bay. 

On the other hand, the aardvark can be warning you of a potential danger, a road accident, for instance, waiting for you around the corner. 

Either way, the animal in hiding is a message from the subconscious you can or must ignore at your own peril. 

5. To dream about an aardvark in a dangerous situation

According to the scenario, something in your real life is about to face a major threat. This could be a relationship or a venture of some sort. 

Recalling the surroundings and what led to the spectacle as well as how the animal copes with the threats will give you an insight into how you should proceed when faced with a similar situation in the foreseeable future. 

6. Seeing two aardvarks dream meaning

You might fall in love unexpectedly with someone who’s already special to you, say your best friend if you dream of the above. 

7. To dream about an aardvark digging the ground

The vision of an aardvark digging the ground hints at your untapped potential. 

8. To dream of an aardvark digging the ground fiercely

Your genuine efforts will bring you wonderful results. 

9. Dreaming about aardvarks eating ants and termites

Here, the dream indicates you are close to accomplishing your goals. 

Also, if an aardvark eats ants in your dream, the scenario is closely associated with abundance and prosperity. 

10. A dream about an aardvark prowling at night

You might be looking for opportunities to grow either in your personal or professional lives or both. 

On that note, the higher self encourages you not to give up, as success will happen only through determination and perseverance and not luck. 

11. Dreaming about saving an aardvark from danger

You or someone you know pretty well has taken unfair advantage of a matter if you saved an aardvark from a dangerous situation in a dream.

12. Running away from an aardvark in a dream

Take good care of your health if you ran away from an aardvark in a dream scenario as it can be a sign of possible illness. 

13. To dream of an aardvark attacking you

If you dream about the animal attacking you, that is a clear sign that you are not mentally and emotionally ready to open up to others. 

14. An aardvark biting you in a dream

You are more worthy and able than you acknowledge if an aardvark bit you. 

15. Abusing an aardvark in a dream

The dream signifies your frustration and anxiety for not achieving or possessing something you want or should. 

16. A sick or dying aardvark dream meaning

Despite the gloomy picture, a sick or dying aardvark is an auspicious sign indicating your time to rise and claim your power and position in the real world has come. 

If there’s anything you have always wanted to do, go ahead! 

17. A dream about a dead aardvark

A dead aardvark represents success and gains in your business ventures. 

Alternatively, there’s also a good chance the animal appears to give you a heads-up about significant changes in your waking life. 

If you experience the above dream while keeping your emotions and feelings to yourself, the animal denotes they are near the point of explosion. 

18. Seeing an aardvark on your bed in a dream

In this context, the animal represents something that exists but is not easily seen or felt in the real world. 

Eg, a talent you are not aware of yet. 

The animal may also symbolize fertility and fresh new beginnings. 

Another possible interpretation is that something that is entirely unfamiliar to you is about to show up in your life. This can either be positive or negative. 

19. To dream about seeing an aardvark with other animals

An aardvark alongside other animals often happens prior to a chance encounter with an old friend you haven’t seen for a long time. 

20. A baby aardvark dream meaning

If you dream about a baby aardvark while going through a tough time in your waking life, the scenario assures everything will get better soon. 

21. Black aardvarks in a dream

In the dream world, a black aardvark represents your youthful side. 

22. A dream about a white aardvark

Generally, white aardvarks symbolize resentment towards a close one. 

On the other hand, the dream can hint at your low self-esteem. 

23. Dreaming about a brown aardvark

In this context, the animal encourages you to heed the advice and guidance from your friends. Some would be exactly what you need to get to the next level of your life. 

24. A dream about a gray aardvark 

You will soon receive a piece of news from afar or about a close one who lives in a distant land if you dream of a gray aardvark.

25. Dreaming about a red aardvark

Red aardvarks represent the union of the spiritual and physical aspects of your life.

26. A pink aardvark dream meaning

The dream signifies failure due to your lack of foresight and preparation. 

27. A dream about seeing an orange aardvark

According to the scenario, you are being too aggressive or cruel to someone, something, or even yourself. And the dream emphasizes the need to address that the sooner, the better. 

28. A yellow aardvark in a dream

A yellow aardvark in a dream stands for distress and depression.

29. A green aardvark in a dream

Green aardvark is associated with utilizing your skills and talents to pursue and achieve your dream goals. 

30. Dreaming of a blue aardvark

Aardvarks of blue color signify modesty, protection, and defensiveness of heart and emotions.

31. A purple aardvark in a dream

The scenario stands for short-term happiness. 

32. A gold aardvark in a dream

Usually, a golden aardvark in a dream is a harbinger of trouble and unpleasant happenings. 

However, the dream encourages you not to let the vision be a cause of anxiety as you will most probably be able to tackle them easily with a little help from others. 

33. Dreaming about a silver aardvark

As a silver aardvark entirely reflects your current emotional state, recall how you felt in the dream and how you responded to it upon waking. 

34. Dreaming about a multicolored aardvark

Often, multicolored aardvarks are a sign of financial troubles in your waking life. 

35. A woman dreams of an aardvark

The dream stands for unresolved issues between you and a close one. 

36. An aardvark in the dreams of a man

For a man, a dream involving an aardvark symbolizes great enthusiasm and excitement for creative freedom. 

37. A young man dreaming about an aardvark

It is an ill omen if a young man sees the animal in a dream as it portends the falling apart of his plans. 

Aardvark Dream Meaning: Symbolism

A few possible reasons why the animal showed up in your dreams are:

1. Ability to ‘smell’ through

Despite its poor eyesight, an aardvark can dig its prey with ease because its nose just ‘knows’. Keeping this trait of the animal in mind, your dream might be reminding you of your ability to sense trouble and see through people. 

Unlike others, you can easily see through others’ superficiality. So, around this time, if your intuition tells you that something is not quite right, it sure isn’t.

2. The need to be in touch with your inner self

Let’s say you dream of an aardvark while undergoing a complicated problem you can’t resolve however hard you try. 

Then, there’s a good chance that the animal showed up implying you keep in touch with your inner senses. Because most probably, the answers you are seeking are deep within you. 

3. The need to stay grounded

Also called the Earth pig or Ground pig, the appearance of an aardvark also emphasizes the need to stay grounded and have faith in the course of life, even when the going gets tough. 

4. Threats

Aardvarks are nocturnal animals. They dig burrows, live underground, and come out in the open only after nightfall. 

Also, ancient folklore believes a charm made from the body parts of an aardvark can help the wearer sneak in anywhere and watch anyone unnoticed. 

Considering these, aardvarks can also hint at someone who’s trying to sneak up on you undetected. 

Spiritual Meaning Of Aardvark In Dreams

The animal symbolizes hope, determination, perseverance, and strength. Some cultures relate the burrowing habits of the animal to the cycle of life and death

Aardvarks in dreams also indicate the need to stay grounded and to listen to your intuition. If something seems off to you, you must trust your instinct and probe deeper into it. 

Or, from another perspective, keep in close contact with nature. 

Biblical Interpretation Of What It Means To Dream Of An Aardvark

Not only is its name strange, but its appearance is weird too. Resembling the elephant, pig, rabbit, and kangaroo, at the same time yet not closely related to any of these animals, the aardvark is associated with the devil. 

To add to all these, the animal is believed to bring misfortune, destruction, and death due to its nocturnal habits. 

Psychological Interpretation Of Aardvark Dreams

Baby aardvarks depend on their mother until a year old, after which they leave to fend for their own. Considering that, a dream featuring an aardvark may symbolize independence, growth, and development. 

It can also mean you prefer your own company rather than spending time with people who add no value to your life. 


Wrapping up, the aardvark dream meaning may carry either good or bad messages depending on several factors such as your habits, real-life circumstances, the events in the dream, and your emotional response to it. 

Though often associated negatively, the animal can be a sign of hope, strength, determination, and perseverance. 

But despite its positive associations, we recommend you approach the dream with an open mind as it is also related to chaos, destruction, death, and decay due to its nocturnal habits.