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Dream about Crayons – 60 Scenarios and Interpretations

Dream about Crayons – 60 Scenarios and Interpretations

Updated on Jan 25, 2023 | Published on Dec 05, 2022

Reviewed by Katina Tarver, MA (Mental Health and Wellness Counseling) , Life Coach

Dream about Crayons - 60 Scenarios and Interpretations

What’s brighter and more colorful than a dream about crayons? It’s interpretations!

Well, these are quite common elements that indicate different emotions, situations, and experiences just like different colors. Each color can show a different meaning based on its symbolisms and your perception about it.

Intrigued to know more? Let’s dig in –

Dream about Crayons - 60 Scenarios and Interpretations
Dream about Crayons – 60 Scenarios and Interpretations

Dream about Crayons – General Interpretations

A dream about crayons shows joy, brightness, childhood memories, creativity, simplicity, minimalism, healing, and leisure. Often it tells you to get in touch with your inner child. 

It is often related to your childhood feelings and experiences. Crayons represent various positive or negative aspects of your life based on the colors and the scenarios. Still, some of the general interpretations are given below –

1. It indicates that you need to relax and let off some steam in your waking life. 

2. This dream suggests that you might be forced into doing something you don’t want to do.

3. Someone in your waking life might harbor some grudge against you. Their intentions are not pure. 

4. Crayons represent your unexpressed emotions and desires from your childhood experiences. 

5. This dream points towards your difficulty in communicating with others. 

6. You are trying to hold on to something from your past.

7. Maybe you are feeling empty and lonely in your waking life.

And there’s more. Let’s explore –

Dream about Crayons – 60 Scenarios and Interpretations

These scenarios symbolize various things for every person. These dreams have been analyzed by many dream interpreters. Read on to find out it could mean for you –

1. Dream about Seeing Crayons

Having such dreams means you are looking for an opportunity to relax in your waking life. You feel overburdened by work.

You have a lot of stress which is difficult to handle. Taking some time off seems like an ideal situation for you right now. Maybe things are not good in your waking life and you need a break.

2. To Dream about Throwing Crayons 

This dream is an indication that you should stop suppressing your needs. You need to openly follow your desires in life.

You are avoiding some situations. This is causing you anxiety and eventually stopping your development. 

3. Dreaming about Broken Crayons

You are finding it difficult to convey your feelings to someone. You are very shy and fear criticism and rejection. 

Something has happened to make you like this. You are finding it difficult to forget your past and move on to better things.

4. Stealing Crayons in a Dream

Stealing crayons in a dream means that you are feeling lonely in your waking life. You feel like you have been abandoned by people

It shows that maybe you are experiencing emptiness because no one loves you. You need to find a purpose for yourself in your waking life.

5. Breaking Crayons in a Dream

It means that you will encounter happiness and good fortune in your everyday waking life.

Something will happen that will renew your faith in miracles. You will hope for the good times to remain forever.

6. To Dream about Colorful Crayons

This dream scenario reflects the innocence and purity of children. You want to relive a time in your life where you were carefree and jovial.

Something has happened that is working as your inspiration and motivation to reach your goals. You are learning to value others’ time and efforts. 

7. Dreaming about Eating Crayons

This dream interpretation indicates that you are looking for easier methods to accomplish your goals. You want to achieve something new and different.

Maybe you are suppressing your feelings and desires in your waking life. You will exhibit advanced creativity and wisdom in the near future. 

8. Dream about Someone Else Eating Crayons

These dreams are signs of opposition in your personal and professional circles. You are going to make a decision that might change your life forever.

It is a positive message that indicates healthy growth and development. You are proud of the person you are starting to become. 

9. Dreaming of Crayons Stores

If you are having such dreams, it means that you are emotionally deprived. Your repressed feelings are threatening to come out.

It is becoming difficult for you to manage your feelings in your waking life.

10. Dreams about Using Crayons

This dream plot is a symbol of a victorious event. You have been trying for something for a very long time and you will emerge victorious. 

Things will finally fall into place. Whatever you have worked hard for, will come to fruition. 

11. Dreams about Plastic Crayons

You are trying to remove something very difficult from your life. There will be a turning point in your near future.

Plastic crayons indicate that you will soon bid goodbye to your old problems. Your path will look defined and clearer.

12. To Dream about New Crayons

You are taking huge risks in your waking life. Maybe you have become careless and reckless and do not take your safety into consideration.

Besides, you are going to make a choice in the future that will cost you something very valuable. You might not be able to deal with its loss.

13. Dreaming about Old Crayons

This dream scenario suggests that it is in your hand to make your dreams come true. There are some troubles in your relationship that need immediate attention.

Such dreams also reflect your mindset about your future. You need to be clear, focused and determined if you want to become successful.

14. Dream about Cheap Crayons

You are having difficulty dealing with the people around you. Someone is taking advantage of your efforts and hard work.

You are feeling manipulated by people. Someone you know is influencing your thoughts and decisions to favor their benefits. 

15. Dreams about Expensive Crayons

People are associating with you because of your success in your waking life.

You will remove something or someone that is negatively influencing your personal and professional life. You need to act fast if you want things to be alright. 

16. Coloring with Crayons in a Dream

You are having this dream because something very important is going to happen in your life. The Process of change and transformations has already started taking place.

You should not ignore the signs that the universe is trying to give you.

17. Dreams about Buying Crayons 

You are finally able to understand your real self. You have been changing your likes and dislikes according to the needs of society.

This dream plot represents your freedom of expressing your true nature. You don’t need to hide from anyone anymore. 

18. Dreams about Selling Crayons

This dream implores your desires and needs from life. 

You will remain focused and clear on what your needs are. You won’t let anything distract you from your destination in life.

19. Gifting Crayons in Your Sleep

In your waking life, maybe you will experience anxiety and a nervous breakdown due to all the things you are repressing. Accepting yourself will help you to manage your emotions properly. 

20. Dream about White Crayons

There is someone from your past that is trying to reconnect with you. They are trying to follow you and recreate your old bond. 

You are being very stubborn in your waking life. You are struggling against an idea or attitude that is being imposed upon you. 

21. Dream about Pink Crayons 

Dreams like these indicate risks in your future endeavors. You might have to stop whatever you’re doing due to your fear of failure.

This has a negative influence on your mood and psyche. You will feel stressed and frustrated almost all the time. 

22. To Dream about Purple Crayons

Usually the dream depicts royalty, prosperity, and luxury. Also, they suggest that there are many things you need to work on in order to lead a successful life.

Besides, it indicates a sophisticated taste and desire. 

23. Dreaming about Black Crayons

It is a bold sign. They often represent your suppressed dreams and desires of your waking life.

In addition, this symbolizes strength and determination to pursue your dreams. 

24. Dream about Green Crayons

The scenario is a sign of fertility, goodness, and wellbeing. So it tells you to change your life with positive thoughts and actions. 

25. Dream about Grey Crayons

More often than not, it suggests simplicity, subtle emotions, and minimalism. At the same time, it can show the blandness and boredom one might be facing in life. 

26. Seeing Golden Crayons

As it is seemingly evident, this is the harbinger of golden opportunities, prosperity, good luck, and abilities.

They are often related to your past and childhood experiences that you cherish and adore. 

27. Dream about Blue Crayons 

These are often related to unhappiness and disharmony in your love life. You will struggle to maintain your relationship with your partner. 

You will feel unloved and uncared for. Your partner might not be emotionally available for you.

28. Dream about Red Crayons

Red crayons represent the ups and downs of life. You are looking for ways to lead a simple and easy life. 

Something or someone is questioning your ability and knowledge. You need an emotional outlet to express your feelings and desires.

29. Dream about Eating Blue Crayons

Your spirit is uplifted. You feel like you are in paradise. You feel energized and happier as time passes in your waking life.

30. Dream about Eating Red Crayons 

This dream suggests that you need to pay attention to a message conveyed by someone else. Reading between the lines will prove to be beneficial.

You have the ability to retain valuable information. There have been situations where you have underestimated your worth and abilities.

31. Dream about Silver Crayons

Often it depicts spiritual growth, self discovery, and your desire for peace. However, sometimes it shows your desire for luxury, wealth, and social recognition. 

32. Dreaming of Yellow Crayons

Bright as sunshine, yellow crayons indicate joy, happiness, and overall positivity. You might soon get more reasons to laugh.

33. Seeing Orange Crayons in a Dream

This is connected to new experiences, willingness to explore more, and some fun in your daily life. Besides, it emphasizes your need for some warmth and enthusiasm.

34. To Dream about Brown Crayons

Well, this shows raw emotions, innate desires, and some strong decisions. So you can take it as a sign to explore your talents and things that make you happy. 

35. Dreaming about a Rainbow Colored Crayon

Bright, beautiful, and joyful – these are the evident symbols of the scenario. Though it might also sometimes suggest being open to accept others and yourself. 

36. Dream about Wax Crayons

It indicates safety, resources, and ideas. Maybe you need to plan things well before jumping in the race course. 

37. Dreaming of Chalk Crayons

More often, it is connected to your childhood memories and little joys that you still need to be in touch with. 

38. To Dream about a Pack of Crayons

This suggests resources and abilities to achieve your goals. Besides, you might want to pursue your passions and the dream portrays your talents to be able to do that. 

39. Dream about Exchanging Crayons with a Friend

You have some good reasons to be grateful. Also, this suggests you share your happiness and good things with people you love. 

40. Dream of One Multicolor Crayon

It is a good sign. Maybe you are a polymath and want to try new things in life. Besides, it can suggest your uniqueness and sometimes an inability to fit in with others. 

41. To Dream about Oil Pastel Crayons

You have opportunities to get inspiration and utilize your creativity for productive endeavors. Often it indicates your craving to do things you love.

42. Seeing a Set of Crayons in Dream

Often it suggests honing your skills and being blessed with the right talents and resources. 

43. Dream about Cutting Crayons with Knife

Generally it portrays some poor decisions. Your shyness makes it difficult to achieve your dreams and goals.

44. Seeing a Pile of Crayons in Dreams

It is a harbinger of good times, happy memories, and leisure. 

45. Writing on Walls with Crayons in a Dream

This involves your desire for freedom, rebel, and free expression of your creativity.

46. Dreaming of Drawing with Crayons

Maybe you need to put your creative hat on and start working on your passion projects. It’s a sign!

47. To Dream of Getting Your Childhood Crayons

It symbolizes your childhood memories and nostalgia. Sometimes it shows new beginnings.

48. Writing a Letter with a Crayon in Dream

Maybe you are missing someone. Also, it shows innocence, pure love, and feel-good vibes.

49. Seeing Someone Taking Your Crayons from You in Dream

This suggests some disappointments and conflicts. 

50. Dream of Writing on Carpet with Crayons

Mostly it depicts poor decisions and ignorance. However, it might also indicate intentionally ruining your reputation.

51. Dream about Using Crayons in an Art Competition

This is a sign of your creative endeavors though you rely on minimal resources to attain your goals. 

52. Donating Crayons in a Dream

You are looking for something that will help you in difficult times.

53. Finding Crayons in Your Pocket in a Dream

Something new will happen that will transform your way of living in your waking life.

54. Dream about Biting Crayons

This dream indicates stability and intellect in your life.

55. Losing Crayons in a Dream

You need to pay attention to the things that should be preserved in your waking life.

56. Dreaming of Crayons in Your Closet

It suggests that you should keep an open mind when interacting with society.

57. Melting Your Crayons in a Dream

 You need to make some changes in your life.

58. Someone Sharing Their Crayons with You

You should shift some of your burden to those who are willing to help.

59. Dream about Coloring on Your Face with Crayons

It shows a dreamer’s need to relax for a while. This is a sign that you need to temporarily escape from your reality. 

60. Dream about Coloring an Important Document with Crayons

This indicates ignorance and bad decisions. 

Spiritual Meaning of Dreams of Crayons

Spiritually, it tells you to take things in a more positive perspective. The little joys you miss, goodness you need to be grateful about, self love and leisure you might have been ignoring – take this as a sign to embrace these. 

Biblical Meaning of Dream about Crayons

Though the Bible doesn’t specifically mention crayons, in general, the colors symbolize different spiritual aspects of your life. It might signify wisdom, compassion, honor, dignity, patience, and other signs that Almighty wants to show you.

Psychological Dream Meaning of Crayons

Psychologically, these are often manifestations of your subconscious thoughts and desires to be more in touch with your happier, brighter self. It emphasizes upon taking a step forward to be creative, free, and more welcoming for good things life brings you.

Closing Thoughts

These are very common dream elements for those who are closely connected to something creative, artistic, or good vibes, in general. These dreams manifest your repressed feelings and desires into your dream state so that you can embrace the little joys in your waking life. 

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