So, you had a dream about farting and now you feel embarrassed and curious… both at once.

Don’t worry, you’re not alone. We have all experienced fart dreams once in a while. In fact, these dreams have really interesting meanings attached to them.

So, if you’re wondering what is your fart dream is about, let this think-piece show you the way…

What does it mean when you dream about farting?- General Interpretations

Dreams about farting indicate that your wait for good things is now over or healing. Alternatively, it also warns you about wrong actions, stupidity, or embarrassment.

In reality, farting may point towards some underlying health concerns. However, dreaming about farting suggests far from that…

To begin with, here are some general interpretations listed in the dream books.

1. Something good will happen

Do not worry if you get fart dreams. It only signals that you will soon find a solution to all the problems and good things will happen to you.

2. It is a sign of stupidity

The dream signals a sign of stupidity because you are being rude to some people. Your stupid actions will make people judge you.

3. You feel embarrassed

Just like in real life, farts often make you feel embarrassed, it implies something similar in the dream. You feel like an embarrassed loser in front of people because of your past mistakes.

4. You are doing wrong actions

The fart dreams also signal that you involve yourself in gossiping, backbiting, or some illegal actions, which you must avoid.

5. It is a sign of healing

Some fart dreams are a sign of recovering and healing from an illness.

Dream about Farting – 35 Types & Their Interpretations

How did you fart in the dream? A lot depends on this question when you’re trying to find the meaning of your fart dream.

For instance, in dreams, if you fart publicly and others notice, you’ll be reprimanded for your words, but if nobody notices, you’ll be praised for your speech.

If you can’t hold your curiosity, check out our list of common fart dreams and their meanings.

1. Dream about farting and not being embarrassed

Dreaming of farting without being embarrassed is a sign of freedom. You will soon be able to escape the troubles in your life and overcome the obstacles in your way.

2. Dream about farting and feeling awkward

Dreaming about farting and feeling awkward hints toward stupidity. You will make a blunder in your waking life.

3. Dream about farting as a married woman

You’ll have a fight with your husband if you dreamt about farting as a married woman. Things will go wrong between you both as he’ll embarrass you among the guests. 

4. Dream about farting in front of many people

Your dream is a sign of success. If you dream about farting in front of many people, you’ll soon receive rewards and recognition.

5. Farting loudly in a dream

Dreaming about farting loudly is a negative omen. It indicates you will soon be separated from someone you love and care for.

6. Dream about a smelly fart

Dreaming about a smelly fart indicates a regression in your professional life. You will meet troubles and obstacles at your workplace and find it difficult to focus.

7. Dream about farting in the bathroom

Dreaming about farting in the bathroom signifies a state of conflict with your relatives. You may have an argument with them, which might disturb the harmony between you and your relatives.

8. Dream about farting in the store

Dreaming about farting in the store implies arguments. You will get into a fight with someone that might affect your peace of mind.

9. Dream about farting on a public transport

A dream of farting on public transport signifies strong feelings. You hold deep feelings for someone in your waking life.

10. Dream about farting in the toilet

Dreaming about farting in the toilet is a positive sign for your professional life. You will soon meet success in your business and will make good fortune.

11. Dream about farting in bed

Dreaming about farting in bed symbolizes a good turn of events for your family. Your family will finally live the time they’ve dreamt of.  

12. Dream about farting at work

A dream of farting at work is a rewarding sign for your work life. You will receive an exceptional bonus or promotion in your professional life.

13. Dream about farting and crapping yourself

Dreaming about farting followed by crapping yourself depicts a win-win situation in your waking life.

If you have a long-term dispute with someone it will be resolved. Or if you get into a critical argument with someone, the win will be on your side.

14. Dream about farting and burping in a dream

A dream combining both farting and burping is a good omen. It represents fun, and you will soon experience a joyful event in your waking life.

15. Dream about wanting to leave a room to fart

Dreaming about wanting to leave a room to fart symbolizes an effort to deal with embarrassment in private.

16. Dream about holding a fart

Dreaming of holding a fart is a sign of hiding. You will attempt to conceal an awkward situation in your waking life.

However, if you have difficulty holding the fart in your dream, you might fail in your attempt to hide the embarrassment.

17. Dream about farting accidentally

If you dreamt of farting accidentally, it might point to an embarrassing situation. An uncomfortable issue you tried to hide from others will get disclosed to them.

People might consider it an act of foolishness from your side.

18. Dream about someone else farting.

Dreaming about others farting advises you to take care of yourself because over time you started ignoring your health.

19. Dream about farting and laughing

You recognize your self-worth and hold yourself in high regard if you have a dream about farting and laughing. It warns you to be slightly inclined towards others rather than yourself.

20. Dream about farting in front of someone

Dreaming about farting in front of someone symbolizes your loyal, gentle, simple, and friendly nature. You show compassion towards others and like to help others achieve their goals and aspirations.

21. Dream about farting smell

Your dream indicates your curiosity and innocence as a young child. You will search for new ideas and opportunities that can help you explore your inner self.

22. Dream about farting without noise

A dream of farting without noise represents you will be a part of sarcasm. You will be praised sarcastically by the people surrounding you.

23. Dream about farting as a merchant

If you dreamt of farting as a merchant, you’ll be rewarded with good fortune. Your business and merchandise will flourish at a fast pace.

24. Dream about farting from the mouth

Dreaming about farting from the mouth is a symbol of hesitation. In a situation in your waking life, you’ll unintentionally say something wrong. 

The dream also hints toward your developing bad habits that may make you feel shameless in front of others.

25. Dream about farting large

Dreaming about farting large symbols symbolizes solace. If you hold onto something for a long time, you will finally let go of it, thus bringing yourself relief.

26. Dream about being uncomfortable when someone farts

Dream about being uncomfortable about someone farting around you is a sign of trouble from the person. They will harm you in your waking life. 

27. Dream about farting in a way that others notice

Dreaming about farting in a way that others notice is a sign of public humiliation for speaking wrongly.

28. Dream about farting in a way that others do not notice

If you had a dream about farting and people did not notice, you’ll receive appreciation from others for your words.

29. Dream about farting with sound and bad smell

Dreaming about farting with sound and bad smell indicates ill behavior of people towards you. You will do something unacceptable to people and they will not appreciate you for it.

30. Dream about farting without smell

Dreaming about farting without smell is a sign that your efforts will go in vain. You will reap negligible fruits from what you are pursuing in your waking life.

31. Dream about intentional farting

If you dreamt about you farting intentionally, it hints at your nonreligious nature. You do not follow any faith or preach religion.

32. Dream about people laughing at the fart

Dreaming about people laughing at the fart is a depiction of shame. You may not will happy with your salary as you don’t find your job respectable.

33. Dream about smelling a fart

Dream about smelling a fart hint towards hidden feelings someone holds for you. This person is close to you but denies their feelings.

34. Dream about hearing a fart

Dreaming about hearing a fart indicates a new scope of learning for you. It is time for you to hone your skills and gain more knowledge to enhance your abilities.

35. Dream about farting in public

Dreaming about farting in public hints at your negligence towards your friends and relatives. You hold back your feelings for others, which you must express to restore positivity in your relationships.

Psychological interpretation of fart dreams

Farting dreams denote that you are living a healthy life and there’s no sign of sickness.

Questions to ask yourself to interpret your farting dreams correctly.

It is easy to Google and read different meanings of a particular dream. But to find out whether you identified the true interpretation of your dream is difficult.

For this, you must pay attention to the dream details. How to do that? Ask yourself these questions and write all the answers in a notebook for better reference.

1. Who was farting in the dream?

2. Where were you farting?

3. Did the fart have a smell?

4. How did you feel after farting?

5. Did you hear the noise of the fart?

A word from ThePleasantDream

Farting in real life also brings a lot of embarrassment and awkwardness. For most people, it is the same feeling in their dreams as well. I am sure you cannot discuss this dream with anyone because you think they will judge you. And so, I hope you found all your answers in this think-piece.