The dream of being abducted last night probably left you sweaty and shivering in fear. However, the dreams don’t mean you or a loved one will get abducted in reality… or that you’ll abduct someone else.

These dreams highlight much more serious issues in your current life which obstruct you from knowing your full potential.

Curious what they are?

Well, glad to announce that you’ll know everything about your dreams in this think piece!

Dream of Being Abducted – General Interpretations

Dreams of being abducted signify others ‘manipulation, lack of love and respect, being trapped in your feelings, losing control over something, and thinking emotionally.

Being abducted in reality surfaces fears of losing life, not being able to see your loved ones, and so much more. But in the dream realm, the message isn’t so simple. So, let’s know it all here…

1. It symbolizes you feel others control you

Your dreams show that a close one always keeps an eye on you and forces you to listen to their desires regarding your life choices. You hate this but can’t oppose it because they’re a close person.

2. You feel nobody loves or respects your actions

If you sacrifice a lot for others’ welfare but they still complain about it being inadequate, abduction dreams are common.

You feel sorry for yourself because nobody understands your worth. You know that nobody can ever be as devoted as you.

3. You lost control over an area of your life

If a situation in your waking life went out of control, you might see abduction dreams frequently. You desire to discover your wishes about the situation.

You want to take the easier route, i.e., pass your responsibilities to someone else and get done with it, but you’re unsure.

4. You’re too emotional

The abduction dreams symbolize your emotions influencing your decisions and you can’t stay logical.

The majority of your important decisions are based on your heart which highlights your weaknesses and vulnerabilities. Try to tackle your problems practically to cover your weak points from others.

5. You’re trapped in your feelings from the past

An incident from the past haunts you and you still can’t forgive yourself for it or forget it. It might be the trust issues from your poor experiences which doesn’t let you be vulnerable with anyone else.

Dreaming of Being Abducted – 25 Types & Their Interpretations

Dreams of your abducted lover signify your trust issues while dreaming of your wife getting abducted but not saving her implies someone might steal her heart from you.

A slight addition to the scene made a huge difference! So, if you remember little details from your dreams, the list is ready to amaze you!

1. Dream of seeing yourself being abducted

As per dream dictionaries, this dream represents your complete control over some aspects of your life. However, you feel helpless about your financial situation.

If you feel terrified in the dream, it means your waking-life troubles are due to some relationships. Think about whether you want to let things be as they are or if you’ll expand your friends’ circle.

However, if the abductor also robbed you, you must use your authority mindfully. If they’re burglars or robbers, your enemies are close to you and they’re ready to harm an important part of your life.

2. Dream of being abducted and beheaded

As per dream research, the dream symbolizes you’ll face minor troubles and failure ahead.

However, if you also see others getting beheaded along with you in this dream, it’s a message from your subconscious mind that a favorable event might get canceled.

Despite who gets beheaded, these types of dreams are always about misfortune and bad luck.

3. Dream of being abducted and put in a dungeon

If you’re a woman, your dream isn’t a good sign about your real life. Soon, you might lose your reputation in your work life due to an unfavorable situation. You mustn’t depend too much on your job.

However, some interpretations of the dream say you might struggle in your relationship or marriage.

Moreover, if the abductor mentions something about a ransom in this plot,  the dream reminds you that you have all the power to overcome any hardship in life.

4. Dream of being abducted by aliens

Alien abduction and encounters with aliens in dreams are normal if you believe in extraterrestrial beings.

However, some of these dreams reflect you’re being forced to do something by someone against your will in waking hours. Your dreams are the signs of your internal conflicts.

Furthermore, if there were any ransom notes in the dream, try to remember their contents to understand your dream better.

5. Dream of others being abducted

As per dream analysts, your dream is directly related to your conscious hours.

While dreaming of others getting abducted, if you also see them get tortured or wounded, this is symbolic of your capabilities to deal with dangerous situations with ease.

6. Dream of you abducting someone

According to dream experiments, if you abduct someone and get convicted for it in dreams, it shows you might get overpowered and oppressed by a family member in the future.

However, if you’re innocent and others still accuse you of this crime, your project at work will be complex and difficult to tackle.

7. Dream of being abducted and raped

This horrific dreamscape predicts you’ll be stunned by your friends’ distress and difficulties. However, if you’re a young woman, the dream implies you’ll soon face difficulties in your romantic relationship.

In the same dream, if you watch the abductors get arrested, it asks you to act on any desire for change right now as you’ll succeed in it. It also implies financial gains from your actions.

Moreover, if you also see the police in the same dream, you’ll soon significantly surpass all of your competitors.

8. Dream of being abducted and taken to prison

The dream plot shows that you must reassess the way you approach your teammates and subordinates in your workplace. Your excessive expressions usually offend others.

People experience this dream and also see themselves getting executed when they face difficulties in the workplace. It predicts you’ll suffer misfortunes due to others’ carelessness.

9. Dream of being abducted by a stranger

Your dream shows that you try to discover yourself through different means. You face many challenging situations and feel stressed. Possibly, you’ll face even more challenging issues later in life. It reminds you to overcome them all by yourself.

The dream was actually a reflection of your fear of losing your freedom or losing control over your life.

If the abductor had weapons, someone you trust will trap you with sweet yet false promises. They’ll take advantage of you and you’ll face minor conflicts.

10. Dream of your son or daughter being abducted

This dream has several interpretations. Sometimes it implies you’re worried about your child. It also implies you avoid depending on your loved ones completely and that harms you instead.

Alternatively, it signifies you feel insecure in your relationship which leads to many issues, so you avoid expressing your genuine feelings. You lack the security, comfort, and warmth of a stable relationship.

You hope others will love you but also can’t trust them enough. Try to be more serious about your love and family relationships.

11. Dream of your son or daughter being abducted by a man

As per dream psychologists, this common dream reflects your waking-life anxieties about your kids growing older and the fear of emotional pain when they leave you to begin their independent life.

12. Dream of your abducted lover

Your dream signifies your fears of being cheated by your lover. You have grave trust issues which prevent you from having a healthy relationship.

Try to communicate as much as possible to get rid of your anxieties and deal with the situation.

13. Dreaming of a woman abducting your son or daughter

This dream plot might imply that you can’t deal with some issues as you easily feel overwhelmed by challenges.

Moreover, if the woman plays the role of your child’s mother after abducting them, it highlights that you get so overwhelmed that you neglect yourself.

It might also imply that you have too many responsibilities and you hardly get to spend quality time with your family members. Try to prioritize your family or you’ll be left with regrets later.

14. Dream of being abducted and helping your abductors

The dreamscape shows that you’ll pass the responsibility of a tricky and problematic issue in your life to another in your waking hours.

Alternatively, it might imply you already subconsciously surrendered yourself to another. You know you’ll lose your freedom and control over a situation.

15. Dream of being abducted by a familiar person

This dream is common if you’re helpless in reality. You hate how fate played a joke on you and now the person in your dream controls your life as they desire.

16. Dream of a celebrity being abducted

If you dream of this or plan to abduct a celebrity in your dream, you’re discontent with your current life situation and feel dissatisfied about your social power.

17. Dream of participating in the abduction of loved ones

Dreaming of participating in your sister’s, brother’s, or son’s abduction is a sign that you’re responsible for that person in waking life.  

Though you do your best to take care of them, they feel dissatisfied and say they deserve better. Their words hurt you emotionally which led to this dream.

18. Dream of abducting children

If you abduct children in your dreams, it’s a good omen about your waking life. The higher powers blessed you with a happy future with your romantic partner.

Sometimes, your dream also signifies your desire to find a suitable partner, get married, and begin a family with love and care. Seek your partner more actively and you might soon find them.

19. Dream of watching your wife being abducted but not trying to save her

This dream plot brings unfavorable news to your waking life. You have a rival in your romantic life and he has a high chance to win over your crush, girlfriend, or wife.

Try to woo her and make her happy and content with you if you want to resist this prediction.

20. Dream of your relatives being abducted by a UFO

Dreaming of any of your relatives getting abducted by a UFO is bad news. You’ll face communication issues with them in reality.

21. Dream of witnessing others being abducted

If you witness someone else getting abducted in your dreams, it signifies you’ll soon receive unexpected news in waking life.

However, it’s unknown whether it’s pleasant or unpleasant news, so it’s better to prepare your heart for the worst. But, if luck favors you and you get good news, be grateful for it.

22. To dream of a child being abducted

Dreaming of a child being abducted shows you’re feeling insecure and awkward in reality. So, you isolate yourself and shut down your emotions.

This shows that you can’t cope with a certain situation in reality. You’re in a sticky situation and can’t come out of it at all. It’s a message to look deeper into the issue.

You let your pessimistic thoughts overpower you which stops you from progressing in life. Your excess suppressed emotions are on the verge of bursting.

23. Dream of escaping after being abducted

The dream shows that you’re probably involved in criminal-like activities in your waking life. If you put your mind to it, you’ll easily come out of these fraudulent activities without a stain on your reputation.

Alternatively, it might also imply that someone involved in illegal activities will approach you to use them in their tasks.

Though the proposal will be attractive, you must refuse and get away from them ASAP. Otherwise, it might even hurt your family.

24. Dream of an attempted abduction

The dream scenario asks you to be more empathetic towards others. Praise others for the little achievements and tell them how you truly feel about their efforts.

Possibly, you feel nervous about communicating your thoughts and emotions which prevents you from being a better person, friend, or superior.

It’s a message to change the situation or your desire to change it. Know what it takes to be a better human being and incorporate them into your life.

25. Dream of being abducted by an old lady

In this dreamscape, the old lady resembles your past issues which haunt you to date and don’t allow you to take a breath of relief.

The old wounds create complications in your current life and personal relationships.

However, the old woman might also represent your beliefs. Perhaps, your traditional beliefs clash with the next generation’s values and you feel torn in this situation.

The dream asks whether your beliefs are worth it to lose peace in your relationships.

Spiritual Meaning of abduction dreams

Spiritually, abduction dreams symbolize you feel trapped by a situation or controlled by someone in reality. You must try your best to overcome the situation.

From the spiritual viewpoint, abduction dreams show that you’re feeling trapped and controlled by others in waking life.

The concerned people control you against your wishes and it impacts your subconscious mind. Take actions to overcome these issues with the help of emotional growth.

Alternatively, it also implies you feel exhausted and can’t deal with your life crises by yourself. You feel everyone left you behind and that you’re controlled by your difficulties.

Possibly, the issue is in your professional life. The dream reminds you to approach the problem practically and change your viewpoint.

Questions to ask yourself to interpret your abduction dreams correctly

Abduction dreams symbolize a range of things, so if you don’t count the crucial factors, you might land on the wrong interpretation. But don’t fret, we’ll eliminate this possibility if you answer these…

1. Who got abducted?

2. Who was the abductor?

3. Did the abductors have any weapons?

4. Did you help the abductors in any way?

5. Was the abduction successful?

6. Did the abducted stay trapped till the end?

7. What was the gender of the abductor?

8. Where did they keep you after the abduction?

9. Did you see any ransom note? What was written in it?

10. Did they hurt you after being abducted? How? Did they get caught after that?

A word from ThePleasantDream

Dear reader, your abduction dreams might not bring you great news, but they’ll definitely leave you small hints to deal with the predicaments.

Life is always a tough game… so why not accept the fact that we’re all fighting a battle? Don’t curse yourself because you “attract bad luck”… it’s the same for everyone!

So, give it your best shot to make the best out of life. And if you got good news, don’t forget to keep it a secret as you never know who wants to sabotage your life.