Do you often see a terrorist dream? If you love action and thriller movies, you may enjoy such visions on web series. However, in dreams, it doesn’t feel the same.

So, if terrorist dreams frequently invade your subconscious mind, this think-piece has some answers. Dig a little deeper for more…

Terrorist Dream – 15 Types & Their Interpretations
Terrorist Dream – 15 Types & Their Interpretations

Terrorist Dream – General Interpretations

Terrorist dreams may be a rerun of your memories, predict you’ll soon lose your calm or that you must stay calm. It might also mean that people don’t value you or that you may face endless shocks.

Terrorist attack news is always on the rage on international news and social media. It deeply impacts our minds because we never know when we’ll be the next prey.

So, in one corner of the human brain, the fear of terrorism always exists.

Sometimes, your dreams might be a reflection of such worries… but is that all? Let’s make sure about that here…

1. You may experience a sudden outburst of emotions

You may see terrorist dreams if you hold onto your emotions for a long time. Similar to how terrorist attacks unexpectedly, you have no clue when someone crosses their limits and your emotions may overflow.

Perhaps someone dominated you for too long, so you probably didn’t have a chance to express your feelings and feel suffocated.

2. It may be a reflection of real life.

Such dreams are pretty common if you watched terrorist attacks on TV. Or, if you feel trapped at your home or workplace, the dream may also reflect that.

Alternatively, you may feel angry and frustrated if someone tries to take advantage of you. It may seem like someone attacked you for their benefit.

3. People take you for granted.

You may also get terrorist dreams if people demand irrationally from you. Perhaps they don’t take you, your time, or your talent seriously.

You probably can’t refuse them because of your loyalty or respect for them. However, you never accept their demands willingly as they take you for granted.

4. Surprises and shocks are on your way!

Terrorist attacks leave you shocked and surprised. So, the dictionary of dreams suggests if you receive too many shocking surprises in your waking life, then this dream is pretty normal.

You may feel powerless in your waking life because you don’t know what may be the next situation and if you can deal with it at all.

5. An indication to remain calm.

To dream of a terrorist attack may also be a subconscious indication to be patient and calm. You may be caught in a difficult situation in your real life.

So, it suggests you through this dream to make wise decisions and informed choices.

Dream of Terrorist – 15 Types & Their Interpretations

If you killed a terrorist in your dreams, you’ll soon overcome your waking life negativity. But, if you hear the terrorists shoot, you’ll soon receive bad news.

Different scenarios in your terrorist dreams lead to varying interpretations. So, if you remember more about the subconscious terrorism, let’s dive right in…

1. Dream about being a terrorist

The dream about being a terrorist asks you to remember that everything happens for the greater good. It suggests that some things in your life may end unexpectedly.

However, during such times, don’t lose hope. Stay objective while dealing with the situations.

Everyone goes through losses in their lives, so it asks you to stay practical. Only when you lose something, do you work harder to get something better in your life.

Thus, with this dream, the subconscious mind informs you that you’ll move towards higher energy.

2. Dream of terrorist attack

A terrorist attack in your dream stands as a symbol of your open-mindedness in your daily life situations.

Alternatively, it also reflects that you deny accepting bitter truths of life. So, you must indulge in mind-cleansing activities to calm your mind and soul.

When you achieve internal peace, accepting bitter situations in life becomes easier.

Moreover, such dreams also symbolize fertility and creativity. It also denotes that you are trapped in an emotional dispute and cannot make the right decision for yourself.

3. Dream about killing terrorists

Dreams about killing a terrorist in your dream denote that in real life, you’ll face your emotions and kill the negativity. You’ll feel super comfortable afterward.

Alternatively, the dream also suggests that currently, you’re undergoing an emotional conflict.

Dreaming about killing a terrorist may also bring good news about the new love in your waking life.

Further, it also says that you cannot make all your decisions yourself because you’re answerable to your superior.

4. Dream about a terrorist shooting

When you have a dream about a shooting, it reflects that you must feel comfortable and relaxed in your skin. You may feel others are better than you. Such thoughts may make you uncomfortable and unstable.

But, the dream foretells that you have abilities. If you gather a little more energy, you’ll be able to work on your potential and change your life.

The dream also signifies nurturance, security, and comfort.

5. Dream of running from terrorist

To run from a terrorist in your dream shows that multiple things currently happen in your life, and you have yet to understand them.

Moreover, it suggests that you gained sudden confidence in your potential. Now, you are ready to talk about situations you once ignored.

The dream reflects that you seek order in your life. It’s also a symbol of creativity and inner wisdom.

6. Dream about being in a terrorist attack

A dream about being in a terrorist attack suggests that you set off on your journey to self-acceptance and self-love.

You desire every one’s love and for that, life will put up different challenges on your path. These will question your character and potential.

Alternatively, the dream also means that something innovative and creative will happen in your life, and you are too excited to see it happen.

7. Dream about surviving a terrorist attack

Surviving a terrorist attack in your dream represents the compromises you make in your lifetime. You are moving forward in the correct direction. However, if you learn to express your feelings, it will help you live a better life.

Alternatively, this dream also suggests that you feel extremely helpless in some life situations. You wish to build a relationship but that doesn’t depend on you.

Moreover, the dream of surviving a terrorist attack symbolizes beauty, innocence, friendliness, and cleanliness.

8. Dream about witnessing a terrorist attack

Witnessing a terrorist attack in a dream highlights the qualities you may develop in yourself. The dream foretells that you feel emotionally or physically distant from your partner.

It is mostly because you don’t let people realize your worth, so they take you for granted. Since you don’t want them to consider you worthless, you desire popularity and a good reputation.

Dreaming about witnessing a terrorist attack stands for beauty, wealth, and wisdom.

9. Dream of being captured by terrorists

A dream where you see yourself being captured by the terrorists shows that you have issues in your intimate life.

Things may not be smooth, so you must work harder to maintain relationships. You may face obstacles in your way to maintaining your bond with close ones.

10. Dream of hearing shooting by terrorists

Dream of hearing shooting by terrorists predicts that you may hear some sad news. It might be about your family.

Probably, you may lose someone to death. Or they may face a setback in life and you feel helpless as you can’t support them.

11. Dream of being an employee of the counter-terrorism department

Were you an employee of the counter-terrorism department in your dream? Did you get hold of many terrorists while you were on the anti-terrorist operation? If yes, you are in a soup.

Be aware of who you share your confidential information with. People around you are not as truthful as they may seem.

Some people in your surroundings want to harm you or destroy your reputation. They may try their best to obstruct you in your endeavors.

To put it simply, according to the Modern Dream Book, you have a deceiver in your team.

12. Dream of preventing a terrorist attack on civilians

Dream of preventing a terrorist attack on civilians suggests that you must watch your actions. You may think you’re on the correct path. However, others may not feel the same.

Hence, with this dream, your subconscious mind asks you to be careful with your actions. It also suggests you act acceptably, so you do not land into further problems.

13. Dream of being a passenger in an airplane hijacked by terrorists

If you were a passenger in an airplane that got hijacked in dreams, it means that you’ll meet a stranger and they’ll treat you aggressively. The moment may heat up, and you’ll have to deal with it patiently.

If the leader of the terrorist gang is a female, the dream suggests that you will soon fight with a woman.

14. Dream of seeing a terrorist attack on a bus

Dream of seeing a terrorist attack on a bus denotes that a major scandal will be exposed. Rumors about the scandal were in the air all along, but nobody believed it without any proof.

Things are finally clear as light.

15. Dream of terrorism at the airport

Dream of terrorism at the airport suggests that you are finally ready to let go of your long-term suppressed feelings.

This dream also denotes that your stressful life suffocates you and you can’t survive this way anymore. There’s a big gap between your desired and present life.

Alternatively, the dream also reflects that the critical situations in your life stress you and you must overcome this soon.

Questions to ask yourself to interpret terrorist dreams correctly.

Sometimes, you may feel unsure about interpreting your dream correctly. It might be because you’re overwhelmed by the dream or don’t remember the details well.

So, to make sure you covered the important details, shoot your answers to these…

1. What were you doing in the dream?

2. Were you the dream of being chased by terrorists?

3. Where did you see the terrorist attack happening?

4. Did you survive a terrorist attack?

5. Did you see the terrorist in your dream?

A word from ThePleasantDream

Terrorist dreams are one of the most common dream themes for world trade center attack survivors and victim families. In that case, your dream might be a reflection of reality.

However, don’t panic because they never forecast real terrorist attacks. These dreams are only some hints from your subconscious mind to deal with your real-life problems.

Understand the message well and try to solve the situation. Don’t delay working on it, else situations may worsen. Think with a calm mind before you act on the solutions and if possible, seek a friend to ensure you’re on the right track.