It is not desirable to see yourself or someone as a hostage in real life. Similarly, the dream of being held hostage can also come as a nightmare. Especially, if the people holding you hostage are aggressive. 

But does it indicate that you must free yourself from someone’s shackles? Let us find out the reasons behind its occurrence and discuss explanations of various scenarios –

Dream of Being Held Hostage - Trying to Fight For Your Freedom
Dream of Being Held Hostage – Trying to Fight For Your Freedom

What Does the Dream of Being Held Hostage Signify?

Do you often see yourself or various people being held hostage by miscreants, and hence quite eager to know why they appear in your subconscious mind?

The list of reasons are as follows –

  • Your life is surrounded by dangerous individuals. These people have got some kind of control over you, and do not let you lead your life with freedom. 
  • As you do not have the desired level of control in your life, you are feeling manipulated, weak and vulnerable. 
  • Your subconscious mind might want to make you realize that you do not have the strength of character or personality to stand up for your beliefs. 
  • There are occasions when this dream can appear to indicate that you lack the freedom to express yourself in front of others. 

Spiritual Meaning of Being Held As a Hostage in Dream

The Almighty wants to help you get through tough times in your life or to prevent you from traveling on a specific path. 

Besides, it also means that you are undergoing emotions of seclusion. You feel that people are not bothered about your feelings and sentiments. 

Top Dream Scenarios of Being Held Hostage

It represents various negative feelings that you have in real life. You might feel trapped in a particular situation in your life.

Let us now discuss several scenarios and check out what do they mean in real life-

Dream of Taking Someone Hostage

The scenario points towards your inability to find success in real life, as someone is putting your career in jeopardy. 

Alternatively, it also suggests that someone is making you doubt your capabilities so that you do not think of surpassing their achievements out of jealousy.

Someone Being Held Hostage

This sequence means that you can suffer from an illness in your waking life from eating junk food, sedentary lifestyle, or lack of sufficient sleep. 

Hence, it suggests you to focus on having a healthy, balanced diet and try to keep yourself physically active.

Loved Ones Being Held Hostage

This sequence states that your nervousness leads you to vent out your frustrations on them. All your activities will hurt their sentiments and hence the relationships would turn sour. 

A Person Taking You and Your Family as Hostages

The dream of you and your family as hostages means that you have to work hard for attaining good profit because the path to success will not be easy.

Alternatively, it also points that the time is favorable for you to enjoy financial stability & you should try and make the most of this situation. 

Kid Being Held Hostage

The scenario signifies that you must be a lot more honest with your family members because you must be concealing some information from them. 

Elderly Person Being Held Hostage

It suggests that you must speak up against injustice. You might have had a chance to defend a weaker individual, but opted not to do so.

Furthermore, the sequence reminds you about the fact that your conscience will be hurt if you do not dare to do the right thing at the right time. 

Friend Being Held Hostage

The plot is a clear indication that your friend needs help. Right now, you may not be aware of the same, but make sure to check with them.

Activities While Being Held Hostage

Let us check out the scenarios of various activities and see what their interpretations have in store for you-

Being Held Hostage and Escaping

It refers to suffering a temporary setback. Also, the sequence predicts that you are moving toward a new direction in life. 

Alternatively, this dream is a sign of prosperity and your entry into a new relationship

Being Held Hostage and Tortured

You are going through a phase of overwhelming problems in your waking life and feel as if you are losing complete control of your life.

People Being Held Hostage and Beheaded

This sequence means that there will be a cancellation of an engagement or a fun-filled event.

It could also indicate that a small misfortune is waiting to happen in your life.

Angry Captor While Holding Someone Hostage

The scenario comes to remind you of your inability to keep your anger under control and talks about the repercussions that your anger can have on others.

Instances of Being Held Hostage by Different People

You may see various individuals including yourself held hostage by different groups of people and miscreants. Let’s see what it means. 

  • Held Hostage by Family

It can give you a strange feeling because you always expect your family members to stand beside you but you are not paying sufficient attention to their needs because of your apprehension toward showing your caring approach and soft nature.

  • Held Hostage by Terrorist

If you see yourself held hostage by terrorists, it signifies that you do not have self-confidence in real life.

You always tend to doubt your instincts and expect others to solve issues on your behalf.

Additionally, it also denotes that a person too close to you would break your trust and you would not be able to accept this betrayal.

  •  Held Hostage by Friend

The person is not your friend in the true sense of the term. 

It tells you to stay away from him and keep a watch over other people in your surroundings, or else you might soon run into some serious trouble.

  •  Held Hostage by a Sexually-minded Individual

This dream comes up with a promise that you will spend a romantic evening with the person you love.

Holding People Hostage at Different Places

Let us check out the details below:

  • House

This plot signifies that things are going on around you in your life, but you are unable to do anything. 

Moreover, there is someone who dislikes and they are hatching a plan to disrupt your progress. 

  • Bank

It means that you will get a financially profitable deal, but unfortunately, you must not get lured into it. The reason is that this is going to be nothing but a scam.

  • Bus

This sequence denotes that you are waiting for a person to defer taking their important decision. You do not need things to become even more complicated in life.

  • School

You are going through a period of spiritual enlightenment and emotional liberation. Now, you are clearing your mind off all the clutter and confusion.

  • Workplace

The plot denotes your spiritual awareness. You still need to learn a lot and attain a good amount of knowledge.

Moreover, it also represents that there is a female present in your life, who happens to be quite dominant. 

Psychological Perspective of Dream of Being Held Hostage

When we consider this dream about being held hostage from a psychological perspective, it means that you no longer possess the ability to feel and think for yourself after going through the phase of trauma. 

These feelings can even arise after having experienced negligence from people around you in your life. 

The good thing is that these negativities have taught you how to gain courage in facing adversities and develop the confidence of overcoming them in due course of time.

Closing Thoughts

Finally, we can say that this dream is all about your subconscious mind trying to alert you about something in your real life.

You must try to remember the details, no matter how unpleasant they turn out to be. Because, it tells you to make use of the information to change a significant aspect of your life that might get affected.