Dream of being harassed is a complex dream theme. It includes disturbing scenarios where the dreamer actually feels helpless and powerless. 

This dream symbolizes fear and anxiety related with some disturbances in relationships in waking life. Sometimes the dreams represent the dreamer’s inability to fight odds in life.

Dreams of Being Harassed – Does It Mean Threats Around You
Dreams of Being Harassed – Does It Mean Threats Around You

Dream of Being Harassed – General Meaning

Dream of being harassed or sexually assaulted represents powerlessness, deep-seated emotional conflicts, anger, and annoyances that never got a chance to be resolved in reality.

Understanding dreams about harassment is a tough job to do.  These dreams reflect unconscious needs, wishes, and agonies of the dreamer. If you focus on the meanings of the dream content, you may find subtle hints of your waking life disturbances also.

Recurring dreams of harassment may hint towards sexual abuse in real life. You’re carrying the toxic negative forces surrounding you even in your dream state.

At times, the dream of being harassed symbolizes your upset feelings of reality, an emotional meltdown that is hard to acknowledge. The dream scenarios are anxious and cause uneasiness and troubled thinking after waking life.

In general, dreaming of being harassed means the following in waking life.

  • Emotional burden 
  • burnout due to stress
  • Hopeless feeling
  • Feelings of powerlessness
  • Feeling broken from inside
  • Wrongdoings of waking life
  • Lack of self-confidence to fight odds
  • You’re feeling like a failure in life.
  • You are feeling trapped in your relationships in waking life
  • The ability to think clearly in waking life is missing. Your thoughts are messy and lack clarity.

Dream of Being Harassed – Spiritual Meaning

Spiritually, the dream of being harassed is a wakeup call for you. It warns you to open your eyes and see the intentions of others in waking life. The dream tells you to stay alert about what others are planning against you. 

It tells you to develop your inner courage and stand tall against your perpetrators in waking life. This dream is symbolic of awakening and realization about how you are actually living your life.

Types of Dreams of Being Harassed and Their Symbolism

The dreams of being harassed are surrounded by different types of specific dream scenarios.

Dream of being harassed and chased

This is a disturbing one and can scare the dreamer instantly. The theme symbolizes a sense of fear in waking life that is following or watching the dreamer even in the dream state. 

Sometimes, fear related to sexual or physical assault from someone in real life could haunt the dreamer badly and force them to see such a scenario in the subconscious state.

Being harassed and attacked

It symbolizes feelings related to your insecure mindset in waking life. The dream shows ‘you’ as a vulnerable being that is full of self-judgment and criticism. 

Physical harassment

If you dream of being touched inappropriately, or someone trying to force you to do something not socially acceptable, it represents your trauma related to physical abuse in real life. 

This dream represents your insults, resentments, and hidden anger against someone in real life.

Child being harassed

This can be a confusing one for the dreamer. The dream represents your inner child that has suffered various setbacks in waking life. 

If you are a victim of physical harassment in childhood, the dream symbolizes the emotional baggage that you are still carrying in adult life.

Sexual harassment

This dream symbolizes your fear and insecurity. Maybe, you are feeling fearful and threatened in your waking life. There are dangerous people around you who are trying to mistreat you in different ways in waking life. 

This dream also represents that someone in waking life is trying to dominate you, or overpower you in subtle ways. 

Harassed by a stranger

This represents your lack of faith and trust in people in waking life who you do not know fully.

You are apprehensive of trusting them because of their misdeeds and wrongdoings. These dreams reflect your helpless state of mind. 

Recurring dreams of harassment

If you dream of the same dream scenario repeatedly, then the dream theme becomes a recurring one for you. This dream symbolizes your vulnerable state of mind. 

It depicts anxiety, powerless feeling, and nervousness to face the harsh realities of daily life. You are actually being harassed by your insecure ‘self’ that is completely broken and overpowered by negative feelings in real life.

Harassed by a known person

This manifests lack of love, gratefulness in your real life relationships. Maybe the dream is acting as a warning sign for you.

It is trying to show you the areas of concern in the real-life relationships that you need to check in once again. 

Domestic harassment

The dream simply means family issues, fights and disagreements with your loved ones in your waking life. There must be uncontrolled real life issues that are disappointing and the dream manifests your negative feelings.

This theme is symbolic of family troubles, strained relations with members of the extended family.

Being harassed in public places

Just like being naked in dreams, these dream scenarios of being harassed in public places symbolize embarrassment, social shame, and fear of public spotlight in your waking life.

Being harassed by a weapon

It symbolizes real life dangers. You are supposed to approach everything in your waking life with utmost caution.

This dream symbolizes unknown fears that are bothering you in real-life and you are not able to resolve it.

Harassed in workplaces

It’s a common dream theme and it represents real-life trauma of experiencing bullying in workplaces. The dream can show your emotional pains, sufferings related to an incident in real-life. 

Being harassed and killed

This is a disturbing dream and can act as a nightmare also. When you dream of being harassed and killed, it means there are many hidden enemies around you in waking life. You cannot trust people just like that. 

Cruelly harassed

A dream of cruel harassment represents emotional meltdown, loss of life energy in your waking life. People with bad intentions are trying to overpower you in reality. You are losing your life energy, vitality, and inner strength.

Dreams of Being Harassed – Psychological Meaning

Psychologically, the dream of being harassed signifies your insecure mindset. You are afraid of some negative energy surrounding you in waking life which can harm you in subtle ways. 

Your real life anxiety, lack of protection is getting portrayed in the dream. Sometimes, this dream also means you’re lacking your inner strength and confidence to fight adversities. 

Summing Up from ‘ThePleasantDream’

Being harassed in a dream is a clear indication of anxiety, insecurity, and stress in your waking life. The dream suggests powerlessness, a sense of lack of protection in real-life. 

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