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Clouds Dream Meaning: 105 Dream Types & Their Interpretations

Clouds Dream Meaning: 105 Dream Types & Their Interpretations

Updated on Jan 17, 2023 | Published on May 11, 2022

Reviewed by Katina Tarver, MA (Mental Health and Wellness Counseling) , Life Coach

Dream about Clouds – 105 Types and Interpretations

Looking for clouds dream meaning? Feeling overwhelmed by the sight of heavy clouds? Or, is the cloud’s color making you suspicious? 

Well, cloud dreams usually represent your conscious life occurrences. In fact, these dreams leave a deep impact on your mind because it’s deeply connected to your life.

Wondering what your cloud dreams want to say? Then you reached the perfect place as you’ll find all possible cloud dreams in this think-piece.

So, ready for the journey? C’mon, hop right in…

Clouds Dream Meaning – 105 Dream Types and Interpretations
Clouds Dream Meaning – 105 Dream Types and Interpretations

Clouds Dream Meaning – General Interpretations

Cloud dreams may imply you’re optimistic, desire wealth, seeking answers, have opportunities waiting for you, or will soon be disappointed.

While conscious, we may look at the clouds to identify shapes for fun. Or, we might stare at the cotton-like structure absentmindedly.

However, when this fluffy element enters our dreams, it has a lot to say. It might not be just random fleeting scenery. In your dreams, clouds have lots to say about your waking life. So, let’s quickly dive in…

1. You want answers about something

You might get dreams of clouds when you’re uncertain about something in your waking life. You’re in a dilemma and need guidance or a sign to understand your situation.

The clouds in your dreams are a reflection of seeking answers and clarifying the haze. This dream reflects how seriously you want clarity in your life.

It also symbolizes you’re prepared to forget about something or dump an idea to proceed in life.

So, you’re not afraid to know that a particular choice isn’t right. You’re open to mending your ways but you’re unsure how to do that.

2. You’re hopeful

Sometimes, you may get cloud dreams if you’re aware that your life is a mess but you’re still hopeful.

You know you’re in a tight situation and probably nobody is beside you. But you have faith that if you keep trying hard, things will fall right back to place.

Many think you’re brave and nothing intimidates you. However, you’re a human too and feel doubtful at times.

Yet, you have ample positivity to defeat the pessimistic thoughts and motivate yourself to wake up and fight every passing day. You’re just not ready to give up yet.

3. You feel materialistic wealth is happiness

People that believe materialistic wealth is equivalent to happiness may also dream of clouds. Possibly, you’re suffering because of financial instability and feel that if you get enough money all of your worries will end.

You feel suppressed because of a lack of enough money. You think with money, you’ll buy your independence over and stop others from controlling you.

You’ll get all the joy in the world if you have money. Whether it’s love or success, you define everything with green papers because you found that some way or the other, life intensely depends on it

4. It signifies new opportunities in your life

Some clouds dreams bring news about golden opportunities in your life. If you’re seeking love in real life, you might find someone perfect for you. If you want to be a parent, you might get good news soon.

If you’re a job seeker, you might get abundant job offers from respectable places. If you’re a businessman, you might crack a profitable deal or make great gains from your latest venture.

However, these are only possibilities and your dream is a reminder. Your dreams don’t guarantee you success as grabbing the opportunities and putting in the effort is your responsibility.

5. You might soon be disappointed

You may dream of clouds if you’re struggling now or may soon face hardships in the future. Sometimes, these dreams are the harbinger of sorrows and disappointments in your conscious life.

If you’re preparing for your entrance exams, you might not get the best result you expect. If you’re a job seeker or employed person, you might not get selected for a desirable job or a promotion.

If you begin a business project, you might not get the best profits out of it. If you plan to propose to someone, they might not feel the same.

Dream about Clouds – 105 Types and Interpretations

You might find more intricate meanings of cloud dreams if you remember the exact dream.

For instance, in the dreams, if you jump on the clouds, you’re ignoring your ideas. If you see others jumping on clouds, you must support your loved ones. 

Interesting, right? So, let’s plunge in to find yours…

1. Clouds rising above you dream meaning

Dreaming of clouds rising above you symbolizes a higher level of spiritual awakening in your waking life. You’ll or must work to gain spiritual enlightenment and feel calm and at peace with your life.

2. Quickly rolling clouds dream meaning

Quickly rolling clouds across the sky dreams symbolize a hint of suppressed anger or stress in your conscious life.

Express yourself in a controlled manner, otherwise, the bottled-up emotions won’t allow you peace.

3. Storm clouds dream meaning

Storm clouds dreams represent an important change in your future. Pay attention to the important parts of your life.

Stay open-minded as you might experience a change in your beliefs. Ignore materialistic gain and instant gratification.

4. Abundance of clouds dream meaning

Abundant cloud dreams signify your doubts about others. You can’t recognize people for their true nature.

You are confused about how to identify others’ reality. Be careful until you learn the trick to recognizing others’ intentions.

5. Blundering through a sea of clouds dream meaning

Dreams of blundering through a sea of clouds symbolize your state of mind. You feel a thick layer of fog surrounding you and you can’t properly identify people or circumstances.

6. Falling through freezing clouds dream meaning

Dreams of falling through freezing clouds represent your pessimistic nature. This is a message to be more confident and not dwell on futile worries and doubts. Pave your way with confidence for the best.

7. Sun burning away clouds dream meaning

Dreams about the sun burning away clouds signify feelings of relief from worry. Your problems will soon fade away and you’ll lead a carefree life. After that, you’ll prepare for your next journey.

8. Moon blocked by clouds dream meaning

Dreams of clouds covering the moon resemble your hope for change.

You feel frustrated about your current life situation and deeply desire the situation to change. Get rid of your insecurities and start working.

9. Lying on cloud dream meaning

Lying on clouds in your dreams is a message to get away from chaotic life and live peacefully. You’re close to burning out and need to rejuvenate yourself. Take time away from your hectic life.

10. Distinctly shaped clouds dream meaning

Differently shaped clouds dreams have different meanings as follows:

Mushroom: You lack wisdom and clarity in life

Elephant: Abide by the rules in real life

Hand: You’re powerful and will achieve your goals soon

Angel: You’ll undergo a spiritual enlightenment

Heart: You’re blessed with mutual love

If you found any other cloud shape, then seek the dream of that object the cloud looks like. For instance, for dog-shaped clouds, seek dog dream interpretations.

11. Gray shapeless clouds dream meaning

Dreaming of gray-colored clouds without proper forms reveals your gloomy mood. Or, it’s a message to be more aware of the direction you walk in life. Perhaps you overlooked the right way or the wrong one.

12. Red streaked clouds dream meaning

Red-colored or streaked clouds dreams predict the end of a phase, age, project, or anything else in your dream. It resembles the beginning of a new journey in your waking life.

13. Gold clouds dream meaning

The dream of golden or yellow-colored clouds shows you will or already have restored your faith. You were feeling strong emotions of negativity for a long time initially.

14. Clouds in high sky dream meaning

Dreaming of clouds in the high sky expresses you’re calm and you prosper in life if you feel happy in the dream. However, if you feel negative about the dream, you long for peace and prosperity.

15. White clouds dream meaning  

Dreaming of a white cloud usually symbolizes serenity and peace in your conscious life if the cloud was small. If it was big, you’re a helpful person and demand nothing from others.

16. Wind blowing clouds dream meaning

Wind blowing clouds in dreams depict you can’t forget the past. Let the old wounds heal and look forward to new opportunities in life. You won’t gain anything dwelling on the past.

17. Black clouds dream meaning

Black clouds in dreams predict a phase of sorrow, frustration, and despair. Stay healthy to fight the painful period and come out victorious from it. Bravely accept your faith and deal with all situations.

18. Clouds falling dream meaning

The dream of clouds falling resembles secret-keeping from a romantic partner about affairs.

It will impact your emotional stability and trust which may lead to a separation. Communicate your feelings honestly to avoid them.

19. Seeing lots of clouds dream meaning

Seeing many clouds in dreams shows your desire for peace. You’re drowning in stress and need time away from all burdens. Try meditation or go on a trip to refresh your mind and recover soon.

20. Strong wind and clouds dream meaning

Dreaming of clouds moving with strong winds illustrates your emotional deterioration as you can’t let go of the past. Overcome the past vain thoughts and remove uncertainty from your future.

21. Flying/floating in clouds dream meaning

Flying or floating in clouds in dreams symbolizes you neglecting your spiritual development for material gains.

Real happiness is not in materials so connect with your spiritual side to be truly happy and peaceful.

22. Clouds covering sunlight dream meaning

Clouds covering the sunlight dreams reflect your inner potential. You’re quite talented but lack self-confidence so you aren’t aware of your skills or can’t manifest them properly.

Boost your self-esteem first to discover your skills.

23. Dispersing clouds dream meaning

Clouds dispersing and the sun showing dreams imply that you’re on the correct life path. You’ll soon attain spiritual awakening and enlightenment.

You’ll get rid of all the bad habits and your life will be much better.

24. Fast-moving clouds dream meaning

Moving clouds dreams resemble the presence of opportunities around you. Stay alert to not miss them. If the clouds move fast, you must take advantage of your situation. Otherwise, others will grab the chance.

25. Scary clouds dream meaning

Dreaming of scary clouds predicts an extremely sorry phase in your life. It’s a message to not give in to negativity. Fight with the disasters and you’ll definitely win your peace and joy back.

26. Rainbow and clouds dream meaning

Seeing both rainbows and clouds in your dreams is symbolic of materialistic fortune gains. Someone might get you a gift you always wanted. Or, you might get it for yourself. Joy will overflow in your life.

27. Clouded sky dream meaning

The sight of a white cloudy sky in your dreams is indicative of bliss and satisfaction in your conscious hours.

You will or are already extremely elated about some good news from your personal or professional life.

28. Thunderstorm clouds dream meaning

Thunderstorm clouds in your dream are an ill omen about a loved one. This person feels emotionally trapped and it affects you. Support this person and don’t panic or express your worries to them.

29. Sun completely blocked in clouds dream meaning

If dense clouds block the sun and it’s dark in your dream, it’s a forecast of a struggling phase. You need much more effort than you usually need to accomplish your goals.

30. Flying above clouds dream meaning

Flying above clouds dreams is suggestive of reaching the peak of your creativity. In reality, you want to use your talents to an extreme level and flourish in your personal and/or professional life.

31. Walking on clouds dream meaning 

Comfortably walking on clouds in dreams represents you’re capable of achieving your goals. If you feel anxious, you’re unsure about achieving your goals.

If the cloud was white or pink and lamb-shaped, it symbolizes innocent love.

32. Dust clouds dream meaning

Dust clouds dreams signify the commencement of emotional turmoil in your conscious hours. Your life was peaceful until now but it’ll soon become chaotic. Avoid any decision-making until this life phase passes.

33. Pink clouds dream meaning

Pink clouds dreams bring good news for lovers. For singles, you’ll have a sweet and blissful relationship. For the committed ones, your relationship will become satisfying and your bond will deepen.

34. Purple clouds dream meaning

The view of purple clouds in dreams is a portent of meeting optimistic people in waking life. These people will become your life role model or even mentors. You’ll follow in their footsteps to succeed in life.

35. Silver grey cloud dream meaning

Seeing silver-gray clouds in your dreams foretells the approaching depressive phase in your life. The challenges in your life will make you wish to give up, but you must hang on and fight. 

36. Big and small dark cloud dream meaning

Dreaming of big dark clouds forewarns you about hazards in conscious life. The small ones signify you’ll overcome the hazards and find peace.

Big and small dark cloud dreams together imply a bad phase will come and pass soon.

37. Slow-moving clouds dream meaning

Slow-moving, heavy cloud dreams represent the confusion and chaos in your waking life. You’re trying to find a solution for your situation and defeat the obstacles. Continue fighting and you’ll definitely win.

38. Transition of light to dense clouds dream meaning

If the sparse clouds joined and transitioned to dense and dark clouds in the dreams, it’s indicative of the pain of failure. You either fear failing in something or are mourning your failure.

39. Clouds with rain dream meaning

Dreaming of both clouds and rain is a warning of poor health. Stop neglecting your body and follow a balanced life. Overworking yourself won’t bring you joy. Make sure you take a break to revitalize yourself.

40. Seeing a little blue sky or sunlight through clouds dream meaning

Seeing only a fragment of blue sky or sunlight in between many clouds denotes you’ll succeed after you overcome the hurdles. This dream is about hope and positivity and the end of a dark period.

41. Bright night sky among clouds dream meaning

A bright night sky and clouds in dreams reflect the momentary bliss from the small yet significant victories in your conscious hours. You’ll regain your confidence from these small packets of positivity.

42. Bluish gray clouds dream meaning

Bluish gray collared clouds in your dreams express the anxiety you experience in your waking hours.

You’re unaware of the answers to some questions and that makes you uncomfortable. Clarify your doubts to rest your mind.

43. Heavy clouds over you dream meaning

Heavy clouds hanging over you in dreams signify stubborn difficulties in the coming days. You’ll struggle a lot for a long period and the battle might feel never-ending. However, it’s not time to give up.

44. Toxic clouds dream meaning

Dreaming of poisonous or toxic clouds represents your unstable mental condition. It might be due to troubles both in your love and work life. Communicate with your partner and seek your mentor’s aid to ease the situation.

45. Darkening clouds dream meaning

The process of clouds darkening in dreams is the portent of sorrows due to broken friendships. You might lose your long-term friend in the future. Be more communicative to avoid any misunderstanding for some time.

46. Touching clouds dream meaning

Touching the clouds in your dreams portends your beliefs to be firm. You don’t change your mind once you make it. However, judge whether being stubborn will really help or harm you in the end.

47. Others walking on clouds dream meaning

Dreaming about others walking on clouds portrays that your secret admirer is afraid of confessing to you.

Perhaps it’s because you’re in a relationship. If you notice your surroundings well, you might find them easily and answer them if you want.

48. Jumping on clouds dream meaning

Dreams about jumping on clouds ask you to not ignore your ideas because of doubt. If you’re unsure about the negative consequences or others try to talk you out of it, you still have a pretty good chance to succeed.

49. Others jumping on clouds dream meaning

Dreams of others jumping on clouds exhibit suggest you support your loved one in their life path.

Their chosen path might not seem ideal, but don’t force them to stop. Let them not have any regrets in life.

50. Others lying on clouds dream meaning

Others lying on clouds dreams hint at your envy of someone else’s personal or professional life success.

You hate that they have everything you ever desired. However, you must learn to be like them, instead of feeling jealous.

51. Staircase leading to clouds dream meaning

Dreams of a staircase leading to clouds symbolize you’re on the correct way and will soon discover and reach your goals. However, this road will be full of thorns and pebbles so prepare yourself.

52. Smoke clouds dream meaning

Smoke cloud dreams represent fights and disagreements with your loved ones due to clashing perceptions.

You both think your way to solve something is perfect and expect the other to support you. Try to control your negativity.

53. Cloudy day dream meaning

Cloudy day dreams symbolize a gloomy mood or depressing thoughts. You’re deserted with negativity and self-sabotaging ideas.

To bring yourself out of this mood, confide in a trusted person. Ask them to take care of or support you.

54. Cloudburst dream meaning

Viewing cloudbursts in dreams depicts overflowing negative emotions. A person or a situation will trigger your emotions.

You won’t be able to control your emotions and burst out publicly. Try to keep yourself calm during crises.

55. Funnel clouds dream meaning

Funnel clouds are indicative of your bottled-up anger. You might later burst your emotions in the wrong place. Make sure the suppressed emotions don’t hurt a loved one and inflict irreversible damage.

56. Gas clouds dream meaning

Dreaming of gas clouds implies facing stubborn and extremely complicated situations.

Your workplace might organize an event and it’ll include the seniors. You might face issues and be unable to handle the situation properly.

57. Blue clouds dream meaning

Blue clouds dreams are symbolism of hiding your emotions. You worry about showing your vulnerabilities to others.

You feel under confident about expressing your ideas. It’s time to speak up and show your true self.

58. Brown clouds dream meaning

Brown cloud dreams hold a positive sign about your professional life. Your business idea will be profitable and smart but you’ll need lots of effort to execute the idea smoothly and get the ideal gains.

59. Transparent white clouds dream meaning

Dreams about transparent white clouds denote hope. Even if the coming days seem unbearable and you feel hopeless, be responsible for your part. If you keep fighting, the higher powers will answer your efforts.

60. Seeing stars through clouds dream meaning

Noticing and admiring stars that peek through transparent clouds in your dreams suggests you expect positivity. Good fortune and joyous news are on their way. Anticipate an optimistic phase ahead of you.

61. Touching small pink clouds dream meaning

To touch small pink clouds imply you’ll fulfill an old forgotten wish. It might be something you wanted in your childhood but forgot as you grew. Something will remind you about it and you’ll make it true yourself.

62. Sitting on heavenly clouds dream meaning

To sit on heavenly clouds in your dream resembles your dreamy character. You fantasize a lot which harms your personal and professional life. It’s time to snap back to reality and work towards your goals.

63. Flying among black thunderclouds dream meaning

Dreaming of flying among black thunderclouds and noticing lightning predicts consecutive business losses for a prolonged period.

This is an extreme crisis and you must seek help or think deeply before taking action.

64. Walking under heavy thunderclouds dream meaning

Dreaming of walking under heavy thunderclouds and it rains with large raindrops is an ominous sign.

Unpleasant news about your reputation will soon reach you. Don’t make friends too easily as someone wants to harm you.

65. Sitting on a rainbow and touching clouds dream meaning

If you sat on a rainbow and touched clouds in your dream, this is a sign of success. You worked so hard that the success you deserve wants to reach you faster than ever.

66. Fell from a rainbow on a tasty cloud dream meaning

Dreaming of falling from a rainbow on a cloud and finding the cloud cotton-candy flavored signifies you’ll soon receive overflowing joy.

You’ll succeed in your endeavors and attain financial gains.

67. Touching mountains while riding on clouds dream meaning

As per the dream book, touching mountain tops while riding clouds denotes you’ll find the secrets to success.

You always wondered how others on the same road marvelously shone. Implement the secret to shine as much.

68. Clouds approaching the sun dream meaning

Dreams about clouds approaching the sun mean you’ll let your emotions take control of your wits. You might take the wrong step if you’re not careful and may regret it later.

69. Sunset clouds dream meaning

Dreaming about clouds at sunset shows you’re a carefree person and lead a happy life. It shows you’re happy at the moment. Or, the current bad phase will pass soon and you’ll lead a carefree life.

70. No gap in clouds dream meaning

If the clouds completely engulf the sky in your dream and leave no gap, you might soon find an unpleasant truth.

The dream doesn’t indicate whether it will happen in your personal or professional life so brace yourself.

71. Lightning between clouds on clear skies dream meaning

The dream interpretation of lightning between clouds on a clear sky is that you’ll face infinite setbacks in your life and you can’t resist them. However, it will end so I hope that it all ends soon.

72. Seeing clouds through a window dream meaning

If you dream of seeing clouds in your dreams through the window, it portrays misery. You feel devastated and low in waking life.

Snap out of it sooner because it holds you back from preparing for a beautiful life.

73. Low-lying rumbling clouds dream meaning

Noticing low-lying rumbling clouds that intimidated you in your dreams predicts family conflicts. You may fail to reach your goals due to the conflicts. Try to resolve any family disagreements for your own welfare.

74. Sky without clouds dream meaning

Seeing a sky without a single cloud in dreams represents your confidence in your choices and decisions.

Your clear vision protects you from manipulators. You’re clear-minded even during puzzling situations and that’s great.

75. Clouds entering your house dream meaning

If the clouds enter your house in the dream, it signifies someone will visit you. If you’re not expecting anyone, it might be a surprise visit. However, the other person may or may not have good intentions.

76. Taking clouds dream meaning

Taking the clouds in dreams implies you’re more talented than others. You can achieve something that nobody else can.

Probably nobody knows about your talent yet. They’ll know when you’ll reach out to help them.

77. Clothes from clouds dream meaning

Dreaming about clothing made of clouds depicts that you’ll gain more knowledge than people around you. You’re smart and have an infinite thirst for knowledge. This will later help you down the path.

78. Light and fluffy clouds dream meaning

Dreaming of light and fluffy clouds indicates you’ll enjoy fame, success, and positivity for a short while.

Soon, it will change into consecutive disastrous situations. You’ll wish to give up but just before the worst moment, things will get better.

79. See-through clouds dream meaning

The view of see-through clouds, whether it’s day or night in your dreams, signifies success and happiness. But your jealous rivals will put a damper on your mood. Or, you might get news of another battle.

80. Single cloud dream meaning

Dreaming about a single cloud resembles your wish to give another chance to your ex. Or, you want them back in your life.

Even if you’re bored of being single, this might not be the best decision. You guys broke up for a reason.

81. Admiring clouds dream meaning

Dreams of admiring clouds depict you’ll meet an interesting person in the future. You might deeply become fond of this person and desire to stay connected to them. You might also wish to be their disciple.

82. Multiple colored clouds dream meaning

Dreams about multiple or rainbow-colored clouds hold great news about a new relationship or knowing a new and interesting person.

Or, it may be news about achieving a long-awaited goal and relishing the success.

83. Trying to reach clouds dream meaning

Reaching out or trying to reach clouds may portray an ill omen about your professional endeavors.

You might face some obstacles or your idea might fail completely. Be creative and use other methods to deal with it.

84. Multi-layered clouds dream meaning

Dreaming about multi-layered clouds is an indication of roadblocks. You might meet major disappointments in your conscious hours.

Your life will test you for more stubborn challenges. However, if the clouds completely cover the sky, you’ll soon find solutions.

85. Rising clouds dream meaning

If the clouds in your dreams rise or float up, it’s a harbinger of success and gains in your academic or professional life. It’s the fruit of your hard work, persistence, and sleepless nights for years.

86. Two touching clouds dream meaning

The dream of two clouds touching one another brings news about a trip. White and fluffy clouds in this dream imply a pleasant vacation.

Dark clouds may symbolize you don’t want to attend it or it’s a dreadful business trip.

87. Clouds forming arch dream meaning

Multiple clouds assembling to form an arch portends the approval of a long-awaited vacation, a study opportunity, a celebration abroad, or an overseas job. You’ll learn many lessons and broaden your horizons on your trip.

88. Fruits falling from clouds dream meaning

Dreams of fruits falling from clouds show that you’ll attract kind people. You forgive everyone and embrace them with your innocent heart.

You’ll receive your rewards for being a noble soul in a world full of cruelty and grudges.

89. Faces made of clouds at night dream meaning

Dreams of faces made of clouds in the night sky exhibit your self-doubt and uncertainties.

You desire to achieve lots in your waking life, but someone always lowers your confidence. Stay away from demotivating individuals and work on your life.

90. Catching or holding clouds dream meaning

If you catch a falling cloud or hold one in your dreams, it resembles wealth and fortune in your waking life.

Your hard work will attract financial stability towards you. This is a prediction of stability and security.

91. Night-time clouds dream meaning

Dreaming of night-time clouds shows you’ll gain the authority to influence higher-ups.

A senior or a boss will easily accept your demands and support your ideas during meetings. You’ll always get support from this influential person.

92. Morning clouds dream meaning

Dreaming of seeing clouds in the morning means you’ll be selected or nominated for an important task.

Your seniors recognize your capabilities and recommend you for important tasks. Be grateful to those that recommended you for it.

93. Streets full of thick clouds dream meaning

Dreams about thick clouds on the streets express that you’ll earn money but there won’t be any risk. You’ll feel positive and at peace because there’s no hazard in your earning route.

94. Clouds above one house dream meaning

Dreaming of clouds above only one house refers to that household will gain financial stability and they’ll flourish.

However, if the clouds were particularly over an object of that house, then a new object will replace that one.

95. Fire clouds dream meaning

Dreaming of fire clouds implies that you’ll fulfill your long-term desires only if you express yourself and actively chase your goals. You need a break from work so don’t be shy and speak up.

96. Angry clouds dream meaning

Angry clouds dreams denote that you neglect your health because you’re always busy fulfilling others’ wishes.

Others think you’re reliable and you neglect yourself to hear the praises. Understand that you’re hurting yourself and this won’t be good news for your health.

97. Green clouds dream meaning

Green clouds dream predict success in your waking life. You might land your dream job, gain financial stability, deepen your friendships, or get news of parenthood. You can’t wait for the next chapter of your life to begin.

98. Making clouds dream meaning

Dreaming of making clouds symbolizes your status and authority. You worked hard to gain everything you have now or will have in your waking life. This was all possible because you learned your life lessons.

99. Eating clouds dream meaning

Eating clouds dreams describe you’re torn between decisions. You hide from others the fact that you need guidance.

Seek others for help because nobody will judge you. Nobody knows everything and it’s wise to include others when in a dilemma.

100. Clouds on fire dream meaning

If the clouds in your dreams started burning, it’s a symbol of infinite creativity and innovation.

You believe everyone has the same creative energy but in different forms. You inspire others but don’t realize that. You must appreciate your skills.

101. Nine clouds dream meaning

Dreaming of nine clouds signifies you fear the unknown and unexpected. You proceed in life with new perceptions and have a set goal and aim.

However, you don’t know the possible consequences of your decisions so you delay your actions.

102. Clouds in coffee dream meaning

Seeing clouds in your coffee in dreams represents your optimism in waking life. Though you face multiple obstacles in your path, you know you’ll prosper and enjoy a leisurely time in the future.

103. Playing with clouds dream meaning

Playing with clouds in your dreams shows you’re a hard worker. However, your goals are too big and time-consuming and they push away your loved ones.

Start making smaller goals and implement them around your loved ones.

104. Jesus in clouds dream meaning

Seeing Jesus in the clouds portends a much-awaited opportunity. You understand you have potential and when you grab the opportunity, you’ll be determined to express your perfectionism. You have overflowing energy to achieve your new goals.

105. Beautiful clouds dream meaning

The definition of beauty changes from person to person. So, this dream is more about your personal feelings.

If you found the clouds beautiful in your dreams, this dream forecasts tranquility and joy in your waking life.

Spiritual meaning of clouds in dreams

Spiritually, clouds in dreams signify what’s wrong in your life or confirm your doubt about something being off. Further, the dream guides you to solve your problems.

As per the spiritual meaning of clouds dream, a situation or person overshadows most areas of your life. Such dreams are usually a reflection of disappointments, depression, distractions, or delays, but never of evil.

On a negative note, a cloud dream is always a confirmation of your doubts. Perhaps, you feel something is off but aren’t sure, so this dream hints that your doubt is legit.

On a positive note, such a dream also points out your issues and that only by paying attention to everything minutely you’ll reach the solution. Your dream is a sign of spiritual guidance that will help you come out victorious.

Biblical meaning of clouds in a dream

Biblically, clouds in your dreams either infer you’re a generous person or ask you to be one. It promises that if you avoid sins, you’ll definitely have a place in Heaven.

As per the Bible, cloud dreams are an indication from God to follow the path of generosity. If you‘re brimming with wisdom, you might see yourself building a palace on the clouds in the dream.

Cloud dreams portray you are or must be open to helping others selflessly. You must avoid any form of sin. You will prosper in your life only when you follow the path God paved for you.

If you maintain distance from sins, you’ll saturate yourself with good deeds. God and their angels will secure a place for you in Heaven if you have infinite virtues.

Questions to ask yourself to interpret clouds dreams correctly

Didn’t find your exact clouds dream? Or, did you find bits of it scattered in the list? If that’s the case, answer these questions and join respective dream interpretations. C’mon, let’s find your unique interpretations together…

1. Did you notice anything else in the sky? Stars, sun, moon, rainbow, or anything else?

2. What was the color of the clouds?

3. Was there one or more clouds?

4. Did the clouds form a specific shape?

5. Did you see other elements with the clouds? Water (rain), dust (soil), wind, fire, storm, thunder, or lightning?

6. What were you doing in the dream? Were you in the clouds? If yes, what were you doing? Or, did you notice it from Earth?

7. Was there anyone else on the clouds? What were they doing?

8. Were the clouds moving? If yes, was it moving fast or slow?

9. Were the clouds in the skies or down on Earth? If it was on Earth, where was it?

10. Was your dream pleasant or unpleasant?

A word from ThePleasantDream

Most cloud dreams advise you something about your waking life. It’s a blessing from higher powers so you can lead a healthier and happier life. 

Whenever you interpret a cloud dream, meditate and think deep where you went wrong. The dream interpretations never mention your exact issue because each of you leads a unique life.

More than one person may have the same dream and due to unique lives, the dreams may have completely different messages for you.

So, focus on your life events and identify where your life lacks and how you’ll fix the situation. Seek a trusted person if you can’t evaluate it alone.