Clouds dream meaning represents your conscious life occurrences. In fact, these dreams leave a deep impact on your mind because it’s deeply connected to your life.

It talks about your finances, work, personal life and so on.

Clouds Dream Meaning – Various Dream Types and Interpretations
Clouds Dream Meaning – Various Dream Types and Interpretations

Is Dreaming of Clouds Good or Bad?

In dreams, clouds may ask you to have faith in yourself or you might need to be alert of your surroundings. Other than that, they also imply the following.

  • Answers: You might get dreams of clouds when you’re uncertain about something in your waking life. The clouds in your dreams are a reflection of seeking answers and clarifying the haze. 
  • Hope: Sometimes, you may get cloud dreams if you’re aware that your life is a mess but you’re still hopeful.
  • Materialistic wealth: People that believe materialistic wealth is equivalent to happiness may also dream of clouds.
  • New opportunities: Some clouds dreams bring news about golden opportunities in your life. Whether you’re seeking love or a new job in real life, you might get good news soon.
  • Disappointment: You may dream of clouds if you’re struggling now or may soon face hardships in the future. Sometimes, these dreams are the harbinger of sorrows and disappointments in your conscious life.

Spiritual meaning of Cloud Dreams

Spiritually, the dream, a situation or person overshadows most areas of your life. Such dreams are usually a reflection of disappointments, depression, distractions, or delays, but never of evil.

On a positive note, it also points out your issues and that only by paying attention to everything minutely you’ll reach the solution. Your dream is a sign of spiritual guidance that will help you come out victorious.

Common Dream about Clouds & Meanings

You might find more intricate meanings of cloud dreams if you remember the exact dream. For instance, jumping on clouds means you’re ignoring your ideas. But others jumping on clouds imply you must support your loved ones. 

Interesting, right? So, let’s plunge in to find yours…

Wind blowing clouds in a dream

These dreams depict you can’t forget the past. Let the old wounds heal and look forward to new opportunities in life. You won’t gain anything dwelling on the past.

Dream of flying above clouds 

Your dream is suggestive of reaching the peak of your creativity. In reality, you want to use your talents to an extreme level and flourish in your personal and/or professional life.

Rainbow and clouds 

It is symbolic of materialistic fortune gains. Someone might get you a gift you always wanted. Or, you might get it for yourself. Joy will overflow in your life.

Touching clouds 

It portends your beliefs to be firm. You don’t change your mind once you make it. However, judge whether being stubborn will really help or harm you in the end.

Clouds in high sky 

It expresses you’re calm and you prosper in life if you feel happy in the dream. However, if you feel negative about the dream, you long for peace and prosperity.

Storm clouds 

Storm clouds dreams represent an important change in your future. Pay attention to the important parts of your life.

Stay open-minded as you might experience a change in your beliefs. Ignore materialistic gain and instant gratification.

Strong wind and clouds 

It illustrates your emotional deterioration as you can’t let go of the past. Overcome the past vain thoughts and remove uncertainty from your future.

Clouds covering sunlight 

These dreams reflect your inner potential. You’re quite talented but lack self-confidence so you aren’t aware of your skills or can’t manifest them properly. Boost your self-esteem first to discover your skills.

Dreams of dispersing clouds 

Such dreams imply that you’re on the correct life path. You’ll soon attain spiritual awakening and enlightenment. You’ll get rid of all the bad habits and your life will be much better.

Moon blocked by clouds 

It resembles your hope for change. You feel frustrated about your current life situation and deeply desire the situation to change. Get rid of your insecurities and start working.

Moving clouds 

If the speed of the clouds is:

  • Fast: It resembles the presence of opportunities around you. Stay alert to not miss them. If the clouds move fast, you must take advantage of your situation. Otherwise, others will grab the chance.
  • Slow: It represents the confusion and chaos in your waking life. Continue fighting and you’ll definitely win.

Walking on clouds 

If the person walking on clouds is:

  • You: The dream represents you’re capable of achieving your goals. If you feel anxious, you’re unsure about achieving your goals.
  • Others: It portrays that your secret admirer is afraid of confessing to you. If you notice your surroundings well, you might find them easily and answer them if you want.

Dream of Jumping on clouds 

If the person jumping on clouds is:

  • You: It asks you to not ignore your ideas because of doubt. If you’re unsure or others try to talk you out of it, you still have a pretty good chance to succeed.
  • Others: It suggests you support your loved one in their life path. Their chosen path might not seem ideal, but don’t force them to stop. Let them not have any regrets in life.

Cloud Dreams with Various Details

Clouds with Various Constituents

Different cloud constituents also bring different messages. For instance, 

Thunderstorm clouds: It’s an ill omen about a loved one. This person feels emotionally trapped and it affects you. Support this person and don’t panic or express your worries to them.

Dust clouds: It signifies the commencement of emotional turmoil in your conscious hours. Avoid any decision-making until this life phase passes.

Rain clouds: It is a warning of poor health. Stop neglecting your body and follow a balanced life. Overworking yourself won’t bring you joy. 

Smoke cloud: It represents fights and disagreements with your loved ones due to clashing perceptions. You both think your way to solve something is perfect and expect the other to support you. 

Fire cloud: It implies that you’ll fulfill your long-term desires only if you express yourself and actively chase your goals. You need a break from work so don’t be shy and speak up.

Distinctly shaped clouds dream meaning

Differently shaped clouds dreams have different meanings as follows:

Mushroom: You lack wisdom and clarity in life

Elephant: Abide by the rules in real life

Hand: You’re powerful and will achieve your goals soon

Angel: You’ll undergo a spiritual enlightenment

Heart: You’re blessed with mutual love

If you found any other cloud shape, then seek the dream of that object the cloud looks like. For instance, for dog-shaped clouds, seek dog dream interpretations.

Clouds with different colors

In dreams, if you see clouds of color:

Gray, shapeless: It reveals your gloomy mood. Or, it’s a message to be more aware of the direction you walk in life. Perhaps you overlooked the right way or the wrong one.

Red streaked: It predicts the end of a phase, age, project, or anything else in your dream. It resembles the beginning of a new journey in your waking life.

Golden or yellow: It shows you will or already have restored your faith. You were feeling strong emotions of negativity for a long time initially.

White: It usually symbolizes serenity and peace in your conscious life if the cloud was small. If it was big, you’re a helpful person and demand nothing from others.

Black: It predicts a phase of sorrow, frustration, and despair. Stay healthy to fight the painful period and come out victorious from it. Bravely accept your faith and deal with all situations.

Blue: These dreams are symbolism of hiding your emotions. You worry about showing your vulnerabilities to others. It’s time to speak up and show your true self.

A word from ThePleasantDream

Most cloud dreams advise you something about your waking life. It’s a blessing from higher powers so you can lead a healthier and happier life. 

Focus on your life events and identify where your life lacks and how you’ll fix the situation. Seek a trusted person if you can’t evaluate it alone.