When dream about hippopotamus visits you at night, it could represent your repressed anger and annoyances related to either a person or situation in waking life. 

It also means that you are trying a lot to resist and control your angry responses but the provocations are all around you. It is stopping you from behaving responsibly in waking life.

Dream about Hippopotamus – General Meaning

Dream about hippopotamus symbolizes inner strength, spiritual guidance, inner calmness, power, influence, and hidden talents that you may not be aware of in reality.

Dreams about hippopotamus symbolize the power and might that lays untapped inside you. You’re mentally strong but the provocations from your surroundings are making you appear weak.

The dream reflects the chances of a heads-on conflict with your perpetrators. They’re trying to overstep the boundary and you are not allowing them to do so.

Symbolically dreams about hippopotamus means the following:

  • Hippopotamus is a giant animal who is all powerful in his territory. Their mighty size can be a problem for others. Thus, the dream of this animal symbolizes inner strength and courage.
  • Dream about a hippopotamus represents intuition. You are full of wisdom and your gut feeling is strong enough to help you in settling real life disputes with others.
  • Hippopotamus in dreams can symbolize your negative emotions. If someone is pushing your limits and you are feeling overwhelmed in waking life, then the dream symbolizes your emotional sufferings.
  • Dreams about hippopotamus also suggest your calm nature. It indicates your collected nature. You are a peace-loving individual and prefer not to intimidate others and get into unnecessary troubles. 
  • Dream of a hippopotamus also indicates spiritual transformation. You have many hidden talents that allow you to become the best version of yourself. 

Spiritual Meaning of Dreams about Hippopotamus

Dreaming of hippos are symbols of spiritual growth and inner strength. The dream is a powerful omen for your spiritual upliftment and awakening. 

Hippos are strong and mighty creatures. In dreams, they symbolize power, safety, and security for the dreamer. At times, the dream suggests social recognition and power that can help you rise up the social ladder quickly.

Common Dream Scenarios about Hippopotamus and Their Meanings

There are several types of dream scenarios where you may see a hippopotamus trying to communicate some message to you. 

Dream of seeing a hippo

It indicates your hidden strength, mental power that you are unaware of. You have a magical power that is a reason for jealousy to others.

It also depicts your relentless and tenacious nature.

Sick hippo

It suggests that you have slowed down a little in your life. Maybe your goals are not getting accomplished in the way you have desired.

This dream symbolizes your fewer efforts and more expectations that are unrealistic in waking life.

Hippopotamus in the water

A dream of seeing a hippopotamus in water symbolizes your uncontrolled negative emotions that are taking a toll on your mental health in reality.

Dream of a hippopotamus in a zoo

This dream symbolizes your stuck feelings in waking life. When you see animals in zoos, it could mean you are feeling caged and confined in troubles in your waking life.

Two hippos fighting

This dream symbolizes your real life struggles that you are unable to manage. It symbolizes struggles and hardships in real life that are emotionally overwhelming.

Hippos chasing and attacking you

This dream carries a negative meaning in waking life. When you see hippos chasing and attacking you in dreams, it means there are enemies around and you need to be more careful.

Someone mightier than you is trying to do harm to you and the dream is an eye opener to stay alert in your real life.

Killing a hippopotamus

It means that your daily struggles have come to an end. You are feeling peaceful deep inside. This dream also suggests feeling powerful all over again.

You have successfully overcome those setbacks in life that made you feel powerless in your waking life.

Small hippos

A small hippo symbolizes small joys that will knock your door soon. The dream symbolizes the birth of children, a new opportunity for work, or any success stories that shine with your efforts and hard work.

Dream about a big, fat hippopotamus

It symbolizes inner strength and wisdom of the dreamer. The dream says that the dreamer has all the worth that is needed for personal well-being and success. At times, it indicates financial growth, victory, etc.

Riding hippopotamus

When you dream of riding a hippopotamus, it symbolizes higher social status, wealth, and success. It could also mean a higher job position.

Hippopotamus swimming in a dream

The dream symbolizes that you will successfully wade through the big hardships of your life. The dream symbolizes emotional maturity.

Sleeping hippopotamus

It means that you are not using your skills and talents to the fullest in your waking life. Maybe you’re wasting your valuable time in thinking about unnecessary things and not putting your efforts in the right direction. 

Hippopotamus eating in dreams

The dream means that you need to take care of your health. You may suffer from health issues because of your bad habits and unruly eating patterns.

The dream is a sort of warning to you to take proper care of your health.

An angry hippo in a dream

The dream suggests your complaining nature. Probably you are blaming others for something that happened to you because of your own inabilities. The dream represents your hidden anguish and annoyances of waking life.

A hippopotamus with a cub

The dream symbolizes your new ideas and imaginations that you are trying to execute in your waking life. Probably, you are working on an important project and the dream is showing your efforts being put in the right direction. 

Hugging a hippopotamus

This dream symbolizes your need to feel safe and secure in real life. Probably you are seeking protection from some higher authority in your waking life.

Hippo with a big jaw

It means you have hidden enemies in your waking life. They may cause harm to you any moment if you do not know how to save yourself from them.

This dream symbolizes powerlessness. You are incapable of saving yourself from real life people who are malicious and are conspiring against you. 

Training a hippo

It means you have stubborn people around you in your waking life who lose patience very often. So you are trying to teach them emotional control so that they can control their aggressive tendencies.

Playing with hippos

It could mean your child-like ‘self’. It represents your innocence, modesty, sense of humility towards others in waking life.

Hunting hippopotamus

When you dream of hunting and attacking hippos with guns and other weapons, it means that you are trying to tackle a very difficult situation in your life with tact and precision.

Hippopotamus biting you

It could mean that someone is trying to crush your spirits by overpowering you emotionally in your waking life.

Talking hippos

It symbolize your untapped talents and abilities that are hidden and are not known outwardly by others. You have many hidden strengths that you are also not aware of.

Psychological Interpretation

Psychologically, the dream about hippos is a sign of your capabilities and abilities. The dream suggests you have a powerful nature that can overcome any hardships and help you live your best life.

This dream indicates your creative side as well that needs to be nurtured so that you can achieve everything flawlessly, just the way you had wished for.

Summing Up from ‘ThePleasantDream’

Dream about a hippopotamus tells you not to settle down with lesser things in life. You are capable of achieving much more than you can even think of. Thus, the dream entails a lot of learning for you. 

It tells you to stay focused, put your efforts in safeguarding your treasures of intellectual ability and spiritual awakening all throughout life.

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