The dream of abortion symbolizes that some developments in your waking life suffered a setback before they could take a proper shape in reality.

The dream denotes disappointment and failure. This dream also means you are not prepared for a new change in life and holding on to the old habits as usual.

Dream of Abortion - 25 Plots and Their Interesting Interpretations
Dream of Abortion – Various Plots and Their Interesting Interpretations

Dream of Abortion – General Meaning

When you dream about abortion, your subconscious conveys the message of failures and misfortune in waking life. It means you have started a journey and have left it unfinished.

Dream of abortion usually carries a negative meaning. It means you are feeling disconnected from your inner self. You are not happy with the way things are taking shape in your life.

Symbolically, dreams about an abortion mean the following:

  • Something that is not needed – Abortion in a dream represents something in your waking life that has lost its usefulness. You are deliberately trying to put an end to something that is not required in reality. 
  • A warning sign – The dream acts as a warning sign that gives you the message to stop doing wrong things. 
  • Feelings of being unwanted and abandoned – Your relationships are falling apart and you have developed a fear of abandonment. 
  • Blocking your personal growth – The dream symbolizes obstructions in your path of progress and growth.
  • Rejecting your inner child – Abortion in dreams symbolizes your broken inner child that needs healing.
  • Failure and hopelessness – This dream talks about your failing health or decrease of energy in real life. 

What Does Dreaming of Abortion Mean Spiritually?

Spiritually, a dream of abortion is an indication of new beginnings and a fresh outlook toward life. You are no longer stuck in suffering. The dream represents empowering yourself towards a positive change in life.

When you dream of losing a fetus in a dream, it means you are foregoing something that is not needed in waking life. You have learned to let go of things that are not worthy of attention.

Different Dream related to Abortion

We will highlight various scenarios that will give you an insight into the various meanings of such a disturbing dream theme.

Dreams of having an abortion

It could be a symbolic sign of ending something that was unimportant in waking life. You no longer wish to continue with something that was emotionally overwhelming and disturbing. 

This dream indicates that specific developing situations in life failed to take a concrete shape in reality. You’re disappointed about it, thus seeing abortion as a confusing night vision.

A Woman dreaming of aborting a pregnancy

This dream could be related to your concern about your baby’s well-being. You are over-anxious about how the pregnancy is moving, and the future health of your little one. 

This dream symbolizes fear of losing and the anxiousness that you are passing through in waking life.  Sometimes, if you had a previous history of miscarriage or abortion, the dream just reflects your past fear. 

Abortion while not being pregnant

This dream is a symbolic one. It symbolizes failure to carry on with something in waking life. You just ended up pursuing the thing because it was becoming purposeless and insignificant in your daily life.

It could be a life goal that is no longer chased or pursued in reality. This dream also means the end of a creative endeavor that is left unfinished. 

Seeing a baby after the abortion

Having a baby after an abortion carries a positive meaning. It is a good omen that indicates success, financial gain, and overall happiness in life.

The dream denotes content and happiness. A baby in a dream symbolizes a new journey, a fulfilling phase of your life.

Performing abortion by eating pills

You are feeling defeated and lost in waking life. This dream is a premonition of more problems coming ahead.

You are not ready to face the challenges and thus feel like a loser. The dream symbolizes the loss of self-esteem and feelings of powerlessness in waking life.

A man dreaming of abortion

This dream scenario symbolizes his guilt. He is feeling bad about something in his waking life. Maybe a goal that he was pursuing is not going as per expectations, or his relationships are falling apart because of his fault.

Whatever the reason may be, this dream is symbolic of trying to escape from a stressful situation. Maybe, he is reluctant to face reality.

An involuntary abortion

It means that your self-confidence is totally messed up. There are incidents in your waking life that led to a failure and now you are feeling lost and directionless in life.

This dream is an indication to start thinking rationally and making decisions objectively. It tells you to start things in a fresh way. 

A forced abortion

It means you are afraid of losing something significant in your waking life. It may happen that someone in your daily life is behind you, or creating problems that are hard to overcome. 

You are scared that the person may harm you, or do something that you will not be able to tolerate. Here force signifies everyday stress that is getting hard each day.

Nightmares related to abortion 

 A dream theme of this type is indeed scary. You may wake up sweating and racing your heart. You are confused about the theme. This dream means you are feeling directionless in life. You need support and guidance from others in life. 

Your nightmares are telling you to overcome your problems in waking life with the support of family members, friends, and well-wishers.

Dream of abortion due to peer pressure

This simply symbolizes that you have some friends in waking life who is giving you some wrong advice.

If you listen to them, you may come across several problems in real life. Thus, the dream is a warning sign to keep a distance from them. 

An abortion due to social demands

It indicates that you are trying to please others at the cost of your values and principles. You are trying to conform to others even when you know that others are walking along the wrong paths.

Seeing backstreet abortion 

This dream symbolizes your guilt of wrongdoings in waking life. Maybe you have done something illegal in waking life and the dream is showing your regrets and guilt feelings.

Having an abortion due to health issues

This dream means that you will have to make a hard decision with regard to something significant in waking life. You are in a dilemma and confusion and this is showing up in the dream state.

The Psychological Meaning of a Dream of Abortion

A dream of abortion signifies your fear of pursuing something that is not taking a concrete shape in the real world. It symbolizes insecurity, failure, and unknown paths lying ahead.

It means you are afraid of something that is unknown. You are unsure of your life’s journey and the goals that you have set for yourself.

Symbolically, the dream also denotes failure to meet your self-expectations. You are not feeling confident to nurture an idea or a creative process. Thus, you’re trying to escape from the situation.

Summing Up from ‘ThePleasantDream’

To conclude, we can say that dreams are a manifestation of events that goes on in our waking life. Abortion in dreams is no different. It carries a symbolic meaning that somehow relates to the various incidents of waking life. 

The dream theme has nothing to do with real-life abortions or miscarriages. It simply refers to removal, escape, or ignoring a new development in waking life that has lost its importance.