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Dream of Being Held Hostage – 45 Plots and Meanings

Dream of Being Held Hostage – 45 Plots and Meanings

Updated on Sep 03, 2022 | Published on Apr 20, 2022

Reviewed by Katina Tarver, MA (Mental Health and Wellness Counseling) , Life Coach

Dream of Being Held Hostage - 45 Interesting Plots and their Meanings

The dream of being held hostage can be a nightmarish experience. It is especially when you see the people responsible for holding you hostage are aggressive. Your real life has a big role to play in you seeing this dream.

As a dreamer, you can take on the role of the victim, the kidnapper, or an observer. If you can recognize the other person, probably, they could be people from your real life.

Whoever is the kidnapper, the victim, or an observer, hostage dreams can appear multiple times in several forms. 

We will first discuss the general interpretations of this dream symbol and then talk about the scenarios along with their interpretations in real life –

Dream of Being Held Hostage - 45 Interesting Plots and their Meanings
Dream of Being Held Hostage – 45 Interesting Plots and their Meanings

Dream of Being Held Hostage – Symbolic Interpretations

The dream of being held hostage refers to the presence of an influential person and people with a negative mindset dictating the aspects of your life. You are on the lookout to lead your life without any hindrance.

Do you often see yourself kept as a hostage by miscreants in your dream? Then they can be your friends, family members, or relatives from your real life.

Try to remember what he is asking for in the dream, a big ransom, a conversation, or something else.

From another perspective, is the individual blackmailing you? Whatever the reason is, the ransom note becomes a crucial part of making interpretations for your hostage dream.

1. Treacherous People Around You

You could see this dream as dangerous individuals surround your whole life. They can be your family members, friends, neighbors, or colleagues.

Probably, these people have got some kind of control over you, and do not let you lead your life with freedom. They even negatively influence your life.

These individuals force you to make decisions that suit their purpose, without bothering about your happiness. Maybe it is now time to stay away from these people as much as possible.

2. Suffering from Vulnerability

You can come across this dream because you do not have the desired level of control in your life. 

You are feeling manipulated, weak and vulnerable. It seems as if others can influence you into doing things for their benefit.

You might be suffering from financial insecurity as well, and always afraid of losing your hard-earned money. 

There is also a possibility that you worry a lot about losing your relationship, or any treasure.

You could look to work on your flaws and rectify them to stay in control of situations. It would help you become free from all kinds of stress and tension.

3. Lack of Personality

Your subconscious mind might want to make you realize that you do not have the strength of character or personality to stand up for your beliefs.

Due to this reason, others’ opinions always sway you away from logical thinking.

You are also quite fearful of loss due to your beliefs. Hence, you would be willing to make compromises to prevent some relationships from breaking apart. 

Here, you need to ask yourself a simple question.

Is it necessary to compromise your beliefs and values for sustaining relationships? In life, no relationship is worth holding onto that requires you to change as an individual.

4. Dearth of Freedom

There are occasions when this dream can even appear to indicate that you lack the freedom to express yourself in front of others. 

Probably, you stay in an environment that seems quite oppressing and hampers your free-flowing nature.

You might also be in a relationship that puts undue restrictions on your freedom and the way you wish to lead your life. 

Probably your current financial condition is also playing a role in this and you wish things would soon change.

This is where you feel as if your life has come under some restrictions. You are desperate to enjoy all kinds of freedom. 

Right from freedom to express your thoughts, financial freedom, freedom to lead your life as per how you wish, and also the freedom to wear whatever you feel like.

Dream of Being Held Hostage – 45 Scenarios and Interpretations

It is not a very common dream to see yourself being held, hostage. When you dream of yourself as a hostage, it can have several meanings in real life. 

On the other hand, seeing someone else as a hostage can carry other dream interpretations.

This particular theme can appear in several scenarios along with various emotions. 

These types of dreams represent various negative feelings that you have in real life. For instance, it could suggest that you feel trapped in a particular situation in your life.

Let us now discuss several scenarios of these bad dreams and check out what do they mean in real life-

1. Dream of Being a Hostage

When you dream of being a hostage in a dream, it is like feeling tied up in a blindfolded manner inside a dark room or in the basement. 

It tells that you depend heavily on others to accomplish various things in your life.

You do not have the confidence to go by your intuitions. 

There is a kind of over-reliance on people around you, including your parents, relatives, friends, and neighbors to receive guidance and go by what they tell you to do.

Even when you find yourself in a bad situation, rather than trusting your gut feelings, you depend on others to bail you out. 

You feel comfortable knowing you have the backing of your loved ones, who would always keep you safe and secure.

Unfortunately, it also means you are unable to carry out duties on your own and are always dependent on others’ guidance. 

It opens up the chances of others taking advantage of your trust and on them.

If you see a ransom note along with this dream, it goes to show that you have the inner power to easily come out of difficult situations in your life. 

No problem is big enough to prevent you from achieving your goals.

2. Dream of Taking Someone Hostage

The dream about taking someone hostage points towards your inability to find success in real life, as someone is putting your career in jeopardy. 

This individual could be keeping relevant information to himself or not allowed to take up relevant opportunities.

Hence, your career has managed to grow all these years. Stagnancy has crept into it. 

Another interpretation of this dream suggests that someone is making you doubt your capabilities so that you do not think of surpassing their achievements out of jealousy.

3. Dream of an Individual Taking a Stranger Hostage

You can witness a person taking a stranger hostage in his garage, or at the back of his car. Then that person shifts you to another location. 

It means that you can suffer from an illness in your waking life.

This health issue might appear as a result of eating junk food, maintaining a sedentary lifestyle, and a lack of sufficient sleep. 

In some way, the scenario refers to your well-being. It is high time that you focus on having a healthy, balanced diet and try to keep yourself physically active.

4. Dream of a Known Person as a Hostage

If you dream of seeing someone you know as a hostage, like any family member or your colleague, it means you will face problems in reality.

The person held hostage or some other person in real life could do some notorious act at your back and that might drag you into a precarious situation.

This individual might have told you a lie out of the fear of receiving punishment. 

You might have to teach him a lesson, which would allow you to prevent him and yourself from landing up in more trouble.

5. Dream of Setting a Hostage Free

The dream about freeing a hostage, no matter whether it is your hostage or setting someone else’s hostage free is an auspicious sign. 

You would manage to overcome all the setbacks or obstacles that you might experience in your life.

Once you get rid of your challenges, you could turn out to become a better individual than you were before. 

The hostage in your dream refers to your capability. Once you manage to get rid of your obstacles, success would be within touching distance.

6. Dream of Being Kidnapped and Held Hostage

When you see this dream of getting kidnapped, it signifies emotional bondage that restricts your life. It is high time to stop feeling emotional. 

You already know that trust is the basis of a healthy relationship. It makes you feel free.

If you are jealous of your partner, it is good to take note of the situation and check if there is any future to the relationship.

7. Dream of Being Held Hostage and Escaping

If you see yourself as a hostage and managing to escape from the situation in your dream, it refers to suffering a temporary setback. 

The sequence also predicts that you are moving toward a new direction in life.

You are holding on to something that you must let go of. Probably, it is not allowing good things to enter your life. This dream is a sign of prosperity and good luck.

You are gradually discovering your true potential. It also predicts your entry into a new relationship. Your confidence is back and it enables you to stand up and gain control of your life once again.

8. Dream of a Stranger Taking People Hostages

You can dream about a stranger kidnapping people. They include a mass abduction of students or the kidnapping of rich people for money.

This dream plot means you will get to hear success stories of people who are close to you or someone belonging to your social circle. 

It could be a significant success for your friend or colleague that they will attain because of hard work and luck.

You can become a bit jealous after hearing the news, as you also have been working hard and trying your level best to attain the desired level of success. 

Hearing success stories of others over and over again might irritate you.

9. Dream of Your Partner Being Held Hostage

When you dream about a criminal taking your partner hostage, it denotes that you are feeling guilty thinking of breaking up with your partner.

If you feel that your partner often gets angry with you, then this dream suggests fear of loss. 

Take it as a warning and try to solve whatever issues you are having with your partner through discussions.

Every relationship goes through ups and downs from time to time. You have to take these in your stride and move on.

10. Dream of Your Children Being Abducted and Taken Hostage

Parents always take great care of their children. They shower them with love and cannot even think of anything causing harm to them.

Thus, seeing the abduction of children and then miscreants taking them hostage is one of the worst scenarios you can ever hope to come across in your dream.

It signifies the exact way you view the world around you.

You often face situations that test your comfort zone. Life is full of surprises that are both pleasant and unpleasant. 

You must stay prepared for all kinds of situations in your life, to tackle them accordingly.

A situation might also arise which can make you reassess the reasons behind your dependency on a job. 

Probably, you have several commitments to fulfill or you are still not ready to start your venture.

11. Dream of Your Uncle or Aunt Being Held Hostage

When you see that someone has either held your uncle or aunt hostage, it signifies that you frequently think about your acquaintances close to you. 

You might think of people who take undue advantage of your goodness.

It makes you ponder over the fact that you should do anything to make your relationships with your colleagues strong at the workplace. 

Probably, you should try and start communicating more with them.

You would get a much better idea about those who are worth your time and the ones who do not deserve any space in your life. It could help your life become far more peaceful.

12. Dream of a Kid Being Held Hostage

How about someone taking a kid hostage in your dream? It can be quite scary, right? From a dream perspective, it means that you must be a lot more honest with your family members.

In recent times, you must be concealing some information from your parents, siblings, cousins, and other relatives, which they should know. 

You lie to them for keeping them safe from all kinds of harm.

This kind of behavior is perfectly alright because you have good intentions backing your actions. You are, after all, taking care of loved ones through your actions.

In this respect, it is also true that your family does not deserve the lies you keep telling them from time to time. 

You need to prove your actions and make them seem appropriate in front of your parents.

13. Dream of an Elderly Person Being Held Hostage

If you see someone taking an elderly person hostage in your dream, it warns you to speak up against injustice. 

You might have had a chance to defend a weaker individual, but opted not to do so.

Gaining recognition for your good deeds is not easy. Still, you will hurt your conscience if you do not dare to do the right thing at the right time. 

Therefore, it is always prudent to be on the safer side.

Dream Meaning of Being Held Hostage by Different People

In dreams, you see various individuals including yourself held hostage by different groups of people and miscreants.

Each instance carries interpretations that have meanings to either guide or warn you against taking certain actions in your life.

Let us discuss the scenarios below-

14. Dream of Being Held Hostage by Terrorists

If you see yourself held hostage by terrorists, it signifies that you do not have self-confidence in real life. You always tend to doubt your instincts and expect others to solve issues on your behalf.

This sequence, in which terrorists act as hostage-takers, also denotes that a person too close to you would break your trust and you would not be able to accept this betrayal. It will be no less than a shock for you.

15. Dream of Being Held Hostage by a Group of Friends

When friends take you hostage in your dream, it means you will have to fight against your conscience. It would torment you for dishonestly treating your friend.

If you do wrong or commit any crime against others, the same act would come back to haunt you later on in your life. 

This is exactly the scenario over here. It comes to remind you of the wrong you had done to your friends.

You can set things straight by asking for forgiveness from your friends in real life. Everyone makes mistakes, but it takes courage to accept them and seek forgiveness. 

If you can genuinely do that, it will surely strengthen your relationship with your friends.

16. Dream of Being Held Hostage by a Friend

If you come across this dream scenario, it denotes that the person is not a friend in the true sense of the term. He is hiding his true identity and in reality, he does not have noble intentions.

The person is basically a wolf, who disguises himself as a sheep in front of you. It is better to stay away from him and keep a watch over other people in your surroundings.

If you do not stay cautious, you might soon run into some serious trouble and that can prevent you from trusting anyone else ever in your life.

17. Dream of a Friend Being Held Hostage

When you dream about your friend being taken hostage by miscreants or criminals, it is a clear indication that your friend needs help. 

Right now, you may not be aware of the same, but make sure to check with them.

Perhaps they are a bit hesitant to seek help from you, hence you first need to find out their issue and the kind of help they want. 

You can reach your common friends and see if they know something.

In case you are unable to get credible information from them, you can directly ask your friend about the issue and then proceed to help him out in whatever way possible.

18. Dream of Being Held Hostage by Family

You can dream about your family holding you hostage. It can give you a strange feeling because you always expect your family members to stand beside you irrespective of how things turn out in life.

Is your subconscious mind sending you any message about your family, which you are not aware of? 

That is what this dream tries to tell you. You are not paying sufficient attention to your family’s needs.

You are a little apprehensive about showing your caring approach and soft nature. Hence, you are showing your tough side to the family.

19. Dream of a Person Taking You and Your Family as Hostages

The dream of you and your family as hostages means that you have to work hard for attaining good profit. The path to success will not be easy.

Right now, the time is favorable for you to enjoy financial stability. You should try and make the most of this situation. 

Look to make lucrative investments in some schemes or you can even try and start a new business.

20. Dream of Being Held Hostage in Exchange for Another Person

You can come across a dream scenario in which you see yourself making a deal with invaders to release someone else and take you hostage.

This sequence suggests that you will unexpectedly receive some gifts along with pleasant surprises. 

All these would make you happy. You would look forward to receiving more of these in the future.

21. Dream of Taking Over of Terrorists Held Captive by Authorities

This is a type of dream that denotes you will have an unforgettable vacation with some unknown but cheerful people. You would enjoy their company and even develop a long-term association with them.

22. Dream of Freeing Captives and Seizing the Bandits

If you dream about the seizure of bandits and setting the captives free, it is a good sign. The scenario signifies that close people or several relatives will visit you.

They will come to your place after a long time, and you will be glad to meet your near and dear ones. 

You would relive memorable moments spent with them earlier in life and start cherishing them even now.

23. Dream of Being Held Hostage by a Sexually-minded Individual

When you see a dream about a sexually-minded person taking you hostage, it comes up with a promise. The promise is that you will spend a romantic evening with the person you love.

You will enjoy your time with that person, share your feelings for one another and have dinner at your favorite place.

24. Dream of Being Taken Hostage by Your Lover

Did you see your lover taking you hostage in a dream? This scenario of the dream states that you hate your lover for some reason, but have not yet dared to express it.

Probably, you have refrained from speaking anything about it, so as not to hamper the love life. Rather than facing your problem head-on, you are making yourself bitter.

You cannot afford to set this issue aside, but doing so will make you even angrier. Once that happens, your anguish might come out at the worst possible instance, hence causing a lot of harm.

25. Dream of Your Parents Being Held Hostage

Dreaming about an individual taking hostage of your parents comes as a warning to tell you that you must have a clear mindset to help people in need. 

If you get a chance to offer a helping hand to those who do not harm you in any way, you must avoid being selfish.

Try to act generously and not think about what you would receive in return. Always keep one thing in mind. In life, what goes around, always comes around.

If you help someone today, who knows, you might find yourself in a similar position in front of that same person at some point of time in your life.

26. Dream of Your Sibling Being Held Hostage

This dream plot might inflict a lot of pain on your sister or sibling. Your actions might hurt their lives. 

It would be of great help if you can take a good amount of responsibility for all your actions.

Doing so would enable you to avoid landing up in problems. Your sibling will not manage to get you out of trouble for the rest of your life. 

You will have to figure out how to come out of difficult situations.

In life, every individual has their own set of concerns. Whether it is your parents, siblings, or friends, no one has the time to solve issues on your behalf. You have to do it yourself.

27. Dream of Being Held Hostage by Your Sibling

Every individual expects to have fights with their siblings in childhood. They accept them as an integral part of growing up. 

Despite this, if you dream about your sibling taking you hostage, it denotes that they need your support.

You are not sure what your brother or sister is going through in their life, as they have not spelled out their concerns to you. 

Try to indulge in an open discussion and encourage them to express their feelings.

Even if you have a feeling that you will not manage to offer much help regarding the matter, stay by their side to give them love and encouragement. 

These two things can serve as great morale boosters for your sibling.

Dream Meaning of Being Held Hostage at Different Places

There are different places in which one can remain hostage. They include, at home, at someone’s house, in a garage, and at a bank.

You can come across dreams of being a hostage at these places and they might try to give you subtle messages. 

The messages can go over to you as guidance to put you on the right path.

They can also appear as warnings to prevent you from going on the wrong path or doing something unlawful.

Let us check out the details below:

28. Dream about Being Held Hostage in a House

If you come across this dream scenario, it means that things are going on around you in your life, but you are unable to do anything. 

You do not possess the requisite power to stop them from happening.

There is someone who dislikes and they are hatching a plan to disrupt your progress. 

The dream occurred to give you an indirect message of your need to be aware of the people around you.

29. Dream about Being Held Hostage at Home

Seeing this dream is a sign that you are feeling tired out from all the responsibilities at home. 

You wish to leave it and chase your dreams but cannot do so. It is because a lot of people are dependent on you.

They expect that you will always be there for them and also meet all your obligations linked with the family. 

Probably, it is an ideal time to make your family understand that you have a life of your own.

Family is important, but it is also important for you to focus on your overall life. 

The overall life comprises family, friends, office, colleagues, and other acquaintances. Moreover, you also wish to pay attention to your extra-curricular activities outside work.

30. Dream about Being Held Hostage in a Bank

We often come across bad news of incidents in newspapers and even on the news channels about bank robberies occurring in some places, putting employees’ lives at risk.

How would you feel, if you see robbers taking bank employees and customers hostage in your dream, especially when you were among them?

It means that you will get a financially profitable deal, but you must not let it trap you.

The reason is that this is going to be nothing but a scam. Considering this deal might land you up in trouble.

31. Dream about Being Held Hostage in a Public Transport

When you dream about held hostage in public transport, it indicates that you need to put a lid on your spending. 

You should focus on saving money so that you have the funds to help you lead your life when tough times come around.

Hence, you must ensure not to make any kind of investment. It would not give you any lucrative return and will rather turn out to be useless. 

The period of financial collapse is around the corner.

32. Dream about Being Held Hostage in a Bus

You can dream of being on a bus and held hostage inside it. This sequence denotes that you are waiting for a person to defer taking their important decision. 

You do not need things to become even more complicated in life.

If you wish to enjoy freedom, you must have the courage to face tough situations and prove your worth. 

You must learn how to say no, or else, things will become very tough. As time goes by, you will recover and feel great once again.

33. Dream about Being Held Hostage in a School

If you dream of yourself as a hostage in a school, it becomes a symbol of a good start to the day. 

You are going through a period of spiritual enlightenment and emotional liberation. Now, you are clearing your mind off all the clutter and confusion.

The plot stands for energy, excitement, surprise, or astonishment. 

It is telling you that you can still learn a lot from your previous experiences, so as not to repeat the mistakes in present times.

This school dream scenario also refers to suggestions and creativity. It probably means that you have an open mind, which makes you receptive to others’ suggestions and use your creativity to full use.

34. Dream about Being Held Hostage at the Workplace

Have you ever thought of yourself as a hostage at your workplace? It can be a terrible thing to experience in real life. 

Even if it does not happen for real, seeing this plot in your dream itself might be enough to send shivers down the spine.

You must be thinking about how you should react in such a situation. Luckily, when you dream of this scenario, it denotes your spiritual awareness. 

You still need to learn a lot and attain a good amount of knowledge.

There is a lot that you can still offer. This dream represents that there is a female present in your life, who happens to be quite dominant. 

You are making really good use of your creative mindset.

35. Dream about Being Held Hostage in a Temple/Church/Mosque

When this dream scenario appears, it might mean that your hardcore belief in religion is dictating terms in your life. They are acting as a guide in your decision-making.

You are thinking of it as a trap, which you wish to get rid of from your life, but cannot at the moment. Slowly but surely, you have started to find new freedoms, which you were not aware of earlier.

There is an urge within you to experience that freedom but the rules and regulations of your religion do not permit that to happen. 

If you feel good about these freedoms and want to pursue them, then you have to abandon your religion.

36. Dream of Being Held Hostage in a Closed Room

If you dream of yourself as a hostage in a closed room, it means that you do not trust yourself when it comes to making decisions. 

You are not sure if you will manage to make the right decision at the right time.

You lack confidence and do not have the self-belief to understand the needs of a situation. Hence, you are never sure whether the decision you take is right or not.

37. Dream of a Woman Being Held Hostage and Put Inside a Dungeon

This specific dream sequence means that you are most likely to lose your respect related to your career. 

Colleagues might demean you in front of the management for something you have not done.

It could also be that you will have to shoulder the responsibility to make a team improve its performance under your leadership. 

Unfortunately, despite trying your level best, the lackadaisical attitude of team members will make matters worse.

You, as a team leader will receive criticism from your reporting manager. Hence, your self-respect had taken a beating in front of all.

Dream Meaning of Being Held Hostage in Several Ways

The dream of being a hostage can be quite treacherous. You become stifled, and stuck and wait for your freedom from captivity. 

Even if you do not experience it for real, dreaming of these scenarios is sufficient enough to make you fearful.

Now, there is another angle to seeing a hostage in your dream. 

You can even see dreams where you can come across yourself or people held at gunpoint, knifepoint, tied down by a rope, and several other ways.

It would be interesting to check out the interpretations below:

38. Dream of Being Held Hostage at Gunpoint

When you see this fearful dream, where your or some other individual’s life is at stake, it points towards subtle confidence. 

You are adopting a whole new approach to handling some problems in your life.

You need to lift your spirits. This dream is a sign of your long life and maintaining longevity by keeping your health intact. 

You would focus on maintaining a healthy lifestyle, where you will have a healthy, balanced diet, do physical exercises, and have sufficient sleep.

39. Dream of Being Held Hostage at Knife Point

This scenario of your dream becomes a symbol of nurturance, comfort, and warmth. 

Your worries and problems are adversely impacting your personal and professional pursuits in life. Life is putting you under some severe pressure.

This dream refers to your feelings and past experiences that you tend to associate with a particular individual. You wish to take control of something that this person possesses.

Dream Meaning of Activities and Reactions While Being Held Hostage

When someone keeps a person hostage, it never gives a good feeling. The person becomes stifled and always yearns for freedom at any cost. 

During the phase of staying as a hostage, a person can have various sentiments going through his mind.

He might feel helpless, tortured, and dejected, apart from having several other feelings inside his mind. 

We will also look into the reactions of their captors and the possible notorious activities they might undertake with him or them.

Let us check out the scenarios and see what their interpretations have in store for you-

40. Dream about Being Held Hostage and Tortured

If you see yourself held as a hostage and feeling tortured in a dream, it shows that you are going through a phase of overwhelming problems in your waking life. 

You feel as if you are losing complete control of your life.

It is a common dream sequence that you can come across after one loses their loved ones or undergoes trauma and sadness, which is turning out to be extremely difficult for you to bear.

41. Dream about Being Held Hostage and Beheaded

When you see that you are a hostage and then the perpetrators are beheading you, it suggests that you will suffer minor failure very soon in your life.

Prepare yourself accordingly and try to put extra effort into all your work. Handle the monetary dealings with utmost care and caution. 

Think before putting in your hard-earned money as an investment.

Try and figure out all those kinds of stuff that carry the risk of loss, even if it is a minor one. 

You can probably prevent the minor failure from taking place or further minimize your losses by taking precautionary measures.

42. Dream about People Being Held Hostage and Beheaded

The dream of people as a hostage and beheaded means that there will be a cancellation of an engagement or a fun-filled event.

As an opportunity to rejoice and feel happy would go begging, it will make you upset. It can also indicate that a small misfortune is waiting to happen in your life.

Perhaps, a business deal will not yield the amount you had hoped for, or your son’s result will not turn out as per your level of expectations.

43. Dream of an Angry Captor While Holding Hostage

You can see that your or someone else’s captor is angry in your dream. 

It points towards your anger in real life. Maybe the scenario comes to remind you of your inability to keep your anger under control.

It is trying to tell you about the repercussions that your anger can have on others. 

The negative impact of your anger, in the form of quarrels, shouting at the top of your voice, and several other negative personality traits which your family members have to suffer.

Dream Meaning of Animals and Birds Being Held Hostage

In this segment of our discussion, we will talk about the dream meanings of seeing animals and birds in hostage or captive conditions.

These creatures always prefer to lead their lives with complete freedom, which allows them to roam and fly around different places.

Hence, seeing them inside the cage does not give a good feeling. In dreams, they give you subtle messages related to daily lives.

44. Dream of Your Dog Being Held Hostage

We all know that dogs are extremely loyal companions. If you see a dog as a hostage in your dream, it signifies that your close friend is under some threat.

Perhaps, some misunderstanding or a problem due to a common friend could disturb the purity of your relationship.

A dog even stands for your urge to have sex along with exploring your instincts. 

Therefore, when you dream of your dog getting kidnapped or held hostage, it means that something is not allowing you to meet your sexual needs.

45. Dream of Large Birds Being Held Hostage

We are all used to seeing large birds flying around in the sky with complete freedom. Human beings envy their independence and wish the same for themselves.

Now, keeping this in mind, when you see them as a hostage in your dream, it represents that something of great significance is taking place in your real life. 

This scenario also talks about your goals, aspirations, and hopes.

The dream also denotes that you are ready to break free from your shackles. You are at a stage of your life where you can bring forth positive changes and not look back at your past.

Biblical Meaning of Being Hostage in a Dream

The Bible has mentioned captives and hostages through Isaiah in the Old Testament, but the New Testament also gives reference to The Book of Isaiah. 

It mentions that the spirit of God has appointed Jesus to teach good things to those who are meek. Jesus is there to take care of all those, who have undergone pain and suffering in their lives. 

HE also ensures freedom to the ones who have been a hostage and opens up the prison to those who have been leading a secluded life.

The Biblical perspective also denotes that God has given everyone the power to overhaul anything that tries to obstruct your path in life. 

HE does not allow anything to hurt you. Everyone must remember the reason why Jesus died on the cross.

He had given up his life to rescue people from the sufferings of sin. Each of you has the responsibility to travel on the same path that the Lord followed and find your purpose in life.

Spiritual Interpretation of Being Hostage in Dreams

Dreams do not appear just like that. They always carry some sort of spiritual meaning behind them. 

Perhaps, The Almighty makes you see dreams to help you get through tough times in your life or to prevent you from traveling on a specific path.

Therefore, when we look into this hostage dream from a spiritual point of view, it makes us take note of one important thing. 

You must make yourself feel emotionally strong if you want to overcome all your future problems.

We have already discussed that this dream makes you develop feelings of helplessness and exhaustion in the wake of life’s challenges. 

The fact that you are seeing this dream, makes it quite apparent that you are suffering from emotions of seclusion.

You feel that people do not bother to take care of your feelings and sentiments. 

In this way, it has hurt your spirit. God is telling you to start investigating the scenarios that have made you strive for the resolution of the kinds of conflict you have faced so far. 

Once you identify the root cause, it would keep you in good stead for handling similar scenarios effectively in the future.

Psychological Perspective of Dream of Being Held Hostage

It is now time to look into this dream about being held hostage from a psychological perspective

We all know that dreams come up as messages from your subconscious minds.

These messages can come in the form of warnings or guidance and help ease out your path of life to some extent. 

In this case, it means that you no longer possess the ability to feel and think for yourself.

Perhaps it has happened because of undergoing a phase of trauma. 

These feelings can even arise after having experienced negligence from people around you in your life. They have not paid attention to your feelings and emotions.

The good thing is that these negativities have taught you how to gain courage in facing adversities and develop the confidence of overcoming them in due course of time.

Islamic Interpretation of Hostage Dreams

According to Islam, seeing oneself as a hostage in a dream means he has accumulated a lot of sins in his life. Now, he has to repay all his debts and ask for forgiveness from God.

It also denotes errors, mistakes, and exposing the private lives of individuals. This is related to leaking their secrets, or a loan that always keeps people subject to regular harassment.

When someone is a hostage in a dream, it also refers to trials, adversities, or giving one’s heart to someone and making it a hostage of their lover.

The following video will give you a clearer perspective of different hostage dream interpretations. They will make you understand their impact on your real life.

Closing Thoughts

It is not at all a pleasant thing to see scenarios of hostages in your dreams. In most instances, it is your subconscious mind trying to alert you about something in your real life.

Try to remember the details of your dream, no matter how unpleasant they turn out to be. This will help to interpret your dream accurately.

Make use of the information to change a significant aspect of life and hence avoid negative things from taking place.

Dreaming of these scenarios suggests that you are looking for freedom in all respects at any cost.

You wish to have the freedom of expressing your feelings. It will help you to communicate your thoughts and seek help from others during times of distress. 

Seclusion and keeping your emotions under check are not doing any good to you. They are killing you from inside.