Dreams of sadness usually leave us apprehensive upon waking. We fret over what the immediate future has for us. 

Though such dreams can sometimes foretell trouble, that is not always the case. In fact, it’s likely that you will be jubilant once you decode the meaning of your dream. 

What Does It Mean To Have Dreams Of Sadness?

Dreams of sadness symbolize joy, success, and prosperity. However, depending on the scenario, it can also be the subconscious warning of a manipulative person in your surroundings.

Surprisingly, dreams of sadness often carry positive messages. Some dream books believe that sadness is a harbinger of happiness in your waking life. 

And the message gets even better and more auspicious if you wake up sobbing after feeling overwhelmed by sadness and grief. 

Sadness can also mean your hard work will not pay off instantly but much later, in their own divine time. This applies if you were the one being sad. 

On the contrary, other dream books believe sadness is the higher realm warning you of strangers trying to manipulate you. Also, sadness is closely associated with disappointment, depression, failure, or even the fear of losing someone or something dear to you. 

Spiritual Meaning Of Sadness Dreams

On a spiritual level, dreams of sadness are a sign that you are going through a period of spiritual purification and transformation.

If you have had a traumatic past, sadness shows you are finally ready to confront and get over the emotional pain.

Biblical Interpretation

According to the Bible, a such dreams shows you regret your past actions and behavior. If you are genuinely repentant, forget your ego and ask for forgiveness for your mind to feel at ease. 

Negatively, sadness can be a warning for some dreamers foretelling of impending troubles in the foreseeable future. 

Psychological Interpretation

Dreams about sadness mean you are still not over a past pain. Sometimes these types of scenarios hint at an underlying issue that needs to be addressed, at the earliest. 

Various Scenarios Of Sadness Dreams Explained

Some of the most commonly experienced dreams associated with sadness are:

Dreaming of seeing the sadness in your eyes

The dream foretells a chance encounter with a man, most likely, someone older, that will turn your life around for the better.  

Dream about seeing yourself in sadness after losing someone

If you dream about mourning someone’s death, the scenario has a positive connotation. 

Whoever passed away in the dream will achieve exponential growth in the coming weeks, months, or even years. 

And the dream shows you will be no less jubilant than that person. 

Dreaming about seeing yourself in sadness and crying

It is indeed auspicious to see yourself crying out of sadness. The tears you shed in the dream symbolize all your worries, fears, and anxieties. 

It is a sign of releasing your pent-up emotions and feelings and unburdening yourself. 

A dream about seeing your family in sadness

The dream indicates a merry event such as an engagement or wedding ceremony in the offing. 

Seeing yourself in sadness because of someone

This indicates you are an overly sensitive person. 

Seeing your mother in sadness

Seeing your mother in sadness shows circumstances or even a person will soon compel you to break a piece of terrible news to someone. This will concern a close one and not yourself. 

Seeing your father in sadness

According to the scenario, your father isn’t happy with one of your recent decisions. 

Likely, he hasn’t said anything disagreeable because he doesn’t want to discourage or hurt you. 

Seeing your parents in sadness

Likely, you have not been a filial child if you see your parents in sadness. If you have not been as loving and attentive to your parents, the subconscious urges you to perform your moral duty towards your parents.  

According to dream books, these types of scenarios tend to repeat and haunt you until and unless you get the message and act accordingly. 

Your siblings in sadness in a dream

According to the plot, your sibling is battling a problem you know nothing about. 

Seeing a child in sadness

An innocent person in your close circle will be subjected to injustice, and the dream shows you will do everything you can to fight for him or her.  

Sadness on the faces of your children in a dream

For a parent, seeing sadness on the faces of children shows he or she is concerned about his or her children’s welfare. 

A friend in sadness in a dream

One of your close ones will leave you for another city or country for career or work purposes. 

As much as you will be happy for him or her, the separation will cause you and the other person concerned to feel immense pain.

Seeing your friend in sadness because of you

A close one will soon come to you for guidance. 

Seeing your friends in sadness

The subconscious is trying to draw your attention to a few so-called friends who are jealous of you. 

Needless to say, not everyone will stick through during your hard days. So, you must be careful about who you confide in. 


To sum it up, dreams of sadness do not necessarily mean you will experience sadness in your waking hours. 

Of course, for some dreamers, the scenario can mean you feel anxious for a close one – someone you held dear. Therefore, it’s important to consider each aspect of the dream, your emotional response to the plot, and even cultural associations. 

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